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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #5

Previous Thread: >>445531

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org

Something bad has happened and Amy has gotten into some… big trouble! This is Too Tall Amy!


Hang on a minute.
This isn't a Boom fancomic!
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How weird to specify a year and in the past like that.
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I'm about as surprised as you are.

>it's a macro comic
Good God.

>it's a macro Amy comic

Damn it Flicky!
3.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

If you get zapped with a laser then you shouldn't just pretend it didn't happen.

Just do a Sonic and ignore it.
4.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

That's a chunky Tails.
5.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Too much to handle, fox boy?
Tsk tsk tsk!

>green glow
Reminds me of James and the Giant Peach
Especially if Amy bends over
6.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

7.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

That is one lucky house.
One of these days I should watch that movie again.
8.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

>it's not a black void

Tails is FAT.

All that infinite power...imagine the DESTINY he could achieve.
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They can't see anything if they're crushed under wrecked buildings.

I don't understand growth fetishes lol
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Exploitable sweating Tails.

No-one understands fetishes


11.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

She's growing in one place more than the others.
I don't understand how so many Sonic comics have it.
12.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

And he'd like to exit this comic.

Holy fuck
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Oh and this page too.
14.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Much better.

This is just a run of the mill fetish comic
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And that's the first issue. Time for the second!

Nobody does.
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Big Amy!
1.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

Goddamn I wanna jiggle Tails' belly.

Yo Amy so fat, she finally made Sonic attracted to her through a gravitational pull!
2.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

Awwww, he cares!
3.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

Tails was very busy.

>Goddamn I wanna jiggle Tails' belly.
Conductor, please, stop going down this dark road.

Conductor, NO!
4.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

Oh Chip her dialog is quaking!
5.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

You can literally get lost in her eyes.
It's okay, it's okay. I'm fine.
6.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

She's back to normal... except in one place.
7.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

With a chest like that, I can totally understand why Sonic is hands-on with her.

how can she be speaking when she's in space

8.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

I think I know where a lot of that energy is stored.

I claim those tits for the Acorn Kingdom!!

9.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

Amy put 2 and 2 together.
Superior mobian physiology.
10.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

You'll be fighting several wars over it.

This girl needs a new bra
11.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

Unbustable clothing?

Being Tails or hugging Tails?
12.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

The Blaze incident is getting worse. And her breast proportions aren't even that different.

Damn that Nega!
13.jpeg, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

And that's it! If you want, you can head over to the DA account in the OP and download the PDF.

That ponytail is shit, I hate this comic even more now than the giantess faggotry

Conductor, behave yourself.

>more power than the chaos emeralds

t. Max


>Don't you need sleep
>Nah, I'm a Millennial.

Unfortunately, Blaze does not have her own Tails to fix this issue.

There's actually a few!
The Japanese version of Sonic Adventure was released December 23, 1998.
Finally some macro for you heterofags!
Looks like Brosnan got to Tails
>That is one lucky house.
It seriously looks like the house is enjoying it
>One of these days I should watch that movie again.
It's pretty good, it's even got my waifu Joanna Lumley in it!
Bigger is better? I've got no idea
You'd think planet-sized would be too big, even for macrofags
>Goddamn I wanna jiggle Tails' belly.
Konductor no!
Those tits are literally bigger than the Acorn Kingdom
Shame, I kinda wanted to see where the story would go

>Shame, I kinda wanted to see where the story would go
There might be more. The second issue came out this month and the first came out in July.

I suppose I deserved that!
seductive approach by fox gungrave.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Gold getting some love!
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #76
0.jpg, 1411xNA, 1 times posted
Changing Ripples
0.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic the Hedgehog Movie 2019
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #77
0.jpg, 1141xNA, 1 times posted
Just Shadamy #1
0.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Just Shadamy #2
flexin'.jpg, 1199xNA, 1 times posted
>I had no idea you liked Gadget, he’s such a cutie!
Could've sworn I told you that already? If I didn't, now you know, bud. He's really a cutie with capital C. It's just that he strikes just perfectly on the impression of an awkward shy sweet nerd, which is the kind of twinks I like myself to pair along large blokes. He's always my go-to pairing mate for Rotor, and the more I ponder of them, the more I find they might really fit with each other like a glove.

>You know what they say, it’s better where it’s wetter!
Clever! And yes, that single one panel really evoked a lot, particularly signaling Rotor as a dom top talking cocky to a dom top. Makes me wish even more the comic wouldn't have been cancelled. If I may, how would you write around their dynamic, based or not the little we have seen?

>Another convert!
I enjoyed them always actually, but nonetheless you could say that, hehe! Out of curiosity, on another note, did you always liked Tundra too? Nonetheless, I missed you too, man. Having another Sonic fanatic bud talking about sweet gay ships is something of huge appreciation. Rotor loves you!
commission_by_risziarts_dfccb95.png, 2544xNA, 1 times posted

>>446481 (hopefully this imageboard supports cross-thread replying)
If they have been deleting your posts too and others' , in spite none had been me, that's grounds to deduce as safe they aren't targeting on me in specific, but anybody and looking for the incredulous excuses to hide their utter contempt for us and the Unofficial Ride, I think. I took a vacation off these threads myself willingly in hopes it would lessen the rate of mass dictatorship banishment, though that didn't seem to do one tiny difference. I never could imagine I would somehow traumatize a certain janny in /co/ Sonic threads to the incredible effect over simply enjoying to post a mere mascot cartoon walrus character, and yet here we are. Their fault if they are that emotionally immature.

Sorry to hear that, Konductor. Great to see you doing well and fine!
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Just Shadamy #3
d3u47u5-a523a757-dfb1-4738-aec7-f1bb74158a45.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Now for some saucy stuff.
just_shadamy_sexy_by_cardonanavas_d3noskx-fullview.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted
lust_shadamy_strip_3_by_cardonanavas_d4d6nkr-fullview.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted
my_properties_by_cardonanavas_d4cucb2-fullview.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

You'll want to open these in another tab to be able to read them.

Very spicy indeed!

Yeah, it's very obvious that it's a janitor that wants to kill the threads and will do whatever they can. So they'll delete anything that they can say breaks a rule. It's all shady and petty.

We keep missing each other! The jannys must be getting faster at deleting your posts
>It's just that he strikes just perfectly on the impression of an awkward shy sweet nerd, which is the kind of twinks I like myself to pair along large blokes
That's why I like him too, he's awkward, yet energetic and determined!
>If I may, how would you write around their dynamic, based or not the little we have seen?
Yeah, we were robbed of some great potential interactions, also wanted to see more of Spike the Porcupine. I'd write them very casually and comfortably. No sexuality hangups, just two guys who hit it off as friends/allies and over the course of a few missions/interactions get progressively more flirty and start dating. They both strike me as guys with a clear idea of what they want out of a relationship and zero tolerance for drama. They're both pretty cocky (lol) so I see them being verse in the bedroom, and mostly centered on lewd wrestling.
I think he's great, since he's like a cross between Gendo from NGE and that digimon with the tusks. I like him more as a member of the Archie shitty dads club and as someone for Rotor to overcome than as someone I actually find attractive.
I missed you too! It's not often enough I get to talk to someone who likes Sonic boys too
20111119 - .:Just ShadAmy Comic End:. [OfPi6dP3Ef0].mp4, 656xNA, 1 times posted

Oh, and in case anyone wants the video version of the ending
Yeah, they've even deleted images featuring Rotor that were part of comics posted by the conductor. Between Rotor and Sally, they're mega ass-blasted. I think they're genuinely jealous of how popular The Ride threads are, and how long they've been going on for
>sweet tentation
Since I've been re-reading all the old threads, I'm convinced the anon who kept complaining about these threads (since his shitty ones kept getting deleted) has ascended to janny status. While we got stuff deleted before, it was mostly one of the mods not being happy with Sally (you'd think they'd read the rules and see that it's only lewd anthro stuff that's banned outside of trash). That, and the bullshit really ramped up after the janny positions were advertised. Also think it's the same guy trying to get the threads deleted. It's almost always lewd Tails stuff that gets posted, mostly with Rouge.
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Not For Resale
0.jpg, 850xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #78
0.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Anjelicamontoya96 Comics
a_sly_encounter_part_111_by_gameboysage_dfimla2-fullview.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
new page

shadow_thinks_you_re_basic_by_alhedgehog_ddmyr80.png, 796xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #79
gummierat sonic sally.jpg, 1870xNA, 1 times posted
You dropped this.
tails getting his birthday present.jpg, 1484xNA, 1 times posted
like a feather 0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #80
certainty 0.png, 850xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #81
icantseehelp 2022-11-24 07.26.50 Heterosexual Sonic.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

0.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Is Mine
14.jpg, 780xNA, 1 times posted

1667527244254437.jpg, 1425xNA, 1 times posted

>got banned from all boards because of "replying to off-topic threads"
>doesn't state what post or what thread caused it, just insta-ban
I'm fully convinced that all 4chan mods are retarded animals that need to be killed for the good of the site.

It was every post you made because every board is 90% off topic threads.

>every board is off-topic threads now
>mods have an excuse to ban anyone who engages in actual discussion nowadays free of charge
>don't ban the actual rule-violators or spammers
Why are they like this.
sonic this can't be legal.jpg, 277xNA, 1 times posted

>replying to off-topic threads
I didn't even know that was possible. I just thought those threads got nuked and the only person that got in trouble was OP. Now I know. But it does sound like someone had it out for you and bullshitted a reason.

I didn't know it was possible either - the only experience I've ever had with something remotely close to that was as you said; them nuking a thread and then OP getting hit with a ban. That you can get banned entirely at random for replying to the "wrong thread" is utterly insane.

Thankfully, it's only a one day ban but it sets a truly horrific precedent for the entire site.

They'll get you for anything, that's why I've been behaving myself and rarely posting non-comic images
They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, but I don't think that's true. It's small amounts of power given to people who otherwise have no agency. The retired couple on the HOA board, the low-level wageslave at the DMV, and of course the NEET 4chan janny or mod. None of these people have any power or respect in their own lives so they rule their little fiefdoms like they're Emperor Nero
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Freezing and A Little Push
5.png, 850xNA, 1 times posted

Now for some pages that I wouldn't feel safe posting on the other site.
2.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
4.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
7.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
8.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted
10 (no).jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

And last but definitely not least.

Nice! All of these are perfectly SFW, and yet all of these would earn you a trip to the shadow realm
0.jpg, 940xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #82
1.png, 1205xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Ball Z #3
0.jpg, 1951xNA, 1 times posted
Songs of Silver and Whydishard Comics
sonamy_and_silvaze_wild_west_party_by_whydishard_dddzlxh.jpg, 768xNA, 1 times posted

A little lewd but probably too lewd for you-know-who's liking.
Now that we finally have inline image expansion working, I thought I'd mention the website here too. It was a lot of effort getting this to work since I'm not a web developer, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Keep in mind we only have images for January up to the 28th on there. Getting the css to work was a hassle too but I think it matches the main site nicely now. There's still more tweaking to do, but it's finally possible to read the comics on the website!

Not sure what I'll work on next. There's adding an expand all threads button, post previewing when you hover over a post link, indicating which posts were deleted, adding the over 300 smaller comics, and finishing off the awards page. So much to do! I wouldn't mind some with with the website but I get the impression cataloguing fancomics isn't that interesting to most people. I do appreciate how much the anons seem to be enjoying the website, it really is nice to see. That said, I think I'm making a lot of progress for a one-thirstposter operation!

We're over 20,000 visitors and 140,000 pageviews now, I was initially expecting maybe 10 or 20 visitors a day. I never thought it would get this popular, but I also never imagined I'd end up being the Internet's Sonic fancomic archivist. Still, someone has to do it!

If anyone wants to submit banners for the website, the dimensions are 1200x480, with only the top half visible on desktop (i.e., 1200x240). Lower resolutions are fine, just keep in mind the aspect ratio 5:2 for the full image and 5:1 for the top half.

Reread some classic Ride comics on the improved threads page: https://the-ride.neocities.org/threads

Oh my! Also, Silver's looking pretty cute in that poncho.

It's coming along nicely! Now that I got this hectic month sorted out I can get to putting a banner for the site on mine. I wish I was pulling your numbers!

Thanks! Yeah, end of year's when everything mounts up for me too. Cool, looking forward to it!
>I wish I was pulling your numbers!
There's a reason I stickied your comic at the top of the page, gotta funnel those readers in! I really am surprised/horrified at the numbers, but it is good to know there's so many people interested in these fancomics.
0.png, 957xNA, 1 times posted
How come the female artists in the Sonic fandom provide the thirstiest kind of fanart?
1.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #83

Thanks! Also, I sent you a message.
Girls be horny and it also pays good money... especially if you do fetish stuff.
0.png, 2280xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Aether
That was definitely interesting.
0.jpg, 2700xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Unity
What happens when a porn artist puts out a SFW comic?
01.jpg, 8002xNA, 1 times posted
Very NSFW 80 pages of pure porking Comic called
**Say the Word**, by Dawnelle:

It's kinda funny that almost everyone in the fandom tacitly agreed that Sally was a cry-fucker.
0.png, 956xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Heroes 2
This time with no monsters.
0.png, 522xNA, 1 times posted
Beats a Hard Kick in the Face
Aaaaaaaaand 4chan isn't working right now. Hopefully it won't be like this for too long.
1670307860719142.jpg, 828xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 1694xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Heroes Legacy Z
0.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Love & Life #1
38.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Too hot for DA and 4chan!
39.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
15.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Too hot for 4chan. One of these days that mod is going to get enough complaints to get demoted.
1670459957409.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted

>One of these days that mod is going to get enough complaints to get demoted.
This was deleted too. But I can't believe a mod would because... what's wrong with it?
It can't just be the forbidden one merely existing in a corner, right?

It's obvious that whoever is doing it doesn't give a fuck. They're just using whatever reason they can to delete stuff. It's an obvious gross misuse of power and the only way to stop them is to keep reporting and hopefully get someone over them to take action. I don't know how likely that is but it's better than nothing and constantly being at the mercy of them.
karenposting2.jpg, 1060xNA, 1 times posted

It really is pathetic, imagine getting your dick in a twist over a walrus from a cartoon that finished 30 years ago. I've decided to write them another message. If it keeps happening, they're getting one for every Rotor that's deleted!

We'll just have to keep at it until something hopefully happens. Better than doing nothing.
0.png, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Love & Life #2
40.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

41.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
42.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
43.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
0 no.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

And because I know this wouldn't survive as is.

I fully intend on bullying them into submission!
So that's why he likes ham and honey sandwiches
Yeah, there's no way that'd get through
These sth shipping comics are some serious goddamn trash.
0.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Love & Life #3
34.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Here's the pages that had to be censored.
35.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
40.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 566xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #84
annoyance_or_nah_by_lilredgummie_df6lvon.png, 2088xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #85
issue 2 page 100.jpg, 618xNA, 1 times posted
Shock and Awe Issue 2 Page 100
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Tales of the Knights of King Maximillian #1
Tales of the Knights of King Maximillian #2
Tales of the Knights of King Maximillian #3
Going to post the desu link as well because the original threads die in like a week anyway.

Highly recommend https://www.4chan-x.net/ for a heap of quality of life improvements to 4chan. It'll also redirect expired 4chan links to desuarchive. I also use https://github.com/g-gundam/4chan-ghostpostmixer to read deleted posts. I'd miss half of what Rotorbro says otherwise!
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #86

Thanks! I'll TRY to try it out. Sad thing is that I'm so busy and all over the place these days, I usually forget to do even the more important stuff I need to do.
1671237946036.jpg, 1561xNA, 1 times posted

um.jpg, 329xNA, 1 times posted

>check /co/ catalogue for rule violating threads
>find 4
>of which 1 where the OP is the offender
>and it and another have been up for 2+ days
I didn't exhaustively search, I just checked OPs (one was titled Funbag Friday) and know that waifu threads are going to violate the rules within 20 responses. I posted links to those threads in the main thread so you can see what I mean on desu if I, somehow, get deleted for badmouthing the moderation, because I've been banned for doing so before on other boards.
I doubt anyone doing it for free will be actively hunting and that even child porn can be unnoticed on red boards if (presumably) no-one hits the report button, but I do roll my eyes at the furry-adjacent persecution when soft but very unsafe for work porn has been up for days.

I'm not even someone who wants adult content on blue boards. I'd much rather it if /aco/ was actually used (it's a cesspit of reposts and shite taste for the most part, you can't discover anything "new" or "one of the greats you never knew existed" through it, then again literal children are the lifeblood of 4chan so what am I expecting I don't know), who even makes an edit thread to not find material to jack off to?
I guess at the very least I can feel a high when I post something "risqué" in our threads that I drew, because admitting a character, with implied fur, has a female body, you're either going to get a kind mod who merely deletes it or a nasty one that outright bans you.

No worries, you'll certainly need it now that the jannies are going on another rampage. I know what you mean, my workload's left me even more scatterbrained than usual. Hopefully things will clear up in the new year.
Mentioned it in the other thread, but that's the Sonic and Friends comic up on the mega now. Really gald I took the time out to cleanup the jpeg compression, it looks so much better now
It's petty decisions like that that convinced me to keep the deleted posts in the website archives but highlight them in red. I don't think most users realize what gets deleted so it's a good way to show just how absurd things get.
It's likely just one janny/mod that's got his dick in a twist about Sonic that's been camping the threads for years now. Interestingly, they never do anything about IDWkun, despite him shitting up almost every Sonic thread. Heaven forbid someone post a cartoon walrus though, that's going too far and must be purged!
tails tiresome.png, 485xNA, 1 times posted

>anon asking what was removed and responses to anon were all deleted
Let's see... 1 thread I mentioned is now archived, the real person breast grab I explicitly highlighted is still there, the OP I said was just a basically naked cartoon woman is still there, the raven thread (with vore) is still there and the edit thread is still there...
I don't expect anything to be done or my comment to be read because it was a response to someone asking about a deleted thing BUT OH BOY my eyes are rolling out of my head.
>but highlight them in red.
I really do appreciate this on archives. It adds context to running discussions on 4chan when anons point it out indirectly and it helps to remind you who's really in control of a subreddit.
Good on you.
>they never do anything about IDWkun
We've had some protection from spamming derailers before but IDWkun isn't like them, mostly thriving off (You)s and unless they're using one of their 3 Sally/Tangle images, it's just anons crying wolf to me. Even I've been called IDWkun for having a basic bitch opinion that I only sometimes write out in a troll/bait way because the Sonic fandom is genuinely autistic with genuinely bad taste with genuinely no concept of acknowledging or perhaps seeing flaws and /co/ doesn't filter out those people. I'd say no offence intended to anons who think the Sonic IP is top tier but if I've just slapped you I can't say no offence, so, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings.

>Interestingly, they never do anything about IDWkun
There's been stuff done in the past about him which is why he resorted to spamming when the IDW Ride threads were in autosage. The janitor may hate Sonic but they'll still get rid of the shitposting. Or at least someone does. I noticed a lot of those extremely large off topic posts about sexuality in real life were removed.
Why hello there....jpg, 991xNA, 1 times posted
What's up /co/cksluts, after 10 thousand years I'm finally going to storytime a lewd ~after dark~ comic! It's The Lion and the Griffin, by the Duke of Anjou artist. While not that explicit, it is very very gay! Hopefully this link works:

Okay, clearly I'm not the best at this. The full link's >>>/coq/418513

Yeah, I used to report that stuff when I saw it, but I rarely bother now. I wouldn't even mind the arbitrary decisions on what they delete if they'd just be a bit more transparent about it. You almost never see the mods post, and there's no direct way to interact with them. It just fosters distrust
>Good on you.
Yeah, I think a lot of anons are quick to jump at shadows, myself included sometimes.
How dare you! Seriously though, we as fans really should have a thicker skin considering how long the franchise has been a laughingstock. Sonic will always be top tier to me, but that doesn't stop many of the games being objectively mediocre at best. There's always something I can have fun with in them, but I do wish we could get a game with the polish of a Nintendo title. I honestly don't mind people pointing out its flaws, although I do take exception to reviewers/internet personalities shitting on the franchise for a quick buck.
I'm just surprised he hasn't been permabanned yet. He switches ips almost every post but it's always the same keywords. I hate to say it, but I actually feel sorry for him now. Whether he's trying to troll or not, he's spent Barneyfag-levels of effort shitting on a dead comic that's not healthy
>I noticed a lot of those extremely large off topic posts about sexuality in real life were removed.
I was seriously surprised by how quickly it snowballed, even the Sonic with top scars comics didn't attract as much of a shitstorm. I was actually glad it got dealt with.
0.png, 426xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic & Friends #1

SaF 10_00.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic & Friends #2
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #87
1.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Tumblr Comics #2
oh doctor by melody chaos.png, 811xNA, 1 times posted
You dropped this. Must have been too hot to handle.
True Colors 02.png, 1014xNA, 1 times posted
True Colors
1.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #88
Thank you!
0.jpg, 940xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #89
4288325_KrazyELF_Inviting_for_a_kiss.png, 2500xNA, 1 times posted
Ho ho ho my /co/ckslut hoes, it's time for the Christmas edition of ~after dark~! I know some of you have been very naughty this year so let me reach deep into my sack and pull out some suitably appropriate tales. Let's see if I've finally worked out cross-board posting after the konductor's helpful instructions:
>>>/4chan/coq/418613 for the naughty homofags
>>>/4chan/pco/460441 for the nice heterofags
Kojiro_Brushard_Christmas_Sally.jpg, 1039xNA, 1 times posted

I'll also post some risqué but sfw art here. Let's start with the konductor's favorite. This one's by Kojiro Brushard
1671123_nauth_rouge-the-santa.jpg, 2356xNA, 1 times posted

I wonder if she's delivering or stealing presents?
3394399_Lupita13_Silver_x_Whisper_Happy_Xmas.png, 1110xNA, 1 times posted

I can't believe she got the gift I wanted!
3417321_Mimy92Sonadow_Unfinished_since_2011_to_2020.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Here's a comic nine years in the making
battle angel - Christmas is cumming.png, 579xNA, 1 times posted

And I'll end with something moderately lewd by Battle Angel, an artist other oldfags should recognize. Merry Christmas ya animals!
1-1.jpg, 1400xNA, 1 times posted
Shadow Christmas Comics

Based and lewdpilled!

Very pretty thanks for posting.
1323062319.blazecake_santa_eggman.png, 1158xNA, 1 times posted

Thanks! I tried to include a little for everyone!
1671965806653118.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
1.png, 2268xNA, 1 times posted
Christmas Carols

Imma let you finish, but Hexerade's the best e621 mascot of all time... Of all time!

I don't know which one that is. In fact no-one can get their preferred mascot right now.
I like the unassuming peacock.

It's the blue catboy in the crop-top. Yeah, it's only the Christmas one active right now: https://e621.net/mascots Just looked at the peacock and I was expecting something far lewder!

That's actually why I like it. I don't live alone.
It doesn't actually help, because the website isn't the front page, but it makes me feel better.
0.jpg, 1040xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #90
shade x rush shadouge genderbenders.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

Too hot for 4chan aka the hater once again pretending a rule was broken when it wasn't.
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
I can understand why they deleted this page, though.
PArt of this comics there

Honestly all these comics are terrible. And after awhile it stops being a "Storytime of Pain" sort of novelty.
0.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted
There is no justification for the deletion of that one, on the other hand, though.

There's a reason why I try not to break any rules. Because these deletions are being reported and it helps if someone looks at our threads and sees nothing is wrong and actually does something. Until then be on your best behavior and report any moderation abuse.
0.jpg, 2516xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #91
Hey Rotor-bro, good to see you posting again! Same about our twitchy hot-pocket overlords. If only they'd see the light and recognize twink and baraposting as the purest form of art!
Yeah, I thought KrazyELF was a dude at first too. The amount of little details she gets right completely threw me off, she knows too many of our lewd secrets! I had no idea there were lady bara artists too. Not entirely my thing, but it's really well done! I'll have to look for the Werehog!
>Looks like we and our belonging fandoms aren't so different, eh?
I like to think so! I've gotta say the comfy comradely of bara art is just the best. Merry Christmas to you too, I hope you get all the naughty things you want too! Love ya!

To be fair, that image is mega-hot. I had to tone down my response to that one a lot!
Same, there's dozens of images I used to post but I'm trying to be on my best behavior
1.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #92

I hope today's one slightly make up for the previous one.
metal sonic distressed.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Sequel of the Past #1
pg20_by_tailsdilemma_dflfyrj.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted
pg21_by_tailsdilemma_dflfyys.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted
eggman facepalm.jpg, 336xNA, 1 times posted
Sequel of the Past #2
Speedway AU designs.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
For some reason this image got deleted im still not sure what was the reason for them to delete it.
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
This one might be a bit too edgy for the other thread. Let's play it safe and post it here.

>The best way to prevent mutation is robotization.
0.png, 720xNA, 1 times posted
And here is the complete picture about Bunnie Rabbot's anatomy.

It has Sally with tits, so yes it's not safe.
But other than that, it's not particularly edgy.
>Everything's there, lined up in a neat, fleshy row
Smashing the dreams of anons who want to fist androids.
Also this goes into far too much detail and I respect the artist's hustle. I could actually read a few sentences here and there instead of cringing at first sight.

plus4chan is dyyyying.

Tails' Dilemma Page 20-21

>plus4chan is dyyyying.
Pretty certain it's our fault.
0.jpg, 951xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #93
amy cursing.png, 665xNA, 1 times posted
Tumblr Comics #3

That's a frightening amount of detail, but nowhere near as bad as that one pic about the Pixar Cars' reproductive organs.

>plus4chan is dyyyying.

>Pixar Cars'
Haven't seen that one but it does remind me of a greyish goop that was a virus for giving vehicles sapience. And each image of that one was worse than the last.
Images weren't loading for me but other websites were fine.

Allow me to give my theory. The janitor that hates our threads on 4chan will use any excuse to delete posts. Rotor-anon is apparently a ban evader so anything with Rotor gets deleted, even if it's obviously not that anon. Then there's a shitposter posting porn of Tails and Rouge. Naturally those get deleted but now images with Tails and Rouge get deleted, even if they're not porn. Any chance to get a post deleted will get taken but the mod activity only ramps up when there's shitposting. I don't know how likely it is but I am starting to believe that a shitposter got mod status and is doing both because they hate Sonic. I also believe they got in trouble for mass deleting Sonic threads when trailers for Sonic 2 were coming out.
Since linking here's forbidden by the jannies, I was going to add a direct link in the header of the website as 'other board' since that's how most people refer to it. Happy for suggestions
It's updating again!
It's a 50/50 with Rouge.
I like muscular Sonic, but Shoggothnic's the only eldritch horror for me
Disturbingly detailed, but a commendable effort!
It's a little slow at times and sometimes takes a few goes to load images. I think most anons are used to 4chan's beefy servers (although it actually has far more downtime than plus).

There's something misconfigured on the server and I can't for the life of me find out what. Any call to httpd gets a massive amount of lag, even from ssh. Everything else seems to connect instantly.
lol.PNG, 1155xNA, 1 times posted
The absolute fucking state of 4chan
>noooo you cant critizise the jannies reeeeee!
anyone else hear that.png, 561xNA, 1 times posted

>It's a 50/50 with Rouge.
No-one can get between Sonic and Amy the janitor.
If Rouge is not actively fawning over Tails, she's a threat!

I have to agree. I was speculating here >>446603 that the shitposter had ascended to janny status, but maybe he's a mod now. Either way, Sonic lives rent-free in his head (also, he does it for free, hew hew).
I know the little shitstain will take any excuse to nuke our threads so I rarely post images and don't post any ~after dark~ over there unless it's completely sfw. That said, he's definitely getting in trouble for the mass deletions. Sonic's extremely popular and the bean counters know how much traffic each thread gets, so hopefully we're too big to kill now. I get 500-2000 daily visitors on the website so there must be even more readers in our threads.
I wish I could offer some advice, but web stuff is way out of my area of expertise. I know my webdev guy uses nginx instead of httpd, but I don't remember his reasoning. Thanks for looking into it though, it really is a comfy site!
Janny is Amy confirmed

I'm just hoping that they get in trouble again for these deletions. I also remember how Rotor-anon came by at the end of one thread and then the start of the next thread a shitposter spammed shit about him and those posts were immediately deleted.

As for that other semi-Sonic comic. I'm probably going to announce it in the other thread, make a new thread here, and just dump it all at some random time. And then any fools interested can read it.

>I know my webdev guy uses nginx instead of httpd, but I don't remember his reasoning.

nginx is faster (but lacks .htaccess support). But I already tried that. It's something else further up the chain.

I might have to start sending in more feedback if it continues. FYI, here's the link I use: https://www.4channel.org/feedback
>As for that other semi-Sonic comic.
Probably for the best, there's a lot of ponies you'd have to censor
How frustrating. Best of luck with it!

>As for that other semi-Sonic comic
Am I lacking some context? I can't tell in reply to what you are mentioning that.

Look like the only reason the threads are allowed to go on might be because of the promise that, ironically or not, the sonamy mines are endless and the return s to it are always inevitable.

Somehow, scarifying more workers to the mines is the only way to appease our moody gods.
You shippers are pretty obnoxious.
So I've just been warned for posting "off topic" content in the other thread. I won't be directly linking the website anymore and will instead take that anon's suggestion and add an updates page. I assume linking it in the op is still fine, but who knows. Here's the offending post:

Website shilling time! I've added 14 new comics. Almost up to date with the main comics again! I've also got 12k/32k fanfics archived. Should only be a few more days until we have them all! Today's recommendations:
Because it's cool to see my favorite lewd artist do something sfw: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-12-03-sonic-unity/
For the archive-bro that pulled this lost comic out of the aether: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-12-14-sonic-afterstory/
And because Grifone is the best character and should be in every comic: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-12-12-tales-of-the-knights-of-king-maximillian/

It's Super Legend Heroes from MSlash67-Production. It's in the mega if you want to read it aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9NbVlnaERCWiM4MDJrNEMzTFNGTU5iR2pJWDlXVVJB
0.gif, 498xNA, 1 times posted

> and will instead take that anon's suggestion and add an updates page
Really cool of you. thanks a lot.

So, at this point, it's no longer crazy speculation to assume the mods actually want to kill the only enjoyable Sonic thread on 4chan?
damn scots.jpg, 637xNA, 1 times posted

It won't last
Shippers and OC inserts are natural enemies
Like Companies and Shippers
Or Artists and Shippers
Or Twitter and Shippers
Or Shippers and other Shippers
Damn Shippers, they ruined Shipping

At this point I'm 100% sure at the very least the mod hates our threads and will use any flimsy excuse to delete posts. 90% sure they hate Sonic in general or at least on /co/. 80% sure they tried to get rid of all Sonic threads on /co/ but got in trouble for it. 70% sure that they were previously a shitposter in our threads. 60% sure they still shitpost in our threads. 50% sure they are posting stuff with one IP and deleting it with their regular IP and using that trend to delete any non-offending images that is in line with it. And 100% reason to remember the name. I don't want to be a schizo with a tinfoil hat but paying attention to the behavior in the threads is making some theories seem true.
0.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
The Black Rose and Out of the Darkness

No worries! I would've replied over there but didn't want to get banned
I have to agree, they're an ascended shitposter that can't handle the blue hedgehog. It's an unfortunate consequence of not paying for moderation, the only people willing to do it have too much free time on their hands but crave any sort of power. It looks like they were working extra hard today to ruin all Sonic discussion, I can see why you didn't link in the previous thread. Glad our threads continue to be comfy
Various Stories #94
frontiers photo mode.jpg, 1255xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #10
I can't believe 4chan fucking died

>4chan is kill again
It keeps happening.

4chan shitting itself seems to happen every couple months now.

I thought it was my internet. Actually it's both...
It's making it impossible to discuss the latest IDW issue!
I feel bad for fans of the OCs. And fans of the Sega cast.
Art's good though, if you're not reading the totally legal pages.
no_clothes_by_mandiopan_ded5icv.png, 744xNA, 1 times posted
I need to do more stuff on this site. I have a sizable number of content that I can't post over on 4chan.
Usually it happens late at night and early morning. In the middle of the day is different.
And I haven't even read it yet.

At this point I don't know whats going on with IDW
Is it the mandates?
Is it the writing?
Because scrapnik is amazing, mainline is just...a massive waste of time.
I just don't get it, these are the same writers from Archie right? why is IDW so inferior then? Not to mention the next issue is OC shit.
Regardless I'm tired of IDW I'm just not going to bother with it anymore, will read the rest of scrapnik of course.
tumblr_8e61888ff734dd7305f419f88b4d0a51_fbc11d08_2048.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Looks like there's a fanzine coming out in a couple months.

>And I haven't even read it yet.
Wait until there are a few more issues beyond it or something. It's okay. I think I remember how Farnsworth would react: With my last breath I curse nothing happening!
>I just don't get it
I don't either. I think they dropped a couple of plot threads too, probably by accident.
media_FlsiOiTaUAATDcu.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
Well, alright. Putting this here then.

That's the thing: they might as much be fragile sissies with steam of jealously stemming from their chinless mouths, prone to break their fragile self-esteem over us enjoying the finest masculinity and/or awkward nerd shy boys. Explain as much their on-going tyranny!
But really now, don't worry about me. Just know I'm always lurking there and enjoying your presence there especially, thirsty bud. I mean it from heart, my man. I don't post much myself, out of procrastination, really. I made a resolution this year, that I will respond more often to buddies like you, the thread there and others, if it's any consolation.

>I'll have to look for the Werehog!
Service yourself. I figured her art wouldn't be much up your cup of tea, no sweat, but I thought to mention it since you love Werehog.

All this talk now makes me kind of wish I would commission this talented Krazy dudette on making a Rotor or two, though I never in my life ever paid an artist for art online before. Is it simple, or?

>I like to think so!
Atta, my man! And (late) Merry Christmas!
dcc05v8-de3c113c-36d8-4643-947a-09b41c427323.png, 995xNA, 1 times posted

Late reply, but yes, with how hetero-dominated the fandom is, our senses get really cloudy to meet others in the same threshold. Discounting you, I only got one other friend to speak about good and comfy Sonic hunks generally. It's a huge pleasure to meet you! I mean it, really.

So you're liking baras thanks to me? That's what I call a good real Sonic fan. Oh, and hope you're having a lovely start for the new year, my bro.

I had already spoke I do dodge bans, yeah. It would be unwise not to. It's hard to take the tyrannical moderation as serious, so one will forsake it all eventually and become indifferent to whatever unreasonable bans they enforce. It's a little bummer I and others, you included, are censored restlessly, but there's more to life than caring whatever does a singular petty "higher-up" grudge on over me, who knows why. You can tell I'm not supposed to be forbid at all, because my posts there aren't wiped off always. That's enough to hint potential power abuse.

> I don't know how likely it is but I am starting to believe that a shitposter got mod status and is doing both because they hate Sonic. I also believe they got in trouble for mass deleting Sonic threads when trailers for Sonic 2 were coming out.
As they say, "bullshit, but I believe it". In any case, already enjoy this place here, as for once, I'm not being bap'd for liking to post my fave. character.

Don't look at me. I'm just as much in the dark as you are. That was *the* "Archieschizo"... ? Regardless, I always mind my own business and let it wrap up itself. Often, this life hack works wonders.

Massive raid apparently
The one-offs like Scrapnik Island consistently have better plot and writing. Maybe because they only get a few issues to tell a story and don't need to focus on the (always boring and too long) main plot. The trade paperback format's been a real plot de-compressor ever since reboot Archie. Just give us a satisfying amount of story in each issue! This whole "stay tuned for the next issue because we'll resolve some plot that should've happened this issue" really rubs me the wrong way.
Yeah, they're pretty thin-skinned considering they moderate for a site with a reputation like 4chan. No worries, post as much as you feel comfortable with. I'm actually a lot more shy and prone to procrastination IRL so I totally unerstand
Thanks, he's the ultimate in fluffy Sonic characters!
>All this talk now makes me kind of wish I would commission this talented Krazy dudette on making a Rotor or two, though I never in my life ever paid an artist for art online before. Is it simple, or?
KrazyELF's Russian, so you have to use some other site to pay her, but it's apprantly pretty straightforward and she's happy to walk people through the process. Also, her English has gotten really good now so that should make things easier. I've not commissioned anything myself yet (I can never think of anything), but I really should
And a Happy New Year to you Rotor-bro!
Yeah, for a fanbase this close to the furry fandom it's surprisingly hetero-dominated and most of the homo stuff is dominated by fujos. It's a rare treat to talk to a fellow dude-appreciator!
Yeah, I definitely blame you for corrupting me! I've been getting into the lighter bara, where the guys are buff but not mega muscular. Mostly it's the comfy interactions that are friendship first, lewdness second that I've really been enjoying.
>As they say, "bullshit, but I believe it". In any case, already enjoy this place here, as for once, I'm not being bap'd for liking to post my fave. character.
Yeah, it's way more comfy over here. I'm having to be increasingly careful over there since I got a warning for talking about the website (a website that's dedicated to comics, on a board about comics no less!). It's frustrating, but I'm going to keep posting regardless.
Yeah, people also call him IDWkun. He's the main one that shits up the threads, apparently because some SatAM fans made fun of him on a forum years ago. Many anons think he also posts as Pixy on Kiwifarms, but I never bothered looking into it. Hopefully he'll grow out of it or find another fandom to annoy (he also shits up the death battles threads, although I've never read them).
Looks like our pet jammy got upset and nuked a bunch of posts in the last thread. Even the konductor saying he'll be late is "off topic" now. Reposting my website and STCO update:

Decided to update the website early, check the update page for details. Technically, we just passed 99k views but the update is going out early.
Oh, and I've got all the main STCO comics and about half the specials. The main ones I automated but the specials are unfortunately a manual process. Frustratingly, STPM/xmas2007 is a dead link so I'll have to rummage through the internet archive. The good news is Swirlything (my favorite non-lewd artist) has done a lot of work for this comic, you're all in for a treat!

And since I won't get in trouble for a direct link here: https://the-ride.neocities.org/updates/

I'm so fucking tired of that shitty janny, they ignore the bait posts but delete perfectly normal posts.
I dread to think how long we will have to deal with that absolute retard.

You have to dox yourself to become a 4chan janny so we know this is a grown man butt-blasted about a cartoon hedgehog. It's actually kinda sad. Hopefully the higher-ups will do something about his overreach, although I have my doubts. It did get me to update the faq on the website with instructions on how to restore deleted posts, so he's not entirely useless!

>You have to dox yourself to become a 4chan janny

Wait, what?

They learned their lesson after a bunch of people applied just to shit things up. You've got to email them a copy of your id so they know who you are. I think a photo of you holding your id too but it's been years since I read it. It makes sense from 4chan's perspective, but you have to wonder who would willingly do that
1.jpg, 1652xNA, 1 times posted
Lonely Desert

>Even the konductor saying he'll be late is "off topic" now.
Interesting. At least I didn't get a warning or anything. Things are getting so volatile, it's going to be a matter of time until someone else looks into it. Just hoping it doesn't make things worse for us.

Hopefully they'll look into it, I imagine they keep a record of every post a janny deletes. I'm not too worried, these threads are within scope of the board, do decent numbers, and rarely devolve into shit flinging.
Still, I'm going to be more careful with what I post. I'll save my archiving updates for here and won't be directly linking to the website. I probably won't reply to slightly off-topic posts anymore since they're using that as an excuse too. Hopefully things will calm down soon
224-01-lrg.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
That's all of STCO archived! I've included the pinups, thumbnails, and next issue pages for completeness but no need to use them. I've also put the specials in folders to preserve publication order. Some of the pages were over 2mb so I've shrunk them (but preserved the originals for those interested). There were also a few comics in the specials that don't show on the website but were implied by the filenames. I've included them too although they may have been revised for later issues. I also merged the "new to stc" images into chunks of 5, but kept the originals.

STPM 2007 is missing from the main site, but looking through the waybackmachine (https://web.archive.org/web/20080305003211/http://www.stconline.co.uk/back/XMAS2007/XMAS2007/controlzone.html) I was able to guess the image locations. Interestingly, those images took much longer to load, meaning they're not cached. We're probably the only people to have seen that comic in years!

Looks like there's enough here for at least a week of threads aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9NbVlnaERCWiM4MDJrNEMzTFNGTU5iR2pJWDlXVVJB

Thank you so much! We can start that today and give me time to find more stuff for afterwards.

Why is STCOs Website so fucking bad to navigate and poorly maintained?

IIRC it's a 2000s or early 2010s website. Even the early comic pages have some readability issues because it committed some poor design choices that were the style at the time.

No worries! I've been meaning to read it for years now so it was a good excuse. Happy hunting!
My guess is it's built out of several layers of customized wordpress plugins. Updating and maintaining that stuff quickly becomes a nightmare the more customizations you have and the site's potentially got 20 years of this cruft accumulated. It's also a hobby website created by artists and writers, so I'm guessing they might not have the background for site maintenance. It would explain why they're using wordpress, since it's got a nice web interface for adding content.
To avoid these issues, I deliberately made our website static pages with simple html and javascript. Can't mess up server-side scripting if there isn't any!
This. The other comic fansites from this era are just as clunky. Actually, even the modern ones can be too. Looking at you Sonic Stadium! It should not require 300 requests and over 20mb of data just to load blog posts!
a_sly_encounter_part_113_by_gameboysage_dfm31hu (1).png, 1033xNA, 1 times posted

Oh yes, that's why I didn't saw it on the other thread after seeing it on DA. It's dangerous to post that there. Good thing I was too busy to post it myself or I might have got myself in trouble.

I fully support Metalix's transition.
Bad news about that lewd comic "The Adventures of Femboy Rouge" I was going to storytime. I was trying to find a higher resolution copy and the only official copies are behind a paywall. Personally I only storytime comics that the artists release freely so we'll have to skip that one
It's a shame they don't draw the guys as curvy. It's frankly discriminatory!
This Sally's just far too powerful to post over there
224-100.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Were IDW #53 & #54 not storytimed?
Paying to access is ludicrously expensive. I mean jesus titty christ is this normal for US prints and digital prints? I know it's not printed on toilet paper but seriously?

No idea, I've not been keeping up. 55 is out in the usual places and 56 should be out soon. Weirdly the trade paperbacks are cheaper than buying the digital editions separately
thumbnail_1024.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

>Weirdly the trade paperbacks are cheaper than buying the
I'm confused, do you mean the collections/volumes? Because they seem to be only barely more expensive... and twice as expensive as something I can grab from a publisher over here.
Also I thought image related was fanart and whenever anons posted the Vanilla/Cream part it was from a porn series. Whisper/Tangle on that are faaaar more of an item than you actually get in the stories, it almost makes it comical for how they're depicted there.

>Also I thought image related was fanart and whenever anons posted the Vanilla/Cream part it was from a porn series. Whisper/Tangle on that are faaaar more of an item than you actually get in the stories, it almost makes it comical for how they're depicted there.
That's just ABT being ABT. Based coomer artist spicing things up.

Metallix is looking a little different.
232-100.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted
Updated the website again. I've added more comics and sped up the thread loading:
Yeah, trade paperbacks are the general term for the collected volumes. It's an odd name now that I think of it. I guess it depends on your region, but for a while there the digital editions were more expensive than the physical ones.
Adam Based Thomas!

Latest version of the upscaled comics are in the STCO_cunet_anime_noise1_2x_jpg folder. These are much smaller since they're jpgs. Should make storytiming easier!
the_janny_continues_to_seethe.png, 2168xNA, 1 times posted
lmao, looks like I've been naughty again! To be fair, I did fuck up on the spelling

Why is this janny so fucking retarded goddamn

I say keep posting. As long as part of your post is about something on topic there's no reason to remove it. So the janitor is being petty and is outright breaking rules. I say report them and even provide that as proof. Sooner or later they'll get in trouble for this.

They're trying to delete any posts they can. They're straight up doing it for no reason but finding something to use as an excuse.
240-100.jpg, 1400xNA, 1 times posted
karenposting_again.png, 1064xNA, 1 times posted

It's pretty sad
Oh they're not getting rid of me that easily! If Rotor-bro's shown us anything, it's that persistence is key! That's a good idea, let's see if they take notice

I don't think anyone actually reads that feedback.
It turns out it's very quick to add single threads to the website once they archive so I'll be doing that from now on (unless I forget or get busy). One day I'll have the comics backlog cleared and then it'll be clear sailing!
Yeah, probably not but there's not much else to do. The staff are just way too hands off (assuming they actually exist)
1.png, 363xNA, 1 times posted

Have you tried reporting though IRC?

>Yeah, probably not but there's not much else to do. The staff are just way too hands off (assuming they actually exist)

No, I mean, the feedback literally goes nowhere. It's a placebo to make you think you can do something, when in fact you can't.

reporting on irc usually gets you a "lol whocares" reply.
They do it for free.
pg22_by_tailsdilemma_dfmac2t.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 22
That's a big guy!
cover-large-f.jpg, 1400xNA, 1 times posted
I see the janny is especially retarded today
2023-01-05 22.45.08 Hooter shorty shorts Sonic.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Everyone knows Tails is too hot for /co/! Speaking of hot, here's a new piece from the artist that does Eclipse. Spoilering because while not nude, it is steamy. They actually just made a few lewd comics available so looks like we'll be doing another hetero ~after dark~ soon!

As soon as I saw that first Rouge and Tails image by Chauvel, I knew it was getting deleted. They can't even stand next to each so of course kissing is out of the question.
By the fireplace.png, 2200xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah, same. Tails is simply too powerful for our custodial friend. I don't mind Tails x Rouge personally, provided he's aged up.

>provided he's aged up

That"s not Chauvel's art.
D6F1566E-3872-4A86-A2BB-3F67385E7CB4.png, 1424xNA, 1 times posted

That's the idea!
That's KrazyELF, since I wanted to show an aged up Tails. Here's the one that someone keeps posting
250-100.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
pg23_by_tailsdilemma_dfmfz2a.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 23
I swear this is a Sonic fancomic. Maybe.
0.png, 1890xNA, 1 times posted
Not sure what is going on, there,the guy who delete Sally and Rotor postings also pretend to be an archie fan while beign a mod?
Columbo_19.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Looks like the conductor was onto something

Never thought the rabbit hole would get this deep.
legend.jpg, 223xNA, 1 times posted

>furry bomb

oh haha, I remember that.

Whatever the case is, if more people are catching on then there's a better chance that another mod/janitor will notice and do something. Call it wishful thinking but now /sthg/ is wising up. And thanks for the screencap, I don't have the patience to go through /sthg/ to find out what's going on.

>Whatever the case is, if more people are catching on then there's a better chance that another mod/janitor will notice and do something.

There's a 0% chance either way. 4chan gets such a huge influx of people that the janitors can mistreat anyone as much as they want. As long as the boards aren't full of CP/spam/off-topic threads, they are doing their job well.

>they are doing their job well.
Only /a/ mods are doing well then because every other board is full of off topic spam shit. Especially /v/

I still am not sure how to understand that exchange and who is actually who in this screencap, though.

Problem with /a/ is that it's so strict that they will even delete threads that are on topic.
1673440781756.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Saw this was deleted.
Thought it was too fun to not repost here.
Sally makes me think of the panther from the orangina commercials, for some reason.
Janny MAD.PNG, 963xNA, 1 times posted
Guess you have your answer now guys.
Anyway gonna reset my ip and continue to not give a single fuck.

Well now we know. It's embarrassing enough spending all day shitting up Sonic threads, but having to clean it up for free too? Sad!
It was deleted because I mentioned updating the website again (which I'll continue to do, stay mad janny!). That and someone posted a busty Vanilla after it, which probably attracted him
Oh he mad!
schizo attack.png, 824xNA, 1 times posted
Jannie is having a schizo attack he doesn't know what to do now since everyone on /sthg/ found out hes the retard who keep spamming Tangle shit and hes also the one who keep spamming archie fans must die crap.
VdJ39rkoCN.png, 600xNA, 1 times posted

He does it for free!

Now that /sthg/ knows he'll never be safe from ridicule
And he must

>It was deleted because I mentioned updating the website again
This is just becoming ridiculous.

The Archieschizo is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a samefag, schizo ,IDWkun, Pixy, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Janny and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back:"I've been found out."
1039445862956684.gif, 640xNA, 1 times posted

On one hand it annoys me that it's harder to keep anons updated, on the other knowing the website's very existence makes IDWjanny seethe is hilarious
255-100.jpg, 1400xNA, 1 times posted
pg24_by_tailsdilemma_dfmivzm.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 24
There's our boy! And this comic continues to not be possible to post on 4chan. Bless this site.

I have no idea what's going on in this comic but it's very entertaining

It's still not clear to me in this thing who was trying to impersonate what.
0.jpg, 1688xNA, 1 times posted
Apparently, this is too hot for /co/

I mean it is some pretty fucking terrible drawings of those characters

Dont you have to clear the browser cache a cookies as well ?

Also that motherfucker banned me for a day from ALL boards because of this post

4chan saves a personal identifier in a cookie that will mark all of your posts, when a ban happens it hits both your IP and that identifier. So yeah, you need to clear your cookie (it's just one field, and it's the only field in the cookie).

Be mindful to only delete the cookie and not the localstorage data, so you can keep all your settings.
Also there's a plugin called Cookiebro which allows you to delete cookies (and not localstorage) from given domains whenever you close the browser. Very useful.


Hey, in addition to that, can I just use a VPN to bypass the ID ban instead of resetting the router ? Im not the only in my house using the internet, so I cant just cut it off willy nilly.

I know some servers are blacklisted because so many ban evaders use them, but I could try picking something from the end of the list

The ID ban is stored on your browser. You need to delete the cookie ID, AND get a new IP.

Sorry I wrote it wrong I meant IP ban. But nevermind, I'll figure something out here.

Users can't mass-delete their own posts, so IDWkun saying he could do that means he's a janitor. It's a bit tricky to untangle, since IDWkun often replies to himself, but these are likely him:
>Nobody here gives a shit about sally. Fuck off back to /co/
>No this place was perfectly fine without this newtag sallycuck
>And Ive been posting in this general for 4 years to your few months. Nobody has ever acted like you. until late this year. Sally is shit and irrelevant and spamming wont change anything.
>And you just said you've posted in this general for a couple of months so you're a damn newfag to this place you shameless samefagger

This anon worked it out:
>What the fuck are you talking about? Did you just out yourself as a janny?

There's a distinct saltiness to his style, and a clear lack of irl social interaction since he probably doesn't get out much. He accuses lots of people of samefagging (despite doing it himself) since there can't possibly be more than one person that likes Sally, let alone disagrees with him. Sad!

This. I use 4chan-X so I can just nuke my entire cache instead of tracking down the cookie. As for getting a new IP, I'd just say you're having trouble connecting to some sites and rebooting the router should fix it.
0.jpg, 1400xNA, 1 times posted
tails_dilemma_act_2__page_25_by_tailsdilemma_dfmleu6.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 25
Rainbow nuke!

More bad news, it looks like the lewd comics by the Eclipse artist are subscription only. I guess gallery-dl can download them anyway, but I won't be posting them until the artist makes them freely available. They're seriously top tier though, highly recommend checking them out
I'm just gonna assume this is exactly what happens in the horse show. At least Spike's eyes are inside his head again!
I mentioned in the latest update to the website that I'd found the missing page from My Friends Next Door. Is it worth re-storytiming the whole thing or should I just do the first chapter and link to the archive?

You might as well redo the whole thing, if it allow a more tidy archiving on your local hosting.

>I can just nuke my entire cache instead of tracking down the cookie

It doesn't take any hunting, 4chan only sets one cookie (4chan_pass), plus there's one set by Cloudflare. Everything else is in localstorage, which you don't have to delete.
265-100.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
1673668683407337.png, 6700xNA, 1 times posted
Someone on /sthg/ posted this about the schizo

lmao, the plot thickens! Here's the link for posterity: >>>/4chan/vg/414560251

You know, I think I have been in several argument with him, on unrelated topic, in other threads. Will go full bad faith, keep ignoring arguments and once the thread reach bump limit, will stop replying until the thread is about to prune to make one last round of his bad faith argument, so he can feel like he has the last word, like a coward.
0.png, 1150xNA, 1 times posted

Okay, now I am confused again, isn't that exactly what he is doing or what?

I've done the same. It's only now that I'm realizing just how many of the arguments I've had have been with him. I remember an anon mentioned that he was also shitting up death battle threads so he's clearly spending an unhealthy amount of time on 4chan. That would track since he's almost certainly a janny now

Essentially there is no IDWkun person that hates Sally. It's just one of the roles some guy with lots of sockpuppets made up. Some post gore and Archie/Sally hate spam, some post pro-Archie stuff for him to meltdown over, and some muddy the waters accusing other posters of being him. The guy behind IDWkun may be neutral to or even like Sally. Another anon (>>>/4chan/vg/414563647) suspects he's been the anti-Shadow spammer since 2020 and I'm inclined to agree. He's been spamming /sthg/ more than usual lately, but got upset when some anons accused him of being a bot so it's important to him that anons think it's someone with a personal grudge against Sally.

The goal is to get anons up in a frenzy accusing each other of being IDWkun every time there's a slight disagreement. Posted some Sally art? Clearly you're the Sally-schizo. Criticized Sally in any way or posted the wrong Tangle image? Clearly you're IDWkun. No one takes the bait and responds to him? He'll just respond as an outraged anon to shit up the thread. This way, he hopes no comfy discussion can ever take place in Sonic treads. As to why he does it, it's probably the only way he can get people to interact with him. He definitely likes all the attention too.
0.png, 984xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Mistake Part 2:Page 2

>Essentially there is no IDWkun person that hates Sally.
He definitely hate Rotor, though.

At least Silver's having fun!
He certainly hates Rotor-bro, which is a shame because he could learn a lot from Rotor-bro's friendly and laid-back posting style. Why anyone would stay up for days at a time spamming nonsense and gore to get attention on an imageboard I'll never know

>Why anyone would stay up for days at a time spamming nonsense and gore to get attention on an imageboard I'll never know
Attention. Almost always attention. The things people do on the internet for some acknowledgement, good or bad, is insane. It's the same reason why you see people making comments like "first" and "like if you see this in [current year]." The less attention someone gets in real life, the more desperate they are for it online.
0.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
And that's the missing pages up in the mega! Posting here too since the janny's been deleting my posts again. It's nice to know I have a fan that reads all my posts so closely for perceived infractions!
First! Seriously though, it's pretty sad. Dude was spamming gore for over 24 hours on /sthg/, that's just unhealthy
1673735360182443.jpg, 974xNA, 1 times posted

>The less attention someone gets in real life, the more desperate they are for it online.
Some of us don't fall to the lows of commenting "first".
Besides, it doesn't get you nearly as many (You)s as Original Content or beating thirstposter to the punch.
I still find that Silver adventure's art so admirably bizarre.
>"""amateur"""/slapped together style
>errors all over the place
>a lot of hard angles and broken hands

>it all looks good
Must be a lot of work to make it look this "bad".
amy trying to read your bullshit.jpg, 460xNA, 1 times posted
I really want to learn how to use gallery-dl but the executable doesn't seem to work for me or I'm doing it wrong and the command line program doesn't start up. I think I'll need to download something else or something. This is turning into one of those things where I keep ramming my head into it until I figure it out but many, many hours will pass in the process.

Yeah, it's a lot easier on Linux or Mac, especially if you spend a lot of time using the terminal/command line. I'll put together a tutorial for it with a focus on Windows. I've been meaning to write some for the website and that's a good place to start

Thank you so much!
274-100.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
STCO #10
0.png, 1029xNA, 1 times posted
Fucking unhinged.
How is this not Comic related?

I hate that site updates can't even be mentioned on the main thread anymore.

Yeah, there's a reason I say "be sure to check the fancomics for updates!" now. IDWjanny really doesn't like anyone doing anything constructive when it comes to Sonic. I even got a post deleted because I mentioned uploading the comics to the mega. I actually put that update out early so I wouldn't forget.

As long as they keep it to just warnings and short bans, you can't appeal it and bring it up with someone else. This is why leaving feedback is all that can be done. It may not do anything but if there's a chance of it happening then I'd do it.
karenposting4.png, 1050xNA, 1 times posted

It really is pathetic that the same guy spamming gore in /sthg/ is responsible for moderating our threads. Decided to send more feedback in.
MEANWHILE ON CO.PNG, 226xNA, 1 times posted

>warned for that
Are you fucking serious?
When there's shit like pic related up?
I hope he kills himself real soon
1.PNG, 1558xNA, 1 times posted
Furthermore other threads are allowed to link to other websites, but you can't?
What the fuck is this double standard?
Yes I'm mad.

It's because we have a janny that pays extra special attention to our threads since he's dedicated his (for lack of a better word) life to hating a blue cartoon hedgehog. The hilarious part is the website's still pulling in 500-1000 visitors a day so it's not like he's accomplishing anything.
For now, we're still allowed the link in the OP, we just can't reference it. The Conductor had to take the Plus link out though, which is a shame (and why I made it more prominent on the website)

>(and why I made it more prominent on the website)

Thank you for that.

No worries, it really is a comfy place to post and it's a shame more websites aren't like this. I actually took a lot of cues from here by trying to make it a straightforward site with a design that focuses on the content

>meanwhile on /co/.png
I started using the filter * so I don't have to know those exist, instead just what I've whitelisted. And it helps my sanity to not see yet another haha what if Toph had boobs thread, and not seeing Batman telling me to draw.
Anarchic authoritarianism.
*uses ur bandwidth*

Thank you for those high words of praise, although I'm a bit puzzled as to which part of the site you mean. It's missing a third of the features it should have, and half the features I want it to have (twice that if I count the backend). Basic things like the mobile menu were only added in the last few months; the mobile part of the design still feels unfinished.

glad you think it feels comfy, that's basically one of the design goals.

>I actually took a lot of cues from here by trying to make it a straightforward site with a design that focuses on the content
The design is mostly inherited from the previous developer (secret of secret.graphics). I just rounded it up and modernized it, and added a responsive viewpont so on desktop resolutions it looks closer to a traditional imageboard. If you view the site in tablet resolution, it's closer to to the original design. I want to make this selectable at some point.
eyes_for_one_by_thefunnipixelman_dfmw95y-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
It's a shame nobody likes chubby Sally. There's a good amount of Sonally content. I'm not even into fat stuff but she's an okay amount of plump.
277-100.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
STCO #11

Since when do you need people to like a stuff to post it?

Honestly? I am more bothered by the lack of Cheek tufts than anything else.
mecha_matchup_by_thefunnipixelman_dfmq45o-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

I stopped when our dear friend removed the last one I posted. I assume they would reason that it's porn. They wouldn't be right but it is the artist's obvious fetish.
That is a shame but it is based off of the reboot design.
party_at_the_palace_by_thefunnipixelman_dfg0ree-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Still my favorite.

It's a lot of little things, like posts highlighting when you quote them, but mostly it's that the interface keeps out of the way of the content and that there's no unnecessary columns and banners like you'd see on reddit. Actually, your pulldown menu in the mobile view gave me the idea to add one to my thread archives.

I get what you mean about things feeling unfinished, there always seems to be more things to do when it comes to websites. From a user's perspective this site does feel feature complete at least

>glad you think it feels comfy, that's basically one of the design goals.
Everyone memes the small web as an escape from the modern web, but I'd much rather have the comfy web!

Looking at the wayback machine, I can see what you mean. Personally, I think it looks better now, although I did like the narrower maximum text width of the old version.

I don't get the appeal either, but it was fun seeing them posted.
That should be illegal!
There's something really charming about those 3D images, even if they're almost all weird (but sfw) fetishes. I'll have to post some of the ones I found sometime

>mostly it's that the interface keeps out of the way of the content and that there's no unnecessary columns and banners like you'd see on reddit
I think this is true for most imageboards. Other social media sites have to rely on collecting user data and making money out of ads, so they have to show a lot of crap to encourage viral growth. You don't have that baggage on an anonymous imageboard.

>your pulldown menu in the mobile view gave me the idea to add one to my thread archives.
Not sure I see what you mean. And by the way, your size has a crazy amount of work in it, it's much more dedicated than what I expected. Anything I can do to make it easier for you to crawl threads?

>I get what you mean about things feeling unfinished, there always seems to be more things to do when it comes to websites. From a user's perspective this site does feel feature complete at least
That's just the curse of knowing how to make sites. You always get a new idea to implement.
There are still things like an options menu, thread watcher, etc which are missing, and that's not counting my own ideas.

>I did like the narrower maximum text width of the old version.
It does look more readable (too wide columns make the text hard to follow, I know of that problem), but I had to make it a bit wider to fill the space on tablets.
Actually if I increase the font size, it's a lot more readable. I thought I did that, but it must have been reverted at some point.
0.webm, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
ThisIsGettingOutOfHand.gif, 480xNA, 1 times posted

>I think this is true for most imageboards.
Now that I think of it, that's probably why I prefer imageboards.

>Not sure I see what you mean. And by the way, your size has a crazy amount of work in it, it's much more dedicated than what I expected. Anything I can do to make it easier for you to crawl threads?
I meant the header that drops down in mobile view when you scroll up, but hides when you scroll down. It's a nice way to keep the functionality without clutter. Thanks! It's been a lot of work since I don't have a webdev background. The whole thing's automated with scripts I run locally to generate the comic pages based on a Google spreadsheet so it's not as much work as it seems. Thanks for the offer, but your site's already much easier to crawl than desuarchive. They use so many nested divs just to store a post it's maddening.

>That's just the curse of knowing how to make sites. You always get a new idea to implement.
>There are still things like an options menu, thread watcher, etc which are missing, and that's not counting my own ideas.
Those sound great! I've never used a thread watcher before, but after a brief play with the 4chanX one, it's pretty useful.

>Actually if I increase the font size, it's a lot more readable. I thought I did that, but it must have been reverted at some point.
That would look nice. I've accidentally reverted things a heap, but fortunately the anons let me know when I break something major.

I guess we can add Antoine to the list of too hot for /co/. At least he has Sally, Rotor and Tails to keep him company.

So the lawsuit against DeviantArt got me worried about us losing even more comics so I've scraped all of the threads for DA links. I've found 649 unique DA accounts and am archiving them now. I actually archive all the art accounts on the website, but I don't want to miss the ones we haven't covered. I'll be running the non-DA accounts (twitter, tumblr, etc) next.
So far I've got over 1TB of Sonic art stored. It's not hoarding though, I can stop anytime I want!
pg28_by_tailsdilemma_dfmy6pl.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 28

>I meant the header that drops down in mobile view when you scroll up, but hides when you scroll down.
That's kind of a standard thing on mobile, the browsers also do it. I really only had to copy over code I wrote for elsewhere.

>Thanks for the offer, but your site's already much easier to crawl than desuarchive. They use so many nested divs just to store a post it's maddening.
Yeah, it seems the first post is all out of whack. Don't they have an API where you could get a json of the post data?
They also have the image in as the first element, which forces the post info to align to the right of the image. That's pretty neat, it makes things more compact.

>I've never used a thread watcher before, but after a brief play with the 4chanX one, it's pretty useful.
It's a standard feature in vanilla 4chan, you just have to turn it on under options. I can't add one here yet because it would be dependent on a couple of other missing things, and the backend has been neglected for so long that it breaks on newer PHP versions.

>I've accidentally reverted things a heap, but fortunately the anons let me know when I break something major.
I don't get nearly as much feedback as I like. I keep worrying if it's because we have so few users, or if because things are working fine already. The only feature request I got in the past years was the thread updater.
edit.jpg, 1618xNA, 1 times posted

Muh You's are all gone.
Here's the jpeg from my recycling folder. It has errors I didn't notice before making the webm and would obviously look more on style if the artist did it as they know how to do their fluffy stuff.
>So far I've got over 1TB of Sonic art stored. It's not hoarding though, I can stop anytime I want!
Nicole shouldn't have given you that 50TB drive, it's feeding your habits.
I've seen Pinkie Pie do more fucked up things to dead bodies by just logging into FA and seeing the Recent Submissions page.

Oh and please ignore all the jagged lines caused by the only way to edit a single layer image.
What? You didn't notice before I said? And now you can't unsee them? Whoops.

I do think he looks A LOT better without the trousers, and I'm not gay, just a furry. And that artist's work is definitely furry.

>What? You didn't notice before I said?
I honestly didn't. Still can't, because I am basically artistically illiterate. You honestly did a good work.
Sonic_Redraw_Collab_Page_7.jpeg, 2032xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #95
And here's the uncensored page because we all know this wouldn't fly over there.

As the prophecy foretold.

>Conductor had to censor it
>anon who posted the actual one got knocked on the head
>the very next page has 2 no-no's and is fine
pg29_by_tailsdilemma_dfn0ry7.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 29

The smart thing is to not point it out.

Why did you send them the 4chan links ? Those could die by the time they read those.
blue family 1.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #11
pg30_by_tailsdilemma_dfn3hmv.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 30

post frontiers 1.jpg, 1446xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #96
0.jpg, 1869xNA, 1 times posted
Damn it!

The series continue, with an interesting design take that seems fitting to the current discussion of this thread:
>Me staring at Archie!Sonic character designs like “Fuck you, I’m Re-Walrusing your Rotor”.
sally_bum_by_jamoart_dfn7fu5-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

And not just that.
/co/ mods must be happy, knowing how so many people are learning to ban evade because of that schizo.

Eventually someone else is going to notice and do something about it. Now /sthg/ is getting in on it.

Well they are hiring new janitors right now. If there was a time to replace that guy , it is now.
the_adventures_of_sonic_the_hedgehog_pg_40_by_frostbitewhiteknight_dfn8x5s (1).png, 1450xNA, 1 times posted

That was fast.
>Threadly reminder janitor applications are open now, if any of you have the inclination
Please don't encourage that. No-one's sanity is worth it. You're not even paid to fuck up your psyche permanently.

the deal breaker is that you have to show your ID to apply.
Janitors CAN...

Remove threads, replies and images on their assigned board(s).
Submit ban and warn requests to moderators.
Access the reports queue to more easily respond to rule-breaking content.

Janitors CANNOT...

Ban users.
Access any administrative functions.
Use capcodes, make "official" posts, or set rules.
See user IP addresses or hostnames.

So it's not a janitor we're dealing with. It is a mod. Or a janitor that has a mod's compliance.
0_01 Spending a Day with Sonic.jpg, 1246xNA, 1 times posted
Tails Away
0.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic the Continuation #7

Things are worse than I thought then

Holy fuck, my simple reply got insta-deleted. The janny/mod has us rent free and is always watching

>Holy fuck, my simple reply got insta-deleted. The janny/mod has us rent free and is always watching
I was wondering where I got that mysterious bump. Thanks! Just make a comment or something. I've seen "bump" get removed and someone that did "sneeze" got a ban.
instakill.png, 1339xNA, 1 times posted

It was this, maybe too off-topic in their opinion but I've seen worse replies stay up in other threads so

Yeah that's petty as fuck. Absolute abuse of power as always.
TurboJehtt-1615801325509349381-20230118_120030-vid1.mp4, 960xNA, 1 times posted
TurboJehtt-1612177446131929090-20230108_120030-vid1.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted


haha, where does this come from? Game cutscene that someone dubbed over?

Yeah, the account does dubs.

Was /co/ particularly active or what?

"Bump" is bad practice, anyway.
In lack of anything worth saying, posting a good fanart is the best way to go, even if it's one that is a bit old.

Uh? Where is that screencap coming from? Can't even find those posts on desu. Is it from /sthg/?


Ooooh, a new thread was made. Make sense, now. Sorry, I just wake up, just updated the previous one and thought there wouldn't be a new one made before the next round.

When I'm done posting, /co/ is at it's most active and threads can die without a bump in a little over an hour. It doesn't slow down until hours later. I normally post stuff to keep things going but I always take a nap in the middle of the day.
A little surprise by RisziArts.png, 1256xNA, 1 times posted

>maybe too off-topic in their opinion
Then most pseudo-generals and actual generals on 4chan are frequently illegal for talking about why the last thread died, in their opinion.
I'd almost expect to wake up one day and see everything Sonic banned if a certain moderator received a thread deletion request because a puritan with an axe to grind would call it both /v/ and furry material.
Their youtube has most if not all their dubs.
Have fun! My favourite is the blockchain one and at a close second Silver coming from the future.

Mine is this one. Perfect finish:
Hey guys, I found Sonic
0.jpg, 2552xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #97
no.jpg, 1440xNA, 1 times posted

Damn, Tails is tapping that? Nice.

Those boobs might give Rouge a run for her money, nice
0.png, 919xNA, 1 times posted
Well, Damn.
What really tick me off is how he is not even trying to provide a good justification. How is it not /co/ related?

That sucks. All we can do is continue doing threads. I'm going to be starting a new thread on here soon. I have quite a bit of plus4chan only stuff I need to post.
0.jpg, 467xNA, 1 times posted

For what it's worth, he isn't targeting you specifically, he is in every other thread too that talks about furry shows or comics. Everything that targets him or posts art with a hint of curves, gets deleted and if possible banned.

You can't post Slylock Fox fanart either.

Not sure if hes a mod. If he had that power wouldnt he just give permanent bans, or really long ones instead of these small time bans that cant be appealed ?

I think him having some mod's help makes more sense. He cant abuse it by asking the dude for permanent ones.
Although he did ban me for a day from all boards instead of just /co/. Banning from all boards shouldnt be a small thing to ask.

>wouldnt he just give permanent bans
You can appeal perma-bans and if it become too obvious he has been abused his position, he might lose his status.

He has been careful in only ever giving non-appealable bans.

Did the people at /sthg/ get bans from this guy ? Maybe that could be an outside line to alert other mods since this guy apparently controls /co/

>You can appeal perma-bans and if it become too obvious he has been abused his position, he might lose his status.

They only hand out 1-2 day bans, which you can't appeal.

That was my point.
0.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #98

>Not sure if hes a mod. If he had that power wouldnt he just give permanent bans, or really long ones instead of these small time bans that cant be appealed ?
Janitors can't ban anyone, only send in requests. And given how petty and obvious posts aren't breaking any rules, it's either a janitor that has a mod working with them or a mod acting on their own.
1674434766631701.png, 3161xNA, 1 times posted
By Chauvel. Because we all know it's not going to last over there.
0.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
I think anything drawn by Hayakain is defacto off-limit from 4chan /co/

>all that exercise has been paying off
You mean the lack of it. Girl, you are FAT.

That are is terrible. On both sides.

That would be a safe assumption.
0.png, 2490xNA, 1 times posted
This one actually come with the possibility to download the 3D model

(Got banned for 3 days for posting this >>>/4chan/co/135137352 which, I know I was playing with fire in this case, so I won't complain for this one, but this is why I won't post on the main thread).

Yeah that's a bit harsh. Have you gotten in trouble in the past? Unless you change your IP I assume they know about any past bans you've had.

I have been banned before (mostly for going into arguments that went way off-topic), but never more than 3 days. I don't think I am considered a big deal.
good friends 1.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #12
change of clothes by rochiyume.jpg, 929xNA, 1 times posted

These are indeed NSFW but there's no actual nudity? I guess I'll see how far I can go with these. Won't go any further with a NSFW spoiler, I promise.
cuddles by iris_s_e_e.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Biting and licking feel so good!
kissing by iris s_e_e.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Suck face!

Very lewd!
sonamy loving by rochiyume.jpg, 2248xNA, 1 times posted

The last two are the lewdest.
sonamy loving 2 by rochiyume.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

And that's it! Was it as good for you as it was for me?

I need more.

Amy having her brown chest "patch" shaped as an heart should be canon.
kiss kiss.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Too hot for 4chan apparently.

>Too hot for 4chan apparently.
meanwhile on /co/
The double standards is amazing
1666870820675572.gif, 712xNA, 1 times posted

Those threads don't have a mod that hate us.
167455767831.gif, 300xNA, 1 times posted
dance_partner_by_thefunnipixelman_dfnjk5l-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

>too skinny
>too skinny
>too skinny
10.gif, 220xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #99
NAKED amy by AquaTheMouse.jpg, 1182xNA, 1 times posted
Here's another naked Amy.

She is not naked, she is wearing a collar.
0.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic's Batty Power-Up!
This is exactly what you think it is
0.png, 1113xNA, 1 times posted
Okay, but what was the point?
batbooba.png, 1244xNA, 1 times posted
Holy kek
1.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Mmm-Asbestos (Wellspkd)
conductor is falling for amy.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

That's my fetish!
But I'm cringing at that video.
issue 1 cover.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters and Werehog AU
pg31_by_tailsdilemma_dfnptkf.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 31

>Get's buff as fuck
>Still is really tiny
idk but that's really funny to me

what the fuck

Another person falls victim to the fuzzies.

Is there a way to spawn them?
Can I make it permanent? Because I really love it
1.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Eisenbrave Comics

Touch fuzzy get dizzy
Untitled.png, 378xNA, 1 times posted

Even the website agrees
the perfect posture.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #13
sonic_chibi_gals_by_sound_resonance_d7xmwzi.png, 1890xNA, 1 times posted
Someone posted this over there. Let's see how long that lasts.
ask_the_sonic_gang__100__mama_sally__by_thefunnipixelman_dfnv0m6-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Preggerbros... we keep losing to the chubby chasers...

Two Weeks Notice (5/6) Movie CLIP - What Baby? (2002) HD
orbot reverse psychology.png, 890xNA, 1 times posted

>namefagging during a false flag
You're just doing this to make me bully you with more drawings, because it gets what you want, more fat Sal.

Or maybe it's double reverse psychology???
1674967760849985.jpg, 1800xNA, 1 times posted
Why is the janny so fucking autistic
1674966548847874.jpg, 1800xNA, 1 times posted

1st part whoops
Btw this is an edit

Any excuse to get rid of posts. I guess we can add lewd text edits to the list of things not allowed.

I have seen far more explicit edit on /co/ than that. Just look at the Questionable Content thread.

Look like it actually got deleted. stayed longer than I expected, though.
fc3f052418655e41002efd08a69d9483.jpg, 729xNA, 1 times posted

>Eric W. Schwartz
Never pinned him down as a Sonic fan before, then again, what Furry artist isn't.

Fun fact, the partner of my brother had actually become what you might call "chubby" after a few years of dating, but 10 month ago, she got pregnant and it actually resulted in her losing weight, the baby basically pumping in the resources of the baby. After the birth (baby is fin and weight more than 4 Kg), she is now slimmer than before her pregnancy.

I can see why nonstop sonic generals would start getting deleted if this is the quality of the content they exist for.
starline you.jpg, 764xNA, 1 times posted

The difference is that we have a mod that hates us. Nobody else gets screwed over. I don't even think the other Sonic threads get anything deleted unless it is porn.
0.jpg, 760xNA, 1 times posted
What the actual fuck?

>Am I fucking up my eyes doing so?
If you're young, you want to exercise your eyes by GOING OUTSIDE. South Korea is a lesson in why screens are bad for you.
If not, *shrug*. Just don't have max brightness, I have 20-50 depending on how bright the world is. I used to use flux but it's just too annoying to bother with programs that put orange filters on.

Oh and distance from screen + get up and generally exercise so you don't wind up in the newspapers as "Obese gamer found dead mid-masturbation to the Skyrim mod Widowmaker x Korra x Fat Sally, cause of death was blood clot in the leg".

>both deleted
Not surprised. Disappointed but not surprised.

It doesn't even make sense.

I was so sure I'd responded to this, sorry about that
>That's kind of a standard thing on mobile, the browsers also do it. I really only had to copy over code I wrote for elsewhere.
Ah, that makes sense. I don't really use the web on my phone
>Yeah, it seems the first post is all out of whack. Don't they have an API where you could get a json of the post data?
I wish! I just pull apart the html for the parts i need.
>They also have the image in as the first element, which forces the post info to align to the right of the image. That's pretty neat, it makes things more compact.
It does look good, although, it means all posts are inside the op, which made scraping a hassle.
>It's a standard feature in vanilla 4chan, you just have to turn it on under options. I can't add one here yet because it would be dependent on a couple of other missing things, and the backend has been neglected for so long that it breaks on newer PHP versions.
I've not done much with php, but it's a bit of a nightmare from what I remember
>I don't get nearly as much feedback as I like. I keep worrying if it's because we have so few users, or if because things are working fine already. The only feature request I got in the past years was the thread updater.
I'd say it's because the site's feature complete from most users' perspective and that nothing appears broken. Most of my feedback is from when things aren't working.
lmao, I like the way Slutnic thinks!
Fun fact: A lot of the ~after dark~ storytimes were me trying to keep the thread from dying
These are actually really cute
It's perfect!
That's why I've been warning you guys to post the suggestions over here! Thanks to the anon who suggested dark mode, I mentioned in the update that I'll add it.
Untitled.png, 704xNA, 1 times posted

I swear you've gone to an insane amount of effort with the site.
Most generals don't even have someone backing up the threads in a mock desu archive.
Thanks again for your service.

Thanks! Admittedly a lot of it is an excuse to procrastinate from work. Actually some of the stuff I've learnt building the site has come in handy so technically it's upskilling!

That picture has a lot of sentences I wish I have never read.

> Actually some of the stuff I've learnt building the site has come in handy so technically it's upskilling!
I am ready to bet that companies who lock down to hard on preventing their employees from procrastinating actually take a nose-dive in production.

Not other anon. Don't know his job situation. Do know that some people spend all their time at work on skype/facebook/news... however productivity probably won't improve for them no matter what you do, short of a whip.
0.jpg, 2260xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #100
pg32_by_tailsdilemma_dfnw5lu.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Dilemma Page 32-33
I suppose I should post these pages.
pg33_by_tailsdilemma_dfnzb46.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Well, that was anticlimactic.

I actually do spend a lot of my work time working, but it helps to take little breaks. It is a little awkward when they ask how I came up with new methods for something, I can't exactly say I'm the head librarian for fancomics about a blue rat.
Noooo, not buff Tails!

>I can't exactly say I'm the head librarian for fancomics about a blue rat.
Imagine if they said "Hey I know that website, I donate to the Conductor's comic too!"
Someone is forgetting something. Oh well, everyone deserve a rest.
1.jpg, 500xNA, 1 times posted

This is so bad it's kind of almost good.
What else did the artist work on? The style feels familiar.
dangerously homosexual day.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

No idea. It's the only thing they have for that account and there's no other information on them although I haven't really looked to see if the comic is posted anywhere else. There's a few comics like this, even an TGT direct ripoff but with an OC and I think Homestuck. We already did Sonic with a Gun. That was fun.
2672261__safe_artist-colon-swagstapiece_apple+bloom_applejack_discord_fluttershy_pinkie+pie_princess+celestia_rainbow+dash_rarity_scootaloo_spike_sweetie+belle_ (1).jpg, 4096xNA, 1 times posted

I think I found the artist

twitter_@swagstapiece_20220105-041147_1478579956691218432_photo.jpg, 1958xNA, 1 times posted

>tfw your boss turns out to be the Fiona poster who's been stealing all your twinks
Excellent detective work! Looks like they're a Tamers fan too! Shame literally none of their art could be posted over there

Nice find! Shame virtually everything is ponies.
Original Psycho, do not steal [hQzDeEtbvME].mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Haven't posted any videos in a while. Warning, this one gets loud at the end.
I guess it's official, now, someone has clear double standard
Seriously, if it turns out our special janie was actually molested by a woman I'll be kinda sad.
outgrowing_the_past_by_thefunnipixelman_dfo3dy1-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
And chubby

But still no cheek tufts.
0.jpg, 940xNA, 1 times posted
Go! Go! Super Sonic! and Team Chaotix Detective Agency
POMF POMF Sonic Warrior (You Can Do Anything On The Bed) [Q4Sb0HwFvQA].mp4, 640xNA, 1 times posted

And another by Triple-q!
Could be, but sometimes they just don't check our threads as thoroughly.
Whatever the case, working out your issues by being an overzealous janny isn't healthy

>I wish I could say the same
1.png, 1358xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #101
DoobusGoobus-1620874763970166784-20230201_120032-vid1.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Good find anon in other thread.
twitter_@Austin_TheKat_20221107-224006_1589749562100830210_video.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted

Love that we can have audio here
0.jpg, 1199xNA, 1 times posted
Somebody tried.
Maybe they would have got better luck in the edit thread...
0.jpg, 1199xNA, 1 times posted
You know, with that certain post with Tails and the AI voices in the previous thread I thought that somehow, the Jannie had gone away, but it seem that's not the case.

Dunno why there was no consequence for it. Maybe that thread was a bit too cursed in the first place...
0.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
(I meant this post, if some here don't know what I was talking about:
>>>/4chan/co/135298940p135310138 )
0.jpg, 200xNA, 1 times posted

>Yeah. It looks cold.

I have been thinking about a thread for just that or at least posting them occasionally in these threads. It is great.
I was expecting it to go away as well. Sometimes stuff slips through. Like that Sonic and Tails vs Sally and Amy comic.

>Like that Sonic and Tails vs Sally and Amy comic.
I think it was so amateurish it didn't register. Also, it could almost look like none of it was actually intentional. Just a bunch of friends playing roughousing.

A badly drawn small buttcrack on Rouge got a page deleted one time. An image of Tails and Rouge standing next to each other got deleted. Images that I posted that had Rotor on them got deleted. There is no rational thinking that goes into why something is deleted other than to be spiteful. Unless it's straight up porn, the intention is to remove any posts for any reason and sometimes no actual reason.
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

A Sly Encounter Part 114

Hey, ridethread poster, unless I am mistaken, I don't think you listed the Plus Sly Encounter thread in your plus thread listing:
1.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #14
For the ride site update, it look like the description is wrong for this one:
But mostly because there is none (just a twitter link) in the first place.

I could probably split up that TMOM video so it could be posted
Whoops, not sure how I missed that one I think we all know I got distracted by the butts in that thread. I've added it now, along with updating the other Plus threads.
Whoops again! Whenever there's an extra comic I copy the previous line in the spreadsheet. Thanks for pointing these things out!

By the way, conductor, if there is a next time I spot a Sly Encounter update, should I post it directly in the Sly Encounter thread, or should I keep posting it in the regular thread here so that all updates in the Sly thread keep to bear your name label ?

Bad news about the website, my internet’s down and updating things over a cellphone’s a major hassle. Hopefully thing will be fixed in a day or two ;_;

You could post in the other thread with a post in this one linking to it like this: >>447504
That's what I normally do so someone going to this thread exclusively will be alerted that a new page is up.

opening_up_by_thefunnipixelman_dfodckb-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
black doomcraft.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
Tumblr Comics #4
surge kit closure.jpg, 716xNA, 1 times posted

Princess Daisy - Super Mario Land
Destroy All Humans! 2 soundtrack 6. Long Road
Forgot I had this.
Drew it in early January. Read the last(?) IDW storytime. Surge's little "I can't", though an off-the-shelf story beat, made me feel something after a shitty Christmas with an unhappy family reunion.
Lost the energy to try and fix a pose, let alone fully ink and colour it. Drawing is EFFORT.
Basically just wanted an actual conclusion to that little Surge story because I didn't think Kit's "I'll bury you" was, though maybe it'd wouldn't be actiony enough for a Surge story to cap it off like this. Alternate text for the final panel would remove Surge's thought balloon and just be Kit saying "Please. Stop hurting yourself."

I like these two characters and hope the writers don't feel a need to redeem them.

Looks promising! What would it take for you to commit and power through? Maybe going for something more simple or doing something you've always wanted to do?
I don't think the website is linking to the correct post number, for this one:

Looks cool to me at least, I didn't notice any perspective issues. Not an artist myself, but I've end up abandoning projects at 95% complete because I wasn't happy with some minor detail. Part of why I'm doing the website is to get used to releasing things that are a little unpolished.
Speaking of unpolished, looks like I didn't paste in the post number. It's fixed now and will get pushed through on the next update. Thanks for pointing it out!

>What would it take for you to commit and power through?
500 dollars.
Nah I just got bored, put it away, and didn't think about it again.
>Maybe going for something more simple
That would probably be better for me.

Well if you're ever interested in helping me out then let me know. Otherwise, I would like to see some more art from you.
1.jpg, 741xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #102
sally celery.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted
Helping you out?
I can't cure a fetish but I can provide more art for you.
Wish I drew the "Dig the hole!" to at least this standard but maybe I needed to warm up.

Not bad, imo.
neat.jpg, 480xNA, 1 times posted

>tfw the most dedicated sonally content is by a fat fetishist but they don't go too far with it that it's disgusting to me
I'd love to put the Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis artist's characters on a celery only diet.
president shadow by brobexx.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
An animation.

>make murder legal
Is that his only mandate?

>make murder legal
I'd vote for him. More power to the people.
seems trustworthy.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

According to the SatAM bible, is it "RoboticiSation" or "RoboticiZation"?

I dunno, I'd say Z because it's American. I just write S because I'm British.

I call it a tongue twister.
0.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
It's adapted from one of the Archie Sonic, using AI voices.
0.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted
amy bad day.png, 3183xNA, 1 times posted
Hydro Comics
1675635153199.jpg, 3411xNA, 1 times posted

I can't believe how queerphobic 4chan's moderators are!
Or maybe they have aquaphobia like Sonic.
Or maybe janitor Amy got chest envy when she saw Rouge.
I don't know if other stuff was deleted.

It's Mr Snrub, from someplace far away!
It sounds pretty genuine in some places, spooky
lmao, Eggman Industries probably releases games like this
You can always check the website, I update the threads after the storytime and again after the thread archives. All the deleted posts are highlighted red to draw attention to the janny's seething

Weird. Everything seems like a roll of the dice.
deleted.png, 915xNA, 1 times posted

>You can always check the website
At least one here was a self delete (Toddposter forgot to Toddpost when praising the OTP Sonadow).
So hooray! Only one story image deleted that day!
0.png, 818xNA, 1 times posted
For the ride website, This comic has the wrong link
Correct link might be:

While I am at it, I think this one should have the "Guest conductor" tag, if I am not mistaken:

Also, I don't know why in your update log, you make two entry for the Sonic Frontiers Ending. Both hyperlink lead to the Sonic Frontiers Ending, but I think you wanted the latest one to link to the Shadow Comic page:
0.jpg, 640xNA, 1 times posted


Whoops, thanks for pointing those out! Should be fixed now
>Guest conductor
I'm planning on adding those once I get the comics up, I only put the ~after dark~ tag in so people know what to expect from *those* comics

Looks like I'll miss today's thread, but I'll be sure to make lewd comments when I get back!
1.png, 1274xNA, 1 times posted
The Unknown

I knew it was going to happen but all the bikini pages got deleted. At least there's desuarchive and later The Unofficial Ride Website that people can read it.

Did you get a ban or a warning out of it? Doesn't Ban evasion potentially result in prolonged ban?

No and I never ban evade. If I do get a warning or ban later then I'll know that it is a janitor with a mod supporting them and not an actual mod.

Added the thread now, so much red! I see the janny's back and deleting posts that mention the website. Joke's on him, we got 20k visitors yesterday. Didn't mention the site update over there since I don't want to risk a ban.
It's a shame, I'd hoped they'd got rid of IDWjanny after the latest round of janitor applications.

That's why the deletions don't even bother me anymore. If anything it just drives people to the website. It's like he's helping out with advertising it.

In a way he's The Ride's biggest fan, Streisand Effecting it to fame and glory!
0.png, 624xNA, 1 times posted

Little suggestion, don't know ho much you intent for your website to be compatible for both smartphone and desktop computer, but, about the footnote, for the desktop computer, it would be nice if they could appear with a simple mouse-over, without even needing to click on them, if you are able to do something like this.

Also, I am curious of your reason for considering two comics who have only four pages each to be "Major comics"?

Is it because of the better art quality?

I never considered that, but I'll look into it. I only just found out that hugo (the CMS I use to build the website) supports them and wanted to try them out
>Major comics
I should probably have worded it as comics from the major threads, with major threads being the ones with comics in their title. These little comics are usually just posted by anons after the storytime ends, but I like to include them anyway

>These little comics are usually just posted by anons after the storytime ends, but I like to include them anyway
And you well to do so.

Gotta catch 'em all!

Out of curiosity, why does Sonic Future get to have its own plus thread? MeanBean's style doesn't seem like something that would become the target of massive deletion.

Because the comic was updating with several pages a week. If it had kept that up it would've filled a thread which is why it got one. But that's when MB stopped updating and went on to do other stuff. We didn't realize until later that they have a habit of losing interest in stories and starting new ones.
Sonic Future #2
Only added STCO to the website today, wanted it to have a day on the mainpage before being engulfed by the other comics. Fingers crossed next update we'll be finally caught up!
11.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #15
Congratulation to Thirst poster for catching up with everything. Kinda amazing you actually managed to do that.

Thanks, I'm a little surprised I was able to finish! It was getting a bit exhausting by the end there so I'm happy to finally take a short break. At least future updates won't take as much effort. I still can't believe we've covered almost 800 Sonic fancomics.
booba by tracy yardley.jpg, 3165xNA, 1 times posted
Good to see Yardley being commissioned to do some non-feet images.
000 Cover (1 - old).jpg, 1222xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Adventure 2 #1
000 Cover (2 - The_Adventure_Never_Ends).jpg, 3200xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Adventure 2 #2

The feet are still the closest part of the image

IDWkun helping out the people he swears to hate will never cease to be funny.
Posted some lewd AI nonsense over in the /pco/ and /coq/ threads. The tech is actually pretty scary in how close it sounds
He reminds me of that clip of Sideshow Bob walking through a field of rakes and constantly getting hit in the face. Interestingly he gets really upset when people assume he's a bot.
media_Fn0ihoPaUAAr_Te.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Since we're outside 4chan's extreme hostility to any sort of comradery, I guess it's fine to talk about this finally.
As flattered am I, with your words as kindly virtue-filled and endearing, I would think people could enjoy more to adapt of you. I have seen you there as usually friendly and much receptive to others, about twice as I could ever possibly be. Not to denote jealously or such obviously, but rather to mention you're one of the most graceful, sweetest beings I have ever meet. You're always perspiring of joy and persistence, nurturing good spirits on others and maintaining overall the minimum good behavior standards for the community. In a way, you're pretty cool.

That's not to say you shouldn't thereby have your down times, of course. We all got out spare explosive feelings to vent off at onces. My point is, keep being yourself, like you are being, and always were. Love you, yes homo, faggy.

Now, humoristics and compliments aside, do you think we could be friends? Preferably, either of us leave here our e-mail first, so we can exchange letters and eventually exchange contacts that way.
Or if you wanna us to talk as on occasion through imageboards, that's swell as well, no rush.
amy_rose_valentines_2017_by_jezmm_daz11fl.png, 650xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #103
bigdad123 summer and winter.jpg, 1299xNA, 1 times posted
Noticed this was missing.

Bigdad is an autodelete for the mod but too much Rouge tits will also get it removed. We infamously had a page deleted because she had a visible butt crack. Surprisingly there were pages where she had visible cleavage and those were fine.

>Oh crap, I forgot to upload that. I'll have it done in an hour or two
Guess who fell asleep after the thread! That's the ameth18 comics uploaded to the mega. I've put them in the order they were done but feel free to do them in chronological order if you like. Also added some 'fun' extras
Hey, it's great to see you around again!
Awww, thanks! I guess imageboards give us the chance to play a different version or ourselves so I try to be more positive and energetic than I am IRL. I like to think putting a bit of cheeky positivity in the threads helps keep the mood of the threads up. Imageboards are supposed to be be fun after all!
>yes homo
Gasp! You never stop being yourself either!
Sure thing, I like to think we're at the very least good acquaintances already! Feel free to drop me a line at thirstposter@proton.me

>high heels are actually knife

Also, I like how her winter get up is actually different when you look closely.
0.jpg, 1632xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #104

>Guess who fell asleep after the thread! That's the ameth18 comics uploaded to the mega. I've put them in the order they were done but feel free to do them in chronological order if you like. Also added some 'fun' extras
Thank you very much!
SUO51-Page-01.png, 2025xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Universe Online Issue 51-52
hot mug.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Happy Valentines' Day!
Remember, no matter your OTP, Amy will settle for anything.
1_001 Mobius (Future Version) Sonamy.jpg, 499xNA, 1 times posted
Mobius 25/30 Years Later (Sonamy Edition) #1

Nice work as always.
I had two more pages!
4chin is KILL

It's back now for me at least
2022-02-15 Gayness Valentine.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Very nice! Blaze is seriously underrated
Found this from the artist but would be too anthro to post over there. A bit late now but Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
4_01 - Sonic The Hedgehog Issue 174 (Request).jpg, 1929xNA, 1 times posted
Mobius 25/30 Years Later (Sonamy Edition) #2

At least /sthg/ is helping bump the thread.
1676495725135.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Thanks to the drawanon for this. Sadly and unsurprisingly they were deleted.
1676509436161.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

what do the janitors have against Sand Surfing anyway?

I was wondering why anons were acting special.
I wonder how many drawfags we have had now.

>I was wondering why anons were acting special.
I realized it when they were talking about various Sonics being OOC compared to the games and being obsessed about Ian. They sure love hating Ian.

>They sure love hating Ian.
And I will never understand why.
almost enjoying my anger.jpg, 245xNA, 1 times posted

Actual obsession. Hating someone actively working on their favorite franchise and "ruining" it fuels them. Someone transcribes his podcasts and posts them in the /sthg/ threads and they dissect everything and get mad about it. It's hilarious, sad, and worrying.
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
So, I was checking if there was any update on Too Tall Amy, still nothing, but the drawer of the story nevertheless did this unrelated piece of work.

You're all sincerely getting off to this dude's art right, there's no irony or jocularity involved in looking at it.

Anon, there are big boobs involved. We are not that complex.

The boobs are not drawn in a particularly attractive fashion.

Like I said, we are not that complex.

You live in a post-MLP internet, just be thankful someone's admitting humanoids are sexy.
22.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #16
0.png, 1789xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #105
TurboJehtt-1625585672722472980-20230214_120000-vid1.mp4, 960xNA, 1 times posted

>saw the joke coming
>did not see the second joke coming
Since a few wanted to know if there are other pages, let's do another ~after dark~
twitter_@NancherH_20211207-203804_1468318918750224398_photo.jpg, 2078xNA, 1 times posted

All the Sonic shippers should be happy with this one except me, no Knuckles!

They are all making the V for victory because everyone has won the Sonic-ball, there.
1311195373.nancher_rougexknuckles.jpg, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Not best boy though ;_;

>all the Vs are there
>except Vanilla
>and Vector
sonic cd birthday.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Tumblr Comics #5
twitter_@Kixu_1_20230213-225112_1625266367363514370_video.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Some more AI fun. For context (Sonic drama/gossip):
Turns out Lizzy Hedgehog was right. EmuEmi (Voice of Tails in Sonic and Tails R), was having an affair with Ryan Drummond (Voice of Sonic SA1-Heroes, also Sonic and Tails R) and this is one of his texts.
Technically that makes Sonails the canon ship now. Personally Jason Griffith is my Sonic VA husbando. More info: https://twitter.com/TheStarmanMars/status/1624993158831525891

Like, all fictional character shipping aside, did someone cheat on someone else? Because if not, it's just tow persons having a relationship. And even if there was cheating, it's not like it really matter. It's just sad for the person being cheated on.
twitter_@jgriff_4real_20180504-114941_992370677398364160_photo.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

He was married at the time (but since divorced). I'm not judging them (though I do feel bad for the wife), but the idea of him actually using the Sonic voice while banging someone who voices Tails is pretty funny. Personally I'd have Jason Griffith switch between his Sonic and his Shadow voice. Pic related, unf!
0.png, 613xNA, 1 times posted

>He was married at the time
Apparently, he was not

Well that does make me feel better about the whole thing

Okay, correction, they were still married, but in the process of a divorce at the time, so not actually with her partner at that point.
1.jpg, 1240xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #17
Getting close to needing a new thread. Need to use one of my Plus4chan bookmarks to start a new thread.

I can almost hear your browser about to collapse under the strain of that many Sonic bookmarks, vid related:
Monty pythons, Mr creosote, Full version,

The thread has stopped bumping for a while, but it's only on page 2 out of 19 and it's taking its long ass time to get there. What is the proper etiquette, on the plus board? Isn't it to wait for the thread to get pruned, or is waiting to reach page 2 all that is needed?

>What is the proper etiquette, on the plus board?
plus4 is slow and there's no pruning yet, so you wait until the thread stops bumping and is off of page 1 to prevent there being too many dupe threads.

>Need to use one of my Plus4chan bookmarks to start a new thread.
your what?

>and there's no pruning
Ah, that actually explain why the number of pages here is set at such an arbitrary number as 19.

>Ah, that actually explain why the number of pages here is set at such an arbitrary number as 19.
The number of pages isn't limited so it goes as high as there are threads. You'll notice that on page 19 you have threads from 2014.
I never bothered implementing pruning because there's the question of flood prevention, archiving old threads, etc. We are slow enough that it's not strictly needed.

Also when I took over, the code for pruning was actually broken.

>your what?
I have Sonic stuff bookmarked that aren't NSFW but wouldn't be allowed on 4chan.
Nice! This really is a great place to archive comics!

>your what?
I think he meant that, as this thread no longer bumped, he was waiting for this one to reach page 2 to start a new plus4chan unofficial thread for finally post some Sonic fancomics that wouldn't fly well on 4chan.

In other words, conductor has been no-nut Novembers for several months and he is about to unload.

no, I was just wondering what he meant by needing to use "a plus4chan bookmark" to start a new thread.
Nanothehedgehog FpFi6nraEAAgOc0.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

>In your very honest opinion, speaking as big Rotor obsessive fanatic to another... How do you imagine Rotor would spend his Valentines' Day?
>Romantic swim, maybe on the beach, he could show you lots of cool things under that blue sea. maybe take you for a flight, some real whole new world shit. then dinner, I think hed prefer to be the one who cooked it vs going to a restaurant for romance purposes not for monetary reasons I mean he invented the thermos so hes swimming in cash. whether his cooking is good or not is up in the air. also a lot of smooching, I feel like hed really like smooching.

>if in this scenario he gets no bitches then hed probably be too focused on working to notice what day it was

>Then he'd probably fuck your lights out but

Nanothehedgehog FpEa7sTaEAA4ddg.png, 1392xNA, 1 times posted

Couldn't agree anymore about imageboards being supposed to be fun, that's for sure, especially so as to never let ourselves get caught up. Nothing wrong with being yourself, so no reason to ever stop being. I'm glad to know, and I hope you never do as well, good bud.

Sent you an email, by the by. No rush whatsoever of course, but looking forward for us to talk more as closely.

Maybe some shitty low-quality threads with less than a handful of posts could do with being manually pruned.
0.jpg, 724xNA, 1 times posted
Silver: Venice's Wrath #1

I do want to add back automatic purging, just haven't found the right way to do it yet. You have to consider in things like if anyone tried flooding the board purposefully to knock off all threads.

As long as it remains obscure and unpopular, you have nothing to worry about.
the_legend_of_cris_the_hedgehog_page_408_by_ex_star_dfpstef.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
If we ever get this comic translated, this page will likely not be safe on the other site.

Belated happy Valentines to you Rotor bro! Responded!
I guess you could have auto-purged go to an archive-like page where they can't be replied to. The idea would be a mod would go through these threads and archive/delete/restore them. Congrats on the upgrade by the way, things do feel snappier.
Seeing a Sonic comic in Spanish pretty much guarantees mega-milk ladies. I'll probably give machine translating it a shot once I've finished my STCO chronological ordering. 75% done now!

>Seeing a Sonic comic in Spanish pretty much guarantees mega-milk ladies. I'll probably give machine translating it a shot once I've finished my STCO chronological ordering. 75% done now!
I wish we had a dedicated translator or at least someone that cleaned and added translated text. I feel bad that one anon spent so much time translating that Shadamy comic and I still haven't done anything with the text.
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Silver: Venice's Wrath #2
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
In retrospect, I should ave know I shouldn't have posted that Blaze and Whisper picture in the main thread. Now I am banned. Just surprised it took so long.

Anyway, here is an other pic that probably wouldn't get a pass.

Yeah these translation projects take a huge amount of work, especially the typesetting. I also seriously underestimated how much work the website would be.
To be fair, it did have prominent nipples and an exposed butt. Anons have been banned for far less. I got 30 days for >>443940
1677027067132.jpg, 960xNA, 1 times posted
Because it got deleted. And here's the artist.
>porn artist
Oh my!
>To be fair, it did have prominent nipples and an exposed butt. Anons have been banned for far less. I got 30 days for >>443940
That was still bullshit. That's actually a good time to raise awareness about mod abuse and hope someone else is reviewing the appeal.

I think they just delete whatever they feel like sometimes. They do seem to be getting more efficient at dealing with the Rails poster at least. I have to keep adding his images to my nsfw list so the local threads remain wholesome
>porn artist
They even have 34 in their name!
>That was still bullshit. That's actually a good time to raise awareness about mod abuse and hope someone else is reviewing the appeal.
In hindsight I really should have. I'll definitely be appealing the next time it happens. Still, can't say you're living the thug life if you haven't been to prison!
0.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

>To be fair, it did have prominent nipples
Boomerang (1992) - I think it's a shadow of a nipple
0.png, 1304xNA, 1 times posted
Is it just me or has DA turned off their personalised suggestion algorithm, for their front page? cause what I am getting right now is closer to what I would except from the 00's and the 10's.

Look like I have to actually use the... Search engine *shudder* (okay, it's not actually that bad, but I had lost the habit of using it)

Welp, the frontpage is back to making personalised suggestions again.
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Various Stories #106
twitter_@semifreqsonic_20201119-041718_1329277546601570309_video.mp4, 956xNA, 1 times posted

Since today's comic mentioned Espio's singing
lmao, that's a blast from the past!
twitter_@SugarySweetened_20230115-064404_1614513733677584385_video.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

More singing! Britney's music videos were so hot
twitter_@9RaviOlly_20221201-115117_1598283591653666816_video.mp4, 1706xNA, 1 times posted

An anime OP/ED. Oh, and links are in the filenames
twitter_@NortedWayfinder_20230104-133834_1610631778456281088_video.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Last one for now. It really is nice having videos with sound. Now I know how people in 1927 felt! That's the year The Jazz Singer came out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jazz_Singer

Another reason why this is a great backup place. Shame the mod on 4chan has been deleting links to here whenever they find it.

It's absolutely ridiculous they'd ban mention of a site that's essentially /co/'s sister site. I can see deleting links to the lewd boards, but even the blue boards get janny'd. That reminds me, I'll have to see if they're still deleting posts that mention The Ride website.
I'm actually surprised our little obsessive friend's still bumping the previous day's threads. Even the jannies are deleting those posts.

>I'm actually surprised our little obsessive friend's still bumping the previous day's threads. Even the jannies are deleting those posts.
I'm not sure who's bumping the threads but the mod has always had it out for posts only meant to bump threads. I don't get how our threads attract so many weirdos. Or if it's all one weirdo assuming many roles.

I actually don't mind the mod deleting bump posts, I'm just glad he isn't using it as an excuse to nuke the live threads.
>I don't get how our threads attract so many weirdos.
I mean, they are Sonic threads, they always attract more colorful posters. If anything we're doing pretty well considering there's been a thread up almost constantly for over a year. That sort of thing attracts the attention of even the non-Sonic weirdos.
>Or if it's all one weirdo assuming many roles.
I'm almost certain it's IDW-janny, that guy loves sockpuppets, and pretending to multiple posters too! He may have been fired recently since they hired a new batch. The only thing worse than doing it for free is being fired from doing it for free!
0.png, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Yet, at an earlier point you could post this and not even have a slap on your finger.

>I mean, they are Sonic threads, they always attract more colorful posters. If anything we're doing pretty well considering there's been a thread up almost constantly for over a year. That sort of thing attracts the attention of even the non-Sonic weirdos.
But our threads are much smaller compared to the IDW ones. Even the anti-Archie threads get significantly more people. They have the usual weirdos and yet we somehow got a mod blatantly abusing their power and potentially acting as multiple people for some reason.
That was the first story we did and even then I thought I was playing with fire posting that page. I do wonder when we got our weirdo mod.
0.jpg, 3165xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #18

>But our threads are much smaller compared to the IDW ones. Even the anti-Archie threads get significantly more people. They have the usual weirdos and yet we somehow got a mod blatantly abusing their power and potentially acting as multiple people for some reason.
It's so odd. Most of the weirdos gave up on our threads ages ago, to the point where we have the comfiest Sonic threads on the entire site. That the salty mod still continues fucking with our threads is just bizarre, must've been bullied by a Sonic fan in school. I guess no one sticks around long enough to become a mod over there unless they can abuse their small amount of power.
>That was the first story we did and even then I thought I was playing with fire posting that page. I do wonder when we got our weirdo mod.
I'm surprised it didn't even get deleted. I might have to do some investigating to see when we collected our salty friend. I've got the deletion times too so I could probably work out when he's most active.
1.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Happy Family

You monster.

Someone used this for an /ss/ thread. Time to see if it goes anywhere.

And it was deleted.


The thread about Road Bump, by Vee, was allowed to stay until its archival, so it's clearly targeted. Better chance in /aco/, I guess.
Welp, that took me by surprise.
NtH 1_00.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #107
sonic fancomics.png, 183xNA, 1 times posted

What the fuck Conductor

We should do a vote on what's the most disturbing thing on The Ride. Eggman electrocuting Sonic and Amy's newborn baby, legless sausage Sonic crying and peeing out of his weenie hole, or a baby version of Eggman sucking on Sonic's nipple making him moan.

Straight up porn's allowed over there provided it's porn the mods like
I'm surprised the thread went down early, that's not happened for a while
I released the last awards' results on June 10, so we could do another around then. Should be easier this time now we have the website. I do wonder if our pet mod will get shitty about it though. Sad sausage Sonic will always be my favorite

A Sly Encounter Short: The Arena Page 1
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Probably not allowed on /co/
0.png, 2732xNA, 1 times posted
If the Sonaze fan check here from time to time...
Hope he doesn't mind the Amy tainting, but it's Amy, it's to be expected from her.
0.png, 1829xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic ask the important question.
0.png, 1487xNA, 1 times posted
Technically does not show any no-no parts, but I'll put a nsfw filter just to be sure.
Warning: contain feet
Clawed feet!

>separate eyes
0.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted
Lie Eaters
the_roast_of_dr__eggman_by_thefunnipixelman_dfqdm9d-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
This sassy chubby girl! Also, we're getting to the image limit. I'll start a new thread in the next day or so.
twitter_@Loaf_SFM_20220517-113222_1526526031850614784_photo-0.jpg, 3840xNA, 1 times posted

These are pretty cute, and the smug faces are fun. Still, it's only fair that I get to post 3d Sonic art too!
>690th post
0.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Seriously. she even wear more clothes than she usually do.
Sonic vs Metal sonic_VP8.webm, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
I wonder if there's a series that can replace Super Mario Bros. Z because I'm not getting invested in that series anymore.

>I wonder if there's a series that can replace Super Mario Bros. Z
Aren't most sprite fight animation standalones those days anyway?
qqLettuce_strapon.png, 3200xNA, 1 times posted
For the anon that wanted to see the dildo comic. It's actually sfw, but I'm not risking it
New thread! Bookmark and save it!