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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #22

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Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org

Gonna be brief this time. Here’s a pretty edgy Shadow comic that seems discontinued. Only 10 pages but worth checking out.

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Reminds me of that other artist on twitter that does gore Sonic and Shadow comics.
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Does Shadow half to suffer like this?
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Wake up, ya lazy bum! Good thing you're not dead.
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Now let's find out what happened during that time.
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Who was it?
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It's (some of) Shadow!
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Oh come on. If you had this happen you'd want to find out what else would happen!

This is so retarded its laugh out loud hilarious
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And that's it! The artist is currently on their pirate kick that Thirstposter has been posting pics of.

But now you know that Shadow is confirmed to be a bottom.

Holy fucking kek. The fuck lmao

Oh wow that is funny despite meant to be serious

Wasn't supposed to be there.jpg, 1050xNA, 1 times posted

I know the IDW horse is a beaten paste on the floor by this point, but man does it piss me off that they omitted any mentionings of the previous comic in the fan letters. It was such a fucking petty thing to do just to make people not remember it.

And you could tell those were bullshit from the start when none of the picked "fans" mention a single thing about the comic that ran over for 20 years and died a year before this new one came up, on top of the main writers being the same ones from before AND the reason the current comic even started with this many readers.

There’s so much bad history and legal shit with both Archie and fleetway. They never want to mention them ever again. Although I am still disgusted with the shitty 900 special shit. True they never promised any return of characters but it was supposed to be a celebration of the comics. Yet there were no comic characters at all. Literally not even the idw ones, just game shit, I actually could not believe they didn’t even include them. Shitty fucking comic.
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>someone: Why Zero and not X? Would make a bit more sense if you put Shadow and Zero but it looks great either way mate
>artist: cuz why not?
If my calculations are correct then the Ride ends on 13th or 14th (depending what the Conductor does with the classic special issues)
Then maybe another thread for the unreleased issues and the online continuations will be posted.

We have 10 more threads.

So 14th?
A bit less threads than previous Ride.

Almost over, eh? Well I just want to say it really has been fun going through the comic.
Afterwards, I’m just gonna chill here. You guys are cool so I’d rather stay here to casually post sonic than ever post in other usually awful sonic threads
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>They never want to mention them ever again
But its fan letters ! Its not even story content.
At this point I'm not even sure if isnt just IDW being scummy instead of this being another mandate restriction by Sega.
Either way you get "miraculous" cases like this guy who apparently never heard of the series that pretty much spanned the entire time range when he was coincidentally out of the Sonic comic scene. That one is either fake, or he didnt want to get his letter filtered out and chose to not mention anything Archie related.

The letters are extremely filtered. Sadly to any previous fan, they don’t want people to bring it up. Something you have to deal with.
Was just able to catch the end of Worlds Unite after the thread archived. Holy shit, what an absolutely nothing event that just decided to Sonic 06 itself out of canon. The amount of fucking money wasted on this must've been just so ridiculous and wasteful, plus all the lost issues all the comics had which ended up being for literally no reason. And then both Mega Man and Sonic Boom just get cancelled afterwards, what a fucking disaster.
No more Xander kino
No more Wily x Egg
No more Sticks

I dont know why the conductor didnt leave that one for last if it didnt have effects on the story

It's a four day diversion. You can handle that much. Think of it like that one arc in Yugioh where the gang got zapped into the digital world and Marik is just hanging out until they get back.
issue 1 page 6.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Another preview with Knuckles getting shocked? What's going on here?

I hope he is going to be okay.


The ultimate groin!

A tale of two Shadow?
At this point, couldn't they have tried to just stick back the two piece together, though?

Maybe it would have resulted in a too lanky Shadow and they didn't want that...

>What's going on here?
He met a new friend.

Shocking, isn’t it!
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Damn Blaze, why you have to do that.
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Amy's Family - Ch 2 - Pg 26
We can either be in denial aww, or be in complete distress with what reality is unravelling.
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Also, from the comment section on the previous page, in case you think this will be resolved any time soon.
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Some Bunnie Rabbot art.

I would think this is really cute but then I realize it’s not the real sonic. FUCK!!!!!!
IMG_9433.jpeg, 1436xNA, 1 times posted

I remember that from Sonic CD.
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Seeing we were dealing with a new continuity, I thought I would be done with this earlier, but it turns out it took me up until Conductor story-timed issue #275 for me to be done with my new batch for my
Archie Sonic: the complete and definitive reading order

Without any further ado, here it is.

-A tomorrower world
Sonic Universe #4
Sonic Universe #5
Sonic Universe #6
Sonic Universe #7
Sonic Universe #8

-Brace for some heavy weapon grade Irony
Sonic #201
Sonic #202
Sonic #203
Sonic #204
Sonic Universe #9
Sonic Universe #10
Sonic Universe #11
Sonic Universe #12
Sonic #205
Sonic #206
Sonic #207
Sonic #208
Sonic #209
Sonic Universe #13
Sonic Universe #14
Sonic Universe #15
Sonic Universe #16
Sonic #210
Sonic #211

-Enjoy it while it last
Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2010
Sonic #212
Sonic Universe #17
Sonic Universe #18
Sonic Universe #19
Sonic Universe #20
Sonic #213
Sonic #214
Sonic #215
Sonic #216
“Welcome Back, Chao!” from Sonic #217
Sonic Universe #21
Sonic Universe #22
Sonic Universe #23
Sonic Universe #24
Sonic #217 (minus “Welcome Back, Chao!”)
Sonic #218

-Like a nagging feeling...
Sonic #219 (minus “Sonic Colors”)
Sonic #220
Sonic #221
Sonic #222
Sonic Universe #25
Sonic Universe #26
Sonic Universe #27
Sonic Universe #28
Sonic #223
Sonic #224
Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2011
Sonic #225
Sonic Universe #29
Sonic Universe #30
Sonic Universe #31
Sonic Universe #32

-Wait, let's start over
Sonic #226
Sonic #227
Sonic #228
Sonic #229
“Sonic: Genesis Awakenings” from Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2012
“Haunted” from Sonic #231

Sonic #230 (minus “Sonic Generations”)
Sonic #231 (minus “Haunted”)
Sonic #232
Sonic Universe #33
Sonic Universe #34
Sonic Universe #35
Sonic Universe #36
Sonic #233
Sonic #234
Sonic #235
Sonic Universe #37
Sonic Universe #38
Sonic Universe #39
Sonic Universe #40
Sonic #236
Sonic #237
Sonic #238
Sonic #239
Sonic #240
Sonic Universe #41
Sonic Universe #42
Sonic Universe #43
Sonic Universe #44
Sonic #241
“Unfriendly Skies” from Sonic #242
Sonic Universe #46
Sonic Universe #47
Sonic Universe #48
Sonic Universe #49
Sonic #243
Sonic #244
Sonic #245
Sonic #246
Sonic Universe #50
Mega Man #23
Sonic #247

-Clean sweep
“Invaders From Beyond” from Sonic #191
“Sonic Unleashed” from Sonic #193
“Sonic Colors” from Sonic #219
“Time for a Comeback” from Sonic Super Special Magazine #3
Sonic Universe #45
Sonic #242 (minus “Unfriendly Skies”)
“Sonic Generations” from Sonic #230

-I'm a super fighting robot from the year 2010
Mega Man #24
Sonic Universe #51
Sonic #248
Mega Man #25
Sonic Universe #52
Sonic #249
Mega Man #26
Sonic Universe #53
Sonic #250
Mega Man #27
Sonic Universe #54
Sonic #251
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-A tomorrower world
With Eggman defeated, our heroes might finally get their peaceful future, or at least some version of them. But even then, few things are more fragile than good times. Let's take a look.

I decided to lump Sonic Universe #4 with this chapter, as I didn't want it to clutter the final of the previous chapter. It can more or less stand alone and it segway directly into 30YL. Other than that, it's quite straightforward.
2.jpg, 2731xNA, 1 times posted
-Brace for some heavy weapon grade Irony

Our heroes might have rested a little too much on their laurels, cause this might arguably be the crisis with the most wretched repercussions that could have been prevented with a bit of fore-thinking. But what is done is done and they will do their best to put an end to the great return of the Iron Queen. Also some purple guy.

It's nice to have the side-stories fit neatly in the continuity of the main storyline. Almost considered putting together the two parts of “Friend in Deed” but you can consider they happens simultaneously to the main story and I keep my priority to maintaining the issues whole if possible.

I put the Knuckles Universe arc right after so we remain with the Echidna. Everything else fly perfectly, continuity wise.
3.jpg, 1400xNA, 1 times posted
-Enjoy it while it last
If truly there was a golden age for the Freedom fighters, it would most likely be there. Our heroes enjoy some real happiness before things take a turn for the worse. Old flame reignited, honey moon journeyed, new friends found, treasure chase and friendly games of fisticuffs... Such good time can not last forever, enjoy it while it last...

While the Blaze arc interrupt the segway between issue #216 and #217, its nothing to really be bothered by and I prefer to put it where things are still light-hearted, before the Oil Ocean story, which has a conclusion ominous of things to come, so perfect to end that chapter. I obviously moved the “Welcome Back, Chao!” story before the Blaze Universe arc, as it is basically a prologue to it.
4.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
-Like a nagging feeling...
Make room for the real King, you know, the one who wanted to commit Robot-Genocide. He is better, now he just want to impose segregation. No? Well we'll settle that later. Meanwhile, a few lighter moment still prevail. They will be ruined fast. You take what you can get before a dark future happens. Like getting sent to jail. Or losing what you care the most in the world...

The end of the Dark Mobius make a direct reference to the first Genesis Wave event, so I put it as close to issue #226 without it interrupting an ongoing story. After #222 is the best fit.

Similarly, the whole prison arc start and end before the first Genesis Wave event end, according to Zonic, but the arc doesn't really spoil about what is actually going on, so I can put it right before #226. Good way to tease the readers before they get to actually read Sonic Genesis issues. There isn't really anywhere else to put it without creating an big disruption in the ongoing story.

You'll notice I also removed “Sonic Colors”, it'll be put somewhere else.
5.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
-Wait, let's start over
Have you ever thought to yourself "Maybe Archie Sonic is too complicated, let's have a clean state". No? Well too bad, Robotnik thinks otherwise. Fortunately, Sonic is still there to save the day. This time...

Straightforward, I added the “Sonic: Genesis Awakenings” text-stories right after, as they don't actually spoil the ending of #230. I hesitated to let “Haunted” in its own issue, but #230 itself directly make reference to the events of “Haunted” so I am putting it before #230.
6.jpg, 932xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic got 99 problems and Sally is most of them. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and it's now taking a turn for the worst. Friends lost, throne usurped, families torn down, faith in your own abilities and your own nature shattered, your own kind lost... But it's not like our Heroes ever give up. Can they prevail again? Shushhhh, it's a secret (knowing smile).

This one is a long chapter, but most issues can be kept whole and in their order. Here the mainline issues were written to make clear where the Babylon Rogues arc take place. It interrupt a bit the story, right after it was announced St John would be put on Trial, but it works nevertheless. I decided to put the Scrambled arc after issue #235. Snively is last seen still working for Robotnik in #234, but #235 serve as a good conclusion to the events of #234 and the best point to interrupt the story for the scrambled arc.

The secret Freedom Fighter Universe arc shouldn't start before the whole team is finally assembled and that means it can only take place after issue #240. Issue #241 serve as a good conclusion to it.

Now, the Chaotix arc is the most detached arc from the rest of the ongoing storyline, which meant I had to find a point where it was the less disruptive and right after #241 seems the best fit, as issue #243 to #246 form a whole story on its own. I hesitated to put “Unfriendly Skies” right after the Chaotix arc, as a sort of recap after the "detour" with the Chaotix, but a repetition of dialogues and scenery with “Unfriendly Skies” and #243 made me think the intermission would be best put between the two.

Sonic Universe #50 outright state it take place after #246, so there it goes. Mega Man #23 has Wily explicitly mentioning Ivo and taking an exit before the Genesis Wave fade out in white so I am including it in the list. SU#50, MM#23 and #247 all conclude with a Genesis Wave fading out in white so I am banding them together and I think it fit best to conclude with #247, this way we at least get the "conclusion" of Sonic retrieving Sally (as well as the actual explanation about the whole traitor deal, if anyone still care about that).

Sonic Generation was removed to be moved somewhere else. Speaking of...
7.jpg, 1032xNA, 1 times posted
-Clean sweep
What do you mean, it looks like I just threw together all the stories I couldn't fit anywhere else? No! It's the game continuity, according to the new realities created by our two favourite evil masterminds. See? It fit perfectly. All those stories predate the events of the crossover. Now enjoy your game ads and shut up!

Seriously, though, it actually fits. More or less. The crossover make several references to past events including some of the games who had got the "other time, other place" treatment in the comics. If they are going to fit somewhere, it's there. You'll notice the absence of the “Shattered Crystal Digital Comic” that I intent to put right before the first issue of the Sonic Boom comic.

One final note, I put the “Sonic Generations” story right before the start of the crossover. It's completely intentional and to make it fit with what we learn of the continuity in World Unite. You might not like it, but that's what the canon says things are.
8.jpg, 973xNA, 1 times posted
-I'm a super fighting robot from the year 2010
Sonic and Mega Man, the crossover to end all crossovers... Wait, that's world Unite. Never mind. It is nevertheless one of the best crossover ever made, panning 12 issues of constant fun and actions, with heroes and villain at their best. Now to just not ruin the final... Wait... No... Damn! Oh well, even if the ending leave a little sour taste, it's quite a treat to enjoy.

Easiest chapter I had to order. I'd say it was because it was a planned event with the whole arc planned issue by issue, but I won't be able to say the same about World Unite. I am looking at you, battles issues.

No, I didn't include all the previous Mega Man issues in this list. For the same reason I didn't include all the Sabrina the Teenage Witch issues either. This is an Archie Sonic comic list and it's already big enough as it is. It's not like the reading order of the previous Mega Man issues were hard to figure either.

And that's it, all the preboot issues are finally fully ordered the best they can be. More than a decade after it ended, it was about time. You are welcome. It was quite a journey, but it ain't over yet. But for now leave me with my melancholy and let me contemplate what has been lost...

But as always, if you spot mistakes or improvements that can be done, still do not hesitate to point it out to me.
Thanks for all the work anon.

Sad for Sally considering the circumstances, but at least we know it's a decision Sonic would make.
Too bad he's still stuck in the rape dungeon, although this makes me question if anybody has written and/or illustrated a fic or comic where all of Sonic's love interests fight over him.
Sally, Amy, Shadow, Surge, Blaze, Elise...etc
0.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
A trio of punting Sallies.
Just finished the crossover. That was fucking awful. What a MESS. All those characters appearing just to do NOTHING. Sticks getting all they prominence but she was unfunny as hell. Fuck her. Sonic and Rock “save” the day, and WORSE, they said they had the emeralds the entire battle. Making the other characters look useless. This IS the worst case of cheerleaders I’ve ever seen too and I thought gens annd frotniers was bad. And then Xander seriously undid everything and was the one to truly save the daylmao. Fuck this crossover. Bloated fucking mess.
Also my god, can people please stop replying to boco? They’re honestly just as retarded as he is to reply to him. God stop replying to shitposters, guys
MM 53 - 01.jpg, 1987xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #156
Mega Man #53-55, Sonic Boom #11, and Castaway

Can’t believe mega man ended like that. How sad
FvP-qqGXoAI6Kyu.jpg, 1388xNA, 1 times posted

And it's fancomic continuation seems to have stalled again. No posts this year so far.

Hope it comes out but who knows. Maybe you could ask them just to see how that’s going
IMG_9434.jpeg, 842xNA, 1 times posted
IMG_9437.jpeg, 1196xNA, 1 times posted

I'm not the type to contact people to ask about stuff.

That’s fine. You don’t have to.
you make one post about liking the bara physique and everyone thinks you're Rotor-bro.png, 1126xNA, 1 times posted

lmao, this isn't even the first time the janny's confused me with Rotor-bro!

I had my post deleted because I posted Rotor. He knows you weren't Rotor-anon. He just did it because he could get away with it.
Guess I better start doing the countdown. We're at 9 threads left.

Yeah, he's just being salty again. Probably because anons aren't paying enough attention to him. I wonder if he's mad the spoiler in my /co/cksluts post conveniently had the same width as a link to here?

I'll have to hunt down and upload all the incomplete final stories this weekend then! What were the Archie continuations you wanted collated again? I'll get those up on the website too

I have ASO, IIRC Sonic Retold needs to be resized, I haven't checked the pages I have. I need the Steel issues of Scourge Eternal Blackout. I have all of Heroes Come Back since that hasn't updated since we covered it. So just Retold and Scourge.

>ban request denied
Too bad, so sad!
Cool, I'll get those sorted then!

I've had that happen too.

It's kinda sad just how petty they can be. I do wonder if the mods get angry with them for making such frivolous requests?

>janny being petty asshole
No surprise there. If there’s anything to feel good about. Once we’re done with the specific Archie continuations, which won’t take long. We can move here to hang out and not need to deal with that insane special “friend” of ours. May be slower but personally I’m fine with that. Several people has had it out for us for years despite being harmless. I’m sick of that shit
I got a warning for the fat Guts Man post lol
Schizo was pretty quiet this thread so I didn't think there'd be so many deletions.
RIP Archie Mega Man
RIP Sonic Boom
Both good comics ended too soon by editorial malpractice, money burning via over-licensing and low sales.

And then there were two.

how did you even get that popup? I've never seen that on 4chan before.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to just posting here. I'll probably do the occasional storytime over there just to make more anons aware of here
Too hot for 4/co/!
It's another janny that has it in for Rotor-bro (and dislikes gayposting in general). I hope our dear schizo doesn't get jealous that we're seeing other jannies behind his back!
It's relatively rare to get a temporary block since it's supposed to be a tool of last resort for the jannies. I use 4chanX, which is a userscript that makes using 4chan almost bearable. It generates popups for bans, warnings and blocks whenever you try to post under those conditions. It also helpfully edits the post cooldown timer for blocks so you know exactly when to try posting again!

>It's another janny that has it in for Rotor-bro (and dislikes gayposting in general). I hope our dear schizo doesn't get jealous that we're seeing other jannies behind his back!
I didn't even know that. What a fun bunch of people moderating that site.
sas_you_re_toast_page_1_by_woforlife_dh094v7.jpg, 2474xNA, 1 times posted
So the artist for Sonic Adventure Soup realized that their Sonic Boom diversion was the best part of their comic and is expanding on it. Also, if you check their gallery... they've... been... thorough in visualizing things.

I started noticing when our schizo was busy shitting up other threads or was riding out a ban that the Rotor posts were still getting deleted. Other times our Schizo will be deleting posts but not bothering with the Rotor posts. Personally I think there's one janny that has a real hate-boner (or regular boner) for Rotor-bro
>Also, if you check their gallery... they've... been... thorough in visualizing things.
Wow, I thought you were talking about the chaos emerald tutorial. I was not expecting a 1:12 scale diorama of Amy's house!
nectar__the_world_before_76_by_icys_dh04p19-fullscreen.png, 828xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 76
So tsun!
egg_dimension_comic_pg_41_by_lonelybrowncow_dh05rmf-fullscreen.png, 828xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Pg 41
Now is not the time to be joking Sonic!

I still think it's weird (but also kinda sad) that some janny has a real hate boner for an IMO well spoken gay guy that just loves Rotor. Like he somehow really gets under his skin.
Like I think Rotor is a qtpie as well, specially that look he had during the very end of the preboot where he was more frizzy with those glasses and baseball cap.


Will you consider doing The Return of Mecha Sally too, even if its second book is not complete yet?

Not them but it’s not really a proper Archie continuation but more like a combination of stuff.

Honestly I'm not interested in doing that as part of the Unofficial Archie Ride but maybe I'll do the whole thing here one day.
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

It goes into alternate reality to set some stuff but it's via Zonic and it outright relies on the Mecha Sally arc as well as specifically issue #29 of Archie sonic

It does fuse all the alternate Sonics from other official continuities into a single one at some point, though.
Thinking about how Tails is supposed to be someone who goes off and do his own thing. But that will literally never actually happen despite all the bullshit of saying he’ll be better. Makes me sad.

I guess you could say the reason it doesn't really constitute a "continuation" is because it actually skip the resolution of the Mecha-Sally arc.

It might be an arbitrary rule, but having to complete that arc to qualify as actually being a continuation is a good enough guideline.
Super Sonic Transformation Animation

I sometimes get temporary blocks too but never seen one like that.

oh, ok, that explains it.
Thinking back of World Unite, the way most character handle the Reploids when they invade their world actually make them look decent to even great. But then they become completely useless once they are brought up. I think that's really what make you feels the missed potential.

Someday, maybe. Just need a huge Tails fan to join the upper ranks at Sega/SoJ and it will happen for sure
428709948_1168152271112160_3457457206257549313_n.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
428705496_1168152247778829_1299253311205158557_n.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

>when the box is more interesting than the content itself.

It's not like it's some impossible task to come up with something for Tails to do in a standalone game.
Stuff like Tail Concerto, Solatorobo and even FUGA are already games about animal people piloting robots and going on adventures.

Now that I think about it, a Tails game made by CC2 could be interesting.
another_overhead_shot_by_woforlife_dgvftcw.jpg, 4032xNA, 1 times posted

Okay this is SOUL content.
boom_amy_1_12_scale_house_model__exterior_by_woforlife_dgvqd94-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Honestly didnt even bother to glance at this until now. holy fuck, this is awesome.
sonic__tails__amy__and_shadow_colored_pencil_chart_by_woforlife_dftu7sp.jpg, 2314xNA, 1 times posted

Its not only the diorama part she's dedicated at, look at this huge text she wrote to talk about shading Sonic characters.

Just wow. this is actually commendable

That's some impressive craftmanship indeed.
STScI-01GYZAMVX05Y56EZW6NK93S2FQ_square.png, 3072xNA, 1 times posted
Random thoughts, but I think the source of all would've look better if it looked like liquid version of the night sky than the awkard piss yellow.
SU 79 - 01.jpg, 1987xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #157
Sonic Universe #79-82

How're you getting it to let you post? it won't even show the capcha for me with 4chanx up anymore and hell if I'm taking it down.

>most of the anons talking about everything but what was happening in the comic
Oh well. At least it's still relevant to the story and not a ghost town so the thread should hit bump limit eventually.

Tbh I don’t like weed hair hog and just couldn’t care that much for it.

Yes some anons made that abundantly clear quite a bit.
11170608c412c0f19c25c00cccf2f066.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

I'll admit that I contribute to that. but the postive thing i can say that I liked Silver having his own thing and cast away from the present cast, blaze in particular.

Crazy how the good future in the games is literally almost never seen or explore. just bad future at the very most.

Don't worry the next real game will have Silver kill Sage to ensure a good Egg-free future.

>/sthg/ gets to post fat Nicole ass and Mina underboob but anything mildly lewd on /co/ gets insta-deleted
/co/ really has some very special moderation team.

You can't just say that and not repost those images here.
d705kmm-9cca1559-b3df-450a-823f-0402f66ee2b3.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

can't believe they have several characters who could live to his time, but never show what they're up to. mainly because silver coming back means all the ones who could are fucking dead from some disaster silver has to save.

Like for fucks sake, give me a look into a normal future and show me what someone like Omega would be doing. Explore what he'd do after eggman is dead when that was the only thing he could think about. That's some real interesting shit I'd like to see.

>Giving Silver anything.
How about no.

I mean it could just be set in the future without silver there necessarily.

We need more Sol dimension than we need the future that'd both harder to develop and either 100% gone post apoc style or all sunshine and rainbows.

I guess you're right but I would like to see future omega personally

I highly doubt mister 1 personality trait has anything interesting going on.
i_never_thought_id_get_this_far.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

I mean, i like to think you can do something with what he would do after his goals were achieved after hyper focusing on one thing but I guess that just literally me who wants that. but whatever

>just literally me who wants that
Yes, yes it is.

sonicxsally__sally_moon_and_tuxedo_sonic_by_midnight_mochi_1998_dh0d6qy-fullview.png, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
mama_rabbit_by_kieranharris_dh05hou.gif, 768xNA, 1 times posted
issue 5 page 23.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 5 Page 23

AI Sally knows all of the Freedom Fighters’ moves. She’s now in control of the swatbots. So that makes things much more difficult for our heroes. Also, Sonic wanted to get Sally back as soon as possible. Well, here’s a Sally. Just not the one he wanted.
shipping by gonerboy.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Baited.jpg, 393xNA, 1 times posted

This will be useful hee hee

But damn, those words were kinda hurtful. Even worse that it's coming from a copy of his gf.
gold_the_tenrec_in_secret_freedom_fighters_uniform_by_endercatagz_dey8swp.jpg, 720xNA, 1 times posted

Not feeling it with this SFF look for her.

It's too busy, needs to be more simple

Yeah, Tails quite literally works for anything because of how versatile his skills are. On paper, he's super genius capable of building almost anything, on top of also being a flying speedster. All while being 8 years old. The potential man pic ain't exactly lying lmao. But yeah, he does fit quite the variety of gameplay styles, like how his SA1/SA2 gameplay is the exact opposite. I say fuck it and make Tails rts with his own robo army.

Sonic, don't fist the robo-chipmunk

Sorry, I stayed out of thread mostly cause had morning driving practice but had to do my mandatory Silver dunking after the issues

Domestic abuse from a robot doppelgänger is still domestic abuse
The last ride made me sleepy. I only finished reading because I liked the Second Devourer's design and wanted to see how Silver would win.

>fat Nicole ass and Mina underboob
You can't just say that and not share here...

Enjoy your bootleg Sally, Sonic.
issue 6 page 6 and 8.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
A Tale of Two Villains.

Battle Kukku XV is giving a poor rimjob and Eggman is not happy.

Battle Kuku really is one of the best c-list villains in the franchise

Publication order be damned, I think this arc wold be better if it was read before World Unite and before Silver's first appearance in the reboot.

Have you seen this already, conductor?
Amy is actually helping set the mood.

That's the whole problem with Silver. (And, frankly, Blaze). They're designed as protags for their own stories but don't have the support to tell those stories. What even is a good future for Silver? All he has is "time lost asshole trying to fix something while being manipulated." so there's no real place for him to go once that wears thin.

The idea of making the future, or the Sol Dimension, interesting places to visit and explore is a good one but genuinely difficult with how Sega wants the franchise to work. It's wild how many one off places in Mario could be visited again easily because of just a bit more care in the subtle setting building.
51uJNH9ZjML._AC_UF894,1000_QL80_.jpg, 894xNA, 1 times posted

Thinking about it. I think this applies to Shadow as well with how much shilling he's gotten. Obviously supposed to be big but when you really think about it. What exactly does he have? Like that new game of his is literally just a retread of stuff he already went through, and bad guys he killed. So in the present, there's nothing.
He doesn't have anything and can't because he lives in the same time as Sonic. As Sonic always saves the day. And to think even more. Shadow's character makes it really impossible to give him his own cast as he likes being alone. Even for Rouge and Omega, they're not always gonna hang out with that off putting edge lord and just hang out with each other.

Shadow, Silver, and Blazes biggest problem is that they have to exist in Sonic's series where everything revolves around him.

I liked that Archie Roll had no time for anyone's bullshit, be it both of her brothers, the Emerald Spears or Wily.

Didn’t expect to like roll in the comic as much as I did. She’s really cute!

He's fun but underused. At least he and the BBA get one more use in the Archie Ride.
Yeah it's weird. Seems like they needed to hastily set up something for Silver to do to get him in the event and Evan got to show what happened before it.
I did before going to sleep. Was going to do something when I woke up but it looks like it was taken care of.
She was fun and helpful and provided a lot of heart to the story.

Sega and Sonic team are pretty weird and constantly at odds with their own ends, so I choose to blame them.
They want to have Knuckles show up, but they don't have an explanation for why he's not guarding the master emerald, and refuse to give him one. Heck people complain about Shadow, but Knuckles hasn't had anything longer than he has, as a Zoomer all I really know him as from personal experience is "That guy that stands next to Sonic"
And of course, Shadow doesn't have anything, not even any friends, because that's the way Sega wants to write him. Despite still pairing him up with Rouge and Omega in spin offs and promotional materiel despite Sega wanting Rouge to be more of a Sonic focused character. Sonic and Shadow don't even have any particular relationship between mutual antagonism, why does Shadow even give a shit about the blue blur?

>but it looks like it was taken care of.
I am glad that's the case.

It's 100% their fault for characters to be sidelined and relegated to cheerleaders for Sonic.

To be a bit fair on the shadow thing, he's naturally anti-social so he wouldnt want friends really and his team ups are strictly business

>They want to have Knuckles show up, but they don't have an explanation for why he's not guarding the master emerald
I mean before Frontiers made him a crybaby about it. Knuckles just went out fine. To me, that always told me that he got out of being an extreme hermit who could spare time to go on adventures and chill to then return to his job afterwards
tumblr_rs58fndnX21zienbz.mp4, 960xNA, 1 times posted
d7gadq5-17e37ff1-6103-4675-ae25-91cb07a22d63.png, 744xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 1342xNA, 1 times posted
1709837119150016.jpg, 1770xNA, 1 times posted
turtle_power_page_153_by_okida_dh0m0rn(CUnet)(noise_scale)(Level0)(x2.000000).jpg, 1378xNA, 1 times posted
Turtle Power Page 153
I'm sure someone will want to fuck him.

ugly motherfucker

>abt and evan on art duty for today's issues
Some damn good art along with lots of titty and thiccness today!

Aleah's writing as well right ?
StH 276 - 01.jpg, 1987xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #158
Sonic #276-279
iimb_issue_1_page_8_by_didichan001_dggf76b (1).png, 1334xNA, 1 times posted
iimb_issue_1_page_9_by_didichan001_dh0nqq5 (1).png, 1334xNA, 1 times posted
GICVzKpXkAAOiKm.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
lil_biter_by_ssaanaa_dh0k9k0.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
tails yardley.jpg, 1606xNA, 1 times posted

F2-X_kGWsAEMMcG.jpg, 2826xNA, 1 times posted

>Akira Toriyama is dead
Damn, how they must feel
tundra_sonic_channel_by_adambrycethomas_da3ee15-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

This time, I didn't go to sleep in the middle, but it was still a teeny bit boring. More exciting than Silver's little story.

The Tundra reveal, for example, could've been more climactic, for sure. In fact, I think the lead up, could've been at least one entire issue.

Tails making the atomic bomb I can believe but getting bitches? Bit unrealistic

Ian please
Someone mentioned it but I feel the crossover kinda ruined that
Alright, which one of you started a Xander Payne thread?

That crossover ruined and fucked up a lot, it really was a waste of time even if it had some fun moments

Did Shadow get fucking Gojo'd?

Make it stop.

Conductor, just to point out how unhinged Rapeape (the head admin in charge of 4chan) and his clique are, they're currently deleting threads talking about Toriyama's death on /v/ despite the fact he contributed to JRPG's as a whole and have been deleting actual vidya threads for while as well. Meanwhile, constant AI spam, porn, and twitter politics are left out in the open and untouched.

I think this level of autism is almost comparable to the guy who developed a whole fucking language for his Sonic AU.

No surprise. /v/ is shit because moderation is ass backwards.

I find it really funny that this Eggman hated Metal's snarky personality enough to dumpster his mind and original programming, but is content with having AI Sally be not only fully self-aware, but really articulate too unlike Mecha Sally who was only somewhat better than the standard roboticized puppet.

Not just /v/, but everywhere at this point. RapeApe is a /pol/fag of the worst order and wants to turn the entire site into a vehicle for political outrage bait and shitposting, regardless of how damaging it is to the site as a whole or the various board topics. It's why Pixy and ABIB have their staff positions, and why psychos like guy, Horrorfag, and other such nutcases not only never get banned but you can get yourself banned if you report them.

4chan has long since died at this point, as far as I'm concerned.

Metal Sonic annoyed him with the puns and zoomerspeak. That's not a problem with AI Sally because she's compliant and competent. Also, Eggman would enjoy having a Metal Tails. A robot apprentice that would follow him and be in awe of his accomplishments. Then Metal Tails gets too ambitious and finds Eggman inferior and you know what that leads to.

Yeah it seems the boards I check out the most are just shitposting and outrage bait. At first I thought the mods were spread too thin and can't get everything but after seeing what's deleted and what rarely if ever is, it's obvious what they want and probably even encourage.

Jesus Christ. That is fuck

Excuse me? Which AU

He's just like me fr fr. Wouldn't "Prowerheimer" fit better tho?

Not me, but I'm having fun with it!
And here I thought ABIB was the salty one!
>ass backwards
Hey, you leave the vidja butts poster out of this! They add a much-needed sense of class to the /v/ catalog
tumblr_9ed30a092e2d008a7259ae18c09c67b8_3b863b36_2048.jpg, 1980xNA, 1 times posted

Infested 1-30
Personally I think Rouge needs more head floof
amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_27_by_princessgalaxia9_dh0n1l9-fullview.png, 828xNA, 1 times posted

Amy's Family - Ch 2 - Pg 27
Imagine if someone kidnapped Robo-Sonic and replaced him with a robot duplicate!

Don't remember the exact name, but we covered it way back - its the one where Sonic and Tails enter another world populated primarily by bird mobians.

Vidya butts poster isn't even a person though, thirstposter. They're a bot whose algorithm is breaking down.

This one?
He's real to me ;_;
0.jpg, 648xNA, 1 times posted

That's our Chaos!

Hey, it's updating again. And this Amy seems more characterised like Boom Amy.

His theme song at least is very real.
18 Vidya Butts Poster - From the Boards - /v/ the Musical X

>Toriyama's death

Fuuuuuuuuuck... He wasn't that old, come on.

Next page might even tell us what Rouge actually know.

I wonder if Amy actually got here to talk to him or if it's just a visual effect of her trying to contact him through radio.

How the fuck do we get rid of RapeApe?

I can't even post images at /v/, it permanently gives me a "your IP has been blocked from posting images due to abuse" message. It used to be that I could reset my IP once or twice to get around it, but there's just no point in it any more. /v/ is text only as far as I'm concerned.

He was 68, which is plenty old.

/co/ is not much better, the My Life Me thread gets deleted even when there are like a dozen other outright porn threads in the catalog.
0.png, 544xNA, 1 times posted
RIP, Toriyama, you were like a (not so) secret father to Sonic.
On the topic of Toriyama: Konductor, I've uploaded an ongoing comic called Sonic vs Goku. There's about 100 pages so far:

An instant improvement! I hate Funkopops so much, they're genuinely one of the few things that make me seethe with rage
It's probably the cloudflare captcha (that runs before the regular captcha). Try disabling the userscript temporarily or use the [original form] up the top of a page. Sometimes it helps if you visit the home page and click the dialogue thing that pops up
Poor Sonic ;_;
He's the angriest bird™, hew hew!
That song is so cool!
Hiro, the new(ish) owner likes him so he won't be out until the site changes hands again. Of course, being supreme janny probably doesn't lend itself to the healthiest of lifestyle choices. Assuming he's around Moot's age and obese, he's got around 5-7 years left. Less if he's a heavy drinker and smokes
twitter_@KAD_Productions_20240116-185039_1747330539642605646.jpg, 1023xNA, 1 times posted

>I've uploaded an ongoing comic called Sonic vs Goku
Whoops, I meant uploaded to the mega. Here's a smug Sonic since I can't into wordz
Hot_Coffee_full_comp1.png, 1751xNA, 1 times posted

Here, you can have this as a gift thirsty.
I don't have any bara, sorry.

I don’t know why some people creamed themselves over this mid comic.
IMG_9446.jpeg, 961xNA, 1 times posted
1709897315824621.jpg, 1344xNA, 1 times posted
Guys I need help confirming something. Did Tania del Rio make this Sabrina manga after she designed Lynx Nicole, or before that ?
0.png, 924xNA, 1 times posted
>Seeing the Super form for the first time
One thing that kinda disappointed me in the comic was that the first time he turns Super, it's just treated like a normal thing. How would you treat Sonic becoming Super for the first time, if you could rewrite it?

(don't know why he has green eyes, here).

To me, it seemed to imply Sonic has done it before so thats why they didnt get so freaked out about it
Check this out guys. It's awesome
I made a proof-of-concept for an E-102 Gamma game

>Best characterization of Lanolin!
>Coffee addiction is cool!
>Better than IDW!
>I like how ABT writes the characters, they have more of a distinct voice.
Of course it's still shit, being better than IDW and having stronger character voice than Ian isn't hard, Lanolin shouldn't exist in the first place, ABT is making IDW even worse with his soulless 3d model traced art, and it's in a soon to be dead comic series about character we'll hopefully never see again due to how dog shit they are.
The "best" thing that has come out of IDW is the concepts of the Impostors but they're only slightly less bad than the rest of the shit.
Good thing IDW is going under and we'll never see any of them again.

Always nice to get a little extra ABT! It's interesting how the IDW characters seem to be developing their own personalities outside of the official comics that are different to the official ones. I wish he'd do this sketchy look instead of the weird 3d look he does in the comics. Giant head Shadow is cute, cute!
It's the only official unofficial comic for IDW (that I know of). Personally I find it funny how they're both acting like weirdos in their own way over coffee
She worked on it before and after that Sonic issue. If you know which one has that not-Nicole, you can find out here:
I think the not-super transformation in SatAM and in the second movie got it mostly right. Right now, Super Sonic is mostly treated as the beat Eggman plot device, but neglects the healing/creation aspect. (Game) Sonic is either relaxing in tranquil locations or going on an adventure and saving the day and I think the super state should reflect both of these aspects of Sonic.

The chaos emeralds are at their core wish granting devices and wishes always reflect the personality and emotional state of the person (hence why Chaos turns into a monster whereas Sonic turns into a shinier, faster version of himself). Incorporating healing of the landscape allows the audience to see that Eggman can't even score a Pyrrhic victory over Sonic by destroying the local environment, and better shows the part of Sonic that wants to enjoy nature as it is, as well as the part that wants to save the day.

As for how I'd write it in the games. We see Sonic restore South Island with 6 chaos emeralds in S1, so S2 really should've had him call on the emeralds in the same way during the Death Egg fight, only this time he'd transform since he had all 7. They'd then have a cool fight like in the second movie or the opening cutscene of Unleashed, but then he'd use the powers to clean up Eggman's mess on Westside Island (the Chemical Plant, etc) before touching down near Tails and the Tornado and depowering. It's important to show that Sonic only maintains the super state until the threat is over since he's not the sort of person to seek power
super_sonic_by_ry_spirit_d8dk7mg-375w.jpg, 373xNA, 1 times posted

I dont like lanolin much myself but you should calm down a bit lol.
TBH Super Sonic has been the the beat Eggman/Monster plot device since Adventure. Also it may seem bit of a hot take but kinda of not a fan of the implications that positive power is more strong than Negative with how they say it only gets it real power with good thoughts. Makes the chaos emeralds an inherently good thing instead of the more neutral thing they should be imo. Negative energy should be just as equal and powerful and so people feeling bad would power that too.

>but then he'd use the powers to clean up Eggman's mess on Westside Island (the Chemical Plant, etc)
Just so you know, that's not a bad idea at all. It's simple but absolutely work with the character. I might even steal it, if you don't mind.
9b508784b70f386fb7bde118140f40a9.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
sticks_compilation_by_themonstersbride_dbfgvg4.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah, you could even argue it started with S3&K. I completely agree about the positive/negative thing and headcanon it as more of a desire scoping thing. Chaos technically made a negative wish in that he wanted enough power to exact revenge on the Knuckles clan (and later to regain that power) whereas Sonic made a positive wish in that he wanted enough power to save the day. Sonic's wish is only more powerful because it has a grander scope and because he's the most adept chaos energy user/has a stronger will.

The type of emotion doesn't really matter, so long as it allows the user to focus their willpower. The Eclipse Canon is much more powerful than Perfect Chaos and it's essentially Gerald's proxy super transformation that wishes for the world's destruction. It's unclear if Super Sonic and Super Shadow would've been able to block a shot from a fully powered Eclipse Canon. That said, the emeralds are faintly sentient and have their own agenda. At the very least they clearly like Sonic more than anyone else

Thanks! I'm totally fine with you stealing it!

I can just imagine Bell riding out on a little tricycle!

>00:06 seconds left
>Public venue
>Shadow already tanked a saw
>Her fate is in the hands of two zero IQs
>Sonic nowhere to be seen
Rip rouge
if-the-powers-of-super-sonic-can-be-able-to-grant-wishes-v0-mc4110d9kmdb1.jpg, 602xNA, 1 times posted

For that Eclipse Canon thing, it wasn't really wishing there. It was just using them as their most basic at a unlimited power source for something like a battery, which anyone could do.
> t's unclear if Super Sonic and Super Shadow would've been able to block a shot from a fully powered Eclipse Canon
Personally, I think that would be one of the few things that could really fuck them up. That thing pierces stars if it wanted.
>At the very least they clearly like Sonic more than anyone else
Only cuz he's the main character lol.

But on the thoughts to power thing. I really think the Sonic 2 movie did that the best at showing it. With Eggman going super doing what he wants, and Sonic using that power to save his family, and literally willing a chili dog into existance. Even for a gag, it really does show how powerful it could be than just ramming into something to beat it.
1574940672443.png, 745xNA, 1 times posted
images (12).jpeg, 341xNA, 1 times posted
Now I keep thinking of Lien Da blackmailing Clove with sexual favors because of that anon.
shock_and_awe___issue_2__page_130_by_underworldcircle_dh0tgga-375w-2x.jpg, 620xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 1582xNA, 1 times posted
>To be honest, Dragon Ball never did much for me, but I appreciate Toriyama’s immense skill and I certainly can’t say he and his art didn’t have its impact on my life and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone anywhere who could say otherwise. Very very few will ever be his equal.

i guess it sucks this guy died but i honestly cant give that much a fuck. it's a personal thing but people die every day for me to care.

Ah, it looks like they have told the whole story to Silver, which means that we can now be back to busi
>how about some more exposition?
Drats. Well, it's about Nicole, so I'll forgive it, this time.

underworldcircle seriously needs to to reevaluate some things about their comic

Remember. 21 issues and we're still on issue 2. But at least it's updating. Still waiting on Sonic Reminiscing and its 20+ issues to start.

Jeez, really?

Yup! Shock and Awe already have summaries of every issue so you can find out what happens and how it ends. The artist for Sonic Reminiscing had a picture with the scripts for all the issues.

This guy really plans ahead doesn’t he
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog #2 page 8.png, 1450xNA, 1 times posted

The Shock and Awe summaries are found in each folder on their DA page and the Sonic Reminiscing stuff was posted by Thirstposter. This also includes that language they came up with for the comic.


Only noticing now that Frostbitewhiteknight went with the separate eyes design.
0.png, 2600xNA, 1 times posted
Posting this here from one of the 4chan thread before the image get deleted.
dh0s80t-d5e9dc17-762f-41cd-aea6-6b665ac71cbd.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
From the artist that did those horny Bible verses where Silver and Blaze, a pairing that everyone loves, are all lovey dovey and fucking all the time.

>Horny bible verses

2024-totoya-toriyama.png.b038f92e1bb806d19e13e4ea3bfa3d78.png, 1240xNA, 1 times posted

This one doesn't even have its image broken yet.
cassia_bunnie_edit.jpg, 1060xNA, 1 times posted
This looks like banner worthy material.
What if it had more racks lined up on the right ?
And no Cheek tufts!
0.png, 508xNA, 1 times posted
Okay, beyond the design, I have to point that Lupe was downgraded from being a leader with her own cell of Freedom fighters who later get find out by Sally and put their ressource together to defeat Eggman, to an helpless wolf who couldn't do anything until Sally and her team came to her rescue and couldn't do anything until the OG FF showed them how to fight back.

I am lucky that she has never been an really important character to me even though I still appreciate her), because otherwise, I would be fucking furious.
BunnieRabbot.jpg, 677xNA, 1 times posted
Damn, a shame I had to miss last thread, I had a screening call for a job in the morning so I went to bed early.

Still going to post this, courtesy of /co/, from a drawthread.


Dragon Ball ain't my favorite anime/manga but I still like it and respect its massive influence. That's a really cute tribute from Tails' creator, always knew Tails had a bit of Gohan in him, is cool to know that Sonic and Tails relationship was based on one of my favorite things from all Dragon Ball. Now that I think about it I can't remember if I was a Sonic or DBZ fan first when I was kid. What a loss, here in Mexico they have been blasting DBZ songs non-stop in the radio.
SU 83 - 01.jpg, 1985xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #159
Sonic Universe #83-86

The only way aside from waiting until Hiro sells the site off to someone unwilling to tolerate a psychotic /pol/fag in charge would simply be to dox him. But given 99% of the people shitting up the site don't know or don't care that they're pawns for RapeApe and his goons to ruin the site, that's never happening.

I was not sleepy for this at all! It was lots of fun!
Found a Blaze fan comic. And this one was updated last month.

>Draws Silvaze
At least the author is doing something with the Sol Dimension, but I can't call them a true Blaze fan and they should get better taste.

Am I a true Blaze fan if I just like her flat chest and massive forehead?
1709778579650978.png, 2434xNA, 1 times posted

sticks_summer_fishing_by_sparkydb_demsf63-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

You have to hate Silver as well.

That leaf is in the shape of Silver's weed hair, this image is flawed.
cream_and_kitsunami_by_melodyclerenes_dh0l376.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

>rosemary thread
>nicole thread
I'm seeing a pattern here. Will deroboticized Bunnie get a thread too?
bunnie 52.jpeg, 1383xNA, 1 times posted

Deroboticized Bunnie feels really wrong to me.
It's almost as if Tails got one of his tails removed.
nectar__the_world_before_77_by_icys_dh0sf9d-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_1b50335d8a703497d622f2199d2ae883_fa788e47_2048.jpg, 1999xNA, 1 times posted

So many magical macguffins! Cover B is a stand-in for now until a zine releases
egg_dimension_comic_pg_42_by_lonelybrowncow_dh0x9nj-fullview.png, 828xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Pg 42
The tone of this comic is giving me whiplash

The sheer truth this radiates really is funny, I can’t thank enough whoever made this for bluntly putting how it be. Though I sometimes feel bit mean ragging on Silver and what not

The time to make the Mordred Hood thread shall soon be ripe

Bit annoyed slept in and missed first half but quickly caught up, enjoyed comic and did my thoughts on the best Egg Bosses, Ahklut and Mordred, though still prefer preboot Hood.

Well that Rosemary thread turned to shit quickly, I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but wasn’t expecting to go in that direction

Why deroboticized Bunnie specifically?

>For that Eclipse Canon thing, it wasn't really wishing there. It was just using them as their most basic at a unlimited power source for something like a battery, which anyone could do.
Yeah, the prevailing theory is simple machines can just extract energy (Eclipse Canon, the Tornado/Crashnado) and more complex machines can obtain some sort of super state (Mecha Sonic II, Metal Overlord). Personally, I think the Eclipse Canon is the physical specification of Gerald's wish whereas Sonic, Chaos, etc mentally specify their wish. Essentially, he made a giant laser-shaped thing with chaos emerald slots that say "unlimited energy goes in here, death laser goes out here." This is all headcanon, but I think it wouldn't be able to fire using a conventional energy source because it's actually a mechanical placebo (i.e., it works because Gerald believes it does). Sonic Team probably weren't going for that, although they do like including fringe science in their work (Metal Sonic is powered by an orgone engine)
>Personally, I think that would be one of the few things that could really fuck them up. That thing pierces stars if it wanted.
Yeah, my guess is it's actually the most powerful force in the games in terms of raw power
>Only cuz he's the main character lol.
That too!
>But on the thoughts to power thing. I really think the Sonic 2 movie did that the best at showing it. With Eggman going super doing what he wants, and Sonic using that power to save his family, and literally willing a chili dog into existance. Even for a gag, it really does show how powerful it could be than just ramming into something to beat it.
Exactly! Robotnik was able to will a giant mech into existence but Sonic's feat of creating edible food from nothing is actually far more impressive
I love Dandi's artstyle but I wish he'd draw more older characters like Sonic and Knuckles, or at least twinkify the other characters
>Jules is 40
Prime DILF age! Don't believe Dr House's lies, he should actually be using the cane in his left hand
I really need to move to a new host ;_;
Hope it went well!
I'm actually surprised some pissed off anon hasn't doxed him yet

That Eclipse cannon idea actually is genuinely really fascinating and interesting

>Hope it went well!
So far, so good.
0.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Tails! Are we going to have this discussion again?

Thanks! I got the idea from reading some pseudoscience thing a while back (or maybe it was from the TV show Fringe). The idea is you can build a device like a radio with knobs, dials, and an antenna but not actually put any electronics inside of it. If you gave it to someone without telling them it's empty it would still work because it's running off their expectations, not electronics. We actually see Shadow and Espio hacking computers by karate chopping them in StH and it only works because that's how they think computers work
Glad to hear!
If Flynn won't allow Tails a waifu, he'll build his own!

Ha suppose that makes sense, actually also in a way makes the Chaos Emeralds more powerful and impressive of they themselves on their own are doing it with the Eclipse Canon merely being a way for Gerald to rationalise their power being able to project on such a scale

Yeah, I've always seen Gerald (and Eggman!) as at least a little unhinged, and while they're traditional scientists, they're not above making use of pseudoscience to further their goals. Probably the biggest evidence for this theory is the Gaia Temples. They're just a bunch of rocks that are shaped like temples/parts of a mecha with Chaos Emerald slots. There's no way they should be able to Voltron into a giant mecha, and yet they do!

I was also thinking that the teleporters and Sky Sanctuary's levitation is powered by the same mechanism. The ancient Echidna built them out of rocks but in a way that represented teleportation or levitation to them, although those are powered by the Master Emerald. They probably got the idea when Chaos/Tikal used the ME to pull the island up into the sky.

My guess is it was Tikal's wish for Chaos to be sealed away and for the ME to be out of reach of people who would misuse it. That manifested in the island floating but also creating a sense of duty/instinct in the remaining Echidna to protect the ME. We'll probably never know what actually happened though

Shit, all that’s canon to me now with how good it is, thanks dude as that is some genuinely good ideas

Feel free to use it if you like! Some day I'll write up all these theories, along with my take on the geography and history of Sonic's world based on the little snippets of information we do have

Funny enough working on Bio for Sonic in my au, both want it to have solid info to show what it has from main setting and what is some what different while not being to wordy. Though i worry about balancing what has happened in games or comics with original concepts or ideas I have

Going off Frontiers. Sky sanctuary is implied to be the ancients doing as their tech was found plus they’re known for those floating structures too. Wouldn’t even be surprised if the Gaia temples were too. Since all their tech is designed around chaos emeralds and the temples go really well with them. Ayy lmao behind every thing

why the fuck do they make hope look like that. I'd love to like this comic but the design is almost fetishistic in its ugliness.

Supposedly to make her more like eggman. I can forgive it slightly since the game is actually good and I like the way they write her.

thank god there's one reasonable source for everything cool in sonic now and the elemental gods that were thematic of every 3d sonic game are now just weird robots.

We've seen that everyone in her family doesn't look like that. Come on. It's ugly fetisihsm.
0.png, 640xNA, 1 times posted

Is sky sanctuary still supposed to be a sort of "satellite" floating close to Angel island, as some sort of detached part of it, or has Sega changed the lore since then?

They pulled the same shit years earlier with e Babylon rogues, with them and their shit being ayy lmao
I guess. But the comic is still good to me so whatever
Still seems to be a satellite that follows it too. Just now that it’s alien made and so are the altars. So Gerald recreating that one in the ark was him recreating an alien structure
Thinking about your head canon with geral powering it, meaning even if dead his presence was strong enough to power it

I still love how it is canon that every bird mobian is descended from aliens, like it’s oddly specific but also just really fun as a universe detail

Yeah I actually like that because it's weird and new instead of "everytihng are these one guys, you've solved it, and they're all dead".
aaron-hammerstroms-recent-artwork-of-the-babylon-rogues-in-v0-wfq0w15yyd291.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

The movies too had an easteregg where babylonian text was found in the owl's temple. Hinting at their being a connection and possibly being a splinter group. Which would be really fun to later see develop if the Rogues appear so Sonic and Jet's rivarly would be a bit deeper.

Speaking of movie lore, I've been thinking about how the movies' version of Gerald creating Shadow will go. Like the part about Black Doom visiting him was be the same. but what about Geralds decision to make Shadow a hedgehog? and where the hell would he have gotten mobian hedgehog DNA from?

So far, I'm thinking he found some warp rings to travel and encounter the mobians, to explain where he got that dna part from. Not only that, but im guessing he'll find some ancient ruins explaining about the ultimate lifeform looking like those guys specifically. Just really excited and hoping they explain that, espically since in the movie universe, since mobians aren't native to earth. There has to be a reason and how he would have aquired that specific genetic material to later combine with black arms.
1709991803071570.png, 1248xNA, 1 times posted

I went to sleep just before the guy decided to have a melty and kill the thread, things were mostly chill, discussing Tails and self-insertion but that obviously pissed him off, what bitch lmao
bunnie.jpg, 488xNA, 1 times posted

The theme is furry female feet. Technically Bunnie is always barefoot.

They've shown other family members. They all have that nose. Even Maria does but she's skinny.
24.jpg, 1999xNA, 1 times posted
26.jpg, 1249xNA, 1 times posted

Maria scare.

>Tails and self-insertion
That's the schizo's usual thing. The thread was doomed at that point.

I really like this depth given to hope. People will call her the maria stand in but this right here is something I wish was in archie even if she was fine and had her own thing. Ties well with Shadow just wanting to be himself too instead of being compared to another. I love it
Screenshot_20180707-080018.png, 1433xNA, 1 times posted

Bates really said, "Gonna make you all look at her bunny feet whether you like it or not!"
Let me guess, that one guy with a hate boner for Sonic was there
Tailsfags get the rope

Yeah, I was able to strike a decent convo with another anon but then the guy came and went meltdown mode. Game was rigged from the start.

Fool! A noose won't stop the madness

>Fool! A noose won't stop the madness

That sounds like a great movie line.
0.jpg, 4025xNA, 1 times posted
>see this
Hey, not bad, quite a beautiful lineart with an unique style and take on Sally
>click to look at the rest of the artist's gallery
>it's nothing but AI generated art
I am confus. What the actual fuck?
they said it was done with clip studio paint, but could this lineart also be AI generated? I don't think so. And the style is so different than all the stuff they generate...
Maybe I am overthinking this, but I think it doesn't do the artist any service to drown their own art under a flood of generic AI looking image.
0.png, 5500xNA, 1 times posted
Jester Sonic has definitely awaken something in a lot of people in the fandom.

This reminds me of a fanfiction idea I had, where the designation "Ultimate Lifeform" project had been a thing every major civilization in Sonic's world has attempted, but every time it ends up wiping out their society.
The Echidna's made Chaos, the Babylonians Ifrit, humanity made Shadow, the Ancients made The End... etc

Neat! I like it

>maria stand in
Which will always be funny because she appeared in Archie months before Sonic Adventure 2 came out. You could say Maria was made first since games take years to make but Archie beat Sega to the punch, likely not knowing about Maria. And I do like anything that talks about the Robotnik family.

I like how bollers even made that connection when he first saw her but it is funny she came out first.
the cosmic ballet goes on.jpg, 480xNA, 1 times posted

>another tails thread
>more talk about self inserters
The cosmic ballet goes on.

I like to imagine Ian is behind them for the lols.

Hope being an echo Maria in looks adds to her. Shadow feeling conflicted seeing someone that reminds him of his dead sister. And Hope being compared to Maria.

The only notable "tailsfag" I see on /co/ is the schizo that would occasionally spam Tails /ss/ porn in the Unofficial threads. And then there's the times he would pretend to be a tailsfag and argue with people and then get them banned. If he doesn't make a Tails thread then he'll be the one that turns it to shit.

Yeah being for real, that guy is schizo cunt. Always bad when he appears in the threads

I could help and turn the Tails thread into something good like the last time I did it with the Prime/Tails thread that lasted for days. But I'm feeling lazy at the moment, and it takes a bit of work to create engagement. Not wanting to babysit a thread right now. Maybe if is still up when I wake up from my nap.

I wouldn't worry about it.
I wonder if the Surge feet thing is a new schizo tactic or just someone else causing trouble. I usually wait until new behavior transitions into the usual schizo routine.

It's that surgefag who likes to start shit
angry_sonic_video_game_player_by_classicsonicsatam_dezbw48-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

>buy legacy collection because of how much I enjoyed the mega man comics
>play elec man stage
>get ass kicked by him and die instantly
I hate him so much. They weren't kidding about the difficultly.

I'm pretty sure the schizo already realized that bringing up Tails is the golden bait, because there are a few people that will always bite.
The people writing essays about Tails porn in random /co/ threads and him deserve each other.

>things were mostly chill, discussing Tails and self-insertion
So you write a bunch of essays malding over Tailsfags who drew Tails with Sally, and expect noone to shittalk you back, including the schizo?
I’m counting the years until you realise the schizo doesn’t argue with themself, it’s always just one of you Sonicfags being so pathetic with your whiney essays that you basically invite him over

>Desuarchive's search backend unavailable

Is it just a maintenance issue ?
StH 280 - 01.jpg, 1988xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #160
Sonic #280-283

Lmao why you on the defense force for an annoying asshole? He’ll come into a Sonic thread regardless to shit it up regardless, besides it’s an easy thing to talk about anyway since it’s such an exclusive phenomena to them and it’s not like it wasn’t irrelevant since was a thread about his mother while he started seething at Sonic/Sonic fans pointlessly

Drawing porn is not an exclusive phenomena to anyone, and writing essays gossiping about Tailsfags obviously will shit up a thread because you’re stirring the pot over something so petty.
You’ve complained again and again about tails and sally porn well enough already. If you keep doing it then you’re just as guilty for shitting up threads while seething about Tails/Tails fans

I didn’t even write essays, I just joked about it when he brings up Sonicfans like clockwork, wanna get mad at anyone do it the rest of the dead thread latching onto the topic or him bringing up raped animals as a cheap gotcha, i’ve not even complained about that thing in detail for a year

Not me this time, no point about bringing it up in a Tails thread as just being nasty then, let normal Tails fans enjoy him

lol, no, didn't even mention Sally. Mostly talking about my POV because, and here's the big irony, I AM a Tailsfag and wanted to throw my two cents lmao

Just want to say sorry if seems like lump you in with the crazies or weirdo’s, Tails is an understandable character to like, latch onto or just plain adore. I like him a fair bit even if he isn’t one of my all time fave characters

It's okay man, no biggie.
iimb_issue_1_page_10_by_didichan001_dh13mz8.png, 3334xNA, 1 times posted
need some sonally
1.PNG, 546xNA, 1 times posted

A few threads ago someone posted the link of a game with quite a bit of sonally content.
I'm surprised that nobody talked about it.


It's a series of 3 games, this is the third one.
The link on the site might not work so try this one if that happens.
issue 1 page 2.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Page 2

Knuckles is not just a guardian but also a sort of a local superhero. Like Batman but not exactly a rich genius with limitless resources. But he does have a cave! And what’s that mother kangaroo talking about? More on that later. Anyway, looks like there’s trouble!

Man, Knux can’t catch a break can he
Are you guys managing to scrape the ride posts without issue ? Desuarchive's search still hasnt been fixed.

He is like hobo-Batman.
Anyway, not time to rest for the hero.
0.png, 4961xNA, 1 times posted

Amy's Family - Ch 2 - Pg 28
I think is more or less meant to be set in the Archie universe, with a few elements from other continuities, so Sally having her blade means that the Mecha-Sally arc actually happened in the past of this fancomic. That or she just got some build for her at some point.
0.jpg, 859xNA, 1 times posted
The true pairings, as Chip intended.
0.jpg, 4096xNA, 1 times posted

Finished version, for those interested.
0.png, 1080xNA, 1 times posted
I'll mention it in the next thread but I grabbed the unfinished Sonic Universe issue that reveals Bunnie's origin. The last thread has a lot of unfinished stuff.
The Second Conductor for the last ride has been pretty diligent and provided some stuff that we missed.

>father and uncle
Hmm I always thought that Locke was a single child
una_foto_con_recuerdos_by_kimurazmv_dh14q5w.jpg, 1710xNA, 1 times posted
Crazy ship, literally, and yet I would love to see it work. Although Boom Shadow is an edgy bastard that tried to destroy the world out of spite.
>Hmm I always thought that Locke was a single child

>shadows entire existence is an entire conspiracy
>they never do anything with that of sticks reacting to him
How do you miss potential that obvious
0.png, 1260xNA, 1 times posted
Riszi is currently on a preboot rush an I love it.

Work better than Boom Amy, IMO. I like it.
Having Cream saying "Mother" is a little odd to me. I'd expect her to say "Mommy".

Based sonallystacy
cream is supposed to be a polite raised girl so she would say mother
denfkta-43c9be65-9f8f-4d5d-be54-12eaaff65458.png, 1520xNA, 1 times posted

TP, I think the first panel has potential to be a good banner.

>Sticks: I KNEW IT!!
>Shadow: Please go away.
>Sticks: Tell me your plans, Spaceman!
>Shadow: Rouge, please pass me the chloroform.
StH 284 - 01.jpg, 1979xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #161
Sonic #284-287

>random smelly feet post
Not saying it's the schizo but don't post anything that will get you in trouble. Just in case.
I will ask the image spammer to hold off on this thread to not help the schizo tank the thread.

This schizo dude has severe issues man.

He's been with us for years and is aided by a mod. That's what happens when mental illness is left unchecked and given authority.

It's honestly pathetic.
In the end the schizo didn't do much. The thread is finally getting close to hitting bump limit when threads have done that in the same amount of time without him.
This guy makes people who do have valid complaints about character sidelining for sonic look bad.

Whatever it takes to bait people into replying and shitting up threads.

That's how it starts, they always mix the valid criticisms in to disguise the bullshit.
I need to start figuring out how to do the Unofficial Archie threads. Starting with ASO is a given but how many issues per thread? How many people will show up? The only thing I worry about is a thread not hitting bump limit before the next day.

For real, other anon said it. People with legit criticisms get drowned out by the retard's shitflinging.A huge falseflag or blind rage. That's the worst part of everything, he just poisons the conversation and wastes posts

>how dare sonic save the day EVER
This is the mentality anti sonic fags have
0.png, 1048xNA, 1 times posted

I'd say do the 3 Endangered species at once, with maybe issue Sonic #243 beforehand for a good refresh, and see how the thread turn out after what to evaluate thing.

You can do the same again for ASO #248 to #250 for the next thread, with a start with Sonic #247 to maintain the story cohesion.

Problem come with the next 4 issues, as ASO #254 isn't done yet and probably won't by the time you get there. But as ASO #253 kinda serve as a sort of final, maybe 3 issues will enough on their own to fill the thread with the conversation.

After that, there are the 3 Universe issues wit the Bunnie arc, but you can conclude with the Sonic underground to pad things out afterwards.
A Fox's Decision page 5.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted
A Fox's Decision page 6.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted

Kill all foxes
Im glad i missed it this time.
Will read later.
The time change favors me now.

Shit, I really need to organize the remaining incomplete comics I found
I wonder if he'll miss our threads? I plan on doing the occasional fancomic over there, but timing it for when he's asleep
I'm happy to fill up the end of the thread
It's up on the website now! I really need to move hosts since I hit the file limit again
last thread.jpg, 763xNA, 1 times posted

This is what I have for the last thread. The incomplete Genesis of a Hero issue is with the others a couple threads earlier. And the Chaotix arc is between those.

Sweet ! Never thought about making those two meet.
1710114105670197.jpg, 1988xNA, 1 times posted
Any ideas on what could be the meme background for the third panel ?
1709946252146269.jpg, 1988xNA, 1 times posted
Is this what created that fan theory about Bean being Kukku's clone ?

Well less clone and more other Son, genetic engineering doesn't really pop up besides with Shadow and Surge/Kit

Now show us your sonally folder!
made the mistake of visting st*g after telling myself to not do it.
OOF, I think I really wont go back ever again for real well until I inevitably give in again but i'm making it way longer this time. a REALLY REALLY long time.

Ah any stand out badness for you there?

Just general jerk behavior and petty arguing. I really did forgot how bad it was. Oh well, I hopefully learned my lesson this time.

Apparently Nicole deleted it all.

GIWCi9cW8AAFR3L.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
chubby sally jumpscare

On the other hand, I'd almost wish to make things last a little longer, with only two issues per threads, but the risk is that the threads don't prune fast enough, if the mods still have those huge sticks in their butts.

But as TP propose to do some filling there...

Pesky AI.
endurance_by_thefunnipixelman_dh18xf3-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

I see why that was made. Of course the chubby artists inspire each other.
I'll probably start with 4 or so issues. See how many stick around.
sally glare.jpg, 726xNA, 1 times posted

And a new reaction image.
0.png, 540xNA, 1 times posted
9-03.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster 9-03
It's fine Sonic, your eyeliner game's on point!
tumblr_224908ad9b9f10861f2d18029d50252b_016bfe5f_2048.png, 1325xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation 3-19
So very tired

Sonic hates mondays.

I am irrationally bugged when they add eyeliner or lashes to Sonic’s design
0.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Other have complained

see >>463006
So I was thinking about character heights and did some calculations. Using the WHO's median height for males, I worked out that (assuming Sonic and Knuckles are 15 and 16), Sonic would grow from 100cm to 104cm and Knuckles from 110cm to 112cm. Tails would grow from 80cm to 111cm, 102cm, or 95cm depending on whether you think he's 8, 10, or 12 years old.
Interestingly, if we look at Classic Sonic's height (76.5cm) in relation to Modern's, we can work out that he's actually 8.5 years old. Of course, Mobians probably don't grow at the same rates as Humans. Vanilla and Cream are 130cm and 70cm, so going by the height data, Cream should be 2.5 instead of 6 years old assuming she reaches her mother's height
Hey, they're stealing my eyeliner jokes!

Vanilla is only 130?
I thought she was almost human sized.

Only in Hot Chick Heaven!
>Numero Ocho. Cream the Rabbit's mother, Vanilla. She's attractive and the size of an average human mother. What really surprises me about her is that the leader of Team Chaotix, Vector the Crocodile, falls in love with her. Kinda silly, don't you think? She's another character that doesn't do much, but in a season 3 episode of Sonic X, she helps Chris Thorndyke get into space to fight the Metarex along with Sonic and friends.
In the Sonic X eyecatcher cards, she's listed as 130cm and is only around a head taller than Chris

Those are just median growths, it's completely possible for some kid to look short until they are 15-16 and then get a growth spurt before they hit 18, one guy in my school was like that. Complete midget for almost the entire time, then by the last year he was as tall as everyone else.

>130 people are not human
shock_and_awe___issue_2__page_131_by_underworldcircle_dh1fiho-375w-2x.jpg, 620xNA, 1 times posted

I'd say that's a terrible decision to make for your country's demographic, but I know on what tale this is based on.

The fuck, what does this have to do with the main story
0.jpg, 960xNA, 1 times posted

Anon, haven't you read the previous page? We need this essential backstory so that we can learn why Nicole is dressed the way she is. The story can't move forward until that has been established.
They got rid of ip counts on 4chan. Holy hell. Thank goodness where near the end of the current one anyways as shitposting would get bad in the ride

Holy shit why? They are just making the site worse

The can’t post pics in incognito change was odd, annoying but can sorta be explained why, this one seems like nothing but negative consequences for any threads

Damn. Even desuarchive's IP count no longer works. It's at 1 for all threads.

I assume thats the point. To make things worse.
1710182986714235.png, 842xNA, 1 times posted

If it's the entire website then I wonder what brought it on. The moderation is so weird. Words are filtered and yet the n-word, the one that's actually a bannable offense, is perfectly fine. But after learning about the guy running the site, I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe it's to mask the dropping poster numbers and encourage samefagging.

>ip counter removed
we must protect samefags and make seem the site has real activity

Fuck Abib and fuck the site.

Yeah, personally I see Sonic and Knuckles growing more than that. I'll have to look for more data on growth spurts. That said, Rouge is 18 and only 105cm to Vanilla's 130cm and Big's/Vector's 180cm so there's a massive variation in adult heights for Mobians
When are they going to get to the fireworks factory? ;_;
Noooo, I need them to calculate thread engagement!
>TFW our thread archives are the last place on the Internet with IP counts
>please understand, I and the other mods are too busy having ERP sessions where we pretend to be women since women won't talk to us
>The moderation is so weird.
It's like they want to make it feel like the Wild West, but then run it like a petty dictatorship
>we must protect samefags
Our special friend must have gotten really, really, good at sucking off the mods!
>Fuck Abib
Honestly, the site would improve massively if he did get laid

You know, I was still not too keen about moving the storytime here(I'm still not), I always preferred this place here being the backroom of the story-time thread.

but with shit like that and how they are handling the reaction to it, I am growing warmer to it.

I feel like there's something worse coming

I'm just happy this place has been welcoming to us. I do hope we get our own board soon though
My bet's on a daily image limit or lower file sizes for non-pass users. Gotta drive down engagement!

Wouldn’t be surprised if they get rid of (You)s next

Let's be honest, the (you) were always controversial. Before, them, posters had to actually pay attention to all the replies to see if one was actually addressed to them.
May just be me but it seems Sally and Sonic didnt have that many real interactions in reboot. On one hand, dont wanna be selfish for them to JUST talk to each other as character interactions are important, but i really do miss when they interact. its cute
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 20.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 21.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 22.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 23.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 24.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 25.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 26.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 27.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 28.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 29.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 30.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 31.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 32.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

>you had the right to say 'no'
If only had someone told Sonic that before...

Is the comic still following that huge pre written script to the letter ? Or did the author make some changes since then ?
SU 87 - 01.jpg, 1985xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #162
Sonic Universe #87-90

> I do hope we get our own board soon though

have you figured out a proper board name yet? and not useless shit like /sth/ or /fast/. practically all the board names on plus4 have a double meaning.

That just depends on what the person who makes it decides on
A bit late but the shitposting has started.

Just can't help himself.

Had to use my commission post as a vehicle for it, fucking annoying prick

Best thing is to ignore. Let him reply to himself.

Yeah suppose….what did you think of the pic?

Nice boobs, maybe too much butt, I prefer characters wearing less clothes, including the males.
There’s always sounding like a bitch when someone doesn’t like something you like but I want to say, why do people who don’t like a thing even come to threads of said things in the first place? What’s the point. There’s not liking something and then there’s entering a thread that you know you won’t like.

Ha, my AU has everyone in clothes so there’s an implication now and also as easier to build redesigns that way. Gonna be doing few more, trying to decide what order to do though as have Dulcy, Eggman, Rava and Ahklut planned. Also I like lady butt so why might be emphasis there
its canon to me.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

It's more common for IDW threads because that's all there is and there's more people posting in those. Not everyone is the schizo because some anons really don't like certain characters (and will constantly say so). But a lot of the really heavy and random shittalking is likely the schizo.

We all have different tastes. It's still a good image.
And like I said. When the shitposting starts, there's going to be deletions. I didn't say it but the schizo threw in a couple of obvious shitpost posts that nobody replied to.
230154.png, 1321xNA, 1 times posted
Do you guys wonder if Joe ever regretted making this image ?

have you tried to just stop self-inserting as Sonic?

Maybe but I don’t think he even posts on 4chan much if at all to see the types who post it, it was all in good fun anyways.

hi schizo, enjoying the lack of ip counter?

I don’t need to self-insert into characters bozo, I just ordered a picture that has Sonic in it, if Knuckles was there would I be self-inserting Him? If Vector was there would I be self-inserting? If Tails was…well that one you may have a point lmao
if only you ignored him last thread

I wasn’t even in last thread when everyone was messaging him in the finale of the Unleashed arc, joined at end of that

I got banned for my pic but Lmao that one was a given since tits out and we all know how jannies spend their time in closets

Not every female character needs to be turned into a slut in Sonic’s harem just because you self-insert as him, Sonicbro

you need to stop seething over us, friend.
it's not healthy janny.
1689216604312.png, 1244xNA, 1 times posted

that has to be an edit lmao

>That just depends on what the person who makes it decides on

I'm still hoping someone here can come up with something creative, the best I could come up with was /sob/ but that conflicts with /baw/.

idk /soc/ ?

That just reminds me of the /soc/ from 4chan

blaze_fairy_leviathan_sketch_by_almirantebodoke_dh1k6wn-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

/spin/ ?

We could reference the AoStH cartoon:
/s6/ Super Special Sonic Shitposting and Storytiming Squad
Or a shorter version:
/s3/ Sonic Shitposting and Storytiming
That's a good one

>That's a good one
Thanks. It's based on spindash, of course, but also on the Sonic lore being given a different "spin".
My one issue is that I can't come up with a way to make it a good acronym for word that would somewhat make sense.

which stands for...?

/sssr/ would be acceptable if you can think of a backronym.

like, super sonic stories and racing maybe?

>which stands for...?
Sonic's Possibly Innovative Narratives?
Doesn't carry well that it's in comic form, but that's the best I could do.

I have been thinking about this. I really want to do the main issues first but Endangered Species does happen before them. And I do need to figure out how many issues and what goes into each thread. I'll figure it out, I got a few days. I think I'll do Sonic Retold afterwards. That's five issues and could be squeezed into one thread.

>I think I'll do Sonic Retold afterwards. That's five issues and could be squeezed into one thread.
Welp, that's one thread that will die quickly.

>but Endangered Species does happen before them
The Knuckles endangered species arc is basically a redo of issue #144, #145 and #146 and meant to replace them.

That's fine. I don't see it working with two threads and there might be less people because it's a fancomic.
Endangered Species is what Sonic does before rescuing Sally in the main issues for ASO. While I would like to do the main ASO issues first they still take place after ES.
0.jpg, 3000xNA, 1 times posted
(though honestly, it's not that unusual for Sega to give their female character a bit more chest than this template)
160.png, 1080xNA, 1 times posted
That one fancomic where Infinite gets sent to another world and dooms it because he needed power and is stuck with a girl that he seduced updated with a couple pages. I don't remember much.
161.png, 1080xNA, 1 times posted

And of course she still wants him and he's not as bad as he was. You know, the usual "I can fix him" thing.

Oof this style…
0.png, 857xNA, 1 times posted
I was expecting a deletion and a warning, but it was straight to the ban hammer.

Okay, I'll admit I knew I was playing with fire, but I thought it would get the thread moving...
1709173703406768.jpg, 1185xNA, 1 times posted
G.U.N. Files
>The M & M "Twins"
>Madonna Garnet & Marilyn Topaz, despite their strong resemblance are cousins.
>Didn't stop them from developing a sister like bond and rivalry between them. This allowed them to push each other to reach their current ranks.
>Both are very professional and adept at their positions. But Garnet's coolness under fire made her the perfect member & leader for the C.L.I.P Division. Topaz, is little more....emotionally inclined but that spirit has seen her through many a tough missions.
>Both have assisted Team Dark on delicate assignments and even have Codes, Ruby & Sapphire(Coined by Agent Rouge).
surge_face_small(2).png, 1224xNA, 1 times posted
A compilation of the various "faces" made by Surge, smug and Ryona alike, any more panel suggestions?
GIZ8RO9a8AActeS.jpg, 1168xNA, 1 times posted
Found out this sally fan got art done by a dude who did art for old sonic manga stuff. Aint that neat?
GIZ8RO7acAACBqs.jpg, 1020xNA, 1 times posted
GIZ8RO8bQAAamDc.jpg, 729xNA, 1 times posted
Seeing as the thread needs to be gone in three hours, you could post all of that over there. You have my blessing at this time of day.

okay, I'll do what must be done

Not bad.


It is done. Your welcome


Some Sonic fans apparently collect horrible images just so they can sperg out, huh?

It should be obvious who it is. Especially for a thread that hit bump limit, is on page 7, and probably the only one with such images.
And now it's gone. Not sure what the point was. Most people won't see that. TP will have to remove them and desu will likely have them removed as well.
Holy fuck I check back and theres deleted gore. What the hell

Wow, they really are going all out to try and spoil our fun
Yeah, that's why I always check my local version of the thread before it goes up on the website. I've removed around a dozen gore images across our threads, and they're mostly all from our special friend. Fortunately desu is generally good at removing the worst stuff, and that's where I source my archives. I've been swamped with work, but I'll get the remaining incomplete issues sorted before tomorrow's thread
Oh how convenient, more posts were deleted in the thread and it's under bump limit.

I think it's beyond hate, it's sadism. they actually enjoy pulling that kind of shit.

Stuff like that is how I know all the shitposting that happened at the same time is by the schizo.
I got a warning for saying Rouge has great dick sucking lips. Apparently that's off topic.

Yeah I noticed that and filled up the rest of the thread. Imagine being so unbothered by people discussing a blue hedgehog you resort to spaming gore!

Like actual people gore? Christ what a pathetic nasty monster, good I dipped out as squeamish with irl stuff like that
Almost dead.
And Moose finally killed the thread just in time.
imagine being this mentally ill
new thread?
Yo conductor, you late or something
He's killing the janny
StH 288 - 01.jpg, 1988xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #163
Sonic #288-293

Ahh there you are
I won't speak on it but I was late for a good reason.
Im sorry. I kick started the schizo on accident with my comments on the ffs. im legit sorry
I see by the constant shitposting and little else that nobody is really interested in these issues. Shame.

I'm enjoying it despite the shitposting.

At least someone is enjoying it.

Maybe you should have left the unfinished issues for the last sonic universe storytime.

No because that has four issues and the last thread has plenty of stuff as well.

tbh it being a classic pandering thing kinda killed it for me already.
At least they're going all out near the end then being a constant thing
If you want to stick it to the schizo, you talk about the comic and ignore him.

>sh*d*lly and Hilda fag behind the shitposting
Ahh that explains it

Whatever to get a response.

He justs picks whatever gets anons mad enough to reply.
Yeah I think personally think the next time we ever have an Archie ride is more then the two years between this and the last one.
Legitimately what did we ever do to deserve such shitposting? Literally the most harmless sonic group with not much ruckus around compared to every other. And with shitposters acting like no one can’t or doesn’t have personal problems with the comics and issues to criticize if seeing it. I really don’t get it. From malicious anons to mods and jannies. Like what the fuck man
He is so annoying, dear god! I'm honestly sure half the fucking replies in the thread is just him.
At least there was no Green Hill Zone!

>Legitimately what did we ever do to deserve such shitposting?
calling Sonic cucking Tails acceptable, Sonic being a "gary stu" who everyone loves and/or defending Ian. Those three seem to be the biggest points of contention.
This is why Barby should've stayed

Does anybody actually I do, I see way more shitting on Sonic, Tails cuck, and Ian than I don't.


those are all, or in part probably from him. Recently I start to think there's been 3 or 4, or maybe 5 schizos who don't like archie.
one day, but not today

If you look at other Sonic threads, specially /sthg/, it's pretty much the same post quality so don't feel too bad about it.

Sorry was at zoo, I at least enjoyed seeing classic Sally and the last bit of Freedom Fighters in media

House of cards was disliked by pretty much everyone. what the hell are you saying

nah it's just one faggot.

I'm saying those are the 3 things our schizo is always so angry about

Oh, my bad.

TP will go over it later but he's someone that got banned from every other Sonic forum. But on 4chan he found others like him that were mods and he got to be a janitor.

it's fine I don't care. I get mistaken for him before because I didn't like those things either
Honestly after Mina, and Amy, and Sally, and Bunnie were all in love with Sonic you'd think they'd have just stopped there. One day I want to see a Sonic girl that just plain thinks Sonic is bueno and someone else is cool

*sonic is c ringe
damn didn't know we have censors too

There's plenty of Sonic girls who think nothing of Sonic but kinda get what you mean in a way, want less characters that are affected or revolve around his actions
Thank god this IP counter removal only happened when the Ride was near the end.

>Archie Sonic was always good
Glad the thread at least ended on a high note
Thank christ. That thread is over. Seriously, do your best to ignore it next thread, guys. Honestly I was the one this time ti kick start it on accident and I'm sorry. I learned my lesson.

I want someone who thinks he's flat out c-ringe. Frontiers was the tipping point for me on this.
If I brought Barby back I'd maybe want her, or Sally or some other character to let Sonic know he's a real loser for the fiona thing
issue 1 page 7 wip.jpg, 936xNA, 1 times posted
It's Vector in the only panel I can show!
Like I said before, it's not just about ignoring it. You have to actively engage with the comic. It's the opposite of what he wants. If you engage with him then you're giving him what he wants, if you don't post at all then you're giving him what he wants, but if you're talking about the comic he's trying to derail then he's going to hate it. You can even talk to anons that are talking about the comic. Keep the conversation going.

I see. I'll do that more than next
>It's Vector in the only panel I can show!
Oh shit, its the karma collector!
Out of morbid curiosity, did someone ever make a bueno Tails comic where he finds a broken and dumped Fiona and tries fixing her ?

c ringe gets filtered as bueno ?

there was that 1 chauvels comic where Fiona comes to him and asks him to forgive her, aside from that no. But Tails doesn't get many fancomics in general
gay.png, 704xNA, 1 times posted

Fucker makes it sound like we are some kind of Tails hate club when literally nothing like that ever happens lmao
deh49dh-37c927f2-c283-4f95-a096-2b399016aa02.jpg, 993xNA, 1 times posted

No raping but there's an artist that has a bunch of Tails redeeming Fiona art and comics. And Shadally. I'm sure that will tickle some anons.

The most shit tails ever gets is light hearted jokes

Its no comic, and its not really a shipping case, but I have read a porn story with those two set in the King Shadow timeline, with Lien Da in the mix

I mostly give flack to fandom stuff in regards to Tails, like the character himself decently

Sounds like a spite thing like when Garth Ennis has his mouthpiece character shit on super heroes,, you'd have to find a way to do it without making the character seem like a tool
original_green_mobian_by_siuleuquirne89_dfbs6sq-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

The banner image was suspicious but I liked this image.
I normally like evil women, but Fiona's duplicity and cheating spoils her, for an evil woman to turn good she has to have a pure side which I just don't get from Fiona, also she's mean to tails.

You have Shadow, and I don't think Omega really cares about Sonic one way or another, if Lanolin wasn't a Sonic dick rider she'd 100% have a problem.
A GUN aligned character could also probably have a problem with him, IDW or Ian tried to do this with Surge, but it was handled badly and she's also brainwashed.

Fiona is like Terra from the Teen Titans cartoon. She has severe insecurity and abandonment issues in that she'll latch on to anyone that she feels is loyal to her. But when Scourge went to No Zone Jail, she took over the Destructix and ran the group herself. Apparently she's still conflicted about being with Scourge. Personally I think she's better as a bad girl but if she needed to be redeemed then she should be taken to her absolute lowest. Betrayed by Scourge, abandoned by the Destructix, and maybe even close to dying. Then Tails nurses her back to health and she resents him but has to stay because she hasn't gotten her strength back. Then rediscovers that security she's been craving. It'd be a slow and gradual process to make it convincing.

—then she hooks back up with Sonic because Sonic is the bestest and nobody likes Tails

Ian I swear if it were not for the laws of this land…

Yeah, mostly good natured banter. Tails is my fav and even I like to make jokes about him

the very concept that noone in archie would think Tails is cooler than Sonic, or want Tails over Sonic, makes me seethe irrationally
me and my sister would FIGHT over who gets the esteemed honour of playing as Tails. Those moid writers are insane.
One day I shall become a schizo myself, and then Gotham City shall see my true colors

anon are you ok?

He's trying to hard.

>literally "I can fix her"
lol. based tails

no i'm becoming the Joker, it honest to god pisses me off they'd think to write that. Tails isn't a participation trophy, Tails is the gold medal. only Ian could possibly think Tails wouldn't be swimming in girls who think he's the cooler one

Nobody likes Tails, chud. And nobody will EVER like him more than Sonic.
GHh3OR4WEAAJTeC.jpg, 555xNA, 1 times posted
Thoughts on Amy being less mean than she used too?
0.png, 1260xNA, 1 times posted

>What did you think of the Shattered World Saga? What did you think of mainline reboot Sonic?
as much as I have enjoyed many aspect of this reboot, I still think the loss of characters and existing arcs is too much of a price to pay for what we got.

And the character redesign of Sally and Bunnie is just a no. Bunnie's robotic limb just look like regular mobian limbs painted grey and of course, her lack of cheek tufts is just not working for me.

And Sally's face is just so, well, bland, without her preboot feature. Her face look like te most generic mobian face possible. It's just such a shame, when what we had before was perfection.

I thought you were going to make the Chaotix story first. I should have stick around.

To be honest, I enjoyed the Genesis story from #226 to #229 more.

It is a shame.
I said I was doing Genesis of a Hero. Chaotix is later today.
Very much a Sonic thing to keep rehashing and re-releasing the Genesis games.
Going through the list of threads as I updated the pastes link, I do think about everything that happened and were unfortunately lost but I still like to think the preboot and reboot are two completely separate continuities. As if the preboot was restored and continued separately from the reboot. And the fancomics will keep the preboot going.
the better Rabbot design.
>FF says they will be fighting eggman together with Sonic next time
>it's just sonic and Tails

I'll just point out that holding your breath in the vacuum of space is the opposite of what you should do. Not that it makes a difference for someone with the physiology of Sonic.

>Play it yourself in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Funny how people are complaining that Sega is just starting now to make the Tarot game a thing when it was already being given quite the focus back then.

Okay, that's a nice spread

All in all, this is actually quite a good job, if you consider this is meant to be an adaptation of the game without the FFs. A single ordinary issue hasn't enough pages to adapt a full game, even a classic one, so focusing instead on a part of it and make a good action of it is a good solution. Of course, the solution would be to make a Special for it, but we are dealing with cheap and nonsensical editors, here.

That and the Pseudo Sonic story with the “The Island of Misfit Badniks” make me think that someone wanted to tell the Scrapnik island story for a very long time.

I have said it before, I will say it again, it makes no sense for someone who has done guerilla warfare to not have at least some basis of cooking. This is the most out of nowhere an unoriginal quirk Ian has ever come with. That and it repeat with Blaze, for which it at least make sense that she would overrun anything she would cook (that and having all her Koala servant doing that kind of work for her)

Thanks for the ride and posting those unpublished pages conductor, I never had the opportunity to see them before.
1363402685494.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

It's not a bad arc but it's part of the problem Archie dealt with in that classic stuff interfered with the comic and at the worst times. That reminds me. I wanted to post this when we were doing Genesis but never got around to it. Is it me or does Ian not sound all too happy doing that arc? Fucking Kaminski! Gotta post this is in the next thread.

>Is it me or does Ian not sound all too happy doing that arc?
It at least seems like the genesis, so to speak of the reboot world, in a way.

I've had a look and you're all set!
Ah, the old "say gay stuff ironically to gauge your oblivious (and probably straight) crush's reaction." Finally, a relatable comic!
It's back! I loved the evil purple guy in it
I hate that I've not been able to make the threads recently. Clearly our special friend misses me and is acting out
The anons over in /sthg/ got him to admit he hates SatAM/Archie because some fans bullied him on some Sonic forum. Apparently he's always acted like this and has been kicked out of every Sonic fan community, kinda like Kuta (who he's creepily obsessed with). Oh, and /sthg/ were also the ones that got him to reveal he's a janny
We think ABIB is the mod that's backing our special friend. He's a terminally online Nintendo fanboy that can't let go of the console wars from the 90s and absolutely hates Sega and Sonic. We also think he's the mod that told /sthg/ that they weren't allowed to talk about the Sonic movie
It wouldn't be a proper imageboard without funny word replacements!
Oh boy, I hope you write him as hip and urban as Penders did!
>Like I said before, it's not just about ignoring it. You have to actively engage with the comic. It
That's exactly it. The thing he hates most is us having fun and enjoying something he doesn't like
Get back to work Flynn, you and Evan have been slacking off on the Rough and Tumble content!
I love that we have so many fantastic ongoing fancomics to continue the preboot, even if it does still hurt

ASO has this exact explanation and what I go with too

He had to do that sort of thing multiple times. I wouldnt be happy either
schizo is doing his thang in sthg now. lol, now i wonder how they'll deal wit it

I thought that was his home turf
GH8Wb2RWUAAGLP4.mp4, 640xNA, 1 times posted

lol rekt
This is hilarious
Sonic Fights Robotnik - Animatic Preview
0.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

One day I will be able to write a sonic Fanfiction so out there that a bunch of people I don't know will take the time to animate it and dub it. But I am not there yet.

Seriously, though, good designs.

they'll either bite the bait, circlejerk with him or bully him back to us
SU 91 - 01.jpg, 1985xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #164
Sonic Universe #91-94
Okay! I tried not to say anything, but the fucker's already posting dead people...
I can officially link feet pics to schizo now. The dead people is something he's done a few times in the past.
Still people are doing a great job of ignoring him, so there's that!
Im ignoring but the gore is actually making me sick

Just report it and the post will stay hidden.

That makes me feel a bit nostalgic.
>posting random IDW characters with inflammatory messages
It means that our friend is tired of thinking about new bait to post.

Funny thing I realized, how does 4chan expect people to report for ban evading without an IP counter now ?

I don't think they care.
so seeing people talk about some people on the ride on sthg.
and they said they found the tails and nicolefags annoying but it was just one tails guy and nicole likers are harmless. although the thing about shitting and blaming on iizuka constantly is a thing I knew and said would look bad to others as someone did. idk just wanted to say something but i knew it would be a bad look to someone and hope next time the person doing that chills tf out on that

No surprise that they'd take offense to that considering they love the games and hate everything else. Also pretty hypocritical because their hate and obsession for Ian isn't healthy. The IDW threads are just an extension of /sthg/.

>Also pretty hypocritical because their hate and obsession for Ian isn't healthy
Huh, that is kinda true but I hope you still get me with what i was saying lol. no one looks good in being super big haters like that
knuckles pissed.png, 400xNA, 1 times posted

>people saying that the thread doesn't need to die when it's not even 400 posts and the sonic universe thread before that had to be filled out and then some
I spent an hour making sure that thread died and I had to wait to make a new thread. Some anons be slacking and thinking we're not given special attention and have to jump through hoops. Imagine that thread still there and I can't make a new one. What would those anons say then?
I've mentioned how I don't like people only going on about hating characters and even being violent about it but the Iizuka hate is nowhere near as bad as the hate for Silver or whatever character some anons like to make known.

>with no schizo the threads become slow af and take too long to archive
wow, lol.

>and when they needed him the most, he vanished
Shall I simp for Guts Man?
Don't worry! I'm already about to do it!
issue 5 page 24.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 5 Page 24

AI Sally manages to make everything sound like a threat. But joke’s on her, there’s a whole lot of Sallys across Mobius! It’ll take her forever to get rid of all of them! Well, Sonic and the gang have an ultimatum and deadline. Good luck on that!

Imagine if Sonic woos AI Sally so that he ends up with two Sallys

She already has her Sonic, she prefers lobotomized bad boys.

AI Sally isn't anywhere near as curvy and soft than the real one.
Poor Metal. He didn't go back to square one but square zero.
Yoink_0_2023-09-19_1703974697556226371.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to be the fella who often shares cute art of Guts Man and Concrete Man, and Zavok too, right? I just want to mention thank you so much for sharing off the Yoink_0 arts!

It's nice to see you (and thirsty-bud) as ever on the thread. Gonna sound faggy, but I feel glad to see someone else than just you and him, if only to reassure it us loving gay hunky Sonic men fans exist. Although, sadly the Ride's about to come to an end, but I'm sure you will stick here on plus4chan, or I'm sure, the husbando threads off /co/, yeah?

Love you!

>idw ride only when it’s over
Oh man. That’s gonna be a while

They probably wouldnt announce a cancellation outright, so there might even be a months long hiatus before that, just like with Archie's case.


Using Sally as an hostage to make Sony do the work for Eggman work well for the story. It explains why they are still keeping her alive once AI Sally has been created and as it require AI Sally to come clear about who and what she is, it avoid the kind of pointless charade thinking someone is who they aren't that I have grown to dislike in fiction.
That's a hot take

Oh it gets better than that! Those are from the same artist I posted a few weeks back, but I only posted SFW pictures of dudes. This means he saw those pics, willingly looked the artist up on Furaffinity, and clicked through several pages of lewd gay footjob art to collect the ones he did post.
All part of my elaborate keikaku to mold him into the perfect future Mr Thirstposter!
I'm kinda numb to that stuff, but I'd recommend not having images expanded by default for the next couple of threads and just expanding manually
I mentioned it over there, but AI Sally really does remind me of all those evil bitchy Sallies in all those Sonamy comics
Agreed, it's nice to have another bara-appreciator in the threads!
0.jpg, 241xNA, 1 times posted
I feel bad for Echo.

Nobody has pointed out that perfect Udina expression, so I will.

Hey, at least they got a free amphibious car out of it. Now they only need to find the money for the gas.
Also, I love How Charmy actually savy enough to recognise a bad deal. I guess Vector is actually making an upstanding bee out of him.

all in all, it's not a bad arc to conclude the Universe series. 'D better be self-contained than letting a story pending.
>it's all animations from now on
Like, they are planning full animation, or is it still animatic?

It was a lot of fun, and really highlighted just how versatile the Chaotix can be
It's all animatic, like the previous ones. Still takes way longer than a regular comic though

I usually try to not bring up my large dislike of Silver unless it's relevant, can joke about it or if warrants it in the conversation

I have really nothing to say about the guy as his involvement and contribution to Sonic is to nebulous to me on a personal level to like or dislike the guy...though he needs to get his teeth checked cause damn
the troll's getting to me this time around. just will not shut the fuck up.

How bad is it right now?

I'm still on the last StH thread and every age it's on and on about the freedom fighter cheerleaders and how tails is the real hero and how Sonic is eric cartman and just the same autistic shit.

There's just so much of it you can't tune it out, it ruined the end of the ride for me.

I'm genuinely really sorry about that dude, hopefully at least can try to get some fun and good discussion on next/final Archie thread since him posting snuff stuff shoulda banned him for a bit, may as well ask what characters you like or fave moments since want to try n cheer you up. I understand how infuriating he is when used to bite bait year ago and hold every impulse not to argue deliberately, now just passively insult the guy if he's in a thread directly or through implication.
0.jpg, 640xNA, 1 times posted

This "Joke" probably only works because I am not a Native English Speaker and got the pronunciation for the "AI" wrong. It's fine if you don't get it.
Did no one ever use those pirates in any fan comics ?

Don’t think so

Chaoscroc used Captain Shelbreaker in one of his short comic.
1710431418112508.jpg, 1667xNA, 1 times posted

>Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Prime, Vol. 1
>Relive all the action from the Netflix animated series in this graphic novel adaptation!
>IDW Publishing (November 19, 2024)

Like an actual comic or just a comic made with screenshots of the show?

Excuse me?

I remember when they used to do comics like that.

They are safe for this year apparently.
mmawomen_let_s_go__by_ne0maru_dh1q9im.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Found some recent mega man art and tempo is in it


I can't believe they're actually making a comic of this show. like why?
mary-jane-acorn-artwork-by-on-twitter-but-uploaded-by-v0-2s7qo2x3idna1.png, 786xNA, 1 times posted

It's a show first made for kids and I wouldn't be surprised if lots of them watched it on Netflix, which means potential comics sale.

What ship is more likely to be made canon again first? Sonic and Sally or Peter and Mary-Jane?

Looks like they're safe for this year...
Bad cover though, they couldn't have used some original art instead of a 3d render.
An attractive cover is part of what gets people to look at something off the shelf.

peter and mj but its still almost zero
sonic_and_sally_by_waniramirez_d73w70s-375w-2x.jpg, 661xNA, 1 times posted
Forgot to ask, but what are your guy's thoughts on reboot Sally after reading?

Too neutered.
Its like they took the character from the preboot, removed the grit and life experience she had accumulated in her past life, and just turned her into a stand in insecure leader who just gets worried all the time.

I think I just described Jewel's leadership with this. Only in Sally's case she still fought in some missions and interacted way more with the team.

But it's mostly about her design. character-wise, what we saw wasn't bad and she had some good leadership moment, but what we see of her past is simply not it, we either see her just being there next to her father, or we saw her being really out of character, saying a computer will be able to make all the decisions for her.
Nigel is so boring! Give me Max any day of the week! Give me his bullshit! Give me his brand of insanity and disregard! Give me his Royal Guards!
EM_CH1.png, 1113xNA, 1 times posted

Just want to say, I am working on this, I just finished the first chapter.
Haven't posted it yet since I need to work on formatting it, but I've finished the first chapter, all 18 pages and 5,234 words of it, it's probably the longest single chapter I've ever written.
I'll probably have it posted by Monday at the latest, please forgive my laziness.
s_t_c_issue_22_page_7_by_okida_dh22154-375w-2x.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Ooh, looks neat although I have not played Disco Elysium or really know much about it.

What a fucking dick, and oh, Egg Breaker!
1704013844652.png, 1856xNA, 1 times posted

It's a game about playing as a schizophrenic amnesiac with 20 voices that act as rpg skills in your head.
It's pretty good, I'd recommend it.

neat! I think i'll try it then
What was the story behind the Pandora AU comic and the boob scar thing?
Was this something the artist decided to edit in when reuploading the comic but removed it later on ?

from what I hear, they decided to go with that change for the re do

It's ok ABT will make the show good

>It's ok ABT will make the show good
Oh boy i can't wait to see shitty shading , 3d tracing and Thin lines.

ABT really drawing? Cool
Does he really trace or is that a thing people just sat

Did they discard the changes then ?
Because I didnt find those panels with scars on the artist's tumblr.

Hollow. Letting the yurifags have a foothold of official acknowledgement's made the whole fandom worse.
0.png, 2626xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 2626xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 2200xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 2792xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 1600xNA, 1 times posted

Unga Shortstacc Sally aside, those Babylon Rogue designs are god tier, love whenever they are draw with more birdlike features such as the wings or more accurate details to their respective bird

Dayum, that Rouge is made for sex, she sacrificed paizuri for extra thighjob

Love this Knuckles design, he radiates violence and strength, the darker colours work well for him alongside the bulky silhouette

One good thing about the comic ending is that most people stopped making cope posts about the redesign being good.

>Unga Shortstacc Sally aside
I think it's playing around with their animals size.

Which is a nice touch but it also means that Sally becomes more of a shortstacc which I like, plus her clothes in the design are pretty cute. Vector becomes even more of a unit which is nice, plus of they are keeping more in line with animal sizes means Vanilla will be his pocket wife
ASO will be four threads.
Sonic Retold should be one thread.
Archie Sonic Forever will be one thread.
Scourge Eternal Blackout is probably going to be two threads.
Heroes Come Back might be about two.

So about 10 threads total.

Cool, just saying as that guy said earlier, probably should be thinking of names for a board. I’m unfortunely uncreative af lol

That's one evil looking Nicole, even Shard looks cuter.
Nicole looks like she would cut you.
i will problably skim the online continuations
SU 95 - 01.jpg, 1150xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #165
Sonic Universe #95, Sonic Mega Drive and Next Level, and Sonic Universe #96-97 (Incomplete)
guy is going all out aint he? Props to everyone ignoring that loser

Not worth it when he is seething at a married coyote and going through same old tired obsession and buzzwords
There. It is done.

Thanks for the ride. I gotta ask. Since going over it all again, what are your thoughts on it
Tails birthday page 1.jpg, 2047xNA, 1 times posted
Tails birthday page 2.jpg, 1574xNA, 1 times posted

I appreciate it as a whole but now I have fully read it from start to finish and that puts everything in perspective. All the bad stuff is so small compared to the decent to amazing stuff.

Thanks dude, I really meant it when said was nice and helped in rough patch of my life

Woah are you me?
Yeah, I think there is more good than bad too.
1661255136887.png, 1343xNA, 1 times posted
Amy Rose! What do we think about her?
That Deadly Six shitpost was actually funny.
Cute pink hedgie.

I'm not me, I am you
wjh8SQsZV1.png, 600xNA, 1 times posted

>and how Sonic is eric cartman
"I'm a Little Piggy here's my snout. Oink Oink Oink. Oink Oink Oink"

where did you get such a high quality House of Cards scan???

Thread went really well today
Good. Just remember, that's the future Mr Thirstposter (whether he likes it or not) and I don't want any other guys talking to him!
>All the bad stuff is so small compared to the decent to amazing stuff.
Couldn't agree more
These threads are easily the comfiest and most relaxing part of my day, and I'm glad others feel the same
dgono3y-0e105e60-26cc-4901-b50b-2ffa9b5d11b8.png, 1145xNA, 1 times posted
Razors sister looks like this?!?!

Yeah getting to shill Mordred and just talk Sonic without it being shit post or awful injokes from Discord friends has kept my sanity, good pals but his they are so miserable to try and discuss Sonic without them devolving into god awful ironic humour

No problem and glad to hear it!
>Thread went really well today
Yeah the shitposting is just as pathetic as ever. Not sure what got him to ramp up his attempts. Maybe the upcoming end of the ride motivated him.

I'm real proud everyone ignored it and really showed how sad his blathering is truly, real love triumphs over hate stuff
Better Ride than the last one

There’s no denying the comic has problems but that nigga was literally determined to make anyone who liked the comic miserable as they are. I don’t know what causes people to be like this
FT4ZqfNUsAABUOs.png, 2329xNA, 1 times posted

So hot

Lmao, I can't stop laughing.

Exactly, we win just by having fun, which was what we were going to do anyway
Honestly, he’s almost certainly mentally ill. Well adjusted people don’t get so angry over a blue rat, and they certainly don’t collect gore pics. Usually I have a lot of sympathy for people going through mental anguish, but people like that are content in their misery

I'd like to think he most replies to himself with the exception of someone that doesn't know any better.
It's a fail in every sense of the word.
The real problem is that he has power and friends running the site that enable him.

Gave him one last fuck you since thread was ending but he does make me feel better about my own mental health issues at least lol

>last post
1697919621722324.jpg, 1891xNA, 1 times posted
It's always the schizos who have backing behind them. it's a conspiracy I tell ya.

>last post
Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 03.18.08.png, 847xNA, 1 times posted

The Final Post of our entire ride ladies and gentlemen

Surprised that sneaky fuck hadn’t made a more vitrolic statement, figures last post is impotent seeth at Archie
How is /sthg/ coping with this?
My favorite thing I learned through the entire Archie Ride is still that Vector actually has a native Australian accent, but just hides it with a New Yorker accent to hide that he's got Australian roots. I just find that tidbit so funny/cute.
artworks-000231541675-he4p61-t500x500.jpg, 500xNA, 1 times posted

Who cares what they think? You will be a better person to not care what that cess pits does.

Yeah shame preboot never had a dedicated arc or storyline for Vector’s past like Espio did in the Iron Dominion
He has no purpose now
1701661107237891.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Sonally is still my OTP.

Yeah it would've been neat to actually find out what exactly Vector did as an orphan teen to distance himself completely from Barby and the gang before leaving for Angel Island/Empire City and starting a completely new life.

That Bark is fucking qt
1706822686.huffenpuffy_secretsantajanuary2024.png, 1859xNA, 1 times posted
Hope that Guts Man bud is here. One thing that stuck out his own list was how he had remember the spartan BDSM worn Rotor. I couldn't be anymore pleasant surprised because holy shit, that was really one goddamn of fan-service'y stuff for the waddy. Rad as fuck taste.

>Agreed, it's nice to have another bara-appreciator in the threads!
Yuppity. Speaking off, I don't think we ever exchanged our contacts, have we? I would love to talk to you more on Discord! You and the other Guts fella, that is.
1710473029853377.png, 458xNA, 1 times posted
GImXUzCXYAAlBKV.jpg, 3958xNA, 1 times posted

Hey! It's me!
1709166845397.gif, 869xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Amy's Family - Ch 2 - Pg 29
93 is already considering switching team.
No, not like this.

Just beat Megaman X, shit was hard as hell but great game, already replaying to get Z buster and already doing much better, beat 4 Mavericks no weakness and just all around done it faster and better
Sonic 3 has apparently finished filming.
Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Collide, Act 1 - Atop the Fourth Wall
Rate the Rides

Pretty good aside from the whole Janny deleting threads thing.

Really fun

Thats Linkara doing the review by the way
Sonic's WORST Rival - Scourge the Hedgehog
TF 1-17.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Tethered Futures 1-17
Testicular torsion powers activate!
egg_dimension_comic_pg_43_by_lonelybrowncow_dh1v7wd-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Pg 43
I guess everyone can do Chaos Control now
01.jpg, 2005xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #1
Endangered Species #1-3 and Archie Sonic Online #248-249

I swear to god I can’t compliment Tails or his friendship with Sonic without that friendless fucker opening his asshole and spewing his deliberately skewed and bullshit twisting of the two, I swear it’s like he’s out to piss me off specifically half the time cause always one of my comments the tick latches on

Just ignore him

Well I am but still pissed he exists
Sally_redesign_part_2_by_benbates-d6xzbjw.png, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Just a thing to point out with your comic, conductor but mecha/AI Sally has a gray tail
He sucks but ignoring him is the best option

>his friendship
you misspelled “humiliation and worshipping” bro

Actually double checking she does have a colored tail but personally grey looks better to me. Never mind then

I didn't misspell when called you a friendless fuck

I’m just having a laugh. You get too riled up

One of the artists actually gave her a grey tail at first but I prefer the brown tail. It's cute.

Yeah it kinda is aint it
not looking forward to going through the asf version of sally coming back thread. its gonna be a bit of a riot lol

Why's that?

They broke up Sally and Sonic
sally booooo.jpg, 367xNA, 1 times posted

Still nothing compared to what happens to Sally in Sonic Retold...

Oh yeah that one, I only know of that cause one of my faves gets shit stomped by my most disliked Sonic character lol

>all that suffering
Jesus christ...
Wish I could've shown up for the Unofficial storytime, but I'm too busy catching up on the Dragon Ball storytime.

Oh cool, like og up till super?

I don't know if DBAnon's going up to Super. He probably said if he would but I forgot...
I checked and he said "Probably not" when asked about Super. He'll probably go up to the end of Z.
de4uzyu-d6ff6400-ab4e-4669-b635-4e5257dc810d.png, 958xNA, 1 times posted

That's fair enough, hope that has been fun and Appule got his respect
issue 1 page 7.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Here's Vector!

he looks like he watchs milf porn. Wait, do they even have internet on the floating island?


>Vector: Fine but you’re using your guardian cred to score me a couple tickets to the Killer Koalas concert. There’s this older chick that runs a record store that I want to take to it.


My favorite.

>I guess everyone can do Chaos Control now
Yeah, it's taking me aback too.

>Sonic Retold
Speaking of, I've upscaled it and added it to the mega! I also added a folder with some extra Sonic-related art

Oh, and I've added downloads for Scourge Eternal Blackout to
the website. That should be us all set to finish this Ride™ now!
tumblr_08a527231d3fa5bd530b65cb6fcdd4e2_a671386a_2048.jpg, 1999xNA, 1 times posted

>tfw you'll never go to a space bar with Rouge
It's not fair ;_;
nectar__the_world_before_78_by_icys_dh1uo77-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 78
Oh yeah, I forgot about that gem!

I love Omega. This artist is so based for drawing him
GIv7X3vbQAAHcJD.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Super rare asian fan art of Lien-Da
GIvtV-CaoAAU94a.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
And Sally
0.jpg, 620xNA, 1 times posted

Shock and Awe - Issue 2: Page 132
And we are done with all of the backstory, now we can move forward.
But wouldn't it be funny if S&A just stopped updating there, haha? Now that's what I would call meta.

It surely doesn't sound like a cry for help from the author, not at all.

Yandere Sugoi!

Hmmm, Nicole and Silver. Now that I think about it, it's funny that Nicole was never on Silver's suspect list of traitors, seeing her history with the Iron Queen.

this comic is too horny

I see Sonic is unimpressed by the Hookah, as he should be.
you_two_aren_t_the_people_i_wanted_to_die_with_by_cephalosaur_dh2fjd2.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
So that's the kind of ship Doobus Goobus is into...
Sonic X Shadow are great "friends!"
0.png, 1433xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 4050xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #2
Archie Sonic Online #250-253

Nice! Thanks!

No worries!
It's best to not claim anyone is the schizo unless it's the really unhinged posts. He is in there but I don't think all of them are him. If you think it's him then ignore him and don't bring him up. You can be cheeky and indirect.
If theres one thing i kinda agree with is that criticism should be given to something. I've already said mine in the thread but what are your guys for the issues?

I too wish they came out with issues faster and there is a sizable number of people working on it but it's a fancomic and they've done way more than nearly any other fancomic I've covered the past few years. As a content creator I can say there's nothing more annoying than people getting something I spent time and money working on for free and then complaining about it. Especially when it's something like not getting more of that thing for free.
tumblr_d0c6f8fa85a1ea8b9afb713e27c41316_c1965466_2048.png, 1325xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation 3-19
Back to work Napnic!
akuma_issue_1_pg_18_by_dragonswirl_dh2ij3u.png, 1600xNA, 1 times posted

Akuma 1-18
>tfw you'll never kidnap a depressed Silver
It's not fair!

Yeah, no comic is above criticism. Even though I really like ASO, the colors were a bit bland in some pages, and I really disliked not having Elias save the day
Honestly, some people are either completely unaware of how much effort goes into creative works, or are just ungrateful

>Honestly, some people are either completely unaware of how much effort goes into creative works, or are just ungrateful
Even people making comics don't realize it until they do. That bird guy did a few pages after writing out the entire comic and all that lore and hasn't done anymore pages of it since.

>Even people making comics don't realize it until they do. That bird guy did a few pages after writing out the entire comic and all that lore and hasn't done anymore pages of it since.
Tell me about it! I got through scripting most of an issue (which took way more effort than I though) and was genuinely surprised just how OOC I wrote everyone. I decided to put it down for a while and come back to it later. I didn't even get to the art part!

I think problem is he's so present and drowning in his bad faith rhetoric it's hard to guess actual criticism, though I've said my complaints on things in the comics in the past and shame actual interesting criticism is hard to find

Writing is hard, drawing comic pages makes it look easy. Even I've tried to draw a few times and just gave up.
You can still respond to the more reasonable posts criticizing stuff but he can't be subtle for long. Sometimes you think you're talking to someone else and then the mask falls off and you know who it is. And I've seen plenty of people get mad they don't more of something they get for free. It's not an uncommon opinion but the schizo still manages to stick out in that thread.
What I hate about alll of this is that that will bring up a few good points how it’s bad to just accept everything with no criticism and when you think the convo quality will improve, some guy will go.
THE ENTIRE COMIC IS BAD, THERE IS ZERO GOOD, FUCK YOU FOR LIKING IT insert something something being a kek

Like oh my fucking god. How does that help anybody?. It’s a cycle of schizophrenia from the other side and admittedly our own when some accuse anybody of being a schizo which isn’t good either. This shit has literally repeated for years and I’ve noticed it every time. I hate it
Just when you think some common ground can be found someone just shitposts as well like that.

That's what the schizo has been doing. He's even posting his usual images now. The inability to remain subtle is part of his mental illness.

Like I truly kinda get what the other side says about us just sometimes accepting something and not give much criticism and other things but my problem is that will almost always imediately be followed by shitposting. just ruins everything and all sense of a real discussion go into the trash.

>Writing is hard, drawing comic pages makes it look easy. Even I've tried to draw a few times and just gave up.
Yeah, I certainly fell into the trap of thinking it'd be easy enough to write since it takes me an hour to make one wonky drawing. Turns out it's all hard!
I just wish he'd learn the difference between full resolution images and thumbnails!
That's why I usually also respond to the people he's responding to
This is really off topic but can't find good stuff on e621 Sonic wise, all just gross or bad daily now, shame
d5i0m5x-fb05a40f-b13f-45f3-8a79-f6ef593027e4.png, 550xNA, 1 times posted
7f152046052f204c3d507017ded0231b.jpg, 736xNA, 1 times posted

Me on the left

Didn't think you'd work up the courage to post here. So, did you have a favorite gay foot fetish pic from FeetyMcFoot? I know you had to look at a lot of them to get to the Surge ones. Personally I liked Guardian's Break

More importantly, why isn't he sucking my cock? Unlike ABIB, I won't make him dress up like princess Peach!
dd3igq0-40929186-b587-4859-9a79-54906c52d8bf.png, 453xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah yeah sure. I'm le evil sonicfag or whatever. I'm sure the direction of the franchise you want where Tails is the main lead would 100% be perfect with no problems

Wasn't able to be there today, but yeah, writing's hard, it took me 30+ days to make a single chapter of ELECTRIC MOBIUS that I was happy with, it didn't even start out as a DE crossover, I just played DE while procrastinating and realized how well it would fit for what I wanted to do in my then unnamed Surge fic.
One thing that always helps me is forgoing quality completely and just write-publish-write to get something done. most of the time rewrites time up so much time that you just have to bite the bullet and write-publish-write, even if it's not on my main project, putting something out and being able to call it finished helps me.
It's easier to fall prey to when not writing professional, I've seen countless fanfics get scrapped, re-written and have the re-write never finish.

Well if you're not IDWkun, you can still be my side-piece!
>can't into BB codes
He's so tsun!

I wonder if the next games after Frontiers will have Mobian x Mobian fights, in Frontiers it was mostly just Mobian x giant robots.
Maybe Sonic will finally become furry DBZ.

Can I see it or anything else you wrote

Who's IDWKun? I hope it's not me.
Also, as a person who's done the same sort of low-effort baiting he does but on different boards and on different topics, one of those people is 100% him.

surge feet poster is actually another separate shitposter

Just search the title on ao3, or put in Sonic, Sonic IDW, and Disco Elysium as the Fandom tags.
I don't post anywhere else other than there and 4chan.
I'm sure a mod or Black Hand will sort this out. Until then, I'm not commenting on any of this.

Not kidding, it really is just another person.

cool, thanks

Because I notice take notice. Theres more than one shit stirring faggot that exist you know.

Yeah, write-publish-write really is the only way to iterate and improve. Like anything creative, it's very easy to fall into the cycle of constant revision while never releasing anything
Cool, I'd love to see it once it's done!
And even better, I'll let you call me daddy!
He's a janitor under the protection of the mod ABIB. He's been working hard to derail our threads for a few years now because he hates comfy Sonic discussion. It was actually /sthg/ that outed him as a janny and got him to reveal that he's been kicked out of almost every other Sonic fan community. Apparently the reason he hates Archie is because some Archie fans bullied him on a forum

Probably the right thing to do. I just couldn't help myself!

Oh, and I was thinking of doing that Sonic vs Goku comic as its own thread since it's ongoing and has over 100 pages. I figure it might be a bit long for our general threads
F3bTGpyasAA52Dd.jpg, 1433xNA, 1 times posted
belle jumpscare

Kit's best nightmare

Honestly suspecting you're a shitposting faggot yourself at this point.
GIfwTXgWoAEDktQ.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
What the fuck could break a person to this degree?

House of Cards was like 9/11 to this autist.

Be honest. Are you doing this on purpose? Seems so with how you make posts purely to bait more replies from the other guy. Here and over there.

He's probably just mad we won't be posting over on 4chan as often and knows /sthg/ isn't as fun to shitpost in (there are other, better shitposters in those threads already)
Since the other guy didn't respond to me yet, just gonna assume he's a no better faggot who likes to cause shit too.

All you do is encourage more shitposting. You are no better.

It's not gonna happen. Again, you are no better. And just a faggot for the multiple times you've done this encouraging more shit to caused in the threads.

Okay? What makes you think that makes anything better?
Go work in garden with mum to cut ferns down and go to tip and come back to this huh

Unleashed and Rush were a lot of fun, also 100 percenter Colours which was fun even if story is ass

That old and you still think engaging with them the way you do is smart. Tired of retards like you.
376d13692e4fd3e2b306431c78c6bc4d.gif, 499xNA, 1 times posted
What a way to spend a saturday night lmao
Do we just wait for him to tire out then ?

Honestly just leave, he’ll be at it for rest of the day

With the other anon having the “bright” idea to directly engage with him, just let those two idiots to themselves
want to say thank goodness
BUT saying this to the guy here who admitted to goading the schizo on purpose

Fuck you. Literally no better than the anti sonic schizo.

Just ignore him. He can go for around 30 hours before tiring out. I've emailed the admin

>some posts of the guy who kept engaging with shitposter are gone too
Okay we should def go back to sonic talk but I want to point this out just in case
Really now
Metal sonic 2.jpg, 680xNA, 1 times posted
You need to figure out a board name ASAP so I can give you your own place that you can self police from this phoneposter and macfag spam.

It is really tedious to clean this shit up when half the people engaging are sometimes regulars going back for months. I'm sure at least one or two normal posters also got hit, and I don't care.

I'd be happy with /s3/ - Sonic Shitposting and Storytimes. Sorry for engaging with him

The only ones I considered useful so far were /sob/ and /sssr/ (if you can think of a backronym for that).

Also decide if you want it sfw or nsfw.

If this shit keeps up it'll also have IDs.

What about /sss/ - Sonic Storytimes and Shitposts?
Also, might as well make it NSFW. I can tell some posters really like posting it but we can have a thread for just NSFW content.
I feel that if the board is nsfw by default, it would just get untidy from the very beginning. It oughta be a generic sonic board.

>/sss/ - Sonic Storytimes and Shitposts?
plus4chan filters out shitposting so no.

also the acronym reminds me of a guy who used to hack our forums, but that's an old story.

Can we at least have a designated NSFW thread on the board?

Also /sob/ - Sonic Obsessed Bastards

I like that name

There were a few names mentioned earlier, in case that helps


/spin/ could be a cool name if someone managed to make it work.

I like /sob/, the double meaning is quite fitting.
/sss/ just reminds me of /ss/.
It's just my opinion but I think the board being SFW would help with the shitposters in the long term, Sonic seems to attract some very mentally ill spammers.

/sssr/ - Sonic Shenanigans & Storytime Rides
>plus4chan filters out shitposting so no.
Fair enough
>/sob/ - Sonic Obsessed Bastards
I like that one
/spin/ - Sonic Panels & Irreverent Nonsense
The "IN" needs work I think

I have no idea how I replied to own post, I was sure I was responding to someone else ;_;

Yeah i like /sob/
sonic_the_hedgehog_is_communist_by_petarmememakerarts_dgiliyd.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

/sob/ - "sonic obsessed bastards" is the most appropriate one but having both baw and sob on the board list would make the site look too defeatist. That's the only problem though.
/sssr/ - "the super special sonic ride" could work because of the abbreviation and because we already have a conductor. I would probably list it in Cyrillic though.

spin or sth or fast etc are NOT what I'm looking for.

it was a ban evader.

>/sssr/ - "the super special sonic ride"
Okay we can go with that.

>/sssr/ - "the super special sonic ride"
Love it!
>it was a ban evader.

> probably list it in Cyrillic though.
To look cooler ?

>To look cooler ?
0.gif, 480xNA, 1 times posted
>me not having been able to be part of the threads yesterday, coming back now

Literally me.

>spin or sth or fast etc are NOT what I'm looking for.
Oh well...

>Soyuz Sovetskih Socialisticheskih Respublik
This is what happens when we lack adult supervision!
Reading the archived Unofficial Archie #2 thread I was super surprised to see that the Sonic Galactic devs got a short comic put in ASO. Absolutely fantastic fangame by the way, some of the best 2D Sonic physics this side of Mania with incredible music.
Unfortunately Demo 2 has been spinning its wheels for well over a year and a half now since its supposed release date but there's been plenty of sneak peaks when it comes to new zones and music, which is all as great looking/sounding as expected.
nectar__the_world_before_79_by_icys_dh2ldak-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 79
Well shit, that can't be good for the time stream!

Shadow is the onlt character Silver should be allowed to fanboy over, afterall Shadow is immortal and would probably know Silver in the future, and Silver being sent back implies that the future problem is something Shadow can't handle.
Of course this requires Shadow to have friends and to get along with people which he doesn't in canon.

Lmao. I love the /sssr/ one.
1699084300208095.jpg, 864xNA, 1 times posted
Shitposting aside, the last two threads were pretty good. I hope the Archie Ride had people stick around and check out ASO as well as the other comics we'll cover this next week.
issue 1 page 3.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Page 3

Purple on Purple violence! Well, here’s some red on purple violence! It’s Thrash, the resident echidna hater. But why’s he hating on a whole race when it’s just Knuckles? Maybe we’ll find out later but Knuckles wants to know what’s up with Thrash now.

Aussies are just natural haters

What Slurs do you think Thrash has for echidna’s?
twittervid.com_adampixelrush_3839eb.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Does Fat Sally have any shame?!?!

It seems like there's way more work going from zero to demo than going from demo to complete game and almost every fangame underestimates this. Great to hear they're still working on it
It's a shame he never met Shadow in 06 since Shadow was sealed away by humanity (again), but he'd totally be a fan otherwise. Since Silver's from a "good" future now, he's probably met Shadow (assuming Shadow doesn't seal himself away as Maekawa suggested), and the rest of the cast are probably in the history books as famous heroes.
>it's nothing personnel Espio, but my purple is the cool kind, not the gay kind
Rude Thrash, rude! Seriously though, it's looking great!
Moot was right
1622831466.raiven_eggman_by_skullxcake_dekws4z-pre.jpg, 1070xNA, 1 times posted
Starting playing the Mega Man games due to the ride. MM1 is ROUGH! Some fun but was a bit frustrating. Got MM2 down, and that SO much better. Also, that alien out of nowhere bs, made me laugh. Love Wily so much. I can see why him and Eggman became friends

>gamergate 2.0
it's over


>I know not with what weapons Gamergate III will be fought, but Gamergate IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
Albert Einstein
0.jpg, 2025xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #3
Archie Sonic Universe Online #50-53
Sonic underground scared the hoes away

Shame but the threads feel like the old Unofficial Ride threads.

Kinda does doesn’t it?
To be honest I expect the thread to be kept alive therefore if anyone wants to post in it they are free to. It's the only way to make sure it's not another situation where I have to bump a bunch of threads, post a bunch more in our thread, and even make a handful of new threads to help it archive.

Not to worry, I’ll be able to fill it up with Tamers proselytizing in an hour or so! You heathens must see the light that is Bardonic!
But if you do it then you have to go hard. Really take a chunk out. Otherwise I see myself spending another hour finishing the thread off.


>cooldown more than 10 seconds
romans_12_21__classics__by_cephalosaur_dh2lu9j.jpg, 2080xNA, 1 times posted

Happy 300,000 posts everyone! With 826 threads and over 115,000 images there's no stopping us!
I was going to post more but that other anon really went for it!
THoaM 9-04.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster 9-04
lmao, Sonic just realized that's Chip!

This comic gets furrier with every page
bE4uqAnthEYkLy0T.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
Thanks for all the help. I'll do some posting now.

Honestly if, sally was the princess replacement for Elise in 06, that would be even more disastrous than the slap for how dull Elise was and how often she got kidnapped too

The only thing people remember from that game is the kiss between Sonic and Elise. If it was Sally or any mobian princess, at least it wouldn't be considered that game with bestiality. I know having a human girlfriend was a scrapped idea for early Sonic but to think Sega would try that in current year minus 18 years is hilarious.

I mean yeah but sally would still at least be kissing a dead boy lol. But Elise and sonic romance was so weird and dumb, no chemistry like at all
Watching gayriahs vid on sonic 06 terrible story and basically says Elise should be re written to be sally. lmao. As he said, should have been a Bit of a up tight princess who criticizes Sonics for how he jumps the gun and Sally seeing some value in that and sonic seeing some value from what she says in taking responsibility for his actions. Lmao. Elise so bad people would what her to be some one else.
I mean still don’t think that would necessarily make the game super good or anything but I kinda see what people say by that replacing thing even tho I still kinda think an appearance in 06 would just be a bad appearance overall
GI3OrrTaEAADj0D.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted


You do know
>"Uptight icequeen type princess who's warmed up by Sonic"
Is basically Blaze right? She even has fire powers.
Although for some reason Knuckles is the one with the Flames of Disaster in the movie verse. So probably no movie Blaze or Elise.
sonic__tails_and_sally_design_by_kenshin3107_by_ultimatemaverickx_dh2rava-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Hey someone posted that before I could lol, anyway yeah finally got him to upload that since got done months ago, may have to order more stuff like some oc’s of mine as reploids or more Sonic designs of mine in his style
0.png, 1601xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #4
ASO Mobius Legends #1-5

Wasn’t expecting someone to hate my silly snake shilling

That means you've made it.

Guess gonna have to just order more Mordred, also sorry if i may have accidentally brought in arguing about serious Sonic in the thread, thought was an interesting topic about to be hijacked by Sonic was never goodisms

It's fine. The shitposter will take any chance to start something. The best thing is to not reply to them.
Speaking of mordred, mordred guy wasnt kidding about how much of a coward they made him in reboot. What was up with that.

It is genuinely hard not to, he is such a fucking annoying smarmy and disingenuous cunt

I guess they thought that would make him more distinct but he already felt pretty distinct as the nasty, arrogant and smarmy lord amongst the Egg Bosses, he already had plenty personality that contrasted or bounces well woth the more immoral and moral reboot Egg Bosses

Yeah, it’s why I like his old self better. Now if only rob got to fight him in that one arc instead of an expy

Yeah that’d be fun as could have some fun debate on nobility, bloodlines and him being a reptile while rob is mammal and all that good stuff. Also a fellow preboot Mordred appreciator, also yeah funny despite loving the issue never cared for Bow Sparrow and his group much, giving Mordred different enemies in my stuff since have some ideas brewing.
1665090285078040.jpg, 406xNA, 1 times posted
finished sonic riders. I hate this fucking moron. not only is he dumb, but he makes knuckles looks dumb too since it's supposed to make them both the meat heads of the group.
The knuckles slander was unreal.

Storm has a cool design at least, though as a kid having hever played the games I thought his personality was meant to be like the nasty bullying bruiser and less simpleton durr hey boss type

In the story, he’s just the dumb goon. Wave is the smart bitch. Her supposed rivalry with tails is so weak too. She says some shit to tails but tails is just the tech guy to sonic. Jet is the only one with a real rivalry thing. The other two are weak with storm just cementing knuckles as the dumb one which I dislike.

Shame as like the Babylon Rogues but they don’t really feel like proper rivals to Team Sonic and more like just parts of the rogues gallery if that makes sense

I once read that Wave & Tails dynamic would be way more funny if they have Wave genuinely think that Tails was a manlet, that's why she calls him shorty, because there's no way that her tech "rival" is a literal 8 year old kid with a passing interest in what is basically her life's work.

Mind break when she finds out a literal child is exceeding her technique
GI1xWIiXEAAufF6.jfif, 1739xNA, 1 times posted
Gigi is opening commissions and will post prices as a reply. Has yet to do so after 20 hours.

>twitter only commission
0.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Amy's Family - Ch 2 - Pg 30
I feel so conflicted about this.
guts_34.png, 1956xNA, 1 times posted

I really liked your list of before. I had seen you always around, think I even saw you once on a /co/ husbando thread too (correct me if I'm wrong of course), but I didn't think until now you really are such another fellow Rotor aficionado. I'm glad to meet as ever one such.

Is Rotor your husbando as well? By the by, don't think I didn't recognize your deep passion enough for Rotor as to remember to alternate Spartan BDSM worn Rotor, which is beyond the handsomeness and hotness of a daddy.

I ought talk more with you often among my friends. Just to be sure, are you around often here? On husbando threads of /co/? If that's okay to ask, of course.

Also just for you, was able to snatch some more rad Yoink_0 material. Hope you enjoy it, for thanking you back for leaving your stuff for me!

>cute sonally
>but the sonic is a faker
dh31gfb-7020d1de-4ce6-4d9a-bb84-ef09bbd0aa6b.jpg, 615xNA, 1 times posted
There’s a sonic coloring book and spaz will be drawing it
HxsQQsRza7CF84XX.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Now that's the funny part
THOSTH 2 page 9 (1).png, 1450xNA, 1 times posted

Hobo Sonic is best Sonic.

>freedom fighters
Kinda odd in an AU where they haven't had to overthrown a dictatorship yet.
0.jpg, 1300xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #5
Sonic Retold
Kenshin_Dulcy.png, 1875xNA, 1 times posted
Haven't really got much new to post so figured would post progress on Dulcy redesign for AU so can gauge feedback to give artist from here

Not a fan of dulcy with hair desu. Doesn’t fit well imo.

Suggested tweaking the pony tail so far already but will see how can tweak hair or if just remove it if comes to that

Looks good!

Thanks, Chun Li's outfit is a big influence and hair is mostly drawing from Ms. y in Megaman, gonna tweak outfit and snout a bit, the thiccness was vital as well as the height
Honey, the Sonic should be a killer debate has started again

GJESlXpWEAAxTPP.mp4, 300xNA, 1 times posted
1710943132744821.webm, 856xNA, 1 times posted
holy kek

There’s a idw sonic thread, main topic being Sonic and him permanently sorting his enemies

yeah I see it.
GI_8YuKWsAAMWk-.jpg, 768xNA, 1 times posted

Nicely drawn, I should comm this guy again sometime
I tapped out of the Sonic thread, to exhausting arguing with the mental gymnastics of why it’s Sonic’s fault for the villains actions

It's funny to think for me that eggman takes advantage of how sonic and his friends think to always get away with the insane amount of bullshit he causes
GJFb2xgWQAAklAx.jpeg, 1424xNA, 1 times posted
Adult Sage.

What's going on with Metal?
honey 14.png, 576xNA, 1 times posted
Heroes Come Back is tricky. All the pages clock in at like 170 including the side stuff focusing on the OCs, the Infinite and Gadget/Buddy comic, the cafe AU, and a Silver and Stripes comic. The series itself is 130 pages which is already a bit. I guess I'll do the series and maybe the OC one since it's all about the DEL and twink enjoyers will love it and everyone in it.
0.png, 672xNA, 1 times posted
TP's headcanon for Sonic is confirmed for Shadow.
Let's see if my Tweet is popping off

and for Sonic too.
sonic_legends__3_pg19_and_20_by_antyep_dh2ysh7-fullview.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Legends Issue 3 Page 19-20
It's been a year since the last page. All I remember is that Sally and the Freedom Fighters are working for GUN and Sonic went schizo/Scourge/Ashura and Tails is fighting the BBA.

Always nice to see project like this still being alive.

Whoops! Looks like I need to upscale Heroes Come Back.
Or I'll take it from Grabber Zone.

Should’ve been lazy and asked me to do it with the rest! If you’ve got something else I can upscale it before tomorrow’s thread
GIL9S0_WQAAxSSK.png, 544xNA, 1 times posted
woop_woop_by_sassymelvin_dh37h7a-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>new sassymelvin strip

It's fine. Scourge is the only other one I needed. The Chauvel stuff is the same size. There's actually a reboot story in there but I wouldn't call it a continuation.
0.jpg, 2362xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #6
Heroes Come Back
Wow, normal Unofficial Ride threads are more active than this one. What a shame because this is one of the best fancomics.

Bit of a shame. Shocking enough, its quality actually makes me tolerate silver a bit as the story is pretty good.

Silver will never be tolerable, give the zoomies an inch and they'll take a mile.

You're not entirely wrong but i liked the mogul and silver thing you know?
maybe some finik art should be posted. Her art is seriously great

Silver scared the kids away.

I think the problem is that it starts as a Silver/OC/SFF comic and then halfway gets to the main stuff. Reverse would've gotten more attention and kept people invested.
I'll post whatever is necessary to get this thread to bump limit. There's still more comics and even more art from her.
issue 6 cover.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 6 Cover

The fight for the last chaos emerald heats up! With Sally’s life on the line, the Freedom Fighters are forced to help Eggman. They’re nothing more than pawns in a growing conflict between two villains! Can Sonic turn things around or will Eggman get what he wants? And what about Tails? Is he ready to learn about his heritage?

He should have storytimed Silver's adventure instead.

Oh cool, are those like enhancing gloves on Tails and also nice pun on title

>thread bumped from page 10
I knew it was going to happen. It's best to not expect a thread to archive before hitting bump limit.

It's weird to think back to the time where, before that janny decided to pull a weird one, maintaining the thread alive until the next one was actually the norm...

>Rated r18+ for depictions of Bird genocide
Well this one certainly isn't Comics Code Authority approved!
On the plus side, that means I can make literally hundreds of posts in the thread and he has to read all of them!
It's nice of him to keep our threads alive so we don't have to. And he doesn't even charge for it!

>that long post about the cover
but I kinda see where they're coming from with the fair criticism, and would take it to heart on improving next time imo

Decided to post the rest of Knux Redux in case anyone else wanted to do the Heroes Come Back side comics
It was certainly interesting seeing some well thought out criticism and advise expressed with such vitriol. I personally prefer streamlined and less busy covers myself, but I can see why others would like the "here's a bunch of cool stuff that's happening in this issue" approach

It being 4chan means theres always some edge to posts with a form of good intentions which I did sense from it. Just wanting the comic to be better

>Decided to post the rest of Knux Redux in case anyone else wanted to do the Heroes Come Back side comics
I still can do that. Or save it for a later thread. It depends.
I appreciate the criticism but the cover is split into thirds and is supposed to illustrate that two conflicts are happening with AI Sally in control of both. The text might be too much or could be done better.
That should do it.

He realized the thread was going to hit bump limit eventually so he sped it along with the usual posts to get it to archive faster.

What would we do without him? Our helpful sidekick lmao
/v/ mods deleted a purple kitty thread
There wasn't any arguing about ships even
I am tempted to put the Reboot Classic Sonic from issue #288 to 291 right after the rebooted backstories of the FFs mostly featured in the Sonic Super Digest (that'll try to mostly bunch up together).

I am also tempted to group the Sonic Megadrive comics as well as the non continuity-tied small comic such as Sonic Jump together and put them right before the Sonic Boom issue.

Kinda want to end the reading order on a more conclusive issue, such as the last complete universe arc.

Is it a bad idea?

Nobody cares
It's going to be a lot but there's no other way. Scourge is going to be one thread. Which means tomorrow will be Archie Sonic Forever and any remaining stuff like the other Finik comics. And that'll be it.

>ending the ride with asf
can’t wait to see people’s reactions to THAT moment lmao.

What moment?

So only 8 threads?

You’ll see

Do you mean the break up thing?

only 2 threads, today Scourge tomorrow everything else

Yeah lol

Yeah, I’d rather have constructive criticism that’s edgy and rude than polite criticism that isn’t helpful
Looks like our special friend took care of it for us!
I think the cover illustrates that well enough, and reminds me of a get of those Archie covers Ben Bates did
It’s so nice of him to take time out of his busy schedule looking at Surge foot pics to help us out, and at no charge too!
Personally, I like having things grouped in terms of what makes the story easiest to read, even if it does mean shifting things around
What will happen after ASF thread?

Sonic becomes real

>Looks like our special friend took care of it for us!
Yeah he switched things up when he realized it's no use!
I'll be done making threads on 4chan. Maybe. I have no plans. Maybe I'll take a break and get into doing daily storytimes of fancomics here.

We're getting that new board soon and raising awareness and keeping people around here should be a priority.

With nothing for our special friend, I’ll have to make an honest schizo of him and tie the knot!
>It’s no use
>I have no plans
I might still do the occasional storytime over there but I’m glad to be done with that trash fire of a website. I have so many comics to post here once we get our own board!
For me, when the sssr comes to be (love that acronym btw), it’s getting to chill and post sonic. Basically st*g without the bullshit which is super ideal for me.
MxLYXDzQ_X_oPT8n.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
1000 posts
1000.gif, 576xNA, 1 times posted

we did it!
0.png, 1354xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #7
Scourge Eternal Blackout

I feel like the spamming shitposts never got removed from the count.
idw sonic 70.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted

I want to give thanks to everyone that contributed to the White Legs discussion, really made my day and gave me fun ideas to make on the spot

Hey no problem. I randomly spat out white legs as silly as it sounds and then we got some nice discussion out of it.

Yeah, Space Milf White Salvation and her condescending generous race is way to fun of a concept not to talk about

Saw someone say they think this might be belle in disguise and it made me spit out my drink
download.jpg, 204xNA, 1 times posted

I know right. It's so on the nose but that makes it funny and actually fit. And to add a bit more, I think White Salvation would also have some religious bling on their persons like he does maybe even dressed like those nuns or whatever
nectar__the_world_before_80_by_icys_dh3fchp-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Forgot to put the comic delays.
Fang the Hunter Issue #3 - 3 April 2024
Fang the Hunter Issue #4 - 1 May 2024
Sonic the Hedgehog: Spring Broken - 5 June 2024
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #69 - 15 May 2024

Exactly plus it's a fun exaggeration of the opposing alien stereotype that the Black Arms represent but parodied to the fullest with some cheeky wordplay. White Salvation probably would have design features that contrast Doom ike softer grey style fingers or instead of big horns more droopy fronds. Also yeah nun style garb and more friendly bling if makes sense to describe it as that

>banned on /v/ due to apprently posting furry shit
Literally have no idea what I did as I remember posting no such thing nor have i posted there in a while lmao

IDW Sonic and Delays. Name a more well known duo.
argali-93d7f6d1bb33616d25487796ca5cbfaf.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

So horns kinda like this? Thats what Im kinda imagining them having unless you have your own example. but yeah, I just love the concept and making up lore for it.

Was thinking more like Twi-lek or Togruta head things but that could work also. Guess continuing the religious imagery the White Hawks have more fleshy feather like wings, would have to think how each enemy type works in a friendly and humanitarian way

white hawks?
Screen005.png, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Oh shit never mind lol. But yeah, I need to get to thinking on what the others would look like and do

Suppose the White Oaks do a lot of physical labour or construction/moving heavy hazards, Black Bull would instead be the White Whale and Black Assasins are probably instead White Mages
BlackVoltModel.png, 548xNA, 1 times posted

Absolutely love it. Also think Black Volts would just be like the white hawks but a bit smaller. Maybe they are messengers of some kind and other white legs use him to go places. Also was thinking the black warriors would be White Peacemakers would be the most numerous of the help force with going around bringing supplies and such on their transports

Maybe White Workers would be better as White Peacemakers sounds like a more higher rank, I have no idea how to make the worms more humanitarian besides maybe helping in farming or carrying supplies inside of themselves. Suppose a black volt instead is a White Wave and them being messengers or perhaps relief transporters also sounds pretty good
Killer_plant_dr.png, 640xNA, 1 times posted


peace keepers maybe, idk? speaking of worm things. was thinking about their version of death leeches and then thought to the killer plants. I like to think instead of feeding on people they genetically modified their plants to grow super nurtional fruit and such to keep themselves going and then to share on other worlds too.

Yeah leaning into the plant growing angle and farming thing they oddly have does lend well to the idea of them feeding starving worlds or helping out
White Salvation .jpg, 1334xNA, 1 times posted
Worst drawer in the world but I had to sketch something out. This concept rocks.

Thanks my dude, this actually looks dope as hell, making the design eerie but with the middle eye showing the genuine good from White Saviour. This is dope and made my day

NP. The AU is just fun.
FxKPLGFaEAA_kt5.jpg, 1820xNA, 1 times posted
Spring is finally here...
It honestly look better than anything I could do.

Funny how such an unassuming fancomic makes a rare ship work out. And then it ended when something big was about to happen.
1711093590895490.jpg, 1080xNA, 1 times posted
Tails wants you to go through what he did.

Forgot the source

Still amazed an official Sega image allowed for the mention of an Archie exclusive character.
cancer.png, 224xNA, 1 times posted

They know their audience.
GJOEYN4acAApGt_.jfif, 1341xNA, 1 times posted
Team Tits (& Tangle)

Team Titangle

Is it sexist to say the only thing they’re good for is for their bodies and BOOBS!
GJSHpfrXsAAsPSx.jpg, 702xNA, 1 times posted

>technically sfw btw
Wow the last thread archived without hitting bump limit. I guess they gave up keeping the thread alive to trip up the next one. Anyway, today's the last one!

Good thing we don’t have to deal with the schizo anymore soon. Poor idw threads tho, he’s gonna have to shitpost at someone to make his life fulfilled

A snake could and should suck them titties, joke aside looks so nice
000-000-cover.jpg, 1429xNA, 1 times posted
Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #8
Archie Sonic Forever, A Special Visit, Memory, and Heroes Come Back side content

It was really cute and comfy, made me root for those two.

>And then it ended when something big was about to happen.
The curse of every fancomic, a shame.

The trauma of seeing your fave get beat by your most hated never ends, even if it is what would happen no matter what
i'm glad it's over.jpg, 300xNA, 1 times posted
It's done. Fuck 4chan.
skopd.jpg, 479xNA, 1 times posted

Genuinely surprised how smoothly that thread went

I'm taking a break and think about what I want to do about posting fancomics again. I'll still post here regularly.
Just the schizo posting Surge feet pics.

>aprox over 2 years of the ride
Longest Sonic ride ever and I was there since the beginning. WEW! You are a beast, conductor
Yeah a break is 100% deserved. I guess we just wait for the board now I guess.

Yeah, like that was just sad in how ineffective it was, how the annoying have fallen

No problem. The only breaks I took since 2021 were the two three day bans and during the IDW Ride.

Genuinely your work has been making my time and really bringing back a lot of my enjoyment for Sonic

Kongratulations Konductor! I'll miss the daily threads (even if I couldn't make most of them recently), but it's nice to be rid of that trash fire
I'll be posting comic updates and will start posting new comics once we get the new board
I love that no one replied to the Surge feet pics

831 threads, over 116k images and 302k posts!
>two three day bans
Rookie numbers!

Hey no more dealing with them anymore!
Same here. Fun to talk to a group of Sonic fans that isnt a total hellhole
Sage2.png, 588xNA, 1 times posted
Ahh it's all taking it nice and easy for now

P e r f e c t
Someone really wants the thread to die. Not like there's going to be any after that.

So it wasnt one of you guys who was spamming Stripes on that thread ?

Wasn't me. I just did best boy Remington and a Sonknux image. I also posted links to here

I think it's the anon that says they like to spam images. It's what they do. Sometimes it's welcome and helps get the thread to archive faster. Sometimes... maybe waiting a bit would've been better.

Wasn’t me. Another guy.
The Ride is over... for now
tumblr_oeeddsStk51scggeto2_540.jpg, 540xNA, 1 times posted
twitter_@molu9818_20221129-163147_1597629405446418434.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

And I didn't even get to post any borderline-lewd pics ;_;
eggman no way i dont believe this.jpg, 500xNA, 1 times posted

There’s always here at least
twitter_@molu9818_20230308-113752_1633431838101471233.jpg, 1433xNA, 1 times posted

Deepest lore!
So for those board names, you guys agreeing for the super special sonic ride as the name? Personally I like it and it’s acronym
twitter_@molu9818_20221121-160805_1594724336606547968.jpg, 1042xNA, 1 times posted

Might post the rest of them
Yeah, I really like the name /sssr/
twitter_@molu9818_20230207-175616_1623017818521325570.jpg, 1840xNA, 1 times posted

Last one! Marking NSFW since the bulge is prominent. Also, fun fact: Assless chaps are a misnomer, if they had asses, they'd just be leather pants!
1710144771363938.png, 852xNA, 1 times posted
1710144167611740.png, 3000xNA, 1 times posted
So about the future board you guys keep talking about, anyone got any ideas on how to bring draw anons to it ?
I've updated the website to reflect our moving to plus4chan full time
Don't dox my hand bro!
I plan on doing the occasional storytime over there to drum up interest

Would've been nice to promote it during the Archie Ride when we were getting dozens of people.

Enjoy the rest. Thanks for the daily fun.
0.png, 1475xNA, 1 times posted
So, here is a new artist to keep an eye on.
Name of the comic is Sally's Beginning and is set in the AU of the artist that they call "The Infinity".
there are two pages of it so far.
0.png, 1530xNA, 1 times posted

>So, here's my first post here on Deviantart. its based on my own Sonic Continuity called The Infinity. the series itself in specific(because there are multiple series within The Infinity Continuity) is called Sally's Beginning. i'll post one more page of this and then explain the series itself if anyone actually is interested in that. happy reading!

>so here's the second page so far, I plan on making a lot more of these if this series actually does well on here. Sally's Beginning is a continuation of Sonic SatAM, but with a few unique twists. I'm very excited to reveal all of the juicy details a post or two from now. Currently in this scene, there's a new big bad villain on the block. a wicked demoness with a relentless thirst for vengance. she currently has Sonic captured within her fortress set up in the great forest. Sonic and Sally's relationship has been rocky lately, and neither of them are sure that the future has in store. we'll find that out soon enough

That's all there is for now.

Set in the SatAM continuity, I should have precised.

I swear to god if Sonic and Sally break up again

Well, the comic is tagged with sonally, so there is that.

Thanks! It's been fun. And time consuming.
twittervid.com_theblazingrush_f9ee41.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
>Desert Bus Frontiers is now complete
>I released it early last night to get feedback
>It has the majority of the features from the original Desert Bus:
>- 580 real life kilometers long
>- Slight right tilt so you can't just hold forward
>- Kills you if you go off the road
>Have Fun
GJSUIJKXAAA8BnC.jfif, 619xNA, 1 times posted
It's been a while since I've seen people this interested in IDW Sonic. At least on TwiX.

Did the writers actually made a Zonic fake-out, there?

Imagine if it’s infinite who like Eggman lost their memories of who they were due to the phantom ruby
0.png, 580xNA, 1 times posted

Is it based on the Penn and Teller game?

Well first off, thanks for the Ride, so enjoy the break. Second rereading the Sonic books gave me new appreciation for them. Some stories were better than I thought, some were worse and some was just eh. Surprisingly, the Dreamwave Mega Man comic was pretty decent! I honestly expected to be bad and/or boring but we found some fun stuff. NiGHTS was however, just as batshit as ever.
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

I draw, just not very good at it yet
1682805898439925.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
1710884305.spectral-bat_oldwalrusrotor.png, 1218xNA, 1 times posted
With no more threads on 4ch, I feel delighted enough to post here at ease with no need for mobile data or putting up the bureaucracy on posting system, or really just knowing I don't have to be afraid anymore of some external higher-up with giddy up grudge for me just because. Thanks, RapeApe and ABIB.

Though, still, I hope the fella I mentioned
>>463666 I wanna buddy up and chitchat is around still. I somewhat regret not being on Megaman storytime sooner for him. ;_;

In the other hand, I hope the new board comes, sooner or later, so I can have a thread there all for myself. Only quirk, unfortunately, is I know it won't be as much populated, so I'm hoping thirstposter does make occasional threads over there to invite potential fellas.
Since I don't have daily threads on 4chan anymore, I'll get back to posting updates for fancomics. There are some that I used to keep tabs on that haven't had their pages posted in a while, like Sonic Now. Speaking of which, there are some comics that deserve their own thread. I would say anything 100+ pages and still updating. I hope we can get threads with higher image limit. Bump limit isn't a problem since threads don't archive. I'd like to have a main thread where most of the discussion is. Any updates for a new page in another thread can be posted in the main thread and linked to that. Discussion in the other threads don't really happen. People seem to prefer generally talking about everything in one place. But there would likely be other threads for mainly game and specific comic talk. I do wonder if others will take an opportunity to spread out to other threads when given the chance.

I kinda liked the format where the discussion moved to the new thread with the daily fancomic, but that was more or less forced with how 4chan works in the first place. Guess we'll all see what fit best for here.

You kinda have the right idea. We can have what’s is basically an ongoing sonic general like /sthg/ but also have threads for fan comics on the board so they wouldn’t clutter those and again as you said, post Links and updates to those so people can briefly go there to read whatever it is in a separate thread
Oh and yeah general should just have talk of everything so wouldn’t be too split up
VideoGabes Animations 🍉 - https:⧸⧸t.co⧸ldHlNUanLR #1-(206p).mp4, 228xNA, 1 times posted

That'd be funny.
That'd be interesting.
Yeah it was all fun and it's good that anons were able to discover how good other comics are. Mega Man get the appreciation it deserved and not just the Archie one.
Nice! It'll be good to see you hang out here more often!
Daily threads and moving to another one the next day was ideal. But that moderation and shitposting made it all so tiresome.
Yeah there can be one major main thread and then smaller threads for those that want to focus on different mediums and then threads for specific things that deserve their own thread.

Yeah pretty much, as obviously than just fan comics, we'd have ones for idw too
trust_me_by_0normalperson_dh3ma4g.jpg, 1757xNA, 1 times posted
nicole photo.jpg, 1013xNA, 1 times posted
/co/ feels just a little bit emptier today...
At least I have my 2 hours of free time back!

Im waiting for the new board desu
media_GFl250rbsAEOBYW.jpg, 540xNA, 1 times posted

Nice to see a comic set in the SatAM continuity, and for Sally to have the right eye shape
B-but Knuckles was never introduced in SatAM!
I still don't know where you found the stamina for it. Posting smaller comics is an effort for me, and I use a captcha solver!
Fun fact: if you boost in a figure-eight you'll unlock infinite boost. Not that that would help much here!
It's not 1996 anymore Konductor!
>Surprisingly, the Dreamwave Mega Man comic was pretty decent!
Yeah, I really liked it's 00s style. I'll have to look out the other Dreamwave comics
>NiGHTS was however, just as batshit as ever.
All the hornyposting at the end of those threads was hilarious
lmao. Glad to see that AU's still around
Hey Rotorbro, really glad to hear you'll be sticking around. I hope Gutsbro sticks around too
>I'm hoping thirstposter does make occasional threads over there to invite potential fellas.
I'm planning on doing full chapters of the ongoing comics over there once they're finished
>Since I don't have daily threads on 4chan anymore, I'll get back to posting updates for fancomics.
>Speaking of which, there are some comics that deserve their own thread. I would say anything 100+ pages and still updating.
Yeah, I'm thinking ones like Frenzy and THoaM should have their own thread, but we have an ongoing thread like this for our main discussion. As for spreading out, I might see if the Tamers threads would like to post here. There's about 50 regular posters in them and they're (we're) always getting banned for lewdposting
Yeah, it's best to wait until discussion split up into more specific threads organically
I keep F5ing and no Sonic. I need my fancomic fix!

>There's about 50 regular posters in them
DAMN! you serious?
tumblr_bd51948a5d7b74a1b19957f744a4b6bb_aefeb90f_2048.png, 1325xNA, 1 times posted

>>463415 That should've said Sonic Desolation 3-20
Sonic Desolation 3-21
Inhibitor Rings dropped! Will Shadow save the world's tiredest hedgehog before he takes his final nap? Tune in next time!

This is an opinion I have but not too big on his inhibitor rings being a thing. They're like the instant win thing for him and thats kinda lame to me
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Omega's such a bro, and I love that he kinda has facial expressions
egg_dimension_comic_pg_44_by_lonelybrowncow_dh3j8l8-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Pg 44
Out of all the unimaginable horrors I've seen on the Internet, this comic still gives me the creeps
turtle_power_page_154_by_okida_dh3h944_cunet_anime_noise0_2x.jpg, 1378xNA, 1 times posted

Turtle Power Page 154
That can't be good!
The thirstposter-approved (and objectively correct!) comic upscale parameters for a png image! You'll want to go higher on the noise scale if you have a source jpeg with compression artifacts though

Omega is so likeable
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Yeah, they're (we're) pretty horny for Aleena and Sleengo and that generates a lot of posts. We even have some really talented artists like RickSteubens that are regulars. The discussions are generally pretty good, and we even have our own resident schizo, carlos834, that used to post gore when people wouldn't pay him attention
It's fine when it's not used often, but a lot of artists treat it as an instant win instead of a temporary power boost that will quickly drain him to the point where he loses consciousness
He really is!
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My dude has been unable to catch a break these past few days
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I was just about to post that lol
cream_being_baby_by_sonicbarbie_dh3uj9i-414w-2x.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Always good when Joeadok does art, just funny he’s been shit stomped both times by characters not a fan of lol

True lmao
Sonic CD Secret Cutscene
issue 1 page 4.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Page 4

Thrash is the easily cancellable person that’s a PR nightmare. In the Archie comics, one of the first things he says is about there being too many echidnas. And he goes about his business to get rid of all of them (except Knuckles and some others that conveniently disappear). So why not lean into that problematic mindset? I definitely don’t condone his way of thinking and his remarks will be kept PG. Nothing worse than what you’d find on a special episode of a Saturday morning cartoon.

>tfw when you’re racist but bit of a good bloke too
Seems to me knuckles has a bit of history with him and somehow still okayish with living on his island despite being a chud. But do like how thrash is here. Guy is a jerk to knuckles but probably doesn’t like seeing trouble on the island potentially hurting other mobians

Pffft I kinda love Thrash being politically incorrect, works since he's an Aussie

lmao, he punched his legs off! I like that Mordred's one of those characters that's fun to watch whether he wins or loses
For me it'll always be the blocky oversaturated MegaCD version, even if Origins objectively has a nicer copy
Thrash being a shit-stirrer just fits so well. And you can't cancel him, his people were genocided!
>his remarks will be kept PG
Noooo, I want him to say Echidna with a hard "R!"
>the fruity pair
lmao, I know exactly who he's talking about! Well, assuming it's not Ruggiero and Grifone. I mean, obviously it will be once I've edited the page
I guess without the Guardian Special to resolve the issue Knuckles is stuck with him and is trying to make the best of it
Moot was right again

Thrash be like
Bros Such A Digger

Fun fact: Aleena uses the hard "R"
Sonic Manic and Sonia celebrate their birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's and things go VERY wrong...

Yeah Mordred is just always good to see, also yeah Thrash being a family friendly bigot is good

>didn't preserve the timestamp
Huh. It's 4:56

>he’s one of the good ones

Pretty sure Omega fight Neo Metal in Heroes, though.

Great uspcale. i knew there was a good reason to wait for you to post it.

Hmmm, I wonder, does the Turtle Power arc conclude with the Super emerald being cleaned of the evil and suffering it had inside?

With this being a version of Knuckles and the Angel Island where he doesn't have a "get out of mah property" mindset for anything that isn't a non-talking animal, you gotta have someone else to pick up the bigoted shtick...
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Love the energy of that one.

>It's not 1996 anymore Konductor!
I don't know why some files are saved from twitter as a jiff file. Seems to only be on chrome which is my secondary browser.
>Yeah, I'm thinking ones like Frenzy and THoaM should have their own thread, but we have an ongoing thread like this for our main discussion. As for spreading out, I might see if the Tamers threads would like to post here. There's about 50 regular posters in them and they're (we're) always getting banned for lewdposting
That'd be great! We need to start recruiting when the new board is done.
>probably doesn’t like seeing trouble on the island potentially hurting other mobians
He's not that nice of a person. Then again, everyone on the island, good or bad, wouldn't want the Master Emerald removed.
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>Then again, everyone on the island, good or bad, wouldn't want the Master Emerald removed.
I wonder how long it will take for the new board. I remember Black Hand saying that threads can be migrated. Maybe test out a side thread for something about Sonic like a Tamers thread. I did float the idea of a thread for video content. And it shouldn't matter if we have another thread on here if it's only temporary. The first few pages of the catalog here already has several of our older full threads. I also checked when the other threads that are still active were started. IIRC all but one were made in 2022 and earlier.

I guess we just have to be patient and wait and see for that. It is nice they're doing that tho.
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tumblr_79408126557c8d0eaac789084e967684_025966cc_2048.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
the_blade_a_rang_by_cyngawolf_dh3wkp5-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Now show the weird stuff.
cosmo__parasitic_au_by_cyngawolf_dgzsphr-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Was confused what you meant until I double checked. Legit just saw that art and thought it was neat and didnt see the others. like WTF

Ironically not what I was talking about (I was talking about the Tails and Sticks fusion), but this is far more weird indeed.
df4siy9-56cfcfb4-b43e-4025-bbdb-c1672a7d11d7.gif, 5000xNA, 1 times posted

What the...
the_fusion_frenzy_by_cyngawolf_df3nbnh-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
This is so weird
echo_by_cyngawolf_dh3wq1v-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
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Remember that SatPM fanwork?
The artist has been producing new arts.
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Sonic fall guys lmao
✪ *NEW* SONIC TOYS PARTY - (Fall Guys Style Game) Japanese Leaked Trailer ✪
Looks kinda mid desu
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Hey, it's been a while since i have checked these threads, what's new?

Conductor just finished storytiming all of the Archie Sonic comics on 4chans as well as the fancomics continuations of it.

Now he is taking a sabbatical until we get our own board here on plus4chans because one of the jannies on 4chan has decided to be an asshole about those threads and the mods simply do not care:

>Now he is taking a sabbatical until we get our own board here on plus4chans
While i am not against that, i'd imagine that your own board is going to expand to be more than just comics.
Probably also games, music, art, etc.
I just hope that it goes well.
GJdP6tnbMAAnK5o.png, 640xNA, 1 times posted
GJdP6tPa8AAui3M.png, 640xNA, 1 times posted
GJdP6sza0AAZT1a.png, 640xNA, 1 times posted

NGL, slightly emphasise the breast and thighs on this Rouge and o totally would. That aside looks real good making the three more Satam styled

why am I only noticing now that Mina Mongoose has monoeyes?

Hey again. Sorry for not answering earlier and thanks for the Guts pic! I don't think I had that one! I probably had it sitting in my ever enlarging collection of twitter bookmarks before his account was gone
About Rotor, I checked that thicc chubby cartoon guys tierlist and I apparently put him in the S-rank, so i guess he is one of mine!
I'm not here so often, but I could make some apparences. Also we don't get many husbando threads, but I'll be sure to check 'em out any chance I get.
On dealing with /co/ mods I feel you. They don't fuck with me on the same degree, but posting benign furry stuff makes them so ban happy.

You got a discord, btw?
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GISBlYnWgAAHRuG.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Also, if it's more comfortable with you, I'll give you my discord, instead.
safer 'oto with 'eck.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
(smidge of balls you can see off this, so give me a heads up if this is off the limits, so I will know better next time, to whom administrate this site.)

Oh, hello! Don't be sorry, really. I can also be away off certain platforms for the while and pop in back over and over, here included, so I know what's like, good pal.

Matter of fact, I couldn't be anymore happy of you asking for contacts, because I was just about to do same! Sure thing! Rotor would love to talk with you more!
You could send a mail to rotaryboom@disroot.org, with just your included Discord contact for safety's sake (prop it up with your indulging cute belly old man art if you'd like). Alternatively, of course, I can put up here a temporary pastebin link, included there my Discord tag.

Hope to see you up and over! Rotor loves you.
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I think its funny we got a few of the gay sort around in our lil sonic community but people are just usually fine with it lol. To make this actual Sonic discussion, I wonder when they will have gay Sonic characters actually be promient instead of the low key hiding they do with like nite and don.
People say Whisper and Tangle are gay but despite being at the forefront, they just dont want to actually say that out loud that they're lezzys. though personally, I think Whisper should stay as far away as possible from tangle as she just drags her down
IMG_8575.jpg, 750xNA, 1 times posted

Ah no, don't be nervous, either works for me! Funny you say such, as I would be the one worrying about making you at uneasy. I enjoy your concern! Thank you much, but really now, no need for that.

Like I suggested already, feel free to just shoot a one to my aforementioned e-mail, but that's to say, of course I can just leave my Discord tag here in the wild for you first, then I will just delete the post myself.
GJZpqPPaUAAFJJi.jpg, 582xNA, 1 times posted
So apprently, according to insider insight, that one Krysten Ritter chick will play a human character in it but most importantly this is what they apprently said about rouge. lmao
GJZpqPNaQAAqeXT.jpg, 489xNA, 1 times posted
Oh and Amy is showing up but the rouge thing is hilarious to see.
ddsjs3i-5d62172a-45f8-4492-be90-73187032c559.png, 756xNA, 1 times posted
If she does show in the movies, it will look something like this and her prime self I bet
Dreams of An Absolution.jpg, 1354xNA, 1 times posted

Silver will be gay like his theme song
1709414511281.gif, 681xNA, 1 times posted
black_bull___shadow_the_hedgehog__redesign__by_zeed02_dh3wdxk-fullview.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
GJYjnnUWoAA8AMa.jpg, 1199xNA, 1 times posted

I'll be the first to recognise that I am hugely (snirk) into big boobs and that I tend to view them in a sexualised way, but I can't help but think that trying to hide endowed characters from kids can lead to body shamming for people who are actually developing chests, only seeing it as a sexual thing to hide unless they want them to see it that way.

Ironically, this can subconsciously lead the public to only see them as a sexualised thing.

Rouge is a complex character who is far more than her physics, self confident and driven by her objectives and mission. She does not use her body to seduce others, but to kick asses. This is the perfect character for people who fear to be just reduced (Snirk-again) to their chest.

I think decisions like this can lead to internalised shame. Bodies like this (in the relative scope of Mobian proportions) exist and there is nothing wrong in simply showing them on screen.

I mean, the main target audience of the Sonic comics are kids and no one is questioning kids reading stories where Lanolin is there. The same logic should apply.

I can see why they don't want Rouge titties out there. Paramount wants to put out a family friendly movie and those make a lot of money. Having a bat with big tits and exposed cleavage might make some parents reluctant to take their kids. And I've seen some threads on /co/ where anons talk about how their parents keep them watching all sorts of cartoons for the weirdest of reasons. Companies hate taking risks. Besides, Amy's the better and safer bet. As for Lanolin, ABT gets away with it but there was a time Sega had him tone down Whisper's chest. They probably don't care as much anymore. Just don't make any mentions for Archie characters or places. And no more funny off model faces.

I understand what you mean and I agree, but I think you meant to write "physique" in your third paragraph.

And I agree, Rogue never plays the role of a Femme Fatale despite looking like one.
New thread?

Oh yeah. I should do that soon.

>but I think you meant to write "physique" in your third paragraph.