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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #3

Previous Thread: >>442938
Sonic Future Thread: >>442673

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

A new thread calls for a new Sonic fancomic! But this doesn’t star Sonic! It’s a Knuckles and Rouge romance comic and it gets pretty lewd! Not too lewd. There always seems to be something between these two but nothing has ever really happened. Maybe this time can be different. This is I Love Rouge!

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Right off the bat (no pun intended) you can see why this comic has to be posted here.
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Jeez, Knuckles! You're hopeless!
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Knuckles, you're wearing thick shoes. I don't believe you.
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What a coincidence. I'm diamonds.
5.jpg, 816xNA, 1 times posted

All this horny dreaming.
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In case you forgot, Rouge is pretty fucking strong.

Damn Conductor! I'm at work, can't get horny now

This comics writing is as low quality as its art
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These sound effects.
8.jpg, 816xNA, 1 times posted

If your fighting makes these sounds, please go see a doctor.
Read now, get horny later.
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Knuckles, you loser!
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>do you really want to get your head destroyed?
Only between those thighs of yours.
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>he can catch his own food
>he can cook
Get him Rouge before someone else finds out.
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Imagination and hormones running wild.
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So this is Sonic X and Shadow and Rouge work for Eggman? Interesting.
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>sweating through a phone
That's some spaghetti spilling.
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>i feel something growing inside my chest
You sure that's your chest? Not somewhere lower?
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Don't worry, Knuckles isn't naked. He's got his gloves on. Now if he didn't... wohohoho!
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Tease the cook.
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Oh no! Is this... THAT kind of comic?
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Knuckles rushes to the defense of his queen!
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These wannabe rapists are about to get raped themselves!
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>rouge: you think that's a rock? this is a rock!

...aren't wings normally full of blood?
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On the one hand, Knuckles was able to write in that kind of font. On the other hand, he misspelled his name.
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You will be carried like a princess and you will like it.
Maybe it's even more blood than normal? Maybe it's special blood?
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Knuckles needs a bib.
30.jpg, 816xNA, 1 times posted

See? Give Knuckles enough time and he'll figure it out himself.
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Just tell her you were fapping. It's the perfect cover.
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Damn. And I just ate.
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Even if they work for Eggman and Omega is not here (and he would try to kill everyone if he were), Team Dark looks out for each other.
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Smooth, Knuckles. Real smooth.
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Finally! And Knuckles was the first one to say it!
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I actually feel bad for Eggman.
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I do like Knuckles and Shadow's interactions. They're not as friendly but they're tough boys with soft gooey centers.
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Breasts? Ass? Feet? No, Knuckles is an eye guy.
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And that's it! Nice, cute, lewd Knouge comic.
Looks like linking here from there is still a problem.

If you already point to this thread in the OP, you can just name drop the plus4chan thread, hopefully that won't be deleted.

This time I used a lewd-ish image for the OP. Maybe that's why the post was deleted. I'll play it safe and just put the plus4chan links either in the first reply or last post of the storytime.
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Sonic and Korra #2
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Crushed under Rouge's thighs, what a way to go!
>tfw you'll never catch Knuckles in the shower, all steamy and glistening
OH my!
>On the one hand, Knuckles was able to write in that kind of font. On the other hand, he misspelled his name.
I like that he added shadows to the letters too
He finally said it! Maybe he isn't completely dense.
Shadow's such a bro
What a lovely comic, heartwarming and lewd! I may prefer SonKnuckles, but I have to concede KnuxRouge is the best in-character ship. They work so well together!
Interesting how they jump on that immediately but let archieschizo shit up the thread. At the rate things are going, we'll all be on vacation.
Really fantastic comic, fascinating how likable Korra can be with good writing. Loved to see them encouraging and helping each other, and it all being platonic was refreshing. The extra comic where she teaches Sonic to swim was great, nice to see Ocean Palace being used.
Oh, and in celebration of that sperg's hatred of beaches, here's some obscure Sonic lore. The beach in Sonic Adventure's Emerald Coast is likely based on Sunayama Beach in Japan.

I kind of saw that schizoposting coming. The day before they started a SatAM bait thread and that didn't even get 10 replies before getting archived. Then they tried to make a Sonic vs Mario movie thread and that got deleted. Then they tried to make a Sonic Prime thread and sounded really annoyed. Then they tried to make a Mario movie thread and was really pissed. They only stuck around because someone kept replying to them or they were just replying to themselves. So the mod that really cracks down on Sonic threads and posts was actively pissing that anon off and they took it out on us. Would've been nice if that mod came in and did their job.
cm__girl_problems_remastered_by_kojiro_brushard_detxyxk.jpg, 1344xNA, 1 times posted
A couple fun and slightly lewd images
cm__whisper_rouge_by_kojiro_brushard_dey2odu.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
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Sonikku Relationships
_episode_1__shogo_fighter_page_9_by_zhengfox_dfasc75.png, 1644xNA, 1 times posted

Shogo Fighter Episode 1 Page 9
Sexy fighting continues.
kungfu_honey_sketch_7_by_zhengfox_dfazuui.png, 1639xNA, 1 times posted
And a nice pin-up!
This is some hardcore animu garbage
Ooh! Sonamy. Spicy!.webm, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah, it's honestly pretty sad seeing someone that obsessed with hating a comic that ended over five years ago. It's best not to interact with him but he does reply to himself a lot too.
>Would've been nice if that mod came in and did their job.
Oh my!
Loved the twist in this one, poor Amy!
1347754_1272_f769a5a59f_sketch_sketch_and_more_sketch_by_EmperorZheng_490753719.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

The art's nice and I get the appeal, but I really miss the fox twinks. Here's one I couldn't post over there, staring the ultimate waifu Callie Briggs!

Amy just needs to get with a nice boy that's actually interested in her.
I miss his other comics. The Honey comic is fine but it's the least interesting one we've covered.

Why are furry self-insert OCs somehow the worst?

>Amy just needs to get with a nice boy that's actually interested in her.
Yeah, they really just need to let her move on. She's had much better chemistry with pretty much every other character since she gets to actually act like a person.
>I miss his other comics. The Honey comic is fine but it's the least interesting one we've covered.
It's such a shame, I really liked the brotherly interactions between Tails and Milo (and Sonic), and how they contrasted with the violent plot. I get that the big-breasted muscly girls pay the bills, but it's just not as interesting. I'm obviously biased though! I do think his regularly chesty girls are pretty hot. Interestingly, it seems sometime in 2013 he went from semi-lewd twinks and girls to more muscular (but less erotic) guys and semi-lewd mega-milk ladies.
I'll have to update the archive with all of his other work sometime. Fortunately, the numbers at the end of the e-hentai extracts are deviantart ids so I should be able to work out the post times.
eclipse_p83_by_tierafoxglove_dfb22g4.png, 1149xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 83
Good old Mephiles! Trustworthy fellow!
29.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sapphires of Reality Alternate Page 29 and 30
Come to think of it, this Sonic looks like a Sonic and Korra fusion. Or their kid.
30.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Show us Ms. E! I need to see potentially sexy female Eggman!

This is ridiculous
twitter_🗡☠️ Cio ☠️🗡(@ciosuii)_20220305-114503_1500074911406211074_photo.jpg, 1969xNA, 1 times posted

As much as I enjoy the fluffy twunks in this comic, meh-Phillis is probably my favorite part now. He's such a shit!
>Come to think of it, this Sonic looks like a Sonic and Korra fusion. Or their kid.
A few days ago I'd have never believed it, but I can definitely see it now. Excited to see how they handle the fighting without their powers, they may actually have to use their heads for once!
>tfw a Sonic fancomic actually makes you like Korra
>I need to see potentially sexy female Eggman!
Do I have the twitter for you! https://twitter.com/ciosuii
s_t_c_issue_18_page_15_by_okida_dfb2eg7.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 18 Page 15
Ha! Now if Eggman destroys Mobius, the freedom fighters will be safe!

Nice! I just restocked on some more comics, including another comic where Sonic and everyone else is a human in highschool. And it's still updating.
the ride never ends.jpg, 823xNA, 1 times posted

There was only two posters so it seems like OP replied to themselves twice and then the third was someone else. Sounds like our schizo.
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Various (Cursed) Stories #45

No worries! Truly The Ride never ends!
lmao, someone's jealous of Konductor-kun's storytimes!
Fantastic haul today!

Oh my!
I recognize that reference! The Justin Bieber Show

Really hope they continue it, I want to see Shadow and his imouto shenanigans.

I was wondering if you'd do that one. Sad sausage Sonic is priceless.

Fucking hell, this page wasn't out when I read it. Even JJJ thinks it's too much!

But I already did prank wars! I hope you're not taking advantage of my ban and trying to usurp ~after dark~! FYI it's ongoing and is based on the author's really long fanfic, we've only seen about 10% of it in comic so far! I skimmed through it, and it definitely gets more fucked up.

Edgy demon Sonic's pretty cute tbh. Will have to add to my Sonic Gore Community investigation. Finally got gallery-dl to archive reblogs/quote tweets separately and put the tweet in the filename so I can properly map things out.

Lot of fun reactions. And I found a comic where everyone is goth. And a couple more comics that I could only post here. I don't know if I want to do Color of Chaos anywhere.
Yes_HaHaHa_Yes.png, 240xNA, 1 times posted

>And I found a comic where everyone is goth.
Pic related!
>And a couple more comics that I could only post here. I
Honestly, I like having a few exclusive comics here, the discussion's always more comfy.
>I don't know if I want to do Color of Chaos anywhere.
Fair enough. I've read through the entire uncensored version and it is viscerally unpleasant. That's definitely intentional though and I will give it points for not making any of the lewd parts erotic. I'll be keeping up with it since the worst of it appears to be over, but I wouldn't even do it as an ~after dark~

>Honestly, I like having a few exclusive comics here, the discussion's always more comfy.
I do wish more anons came over here and I'm still not willing to post another link to this thread in case it gets me in even more trouble.
sonic_the_goth_hog_debut_cover_by_theanimationgod_d5wrpqe-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Various Comics #46
31.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Posting the pages that won't fly over there... over here.
32.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

That's quite the weapon you got there, Rouge.
33.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

34.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

That's an interesting Knuckles.
35.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

I'm legitimately confused by this. Shouldn't she know who Knuckles is? Shouldn't he just be a normal-ish goth like the others? Then again, I haven't read this artist's fanfic on this series.
36.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Some manners is better than none I suppose.
37.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

How do you speak in hieroglyphics and wingdings?

bat tats time
38.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Oh no, he's a JRPG protagonist.

Rouge just getting casually threatened with gangrape. You know, the usual.
39.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Everyone's confused and so am I.
The best kind of tats.
40.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

>pomf =3
41.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

And that is sadly the last image. The artist went on to do a Waluigi comic of all things. Then said they would come back to this in 2019 but then ended up doing a bunch of Cuphead art.

Well that was strange, guess we'll never know what happens next

Yeah, I would've loved to see more but that's how it be on The Ride.

Put on some fucking shoes Knuckles.

Yeah, they're missing out. Fair enough about not posting the link, they're getting pretty picky over there. Was actually planning on storytiming knockabiller's non-sonic comic here.
Loved that comic, everything's better with eyeliner! Manlet Shadow was great and Phantom of the Opera Mighty was pretty funny.
I can feel the vacation waves from here!
Look at the size of him!
So handsome!
POMF POMF Sonic Warrior (You Can Do Anything On The Bed)
It really is a shame

Pretty cool seeing how the different artists interpreted the different panels in the Sonic the Comic redraw.

I don't say it often, but that's a pretty cute Amy.

For only two pages that one hits hard.

Surprised you got away with that mermaid comic, imagine if it'd been Sally instead!

That's the latest Gaia complex done: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9KekJ4UUlDUyNzVm1OckV4UzRuZ1o1RFdzbzVndkx3 Got it to exactly 20 pages this time!

Thanks! I do think someone should do the original comics for some of the Sonic fancomic creators. I've seen them put a lot of love into it but some have expressed frustration that their non-Sonic stuff isn't getting as much attention. I still think Gigi was the one that storytimed her webtoon comic when we did TMoM and came over to our thread to vent about nobody bumping it and then it died before she could finish. I won't say it was her but it really felt like it was.

No worries, and nice digits! I just read through the knockabiller one and it's fantastic. In some ways, it's actually better than The Vulture. Yeah, Gigi's one was actually pretty interesting, but the format really didn't work for 4chan since opening every image was a chore (4chanX fixes this though). I ended up just reading it on webtoons. Now that you mention it, it could've been. Either way, I hope she wasn't too discouraged.
I've not read the one by sewbro (who did that Burger Zone comic where Rouge takes Tails and Shadow for burgers https://sewbro.tumblr.com/post/640243700733198336/a-rouge-the-bat-fan-zine-i-did-a-month-back), but it's pretty cute looking, might do it sometime: https://www.parisacomic.com
15.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Pandora AU Page 15-16
16.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Manic would make for a good stealth game protagonist. Or a Sonic GTA game.
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_12_by_killerboss2_dfb6czm.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 12-14
Gardening with Sonic.
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_13_by_killerboss2_dfb6d2e.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_14_by_killerboss2_dfb6d4l.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Nice! I think a constant series of original webcomic storytimes would be a nice addition to /co/. Because goddamn does it suck hard these days.
Amateur Groupie.jpg, 617xNA, 1 times posted
Thread died right before I woke up and 4chan is SHIT right now. So I'll just be here until the time for a new thread.

Why hold off on drawing nipples on her? Seems pretty weak when everything else is pointing to sex.
sally.jpg, 339xNA, 1 times posted

Visible nipples on mobian girls isn't the norm.

Clearly none of them are mammals
Hey Conductor, have you storytimed this comic yet ?

I was aware that the thread was on its last legs but got so caught up with work that when I came back, the thread was archived :(

Thanks! Seems the comic's been dead for a while but the artist continued to draw more comics and art on their tumblr so I'll put everything together.
That's how it be sometimes. If only I woke up like 10-20 minutes earlier. Oh well. No need to be on 4chan until later. So many bait threads, I can't believe mods haven't cracked down on them more.
FZ6HqYHWAAcgH-G.jpg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #47

Yeah, it would be nice to see /co/ be a more fun place to post again. I'll definitely be storytiming it here though since the characters are too anthro (and I kbf appealing my ban).
Cute! I'll take Ash if he's single!
>I can't believe mods haven't cracked down on them more.
Whoops, slept through that thread. Still, love how Sonic and Knuckles keep getting hotter. That round the world punch was pretty funny too.

While I think Blaze could easily mop the floor with Surge, the fight scenes were really well paneled. Shame thew went for the IDW-standard colored gradient backgrounds.

Now this was a comfy comic, it's nice to see comfy slice of life stuff with the characters. Too bad it was never finished.

Studioboner's got some great ideas, I really want to see Kit being a bad influence on Tails!

Poor Silver, doomed to a broken future no matter how many times he tries to fix things, all the while knowing that his friends in the past must have met an awful fate.

...why is knuckles a vampire?
14.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Heart of the Hedgehog Chapter 3 Page 14-15
Mouth off!
15.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Metal will now make even creepier mouths to really piss Sonic off.
23.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 23
Sonic's off the grid.
0.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #48
2.png, 537xNA, 1 times posted

The Start of Our Universe Chapter 3 Page 2
Let the flirting begin!
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Team Dark Amy AU
6.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 Page 6
Don't worry, the sword is strictly used to cut metal and wood.

They have fur anon.
After 10,000 years I finally sorted through all of Darkspeeds' comics! None of them are in individual galleries and he has a habit of working on them out of order and skipping page numbers. Not fun! I've not sorted the Klonoa or the Ashworth comics yet, but I'll get around to it eventually. Also, there were a few flash animations I've not yet worked out how to convert. I'll take another look later but no promises! Also, the Pirate Plunder Panic didn't originally include the original Archie pages (for obvious reasons) so I added them for completeness.

Really enjoying this comic, it feels like there's some real danger here. Pretty ironic considering how later on in Archie Metal would be a mass produced mook for Sonic to smash by the dozen.
>None of this is good, Vector. That's why it's called "war."
Off to get his eyebrows shaped no doubt!
Really cute story there, loved seeing them bounce off each other (in a non-lewd way!). The movie comic was pretty interesting too. That Sacred comic was fantastic, I'm so glad he's being brought back! Now if only Shadow can find that disk and revive mobian Maria...
Another fantastic comic, I'd never have thought Amy would work so well in Team Dark. Also, great work to whoever's dropping those great recommendations!

Sorry Rotor-anon, I've been naughtier than usual (not really, some mods just don't like it when you speculate on what images will earn a ban) and am waiting out my ban. I'm still posting here though, which is far more comfy! Hope things are going well for you. I saw the Mania decomp got released, it really is fantastic how dedicated and talented the Sonic fan community is. It must've been a massive amount of work to get that working. Thanks for compiling a Linux version, Linux-bros represent!
a man can dream though.gif, 640xNA, 1 times posted

Thanks! I'll grab a few of these. I wonder what Darkspeeds is doing nowadays. He put out so many (incomplete) comics and then just stopped? I don't think we'll run out of content but I do still have to be picky and not post too much stuff I feel anons won't find interesting. It's also hard to find long running comics. A lot of these threads will either be short or a bunch of comics. If it gets really hard to do daily threads, I'd just fall back on weekly threads. But I think that won't be necessary for a while. Another evolution for these threads is to make Sonic comics, so close but the planets need to align. Pic related is how I feel about that.

No worries! Yeah, I figured they wouldn't all be thread-worthy, but wanted to have them organized so I could read through them at least. He's still around, and is mostly working on fandub VA projects and his Ashworth reboot comic Edenspell. Last page came out 5 days ago so it's definitely ongoing! I plan on storytiming it here after I do the Knockabiller comic (hopefully this weekend!). Yeah, I think we've covered every long-running comic out there that isn't a mess or a sprite comic. I wouldn't mind a weekly thread, or just less frequently updating threads here once we start to run low. I wouldn't recommend it but there's always non-Sonic comics to cover. Darkspeeds helped out with one called XDragoon and it's almost 2000 pages long! https://tapas.io/series/XDragoon-The-Series/info

>Another evolution for these threads is to make Sonic comics, so close but the planets need to align.
Oh man, that'd be great! I'd even be up for helping to pay an artist, provided there were twinks!
7.jpg, 2050xNA, 1 times posted

Re_Boot Issue 2 Page 7
What could it be?

There's also Okida's original comic. I'll admit that I tend to gloss over the non-Sonic ones. If it's not lewd or Sonic then I'm unlikely to read it but I have given various webcomics a try.
>Darkspeeds helped out with one called XDragoon and it's almost 2000 pages long!
Damn! That's the dream. A long running epic storyline.
>I'd even be up for helping to pay an artist, provided there were twinks!
You would? That'd be great news and if you did then I would make sure there are plenty of twinks. I do have some bookmarks for Sonic comic artists. I'd estimate some of them would be $200 to $400 a month and that'd be about one page a week, maybe more. Time and money have always been things I have thought about. Even trying to figure out ways to get more pages out a month.

u should do that lewd stc comic okida did

What's it called?

Its actually lewd like very lewd

Oh that one! I think it was done in some form at some point. Edited and skipping the sex to the end. It'd only really be able to be done on here on /pco/ and it's probably already been posted in one of the Sonic porn threads.

Yeah haha I saw it in the sonic trash thread a while back
0.jpg, 789xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #49
sally browsing.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, work's pretty hectic.
>Okida's original comic.
I'll have to look into that. I'm the same, but lately I've been trying to read some non-Sonic and non-lewd ones.
>Damn! That's the dream. A long running epic storyline.
Same, I really love seeing small independent creators do stuff like that, it's always so much more soulful.
>You would?
Yeah! I did a bit of research and it's a pretty reasonable rate for what you get. I'd be happy to contribute around 100-200, but the ideal would be to get some other anons to pitch in too. Sites like gumroad and patreon seem pretty good for organizing these things since they don't take too big a cut.
Ha1 I remember that one! I really do need to get around to doing those ~after dark~ storytimes, I actually found a few hetero ones I'd like to cover, including this one.
Sonic Teen Heroes is starting to shape up, really liked the banter. Still think they should have some mobian attributes though. Sonic and Shadow having matching crop tops was pretty cute.
Good to see a return to edginess with that Sonicverse comic, it's fascinating how the exe stuff's its own genre now.
Didn't expect to feel sorry for Ugandan Knuckles, it's great when comics can do that.
Loved the drawanon's comics, I hope Eggman does get canceled for his bigotry! Seriously though, the expressions and delivery were really well done.
We all know Tails should be shipped with Nack!
buy my book.gif, 630xNA, 1 times posted

>Yeah! I did a bit of research and it's a pretty reasonable rate for what you get. I'd be happy to contribute around 100-200, but the ideal would be to get some other anons to pitch in too. Sites like gumroad and patreon seem pretty good for organizing these things since they don't take too big a cut.
I would run a Patreon and selling completed chapters on Gumroad would be good too. I have a lot of experience doing both. Anything to help with the costs and potentially pay for more pages every month. Have you seen the comics I write? I'd definitely dial back the horny for Sonic. My idea is an Archie reboot combining preboot, reboot, games, and Fleetway. For example, Antoine would start off with his reboot look and completely skip his incompetent "comedy relief" phase.
The Ride Never Ends! I will never truly be free.
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Regrets and Mistakes
eclipse_p84_by_tierafoxglove_dfbigwi.png, 1147xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 84
At first I thought that was Maria's shoe and maybe her blood but going back a couple pages, that's not what it looks like. So it must be Mephiles and his black goo.
s_t_c_issue_18_page_16_by_okida_dfbj1eq.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 18 Page 16

>Have you seen the comics I write?
I have now, would've responded earlier, but they're quite the distraction! The guys were pretty cute, and I did like the pink werewolf lady's daughter. I figured you were just doing that one comic, I had no idea you'd crafted a multimedia empire of depravity! I'll certainly defer to your experience in setting these things up.
I really like that idea, a streamlined retelling of Archie that takes what worked well from each continuity without having to retread all the bits we've seen dozens of times. Stuff like skipping Tails eating magic fruit to become smart and starting Antoine off as a proper fighter would be much better. Also a good opportunity to trim down the cast. I know everyone loves Betty the Butterfly and Tommy the Turtle, but some sacrifices must be made! Remington better be staying though, he's too handsome to be Egg-Graped!
I still think Fleetway has the best origins story (and best Sonic personality), although it was perfected in Child of the Green Hill. I'd be happy to see more of it included.
Let me know if you need me to do anything to help push things forward. Might take a day or so to respond, work's mega hectic right now.
Weirdest Sonamy story so far, I wouldn't of even thought it was that if the author didn't keep insisting. Still, nice to see Nack paying his boyfriend a visit at the end.
He's back! Mostly!

Nice and thanks! I have been thinking about the best way to start it. I want to do Sonic 1, CD, 2, 3 & Knuckles but splicing in non-game stuff. Before I wanted a Sonic 0 of sorts with the backstory for everyone but that can be sprinkled throughout the arcs. Sonic 1 is pretty barebones storywise so it'd be starting off right at the end. I also want to put in Antoine's rival at the start to give him an arc. I do want to turn Angel Island into a more inhabited world with actual towns. Remington and the other echidnas would be a tricky fit. Unless there's a Knuckles series to run alongside Sonic's, I would say it'd be a few years before getting to that around the time of Sonic Adventure 1's adaptation. I'll get to writing and planning more. And hopefully things get less hectic for you.
dfbjeub-0be7d5a7-eecf-4364-9846-1d11fb442653.jpg, 615xNA, 1 times posted

Shock and Awe Issue 2 Page 84
amy_sees_julie_su_for_the_first_time_by denizen14.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Time to post some stuff that would only be allowed here.
anyone_there_by_shieltar_dei7s1u-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Anything with Sally is always a liability but images that further... shapes her up is even more of a risk over there.
beautiful pixels by shieltar.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
If Sally and Nicole were a thing, I would like Sally to be more of a tomboy than her usual self. Or in this case, horny.
level_up_by_shieltar_dbx3ko3.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Now she can 1-UP Bunnie and contend with Rouge.
sally_reviews_idw_sonic_comic_by_shieltar_dcbrxlx.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Big oof.
sally_s_needs_by_shieltar_d8edxbf.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
>ardan norgate approves
sally_upgrageds_by_shieltar_dcxqcnf.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Sally invokes her squirrel genes.
sth amore e psiche by biko97.png, 476xNA, 1 times posted
I always wondered if I would get in trouble for this.
>but it doesn't show anything!
Oh, how I have thought that and was proven wrong in the past.
most beautiful thing by ccn.jpg, 1560xNA, 1 times posted
Everyone comes in second place in Sonic's heart.
sonally__50_tons_of_jealousy_by_vitoriacampos_d8lkh4z.jpg, 400xNA, 1 times posted
The quality of this comic is super crusty.
14.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic: Heart of Mobius Chapter 1 Page 14-15
Whoa there, Sonic. Isn't she a bit too young for you?
15.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #50
7.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 Page 7
Ah, Sonamy Boom is so good to see.
01.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Pandemonium

>Cream: Amy I thought you only had eyes for Sonic?
>Amy: That wasn't Sonic?
Five weeks from now we're going to be asking when did the Conductor start storytiming exclusively Sally porn stories. No-one but twinkhoarder and rotorparagrapher would disapprove.
I know the outfit is Indiana Jones but this looks like Dobson.
>tangle: why won't anyone like me?!
>also tangle: wears clothes
Was 50 shades actually porn? When the film made its rounds a lot of people in my country's capital forgot how to unlock handcuffs without fire department help.

>Five weeks from now we're going to be asking when did the Conductor start storytiming exclusively Sally porn stories. No-one but twinkhoarder and rotorparagrapher would disapprove.
Sally's got a lot of porn but sadly most Sonic porn comics are paywalled and as a content creator myself I wouldn't want to get and post them. But what if... I were to make my own...
>Was 50 shades actually porn? When the film made its rounds a lot of people in my country's capital forgot how to unlock handcuffs without fire department help.
I never read it but I would assume it was and maybe even more pornographic than the movies.
a_sly_encounter_part_109_by_gameboysage_dfbo3c1.png, 1577xNA, 1 times posted

>I want to do Sonic 1, CD, 2, 3 & Knuckles but splicing in non-game stuff.
Yeah, that'd be the way to go, take the cool set pieces and story beats from the games and thread them into a wider world. I agree that there's not a lot plot-wise in Sonic 1, unless you want to go into the ancient bird/owl civilization that was responsible for the ruins in Sonic 1 and 2, and how they had something to do with rings and chaos emeralds.
>I also want to put in Antoine's rival at the start to give him an arc.
That would be a great point of distinction, adapting the theoretical games the other characters could've had.
>I do want to turn Angel Island into a more inhabited world with actual towns.
That's something I felt Archie never quite got right. in theory there were chameleon, crocodile, and bee towns since the Chaotix lived there, but the focus soon went to the reappearing Dingo and Echidna settlements. It'd be nice to have Knuckles be well known amongst the towns, even if he does think he's the last of his kind. As long as Remington shows up eventually I'll be happy! And as long as station square isn't inside a volcano!
>I'll get to writing and planning more.
Thanks, it should calm down in a week or so. Fingers crossed at least!
Ha! Reminds me of ther cute butts Dawn Best used to give the Echidnas
Looks like Sonic was too slow
If visible thong-lines can send me on vacation, that definitely can
That first comic was a really interesting, but mega bleak. The ShadAmy one was a fantastic palate cleanser though. amy really does have great chemistry with anyone she's not madly pursuing. Really liked the good guy Zero one too, and not just because he's handsome! The Tails.exe one was well drawn, if needlessly edgy. The one where Sonic and Eggman were kinda friends was good too, nice to see a take on that dynamic that doesn't follow in Boom's footsteps.
Man, what a fantastic comic. So many references to almost every aspect of the most obscure Sonic canons, and non of it obnoxiously done! Never thought I'd see the manga, OVA,and the Sonic 1 prototype referenced in the same comic! Flynn should take notes

I admit nothing konductor, nothing!
>No-one but twinkhoarder and rotorparagrapher would disapprove.
As long as there's an occasional twink, I'd be fine with it. I've let it slip here and there, but i do like some girls
>Was 50 shades actually porn?
As a written smut aficionado, I gave up on it too early to tell.
>But what if... I were to make my own...
I'm honestly surprised you haven't already. Mobius Unleashed is pretty popular despite the comics feeling like they've rolled off an assembly line. There's definitely room for smut that's more artisanal with good storytelling.

Sally just casually strolling around with her back exposed, lewd! Really wish the artist would put the same amount of detail on the guys' butts. It's only fair!
Fuck, I wrote way too much

>opens door
>eyes immediately drawn to tits
>tries to look away at every other opportunity
>Sally is probably thinking "Why is she so covered up? Is she religious?"
I'm sure Carmelita will get used to it eventually. It's not like vixens can ever feel threatened by females from other species except maybe bunny rabbits.

>unless you want to go into the ancient bird/owl civilization that was responsible for the ruins in Sonic 1 and 2, and how they had something to do with rings and chaos emeralds.
That'd be good for future plots. Right now I'd like to cover the Genesis games and get into the Adventure/Advance era which would probably take 3-4 years.
>That's something I felt Archie never quite got right. in theory there were chameleon, crocodile, and bee towns since the Chaotix lived there, but the focus soon went to the reappearing Dingo and Echidna settlements. It'd be nice to have Knuckles be well known amongst the towns, even if he does think he's the last of his kind. As long as Remington shows up eventually I'll be happy! And as long as station square isn't inside a volcano!
I like the reboot having cities mixed with humans and mobians (leads to hybrids).
>Thanks, it should calm down in a week or so. Fingers crossed at least!
Hang in there!
>I admit nothing konductor, nothing!
Sol is quite the twink.
>I'm honestly surprised you haven't already. Mobius Unleashed is pretty popular despite the comics feeling like they've rolled off an assembly line. There's definitely room for smut that's more artisanal with good storytelling.
I could but my heart wants me to do something non-pornographic. At most implications. Something like Sonic and Sally looking at each other and then Tails looking around for them because they disappeared a second later.

Also, don't worry about Gaia Complex, I'm taking care of it right now.
20.png, 1259xNA, 1 times posted

Project Blackout Chapter 1 Page 20
I wonder what rating Omega would give that explosion.
tangle but more sally.png, 1400xNA, 1 times posted

>>also tangle: wears clothes
And to follow up on what I said earlier, here's Tangle if we wanted to have her create a new generation of Sonic comic fans that don't understand what they're feeling but like it. Oh and so Whisper won't choose cheat moded/Nicole edited Sally over her or whatever.
Don't know why she came out fine but my last shared Sally was awful. I'm sure other artists know what I'm getting at.
>But what if... I were to make my own...
Well you'll need money, an artist and a script. Do you have all three?
I have a few Sonic fancomics written down... somewhere... including haha what if Sonic was hit with a femerald, and various other WACKY and COMPLETELY INNOCENT plots, but I'd just make original content instead to save you Conductors a quarter of a thread's worth of ride so you get some of your life back.

Hey, that looks great!
>Well you'll need money, an artist and a script. Do you have all three?
I have money, I'm always looking for an artist and a script can popped out in a week along with a lot of information summaries for characters and stories. Working on original content has its perks but there's an unmistakable allure with doing fan comics.

>Working on original content has its perks but there's an unmistakable allure with doing fan comics.
Yes, you have all the characters and setting already laid out for you... and your favourites that can now be legally shipped...
I'd be a traitor though and do R&C before Sonic. I don't have the money or lack of sense to buy a PS5 to play the new one, I miss the characters and wish the unofficial girlfriends were used more, specifically more than the whiny furless elf. And I'd want to "fix"/poke fun at the terrible writing in the PS3 games that only got a green spandexed character right and broke everyone else.

Exactly. There's a sense of course correction or continuing a property that you love. If I liked IDW then I wouldn't want to do a fan comic myself but Sonic has been done dirty and The Ride reignited my love for Archie. But I always think of everything to the extreme. Not just a story but a series of stories. A universe. As many pages as possible. Growing and gaining momentum. To put out more pages than IDW does a month (not counting delays).
the_next_level_by_ht_doodles_dfbot7b-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
It's a page although it doesn't seem to be part of the actual comic.

Oh god thats some lame anime bullshit
0.png, 752xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #51

Sonic is an anime franchise. It happens.
bleak_circumstances_just_got_bleaker____by_ht_doodles_df6qtpz-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

You should check out the comic. It's the greatest hits of anime tropes. And here's a naked Whisper with part of her body gone.
>all those comics, all those anons

3.png, 537xNA, 1 times posted

The Start of Our Universe Chapter 3 Page 3
>blaze: oh yeah, we're dating now

>espio is forever doomed to wear aprons and clean houses
Also what did the artist mean to write there?

Direct translation from the Spanish version (thanks Google) is "you realize that I am your partner no?"
01.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic the Hedgehog Black & White: Chaotic Intent #1
100d1d9272d9a83c5a30bf0a45bd49f9.gif, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
I found an interesting Sonic page but the artist for it seems to have deleted their DA gallery. I can't say with 100% certainty that this is the artist but they've been credited on pinterest for their page while any links go to another gallery.
01.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic the Hedgehog Black & White: Chaotic Intent #2
clash_of_two_worlds_chapter_3_page_8_by_supersentaihedgehog_dfbtqmk-fullview.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Worlds Chapter 3 Page 8
Meh Burger is the cause of half of the conflicts.

>That'd be good for future plots. Right now I'd like to cover the Genesis games and get into the Adventure/Advance era which would probably take 3-4 years.
>I like the reboot having cities mixed with humans and mobians (leads to hybrids).
Well I am a huge fan of Sara
>Hang in there!
>Sol is quite the twink.
Those hips!
>I could but my heart wants me to do something non-pornographic. At most implications. Something like Sonic and Sally looking at each other and then Tails looking around for them because they disappeared a second later.
Honestly, that's probably the best way to go, something a bit more explicit than Boom.
>Also, don't worry about Gaia Complex, I'm taking care of it right now.
Thanks again! Should be up for doing it this week
I may prefer twinks, but that Tangle...
Another great comic, wish it had a proper ending. Or that my favorite grumpy Mongoose showed up and had a grump-off with Shadow.
Ooh, a hard one! DeviantArt was nuked around 2016 but traces still linger in various archives. I'll scrape together what I can find, but for now:
Last known archive of her DeviantArt: https://web.archive.org/web/20151021120405/http://nikazt.deviantart.com/gallery/
Workable search query: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Yesterdays+Dream%3A+19+by+NiKazt%22+site%3Apinterest.com
Tumblr, only 4 Sonic images: https://sonikazt-blog.tumblr.com/tagged/sonic

Oh and sorry to hear conductor of pain's Pokemon x Digimon storytime got him a warning. The text he uses to spoiler things is always great.
441d383e850e5def0ea4cd3281c078ed376151b1v2_hq.jpg, 576xNA, 1 times posted

Thanks! I've been looking as well. Seems to be a comic about Amy dying. Looks like it has some horror elements to it as well.
This seems to have the most pages but they're all low resolution screencaps from a phone. Otherwise there's just a few scattered pages.
2fd5381c0788cba464099a6790c4bdc9.gif, 800xNA, 1 times posted
This comic seems to be really interesting. Nice effects too.
DFH Cahpter 4 pg 11.jpg, 774xNA, 1 times posted

No worries, I've got all the images but most of them are of terrible quality. I'm stitching better versions together from a YouTube video. Also, while I was looking, I found a DeviantArt favorites page with lots of comics, with a few I don't think we've covered: https://www.deviantart.com/sonicboom3475/favourites/66775253/yesterdays-dream
The effects are fantastic, exactly the thing I'd want to put in a comic for making it ambiguous whether it's Sonic or shadow on the ARC with Maria..

In twink-related news, it seems someone made a fancomic with Sacred. Their DeviantArt's gone too (sacred-hedge.deviantart.com), but maybe I'll get lucky with the archives.
sms 3.17.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted
Comet The Dog.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

And finally finished! Ended up stitching together some images from YouTube, digging through Pinterest and reverse image searches to find originals, and cleaning up the remainder with Waifu2x. I also included some of the DeviantArt thumbnails and a single full-sized image of Amy eliminating the competition. FYI the characters on page 22 are other peoples OCs. I definitely recognized Comet the Dog from all of his commissioned smut (pic related's one of the few non-lewd ones). I think page 31 was originally a gif but I kbf getting that to work. Really is a fantastic comic, too bad it wasn't continued.

Oh, made some progress on the Sacred fancomic. it's called Dear Future Husband and I've got all the pages, although some are in Spanish. Will upload that when it's done.

Thanks! I'll check out that link and see what they have. I'm surprised someone made a comic with at least 4 chapters for someone else's character. I see Shadow but how much is OC content? If it strays too far, anons might not be as interested.
Thanks for this! You've gone above and beyond with all of this! Judging by the youtube videos, it seems 31 is the last page but then two more pages are added. Not sure what else was planned.
16.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Heart of the Hedgehog Chapter 3 Page 16
Heart of the Hedgehog Chapter 3 Page 17
ask_the_characters_season_4__1__robotnik_by_okida_dfbvgdb.png, 551xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Ask the Characters Season 4.1
I know I said I won't do character asks but this series is ongoing and some of these do give us information on characters. This one is very important.
1661294836.cloverdoom_0_2.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Randomly saw this on the FA front page (I follow some artists there). Then checked their gallery and it's porn an adoptables. Then I see the twitter link:
Seems like they enjoy doing gore but the porn keeps the lights on. Many such cases.
goreclover 2022-05-04 05.31.41 Sun [New Reference!] [03⧸May⧸2022]🍎❤️I really loved doing this mini collab with @Classicmariposa 💕#SonicTheHedgehog #Sonicexe_KOS #Sun #Null #Gore.jpg, 3000xNA, 1 times posted

It's mostly a ShadAmy comic ('my future husband' is a letter Amy writes) with around 60 pages. I get the feeling that there was a fan community building up around Sacred and making OCs with fire pixies.
No worries, I just had to know what happened! Yeah, from what I can tell she shut down her DeviantArt shortly after 33. Real shame because the ghost/demon thing from the shrine Amy disturbed clearly wasn't done fucking with everyone, I also get the feeling Amy's ghost would be back in some capacity too.
Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies (Official Music Video)
They're a central part of the Sonic Gore Community! Their OC is Sun/Sunny, they've done a lot of art with king null, are working as an artist on Sonic.exe: Rerun, and are doing the KOS AU with @MamaPorcupine and @Classicmariposa. It's all connected!
Its that time again. Where we wait to see who will buy the IDW issue to storytime it.
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Mephiles and the Cake and Yesterday’s Dream
Well in that case, I'd be interested in storytiming that.

Not it.

I looked into it but the prices are ridiculous, it's cheaper per issue to buy the hardcover collections than individual digital issues, and I'm not buying them twice!
Cake-desiring Meh-Phillis is the most evil Meh-Phillis yet! I did like the fangs Amy got, I wish they'd let all the characters have fangs again.
Glad everyone enjoyed Yesterday's Dream, I can't believe I forgot to translate the German writing in the backgrounds.
Page 18:
>Lass sie leiden: Let her suffer
>nicht morgen: not today
Page 24:
>bald wissen sie: soon you will know.

>Well in that case, I'd be interested in storytiming that.
Fingers crossed I can find the missing pages in English!

>Fingers crossed I can find the missing pages in English!
If you have them in Spanish, I can google translate and make the dialog work in English. How many pages are in Spanish?

Thanks, but I was able to find them all in pretty good resolution. I originally thought this was a fancomic, but with the better images it clear this is their pre-Zketcherz work (the artstyle's improved quite a bit but the handwriting's identical). I normally wouldn't mention this publicly, but from their recent twitter posts (and comic!) they seem to be fine with people knowing Sacred is their character. I'll spend a bit more time seeing what else I can dredge up.
star_the_hedgehog_issue_4_page_3_by_blue727_dfby6s5-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Star the Hedgehog Issue 4 Page 3
compare.jpg, 1375xNA, 1 times posted
Guess who found a shitton of old comics? This Conductor! Now I need to ask, do you like the original resolution or do you like the slightly blurrier but larger blown up resolution? Personally I'm willing to give up some sharpness for a larger page.

do you save every comic on your computer? do you have like 500 terabytes of sonic comics?


jesus christ
You're a bad person by sacredcosmos.jpg, 529xNA, 1 times posted

That's me finished archiving everything I could of Sacred-Hedgie's accounts. I really need to update the Zketcherz folder though, found a bunch of new art and fanart of Sacred.
Larger is better but I just zoom in the page if it's too small. You could always use Waifu2x to enlarge them. It did a pretty good job of Yesterday's Dream.
Damn you weren't kidding about them being old comics. For any zoomers reading, Bookshire was a prominent shared fan character for many fan works in the 90s.
Rookie numbers! My archived DeviantArts, Twitters, etc are at 174GB and and I've only archived about 20% of comics featured in The Ride!
nicole checks the conductor's files.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 877xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #52
Nice! I save and keep the bare minimum.
>nervous sweating
fbow_1.png, 650xNA, 1 times posted

>Various Stories #52
Got a link to the site you found them on? I love looking at old fansites, even if the waybackmachine is mega slow.
Also, waifu2x has a setting that will clean up compression artifacts without altering the resolution. It's not perfect, but it's a pretty big improvement. Here's that comic using the highest noise reduction: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9VblFTRWFCSyNlNU1MczhBNTZVaDZnOXRqd1JvQWlR
>I save and keep the bare minimum.
Fair enough, I end up having to make separate storytime folders so I can see the appeal of a more streamlined setup

I'm having trouble accessing it but here's the link to the site as it is now.
And I bookmarked this for the comic section as it's the last update before stuff stops working.
I'll be sure to check out waifu2x as well.

Thanks! I'd been putting off dredging through the archives of that site! Also, got some recommendations:
Lost Hero - about 30 pages of a discontinued comic and its reboot https://www.deviantart.com/agentskull/gallery/64500396/lost-hero
The Last Breath - 4 pages of Sonic and the Black Knight, but we might have already covered it. Did some one-off Sonic comics too. https://www.deviantart.com/kalisami/art/The-Last-Breath-PART-1-404721621?q=gallery%3Asonamy-25&;qo=3

I found that website because I found a comic that someone on DA did as a continuation of one of the old ones and linked to the site. Some of the names are familiar as one of the comics on there is something we already did. Kind of fun finding these old websites with comics. Fancomics based on pre-Ian Archie is fascinating. DA seems to always have a comic hiding somewhere. I found a non-Black Knight medieval Sonic comic as well. I've gone through all of Webtoon and Tapas and bookmarked everything that interests me. Pinterest is always a pain to sort through but they have stuff that can't be found anywhere else. Instagram is still largely unexplored and I'm sure Facebook has some as well. Every once in a while Tumblr surprises me but searching that is difficult because it relies on tags and a lot of blogs don't do it properly.

I did Lost Hero and another anon did Last Breath and some of the other comics by that artist.

>be Sacred
>make a deal with an eldritch demon for power
>"oh no, the eldritch demon and its powers are actually evil and driving me insane, how could this be happening to me?"
Every time. I'm going to bet that Ignitus is similarly playing him for a chump, even if I like Ignitus overall.
zketcherz 2021-06-07 01.35.04 Happy Pride Month to all my LGBTQ+ friends, from Arial the Non-Binary Pansexual demon ❤️‍🔥🏳️‍🌈.jpg, 4096xNA, 1 times posted

>Fancomics based on pre-Ian Archie is fascinating.
Yeah, people talk about 05 to 09 being the dark ages of Sonic, but from 95 to 99 there were no mainline games so the entirety of the canon was based on satam/Archie or Fleetway. It was pretty cool to see a tight-knit fan community spring up around all this, especially considering how difficult it was to distribute even small images over dialup.
For all people complain about Penders but he (and Bollars!) actually interacted with the fans online through his forums and would take their advice (Ray and Mighty were only introduced because the fans kept asking for it). He also got Dawn Best her start at Archie, showing that fans could become official creators too. We see this sort of thing now, but it was completely unprecedented back then. Penders is still a prick though.
I love that I can find so much stuff that's been deleted from DeviantArt there but it's a fucking nightmare to use. Sometimes I resort to putting comics I like into yandex reverse image search and looking at related images. It was somehow able to connect Sacred across all of their accounts.
It's maddening, tags are Tumblr's main feature and half the artists don't even use them!
>I did Lost Hero and another anon did Last Breath and some of the other comics by that artist.
I thought we'd covered them, I need to get better at searching desuarchive!
But he's so cute, like a flaming elongated Furby! Who wouldn't trust the little guy with their immortal soul? The demon's called Arial (pic related), but maybe that's Ignitus' true form? Arial's also a cat mobian sometimes.
Also, I posted an animation of them here: >>443612 This was the original tweet:
>I randomely stumbled across this old ass animatic I did for Sacred and Arial a few years ago. God it makes me excited to do more in the future knowing how far my art has come since then.

They got you good Conductor lol

Lies and slander!
eclipse_p85_by_tierafoxglove_dfbz6zs.png, 1142xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 85
Ffffffffffffffffffffuck it was inevitable.

Oh Meh-Phillis, you rapscallion! Nice Shadow tummy though. Can't wait to see what terrible things Shadow will do to bring her back, even though we all know she was reincarnated as the President's secretary in the game canon, if Maekawa's obsession with Please Save my Earth is anything to go by.

eclipse_mephiles_and_vector_by_tierafoxglove_df3evaf-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

I'm surprised you're not doing her Riding Hood's Shadow comic, Shadow's practically a werehog!
I love that he's looking at the viewer while stabbing her, the perfect blend of edgy and smug

Poor Vector being used as a footrest.
s_t_c_issue_19_cover_by_okida_dfbzzun.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 19 Cover
Oh shit, it's the real Kintobar! And he's back early! We haven't even cleaned up the mess from the house party!

This Maekawa has some interesting ideas.
Too out there and ends up becoming literal porn.

>Too out there and ends up becoming literal porn

I'm seeing only positives here.
zero point one.jpg, 1512xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 26 Page 0.1
Did we do the previous DBZ pages? I'm not 100% sure and haven't checked the thread.
whbun0.jpg, 1148xNA, 1 times posted
When a Bunnie Meets a Bunnie

I'll post the link to the full story in text form here:

Sonic Future Sun Daze Page 12-13
clash_of_two_worlds_chapter_3_page_9_by_supersentaihedgehog_dfc303d-fullview.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 Page 9
A lot of L's were taken.
issue 2 page 8.jpg, 2050xNA, 1 times posted

Re_Boot Issue 2 Page 8
Don't leave us in suspense, Tails!
sfgd_0.jpg, 638xNA, 1 times posted
Search for the Guardian's Daughter

>This Maekawa has some interesting ideas.
He's a fascinating guy, I wish they'd hire him back, or that he'd write his own thing.
>Too out there and ends up becoming literal porn.
I really do need to get back into doing ~after dark~ then!
These were both fantastic comics, really nostalgic too! I'll have to see what else they got up to since then.
So handsome!

Oh, and I did the last issue of Gaia Complex (and the little thing at the end too).
Finally decided to storytime Knockabiller's original comic PSYN, sleep schedules be damned! >>444737
2010-07-08 Penders Sucks.png, 2595xNA, 1 times posted
I saw some anons talking about the other Knuckles rape comic and decided to see if it was as bad as the other one. There isn't any graphic depictions of it in the comic, but it's pretty fucked up anyway. Actually, ProfessorMegaman's done a lot of fucked up comics. I've made an archive in case anyone's interested, but I think it's more storytime of pain material. I doubled up some of the pages but gave up when I got bored. Some of the pages would definitely need censoring if done on 4chan. Also, there's lots of Knuckles abusing Tails, channeling some real dreamcastzx energy. The Penders hate art was pretty funny though.
34.jpg, 1988xNA, 1 times posted

New Generation Chapter 1 Page 34
>that first panel
What an interesting way for a guy to ride on a guy.

>These were both fantastic comics, really nostalgic too! I'll have to see what else they got up to since then.
I tried looking up T2 since their art was my favorite but as you might expect, that wasn't very successful, even grouped with "Sonic" and "comics."
And thanks for the link!
Awesome! Dropped a link on 4chan for it.
I liked the MST3K comic but a lot of it just seemed like a rambling edgy mess. Great artist though.
These are all the credits for the comics I got from that old site.
For Better or Worse
Story by Ellie-Za, Comic Pages by T2

For Honor
Original story by Dan Drazen, Comic adaptation by Flyer

Girl Trouble
The original story by is by Michael Hollis.
This comic adaptation is by Laurel Alvizo (Cyber the Hare).

Search for the Guardian’s Daughter
Based on a RP by T2 and Syna-Eve.
Cover by Syna-Eve, Comic by T2.

When a Bunnie Meets a Bunnie
Original story by Dan Drazen, Comic adaptation by Rina Cat

They twinks are back, and Wrenchester's riding Silver cowgirl-style! Technically it's cowboy but is usually just called riding, the more you know!
>I tried looking up T2 since their art was my favorite but as you might expect, that wasn't very successful, even grouped with "Sonic" and "comics."
That's a shame, I'll have to have a look sometime
>And thanks for the link!
No worries!
>Awesome! Dropped a link on 4chan for it.
Thanks! I do hope some of the anons check it out, it's got the same feel as The Vulture, but more vibrant.
>I liked the MST3K comic but a lot of it just seemed like a rambling edgy mess. Great artist though.
Yeah, a lot of wasted potential there. Still, at least I'll have plenty of content for next year's storytime of pain!
Cool! Dan Drazen still has his site up here: https://www.andrews.edu/~drazen/sonic.html
satampetban.gif, 470xNA, 1 times posted

Nice time capsule.
0.png, 752xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic vs Knuckles: Gaia Complex Chapter 7 and First Honor

Love those ancient websites, so much personal style.
Just when you thought they couldn't get any more handsomer Knuckles obtains his ultimate himbo form! Seriously though, really fantastic comic, the fights were Dragon Ball-tier ridiculous, which is something we should be seeing more of in fancomics.
The other story was great too, very nostalgic. Never thought I'd see Rosie and Julayla again.

Oh, and my ban will be up by the next thread, and what better way to celebrate than thirstposting about Sacred in realtime!

>implying you aren't itching to post another Sally comic
Might be better for over here though, since it's Sally-centric. Love the artstyle, they even drew Zonic sideways!

Going to do issue 2 of PSYN now, since I've got a bit of time.

I misread the m as an n.

Maybe JJJ's been right the whole time, Sonic is a menace!

>implying you aren't itching to post another Sally comic
I see something of a trend that whenever I do anything from Archie, interest dies down a bit. And this week has been pretty bad in terms of number of anons and posts. Even for the last chapter of Gaia Complex, it was just another anon and me for the most part. Schizo only made one post and didn't even stick around after that. I guess there's a silver lining to it all. And with my phone getting IP range banned, I can't bump my threads until three hours pass. I don't want to say I'm quitting but it does make me think about it or at least cutting down the frequency of threads.
>Going to do issue 2 of PSYN now, since I've got a bit of time.
I'll be sure to make a post about it later.
>I misread the m as an n.
The red text doesn't help.
4.png, 537xNA, 1 times posted

The Start of Our Universe Chapter 3 Page 4
Don't_make_me_tap_the_sign.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah, I noticed how quiet things had gotten. I find them fascinating, but I guess ancient Archie-based comics aren't of interest to most. What plebs! Glad to see our diaper-friend's getting board of it though.
>IP range banned
Yeah, mine's been like that for ages. Still, at least I can bump the threads now!
>I don't want to say I'm quitting but it does make me think about it or at least cutting down the frequency of threads.
Pic related! Seriously though, I actually wouldn't mind a big thread on Friday or Saturday since we have the threads here too.
>I'll be sure to make a post about it later.
They're so awkward and cute together!
DFH Chapter 1 pg 0 Cover.jpg, 1958xNA, 1 times posted
Dear Future Husband

Tonight was better. I think Archie really does have the worst turnout. Same with black and white comics. Sonamy, despite the joking and complaining, gets good engagement.
Rouge ~ Speed Paint by sacred-hedge.jpg, 999xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah, Sonadow may be the most popular ship, but Sonamy brings in the audience! Despite the complaints, I think most anons like seeing how Sonamy's handled. Also, might as well post a few images that would get me in trouble over there!
Shadamy body swap by sacred-hedge.jpg, 774xNA, 1 times posted

Swapping bodies only makes them cuter!

It helps that they're the most fucked up outside of edgy comics.
Amy Misery.png, 993xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah, in some ways it's more fucked up because way more people act like that in real life. Amy from that Dark Doppels comic was legitimately more terrifying than Tails from Blue Prisoner/Murderer.

I loved the reactions from that comic. Best part was when Shadow lost the will to live and went into a coma so he could be with Maria in the afterlife. Then he's left in Amy's house and basically abandoned when Sonic and Amy leave.

And if you haven't checked their FA page, they do nothing but porn these days.
the_lost_one_and_the_bat__pg_18__by_tsubasakei_dfb9c3h-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

The Lost One and the Bat Page 18
>teleports behind
>pssh, let me heal you kid
18.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Heart of the Hedgehog Chapter 3 Page 18-19
The thing has been said.
19.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Technically, Robotnik is dead. This is adapted from Archie issues after Robo-Robotnik reveals himself.
clash_of_two_worlds_chapter_3_page_10_by_supersentaihedgehog_dfcaco7.png, 3024xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Issue 3 Page 10
Meanwhile the turtles have their hands full with Shredder, Eggman, an upgraded Metal Sonic, and Mecha Turtle. Sonic and Leo have it easy in comparison.
0.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Rosechu's Story

I still can't believe he was essentially talked into a coma! Glad they're doing art again, even if it's smut. It's a shame to see though, not everything has to be lewd! They did do an Excel Saga parody image that was pretty funny.
My favorite will always be the teleport kick to the head he gives Silver in 06.
He's firing speech bubbles at Sonic!
Looking back, I definitely had a crush on Casey Jones as a kid April too of course! She really filled out that yellow jumpsuit!
Really great story, it was always a treat when a new page would come out. I can see why the artist would abandon it though.
Also, I mentioned The Real Sonichu in the other thread, but here's a link in case you want to read it: http://cwcki.club/index.php?threads/the-real-sonichu-annotated-edition-fan-comic.1116/ (it was originally on kiwifarms, but he posted it here with commentary) It's been on hiatus since the author got really busy with work. He said he was planning on continuing even though he was (understandably!) disgusted with what cwc did. I don't think you'd be able to storytime it over there though.

Oh, and I'll look into GuidingChaos's True Blue comic. Hunting out these missing comics is actually pretty fun!
soab_chapter_0_page_18_by_vaporeonxglaceon_dfbla1p-fullview.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Strengths of a Bond Issue 0 Page 18
It's still updating!

>Glad they're doing art again, even if it's smut.
A good number of artists end up doing porn. I still think of the Genesis artist doing fat porn these days. Whatever pays the rent.
Interesting comic. Very 2000s.

Aww yeah! I love that she looks more like the Tamersverse Aleena.
>A good number of artists end up doing porn. I still think of the Genesis artist doing fat porn these days. Whatever pays the rent.
Maybe it's just survivorship bias, but porn (and especially furry porn) can generate a heap of income compared to a regular comic. That Genesis artist still makes me sad, such cool character designs just set aside for thousands and thousands of pages of fat porn.
>Interesting comic. Very 2000s.
Yeah, you'd never know it was started in 2014. Love the creepy gremlin look he gives the sonichus.
ask_the_characters_season_4__2__ebony_the_cat_by_okida_dfcc159.png, 551xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Ask the Characters 4.2
To the surprise of no one and shipping has not been altered by this response.

Sonic Future Sun Daze Page 14
chapter_01-1.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #53
1.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

I've got quite a bit of lewd comics. So here's a nice one. It's called Sonic Wet Dreams.
2.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

We've got some OC's, including someone that looks like Amy and a bat twink.
3.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic not having a home of his own leads to him living with some interesting people.
4.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic's hormones are the cure for his disinterest in dating Amy. Where love fails, horniness prevails.
5.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Time for another OC.
6.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic gets the talk.
7.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Damn! Amy looks like THAT?!
8.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

And that's the end! Feels like there should be more but the artist says that's it.


Finally, the hormones have struck him.


Just admit that you want to fuck her Sonic. Don't be like Future Sonic who missed his shot.

Also, since thirstposter isn't here, I'm claiming the bat twink.


Not only does the twink have feet (fuck), but he also has good taste. You should listen to him, Sonic.

He also has a noticeable bulge in his underwear.

fucking lmao this comic

Sonic is so naive that it's adorable. I bet even Tails has a better understanding of sex than his big brother.


w-what is this and why is the conductor freaking out?



Sonic is going to shoot many loads to this memory later.

Good art.
They really gotgud somewhere during those 8 years.
>I don't want to objectify Amy
Nice/Programmed guys finish last. This is why Shadow is always dating her first in the fancomics.

How long has this been going for?
131348925098.png, 285xNA, 1 times posted

Not as long as the text world, I think its been less than a week? but some schizo had a melty over a walrus and went on a 4 day ranpage, he's sill having a melty.
1661536651801013.png, 548xNA, 1 times posted

It's a real shame too since we lost a lot of really good art, luckily it's on the booru

Poor Sonic, struck down in his prime with heterosexuality
Oh my, I'm getting the vapors! Dat bulge!
Nice to see the rear's as good as the front!
>I was thirsty
Hey, that's my line!
Rouge giving the best advice as usual
That is a nice butt!
They just can't handle Rotor-bro's majesty
1.jpg, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic: Tales of Mobius Chapter 4 Page 1-4
When we last left Sonic...
2.jpg, 761xNA, 1 times posted

Nice try!
3.jpg, 774xNA, 1 times posted

Tails, no!
4.jpg, 792xNA, 1 times posted

>sonic's brother senses is tingling
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_15_by_killerboss2_dfcdunc.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 15
Any time now... we're going to find out what SHE looks like.
123914055934.PNG, 134xNA, 1 times posted

flatter than flat the cat

Love this comic, so many continuities!
>Fatal error detected, unable to continue
For those that want to know what the binary said
I'm still holding out hope for a twink!

The binary ACTUALLY wasn't gibberish?
Well shit lol
>anon had to type out all those 1s and 0s
kudos anon

>implying i can't read binary
MacBooks have inbuilt ocr so I just pasted the numbers into a converter

sonic_the_hedgehog_x_amy_rose_by_tyuleninsfd_deh2er7.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
I even have minicomics that I think can only be posted here. Sonic being slutty... but not that slutty.

Oh no bros...
He's too fast...
Do the Shadow voice.mp4, 318xNA, 1 times posted

Wow, the first two panels are pretty much what I see every time I close my eyes.
Speaking of sexy things, did you know Jason Griffith (the most handsome Sonic VA) did a condom ad? And did you know someone dubbed it to make it even better?

Damn Sonic's such a narcissist. Amy should just paint herself blue and start saying "Way past cool".

>say the line, say it! I'm almost there!
>I must avenge mario
that_meme_2_by_underworldcircle_dfcez2r.jpg, 620xNA, 1 times posted
What would a squirrel-chipmunk taste like? Both methods would work.

I remember some anon saying it tastes really bad, but i think he was talking about squirels

She was at least considering i! From My sweet passion:
>I know that your lucky color is that cool shade of blue
>(Won't mind painting myself blue for you)
Sally you perve!
Presented without context

Sonic looks sick and is sick.

Now that's a crack ship! They do make it work though
His peach fur needs to be slightly warmer and darker, it looks a bit yellow here, which makes him look sickly. The shading around the eyes also contributes, but would look hot if he looked healthy. Something closer to Sally's muzzle fur would be fine.
0.jpg, 1060xNA, 1 times posted
20.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Heart of the Hedgehog Chapter 3 Page 20-22
Technically (according to the Zone Cops) it's the same Robotnik.
21.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Don't feel sorry for the guy that's been harassing you and Tails, Sonic.
22.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

No more Mister Nice Metal Sonic!
eclipse_p86_by_tierafoxglove_dfcgfgz.png, 1147xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 86
Kill him, Shadow! Even though I'm pretty sure you're incapable of doing that.
sonic colors.png, 552xNA, 1 times posted

>it looks a bit yellow here
A bit more than yellow.

That can't be good! Kinda looks like he's had some curry that didn't agree with him
I hate how attractive Mephiles is
Damn, someone get Sonic some vitamins!
zero point two.jpg, 1179xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 26 Page 0.2
One of these days, we'll do the others.
16.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic: Heart of Mobius Chapter 1 Page 16-18
>let's dance
If you insist.
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (Official HD Video)
17.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

It's like he flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee.
18.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

And we out!

Doing PSYN3 now, because I have ascended beyond such primitive concepts of day and night >>44496

>>444737 *

s_t_c_issue_19_page_1_by_okida_dfch50i.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 19 Page 1
>ghosts of the future
Yeeeeeeeeeeeah... how did that end anyway? Maybe Okida should just do the rest himself or enough of it to show us what happened.
1.jpg, 1227xNA, 1 times posted

Shadamy (?) Bonus Pages
Looks like the artist is thinking of bringing back more of their old OCs. This isn't part of Sonic Future but could be considered a sort of continuation of Shadamy. The artist has also considered putting her in Sonic Future.
2.jpg, 1314xNA, 1 times posted

Bit of a monkey's paw. Not a total success. Will we find out what happened with Infinite and Ruby Amy? Those could still be integrated in the current story, even if Nax has kind of taken Infinite's place. Amy's not really doing anything... other than Rouge.
3.jpg, 1116xNA, 1 times posted

This continuity? He'd be with Amy. The Sonic Future continuity? He's sharing and being shared with Sonic and Zee. Either way, no pseudo incest.

I think i remember that one, she was a hedgehog clone of maria

That's so cool, clearly the delays with the colorist has some unexpected benefits. Either that or the artist is getting sick of my thirstposting and conceding to my demands!
Cool, I always assumed new!Maria would be something demonic.
>Amy's not really doing anything... other than Rouge.
>no pseudo incest.
I can almost hear Maekawa penning angry letters
That's the one! For reference, the chronological order of the comics is:
Dear Future Husband
Sonic Future
0.jpg, 940xNA, 1 times posted
Go! Go! Super Sonic!
And I'll do a comic here after this.

Going full color for the main comic was a mistake.

>I always assumed new!Maria would be something demonic.
I mean, Insanity exists. But that seemed to jsut be something taking the form of Maria, rather than Maria herself.

Yeah, and the worst of it is they're good friends with the colorist so going back would create friction. Ideally the colorist could've just done the covers or certain key scenes
That was such a fantastic comic. I really wish it wasn't abandoned
0.jpg, 1029xNA, 1 times posted
Time for another comic set in high school but the main character isn’t Sonic. It’s Shadow and Rouge! With all this Rouge cleavage, I doubt I could post this over on the other website so I’ll post it here. This is SxR Highschool Romance by Vortexlegacy!

They deleted their FurAffinity account but are still active on twitter.

This isn't actually a cover for the comic but I'll use it as one anyway.
1.jpg, 966xNA, 1 times posted


>a Shadouge comic
Where did you find this fossil, Conductor?
2.jpg, 922xNA, 1 times posted

Poor Scourge, couldn't get Rouge.

>immediately turns all the boys into mindless horny animals
Sasuga, Rouge.
3.jpg, 958xNA, 1 times posted

A new emo is pretty big news.
Old and deleted FA account. Just like DA, the submitted art can still be accessed even if the main page for the artist isn't accessible.
4.jpg, 983xNA, 1 times posted

>mephiles is right there
>everyone freaking out over shadow
I mean... come on...

Shadow, how could you! What would Sonic say?
Yeah, that'd be a one-way trip to the Vacation Zone
Well if Scourge is single...

You could always ask Jules for advice in slutting it up, Scourge. Also, it's kind of weird seeing a version of Rouge who is this tame and non-flirty.
5.jpg, 967xNA, 1 times posted

>these rumors
I wouldn't say they were wrong about most of it.
6.jpg, 940xNA, 1 times posted

>girl: i'm just going to be a bitch for no reason, tee hee!

Damn, look at those abs!
This looks familiar, have we done this artist before?
7.jpg, 967xNA, 1 times posted

This bitch...

>Sonic and Amy
Haha, YES

Mephiles is a freaky eldritch abomination. Ain't nobody got time for that. Shadow at least looks mostly normal.
8.jpg, 988xNA, 1 times posted

I don't think so. All I've seen from them is Shadouge stuff and nowadays they do Inuyasha stuff.

Well, he probably isn't gay in this continuity. So they're wrong there.
9.jpg, 980xNA, 1 times posted

Scourge isn't impressed.

Women moment.
10.jpg, 960xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic being in the front row and looking well dressed is weird. At least Mephiles in edgy clothes is more fitting.
11.jpg, 955xNA, 1 times posted

How many times are you going to have that reaction to seeing Shadow, Rouge?

Please don't take advantage of Shadow's naivete.

12.jpg, 953xNA, 1 times posted

How convenient!

I wish

>tfw when Scpurge has better morals than you
13.jpg, 942xNA, 1 times posted

Was a paper plane necessary to give a note to someone that's right next to you and the teacher is out of the room?

>I don't think so. All I've seen from them is Shadouge stuff and nowadays they do Inuyasha stuff.
Huh, I guess I must be thinking of something else
Shadow, you're so cool!
Sonic the nerdhog!
14.jpg, 2492xNA, 1 times posted

>that smirk
Shadow is pleased.
Shadow is the slayer of thots.

This Sonic cleaned himself up for school, it seems. Probably Amy's idea.

Rouge, please contain your horny for two damn seconds.
15.jpg, 919xNA, 1 times posted

Don't worry, Shadow. Rouge isn't like those other thots. Unless you have a giant emerald that she wants to steal from you.
16.jpg, 967xNA, 1 times posted

More writing.

>How convenient!
We all know she shanked her desk neighbor so there'd be an empty space
He's left-handed! Even the official art occasionally still fucks that up

>Rouge: Yes. Yes, it was.

Rouge is getting the Black Arms special, later tonight.
17.jpg, 2464xNA, 1 times posted

>signing with your logo
That's very high school of you.

Shadow is left-handed?
18.jpg, 2516xNA, 1 times posted

Now they are properly introduced to each other.

He's using the Black Arms symbol to sign his letters? That's not sus at all.
19.jpg, 967xNA, 1 times posted

>complimenting each other's clothes
>not adding how good they'd look on their floor
How very not high school of you.
20.jpg, 977xNA, 1 times posted

>and depressive
He says with a big frown.

Yeah, he's Sonic's sinister opposite. In his game he always uses guns left-handed.
The artist formerly known as Shadow
21.jpg, 2524xNA, 1 times posted

Thank god for Rouge's tits in every page.

They'll get there. Don't underestimate the power of horny.
22.jpg, 980xNA, 1 times posted

Just gonna sneak in more Rouge cleavage.

Very sad (and exploitable) Shadow in that third panel.
23.jpg, 957xNA, 1 times posted

24.jpg, 970xNA, 1 times posted

Teacher's back! Stop flirting!
25.jpg, 988xNA, 1 times posted

Mmmmmm teenage OC girls.

26.jpg, 2516xNA, 1 times posted

Rouge and the new gay goth 20 year old guy?! Eating together?!

Was that human lady's name MARIA by any chance?
27.jpg, 968xNA, 1 times posted

My high school days were pretty uneventful. I never dealt with actual bullies.
28.jpg, 982xNA, 1 times posted

Damn! I know the guy was a jerk but he didn't even get to do anything.
29.jpg, 953xNA, 1 times posted

What's better than a violent show of power? Yelling really loudly!

bueno dias Shadow
30.jpg, 943xNA, 1 times posted

That panel of Shadow smiling and flipping everyone off is great.
31.jpg, 2476xNA, 1 times posted

This is a perfect place to make out!
32.jpg, 2508xNA, 1 times posted

Frustrated? You're ditching school with a hot big booby girl that's totally into you.
33.jpg, 977xNA, 1 times posted

And sadly that seems to be the last page of this. FA account was deleted and the artist moved on but they're still active drawing. Not so much anything relating to Sonic.

And if you haven't, check out this short comic about Sonic having hot thoughts about Amy.

I can almost hear the Linkin Park!
>My high school days were pretty uneventful. I never dealt with actual bullies.
Yeah, I get the impression that highschool movie writers went to some pretty weird schools. We had cliques, but everyone was friendly towards each other.
He deserved it for making such a weird face

Fuck you trolls!

>He deserved it for making such a weird face
I do like the sudden violence. He's knocked out, bleeding, and his teeth are on the ground.

You're lucky, Conductor.

That guy lost like, almost all of his teeth. Jesus, Shadow.

Shadow - 3 Bullies - 0
4koma___mario_s_gift_by_spideyhog_ddp0z94.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
And now you know why I'm posting this here. Even though technically not furry but you never know with that mod over on the other site.
183.jpg, 1133xNA, 1 times posted

Imagine if he'd done it to Metal Sonic!
1.jpg, 415xNA, 1 times posted

holy shit that pic is OLD.
01.jpg, 1067xNA, 1 times posted

It's not smut, it's an antique! It's from Majikaru Kongou Yasha for those that don't know There's lots of ancient Sonic smut, pic related was probably the first time I realized people actually made lewd Sonic stuff.
talkaboutattentionwhore.png, 1149xNA, 1 times posted

The above two are more ancient than Furry Bomb mind you. They were up on the Sonic Cult as early as 2001. There's also Galactica Nantonaku, also by Koushi Rikudou.
And yes, Furry Bomb was... famous.
sonic01.jpg, 694xNA, 1 times posted
more old shit.
nantonaku_b.jpg, 526xNA, 1 times posted
8bit15.jpg, 450xNA, 1 times posted
Some of these were never scanned as far as I know.

Yeah Sonic Cult was were I first saw them. And to think, without that site I might never have had lustful thoughts about a blue hedgehog!
Damn, that's a lot of emails! i remember the the artist got pissed about it and there were some pretty funny emails back and forth.
Love that pseudo-anthro style
It's just awful how many of these end up lost to time.

>Damn, that's a lot of emails!
Yeah, it was the inbox of the owner of tails.kicks-ass.net. I managed to find his password and checked his email account, it was pretty hilarious to see how many emails he sent out.
As I recall, they specifically edited out the "do not post" message from the comic.

>i remember the the artist got pissed about it and there were some pretty funny emails back and forth.
Indeed, I emailed him too back in the day.
It's so strange, 20 years ago you had to search a ton to find stuff, and it was something people hoarded around. Then torrents, winny/share/perfect dark, and finally exhentai changed that around so fast.

Man, the fact that he actually set his name as Miles Prower is just hilarious. Editing out the "do not post" is pretty funny too

They did not seem to get that people could simply ignore the "do not post" warnings. Yeah, it's just so much easier now, especially with the disturbingly extensive tagging people apply. I still remember bypassing the school net filters and trading what I could find on floppy disks

>They did not seem to get that people could simply ignore the "do not post" warnings.

Japanese people wouldn't ignore it however. And back in the early 00s, it wasn't that simple to physically buy these books, you didn't have things like yahoo japan buying services or doujinrepublic. One copy of furry bomb went for $200 on ebay back in 2004 or so.
clash_of_two_worlds_chapter_3_page_11_by_supersentaihedgehog_dfchhpf-fullview.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 Page 11
How convenient!
issue 6 cover.jpg, 875xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster Issue 6 Cover
This comic just got better!
0.png, 710xNA, 1 times posted
Am I a Monster?
And afterwards we'll do some forbidden crossover comics here.
mlp_fim_sonic_boom_style_by_hoshinousagi_d77ofzu.png, 2500xNA, 1 times posted
Now for the second half of the night! It’s everyone’s favorite continuity! Sonic Boom! And everyone’s favorite franchise that cannot be mentioned on 4chan! MLP! So what happens when you give the ponies similar proportions to the Sonic Boom crew and have them interact? You get a bunch random comics! Let’s look at them!

battle_of_immortals__part_1__by_hoshinousagi_d9q94la.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

We start with Boom Shadow being an antagonist because that's all he's mandated to be.
battle_of_immortals__part_2__by_hoshinousagi_d9q95k6.jpg, 960xNA, 1 times posted

Annnnnnnd... oh... I'm sure someone familiar with both franchises can tell me if that's right.
battle_of_immortals__part_3__by_hoshinousagi_d9q95qy.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted


Oh I see why now. My wife, Applejack so cute
knuckles_and_fluttershy__environmental_protection_by_hoshinousagi_d960snq.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

That's nice and all but I don't trust Knuckles with a sharp pair of scissors.
mistiries_date__part_1__by_hoshinousagi_d8hwxzn.jpg, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Operation JUST FUCK ALREADY is a go!
It's just as bad if not worse than posting porn over there.
mistiries_date__part_2__by_hoshinousagi_d8hx10k.jpg, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Just go for it!
mistiries_date__part_3__by_hoshinousagi_d8hx1hq.jpg, 880xNA, 1 times posted

mlp_fim_sbs_pinkie_pie_doodles_by_hoshinousagi_d8ivxre.jpg, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

>but you don't have the coolest mustache
And then Eggman walks in and challenges her to a 'stache off.

Shadow wins, Twilight in the first place is a wizard and would use spells to fight but her usual attacks are, like, watergun levels of effective, specially on her own
sb_and_mlp_fim_sbs__dance_battle_by_hoshinousagi_d90bgg9.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

Quick Sonic, call in Boom Mina! But not He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named.
sb_and_mlp_fim_sbs__date_ability_testing_by_hoshinousagi_d95vkhb.jpg, 683xNA, 1 times posted

>eggman just about passes
>tails raises various concerns
>knuckles is the best
I agree with the last one. Boom Knuckles is the best character.
sb_and_mlp_fim_sbs__experiment_gone_wrong_by_hoshinousagi_d9pmz0i.jpg, 1260xNA, 1 times posted

>when you want a test subject but end up with a wmd
sb_and_mlp_fim_sbs__xmas_doodles_by_hoshinousagi_d9m19ha.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

'Tis the season for fun and shipping!
sb_and_mlp_fim_sbs__santa_pie_is_here__by_hoshinousagi_d9n2s20.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

Sticks almost ruined Christmas! If she really stabbed Santa then she'd have to hide the body and then deliver all presents!
shadow_and_pinkie_pie_in_a_nutshell_by_hoshinousagi_d9qzpyk.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Shadow is mandated to not be funny or nice. Please understand.
sonic_boom__banana_phone_by_hoshinousagi_d89x914.jpg, 640xNA, 1 times posted

The Original Banana Phone Flash
sonic_boom__goddammit_tails_by_hoshinousagi_d98khyx.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

Amy, that was scalding hot tea.

Yeah, at her most impressive she had a DBZ fight with Tirek (a main bad guy) but she only did that because she used the magic of the other Princesses on top of her own. And she still lost, the only op shit is when all the mane 6 come together with their rainbow attack that's just an instant "I win" button.
sonic_boom__leave_knuckles_alone____by_hoshinousagi_d8d309b.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

sonic_boom__mistake_in___mayor_knuckles___by_hoshinousagi_d98kguf.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

And that's how it is.
sonic_boom__mlp_fim_sbs_doodles_by_hoshinousagi_d8e4lmf.jpg, 1400xNA, 1 times posted

Even more random interactions. Everyone likes Knuckles. What good taste!
sonic_boom__random_screenshots_redraw_by_hoshinousagi_d84zuc1.jpg, 960xNA, 1 times posted

Memey redrawings of screenshots from the game and show. And the artist seems to ship Sonic and Knuckles.
the_good_deed_by_hoshinousagi_d8l0mnb.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

And we end this bit with some more of this ship.

That'll be it for now. I still have some plus4chan only stuff I'll do in the future. Like the lewd Sonic and Vanilla comic by the artist of The Dark Doppels and a bunch of futa Bunnie comics.

Knuckles got beat by a girl hahaha! God, I wish that were me
1662163865914796.jpg, 480xNA, 1 times posted
El Oscuro Diario de Tails - Parte 13

Boom Shadow deserves it.

Pretty much. I mean, Boom Shadow would 100% lose to a full power Princess of Friendship Twilight like the one that had a massive shounen fight with Tirek, but she was supremely juiced up then. She still has some one-off feats that might give her an edge, but in general, she's weaker than the other Princesses on her own.
racing_fun__by_frankyding90_d5zpux2-fullview.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Thanks Conductor, tonight you made me remember how big MLP used to be

No problem. I've come across Sonic and MLP stuff in the past but never saved it because I felt I could never post it. But here it's possible.

I don't trust Boom Knuckles on his own in general.

32.jpg, 737xNA, 1 times posted

What year is it?

Fuck, those really are antique prices! I really need to look into ordering doujins from Japan.
I miss her yellow jumpsuit
Damn, check out the claws on the were-himbo!
That would take some next level editing to disguise them. I've never actually seen the show but Spike looks cute here and I like that the middle one kinda looks like Stocking.
>Hogtied Knuckles
>Operation JUST FUCK ALREADY is a go!
implying they aren't already in this canon
Absolutely correct!
Poor Knuckles, that guy's got no taste
Back off purple hair unicorn lady, Knuckles is mine!
Cute OC twink!
>futa Bunnie comics.
It's weird how it's almost always Bunnie. Everyone knows andromorphs (cuntboys) are the superior genital surprise!
Too cute to be evil, everyone's just being mean to him!
Unlimited power!

>I really need to look into ordering doujins from Japan.
note also that it was $200 in 2003 so that's like $500 in todays prices.
If you want to order doujins, I recommend doujinrepublic, I used them before, they did everything fine.

Thanks, that site looks fantastic! Things really have come a long way
That's insane, and I thought I spend too much on Sonic stuff!

>Pinkie reacting with glee at a hill-sized crocodile
Honestly? Not surprised. Poor Tails though.

>Tails raises all kinds of concerns
>Knuckles is literally just God's gift to Man
Honestly? Could have gone worse.

I don't think we need to worry about HIM in Boom. Who knows; maybe he turned into a second Charlie.

>shipping Fluttershy and Boom Knuckles
Oh lord.
1.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Tutoring Him
zero point three.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 26 Page 0.3 and 1-3
Tails Got Trolled Z
1.jpg, 1207xNA, 1 times posted

2.jpg, 1512xNA, 1 times posted

Even more ;_;
3.jpg, 1512xNA, 1 times posted

In the Arms of the Angel Sarah McLachlan Lyrics
the pixel world continues to be an absolute godsend for sonic x female human porn
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

What a whirlwind of relationship drama! Nice art style and cute outfits though. The artist apparently started another account but didn't link to it so who knows if they did anything else Sonic-related.
The Tails art is pretty cool too
Sonadow and a pre-SatBK medieval setting? Nice! Shame we didn't get more.

>The artist apparently started another account but didn't link to it so who knows if they did anything else Sonic-related.
Usually it's because they don't want to. I wouldn't be surprised if it's another case of abandoning the franchise. A good number of the pages have the comments turned off.

Yeah, I figured that was the case (it seems her IRL friends finding the account was a factor too). Fandoms can be pretty shitty when it comes to content creators and Sonic's no different. We've lost so many good artists to this.

issue 6 page 1.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster Issue 6 Page 1
>no shoes or gloves
>halfway to being feral and walking on fours
I know someone is loving this.

>Oh, and I'll look into GuidingChaos's True Blue comic. Hunting out these missing comics is actually pretty fun!
I've made a lot of progress, but the comic's from 2004-06 and spread out across lots of different accounts. It's also been rebooted at least twice so I have missing pages and then three with the same number.

Some recommendations I turned up while looking:
Lots of comics, but not organized at all and some are nsfw. I might take another look to see if I can fish them out.
Sonamy comic
A few comics here, some Sonadow! Also, another comic where Sonic gets turned into a baby
Very emo!

I'm so glad our fluffy himbohog's back, and looking more feral than ever!
0.jpg, 790xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #54
12.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 Page 12
We're going to the museum!
brrring brrring.png, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
Delivery for the plus thread because I know the normal place is short lived and I can't do my normal attentionwhoring by being the First! response in 4 hours because I'm dragging myself into bed.
Still no idea how artists have the energy to make art let alone comics. Though maybe they have better sleep schedules than me.
0.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #55
Can't wait to see that last panel finished!
23.jpg, 1960xNA, 1 times posted

Silver 1763 Page 23-28
We back! New page everyday this month so let's look at the first 6!
24.jpg, 792xNA, 1 times posted

Further proof that this is the Archie preboot timeline although I think this has non-Archie stuff merged into it.
25.jpg, 1960xNA, 1 times posted

Better not be the phantom ruby.
26.jpg, 792xNA, 1 times posted

Quite the collection.
27.jpg, 792xNA, 1 times posted

Archie + Games = Lots of crazy shit.
28.png, 792xNA, 1 times posted

Just a vacay, nothing major.

I've been having a lot of luck finding new comics by reverse image searching on google and yandex. Not so much luck with finding more True Blue, although it might be in an angelfire archive. It's only in the last week or so that google's gotten good at showing interesting comics as similar images.
>New page everyday this month
At that rate it'll only take 4 years and 9 months to finish, that's much faster than 36 years!
What could possibly go wrong!
drift.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #1
1.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic vs Metal Sonic
2.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted
3.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted
4.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted
29.jpg, 792xNA, 1 times posted

Silver 1763 Page 29
eclipse_p87_by_tierafoxglove_dfcy3o1.png, 1140xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 87
Mephiles is lying. He knew it'd piss off Shadow this much.

Arseworlds? Seriously?

s_t_c_issue_19_page_2_by_okida_dfcyjrf.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 19 Page 2
Kintobar's pissed!

That comic's always maximum comfy
Oh that Mephiles!
I assume they're burgers so probably didn't realize it's the bri'ish equivalent of butt-worlds.
Creepy neck
Any Dark Sonic comics?
dark sonic.jpg, 668xNA, 1 times posted

Not that I can think of aside from brief appearances like in An Unexpected Baby. Most comics just use STC Super Sonic.
brrring brrring.png, 1600xNA, 1 times posted

>Can't wait to see that last panel finished!
Alright fine, your peer pressure made me finish it and add a spot of colour.
It was a nice distraction from current events in my country (basically the only news story of the day, there was an announcement of ill health in the morning). I'm surprised here has a banner for it and chan/channel doesn't.

Anyone else find it kinda funny how StC super just eclipses Dark Sonic? considering ones from a niche comic and the other is from a super popular anime that aired everywhere and is still airing in some countries today.
Fucking weird man

Love it! Especially the Amy cheeks! Sorry about the Queen.
>I'm surprised here has a banner for it and chan/channel doesn't.
This site radiates class and respect. Not like that other filthy site. The last 4chan /co/ sticky was for the birth of George Jetson while ignoring Alan Grant's passing.

Dark Sonic would be more popular if STC Super Sonic didn't exist. But the former gets outclassed by the latter in design and personality. Having the hero turn into an evil destructive force of nature with swirly eyes is more appealing than being the angry version of Sonic with darker fur color.

Dark sonic barely existed in the anime.
It just showed up for no reason and disappeared after the one appearance.

And good riddance, it was nonsensical.
0.jpg, 938xNA, 1 times posted
Successor's Dawn
1662687458536913.png, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Here's her website but I don't know how to get anything from it.
Sally really is a bad influence!

Very nice, love that the hammer's rocket powered! I guess we were all expecting it, but it's still pretty devastating. Hope you're doing well otherwise
>Here's her website but I don't know how to get anything from it.
There's a few covers still up on her DeviantArt, but there was a link to her even older site:
Most pages are missing, but I might be able to reverse image search them for other archives

Good luck! I need to get back to finding more comics. I've been scouring twitter for a bit. Probably close to enough for another twitter thread but i want to space that stuff out. I'm also going to be doing threads where I put together all the updates for comics. Heart of the Hedgehog is done for now and Sonic Frenzy put out a bunch of pages since we did one and a half issues of that. That way it'll be easier for someone to later see all the pages in a couple threads rather than spread out over a dozen.

Thanks! Yeah, finding more comics is getting difficult. The twitter thread was interesting, but would need to be spaced out.
>I'm also going to be doing threads where I put together all the updates for comics.
That's fantastic, it'll make my top secret project much easier! I'm working on a successor to that spreadsheet so it's easier for new readers to find interesting comics, and for me to stop recommending ones we've already covered. I'm hoping to have all the main comics done for the one-year anniversary of The Ride on the 30th. I'll then slowly work through the various comics threads

16.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic's Prank Wars Page 16
the_adventures_of_sonic_the_hedgehog_pg_28_by_frostbitewhiteknight_dfcot7e-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Page 28
I don't think this was posted.
5.png, 537xNA, 1 times posted

The Start of Our Universe Chapter 3 Page 5
That nefarious [REDACTED]!
clash_of_two_worlds_chapter_3_page_13_by_supersentaihedgehog_dfd1ala-fullview.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 Page 13
Uh oh!
dat's an acorn by yanimae.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted
Here's some Sally. Wouldn't work out over at the other place.
boom.jpg, 894xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #56

0.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

A brave (and foolish) anon thought they could post this comic over on the other site and to the surprise of no one, all the pages got deleted. But I saved them and while I’m not sure if they’re in the archives, I’ll still post them here. I doubt a lot of people got to see it. This is Sonic Maximum!


Woah mama
1.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

This is a completely coomer comic but it's got a story and no nipples so we should be fine here.
2.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Got that Little Mermaid thing going on in the last panel.
Hey Johnny!
3.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

I don't think she can enter many rooms with those hips keeping her from getting through the door.

I remember that butt! I think there was an earlier version or reboot of this
4.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Totally necessary clothes changing.

No fucking wonder it got deleted over there, damn.
5.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted

This comic was rebooted and a few pages were done and then it was stopped and then a couple more pages were done and then stopped again.

Antoine is a lucky man.

Pretty certain there was, or at the very least we did this before it got nuked out of existence by a buttblasted mod.
6.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted

Wouldn't you like to see what was going on?

God damn it.
7.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted

It's quiet... too quiet!
I'll give the mod credit, I don't blame them for deleting this.

8.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted

I do like the swatbot design for this comic.

>third panel with blatant Bunnie panties and ass
I'm not sure how anyone could think this would fly over on the other site.

That butt!
I knew I remembered it! I think there was a cute twink in the reboot at the end
9.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Any lewder and they'd have to wear out that bot.

They look like messed up space marines.
10.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted

The girls have all joined up!
11.png, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Don't go into the light!
12.png, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Will the real Nicole please stand up?
13.png, 650xNA, 1 times posted

This is all necessary.

>Nicole: UNIBEAM!!

How are they not falling flat on their faces with tits that big?

Creepy Nicole is creepy.
14.png, 650xNA, 1 times posted


Fucking overkill.
15.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

To action!
0.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Issue 2. Sadly unfinished but let's see what we got for this.

>Bunnie: Just making sure yer real!

This is porn.
1.png, 700xNA, 1 times posted

Go girls go!
2.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Uh oh!

So's Prank Wars!
3.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

I hope they have extra lives!

Why does Bunnie keep getting so many panty shots?

If by "porn", you mean tortureporn then yes.
This comic is garbage.

Why is she randomly pulling her tit out
4.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Armed and dangerous.

It's a bomb!
5.png, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Thank Chip their clothes won't completely blown off. A lewder comic might've done that.

Why the fuck does she have hair like that
6.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

No Bunnie! Don't take that off!
7.png, 856xNA, 1 times posted

Sadly, this is the last page.

A flesh and blood Nicole is honestly pretty odd to me.

>that last panel
...Did her tits get bigger?
8.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

But one more thing. Get a load of this Sonic! That's it for the night!

He should lose the pants.

Well yeah, but the guy who commissioned it is still getting off on it

What the hell is up with that garbage sonic design?
Seriously I'd almost prefer original CGI movie sonic to that.
1.jpg, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Definitely can't post the reboot here. But here's a link!

That’s the page I remember, what a hottie! That lewd expression! That tummy!
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_16_by_killerboss2_dfd2n5f.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 16-17
Stuff is happening!
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_17_by_killerboss2_dfd2n7c.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Another floating island?
We're getting close to filling this thread. Next one will have a not lewd image so I won't have to worry so much about linking to it in the OP of the 4chan threads.

I nominate that fat Silver image I'm always posting

>I somehow made it past censors to you, my love!
The joke never gets old.
woah mama.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

>Hey Johnny!
Johnny's only track record is with animal women, so Sonic had better watch out.

Damn, his pickup lines are so much better than Sonic's!

Is this the island sonic ran past earlier?

I would like to use a comic page. Maybe one of the single page ones I use to bump threads.
I'd have to look back and check.
sonic and the freedom fighters 1 cover.jpg, 1859xNA, 1 times posted
Since others have shared their art, I suppose it should be fine that the Conductor shares his. For a long time I wanted to make an Archie continuation but I didn't have the money to get an artist or the time/patience to draw it myself. But I still tried and I wasn't all too happy. I even wrote the script for almost two issues. It included the Time Cops which would be the separate yet parallel version of the Zone Cops. It would be used to retcon all the stuff I didn't like about Archie. There was going to be a "robot" time cop named Kamin and Sonic wouldn't get along with him and even get really pissed at him after finding out what had happened. Turns out Kamin is Manik, Sonic and Sally's son from the future that becomes a time cop. And Silver would become a time cop. Changes included Sonic not going to space, never finding Tails' parents, Patch never poisoning Max and Armand because Sonic caught him, the Slap never happening, Sonic and Sally never breaking up, and the council never forming.

Anyway, I abandoned this idea. Tried another idea and when presented with the chance to make the comic or adapt it into an original comic, I decided to do something original. Now I want to make a Sonic comic again.

I want to see more of your art conductor because I can't draw for shit.
Also is that a fang I see on Sonic?
oh god I think I can hear iizuka seething
ch 1 pg 1 panel 1 and 2.jpg, 1558xNA, 1 times posted

The only other thing I'll post is this. Parts of what was supposed to be the first page. Context being that after Worlds Collide, Sonic gets interrupted by Eggman but takes the extra second to perfectly recreate reality. And then it goes back to the Death Egg. Sonic wakes up and Eggman is sneaking up on him trying to hit hm with a pipe. Sonic would see him and Eggman would give up and toss the pipe. Sonic would not know what happened, then Eggman tries to jog his memory and mention a robot and Sonic would remember Mecha Sally right as she appears behind him. For a second it looks like she's still under Eggman's control but she has her free will back, something Sonic added when he was recreating his universe.

And yeah, I like adding the occasional fang when there's heightened emotions such as anger.

It would have been nice to read this comic, but I understand how much time it would take.
Nice art
>hold still you lil' shit
19.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Pandora AU Page 19-20
Busted again!
20.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Onward to adventure and whatever Sonic wants down there!
5.jpg, 1512xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 26 Page 5
It's not that easy, Spongebro.
1304376955947.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted

This Eggman amuses me.

Good eye! That's what I used as reference!
0.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
TheShadAmyArtistO10 Comics

>Silver would be Kilver
Ha! Seriously though, nice art! I'm still up for funding a Ride-approved comic. I'm also trying to write my own non-lewd comic, just to see what the process is like. The Ride can never end if we keep making our own!
I've already forgotten why they're going into the basement, but I'm enjoying it anyway!
You're a bad egg Spongebob
I thought it looked familiar!
Some really nice comics today, it's becoming one of my favorite ships

Droid Sonic AU Page 4-5

>I'm still up for funding a Ride-approved comic.
I really do appreciate. Right now I'm writing and then I'll need to find an artist. And I need to catch up on everything else before I can try committing to this.
>I've already forgotten why they're going into the basement, but I'm enjoying it anyway!
Some antiques and stuff. Sonic hasn't revealed his reason for wanting to go down there.
>Some really nice comics today, it's becoming one of my favorite ships
Yeah I like it a lot and it helps that most comics portray it as a healthy relationship and doesn't change their personalities too much. I can't say the same for non-Boom Sonamy. I think Amy works in just about any ship. Also cute with Knuckles thanks to that Archie reboot arc with them.
out_of_the_blue__chapter_1__page_20_by_artisyone_dfd6z44.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Out of the Blue Chapter 1 Page 20
Every time I see that title, I think of the Robot Chicken segment where the leads for the movie Into the Blue just keep repeating the title of the movie and then Seth Green comes in and says that he's sure the movie will be a hit and the segment will be relevant and funny. And that's my random comment for the day.
it_s_fucking_cursed_by_beastofeuthanasia_deb6foc-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Here's something I know I can't post on the other site.

Artist has a lot of fun and gay art and comics.

I feel like you're not supposed to mix some of these themes together.
1.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Battle on Angel Island
Sounds like coward talk to me!
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_18_by_killerboss2_dfd79e7.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 18
>waking up not knowing what happened before and covered in mysterious fluids
Typical day for Sonic.
24.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 24
Obligatory comment that Amy should be used to Sonic running away... from her.
9.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Surge vs Blaze Page 9
Yes, yes, well done Surge, well done Surge. However...

>I really do appreciate. Right now I'm writing and then I'll need to find an artist. And I need to catch up on everything else before I can try committing to this.
No worries, I can relate to being swamped
>Some antiques and stuff. Sonic hasn't revealed his reason for wanting to go down there.
That makes sense
>Yeah I like it a lot and it helps that most comics portray it as a healthy relationship and doesn't change their personalities too much. I can't say the same for non-Boom Sonamy. I think Amy works in just about any ship. Also cute with Knuckles thanks to that Archie reboot arc with them.
Yeah, Amy's got great chemistry with pretty much every character (Sonic imcluded), provided she isn't acting like a possessive stalker. It's a shame they'd never allow it, but having Amy date Shadow or Knuckles would be a fun and interesting place to take the comics to.
Man, I love this stuff, and there's so much of it! Hopefully they'll do some longer-form comics.
That's our Slutnic!
Look at the chest on choco-Knux!
>Surge about to lose to word-art

Also, I've uploaded what I've done so far of the SVT comics. I'll probably add to it later, but it's got the sapphireluna and Shadow comics. Making new links for each folder's getting tiresome, so here's the whole directory:
Highly recommend checking out Sonic Epilogue, it's got one of the first high quality Sonic animations ever made.

85.jpg, 618xNA, 1 times posted

Shock and Awe Issue 2 Page 85
I'm sure there's a good reason for that. People in the comments section don't seem too happy.
2.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster Issue 6 Page 2
That... didn't work.
14.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 page 14
Sadly the 2012 turtles missed out on that crossover movie. Probably for the best, they'd just be made fun of, too.
1.png, 1205xNA, 1 times posted
Twitter Comics #2
And because I posted it in that thread, here are the links to Spanish comics in case anyone wants to help out in some way.
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_19_by_killerboss2_dfdabz9.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 19
Sonic wants to be dismissive but the weird hand thing won't let him.
6.jpg, 1512xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 26 Page 6
You can learn a lot from Spongebob. Just not how to be a not-backstabbing friend.
descarga (23).jpg, 512xNA, 1 times posted
Conductor! Here's my latest lousy translation! It's the first arc of that DBZ inspired comic (It has like 10 arcs, holy fuck). Check if everything is alright.


Awesome! This looks really good and I sincerely appreciate you doing this! More content helps the ride keep going which means I can never truly escape.
i will be your valentine 0.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #57
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_20_by_killerboss2_dfdcnhc.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 20
Things are looking like they're getting more complicated.

Image limit reached. New Thread here.