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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #2

Previous Thread: >>441769
Sonic Future Thread: >>442673

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

These threads are a continuation of the Unofficial Ride of Sonic fancomics that were covered on 4chan. If you want to see everything we’ve done (which is a lot) then you can check out the pastebin above. We’ll post comics and updates for comics we’ve already covered.

We’re in the middle of doing the first version of Eclipse but you can find the start here >>442919

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Now where were we...
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And I notice this version doesn't have Sonic doing his big tornado attack.
21.jpg, 651xNA, 1 times posted

And yes, that is Mephiles.
22.jpg, 664xNA, 1 times posted

>trying to hide
>while glowing
Oh, Silver!
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Silver is so happy to please.
25.jpg, 658xNA, 1 times posted

Very practical power.

Convenient attachment points on the twinks, tentacle monsters. This comic certainly knows its audience!
Meh-Phillis was the tentacle monster all along? What a twist!
>Silver is so happy to please.
That's what makes him so cute!
26.jpg, 648xNA, 1 times posted

There's furry Maria!
27.jpg, 665xNA, 1 times posted

Covered in blood.
>That's what makes him so cute!
He's definitely cuter in this version than when he was a twunk in the other.
28.jpg, 662xNA, 1 times posted

See, Silver? That's how you sneak up on someone. Well, you'd know right now if they weren't doing it so well.
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Kick the boys, strangle the girls.
30.jpg, 684xNA, 1 times posted

Now Blaze is busted!
31.jpg, 687xNA, 1 times posted

Better put out that flame, Blaze.
32.jpg, 683xNA, 1 times posted

Silver to the rescue, again.

>Very practical power.
He learned it from the best: Superman has Wall-Building-Vision? WTF?
>Covered in blood.
More like Chadow am I right! I'll refrain from the obvious comments about Shadow wearing a collar.
>He's definitely cuter in this version than when he was a twunk in the other.
I'm glad we get to sample both, it's an interesting contrast on his actions.
33.jpg, 680xNA, 1 times posted

Still the nicest boy.
34.jpg, 679xNA, 1 times posted

Vector would be pleased.
>I'm glad we get to sample both, it's an interesting contrast on his actions.
This comic is from 2008 so imagine if this kept going to this day.
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Nobody seems to be having fun.
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Time to bother Shadow!
39.jpg, 685xNA, 1 times posted

Edgy guy describes edgy evil god in a very edgy way.
40.jpg, 676xNA, 1 times posted

Maria is the angle and Mephiles is the devil.
41.jpg, 683xNA, 1 times posted

Typical shock therapy. Shadow was having gay thoughts.
42.jpg, 688xNA, 1 times posted

Must suck being a janitor, cleaning up all the blood trails.
43.jpg, 683xNA, 1 times posted

Make your move, boy!
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I do hope we see Ashura meet Sonic in the reboot comic soon. Even though they actually met already.
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Everyone just has a bad case of the bleeding.

>This comic is from 2008 so imagine if this kept going to this day.
We'd certainly need more than one thread!
Furry Gerald's just Tails in a mustache and I won't be convinced otherwise.
TFW it just gives you an estim fetish. I'll have to drop by later once my internet stops being shit
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No more bleeding. For now.
>I'll have to drop by later once my internet stops being shit
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>shadow: you look... familiar
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Mephiles isn't wrong. They are pretty shitty people. But that Maria though...
51.jpg, 682xNA, 1 times posted

It's a date!
52.jpg, 687xNA, 1 times posted

Really says something (about society) how Maria loves lunar lilies.
53.jpg, 686xNA, 1 times posted

No Starline interrupting this time. Makes sense since he wouldn't be created until several years later.
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TBH the second comic was much hotter with this.
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And that's it! This is a bit shorter than the other version but it's fun to see both and compare.
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this is the first time i actually found a good comic about jet and wave
our encounter part 2.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted
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our encounter part 9.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted
our encounter part 10.png, 400xNA, 1 times posted

>Only realises he's talking to a girl when he sees the eyelashes

TFW Silver will never take a bite out of you.
And I'm back, time for more lewd comments!
No longer Meh-Phillis, it's Mouth-Phillis! The most powerful Phillis!
It's not bad, but the rewrite? Unf!
Wait a minute, the evil scientist and evil demon are one and the same?
I enjoyed it, but I can see why they wanted a redo. Buffing up Silver from twink to twunk was ultimately the right decision.
Really working my scroll wheel! These comics are
That was a great comic, lot's of fun exploring The Rogues' past. Author definitely speaks Spanish as a first language, but I didn't have any issue following the dialogue. Fun fact about the Babylonians in Sonic's world they're descended from an ancient line of genies, except those genies aren't magic users at all and instead utilized advanced technology from their crashed space ship. So they're aliens and genies, somehow.
Eyelashes are the only reliable way to determine sex in Sonic's world. Ironically, men generally have thicker eyelashes due to testosterone. They're also usually longer since men tend to have larger eyes (as their bodies are larger).

>I enjoyed it, but I can see why they wanted a redo. Buffing up Silver from twink to twunk was ultimately the right decision.
Looking at the comment they made on the last page, seems that they had someone coloring the pages for them but then dropped out so they had to do the last two pages. And with the second series in black and white, they probably waited a while, ditched the Sonic proportions for their own style and started over without color.

>Eyelashes are the only reliable way to determine sex in Sonic's world.
That and wearing pants
Just ignore old Sally exist

I think you mean Memphis Tennessee.

How could they do this to my boy.

Male Mobians also don't tend to wear much clothes. That's another big difference.
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Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 17
Performance issues?
49a93d292b5e8be94f0629d41b139b345c6fe913.png, 1064xNA, 1 times posted

This is all kinds of lewd. Nice.

That's a super gay redesign of Sonic, like a ridiculous level of homosexual.
24.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

It's the eyelashes and not the only time this has happened. Sonic Rush had some pretty femmy Sonic and Tails but they got redesigned to look more normal. Damn.

The fleshy dot eyebrows are pretty gay (and disturbing looking) too.

It's probably for the best, those redesigns are fantastic.
Sally's always an exception, at least she's free to exist in all her nudist glory here.
That's just because they're sluttier than the girls.
I looked at the author's bio and:
>I like drawing eyelashes on men.
He's so pretty!
They look like he's shaved out negative eyebrows, it's pretty weird.
I am now storytiming Hangin Out. Again.
omega_buys_printer_ink_1___2_by_hydroxianchaos_df71gv6.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Because I did it in the other thread, here's Omega Buys Printer Ink.
omega_buys_printer_ink_3___4_by_hydroxianchaos_df71gz6.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

That's how work is, Omega. In fact, that's also how life is.
omega_buys_printer_ink_5_by_hydroxianchaos_df71h4r.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Hilarity ensues.
omega_buys_printer_ink_6___7_by_hydroxianchaos_df7h0t9.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

How do you make Omega better? Give him eyebrows.
omega_buys_printer_ink_8___9_by_hydroxianchaos_df7h1fp.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

It's a bootleg Shadow!
omega_buys_printer_ink_10_by_hydroxianchaos_df7h1ik.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

>the ultimate cry-form
Sonic is kicking himself for not coming up with that first.
omega_buys_printer_ink_11___12_by_hydroxianchaos_df7yl77.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Buying the ink with Jeff's rings.
omega_buys_printer_ink_13___14_by_hydroxianchaos_df7yl8f.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Omega regained some patience but then lost it with Jeff.
omega_buys_printer_ink_15_by_hydroxianchaos_df7yl8s.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Thief! And that's it so far. There will be more pages posted later, likely very soon.

Even if it's not the main comic, I'm glad were getting more Hangin Out.
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Something I realized is that I can post lewder comics. Nothing NSFW although the link below will show the followup to this comic and it is very NSFW.


Is there anyone moderating this board anyway?

Yes actually.
Mostly their time is spent deleting spambots that appear.


Thanks conductor, I'll make good use of this one

There is a NSFW button so you can post more NSFW stuff here.

Personally I'd like to keep it to just nudity and sexy stuff with the spoiler. Anything hardcore like the one in the link I'll leave off of here. It'll end up in the Sonic thread on /pco/.

Here's all the Sonic porn threads too. I should add that to the OP of the next thread.
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Not the best kind of update but the artist for Ruptured Existence has deleted their comic because of not wanting to associate with Penders and any of the characters he claimed.


Thankfully I have all the pages saved. They're planning on restarting it without Scourge which is a damn shame since he was the best character in that story.

What a pussy. Thats probably a made up excuse.
sonic_frenzy_issue_2_page_23_by_killerboss2_df85s8b.png, 1392xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 2 Page 23
Sonic, please stop acting like Goku.
1651618797447.jpg, 1247xNA, 1 times posted

What's the synopsis for this comic?
I'm curious to see how our main characters are going to interact even though they can't communicate with each other.
>sonic, please stop acting like Goku.
pic VERY related kek

That Tails though, unf!
Can, you believe the same result on coq returns 0 results? I'm definitely storytiming some ~after dark~ this weekend. Still plan on doing some censored ones here when I get the time, at least I won't have to censor the kissing and handholding!
FUCK, why do fanartists keep doing this. I'm really going to have to ramp up my archiving efforts.
Alright, the artist is clearly just being a tease now.

Sonic and Eggman are on a foreign world and weird stuff happens. I recommend reading the comic but the first issue is pretty basic. The second issue is when things get interesting.


And if you want some more interesting schizo Sonic stuff, check out Stressed Out. Really trippy and one of Eggman's more fucked up plans.



>That Tails though, unf!
I do have another comic that I'll be posting here soon with Tails... and Rosemary. It's by a porn artist but the comic is SFW... for now. Only problem is that it updates really, really slowly.

Nice! I hope it's not Tails/Rosemary, but I'll read pretty much anything with Sonic. I actually really enjoy when porn artists make sfw comics, lends an interesting dynamic to things.
0.png, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Alright, it's time for a nice wholesome comic starring Tails and his mother, Rosemary. The artist is ArdanNorgate and they are really good. I won't link their profile because it's super lewd and their DA page has been inactive for a long ass time. You can search the name and find their art in various places. Most of the art is Tails getting it on with a variety of girls but it's mostly Sally, Bunnie, and Rosemary.

Anyway, this is Mother Knows Best.
0-2.png, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Despite this disclaimer, there's nothing lewd about the comic. Yet.
1.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

Forgive the first two images, they're twice the file size as anything else.
2.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

>what can i do to connect to him?
I know ONE way.
3.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

That's... not what I was thinking but okay.
4.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

Tails coming home from a hard day at work being a freedom fighter.
5.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

Poor Tails!
6.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

7.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

He's taking the bait...
8.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

What a good son!
9.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

What did he see? I guess we'll have to wait until the next page drops. And since they come out sparsely, it might take a while. But there's plenty of art by this artist that skips right to the good stuff.

>Tails is looking up a clearly pantyless Rosemary's dress
I'd say I don't believe you but they're both drawn way too sexy for me to care.
Love that expression on the top right.
He's so handsome here, and you can see a bit or Rosemary's tummy peaking out!
I'm sure it's schematics for a new gadget and certainly not a fappable Rosemary pic.

>I'm sure it's schematics for a new gadget and certainly not a fappable Rosemary pic.
He'll be busy in his room, looking it over and trying to build it. Then Rosemary comes in and helps him by tinkering with it. Together they erect a very impressive machine, have it go off, and then put it away. Then they'll take a nap.

Is this the same artist who denies pretty much any request that isnt tails themed ?

I knew it was going to be this, it's sfw but I'm already horny dammit

>Because of personal preferences and current projects, {Sally Acorn / Alicia Acorn / Rosemary Prower / Barby Koala } can only be paired with female characters or Tails.
I've seen them do commissions of other pairs, like Sonic and Nicole, but there is indeed a Tails bias.
SFW content from a NSFW artist, especially one that does a lot of porn of the SFW subjects, will always have you thinking of their lewd work. That and how the bodies are drawn even if they're not doing anything sexual.
Is this bitch really his mother, doesn't look a thing like him.
She looks more like a slightly altered Sally design if anything.
prowers.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Definitely changed up by the artist. Here's how she looks in the comics when drawn by Yardley.

A perfectly wholesome end to a perfectly wholesome story!

Speaking of wholesome, I'm planning on doing some uncut ~after dark~ over on /coq/ 9pm EST this Saturday. I found out there's another chapter to Trick with the Hat, so I'll start with that one. My only issue is there's a side comic where Knuckles gets intimate with Rouge so I'm not sure if it would be appropriate over there, might just stick it in pco and link it.
That's the thing with sfw, the implications can be hotter than actual smut

>My only issue is there's a side comic where Knuckles gets intimate with Rouge so I'm not sure if it would be appropriate over there, might just stick it in pco and link it.
Depends on how long it is. From what I've gathered, as long as it's not too many pages then it can be posted. Mainly a thing for comics. If it's a whole story then you could post it on /pco/ and link to it in /coq/ for those that want to read the whole thing.

It's 13 pages and self-contained, so I might just post on pco.
I have been thinking about storytiming Sonic the Continuation on /co/ again. The first time it was part of the STC Ride and the anons weren't that many and they shit on it unfairly. Only problem would be that most haven't read STC and there's differences with other continuities although it should be easy enough to follow the story and we have covered fancomics that were based off of STC. Maybe some info page with notable changes for everyone and notes during certain parts of the story when they come up.
Sounds like a good idea.
farnsworth.gif, 400xNA, 1 times posted

you magnificent bastard
PSG_Sonic_conductor.jpg, 960xNA, 1 times posted

Cool, Okida's stuff is always fun. Shamefully, I've never read STCO, despite reading the original Fleetway several times.
Damn it, that makes so much more sense now!
comic page.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted
So the IDW Fan Annual was never done because the pages were really small and the text was unreadable. The people who uploaded it fixed the text so it is readable but the dimensions for the pages are still ass. I guess that's better than nothing. Something else to storytime after the PAIN subsides.
Seems I started during the Archie Ride but I wasn't doing it every thread.
comic page.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Waaaaaaaait a second. They fixed it on the main tumblr page. Okay, that's much better.

>missed IDW50 storytime
Damn, what did you guys think of it?
I understand sonic's supposed to be a 'paragon' but wow that felt kinda extreme. Pretty sure when sonic was fighting blaze and shadow he tried to reason with them lol.

Eggman and Starline were the best part, especially when Eggman showed he was one step ahead of Starline all the time. Tails and Kit was fine, Tails won in an expected way. Sonic and Surge was mixed for me. Great action but good god Sonic did not give a fuck about anything she had to say. There's a disconnect between the two and they have no connection. One reason I liked Eggman/Starline's fight was because there was a lot of emotion and intimacy (not sexual) between the two. Sonic and Surge was the exact opposite. Belle was whatever. She got over her missing her father but she's even more directionless than before but now she can interface machines and showed she is a mechanic and not some clumsy girl with not skills. Hopefully she does try to become some guardian for abandoned robots. Not much of an interaction with her "brother" Metal but I hope she crosses paths with Omega. I want them to team up and bond.

btw, I tried to make a joke on the other site about Korone being a better Sega ambassador because unlike Arin who shits himself on video, she's at least house trained. I guess there's a forbidden phrase in there since I got hit by an automated 3 day ban. Had to reset the router and clear my cookies for that one!
Now that's what I call readable!
The comic was pretty good, the thread was an absolute nightmare. Did feel a bit like Ian's been holding back his smuggest Sonic dialogue for this issue though. All the altercations were great, but their conclusions felt a bit rushed. I'm not sure what you mean, Sonic definitely tried to reason with Surge (as did Tails with Kit), I don't remember him trying to reason with Blaze or Shadow though.

Sonic Future Issue 3 Page 3
1656517907147.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted

It was pretty good 8/10
I'm still not a fan of trying to redeem eggman

I admit I've read way more Sonic smut than is probably healthy, but come on! That smug look, low-angle shot, posture and bedroom eyes on Sonic is a bit much.
2020042.jpg, 1414xNA, 1 times posted
I will be doing the Fan Annual on 4chan tonight at 9pm EST.
0.jpg, 768xNA, 1 times posted

Here we go!
part 1.jpeg, 2732xNA, 1 times posted
part 2.jpeg, 2732xNA, 1 times posted
part 3.jpeg, 2049xNA, 1 times posted
part 4.jpeg, 2732xNA, 1 times posted

The end.

I dont know why Sonic's face looks so much like Calvin's. Maybe the artist is a fan of that comic.

>I know ONE way.
There are three ways, five if ears are allowed and the artist appreciates the visual metaphor of a cumbrain or dick on the mind or other fun ways of saying it.

Hey! If I get a bonk, >>443125 should too. Actually looked it up and ABT used to post lewds on trash. They're pretty good!
Great comic! Too bad pillowfort's such a nightmare to use. At least it's not pinterest-tier bad though.
tumblr_f0529541dcd11458b28dc4a5e94bd81a_025e87ed_540.jpg, 540xNA, 1 times posted

Starline has flatlined with a lot of dialogue that was out of character. Only the "Think Starline, think, he mustn't have gone far to get that mech..." page felt like him. That we spent eleventy issues by his side, seeing him plan and progress... only to be "Just as planned" inside one fight... into the trash he goes.
Surge & Kit, having literally no backstory, were a waste to throw into a final showdown.

Super Neo Metal Overlord was treated as an antagonist, fought Sonic several times and was at his zenith before being taken down. Starline & co were treated as protagonists with plot agency to the point where the comic stopped being about Sonic and Eggman but have been taken down before they started as if they tried to fight a Sega mandate.

If Starline comes back I just want IDW to treat him as a secondary villain with no character moments, no special issues like bad guys/imposter, and a flat personality from now on so I won't get invested in him ever again. IDW should be putting this energy into giving Eggman and Sonic plotlines.
I wish the writers would stop using characters as a mouthpiece for questioning Sonic's mercifulness if they're never going to prove his opinion on the death penalty is right.

also it's hard to look past that Belle did nothing but mope, again, and that the plot hook of her now being able to backdoor her brother, or Metal her, or Eggman her, is really, really uninteresting.

okay I guess
adran norgate - no vest.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

>I won't link their profile because it's super lewd
After what you said about FA fancomics I didn't expect you to go to the FA refugee website, let alone find something postable from there.
sonic_frenzy_issue_2_page_24_by_killerboss2_df8aezp.png, 1392xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 2 Page 24
For a a second, Sonic was looking a little rapey.
the_new_sonic_frontiers_trailer_be_like_by_pastelmangos_df8ab41.jpg, 1750xNA, 1 times posted
Will it happen? Will he return?

Great artist, great taste, but sadly doesn't upload a lot of stuff. Likely because most commissions are private. I've looked around on that site and I'm good. I'll just stick to Ardan and check on them from time to time.

OC looks nervous as fuck

OC saw what happened to Surge and knows it's next
0.jpg, 717xNA, 1 times posted
I have taken it upon myself to storytime issue 50. Not my usual thing but it needs to be done.

>For a a second, Sonic was looking a little rapey.
Maybe his twink senses are tingling. I guess we'll find out if he gets out the can opener.
I hope so. He's so edgy and cool! They really do look similar, they better not have turned my edgy husbando into a little girl.
>I've looked around on that site and I'm good.
Ha! You should check out inkbunny then, it's a guaranteed Sam Niel from Even Horizon experience! Actually a lot of great artists post there, it's just some of the stuff's so out there. It's like the Cirque du Soleil of smut, it's impressive, but I'm too much of a pleb to get it.
Well he is interacting with a fast blue alien he can't understand, but who likes to get physical and handsy. I'd be worried too. That's a lie, I'd be aroused.
I guess someone had to do it.

Ok looking at the side view of sonic and oc and comparing chests I can confidently say that this oc is female
s_t_c_issue_18_page_9_by_okida_df8bcut.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 18 Page 9
Gee Tails, mom lets you have two girlfriends?

Yeah, I'm getting Shade vibes from this.

Yeah same, guess the nose was a dead giveaway from the start since only female hedgehogs have that button nose thing.
Now the real question is face reveal when?

>Ha! You should check out inkbunny then
I think that's what the Conductor meant because I couldn't find an unabandoned account for said artist elsewhere.
Everything on the furry archive points to it or filesharing URLs, and I'm not getting an account to find out what the hidden half of the archive entries are.

It's also kind of the only reason we still haven't seen them yet. We can expect a hedgehog looking character under there and this comic really likes to keep going with the mystery of what they look like.
Yup. The anon I replied to was referring to FA refuge site and that would have to be inkbunny since it's the lawless furry art community. Only for the absolute degenerates.

This comic has a lot of mysteries and I love it, side note, how long did shade have her helmet on for before the reveal?

What? No! It's just chest floof! I will not be denied my alien twink! Actually, I'm a big fan of Shade and wouldn't mind seeing someone like her show up.
Ah, that makes sense. I'll take a look at the account and see what I can find. In my defense, I got an account to look at KrazyELF's stuff. I may be a degenerate, but I do have some standards.
I believe it was on Angel Island, when Ix betrays her and she joins the party. This is right before they're all sucked into the Twilight Cage, so pretty early on.
Apart from being a female a suit is the Oc really that similar to shade? I've never played chronicles so I have no idea.
Shock awe issue 2 page 81.png, 618xNA, 1 times posted


I'm shocked at how aweful this page is.

It's one artstyle I can't stomach

I actually stopped reading the words when the conductor storytimed this and just looked at the pretty pictures

kek i feel ya

We don't know much about the OC to say anything about that, all we know is that she's possibly a soldier.
1655505420.hunter-husky_comica.png, 1371xNA, 1 times posted
Hold your tight subby butts, cuz we're in for an ~After Dark~ storytime right the fuck now even if it's only 3 pages.

Fellow tusky pals, this one's on you, you swell homely folks. Let's see what's our best boy doing right now.
1655505491.hunter-husky_comicb.png, 1371xNA, 1 times posted

Did you know? Just in one glance, you can spot on few things as detailed in canon:
1) Oil wrestling is a largely widespread sport across Mobius.
2) Yes, that's one of plentiful Rotor's hobbies. And yes, Zavok's as well.
3) And yes, there is a presence of feet, from two particular burly mobians whom are prominently barefoot, in this story as told here, the Unnofficial Sonic Storytime thread. Coincidence?
1655505839.hunter-husky_comicc.png, 1371xNA, 1 times posted

And that's all! Things are looking slippery, huh. Though, nothing like a handshake and a big warm hug to soothe out the fire and remark the innocuous fun of sports. Right? *knowing smile*
bara is disgusting
1655506184.hunter-husky_comicd.png, 1371xNA, 1 times posted


What's this? By the Mobius! Things are really getting slippery, fellas! My, with the overbearing heat and staunching stent, even myself would like to take it all down right there, right on! Welp, it's no wonder it's Mobius' most prevailing sport!

Tune in for the next time! That is, when the artist thinks up another Rotor comic. Hopefully one about Rotor and Tundra taking turns on each other, that is.

Also, I hope Konductor doesn't mind this. I lurked for a while here, and I got the notion it's alright to lay on erotic pages, as long you press the NSFW button. Is that so?

Hi Icarus, how long did they kill you for this time?
media_E-V3SPfUcAInStA.png, 1428xNA, 1 times posted
Now, now, now, before you may arm yourself for the awakening snake regurgitating from your tent, lemme give you again the keys into my collection of finest walrus "tusks"!


I thought to finally leave it as synchronizing as ever, so you can check it on for every once and now for new Rotor stuff. Once again, I hope whoever has asked for this, has found its way into here.

Let's see you say it again after you get that evil dump trunk of yours very thoroughly inspected, Boomer!

Hello, Daedelus, my father. No longer than a half an hour or so after posting, they had me evaporated me in spot. Just deleted though, no bans or anything far as I'm concerned.
1235404674315.jpg, 480xNA, 1 times posted

for fucks sake
How do I extract images from tapas ?

Shock and Awe Issue 2 Page 81
sonic_rift__issue_two__page_09_by_sonicrift_df8cooe-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Rift Issue 2 Page 9
eclipse_p77_by_tierafoxglove_df8bp21.png, 1140xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 77
Treason! But it's not Gerald who's the traitor.

These character designs are terrible.

Sometimes I get the feeling the author would rather do this as a fanfic with the occasional image.
It's not for everyone, but I do like how it demonstrates a well executed version of Penders' preferred workflow. The author wants to put out about as many pages as Archie's original run so a fast workflow is mandatory.
>implying any of us can actually read
Hey Rotoranon! I'll actually be doing the full uncut Trick with the Hat 9pm EST this Saturday on /coq/
Bara's a pretty wide genre, encompassing twunks, to fats, musclefats, and the extremely muscular.
Zavok's tongue gets me every time!
gallery-dl works on almost any site, and there's all sorts of customization so you can get everything organized just how you like it. Also works on some banned or deactivated deviantart accounts.

sonic_retold___issue_5__page_16_by_glitcher_df8ctri.jpg, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Retold Issue 5 Page 16
Tails will be fiiiiiine.

The art improved so much in this comic.
This is probably one of the best fan drawn Blazes I've seen.
cosmic tales part 2 page 64.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Cosmic Tales Part 2 Page 64
>last panel
issue 2 page 3.jpg, 2050xNA, 1 times posted

Re_Boot Issue 2 Page 3
Honey tried to do the same thing to Tails and she also failed.
sonic_frenzy_issue_2_page_25_by_killerboss2_df8epk9-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 2 Page 25
At this point I'll be surprised if this isn't a female.
309104.JPG, 761xNA, 1 times posted

Lmao are you fucking serious, is the artist seriously pulling a Sara Bellum on us?
But seriously, why tho?
And why is the quality so shit

God I hope she takes the suit off and has huge titties.
382948.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Damn conductor
Me too
I see the janitor on 4chan that deletes non-storytime Sonic threads is at it again.
no_fun_allowed.png, 512xNA, 1 times posted

Just show her already!
But that'll just make it harder for me to photoshop her into a cute twink!
Pic related. A janny also deleted my frankly artistic and tasteful edits of that scene in Chaos. I even matched the dialogue fonts!

It's one of those good and bad things. The good thing is that there's someone to delete the shitposting in the storytime threads, which is why that one shitposter stays out of them until they autosage. The bad thing is that a lot of other things can be deleted. Seems like that janitor was away for a while because there were multiple Sonic threads up all day with no problem.

Good to know that I can just stop following this artist then. Absolute retard probably doesn't realize that if you cut out all of Archie stuff because of Penders influence means that you're down like 600+ characters with distinct backstories and identities, ones that Penders DIDN'T write no less. Hell, Scourge as he is isn't even a Penders character (not that any of them are); he was created by Slott and was mostly written and characterized by Flynn.

It's both amazing and terrible that retards like these are the ones who end up making interesting concepts then doing fucking nothing with them before unceremoniously nuking the whole thing in a mental breakdown some months later.

Rosemary please stop seducing your son.

Just give me some warning for when you do Conductor. I'm always missing the starts of these things.

>sees photo
>INSTANT arousal
Holy shit Rosemary what did you do

The traitor is Shadow, right? We all know this, right?
issue 2 page 26.png, 1392xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 2 Page 26
Just show her face. You're not fooling anyone anymore.

I'll see when the PAIN is over. I've been steadily building up a list again.

And it seems she thinks sonics been on this planet alone for who knows how long

How long until Sonic sticks his cock into her vagoo?

Never. This Sonic is pretty much the game version. He doesn't care about anything other than having adventures.

Never say never conductor this is fanfiction!

I'm loath to admit it (and I'd never say it over there), but most of the jannies do a good job. It's just a few that give them such a shitty reputation.
Eh, a lot of artists are prone to manic bouts where they do stuff like this. I agree Scourge is a Flynn character if anything, but a lot of artistic types seem to be hypersensitive to their art being perceived as endorsing things they disagree with. It's silly, but lots of people treat the internet and politics as serious business.
I'm blaming Hamlin, Shadow's too attractive to be the traitor.
Gross, Sonic only has eyes for Shadow!
maxresdefault.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Gamenic isn't above romance or character development, I know after colors everyone got reset and character development was forbidden but let's not forget before then characters could and did have arcs.
2019-11-01 20.28.27 Lunch break_1.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Took longer than expected to set up, but it's time for an an uncut ~after dark~. Today we're going to revisit an old favorite, this is Trick with the Hat by KrazyELF. Stay tuned after the comic as I'll be giving real answers to the questions "Who ate the third chili-dog?" and "Just what was the trick with the hat?"
1656820872309.gif, 500xNA, 1 times posted

To be fair its been like 10 fucking years since then anon, people will forget sadly.
Here's a gif of sonic displaying emotion (dont tell iizuka!)

Are you saying the human princess thing is good? Fuck off mate.

>Are you saying the human princess thing is good? Fuck off mate.
Where did I say that you fucking moron I'm saying game sonic is not above romance.

And its all shit.

Why so aggressive? It just makes you look immature.

Supposedly, some of the leaks for Frontiers show Sonic as being more emotional, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
NoTWH.JPG, 1472xNA, 1 times posted

>displaying emotion
I can't help it im getting my hopes up
Tonight is the final night of Chaos, for anyone unaware. Not sure what comes after this, but it's been fun following along so far.

Anon, you fool! That path only leads to misery!

>Not sure what comes after this
the ride starts again of course! :^)
Is conductor dead or are there no updates today?
probably both
sonic__06__page_38__by_2357111317192329_df8j4ff-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>team dark
nice art though

Sonic 06 Pgae 38
sonic_frenzy_issue_2_page_27_by_killerboss2_df8j6td.png, 2139xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 2 Page 27
Let's kick this first date into high gear!

looks like the author left a comment
>Woah! Attention! Thank you to eveyone enjoying this comic. I know things got a bit boring/slow towards the end but the setup is complete and now we can finally enjoy Sonic's slow decent into madness starting issue 3!
bruh so the first two issues were just setup? goddamn it...looks like this is the final page for issue 2 then.
Tomorrow (on 4chan) at 9pm EST The Unofficial Ride will RESUME! And we will start with another go at Okida’s (second) magnum opus, Sonic the Continuation! Come and see the STC and Archie streams cross which made the unpatriotic brits cross themselves!

I will still keep these threads updated and there's still comics I feel more comfortable posting here. I will also be taking suggestions again.

>tfw he wasn't joking

The real shenanigans start in issue 3. This was just the tutorial to ease us in.

1656901797642.jpg, 640xNA, 1 times posted
Posting this for prosperity sake
schizonicbros are we bad.jpg, 3680xNA, 1 times posted
Since we're posting short comics, here's a non-lewd one by my favorite artist KrazyELF, commenting on IDW #50. I have to concede IDW Sonic's need to forgive others is almost pathological at this point. I still enjoy IDW for what it is, even if most fancomics have characterizations much closer to my taste.
I thought Gamenic had good chemistry with Elise and Merlina. OVA Sonic had good chemistry with Sara too. Maybe he's just not that into pink hedgehogs unless they're wearing sports tape?
>I can't help it im getting my hopes up
Ha! I say I won't do that every time but I do anyway.
Meh-Phillis, my loathsome copy! Really do love this comic though.
That's their takeaway? Just show us the twink/tomboy!
I've never played SMT, but that Sonic does look cute.

>I have to concede IDW Sonic's need to forgive others is almost pathological at this point
On one hand, yeah, he sounds nuts
On the other, nobody actually died, the metal zombies were incapable of dying except of old age (in a few hundred years i think) and Surge is a literal who that has done literally nothing, kicking her ass and then ask questions was a valid choice
But releasing Metal was fucking stupid
And so was letting Eggman go when he came riding Omega's mangled body, if he at least made a token effort to spindash his flying rascal scooter it could be forgiven but he didn't

I feel it's a weird direction to take Sonic in since it's not sustainable to have him forgive/let go of Metal and Eggman since we all know franchise villains will never be allowed to reform. I think it's fine for villains like Surge though. I definitely agree about releasing Metal and letting Eggman go after the party. They're resourceful and crafty villains, and it cheapens their impact when they're not escaping from Sonic themselves.
My main issue with the Surge thing is Tails did a much better job of deescalating the situation and bringing Kit in. I hope their next encounter helps give more context to things, and shows how Surge could be an enemy of both Sonic and Eggman. I'd have also liked to have seen some minor scuffles between Sonic and Surge in previous issues instead of this being their first encounter.

what blasphemy
1656927056397.png, 2917xNA, 1 times posted

Looks we got a counterargument! I like how your comic has Shadow trying to arrest the person and this one is Sonic just straight up killing.

MSPaint comic-tier Faggotry

If only there were some middle ground between practically abetting murderers and straight up killing any potential threat! Murdernic would make for a pretty compelling fancomic though.

Sonic Future Issue 3 Page 4

I hope if the artist is shipping them that they at least try to make the relationship believable
Computer Room.PNG, 1375xNA, 1 times posted

I love this comic

>He has no argument and resorts to childish insults
Omae wa mou shindeiru

Draw another comic about it.

>If only there were some middle ground
Surge hasn't existed for long enough to have a middle ground. Even her first fight seems to have ended with Sonic saying "Oh no. Anyway..."
But Sonic should have told Shadow to guard the village until a more permanent solution could be found, such as moving Tinker to an army base or some kind of house arrest scenario. Not because it'd overcome the plot but because it'd be funny to see Shadow job to Rough & Tumble.
re_boot___issue__2__page_4__by_pastelmangos_df8l1d1.png, 4100xNA, 1 times posted

>My main issue with the Surge thing is Tails did a much better job of deescalating the situation and bringing Kit in.
This is what I keep saying.
Imagine if Sonic was trigger happy and then the camera panned to see the late Mr. Tinker had a loving wife and 3 kids. We'd be in the same situation. The writers don't want Sonic to be right for seemingly no reason.
Thankfully this time Sonic didn't have a say in whether Surge should live, nor could he stop her from getting away.

I don't need to, you're already seething so hard you're roasting in your skin. I just need to wait another few hours and I could stick a fork in you because you're done

Re_Boot Issue 2 Page 4
>almost 10mb
And here I thought the limit was 8mb.
As expected the threads about issue 50 are started and maintained by trolls wanting to piss everyone off. Everybody has said their piece and are just repeating themselves and getting mad over nothing. Not even going to bother going into those threads anymore.
Sonic the Continuation is a go!
Do not engage the issue 50 troll.
18.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 18

How did you not notice them before? They are horrific and stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the blue of his face since they are so unnaturally forced into the design.

My mind was protecting me from fully realizing it. It's one of those things where you think "something's off" and then someone says what it is and then you go "AAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Thank you for running this, Konduktor-kun, without a full time Ride I was beginning to wither on the vine

No problem. I spend too much time on 4chan and having a Sonic thread on at all times helps.
sonic and tails confused stares.jpg, 288xNA, 1 times posted

>I spend too much time on 4chan and having a Sonic thread on at all times helps.

Are you a certified Sonic Autist?
There's people who can help you, there are places to turn other than the internet.
342950.png, 371xNA, 1 times posted

>he doesn't spend his entire day shitposting on a vietnamese weaving website

I do but why would having more reasons to do so help?
Does it keep you away from the outrage threads?

its a joke anon
Day 2 of Sonic the Continuation
>Sonic Autist
A little redundant.
sonic_retold___issue_5__page_17_by_glitcher_df8oh0w.jpg, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Retold Issue 5 Page 17
Sonic the Continuation day 3!
chapter 3 page 4.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Underground Remixed Chapter 3 Page 4
As always, Charles gets the ol' roboticization.
sas_page_38__by_woforlife_df8qp7d-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Adventure Soup Page 38
Looks like the Sonic Boom diversion is ending and we'll go back to the main story for this comic which was...?
78.png, 1140xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 78
Gerald, no! That's Shadow's thing!
Sonic the Continuation day 4!
spfau__chapter_4_page_17_by_ebetto_df8t4z2.png, 1800xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Phantom Forces AU Chapter 4 Page 17

Likewise, for me it was this >>443311. I jut flat-out didn't notice it until it was pointed out to me.
eyebrow_suggestions.jpg, 1155xNA, 1 times posted

Since everyone seems to have an issue with the eyebrows, I've come up with a few alternatives.

Even without the odd 'eyebrows' there's just something extremely effeminate about how Sonic is redrawn in this comic.

And that's before the purple neckerchief is added.

If you check the artist's main tumblr/twitter, this Sonic is likely ftm. Hentai eyebrows are my personal favorite though.

Sonic Autism and trans issues, a winning combination.
omega_buys_printer_ink_16___17_by_hydroxianchaos_df8th9s.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Omega Buys Printer Ink Page 16-20
omega_buys_printer_ink_18___19_by_hydroxianchaos_df8thdx.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Jeff's being useful? Kind of?
omega_buys_printer_ink_20_by_hydroxianchaos_df8thif.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Oh boy, I can't wait to see how fucked up Tails is.

>this Sonic is likely ftm
Thank you, I can now completely ignore this shit comic.
turtle_power_page_121_by_okida_df8u419.png, 984xNA, 1 times posted

Turtle Power Page 121
out_of_the_blue__chapter_1__page_18_by_artisyone_df8ubsn.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Out of the Blue Chapter 1 Page 18
It's Nicky's little sister!
22.jpg, 1250xNA, 1 times posted

The Other Side of Me Issue 1 Page 22
I can't believe that Shadow is one of the two people on this page that doesn't have a gun.
19.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Freedom Issue 2 Page 19-23
Just another day for Sonic the Hedgehog.
20.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Now you see him, now you don't!
21.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Everybodys dead Dave
22.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

It better not be a dildo. Can't have that happen again.
23.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Considering we've gotten Anti-Sonic and the Freedom Fighters appearing in this comic, I think it's obvious who this is.

Hypnobot from the Sonic Boom cartoon!
0.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic the Continuation Day 6!
You know that guy who as several hundred commissioned sonic comics? he posted a zombot au where sonic just rapes everyone

>he posted a zombot au where sonic just rapes everyone
Are you talking metaphorically, like he goes around murdering and beating the shit out of everyone effortlessly, or literally?

wtf how many comics does this guy have

Huh. Seems to be one that isn't fetish-based.
0.png, 848xNA, 1 times posted
Tails Gets Trolled Side Stories

I'll see about finding some more comics that I can post here but not want to risk posting on 4chan.

>a Zombot au where sonic just rapes everyone
Literally I hope

aa30e04d-73a7-4015-a2ff-92599688abd5.png, 1080xNA, 1 times posted

There is a larger number of Sonic Webtoons than I was expecting.

sleep 1.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted

It's been a while but we have a new three page comic!
sleep 2.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted

It could be worse, it could be them making noise doing something else...
sleep 3.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted

He pissed!
19.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 19
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Back to the Future Rebirth
31.jpg, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Sonichu A+ Issue 5 Page 31
love push by kicsterAsh.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
It's hard to read and it's really old but it's cute.
amy rose hedgehog psycho by magzieart.png, 2930xNA, 1 times posted
I feel like I wouldn't be able to post this on the other site so here you go! FEET!
0.jpg, 848xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Iblis
sonic_retold___issue_5__page_18_by_glitcher_df95biz.jpg, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Retold Issue 5 Page 18
So I'm guessing this means Eggman's going to have to postpone his plans?
sleepover page 1.jpg, 2100xNA, 1 times posted
sleepover page 2.jpg, 2100xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 752xNA, 1 times posted
Heart of the Hedgehog
eclipse_p79_by_tierafoxglove_df976kk.png, 1146xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 79
Shadow just got grandpa's approval.
haunted_p1_by_tierafoxglove_df975vb.png, 1138xNA, 1 times posted
Here's a couple pages for a non-canon NSFW comic. Unfortunately the naughty pages are not available but I'll post these freely available pages anyway.
haunted_p2_by_tierafoxglove_df97645.png, 1136xNA, 1 times posted

It's a trap!
the_cursed_amulet_page_33_by_l1atena1_df97rdy.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

The Cursed Amulet Page 33
For those who don't remember, Amy went on an excavation trip and Sticks has a bad feeling about it and so does Sonic who is missing her and now they're fighting Eggman without her and things feel off because of it.
s_t_c_issue_18_page_11_by_okida_df98jzo.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 18 Page 11
re_boot___issue__2__page_5__by_pastelmangos_df98svk.png, 4100xNA, 1 times posted

Re_Boot Issue 2 Page 5
1.jpg, 989xNA, 1 times posted

When was the last time I had a comic that I absolutely couldn't post on the other site? Here's a three page comic called Blue is the New Orange. I think it's part of some larger series but this might be the only time it has Sonic.

2.jpg, 989xNA, 1 times posted

Never watched MLP so I have no idea how Rainbow Dash compares to Sonic's speed.
3.jpg, 989xNA, 1 times posted

And we end it with Flash bringing these super fast felons back to where they belong.

5 times the speed of sound last time I saw the show so she'd get BTFO by sonic since he outran a blackhole for a while

And we've covered it in ~after dark~ now! >>>/4chan/co/131793586
So many, with over 900 commissioned art pieces in total
Tags: mind control, corruption, zombification, infection
Fresh new depths to plumb!
Hopefully they'll make it available eventually. I'd hate to lose my twink thirst-posting street cred, but Blaze is pretty cute.
I was wondering what to do with this one. I was planning on crudely pasting Cheetara over the horse for an ~after dark~ but figured I'd get banned anyway. On the topic of forbidden horses, I found this one and the ShadAmy comic here: canterlotcomics.com Can't exactly link that site over on 4chan!
I love the art in this comic, Sonic's expressions and posing are just great. Very handsome! And not just because he's chained up!

Sonic Future Issue 3 Page 8
pinterest_238127899036666860.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 1.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
remember the metal virus comic that was posted here a while ago the creator of that comic made a follow up comic after that story
follow up to the metal virus comic page 2.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 3.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus page 4.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 5.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 6.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 7.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 8.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 9.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 10.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 11.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 12.jpg, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 13.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 14.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 15.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
follow up to the metal virus comic page 16.png, 2900xNA, 1 times posted
35ec7a62df30ba0ba719ba0bc5bf64fc.jpg, 4000xNA, 1 times posted

And in case anyone wants to see all the lewd art Zketcherz did, you can have a look at the archive here:

Anon, it shames me to ask but, what's that link from? I need to know
07.png, 2748xNA, 1 times posted

It's just text encoded in base64, just search for base 64 decode. It's a mega link.

Thanks anon

Why the fuck is Espio wearing a shirt during sex.
2021-08-26 06.37.38 1430781466095521797_1.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Testing to see if audio's allowed here.
No worries!
This should be clear by now, crop-tops are hot!

Another perk for this site is that it allows webms and mp4s with sound. That means you could upload Sonic fan videos!
Sonic Underground High School Musical.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Don't tempt me, I may have to storytime Tamers' entire video catalogue!

Would make for a great side thread and be able to continue The Ride even if it would only be here. 4chan needs to step up.
tails breakdance by Capsa Glaciei.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 743xNA, 1 times posted
Chaos Sonic Comic
165806501312382.jpg, 1404xNA, 1 times posted
20.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 20
Espio with fuccboi eyelashes is pretty fitting for him. Now where is Sonic <3?
the_lost_one_and_the_bat__pg_17__by_tsubasakei_df9eqsr-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

The Lost One and the Bat Page 17
For those who don't remember because pages don't come out that often, Rouge owns a bar and has the Rogues working for her, she's just met Shadow for the first time, and she was just recently attacked by an otherworldly eldritch abomination but was saved by Shadow.
Here's something from pixiv

Someone actually did both this and the comics before it. Hopefully we'll get more Sonic comics from them.

I looked at related stuff and found a bunch of drawings by an artist that seems to really like Espio.

Ah whoops sorry!

No problem. Suggestions are always welcome.
11.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Pandora AU Page 11 and 12
12.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>manic wouldn't have gotten caught
Sonic Manga-Zine (2)_Page_1.jpeg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Manga-Zine
pg8.png, 1448xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality Chapter 2 Page 8
1624501252247.png, 616xNA, 1 times posted

>tfw got banned from all boards for 3 daya by pointing out that the moderators are letting shitposters roam free and spam the site into oblivion
Golly gee, wonder which one I managed to piss off this time.

It's all so tiresome, especially when that spammer on /v/ has a meltdown about archie on every sonic thread and the useless mods take forever do to anything about him.

The worst part is that they solely use GR8 as an excuse to act blameless when they let the site go to shit or when people say that they're in bed with the spammers. It's literally NEVER enforced otherwise, to the point it could be removed and you'd see little change across the site. Mods are thin-skinned powertripping narcissists who are entirely willing to let the site go to hell for no other reason than they get a power-high off of it.

Outside of the /sthg/ spammer, they've alao blatantly let /co/ get its horror threads overrun by a single unhinged /pol/fag and have let /tg/ get constantly spammed with thinly-veiled porn threads and politics. It's just gotten to the point where actual discussion is impossible or is actively mocked off the site by irony-poisoned shitposters.
00.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #40
245306770_3080882158904084_3428794501170936858_n.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted
[Repost from 4chan]

So here's something really of a rough diamond I just found. Let's storytime this one right up... and wrap it up, simultaneously!

Yes, it's a video, hence. It's a powerpoint presentation of sort, depicting the exploring events to unfold after Rotor's dismay on his father leading himself as Eggman's subordinate. Without spoiling much, it shows Tails coming through and asking Rotor on his latest mission. Likely it will be a little hard to invest in, with it being rough on the edges and being a SFM work, but still, watch it for yourselves. I felt a little hesitant at first, but I actually ended up really liking it. The voice acting is great, for starters. It's real fancy.
Rotor bros, enjoy the meal.

My Home away from Home [Animatic]

Also, be sure to check out my basement of pure raw walrus' asses if you haven't. Hot-ass piece of animation from hunter-husky and it's gusto.
bezdonmy -Untitled_Artwork 38.jpg, 2349xNA, 1 times posted

>Hey Rotoranon! I'll actually be doing the full uncut Trick with the Hat 9pm EST this Saturday on /coq/
's been a while, pard'. I saw the tale you told on /coq/ and let me tell, that shit's wildly loving and romantically fuzzy. Certainly the kind of crack I would be indulging on for the remainder of eternal. I left a comment there on /coq/ for ya. All's flowing with ya? Imagine hugging to the tremendous amount of walrus fluffy fur, along the frontal growth of grizzly body hair germinating on walrus pecs and belly. God.
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Blitz
sonic_retold___issue_5__page_19_by_glitcher_df9kr7p.jpg, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Retold Issue 5 Page 19
breezie pacha.jpg, 584xNA, 1 times posted

eclipse_p80_by_tierafoxglove_df9l38p.png, 1152xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 80 and 81
RIP Gerald.
eclipse_p81_by_tierafoxglove_df9l3b3.png, 1140xNA, 1 times posted
Well lookit you, all fancy and blue blooded now.
Plus4chan nobility.

I'll try not to let it get to my head and have it lead to one of those episodes where I go around with a crown on my head and demand that everyone refer to me as "Your Majesty."
aso.jpg, 1613xNA, 1 times posted
>In case you missed it, tomorrow marks the beginning of a new era in the Republic of Acorn, for better or for worse. Sonic the Hedgehog Online #252 is nearly here!
1035d344ca15a9c6a7425bf1aebb1d2f.jpg, 1668xNA, 1 times posted

My liege! Seriously though, congrats!
Oh I have big plans to make a Tamers thread here once work slows down a bit. There's so much to cover!
Don't think I don't know about that artist's other work!
If it makes you feel any better, I get banned for the weirdest things but not my lewdposts (so far). My last ban was from mildly insulting one of the vtuber deities 4chan is suspiciously passionate for.
It's pretty sad to see
Hey Rotoranon! Pretty cute video, very early 00s (in a good way). I actually really enjoyed the voice acting since they seemed to be having a lot of fun with it.
It's been too long! I'll reply there soon. Going pretty well, but work's blowing up. Oh-ho-ho, trying to outlewd me? I will admit you got me checking out the bara threads on trash.
He died as he lived, surrounded by sexy hedgehogs
I'm afraid I won't be able to make that one live, but I'll check it out later

Thanks! The tweet was made like 16-17 hours ago so it should be dropping sometime today. Either way, doing the issues again will be necessary and then we can do the new issue.

Gerald's fucking dead. Again. Why does this keep happening?

Also, feet in the last panel.
the_adventures_of_sonic_the_hedgehog_pg_20_by_frostbitewhiteknight_df9lw4j (1).png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 252 just came out today
0.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
We're doing all the main ASO issues now.

How and why are you VIP?

Anyway, why is it so hard for anons to restrain themselves?
You hate sally? ok, WHO THE FUCK CARES?
Jesus christ

A Sly Encounter Page 108
Just for being helpful. And ignore the Sally hater, it's just the same shitposter. They got their posts removed from another Sonic thread and seem to be lying low but can't help themselves.
1658371223212544.jpg, 720xNA, 1 times posted
Hey Conductor, I found more stuff about knockabiller's Sonic dismissal on /sthg/.
Apparently she stopped drawing Sonic stuff sometime after 2018, claiming she now hated it.

Her tumblr apparently had everything wiped out, with only the subtitle I hate Sonic

And she mentioned in this deviantart submission how Sonic stuff was no longer her priority.
She even put her Sonic stuff on DA in a folder named Sonic CRAP but I thought that was just her joking about it.
But the strange thing is she even offered to re-edit that Halon art in the comments for someone who was making a SFM version of it.
So Im guessing she probably just wanted to focus on her own stuff and gave a harsh goodbye ?

Someone on /sthg/ said that the reason for quitting was that she was cancelled by someone on tumblr for being a trump voter, but the cancellation itself looks so tame.

Damn. Either way, the Sonic fandom lost a talented person and great series but as long as they're still doing art on their own terms, it's not all bad I suppose. Thanks for all the info, it is good to know what happened, even if it's not good news itself.

Why do people do this?
Guessing thats the Sonic x Jet artist right?
Fuck people who do witch hunts against others because of muh opinions. Get a life.
Who even is the OP who made that list?
>lgbt resources
Ah I see, they are mentally ill.

>Guessing thats the Sonic x Jet artist right?
Yes. The artist that draws Sonjet art is homophobic.
s_t_c_issue_18_page_12_by_okida_df9o1w5.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 18 Page 12
amy.jpg, 480xNA, 1 times posted

There's Something About Amy (Part 1)
There's Something About Amy (Part 2)
We'll have to figure out what to do with videos at some point. Probably better to just do links to youtube videos like these. Exploring Sonic fan videos does intrigue me.
1658366758657922.jpg, 1485xNA, 1 times posted

That blue blur's a menace!
>ignore the Sally hater
But I can post Sally art here and all he can do is seethe! This one's by ABT so it's canon!
I'm really frustrated by this one. It sucks that petty drama drove Knockabiller away from the fandom. Actually, I'm a big fan of most of the artists called out here. On the other hand, the poster here is superemeralds and I really love their comic. Hopefully they've matured a bit since then.
In tamers threads we just link the video and post funny webms. While we also end up lewdposting and getting into lore slapfights, it's not quite the same as a storytime. Ideally there'd be a way to quote the post with a timestamp, kind of like soundcloud.
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Shadow's Sleepover
Oof! I didn't even realize that. Damn.

>Oof! I didn't even realize that. Damn.
Yeah, it's pretty disappointing to see. Unfortunately, Tumblr culture encouraged a lot of people to act like that back then.
122.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Turtle Power Page 122
Wave can't think when she's asleep. And Storm can't think when he's knocked out.
83.jpg, 619xNA, 1 times posted

Shock and Awe Issue 2 Page 83
Well, that was Ixis-possessed Shadow.
silver says no to guns by lambpaca.gif, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Posting things I can't post elsewhere. For some reason this has an "embedded file" even when I resave it through Photoshop.
__bad_influence___by_omegasunburst_deyxsl1-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
And some semi-lewd stuff. Not NSFW.
doureallythinkitwillbethateasy_by_omegasunburst_dedw1bf-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
isthata__by_omegasunburst_dedu58w-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Can it be? Nahhhhhh!
rouge doodles by omegasunburst.png, 1156xNA, 1 times posted
Don't worry Rouge, my browser history is nothing but lewds of you.

>embedded file
I think on /v/ someone posted an embeded file which (it was a normal monster hunter image in a monster hunter thread) and it was porn of someone fucking a dog, which is why im guessing you can no longer post embeded lol.
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Satan trips and human Sonic! What a match made in Hell!
Well that sucks. Can't figure a way around it unless I try changing it in some other way. Meh.

You can always convert to webm using ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -i "/path/to/file.gif" -c vp9 -b:v 0 -crf 40 -b:v 24000000K "/path/to/output/file.webm"
The 2400000K is just a stupid big number to preserve quality.
This, but with Sonic boys and some girls
Yeah, people were posting all sorts of gross stuff embedded in files so 4chan's really paranoid about it. I sometimes get dinged with my homemade tamers webms, so I just rerun them through ffmpeg with slightly different settings.

>You can always convert to webm using ffmpeg
Oh that's good to know. Thanks!
the_adventures_of_sonic_the_hedgehog_pg_21_by_frostbitewhiteknight_df9t7kl (1).png, 1550xNA, 1 times posted

I read this as convert webm using mpreg
Yeah I need help
hqJvKNr.jpeg, 720xNA, 1 times posted

Hey anon, Mistakes into Miracles.

lmao what the fuck

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Page 21
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Blue Prisoner (Warning: Gore)
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_cover_by_killerboss2_df9tu0s.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Cover
omega_buys_printer_ink_21___22_by_hydroxianchaos_df9uevg.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

Omega Buys Printer Ink Page 21-25
omega_buys_printer_ink_23___24_by_hydroxianchaos_df9uexa.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted
omega_buys_printer_ink_25_by_hydroxianchaos_df9ueyh.png, 8000xNA, 1 times posted

The real reason was CP actually, I hate pedos so much.
Hoo boi!
Nice looking cover
We finally see eggman lol
rar.png, 1051xNA, 1 times posted

You used to be able to post RAR archives by appending them to the image. There used to be a guide somewhere. Since then, 4chan checks each file for certain strings (archive headers, etc), and if it finds any, you get the embedded file error.

However due to the nature of image compression, you still get a chance that the normal image data ends up matching that string. See pic related. I'm guessing that's why 4chan won't let it get posted.

Fantastic comic, it was also cool to see everyone's reactions
Loving this take on Tails, not that I haven't enjoyed every other take on the characters in Hangin Out. Mike continues to be a cutie
Cool, that explains why some of my webms get dinged even though I made them myself
1.jpg, 819xNA, 1 times posted
Blue Murderer
I think 4chan is kill

Really enjoyed reading that one with everyone. Here's hoping they continue it!
Yeah, I'm just getting cached content. Seems to be happening a lot more frequently. I think we all knew it could only contain The Ride's power for so long.

>The Weekend of Pain killed the site

That's what happens when you actually post comics on /co/!

Yeah, 4chan seems to be down all around. Wonder what happened?

>superemeralds helped drive knockabiller out of the fandom
On the one hand, I really, really enjoy HOTM. On the other, this is completely shitty in every way and pretty much completely alienated a great artist away from all things Sonic. It's a pretty painful feeling.
vulture_pained.png, 210xNA, 1 times posted

It really does suck, so many of my favorite artists have been driven out or had to assume new identities just to get past this garbage. It infuriates me that one of my favorite artists has essentially robbed me of more delinquent Silver. I'll still read and enjoy their work, but it won't be quite the same
Just found this shit in /pol/'s wikipedia page
>On July 22, 2022, 4chan was sold to an anonymous buyer for an undisclosed amount, likely paid with cryptocurrency. The motivation for the purchase was to “counter far-right extremism”, which was prominent on the board. The site as a whole is scheduled to be taken offline permanently on July 25, 2022, at 4:00 AM EST.

Not seeing it now. Wonder if it got deleted.

Whilst I definitely doubt the veracity of literally all of it, the site did in fact go down for a bit so something clearly went wrong somewhere.
twitter_jay(@roarinsaurus)_20220716-163326_1548345072252399619_photo.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted
Well it's back up now, so feel free to drop by for the thrilling conclusion of the weekend of pain's ~after dark~ special. We actually did this image in the previous thread, but this Manic's too cute not to repost
back_atcha__feat__sonic__by_edtropolis_d41prtl.png, 791xNA, 1 times posted
Time for some more plus4chan exclusive comics. Edtropolis has an extensive catalog of pin-ups and comics showing the positives of casual nudity and various states of undress. Of course when applied to furry creatures, it's not that big of a deal. Or it shouldn't be.

blame_it_on_nostalgia____by_edtropolis_d9pyn9m.png, 865xNA, 1 times posted

Tails is obviously this artist's favorite male.
sal_in_your_navel_by_edtropolis_d7tlsw4.png, 713xNA, 1 times posted

Sally started off wearing just boots, got a vest early on, and then after the reboot got fully clothed. She's no stranger to wearing as little as possible.
sega_wants_your_soul____by_edtropolis_d7bo5ar.png, 741xNA, 1 times posted

Don't worry, they don't need 'em.
smashhit_by_edtropolis_d8jt03n.png, 793xNA, 1 times posted

Mystery solved!
tell_jokes_by_edtropolis_d8v5xdh.png, 814xNA, 1 times posted

If this Tails goes on a murderous rampage, we'll know who to blame.
the_joker__ft__sonic_and_co___by_edtropolis_d9z2spv.png, 1196xNA, 1 times posted

And there's a lot more pin-ups as well. This artist has been at it for a while.

>missed the ride
>4chan wont load
any updates i missed?
so___its_you____by_edtropolis_d5ka0r6.png, 833xNA, 1 times posted

I'll take reboot Sally over no Sally but I'll always prefer preboot Sally.
tahiti_nights_by_edtropolis_d5larr6.png, 1010xNA, 1 times posted

Last thing I'll post for this. I would totally be down for a series where the Freedom Fighters just hang out in a tropical paradise setting.
Give it time. The site was functional a bit before stopping again. This is usually the time of day where shit happens.

I thought I recognized the art! Despite being from the US, his art's got a very French look. It's really nice to see
Oh my!
16 years on DeviantArt!
We covered every single Sonic comic in existence (except this one), the poor site couldn't take any more! Seriously though, there's the sequel to Blue Prisoner, Blue Murderer.
>I'll take reboot Sally over no Sally but I'll always prefer preboot Sally.
I wonder why! Must be the boots
There's nothing better than comfy art with a bit of lewdness.
STILL waiting for 4chan to load

It's over
restroom by vanessasonica.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Isn't it great having a secondary place to come and discuss some Sonic shit?

>For those wondering what happened, apparently for the last few months some people were taking advantage of an exploit that allowed links to be included inside images. Said links could only be seen by an extension called PEE. What happened was said links were being used to deliver cheese pizza on multiple boards. Apparently the admins found out and are patching the exploit. The threads downtime was probably a test to see if their new detection/removal system workes, not to mention having to remove links in already exisiting images.
I have no idea why psychopaths keep using 4chan to do shit like this.

>casual nudity

That's indeed literally the reason plus4chan was founded.
ohshit.jpg, 249xNA, 1 times posted

It's also pretty ironic, since I used to manage one of the bigger Sonic sites/forums back in the day (and the owner of that site also runs his own imageboard).


Holy fuck
8.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Heart of the Hedgehog Issue 3 Page 8-9
Sonic recovers from his PTSD trip back to Mecha Madness.
9.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Gotta hide fast!
tails casino.png, 1074xNA, 1 times posted

I guess that means I'm destined to make my own imageboard with Sonic blackjack and Sonic hookers.

ya forgot to upload frenzy here
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_1_by_killerboss2_df9wh35.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 1-3
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_2_by_killerboss2_df9wh53.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_3_by_killerboss2_df9wh7b.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

It's fantastic!
>I have no idea why psychopaths keep using 4chan to do shit like this.
I guess it's about the challenge for them
Looks like someone forgot you can't direct link images from there! Holy shit, I had no idea! Glad to hear you're still around. Used to love lurking that site back in the day
1658795019945646.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Oof! Looks like a non-storytime Sonic thread got deleted. I saved the image and I'll post this here just because I'm reminded of Heart of the Hedgehog. Sonic and Tails fighting against a discarded metal double. Wouldn't it be funny if Mecha Knuckles survived, reformed, and got a new name? I can see IDW Sonic trying to reform him.

>non-storytime Sonic thread got deleted.
why are the mods such fucking faggots
>several coombait threads are up
>still no david warner sticky
0.png, 872xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #41
It's just how it be over there.

Did they make a sticky for Alan Grant?

Nope and the thread was up for multiple days.

wewlad.jpg, 617xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 1197xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic X Deep Future With In
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
More comics by Zhengfox
But wait, there's more!
1.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
I have Zhengfox's current comic but I don't think it's good to post on 4chan.
2.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Here's why.
3.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Just an exposed bra.
4.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
5.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
6.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
7.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
8.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
9.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
10.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
11.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

And this is the latest page, posted just 10 hours ago!

>Here's why.
Everyone would be a lot calmer with fluffy women (or twinks/himbos for the collectors) in their lives.
This is a good artist.

I know I'm biased, but I really wish he'd continued on with the furry twink one. I can see why this would have more widespread appeal though.
Ha! As if the first one wouldn't get you a vacation as well!
Hot off the presses!
On this, we can definitely agree!
star the hedgehog issue 4 cover.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
star the hedgehog issue 4 page 1.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
star the hedgehog issue 4 page 2.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Star the Hedgehog Issue 4 Cover 2 and Page 1-2
sonichu_a_____chapter_5____page_31_by_toonishplus_dfa34vg.jpg, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Sonichu A+ Issue 5 Page 31
sonic_retold___issue_5__page_20_by_glitcher_dfa3wfu.jpg, 650xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Retold Issue 5 Page 20
>shoving mecha sally in the reality warping machine
This is how you get Silver's fucked up future.
s_t_c_issue_18_page_13_by_okida_dfa4rqx.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 18 Page 13
How convenient!
sonic_blitz_ch_3__yesterday_s_whisper_page_3_by_mimkage_dfa480g.png, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Blitz Chapter 3 Page 3
Super oof!

Amy booba

that's not how hedgehog spines work
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
My Past #1

Fun comic so far, looking forward to more of Blaze's cousin!
I finished stitching together the second issue of Gaia Impact aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9KekJ4UUlDUyNzVm1OckV4UzRuZ1o1RFdzbzVndkx3 and got those SonAmy wedding comics from MissTangshan95 sorted aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci80bkJDeEM3VCNuZHZObFAwZzBsWUxLQWdXRk91Q1Z3

Unfortunately, it looks like I've been naughtier than usual and been sent on a month-long vacation, apparently for ban evasion. You'd think it'd be for lewdposting, which I actually am guilty of! I'm guessing it was for mentioning the increased scrutiny the threads get. I'll still be reading along over there and posting here, but I'm afraid there'll be no running commentary of thirstposts for a while! Also, still happy to archive and stitch together comics.

Thank you and sorry to hear that. A while back I've actually gotten some of my posts removed and even a warning for saying stuff about moderation over there. All I do is mention that a post is missing and leave it at that. I don't even know why my ship ranking post was deleted.

But hey, at least we have this place.
1347754_0945_b96bdd570d_Sally_pistol_pose_Screenshot_by_EmperorZheng_307886003.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

No worries. Could be worse, at least I can still read along. Yeah it's hilariously draconian for a place that prides itself on being a naughty part of the internet. I think after the ban I'll just not mention the moderation or link to deleted posts. It's so weird what they'll delete.

Honestly posting here is a legitimate vacation, extra comfy and not a captcha in sight! That and I can post Sally without getting in trouble, which is always a treat

>even a warning for saying stuff about moderation over there.

Complaining about moderation is actually against the rules on 4chan. Not kidding, check the site rules...
Very often you need to check a thread in the archives too, to see how many posts got deleted.
amy likes by garisonhdunn.jpg, 2489xNA, 1 times posted

It's pretty neat hanging out here.
It wasn't even complaining, just pointing stuff out and being fairly neutral. I wasn't the type to go "jannies, jannies, jannies!" I even had a couple of posts talking about plus4chan that got deleted. And it wasn't even anything bad. That's why I spoiler links to here. Seems it's no longer a problem since I put them in the OP and nothing has happened but still the moderation gets extra weird for no reason.
1347754_1253_acd7981ac8_me_and_my_newer_look_by_EmperorZheng_332504911.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

Man, that's some Tamers-level butt! Pic related was one of the ones that got deleted. He's technically clothed!

Yeah, I actually try to be polite over there, even when talking about the jannies. I guess one of them just doesn't like Sonic unless the thread's a dumpster fire. Still, I'm glad they're fine with the OP links

>It wasn't even complaining, just pointing stuff out and being fairly neutral.

You think they can tell the difference?
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_4_by_killerboss2_dfa7m8t.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 4
I've seen enough hentai (and the cover) to know where this is going.

So Rouge's buttcrack, anything with Sally, and boys with visible thong straps are a no-no over there. I'll update the list.
A while back one my posts got deleted because I used a Rotor reaction image I made because they thought I was Rotor-anon.

bro just reset your router lmao

Is he getting vored then?
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
My Past #2
17.jpeg, 1170xNA, 1 times posted

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 6 Page 17
13.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Pandora AU Page 13-14
Sonic is such a troublemaker. Why can't he be a good boy like Manic (and never get caught)?
14.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>gee mom, it'd be nice if you gave me lots of funny hugs and funny kisses
end_page_by_mimkage_dfa5spy-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
password: yes

The Sonic Blitz artist did a very NSFW comic of her OC and Silver getting it on. Naturally this would go on /pco/ in the Sonic porn thread but I'm not posting all of that over there.

Sonic is a lewdness magnet!
My ISP regularly cycles my IP and I kbf checking my IP every time I post. I might appeal the ban in a few days (or wait for some other customer with my ISP to do it for me).
I knew Lionheart'd be cute!
She's no Tamersverse Aleena, but she's a pretty close second!
Oh my, that was so cute and lewd at the same time!

>Holy shit, I had no idea! Glad to hear you're still around.
You are probably thinking of the founder of the site, not me, but thanks. I'm not sure if he is still around, last time I talked to him was around 2014.

>I guess that means I'm destined to make my own imageboard with Sonic blackjack and Sonic hookers.
On that site we used to have boob pix, users would write the site name on their bare chest and post pictures. It got the site into legal trouble.
just_here_for_the_chili_dogs___short_comic___by_darkness9000a_decx7a2.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Another comic I know I can't post... over there...
FYzBGwiXoAAAhc3.jpg, 1597xNA, 1 times posted

Ya boi is back. Looks like he's getting a series of sketchy pages.
twitter_MeanBean(@MeanBeanZone)_20220727-072617_1552193642013523969_photo.jpg, 1691xNA, 1 times posted

Ah, that makes sense. Still, glad to hear people from back then are still around.
She's worn less in some of her alternate outfits! Knuckles is a lucky boy
Clearly my incessant thirstposting gets results! I'll have to step up my game on Vulture Silver now. Seriously though, that's fantastic news, I'm glad they're thinking of incorporating him into the current comic.
In Ride meme-related news, looks like they were getting criticism on the paw pad feet, and drew pic related in response. It's genuinely horrifying!
sonic oh my god.jpg, 727xNA, 1 times posted

Would you kindly never draw anything again, ever... please.
twitter_MeanBean(@MeanBeanZone)_20220726-183841_1552000470394306564_photo.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

>tfw you realize the "bean" in MeanBeanZone refers to toe beans
Well I did spoiler it! It's actually probably one of the grossest Sonic's I've seen, and I've seen that Sonic a as a living toilet abomination!
disgusting.png, 400xNA, 1 times posted

0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
My Past #3

Huh. In my younger years had an OC that looks kind of like that purple cat, a friend drew it for me along with all their own sonic OCs.

I'm probably the only one that never had an OC. All I did was trace Knuckles comics and try to make my own. In another lifetime I would've taken over instead of Ian.
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_5_by_killerboss2_dfaalet.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 5
Killer plant wants eat me? Let's get started! I'm having a blast!
thatmfzguy_sa3_preview.png, 729xNA, 1 times posted
Hey, remember that Sonic Adventure 3 comic (>>>/4chan/co/130464443)? He actually released a preview for the next page, but nothing else related to Sonic after that. Shadow's referring to the Biolizard containment pod btw. I checked his other accounts and it looks like he just does professional work now. His brother did bring their website back though, if anyone's interested: http://www.themfz.net/index.htm There's a 3d sprite comic called there's something about Tails, while not Ride-worthy, is kinda interesting.
Meh-Phillis is strangely down to Earth in this one, pretty interesting. I liked Silver's stained glass window attack thing, and that Lionheart's mellowed out. Nice to see Marine too. The cute basketball outfits were certainly a highlight! Poor Silver's mom though.
Just imagine, Ian's running The Ride and keeps refusing to do Other M. Never had an OC either, would probably just make it a slutty bat twink
Looks like the tentacle fun's off the menu, at least for now

Hopefully something comes from that. It's nice to see more pages posted but I hope updates get more consistent.
>Poor Silver's mom though.
That really bummed me out.
>Looks like the tentacle fun's off the menu, at least for now
This Sonic would probably find a way to have fun while being tentacle'd.
10.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Heart of the Hedgehog Chapter 3 Page 10-11
As Sonic is thinking, Tails is MacGuyvering. Watch him make a rocket launcher out of a peach, a stick, and two ants.
11.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Go slow, eat hamburgers, and ask Amy out on a date (unless this is pre-Adventure and she's still a kid). Metal Sonic will never anticipate that!

Wasn't Amy being a kid only a weird Archie Comics thing?
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
My Past #4
Yeah, it was awkward because Sega just pretended that was never a case. Archie didn't have that luxury.

>This Sonic would probably find a way to have fun while being tentacle'd.
I have several comics about that!
Sonic thinking things through, how horrifying!
Sonic ages are just weird in general. Classic Sonic was originally 16, but Modern's only 15 despite there being years of adventures between them. Sonic also celebrated a birthday in Generations where he turned 15 (for a third time). Amy was originally 8, but is now 12 with no explanation. Archie made a big deal about her using a magic ring to wish herself physically older, but still mentally the same age, just to make it extra weird.
That was fairly satisfying conclusion, despite being unfinished. I enjoyed all the twinks, and Blaze's dad being nicer. Not really sure why they spent so much time on basketball or on Silver's depression. Pretty weird comic really, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Oh, and in case anyone wants to see the uncensored "The Colour Of Chaos", it's on her newgrounds. Fair warning though, it is very unpleasant and I'd definitely recommend reading the censored version if anything. I certainly won't be storytiming it ~after dark~. I will say in its defense, all the bad bits are in no way intended to be erotic. https://ultrabitch.newgrounds.com/

>Not really sure why they spent so much time on basketball or on Silver's depression. Pretty weird comic really, but I enjoyed it anyway.
Yeah that's my main gripe with the series as it progressed. We glossed over a lot of stuff and stuck with basketball as if that's more important for the plot. And stuff like Nega and Alev getting injured protecting Silver were mentioned but not shown. Maybe the artist was really young and they read a basketball manga and was inspired to focus on that in the second half. Overall a decent comic.
21.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 21
Infinitebros... our boy is fucking dead...
joys_of_isolation__page_10_by_emptiedmind20_dfadstn.png, 1559xNA, 1 times posted
joys_of_isolation__page_11_by_emptiedmind20_dfadsuq.jpg, 1440xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #42

Joys of Isolation Page 10-11
Sad to see the Maxposting getting deleted and the Rouge stuff too.
Had a look through their old posts and it seems like they were in high school for most of the comic's run and basketball is pretty popular over in Shanghai. I thought it was decent too, and I always enjoy when a comic goes off in weird directions.
What a sultry looking Knuckles!
Sounds like the premise for a sitcom. Shadow and Maria are living on Earth together but Shadow has to go to increasingly hilarious lengths to hide all the assassinating stuff he does for GUN.
I had no idea they were releasing weekly, I'll stitch together the images on Fridays when they release.
Light Mobius was really good, nice to see the next generation of twinks! Hopefully it'll keep updating.
Sonic Heart of Mobius was great too. Interesting to see the Forces stuff merged with an Eggman origin. Sonic's design is pretty cool, even if he has to wear pants.

>I had no idea they were releasing weekly, I'll stitch together the images on Fridays when they release.
Thanks! It's nice to have something substantial to look forward to every week. Wonder how long they're going to keep at that pace.
>Light Mobius was really good, nice to see the next generation of twinks! Hopefully it'll keep updating.
There's potential for a lot of worldbuilding and introducing OC's and it not feeling forced.
>Sonic Heart of Mobius was great too. Interesting to see the Forces stuff merged with an Eggman origin. Sonic's design is pretty cool, even if he has to wear pants.
Yeah, can't wait to see more. Need to keep an eye out on tumblr, a lot more good comics are starting to come out on there. Which is weird considering tumblr is otherwise pretty dead.
1659470027834884.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Thanks to the drawanon in the other thread, all that bickering over Tails and Cream wasn't a total waste.
1659376845286915.jpg, 3299xNA, 1 times posted
Also, might as well post the image that got someone in trouble in one of the last threads.

>Tails x Cream caused an all out brawl
>Tails x Rouge will immediately get posts deleted and sent you on a vacation.
Damint Tails, he's gonna get us all killed!
Conductor Late again.png, 580xNA, 1 times posted

>Thanks! It's nice to have something substantial to look forward to every week. Wonder how long they're going to keep at that pace.
No worries!
>There's potential for a lot of worldbuilding and introducing OC's and it not feeling forced.
Honestly it's just nice to see Light Mobius be excitingand dynamic. The Penders "let's have the characters stand around and talk about domestic crap" still annoys me.
>Yeah, can't wait to see more. Need to keep an eye out on tumblr, a lot more good comics are starting to come out on there. Which is weird considering tumblr is otherwise pretty dead.
Soon every website will be nothing but Sonic comics! I did laugh about the anons complaining about Sonic's top scars, we need something to replace the blue arms complaints!
It's great to see the drawanon's back, love their work!
Psycho-Tails was bad enough, now he's now he's got vacation powers!
0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #42
Ian warned us about this.
I do need to stock up on comics again.
sonic.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>I did laugh about the anons complaining about Sonic's top scars, we need something to replace the blue arms complaints!
I didn't even notice it and anons were really overreacting to it, like it impacted the story or was obvious. And yet people were swearing off the comic like it's getting its own thread.

Pretty interesting comic, you could definitely see the disney influences. Too bad there wasn't more. Robotnik was disturbingly attractive, very Scar/Jafar-like. Sonic was pretty cool, you could definitely tell the artist likes Crash. The others were great too, but getting dangerously close to Furaffinity. Not a fan of Sara's look, my waifu's much more attractive. Really want to see an Ashwin/Robotnik Lizzy/Sonic crossover now!

The Darkspeeds one was good too, glad he went for the Riders aesthetic.
>I do need to stock up on comics again.
He actually did some other comics. I'll pull them out and organize since he doesn't use the DeviantArt galleries.

Chinchill010 had some great memes, Sonic and Shadow having phones that were each other's color was pretty cute.
I honestly just thought they were pec shadows and had to look through their tumblr to confirm they were scars. Definitely looks like Sonic'll be getting it on with Silver, which should be an interesting dynamic. Maybe I'll have to start shopping top scars on the comics until they like it! Flesh colored eyebrows too!
damage control by rinkusu001.jpg, 2970xNA, 1 times posted

>Pretty interesting comic, you could definitely see the disney influences. Too bad there wasn't more. Robotnik was disturbingly attractive, very Scar/Jafar-like. Sonic was pretty cool, you could definitely tell the artist likes Crash. The others were great too, but getting dangerously close to Furaffinity. Not a fan of Sara's look, my waifu's much more attractive. Really want to see an Ashwin/Robotnik Lizzy/Sonic crossover now!
I would've loved for something more consistent. Artist definitely likes Robotnik but can't make up her mind what version or continuity. And she does have a thing for evil scientists.
>I'll pull them out and organize since he doesn't use the DeviantArt galleries.

>I would've loved for something more consistent. Artist definitely likes Robotnik but can't make up her mind what version or continuity. And she does have a thing for evil scientists.
The sudden switch was pretty weird, at least we didn't end up with a harem of Robotniks though. Never thought I'd see erotic art of Neo Cortex, let alone a mutant form. Still, I've got to award points for her being a fan of Rock and Rule, extremely underrated animated scifi rock opera thing.
There's so many! Pretty cool stuff though

no problem
i'm still melting though
6.jpg, 2050xNA, 1 times posted

Re_Boot Issue 2 Page 6
I miss Tails' goth eye shadow. Actually it's something other characters had when this comic first started but it looked really good on Tails. Just saying.

Cream really enjoys torturing Sonic, cute.
>Also, the thread already got archived
I'm somehow blaming Tails for this

I don't want to blame Tails, anything can set him off and he'll doom the world. I try to keep the thread bumped when it's late and usually it's kept alive while I sleep. Not this time.
1659545694898702.jpg, 1542xNA, 1 times posted

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 26 Cover
This isn't on the website but an anon posted it. Judging by the filename, it must've been posted somewhere else and it was posted here. Maybe Patreon early access.

>Cream really enjoys torturing Sonic, cute.
What if we shipped Cream with Sonic...
For some reason the thread stopped showing up on my filters but it was still in the catalogue, page 9, until I tried to bump and it was archived.

I saw it posted in their official Twitter

>For some reason the thread stopped showing up on my filters but it was still in the catalogue, page 9, until I tried to bump and it was archived.
As always, great to have a backup thread here. Now if only more people came over regularly. When we start a new thread, I have a lengthy comic that I feel wouldn't work out over there to post.
Okay cool, I have a clear conscience.

We were robbed! Tails does look fluffier and more bestial though.
t. Ian
>For some reason the thread stopped showing up on my filters but it was still in the catalogue, page 9, until I tried to bump and it was archived.
Highly recommend 4chanX if you're not already using it. I used to take the night shift and keep the threads up with twinkposting, clearly I was actually performing a vital service!
>Now if only more people came over regularly.
All they have to do is mention the jannies or images getting deleted and they'll have no choice but to post here! Seriously though, I'd just mention it directly in the op and tell people to look at the op for the next thread with the last image.

New pages for Sonic Future Sun Daze.
I can start mentioning at the end of threads. I already have links in the OP. Also, how's the appeal process going? Or are you just going to wait out the month?

I knew about this, but I didn't think you'd post it here. Good LORD.
DFhTC-ZXUAAcvmF.jpg, 845xNA, 1 times posted

I slept until fucking 2:00 because of depression so I wasn't there to bump the thread. I'm sorry.
0.jpg, 548xNA, 1 times posted
Old comics

Better than insomnia. Or Blaze waking you up constantly for food/letting her out/attention/just because.

>Also, how's the appeal process going? Or are you just going to wait out the month?
I was thinking about it since they might extend the ban out of spite but I think I'll write something up soon. Will post results
I've got to collect my (you)s somehow!
I've been there. I've found taking vitamin D and exercising helps, but it's much easier said than done.
First comic was really good, cool to see the story still having high stakes with everyone going super.
The art was cute in the second one, and it was nice to see Tails be a bit of a delinquent and Mighty and Espio teaming up. Appreciate you darkening the images, probably the hardest comic to read so far.
Can't believe you're stacking images vertically for the phoneposters, you've gone soft!

Two new pages of Sun Daze.
Blaze acting like a cat will never not be funny. Especially if you're dating her.
>I was thinking about it since they might extend the ban out of spite but I think I'll write something up soon. Will post results
Good luck!
>First comic was really good, cool to see the story still having high stakes with everyone going super.
Yeah it was fun and also a complete story that's pre-Adventure.
>The art was cute in the second one, and it was nice to see Tails be a bit of a delinquent and Mighty and Espio teaming up. Appreciate you darkening the images, probably the hardest comic to read so far.
Readability is very important. At least I didn't have to do it for everything.
>Can't believe you're stacking images vertically for the phoneposters, you've gone soft!
Those filthy phoneposters need some kindness to possible see the error of their ways.

>Good luck!
>Yeah it was fun and also a complete story that's pre-Adventure.
Really takes me back. As much as I enjoy the modern cast it's nice to see the classic cast interacting without needing comic or tv characters.
>Those filthy phoneposters need some kindness to possible see the error of their ways.
Nonsense, only M E G A - U L T R A - W I D E images will make them see the light!
s_t_c_issue_18_page_14_by_okida_dfalsc1.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Continuation Issue 18 Page 14
Just go with it, Tails.
1659492407833050.jpg, 529xNA, 1 times posted

>Especially if you're dating her.

>Blaze what are you doing with your head in my mouth?
>oh, er, nothing!
>are you stealing my breath whilst I sleep?
us1-cover.jpg, 570xNA, 1 times posted
Ultimate Sonic and Turning Points
eclipse_p82_by_tierafoxglove_dfamjc1.png, 1155xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse Page 82
I'm starting to get deja vu...

Ultimate Sonic was pretty cool, you just know Ian's still itching to do something with the OVA. I can't believe we didn't get to see my waifu Sara, we were robbed!
Turning Points was great, I miss the Echidna bean-bodies and beating up the Dark Legion, peak comfy. And a cameo of my husbando Remington too! Agreed about that Mogul thing, having Enerjak job to him after being hyped up as the greatest threat to Mobius was a huge letdown.
As always, shame the comics never finished.
>deja vu...
Finally, an excuse to post something Initial D related! Live and Learn / Eurobeat Remix

Looks like someone else will be joining me on vacation soon! Pretty hot though. Had no idea Shadow had a pierced gherkin. Usually the front ball comes out the urethra, guess it's not a PA.

I didn't even know the artist was drawing porn of this series. I haven't really been looking for where they post the lewd content.

They've always been drawing lewd Sonic (and furry) content, but stopped for a while. That was their first Sonic Future AU lewd content though. It's on their NSFW twitter: https://twitter.com/BeanBagTea

sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_6_by_killerboss2_dfan5lq.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 6-8
Yeah! Let's go!
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_7_by_killerboss2_dfan5oo.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_8_by_killerboss2_dfan5qv.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Wonder why the artist changed art styles
I assume an anon wants the thread over there to hit the bump limit or something.

He's spamming porn on both /sthg/ and the /co/ thread lol

My only concern is if this is going to be like the first issue where it's just panels of basic action and not much else. Second issue was better because we had schizo Sonic, not-Metal Sonic (that's obviously a female seriously just show her already) and the mystery of a new world.
Which is funny because that was a short thread. There was no way that was going to happen. And the thread wasn't deleted so they didn't get anything other than a bunch of anons' attention for a while. But they also kept the thread bumped and potentially brought in more people.

There's Something About Amy (Part 3)
>end of chapter 1
Is this their most popular series? I haven't really followed Mashed for a while.

Ah yeah where is the oc? lol I'm going to assume the oc will come in last min to save sonics ass from the plant and then they fuck.
Didn't expect to see secret histories tails

It has become fairly popular recently from what I've seen.

>(that's obviously a female seriously just show her already)
Is it in bad taste to say I'd bet money the comic has an indefinite hiatus before then?
Fancomic artists really need to frontload what they want to do else they'll never do it.

>last page has oc about to take the helmet off
>next issue never comes because the artist discontinues the comic
hahahaha please no
0.jpeg, 1700xNA, 1 times posted
Ultimate Sonic (2021)

Gross, he's been walking in plant drool the whole time
At least I keep my lewdposting (more or less) SFW!
>schizo Sonic
I really hope we get back to that soon
Fantastic comic, probably one of my favorite Sonic designs, very handsome! Johnny too, which is fairly rare. As always, shame it never finished. The story was really coming together.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering about the out of place background here: >>>/4chan/co/132236102 I'm pretty sure it's part of a Japanese background art pack. I've actually seen it in a lewd Sonic comic, which is regrettably too out there for ~after dark~.

That's issue 4 of Gaia Complex done: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9KekJ4UUlDUyNzVm1OckV4UzRuZ1o1RFdzbzVndkx3
Sonic helps out his little bro page 1.jpg, 2400xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic helps out his little bro page 2.jpg, 2400xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic helps out his little bro page 3.jpg, 2400xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic helps out his little bro page 4.jpg, 2400xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic helps out his little bro page 5.jpg, 2400xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 537xNA, 1 times posted

The Start of Our Universe Chapter 3 Cover and Page 1
The ship you never thought of that somehow works is back!
1.png, 537xNA, 1 times posted

Espio with the naked apron. Naughty!

Thanks! I'll download the Gaia Complex issue later. Mega is being super slow right now for me.
Very nice!

Sonic Future Sun Daze Page 8-10
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_9_by_killerboss2_dfar2c4.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 9-10
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going!
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_10_by_killerboss2_dfar2f2.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Actually this is a little different. Does that mean he's drowning in man-eating plant spit?
0.png, 752xNA, 1 times posted
Various Stories #44
sonic__06__page_40__by_2357111317192329_dfarmw9.png, 1650xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic '06 Page 40
Elise keeps getting confronted by small furry creatures.

Sonic helps out his little bro, a movie sonic comic by ✨HusnaArtz ✨
>Thanks! I'll download the Gaia Complex issue later. Mega is being super slow right now for me.
No worries!
And people think I'm lewd!
Great comic, they're really leaning into the webtoon format to do interesting things. Would've liked to have kept some of the images together but I would've hit the 10,000 pixel limit.

Loved those Zone cop stories too, anything to combine my love of Sonadow (Zonadow?) and police procedurals. Freaky enough I was actually going to suggest those yesterday but fell asleep.

Good to see there's more pages out from our favorite body/clothes swapping comic commissioner. For those that want to see the rest, the storytime starts here: >>>/4chan/co/131793586

I'm so glad this comic started up again, it's the perfect blend of serious story and lighthearted jabs at 06. Elise is pretty cute too.
main-qimg-412db5c4f275d61297cd1a1598a6738b-lq.jpg, 574xNA, 1 times posted

>Does that mean he's drowning in man-eating plant spit?
That is how carnivorous plants work, although the drowning is mostly a side effect of smothering the prey in digestive juices.
Or feminising juices if it's a hentai.
If I was Robotn- no, if I was Starline I would firstly bitch at Eggman, because gay duck, but more importantly secondly cyborgify a giant sundew (image related, the blue baboon will put one foot wrong and become hedgehog stew) and cover levels with giant pitcher plants because they'll make the surface slippery. I can put signs over the pitcher holes with "Secret down here!" written in comic sans.
I would then, being Starline, also cyborgify giant venus fly traps that Sonic effortlessly runs through but I'll get caught as I try to chase him so the artist can draw me "behind bars" for my hubris.
turtle_power_page_123_by_okida_dfatcdt.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Turtle Power Page 123
You're in BIG trouble!
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_11_by_killerboss2_dfat9kx.jpg, 1789xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 11
Even though I called it, I don't want the blowjob.
out_of_the_blue__chapter_1__page_19_by_artisyone_dfatdp7.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Out of the Blue Chapter 1 Page 19
Little sis. Big annoyance.
5.JPG, 1001xNA, 1 times posted

Someone left a really interesting comment, do we have any comics where sonic and metal sonic fuse?

You should post that in the other thread. Unless you're the one on vacation.

I am on vacation, for saying 'cough cough'

Seriously? Wow.

They do it for FREEEEEE!

That's a really cool idea, having a villain that bio-engineers killer plants. Honestly, I just want to see science-based villains in IDW that don't copy Eggman.
He manifested the pointy teeth!
>Even though I called it, I don't want the blowjob.
lmao, welcome to the club!
nurse rouge.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted


lol, nice work anon

Nice! Rouge should canonically have lot of disguises like this, and swap between them Cutie Honey style.
Does anyone but (you) believe (you)r lies?.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
>I'm not posting this but here's a shitpost comic called Sonic with a Gun.
0.png, 1020xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic with a Gun
I can't stop lying. Now I have lewd thoughts about tall femTails and Bubsy with eyelashes.
Good to see there's a silver lining to unwarranted vacations.

Really fun comic, Sonic looks pretty cute in the early panels. Lots of interesting references too.
>Now I have lewd thoughts about tall femTails and Bubsy with eyelashes.
Don't we all!

You know what, I don't see why I can't just reply to posts here:
That jockstrap, unf! Seriously, they're sexiest type of guy's underwear, not sure if girls like them though
Nice buns! Hopefully you won't be joining us on vacation for that!
22.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation Issue 1 Page 22
Well, at least Silver isn't Steven. That would be unacceptable.

What a surprise, the future’s fucked! Again! Not a fan of the hairclip or the side-part, but still glad to see the fluffy twink make an appearance! Also, I know they’re supposed to be eyelashes, but they look like wrinkles. Step up your skincare regime Silver!

Someone in the other thread pointed out the scars on the chest.
I choose to not engage with politics and merely enjoy Sonadow comics.

Yeah I saw the scars too but it honestly doesn't bother me. They're cartoon hedgehogs! That said, the chest scar complaints were the main reason I storytimed the Follow Your Rainbow zine, it really riled them up!

It doesn't bother me either but I always hope it doesn't derail a thread. Then again we have things like Mina and Ash as well as Tails shipping that can do just that without fail.

Perfectly said! I think some anons forget imageboards are recreational websites. That reminds me, Konductor-kun's blessed us with several Sonadow comics, I'll have to do an ~after dark~ soon!
Yeah, it's pretty nuts. I do miss posting shirtless Ash pics though, and the one with Ash and Rotor just to make that one janny seethe. As for Tails, I'm starting to think that one Tailsposter said Tails could be an actual Kitsune might be on to something. He's cursing the threads!
83.jpg, 619xNA, 1 times posted

Shock and Awe Issue 2 Page 83
I'm so happy! I'm crying! Everyone's favorite character is finally getting to eat! Good on you, Silver! Oh and that asshole is married now.

Sonic Future Sun Daze Page 11

what the fuck is he eating? looks like someone vomited up some dog food or something

Hedgehog food.
0.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and Korra #1

>Sonic and Korra
Wut? Why?
chapter 3 page 12.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted

Heart of the Hedgehog Chapter 3 Page 12-13
chapter 3 page 13.png, 940xNA, 1 times posted
11.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Heart of Mobius Chapter 1 Page 11-13
12.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
13.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
baby speak 1.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted

ArsworldS Teaching the Baby to Speak Part 2
baby speak 2.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted

Going to have to make a new thread soon. Image limit is coming up.
PUT THOSE GRIPPERS AWAY!!!.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

What is the image limit, 350?
FATver.png, 1177xNA, 1 times posted

Boo, if we're seeing a skunk getting married it should be Rough and Tumble! Glad to see they're finally feeding Silver though
That was actually pretty good and I'm not a fan of Korra, she was almost likable. And the speedy lewdposter's returned too!
I guess we can add 'stolen Aladdin's pants' to Sonic's ever growing list of crimes. Again not a fan of the wrinkle eyelashes. I guess proper skincare isn't a thing in this comic too.
Petty but otherwise friendly Eggman best Eggman. Maximum comfy.
>Image limit is coming up.
In that case, In celebration of Silver finally getting to eat something.

We did 352 files (351 images, 1 video) in >>441769 before we ran out.

I have a comic for a new thread. I have a literal steamy image to use. Not actual nudity but I might use it.
Safe option
351 images. Don't know if the video counts towards it. I guess it's the image in the OP plus 350 images in replies.

Either would probably get you vacation'd on 4chan but I think it would be fine here (there's a few bikini shots as op images). I say go with steamy!
>351 images. Don't know if the video counts towards it. I guess it's the image in the OP plus 350 images in replies.
I'd say I regret filling the last slot with FATver, but I think we all know that's not true

>What is the image limit, 350?

It's 350, and the top bar with the stats will display the numbers in italics once you hit the limits. If you can post any more than the limit, that's probably a bug in the board.
tvtropes on heart of a monster.png, 853xNA, 1 times posted

>Heart of
a mons-
>the Hedgehog

Did you know the comic has had a tvtropes page since August of 2019?
Okay so video files do count and the overall file limit is 352. Now I definitely have to make a new thread.

New thread!