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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #21

Unofficial Threads #1: >>441769 #2: >>442938 #3: >>444299 #4: >>445531 #5: >>446501 #6: >>447788 #7: >>448671 #8: >>449430 #9: >>450408 #10: >>451275 #11: >>452685 #12: >>453667 #13: >>454689 #14: >>455816 #15: >>456799 #16: >>457858 #17: >>458726 #18: >>459491 #19: >>460180 #20: >>460965
Sonic Future: >>442673
Sonic Genesis: >>440714
A Sly Encounter: >>440121
ASO #253: >>458897
Mobius Legends #3: >>458978
There’s Something about Tails: >>456731
Sonic Adjacent Threads: PSYN: >>444737 Sylvanna: >>446269 Klonoa: >>454356 Sticky Floors: >>455066

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: https://mobiuscomics.com
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org

What’s that? You want another edgy fancomic? Okay! Here’s one where Sonic goes super and murder crazy! Sounds like a specific kind of Super Sonic! And what about Tails? He’s still alive at least. This is Damaged!

2.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Gotta blast!
3.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Crybaby Shadow!
4.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

But I don't know the answer.
5.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Make him believe... in Santa?
6.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

What a pal.
7.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Shadow looking not so super anymore.

>Here’s one where Sonic goes super and murder crazy! Sounds like a specific kind of Super Sonic! And what about Tails? He’s still alive at least. This is Damaged!
I hope it has a good ending.
8.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Oh and the artist seems to be a Sonadow shipper.
9.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

>sonic is gone
But he's right there!
Fingers crossed.
10.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Maybe sex is a good way to resolve this issue.

>Oh and the artist seems to be a Sonadow shipper.
Many such cases.
11.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Let's turn back the clock...
12.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

There's Sonic!
They sure love their edge and angst.
13.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Look at Tails so vulnerable! Open to attack from someone that would go "ara ara~".
14.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Normally the two would be swapped in this situation.

>how about putting you in a coma for the next 50 years
Been there, done that.
15.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

If Amy wasn't missing, she'd be pretty jealous.
16.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

And now back to the present.
>super sonic: then how about i kill you?
>shadow: seriously?

>Look at Tails so vulnerable! Open to attack from someone that would go "ara ara~".
Been there, done that.
17.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Where do these cords go?
18.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

RIP Tails' innocence.
19.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

20.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Oh, hey Metal Sonic.
21.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

That expression on Tails.
22.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Well, Eggman usually doesn't survive these stories.

At least he didn't steal his Kidney.
23.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

I'm sure Amy and her crew are fine.
24.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Hey there!

>World where Eggman die are worlds where Sonic goes insane
And there are still people who question Zonic.
wwch_page_25_by_luliq_dgwoc7i.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Suddenly the name changes but I think it's still the same story. Now it's called What We Cannot Handle.
wwch_page_26_by_luliq_dgwocbx.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

And that's it! Still updating. Now we have a new thread to fill up. That new board can't come soon enough.

That was a nice little one. thanks.

How very Tony Stark with that life support
0.jpg, 13807xNA, 1 times posted
In case you needed an other reason to hate Patrick.

It is pretty interesting. Next one won't be edgy.
That and when Rusty Venture was hooked up to Helper.
>patrick tries to use mobian money in a vending machine
>iizuka runs in and tells him to stop

SU 63 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #141
Sonic Universe #63-66

Looks like Tails failed his Sanity check.

slow thread huh? Knucklesbros...

Reboot is killing the threads

Kinda true, people were more invested in the original canon
1708394577820887.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

>warned for this
Amy butt is too powerful to handle

Even Blaze's uncanon butt was too much for the janny to handle.
ssstwitter.com_1708361537811.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Tails being epic, love to see it

Immediately recognized it from the DBZ Lord Slug movie.
maxresdefault - 2024-02-19T233534.841.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
So mad about Rediscovered Frontiers I'm posting about how much I hate it here. Ironically wish I could genesis wave it away from existing. Bet the author who lurks the threads is laughing at me too. I hate it so much bros you wouldnt believe
ssstwitter.com_1708253399764.mp4, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah, there's this funny trend of taking random scenes and placing Sonic sprites on top of them, the artist was inspired by this one
1707054177586437.png, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Don't worry, Surge is Sonic's new true love and Sally can be with Nicole.
Surge_The_Tenrec_Meets_Sonic.png, 1227xNA, 1 times posted


There's that one picture of Metal Sonic lying to Shadow about "Faker" Being a slur hedgehogs use against Tenrecs.
I can't find it, but imagine I put it here.
tumblr_98eed939186fac95317780b2096c10f1_3dc087e5_1280.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

1707789442806705.jpg, 1877xNA, 1 times posted


Calm down man, clear your head and think of things that you enjoy

I guess I should...
8cff9415a6816099c362d90bf138aee34a2913bb.jpeg, 2532xNA, 1 times posted

>He thinks Surge would want to settle down.

What kind of attitude do you think Eclipse would have if he was in this comic ?
GGwDR_WWAAADNn7.jpg, 1783xNA, 1 times posted
GGwDTJsW8AAQzRB.jpg, 1783xNA, 1 times posted
GGwDUfWWsAIEal_.jpg, 1783xNA, 1 times posted

Quick rundown of the recent events?

Knuckles just killed someone below Angel Island. Nobody care.

Wuh happen?
>called sonic meets sticks the badger
>is mostly about knuckles being beef mclargehuge
That's Sonic Boom in a nutshell.
0.png, 657xNA, 1 times posted

There is making your creation dated and then there is chiselling the day of its creation on a fucking 10 meter tall marble tablet...
1707444508461905.jpg, 1916xNA, 1 times posted

I think that's part of the joke, neither seem like the type to settle down, although they are what? 15~ish, so that's about expected.
A Fox's Decision page 3.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted
A Fox's Decision page 4.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted
oof.png, 429xNA, 1 times posted
ece1a5228c3b5c10aa102a2e0765cbca.jpg, 809xNA, 1 times posted

Now that's what I call some perky nose.
matheus-cross-dr-fititevus.jpg, 1390xNA, 1 times posted
When you think about it, Finitevus is basically like Eggman Nega but actually decent. Like I may seem a bit hypocritical to like him but not nega with him admittly being a recolor. But nega is pure ass in the games, and an already eviler version of an existing character. Fini and scourge better contrast sonic and knuckles at least. I like fini was warped but has reasons to hate the echidna bs with how much they fucked up and wants to reset the world. Like you guys get me right?
kit 25.jpg, 4096xNA, 1 times posted

I'm afraid that Surge already came pre-packaged with the perfect love interest.
Shadow and Miles.jpg, 3623xNA, 1 times posted
Okay, that page was painful to look at.
1669063814573859.png, 1917xNA, 1 times posted
1707965122034417.png, 488xNA, 1 times posted

Finally, a tit-cowSheep? to rival to two biggest.
1662513415417587.jpg, 1740xNA, 1 times posted

Who are they killing this time?
>Bunntoinechads... I want you to know how jealous and mad at you for having your ship intact.
Yeah, but still at the cost of a snazy jacket and Bunnie's cheek tufts.
1683349269944086.webm, 632xNA, 1 times posted
HONEST thoughts on Rouge the Bat?
issue 6 page 2 and 4.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Two pages done!
wwch_page_27_by_luliq_dgx64no.jpg, 2480xNA, 1 times posted

Next page up.

Dont see the appeal with her.
Her antics with Knuckles and Shadow barely hold up as a character quirk, she has been a background character ever since team dark stopped being an official thing, and fans only seem to care for her boobs nowadays.

Metal asked Eggman a little bro just like Sonic has.
But now, Eggman has put Metal on Time out and is angry at him because he just throw in the trash the Tails-doll he gifted to him for Christmas.
Ungrateful brat!

It really looks like metal is being sent to time out lmao

Definitely that and not Metal Sonic feeling empty and experiencing an existential crisis.

big oof for him
echidnas_have_long_tongues_by_kingofhighlands_dgx6009-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
For Thirstposter... if he doesn't have it already.
MM 37 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #142
Mega Man #37-40

She's nice, honestly if I had to pick any of the Sonic girls in a realistic scenario it would be her or Vanilla.
She has a nice mature personality and she'd probably be nice to be around since.

>watch video on frontiers
>it calls out the bullshit of knuckles pretending he didn’t go out that much before
I feel so vindicated.
Crazy to think that Mega Man hit bump limit faster than the last two Sonic threads. We'll see if that trend continues.

It's already been said, but the story of frontiers is just fan service in the worst way possible.
And it ends up re-treading old ground again, why can't we just have it be like in SA2 where it's already understood these characters went through an arc so we can have them not re-do what they did last time.
Just treat Knuckles as not being a hermit, Tails not being a coward, and whatever the pink one's name is, as if they actually retain development in between games.
1683828584962784.jpg, 3128xNA, 1 times posted

>completely shits all over the Eggman and Sage relationship and how bad it is
HOLY FUCKING BASED. Thank goodness that god awful garbage is being called out. I mean Egg father is a thing now sadly but more are aware of how shite it really is.
Quick note but its also nice to hear the shitting on every character just jerking sonic off constantly and talking about him even when he's not there.
But god, so great to hear about how shit eggman was in frontiers from someone else. Among the characters, that pissed me off so much with how he was treated.

I implore you guys to watch this video and your own thoughts on it.
The Cyber-Corruption of Sonic Stories

He pretty much says all and that and some more detail. Dont give a shit about amy but he's right about Tails and Knuckles in it. Frontiers is meant for the fans and thats a terrible thing.
All_Sallys.gif, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Managed to add a third Sally to this.

Those are some cute sallys

Reminder that a big part of the Echidna's diet is ants.
Put the whole Archimedes thing into perspective.
I've been updating my archiving scripts and it turns out of the 1,396 deviantart accounts, 62 are gone completely, and 280 haven't updated since 2020. I'm still thinking about how to integrate the deleted accounts with the website, but it'll probably be some sort of gallery view
>A written fanfic or an actual fancomic?
Oh, I meant Bunnie's Worst Nightmare, from Sonic #37
>Penders selling Archie comics
Technically he's just selling secondhand books, which has always been fine. If he was reprinting them he'd be in trouble. Those prices are hilariously high though
>Finally... another page
B-but I wanted his other comic to update ;_;
Wow, that comic's great! Love the art, edge, and Sonadow undertones!
>That and when Rusty Venture was hooked up to Helper.
lmao, that's what I was thinking too!
B-but I ship Surge with constant jobbing or Amy!
Absolutely love this Knux
Tails x Kit is endgame
She's just girl Sonic!
Imagine the possibilities!

Listen, I've already agreed with you, but I'm not going to watch your youtube video Jeb, go back to not making Sonic videos like you promised, K.
Also I didn't mind Sage and Eggman, but that's partially because I'm heavily biased towards her type of character, and family arcs.
Also, I don't mind otherwise pure evil characters like Eggman having someone he cares about like Sage.
And also I've never had someone explain why they think Sage is bad to me.
0.png, 1779xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic with flesh colored eyelids is disturbing.

Sage is just so boring to me. Listening to her talk in the game is so dull.
0.png, 1819xNA, 1 times posted
Stumbled upon this short one. I hope it's okay if I post it.
Also, for once, Sonic isn't the irresponsible parent.
0.png, 1819xNA, 1 times posted

Title is
"Have You Seen Sky?"
And Tails is explicitly legal, there. Maybe even Single dad?
0.png, 1819xNA, 1 times posted

Mystery solved.
0.jpg, 1818xNA, 1 times posted

It's not often Tails is more oblivious than Sonic.
0.png, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

That's all there is to it, but here is an other comic by the same artist.
maybe Tails deserve to be bullied?
0.png, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
And if you want some color...

>became a parent at 21 probably
In all seriousness. Tails would be an awesome parent.
FLfqf7kVEAEzZBF.jpeg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted

Who's the mom?
The kid's coloring reminds me of Cream and Vanilla for some reason.
Personally, I'm a fan when the races/species of the parents are just mashed up like in the case of the Crocobunny.
dgw2ev0-200f2621-d189-4c6b-90d3-17c7814f9ee2.png, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
So that artist said in a comments the tails fan kid mother is their not so subtle self insert oc. lol. Now I wonder if KillerBoss will be based enough to make fan kids for sonic and violet.
1700076282140142.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted
EO5wJRfXUAE5w0j.jpeg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

>Tails wife is a 9 pear old Ancient-Human hybrid.
Also more Crocobunny.
All_Sally's_fixed.gif, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

Here's a fixed version of it where the third Sally isnt off by a pixel.
1708500123628665.jpg, 2579xNA, 1 times posted
media_GG01zVNXMAADW6P.jpg, 1365xNA, 1 times posted
Some interesting stuff
media_GG02DLEXoAAlInS.jpg, 1569xNA, 1 times posted
media_GG02JRXXMAASpyI.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

>go back to prehistoric times
>moved a chair
020.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted
021.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Why is Amy's dad so feminine looking
I guess that issue was nice to see Sally free but the break up thing tho...sigh. Pretty cool they're making a special AND a universe issue.
Hiatus 2.png, 585xNA, 1 times posted
Hiatus 2 page 2.png, 601xNA, 1 times posted

>dark ages arc
Oh man wonder what that’ll be like
0.jpg, 1065xNA, 1 times posted
>Please, sally, there are room for two persons
>I need space for my legs
1706844142544339.jpg, 318xNA, 1 times posted

>check the person who commed this
>favorites tons of pics like this
Literally what has to go wrong in your life to have fetish over people in roller coaster chairs.

So making your own oc to self insert and marry Tails is fair game?

Always has been.
GG5BWhhbkAAjUQe.jpeg, 2366xNA, 1 times posted
From ABT
1708553829269243.png, 2366xNA, 1 times posted

GG5Mp4zb0AAqOvq.png, 1266xNA, 1 times posted

>Lanolin can't sleep
>Twitter user says SU character will knock her out with a bat
>Steven stops it and pisses off Lanolin

Caption for picrel.
>never sleep
>never nightmaren
1c1b707b7f3ea9cb783112f97287e101.jpg, 1451xNA, 1 times posted
StH 264 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #143
Sonic #264-267
Stop killing threads reboot
The schizo shitposting and anons not liking the story really filled the thread fast after I was done.

The best way to fill empty threads is to bring up Tails. It workds every time.
GFYd7zbbkAAAjGl.jpg, 1199xNA, 1 times posted
GD_qOfzXoAAFj8R.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

So true it hurts

I don't really get it, personally I find Tails really non-offensive.
He exists and I have no strong feelings about him.

His fans are very irritable after years of their favorite character getting shit on.
issue 5 page 21.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 5 Page 21

AI Sally is ready to get down to business and that means getting down to Emerald Hill. Will the Freedom Fighters be able to handle this new threat? And what are her plans for Metal Sonic? Does Eggman fully comprehend what she’s capable of? Also, what is Babylon and what role does Tails play in Kukku’s plan?

he didn't show up, there's only like 7 posts talking about House of Cards this time (and in a calm way).
Most of the thread is just people saying how much they hate Meta/Frontiers Era or the Freedom Fighters getting sidelined again

I get a feeling whatever his moms true race is has some history with the racist birbs.

>And what are her plans for Metal Sonic?
She wants him inside her USB port.

The birds want to turn Tails into a fur coat

>Back to Babylon
Sounds like the inter-dimensional Babylonian theory is correct here, with the birds being Babylon exiles or rogues if you will and the Kitsune being connected to their home dimension somehow.
Of they might just be aliens, not inter-dimensional.
Wonder if their home world is the Sol Dimension or if they have their own, although I have my own personal headcanons about the Sol Dimension.
SATISFACTORY.png, 360xNA, 1 times posted

Can confirm, I get cranky at times
Conductor, you've been lacking on your final words posting.
MLzAlYT96D70WbDc.mp4, 960xNA, 1 times posted

Excited for this, hope it gets finished

I know nothing about Chronicles, can anybody give me the low down on it?

sonic rpg for the ds. Its mediocre with terrible music. Also know from taking inspiration from archies dark legion for the nocturnus
FYjxrm1WIAMP5Wn.jpg, 1387xNA, 1 times posted

He did. As usual it's the lack of subtlety that makes him stand out.

There are other posts that sounded like him but I won't say with complete certainty. I already knew the thread was going to get complaints just like last thread.

>I already knew the thread was going to get complaints just like last thread.
I mean last Ride.
Major_spoilers.jpg, 1303xNA, 1 times posted

>legal Tails
Oh my!
Honestly setting your self-insert up with your husbando/waifu is the patrician choice
I guess we can add roller coasters to our list of hyper-specific Sonic fetish art alongside haircuts
>Roller Coaster, 912 deviations
>Trapped In Chairs, 102 deviations
>Kaa (as in hypnotized by the snake from the Jungle Book), 524 deviations
>Hypno Rides, 50 deviations
Shine on you crazy diamond!
Imagine if they let ABT write her with no restrictions
>tfw you can recognize the artist just by the lady parts
This Ride has ruined me ;_;
Forget Sonally, this is my favorite heterofag pairing now!
If you really want to know, it's pic related

An old Sonic Movie script thing was found
1708621624488453.jpg, 4096xNA, 1 times posted

Sally's underwear seems unfitting for her character, something lacy seems more fitting.
Also, I never imagined Whisper as an exhibitionist, but this image made me realize that since her corset thingy is an undergarment, she can't possibly be wearing a bra underneath it.
Thinking of it, Tangle wears a skin tight suit with a shirt that barely contains her modesty, so I wonder if both of them are exhibitionists?

wearing skintight clothes OVER fur would not make sense, especially when those dudes are running at full speed for hours at a time. The fur already makes them hot as hell, the skintight suits would make it ten times worse.

fucking lmao
tumblr_ownb5jDO4x1vgcw8jo1_1280.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_ownb5jDO4x1vgcw8jo2_1280.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Love it.

Quick rundown?
0.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

Turtle Power Page 152

And let's not forget the evergreen Transformation Fetish.
("evergreen", hehe, get it?)
325afd0b35e6676cfab22d0023a77e73.jpg, 666xNA, 1 times posted
zXo0Cjiqcbk_Ogz_.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted
OK, I've been meaning to bring this up for a while, if you are posting porn for the sake of posting porn, could you please use /pco/ for that? Not that it's too out of place (it's why we have the NSFW tags), but /pco/ is not getting a lot of traffic lately. You can link to it simply by copy pasting the permalink, it should turn into a cross-board link.

0.jpg, 854xNA, 1 times posted

I didn't want to be a party-pooper, but I have resisted the urge to post this several time.

Might as well now.
0.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_3127c6de31ebe2c1f16536cdfa5e246a_3c6375f5_2048.jpg, 2023xNA, 1 times posted
STHO #254 Solicit:

"Rehabilitation": Naugus may be gone, but the Freedom Fighters aren't yet whole - in more ways than one. Can our heroes overcome when there's no enemy to fight? "Finding Your Voice, Part 1": Nicole's exile is ending, but she's still nervous. Can Mina help with the power of music?

After that one, there will just be #255 missing to have the complete mosaic. they have really increased production, recently.

Its the same reason Omelette's a bad idea. Sage is a morality pet that exists to have fanart made of her wearing disney t-shirts and shit. She's that hyper popular "sad girl who warms the heart of the monster" archetype because when you can't give a villain a girlfriend, give him a daughter.

Eggman's whole deal is being a selfish control freak. The first thing we see him do is turn a pig and a squirrel into a robot ladybug and bee because they look better that way. That is our first, lasting impression of the character: a man so arrogant he wants to change how you look, how you think, your species just so you fit his ascetic better in deliberate contrast to Sonic's bohemian live and let live vibe. If Eggman cares enough about something to consider it family he stops being Eggman unless its a sick twisted relationship like with Snivley, which nobody's gonna do with a cute little girl. We're not playing Xenogears here.

It's not like Bowser where having a kid can work because of how he's selfish and greedy: Junior's obsession with protecting his dad from himself and proving himself to be both worthwhile and wicked enough for his father have driven whole games. What the fuck is Sage going to do other than diminish Eggman's threat?

Tails attracts a certain kind of autist who clashes really poorly with "Japanese schitzo Sonic is brilliant actually." autists.
patreon header.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
New update schedule! Saves me money.

So there was absolutely an internal struggle over the breakup thats a romantic ass final panel.


Damn dude. You pretty much nailed it.

Don't know who this is, but okay.
Also, I never really took Eggman that seriously, he's a funny evil man and is selfish and prideful in comical and self sabotaging ways, he was never really threatening to me.
Especially since Orbot and Cuebot exist, and all they do is stand around and undercut his menace.
But for what Sage could do? I don't know we haven't seen her make a proper re-appearance yet, but I'd imagine she'd show up again as a secondary antagonist alongside Eggman and act as somebody for him to talk to that isn't totally useless like her older brothers.
I guess what she'd end up doing specifically would depend on the scenario of the game.
5563a1101769657b7005024563c15098.png, 605xNA, 1 times posted
SU 67 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #144
Sonic Universe #67-70

Will the best Knuckles, character, Locke, be appearing?
I really love that old man and his microwave, such a good father.


>the skintight suits would make it ten times worse.
Imagine the...

If you want to know... only in flashbacks because he's already dead.

1.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
New comic by ABT, LanolinxShadow
2.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
3.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
4.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
5.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
6.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
7.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
8.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
9.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted
10.jpeg, 2896xNA, 1 times posted

And end, this has been Hot Coffee, a short 10 page comic by ABT.
00010.jpeg, 495xNA, 1 times posted
I don't appreciate the blaming and seething over Iizuka in the threads. It kinda bothers even when I have about zero respect for anyone on sonic team. I think Shadow is overrated as fuck but I know enough he's not one to hang out casually even with rouge and omega. He's strictly business with those guys. But people get mad over that and do the blaming and seething, etc.

And I dont think it does these threads any favors when it just low key makes you guys fill into the stereotype of archiefags mad over jap shit. When a certain schizo general and others in 4chan see that, you get shit on and no one likes you.
I needed to say something because it's honestly been bothering me for the years these threads have been going and seeing that.
0.jpeg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Also the comic by the twitter user @pocketscribbs, which inspired ABT's Hot Coffee.
Although a bit too ooc for a canon work, I like how cute and autistic he writes Shadow.

The more I see lanolin, the more I actually start to despise her.

Lol, why.

I have never vibed with abt constantly shilling. It was kinda cute a couple times but now I dont like seeing her.

I thought you complain about the coffee addiction thing.
But I don't really get the shilling thing, she's his character and he makes explicitly non-canon art of her and posts it to his twitter with any comments, except to clarify it isn't canon.

>I don't appreciate the blaming and seething over Iizuka in the threads.
Iizuka's a big boy that's the face and head of Sonic Team (in addition to his recent promotion). He can handle some ribbing in Korean papyrus threads where we talk shit about everyone and everything. We dunk on Ian just as much. I wouldn't take it too seriously and those that take it too far are best ignored. But I understand how you feel. I get frustrated when people talk shit about Sally.

Izuka was mentioned negatively twice.
Calm down, it's not the end of the world.

He shilled her so much she's now at the forefront in the comic.

You can count yourself lucky then since he probably doesn't have the rights to her anymore and with the comics probably only going to last the year anyways she's essentially a dead character since she probably won't be carried into the next comic if we get one.
But personally, I don't mind her much, although as a restoration NPC she should exist in the first place.

I guess. Just needed to speak my mind.

If you think blaming Iizuka for stuff is bad, you should see how /sthg/ and IDW threads talk about Ian. So many times they blame him for the writing in an issue he didn't write.

Yeah, I know about that. It's why I dont visit them anymore. It's down right schizophenic. Like Evan has been the head writer for a while too.


Shadow's interactions with Rouge in Sonic Battle were pretty personal and endearing.

>Dark Era
Sorry, we're in the Mascot Era now sweetie, sorry to burst your bubble but the events of that game are barely canon.
Super Tails renewed.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
FKZCdxeXsAMhfPw.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
FJC1mc7WUAEcTzA.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
What are the opinions on Tails and Cream as characters around here?

Yeah looks kewl for sure, gives me the feel that was inspired by Nine and usual kitsune stuff. Reminds me of Naruto lol but I like it, the artist always draws some neat Tails stuff.

Luv Tails, would literally kill for the lil' lad, simple as. Cream is just aight but there's not much to her, but don't mind her. Now if we talking about shipping them? I just don't feel it, bit forced, just look cute together and that's it.
FubiuX6XoAAtqst.png, 513xNA, 1 times posted

Huh. I remember reading something similar, but it was more along the lines of "Robotnik escapes to our world, Sonic pursues and befriends a human child"
FYI, scripts are meant for producers so there's always a summary on the first page that's short enough for them to read between doing lines of coke:
>In telling this original interpretation of the "Sonic story", we are attempting to introduce a new mythology to the movie going audience. We ask you to keep in mind that we are all selling a live action movie to a broad family audience, many of whom have never played the Sonic video game. For this reason we believe that the "Sonic Move" should be a genesis story, and as we discussed in our various story sessions, will involve a teenage boy who transforms into the "Sonic character". This transformation will utilize multiple film elements including live action, full motion animatronics and puppetry and state-of-the-art computer generated images. Somewhat darker and edgier in tone than the existing video game, there should be a strong sense of real jeopardy, as was done effectively in both BATMAN and JURASSIC PARK. Our adventure should be capable of providing wonderful entertainment, with Sonic and his friends being an integral part of the movie going experience.
>And let's not forget the evergreen Transformation Fetish.
It's not a fetish, it's an artform you pleb!
>You can link to it simply by copy pasting the permalink
That's really cool, I've been typing them out the entire time
Nice! I should be able to up the donation towards the end of the year
I think we all know he faked his own death so he could be go full time on the affair with a certain King
That was actually pretty cute, and surprisingly non-lewd!
0.jpg, 1271xNA, 1 times posted

>Don't know who this is, but okay.
Fan character that stem from missinterpenetrating a sprite from a Sonic game.

>FYI, scripts are meant for producers so there's always a summary on the first page that's short enough for them to read between doing lines of coke:
I should have know this. Thanks.

>, will involve a teenage boy who transforms into the "Sonic character".
Oh boy.
There is an alt-reality with a Sonic movie featuring a teenage boy getting changed into Ugly Sonic.

>Somewhat darker and edgier in tone than the existing video game, there should be a strong sense of real jeopardy, as was done effectively in both BATMAN and JURASSIC PARK.
Can't tell if the script-writers barely knew anything about the franchise or wrote this knowing the executive would knew nothing about the franchise.

As the Konductor said, he's the face of Sonic Team and so bares the brunt of all criticism. My main complaint with him is he needs to hire a decent translator. Two worlds and the moon thing would never have been an issue if we had proper translations. I actually think he (and the other core members) do their best, and are genuinely trying to make enjoyable Sonic experiences. All the deadlines and budget issues are solely the fault of the execs, and probably a number of the bizarre directions the games take too.
Ian gets the same treatment since he's the face of the comic, although I'm increasingly less forgiving of him than Iizuka after hearing a few of his awful takes on his podcast.
>So many times they blame him for the writing in an issue he didn't write.
Ian is the Light Yagami of Sonic writers, with schemes so elaborate he can manipulate others into believing he wrote every issue of every Sonic comic!
Now that's how Tails' super form should look!
They're just friends! Seriously though, they never seemed to do much with Cream outside of "polite girl who sometimes goes on adventures with the heroes," to the point I'm convinced they were going to scrap her post Sonic X.
No worries!
Utterly horrifying and probably would've killed the franchise
>JIMMY HEDGEMAN is a seventeen year old on a hormone high trying to figure out just where he fits into the scheme of the universe.
>Jimmy's got the right haircut, a stud in his ear and a major attitude towards authority figures.
>About the only thing he doesn't seem to have is. a love life. But he's trying.
My guess it was Captain N: The Game Master-tier where they'd watched around 30 seconds of game footage to "get" the story.
egg_dimension_comic_pg_40_by_lonelybrowncow_dgxmedx-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Pg 40
I have no idea what's going on and I'm not sure I want to!

Aw, well she looks cute, if a bit too similar to her father. I especially like the snowball dress and jester cap.

Non-offensive, nice, fine, just kind of okay. I don't exactly get pairing them up and feel like it's more out of a desire to pair Tails up with somebody closer to him in age.

Pretty nice super form for tails.
This reminds me of how funny it is characters get knock off super forms due to how only the male hedgehogs can go super.
Devil Doom, Tripps dragon form, Burning Blaze, Tails and his Flickies, Perfect Chaos, and Super Eggman.
210.jpg, 1056xNA, 1 times posted
throwing_shade_by_knockabiller_db9rzbf.png, 1800xNA, 1 times posted

Wait, didn't he also fake his death in order to abandon Knuckles as a child?
Talk about a dead beat!
Locke is alive in our hearts and that's what really matters

>knock off super forms
I hope the Biolizard gets a super transformation in Sonadow Generations. Turning the ARK into a butt plug doesn't count!
He faked his own death a little too well in this continuity!
F0dEKViWIAMV7wS.jpeg, 977xNA, 1 times posted

This reminds me, I checked out the SB thread after someone mentioned that Surge doesn't appear in it, and it turned out that the author is thinking of pairing up Surge and the ooc Elias.
On the basis the Surge is a rebooted version of Megan, somehow. Apparently is was inspired by pic rel, drawn by the twitter user @kawaiibunny3.
Which is odd, making Surge a reboot version of Scourge just seemed way more straightforward to me, and less weird.
dfmezc8-04bb1ddf-8df3-4537-8e41-d6d08fafdf39.jpg, 536xNA, 1 times posted
satffs will be 10/10 if /ourguy/ appears
>tfw your wife species changed
I hope Elias is into electrostimulation.
Sonic but Hollow Knight.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
GDylQ1TW0AAwSWc.jpeg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

Huh, Fujos sure are an off bunch, or is this just the day for rare pairs?
out_of_the_blue__chapter_2__page_5_by_artisyone_dgxpgle-414w-2x.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Out of the Blue: Chapter 2: Page 5
It's back!

They just put the names of all hedgehogs on a wheel and spin it twice to get a pairing.
Out of the Blue Chapter 2 Page 6.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Man, I really need to go and finish hollow knight

Beat me to it! My DeviantArt RSS reader only updates every 15 minutes, and even then new art won't always show up immediately ;_;
>satffs will be 10/10 if /ourguy/ appears
He's not the step-dad, he's the dad that stepped up!
It would be an interesting dynamic at least
1673104564504.png, 825xNA, 1 times posted
1676056447130.png, 749xNA, 1 times posted
belle (6).png, 595xNA, 1 times posted
Is belle the most unpopular sonic girl of all time? Not many seem to like her
Out of the Blue Chapter 2 Page 7.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted
Out of the Blue Chapter 2 Page 8.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted

Like Eggman works great with sidekicks but to get that Eggman vibe he has to be able to be mean to them. They're things. Metal Sonic as his favorite toy fills the Sage role way better than Sage, by the nature of her design, can't because no one playing a Sonic game wants to see an old man abuse a little girl.

okay almost no one.

why is there so much sexual tension on this page.
61f1080583c137d574fd11d627630818.jpg, 2751xNA, 1 times posted

>Like Eggman works great with sidekicks but to get that Eggman vibe he has to be able to be mean to them.
THIS. But personally, I'm not a fan of the father son thing with metal either though.
Adam is a shameless coomer and furry. He can't help it

I'd love Tails except for the Tails-stans. He suffers the most from the early brand confusion because everyone got that this kid was going somewhere but had different ideas where, and any attempts to stabilize that meet a wall of rage that is disconcerting.

Cream is great and deserves a spot in the main crew. Her mellow personality and pet-user specialty work well with the rest of the cast, she just needs to be allowed to do shit. I'm glad the golden axe meme gave her a boost of popularity again, she's especially good as a more chill friend for Tails and a support for Amy.

I'll allow the flesh eyelids because this is Classic, but still...

Anyway, glad it's updating again. Cute as hell.

Ah, the joy of living in a small town...

She's Sage but worse, and people hate Sage.
tilly.png, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

I wonder, who is the ideal minion for Eggman?
He doesn't have any relationship at all with Metal in canon, and Orbit and Cubebot are obviously bad since their unfunny and useless.
Should Snivley just become canon already, or is something like the hard boiled heavies from classic a better fit?
0.jpg, 2533xNA, 1 times posted

Don't ask as if you don't already know the answer.

Good luck ever seeing him in a game, or a comic for that matter.
It's be nice to see Stone, but Eggman is basically the only human on Sonic's World.
0.gif, 322xNA, 1 times posted

>It's be nice to see Stone, but Eggman is basically the only human on Sonic's World.
We'll get humans again, when we get to have Sonic Adventure 3.
1663159594859.jpg, 1160xNA, 1 times posted
kek.png, 419xNA, 1 times posted
Randomly went to grabber zone and came across this comment for m25yl
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 11.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 12.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 13.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 14.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 15.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 16.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 17.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 18.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 19.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

Checked to see if I had missed a part where Sonic fell in the water, but no, the comic simply suggest it happened off-panel.
This video just dropped. I havent actually watched the other ones yet
Why Archie Shadow is the Best Shadow

Shadow has no friends is an asshole, the only person he cares about is "Muh Maria"

I think it's set post-most game, where Shadow has got a bit of growth.
0.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted
I wasn't going to post that image until I noticed something about it.

I actually don't want to know the context.

That's not his character.

What in the actual fuck
97b089f9a86a4d63bcd02e75105a3f37b1dffcfc.jpg, 376xNA, 1 times posted
salin.png, 397xNA, 1 times posted

Why is Lanolin a chipmunk, why does she suck so why, and why is ABT ruining the IDW comic?
Questions we may never know the answer too.
Interestingly you can leave comments for pastes here. Just need a Disqus account.


Is this basically a pastebin like site

It should be self explanatory.

MM 41 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #145
Mega Man #41-44

>Nice! I should be able to up the donation towards the end of the year


Testing the permalink feature

>I've been typing them out the entire time
Yeah, that became really old really fast, plus a lot of people made new threads by just copying the url to the old one, so this was a feature that had to be done. But it has been active for a long while now.

Funny, I have been copy/pasting thread/post addresses into the reply Box, assuming it has always worked that way.

Yeah, I had to delete my own posts a few times and retry so this is way easier. I actually ended up setting up something similar on my own site with regex to replace desuarchive links with links to the local archives
1675833513288.jpg, 1074xNA, 1 times posted

I didn't really get any sexual tension from this page, Lanolin is just amused/confused which shifts to annoyed and confused by Shadow's ignorance.
Also I find it funny ABT like LanDow while Ian likes SonLin. It's sill ABT's fault for Lanolin though, as he created her character in the first place, even if he doesn't write her.

The MM3 story is genuinely great. I do not get people who think that Ian should've skipped Ra Moon which really ads depth to Wily's betrayal in 3. Wly's early enough in his supervillain career that his reform didn't feel utterly insane and the sheer pain the Lights go through because of reaching out to that man makes really fertile groundwork for MM4, I can't wait to see how Light struggles with giving another mad scientist a chance after being burned this badly.

ha ha right?

Belated but since I'm talking characters and can't fuckin post on 4chan without turning 4chanx off: I think the fixation on Knuckles not being able to leave Angel Island is a huge mistake that has just made using a character who's supposed to be in the regular rotation pointlessly hard.

If Knuckles is going to be his own hub of characters and stories Sonic interacts with, him staying relatively isolated is fine. The Chaotix as support and his own villains work. The problem is after years of this being the case we decided, no, Knuckles is part of Sonic's immediate circle and Shadow's the one off in his own hub. This works great for Shadow but means you have this "why is knuckles here and not talking about a giant green rock every second." vibe every time poor Knuckles shows up.

Shadow already steals a lot of Knuckles's lunch and the best way to avoid that is probably to do what Sega did, which is make Knuckles an everyday part of Sonic's life like Tails. How the movies do it works, with Knuckles as the big brother/protoman type who's in and out the door a lot, you can break the emerald up, you can say Tikal or other echidna students watch it while Knuckles gathers echidna relics around the world, you can do basically anything except what IDW is stuck doing which is having Knuckles not be in the story ever because he has to sit on a rock like an egg on an empty island.

Knuckles's core difference from Sonic is responsibility: he has a job while Sonic is basically superhero backpacking around Europe. That's fine, it makes good drama, but if the job is so restrictive its easier to just not use him it's a problem and one that isn't nearly as difficult to fix as people seem to think.
FL_aElPXoAAEsFW.jpg, 3363xNA, 1 times posted

Knuckles having his own cast was really an archie thing really. But in the games, he still had his job but seemed fine to go out to do adventuring or even relax. I think that was pretty apprent until frontiers came along with it's drama. Also, Shadow in the games doesn't realy have his own thing either. Any bad guy he could fight are dead, will be dead, etc

But back to knuckles. It's really a balance, times he should be guarding, but not too much where he barely does anything in IDW. Again would be kinda fun for him to have some cast, but since it's the game knuckles, he can't have that. I wish chronicles didnt get decanonized, cuz it wouldve been cool to see how he would be like today with other echidnas. Maybe in that timeline shade would guard it when he goes away. who knows

Shadow is too much of a friendless loser obsessed with his "muh maria" to have a cast, but I think he was talking about how Shadow has his own group he hangs out with, even if it's only at work.
Maybe if he stopped playing gone angels and obsessing over muh maria for two minutes and also manage to not be an asshole he could have a friend.

Knuckles having his own crew and location and stories was a part of Archie, Fleetway, and the games with the attempted Knuckles based spin offs. That only really changed around the Adventure era.

Pretty much every time Knuckles showed up in game for a while you had this contingent of fans losing their mind because where's the emerald, why isn't he guarding the emerald, where's the explanation about the emerald. 06 introduces the guy going for a walk and people lost their shit.

Like that gag in Sonic Boom about people being upset Knuckles wasn't spending enough time contemplating rocks didn't come from thin air! It was a big deal to people and that's why Frontiers tried to address it.

Shadow not having his own hub in the games is entirely on Sonic Team spending years of effort and several games developing GUN as supporting characters that are extremely well suited to show how Shadow and Sonic do the hero thing differently and then deciding no he'll just be year one vegita forever which has worked out so well for them the next time we see the guy we're reliving his spin-off. Likewise if you make an immortal alien army and decide they're just in one spaceship and all dead because the game only did okay that's on you.

Yeah thats the funny thing about Shadow. They so obviously wanted to give his own sub franchise and such. But the guy doesnt like having any friends or characters that would continually want to hang out with him. Even Omega and Rouge who only do business with him dont stay long cuz he's so off putting and would rather hang out with each other
and he is always so lethal that any potential bad guy gets offed by him. So Shadow ultimately (heh) can't have much due to how the guy is.
277306530_10159873241322418_7369777274737403799_n.jpg, 1440xNA, 1 times posted

I kinda get that but frontiers and how it did it bugs me. It's just a mess all around.

And oh yeah, I did fail to mention STC. I liked him doing stuff without sonic. Espically that one story with him with Tails. Seriously, those two actually need more stuff together. Hoping the movies give me that at least with them being brothers.

From my understand, he doesn't work with GUN 24/7 in the games. Like he did like that time in 06 if interests are alligned, but would do his own thing otherwise. Plus, as of now, GUN was stomped out by Eggman so they're gonna use that to not use them for a long long while. Restortation is the new organization now.

>Likewise if you make an immortal alien army and decide they're just in one spaceship and all dead because the game only did okay that's on you.
I mean they had to be stopped so they couldnt be that reoccuring and would the risk of real tired retread when shadow doesnt give a shit on what they think or want him to do. Honestly same way with Mephiles since his tricks would not work anymore.

I feel like the Black Arms would be the easiest to re-introduce and the post-boot comics did it pretty well.
As aliens you can pretty easily put them into games as generic mooks as easy as you put wisps in as power ups, they can just be a general background threat that appears sometimes or can do their own thing.
Like in Sonic Colors we never see anybody else at the amusement park, and having the Black Arms appear as one-off antagonists for a level since they decided to vacation there would be funny and fit the tone they were going for in that game.
Although I do think they need a bit of a visual redesign, they feel too un-sonicy-y and could do with being more toon-like.

>Although I do think they need a bit of a visual redesign, they feel too un-sonicy-y and could do with being more toon-like.
That is where I have to disgree. I can understand if people dont like their writing and honestly black doom is bland and generic. But HOW they look is something I actually liked

They're literally aliens. So of course they would look strange and different compared to the mobians and humans. That's the entire point. If anything is to look out of place in Sonic, it should be aliens, and beings like Mephiles and Iblis, etc.

Let's combine the Zeti with the Black Arms, they are the other end of the spectrum in terms of looks and we might get something that's just right in the middle, or an unholy abomination lmao
17206.png, 857xNA, 1 times posted

I've always wondered if the Deadly Six encountered any black arms during the invasion.
Also Its really crazy how long the D6 have existed but still know barely anything about their race, and home. Wouldn't necessary make them the best characters but people are curious.
twittervid.com_soniccitynet_e8af9f.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
>ian taking notes

>Knuckles forma de Negro
Instead of going super, Knuckles goes black.
I guess Surge and Kit are going to get their own knuckles, Negro the Tasmanian devil.

Knuckles now has the power to give the n word pass
dgwtsaz-412a9867-c025-4baf-8693-3fa3b13fa454.png, 1577xNA, 1 times posted
What are your thoughts on Sally's dad/Locke's boyfriend?

Made for Eggman.
team_dark_doodles_by_ssaanaa_dgxvp7q.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
Hyper Tails, renewed.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

lol sonic mania is so accurate to the original games that it is also buggy as fuck just like them.

Hyper form should still have flickies, imo.

Isn't that just a Sprite animation, rather than a video record of an actual game?
dgxqgl7-d528e675-6bba-4a8c-845b-599d876f67b1.jpg, 1778xNA, 1 times posted
I found this pic on DA and then I saw the description

>I did it! One of the youngest people ever to get a kidney AUTO transplant! A very rare surgery for a very rare disease. I was the only young teenager in the entire transplant ward. Performing surgery on me was a dangerous task because I needed blood transfusions and am very small. But I still remember waking up from the procedure and thinking: "dang bro, what just happened?" seeing the scar and being shocked at how big the cut is Anyways I have a new DTIYS for you guys if you'd like to participate! No pressure but I will be making an art comp with the drawings of whoever decides to participate in the DTIYS ^_^ You can remake my drawing above in your style if you'd like! :) All entrants will be supporting the cause to spread awareness for rare conditions like mine.

Can't and wont make fun of this. Glad they made it.
D6bRNLKUUAQOqj7.jpg, 860xNA, 1 times posted
F3lfnchXsAcR3pm.jpg, 500xNA, 1 times posted

Ah, Archie Rouge.

Tails Blanco will become real

The funniest thing on planet earth is Penders thinking Max was right.

Tim Curry king of the squirrels was cool, but his being used as a drama hammer was poorly done every time because Archie was not knowing what nuance and ethhical dilemmas meant way before it became cool. I think Max/Nigel has a place in a freedom fighters focused Sonic narrative but by and large what he did was trap Sally in an abyss she only really got out of in Flynn's run.

The Prowers were much better "shiitty parents using their kid for political gain" than Max ever was.
1672182121731.png, 515xNA, 1 times posted

Wholesome, good for him

If Knluckles goes negro and Tails goes blanco, then what does Sonic go?


He already goes yellow he

>He already goes yellow he-
Looks like Sonic got anon for the crime of revealing his secret.
Lets hope he-
New Jehtt video has dropped:
They needed more time to cook

So did Sonic.
StH 268 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #146
Sonic #268-271
next thread is gonna get so spicy and wild. Be prepared.
bait 1.png, 914xNA, 1 times posted

I'll bring my strongest bait.
Bait girl.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

giga_motobug_by_killerboss2_dgw425b-pre.jpg, 1108xNA, 1 times posted
Someone told me to repost so here it is

>In other news my Giga Motobug post has more faves than any page of my comic! haa...:( (Sad) I won't lie I felt quite disheartened but then again I consider myself lucky if a page gets more than 15 faves and comments? hoo boy....But issue 8 was especially unlucky in this regard. It doesn't help that DeviantArt keeps showing me other more popular Sonic Fan comics much to my chagrin, I know my comic is very far from the best and that I shouldn't compare myself. I am grateful that others do enjoy my comic but sometimes the intrusive thoughts win, It's been almost 2 years since I first started this comic and I don't think I’ve had any critique or feedback to go off on either.
>Sorry I woke up with a really bad headache and I've been feeling awful all day.
>Anyway I doubt anyone cares but I'll be uploading a Silver comic, some 4-komas with Sonics friends and foes and general Sonic x oc suff on Pixiv over the next few months since I just don't feel like working on Sonic Frenzy right now.

again. I feel bad for them.

I made a comment and linked them to the Unofficial website's page for the comic. Not sure what they think of 4chan but anything that lets them know that there people reading their comic is better than nothing.
Someone seemed kinda peeved at lanolin a lot and some sally. Mostly lanolin today. Don’t think adam deserved that much hate there. He just draws
1700356572503.jpg, 816xNA, 1 times posted

>He just draws
Yeah, he draws Lanolin.
When is the Boom comic going to get storytimed ?

Three days.
o.jpg, 646xNA, 1 times posted

>Not sure what they think of 4chan
lol. She is definitely familar with the site. I saw their art in the generals pixel world long ago. art of sonic fucking human women. they're a based degen yume.
So no doubt they know to some degree theyre comic being done. But what you're doing is still sweet though.
issue 1 cover.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Cover
[Webiste URL later]

It’s a day in the life of Knuckles, Angel Island’s guardian! This floating land mass is home to several communities as well as various troublemakers that live on it. A routine patrol turns into a series of conflicts that leads Rad Red from one place to another! If you thought life on Mobius was perilous, wait until you see what happens up here!

Nice! That armadillo is mighty smug. Hope you’re up to juggling and writing for the larger Chaotix group but I have faith. Excited to see this knuckles and his life

Looks cool, will Vector be religious?
tumblr_7d301be53cf46193df6dfa57c8de6463_7df24257_500.jpg, 329xNA, 1 times posted
issue 1 page 5 wip.jpg, 1424xNA, 1 times posted
It'll be obvious when the page is finished but Knuckles is getting shocked. Which should be a shock itself.
I like the Chaotix doing their own thing separately but crossing paths often. And of course everyone teaming up for the big stuff.
Underground music is his religion.
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Who need contexct?
tumblr_4df0ebd8c038d90fb5de263ec64703b1_9501bae1_1280.png, 1242xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation 3-17
Personally I prefer it not on fire, but you do you Eggman!

Ah, so sonic having Japanese-Nobility eyebrows is not simply a design choice, he acquired it in the story at some point, somehow...

I actually sent them a note too. They're very nice to talk to!
It's finally here! Nice to see a twist on the reboot designs for Mighty and Ray. Actually, Ray's looking surprisingly suave. I'll be patiently waiting for the special issue where Remington and I get married and Komi-Ko's put on trial for crimes against Mobian-kind I kid, I kid!
Mode 7 graphics are lame, blast processing 4lyfe! Seriously though, soldering a bunch of enhancement chips to cartridges is expensive and redundant. Also, the Genesis had better soundtracks despite having a weaker audio chip

Looks like! I guess if The Murder of Me can have foot lore, Sonic Desolation can have eyebrow lore

Lanolin was unfortunate enough to be in what we call "The Cyclops Spot" where a serious leader type who should know better has to be an asshole and, worse, a stupid asshole to push the emotional narrative of their more popular colleagues and let the plot progress.

In this case, Mimic needed cover and we needed to feel bad for Whisper (poor whisper.) so we have the cautious, pragmatic Lanolin ignore the person who knows shapeshifters best to blindly support the suspicious new recruit.

A better written suspense story wouldn't have thrown Lanolin under the bus like that but the big difference between her and Sally, despite occupying similar roles in the narrative is we see Sally's positive side right away. Satam was very careful not to make her too much of a nag and to show how hard she works to help Sonic even if they argue. Lanolin has not had this care put into her role and thus the reaction.

> has to be an asshole and, worse, a stupid asshole
She really didn't act in any way that was stupid or assholish, though.

The worse that happened to Lanolin was being put in charge of a team that failed to share with her important information and acted incompetently.

The story would have worked far better if the readers themselves didn't knew if it was actually Mimic or not.

Duo is so obviously Mimic, even if we didn't see him being Mimic I guarantee you everybody would know.

I thought duo was Optimus Prime.

You need to take a reader's point of view into account. For a lot of readers it's not about what actually happens it's about who you like. 'Lanolin sees her least stable friend and known crackpot Silver harassing a new guy." is very much what happens from Lanolin's perspective but we know she's wrong so she's stupid. Whisper is clearly in pain from not being believed and her communication issues are simply another source of moe so Lalonlin's an asshole. She's a stupid asshole who made titswolf sad.

There's a reason this is called 'juvenile drama' and that I used x-men which is fucking infamous for using this method to put characters like Wolverine up, because the writers understand who the audience they want is going to root for and how to make them look the most valuable thing of all, misunderstood.

A lot of this would've been avoided if Lanolin's softer side was developed before she was in a position of authority because you have something to fall back on. Again, look at Hurst's Sally, who could be a real ball buster towards the coolest guy in the show. But because her affection for Sonic, her earnest desire to do right by her people, even her hobbies all contribute a sort of likeability buffer that lets her get away with being a hardass. The less of this buffer she has under other writers, the less likeable she is, and the less effective she is as a co-protagonist.
1708821484569659.png, 400xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic The Fighters 2: Real Bout dream list
>Everyone from the Original Game
>Classic: Battle Lord, Speedy, Mighty, Mecha Sonic
>3D: Rouge, Shadow, Omega, Blaze, Big Silver, Vector w/Charmy
>Archie: M, Conquering Storm, Finitevus, T-Bolt, Scourge, Bunnie, 'Twan
>Fleetway: Shortfuse, Vermin
>IDW: Tangle, Whisper, Surge
>X: El Grand Gordo
>Boom: Sticks
issue 6 page 3 wip.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
Another WIP! Gonna have to slow down on making pages for the Sonic comic since that's only updating once a week now.

Oh wow, the Sommersbys. Guess they helped tails instead of elias in this.
EkyASJ2W0AcVM6s.jpg, 640xNA, 1 times posted

Sounds fun. Wish that was the case
a1f129ea2a91cb64186e72aec1aa9f7d.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic only has himself to blame.

Should have spent less time spanking Shadow.
FoVuWklaUAEa9B3.png, 1179xNA, 1 times posted
FoWA1nfaQAAmsXy.png, 1425xNA, 1 times posted
FoV33rhaAAAFjdE.png, 1394xNA, 1 times posted
1675389551371443.webm, 640xNA, 1 times posted
sonic and tails go to the movies.jpg, 481xNA, 1 times posted

I swear, sonic fans come up with the creepiest shit.
523976a465a55dea2857be1691efbb839e52a15f.jpg, 822xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Boy, it's kinda chilly today, huh.

0.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Took me an eternity to find back this movie-style Sally.

(anyone feel like coloring it)?
eggman chao.gif, 250xNA, 1 times posted

Like father like son.
Did the artist ever respond back to your guys note. What’d they say

I got a reply. They thanked me and said they were happy to know that people outside of DA read the comic.

Nice! Glad to hear
0.png, 1800xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

The cutest.
SU 71 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #147
Sonic Universe #71-74

even after this I still like sonally more. sorry not so sorry XD

>Nitter instances keep on not working
I guess looking for Sonic stuff on twitter is over for me. I am not making an account.

I really liked this story before the people who cannot handle the idea that two girls can be close without wanting to fuck took things over.

Both of you kiss.
a3e (1).jpg, 320xNA, 1 times posted

tumblr_694982baf6656863495a2bd4c3282a56_e9c2f464_1280.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Poor Sonic ;_;

lmao, our special friend put in a ban request for me linking to here but it was rejected
People still bringing up the memories thing and how Sonic and the gang are pretty much different people. Which is what I used to deal with the preboot and reboot versions of the old continuity in my comic. One day I would like to do an actual Archie continuation.

Not to crush on your dreams but you'd have a hard time continuing the comic with that many continutations out there covering various angles and directions

but man, I kind of despite the memory thing. Because any real thought just puts me in a bad mood from how sad it is.

I have gone over what my comic is. Preboot Archie gets folded into No Zone and Archie Sonic becomes Zonic. The reboot is a separate continuity and world.

Yeah I know. Honestly that makes me feel better though. old sonic and friends still exist with your sonic and his friends just being their own people. previous gang get happy ending while new are the current ones to have new adventures and stuff. good deal
tumblr_64f0520c2d82594ab6592061be614845_96634da6_2048.jpg, 1750xNA, 1 times posted
found this random blog on tumblr called teamdarkdaily, you dont need me to explain their whole deal. but in it started drawing them interacting with an ant and it mutated to a mobian one. weird but the art is cute. I just love finding charming stuff like this
0.png, 869xNA, 1 times posted
The people behind Toonsite must have squealed at that last Twitter/X takeover. So of course they did this. Quality is nice as always.
Sonic takeover - Hot Honey concert
0.png, 6000xNA, 1 times posted
0.png, 6000xNA, 1 times posted

Funny, for that artist, their Sally version is usually way more into tacos than Chili dogs.
0.jpg, 2965xNA, 1 times posted
Shadow costume is the new popular thing. Everyone is literally into it.
0.jpg, 2989xNA, 1 times posted

Of course, some have to be contrarians.
0.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
9-01.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster 8-01
The blurry text:
What do you think of it all?
>One heck of a conspiracy, I can say that much.
We need more data, but I'm pretty sure we're locked out for good. We were too occupied with the ARK incident to notice what was going on in the rest of the organization.
>It's not your fault.
I know, but...
Don't think I didn't notice the gripper!

Yeah, I said hello too. They're very nice to talk to!
Pretty sure I riled him enough to get him banned in another thread. Turns out he doesn't like being flirted with!
>One day I would like to do an actual Archie continuation.
I'd like to see a reboot continuation some day
On the plus side, two Remingtons!
nectar__the_world_before_74_by_icys_dgy9p90-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 74
They're all fine, probably!

>>Nitter instances keep on not working
Try another one from the list:

Ha was in that thread to as you could guess by my two ask posts and me also taking time to shit on the guy, no idea what that webm he had saved was but bit sus to have that on hand

I saw your posts but didn't want to draw attention to them by responding. You know how our special friend gets. He posted a video of some lady getting shot by what appear to be blanks and falling down. I've seen worse on 4chan, but it does make you wonder about the mindset of someone who collects that sort of thing

Ah didn’t watch and just reported cause assumed was some weird degrading stuff aimed at an lgbt, Vector thing you replied was way to good tho. Anyway you might be in luck for next thread as got Knuckles redesign finished so can post that tomorrow
0.png, 1900xNA, 1 times posted

The fuck. What are you guys referring to.

Funny enough think Rotor is the best design of the lot here


Oh recent Sonic thread with the header picture of Sonic facing the Egg Beater, Was in it a bit and asked about fave C-List Sonic characters, threw jabs at the usual suspect and our ol Thirstposter got him heated

I've got a whole set of reaction images, but I almost never get to use that one. Looking forward to it!
Someone started an Archie thread so I decided to flirt with our special friend when he started shitting it up

Ahh I see. They really did post that gore thing? Despicable.
NPh0MeYNP1hNAdLx.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

That's not how I remember it going.
GG6irDPawAEXYAA.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
"Ah! Come on...!"?
``Music Plant'', a popular spot with a fantastic view, is crowded again this year with people holding presents for their loved ones.
A gentle time in the red twilight ?

A special box of cream will be waiting patiently for you.
⭐I hope you all receive wonderful gifts?

Who do you think cream's present is for?

Tails, (you), (me), Gemerel.
I want to say Shadow as well, since he needs friends, but I don't think they interact much.
Same error as before where I login and get an error for the whole site so I won't be VIP until it's fixed.

It's not just that, a whole set of posts were deleted, somehow.

On a different topic, what was that you were talking about there about you only being able to post one page out of two?
Wait, it's working now.
>It's not just that, a whole set of posts were deleted, somehow.
>On a different topic, what was that you were talking about there about you only being able to post one page out of two?
Oh I guess I worded that wrong. I just meant that only one of the two after credits pages were included in an issue.
Also, I am so mad we don't get to see younger Sonic in Sally's past...

> I just meant that only one of the two after credits pages were included in an issue.
That's a very annoying thing when editors do that. They should stop doing it.

It's because reboot Sonic is something of a hybrid of Archie and game Sonic. They're still childhood friends but not as close and haven't known each other as long. It didn't bother me before but going through all of Archie again and seeing how things are in the reboot feels pretty bad.

>It's not just that, a whole set of posts were deleted, somehow.

I broke the server and had to restore a backup. The backup was a few hours late, hence the missing posts, so the database had to be restored from a manual backup on top of that.
There shouldn't be any missing posts and hopefully no missing images or thumbnails either.

>All of the missing posts are back
Thank you, mister wizard.

It really is. It has that feeling of being impersonal to me and that kinda sucks.

Sonic and Sally still banter every once in a while but they don't have that level of attraction or affection that they had in the preboot, even when they weren't together. Sonic and Amy have a lot of interactions and of course she still blushes and fawns over him but he doesn't even acknowledge it like he did in the preboot. Preboot Sonic was aware and even showed annoyance.

Someone else brought up how Sally and Bunnie aren't as close as they used to be. Even though Bunnie was the last one to be a Freedom Fighter, her and Sally became really close over the years. I don't recall there being any girl talk and confiding in each other in the reboot like it was in the preboot.

Sonic and Tails have a better relationship. None of that messy stuff with romance or Sonic taking Tails for granted. That's a good thing. And Bunnie and Antoine have the same relationship. Lucky them. Rotor is a weird case in that in the preboot he had the weakest ties to everyone but in the reboot there's more interactions between him and the others. I think he's benefited the most in the reboot compared to the preboot.

Nicole honestly killed and made people forget that bunnie and sally were close friends. I sort of hate Nicole for that

That's quite the headcanon.

I'm sorry you got cucked Antoine but Bunnie and Cassia belong to metal Sonic.
But Who was on first?

Yeah, he's pretty unhinged
I think it would be fine if they had the time to flesh things out a bit. Uncle Chuck was working for the Acorns before the takeover so there must've been some interaction between Sonic and the others
Thanks for keeping things chugging along!
t. Mina
Seriously though, I do wish we got to see more of Sally and Bunnie hanging out
0.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
Looks like Sally is putting her weight in on Lanolin not being Sally debate.

Or at the very least, not BECOMING like Sally.
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog #2 page 7.png, 1450xNA, 1 times posted

Chubby sally strikes again

Remember that fancomic by natsumi-nyan where everyone is terrible and make awful decisions? Well “The Confusing Thing About Relationships” is that but ten times worse.

It's only saving grace is how self aware it is in its own self-indulgence.
Fgcxs2IWQAIAv0z.jfif, 871xNA, 1 times posted
FWOgGFjXgAEmAj_.jfif, 2296xNA, 1 times posted
dgy8825-c3fb83f6-5987-4d11-b5e5-16a513bb00ef.png, 2564xNA, 1 times posted
amy_rose_enjoying_a_nice_chili_dog_by_togebora_dgy05x4.png, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Poor Nicole.
1706809676287870.png, 3850xNA, 1 times posted

Sally is a feeder, Lanolin is a caffeine addict, Sally has years of experience, Lanolin is an office worker, Sally is Sally, Lanolin is a bitch, Sally is made for tender loving, Lanolin is made for Ryona.
These are the differences.
MM 45 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #148
Mega Man #45-48

My only issue with this otherwise great sequence is that Bass blowing up Light Labs is supposed to be what pushes Rock over the edge in 7, Wily finally having crossed a line.
Welp I'm banned
wily.gif, 440xNA, 1 times posted

What did you do this time, anon?

Said our bozo is a 6 year long schizo, over multiple threads and abuses his Jannie powers like Zan abuses Dulcy. He later went on to be more deranged in thread and say we are all 40 cause of one time he was in thread. So wasn't the art posting this time lol
issue 1 page 5.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
This page is pretty shocking but mostly for the reveal in the last panel.
>engaging and exposing the schizo
Oh anon, you should've known better.
rem_by_killerboss2_dgyamlg-pre.png, 693xNA, 1 times posted
So I've been chatting with the artist behind Sonic Frenzy and they were kind enough to let me request some art from them. Of course, you can probably guess what I'd ask for! Doesn't Remington look cool in his sci-fi armor!?
Shit, sorry to hear that. Mentioning he's a janny almost always lands anons a ban. The mods and jannies may all hate each other, but protecting a blown cover's is the one time they'll stick together

>This page is pretty shocking but mostly for the reveal in the last panel.
>couldn't even wait until the end of the first issue to reveal the big bad's Penders
Shame Konductor! Shame!

Imagine... Remington Frenzy...

Hard to resist sorry, least was fun seeing other people not from threads be aware how much of a goon he is and the idiot linking to threads showing his constant past antics trying to spite us was something. Anyway hope your comic keeps going well, have seen some of the work on DA and is very top notch. Funnily got Knuckle's design in my au finished by artist earlier so will post that tomorrow after ban is lifted

Hey that's very nice dude, happy to hear you got something for interacting with fan artist. also was bound to get banned sometime since how much of a grudge carrier is suppose

I am almost jealous. I made the mistake of engaging with im several time but never was able to push him to the point of banning me.

You must have hit a nerve that I couldn't.
all your fault Konductor!.png, 2296xNA, 1 times posted
Oh, and you carelessly forgetting the title for today's thread has crashed my converter script you fiend!
Waku waku!
Thanks! They're a seriously talented artist, and rendered it unbelievably quickly too! Yeah, I try to behave and avoid bans but then the urge to shitpost takes over and I upset the janny
The trick is to get him riled up enough that he posts something naughty and a mod has to ban him. If you directly mention he's a janny, they'll close ranks and ban you. That's why I only obliquely refer to him being a janny over there


Yeah he is annoying to deal with so some catharsis in getting him riled enough to where he can't respond with his broken clock responses, also hope the scripting sorts out

Yeah, for a while I actually though he was a bot. He got pretty angry when I pointed that out. Thanks! The scripts are a massive kludge that fall over when things aren't as expected. I could make things more robust, but I'd rather put the effort into adding new features to the website. This one should be an easy fix though
shaq man.jpg, 2011xNA, 1 times posted
Mega memes.
Watch out for the Shaq Attack!.mp4, 932xNA, 1 times posted
Fixed the website!
lmao, I can't ever hear the name Shaq without vid related playing in my mind
SassyandV.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

Oh this reminds me, I did end up drawing V like some other Anons encouraged me to do, although she ended up dwarfed by the pre-sage egg daughter oc I posted about some threads ago.
0.png, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
I shall now proceed to post some forbidden art.

Here's an idea for Lanolin
>She's the Freedom Fighters/Restoration chief accountant. Why? Because someone has to handle the budget and there's paperwork that even Hamlin won't do.
>She might be at times somewhat aloof but she's really nice! After her coffee of course.

Nice! They drew him very cute too!
1708575887220324.jpg, 3147xNA, 1 times posted

>She's the Freedom Fighters/Restoration number one ryona victim alongside Whisper. Why? Because someone has to take Mimic's tentacles down their throat.
>She might be mean at times, but she's really nice! After Mimic has his way with her of course.

Echidnas and electricty do not mix!
Oof. I checked up on that thread. Pretty nasty. Notice this guy has an insane hatred for Sonic the character. While i can kinda understand some criticisms of Sonic, the way the guy goes about it makes him seem like a salty tailsfags.
Cute! Keep drawing for sure
0.jpg, 1350xNA, 1 times posted

Pretty sure that jewel is the paperwork girl. Jewel actually used to be a rock museum girl, but they totally ditched that part of her character, and being Tangles best friend. Even they made a special about it but Whisper still overshadows that so it was kinda pointless. Sad. poor buggu

Half the time people don't even remember she's the director of the restoration, I remember seeing that have to be explained to someone fairly recently.

Being in the background alot will do that
Truly, something was lost we can never have back...
But it's a great come back and use of the character, nevertheless.
cdffaf56d53f27b824c14ab9f9f16eb3.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

To be fair she always had blob feet
but paws are cute tho

Mimic needs correction too. Preferably by Mammoth Mogul.
1691082370525.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
thoughts about sally with long hair?
1639458180761.png, 3034xNA, 1 times posted

It was pretty funny that one time SA2 was brought up and he got off track, talking about how much he likes ShadAmy and how Shadow only cares about her.
I think it's more likely he's an insane Shadow fag or he's actually a fujo self inserting as Amy.

It's pretty, but not practical for what her usual activities are.

I see Finder-Keeper goes hard in that household.

>fan of shadow
>seethes at sonic and his fans
Make sense
1675878436398253.jpg, 657xNA, 1 times posted
1675849638493792.jpg, 850xNA, 1 times posted
sonic intense sobbing.jpg, 507xNA, 1 times posted

>tfw i have a romance subplot between two characters that have never met each other in anything official and it's going to live rent free in my head until i finally get it out of there and it'll probably take years for that to happen
And they're gonna be fuckin'. Oh lawd they would definitely fuck when they start dating. I won't say who but I'll hint at it in the first Knuckles issue.

So what you’re saying is you’re gonna make a crack ship of yours canon in your comic. Lol. I hope it’s good at least

It will be and I know neither will be getting official love interests of their own. I have been focusing mostly on canon Archie endgame ships. The Zooey and Tails thing is canon enough from Boom.

Yeah, just gonna wait and see then. Could be good
hunter_s_last_krave_by_joeadok_dgyiot9-fullview.jpg, 1373xNA, 1 times posted

>hunter fanart in current year
Joe you madman. Shame it's not a Knuckles Mii costume.
crack.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

It's okay Conductor, we all have those weird ships, Cassia and Metal, Eggman and King Nigel, W. Waltz and a Nuclear device, y'know, that sort of thing.

>Cassia and Metal
I mean, I can see the appeal of that one as a one sided thing.

Very cute!
194249.png, 740xNA, 1 times posted
>the ugly duckling

Big oof!
sonic_the_hedgehog__united_issue_2_bonus_1_by_hritz123_dgvobgi.png, 2225xNA, 1 times posted
>find some comic that has a bunch of pages
Oh that's charming.
>see this
Oh no.
>see the thumbnails on the side
0.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

I would threaten you to retaliate with filleduphog arts for posting that, but I am 80% certain you are already aware of the existence of that account.

At least they draw Omega
issue 6 page 3.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
I could've used the final panel of this page as a spoiler to get people talking about the comic but I don't want to. That'll make it tricky because the next page will be harder to not have it spoiled.
Sadly I'm fully aware of that. Told DA I didn't want to see that anymore and thankfully the algorithm listened.

This is like the first weird art of omega i've actually see. bruh. but lmao, they're still above most team dark fans by having art of him. what a world

That panel is already quite a treat on its own.
SB 01 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #149
Sonic Boom #1-4
For a brief while, I was thinking of doing a NSFW Rouge comic. Not like a porn comic but lots of fan service and Rouge bi-slutting it up. But alas, that would cause more trouble than it's worth.

>Bump limit harder to reach lately
Boom and the upcoming worlds collide are scaring the hoes away, conductor!

Not too bad. Always could have it on the back burner. and i dont see what trouble it could cause, cuz people love lewding rouge!

You could stretch it with some small comedy fan comic to fit the boom theme.

>Boom and the upcoming worlds collide are scaring the hoes away, conductor!
Actually the Boom thread did better than I expected. But posting has dropped across the various titles since Worlds Collide.
>Not too bad. Always could have it on the back burner. and i dont see what trouble it could cause, cuz people love lewding rouge!
It'd be Patreon exclusive, something for the $5 tier because nobody's on that. Just lost a $10 patron. Oof! I guess I want to keep the whole thing PG at most.
It'd just be Rouge being a thief before joining GUN.

Ahh okay, Makes more sense but oof on that spoiler
1709089755652221.jpg, 2144xNA, 1 times posted
Ha! This is the artist for my Knuckles comic! Shame that's not Tails' endgame ship.

It's cool as one of two people who ship Sally X Mordred you get no judgement from me, sure will be a fun pairing anycase

What a cute coincidence!
can't believe you're going for noodleina x tails! cuz honestly it was honestly weird in the future arcs. at least barby and tails had some interaction and she liked him. but ill wait and see how you can convinve me of that particular end game ship
0.png, 309xNA, 1 times posted

Oh, I thought you were talking about a comic that you find and whether or not storytiming it.
Yeah, I understand your hesitation.

Do the comic under a different pen-name that you might "accidentally" stumble on and then story-time. What? Why does it look like it fit into your AU? Just a coincidence, surely, maybe it was commissioned by a fan...
GHZppr0bIAA96EA.jfif, 1004xNA, 1 times posted
Daniel Barnes, the writer for Scrapnik Island, debunking the Sonic crying loophole.
>this part was never meant to be some "tricky loophole" to make sonic cry. it's mecha sonic's tears and moment. the fact that sonic, himself, is a character who notoriously dislikes tears and crying is the point here
>there's no "tricking" sega or "finding loopholes". these comics are a result of collaborating with sega.
>this was allowed to happen in the story because it was in-character and made sense

Very nice!
lmao, that's hilarious!
>it'll probably take years for that to happen
I'm totally happy for you to bring forward my and Remington's wedding!
His rapidly growing omnicanon will someday consume us all
It's not fair ;_;
Well I wasn't expecting chonky Omega
That one anon's going to be so happy to see Sommersby!
That could be a lot of fun
Shit. It does seem to be growing healthily though art least
Not to worry, I'll just crudely draw her in, just like that MXYL comic!

>>this was allowed to happen in the story because it was in-character and made sense
The most important rule of all. The only one that truly matter in story telling, IMO.
Mina about to experience DESTINY.jpg, 1972xNA, 1 times posted

Okay, hear me out
What, Sega's not actually evil and likes working with writers? The Bumblecast lied to me!
Damn Tamers!.png, 1464xNA, 1 times posted
Oh, and check out Knuckles in Tamers' latest vid, wew!
Sonic Underground The St. Patricks Day Special
100% this

I don't care how much he posts on twitter, I still dislike this scene.
0.png, 680xNA, 1 times posted

I honestly think scrapnik is overrated as fuck and Daniel is kinda faggy too. Moment he wrote in the stupid smbz reference is when that shit was trash to me
GHVueRqW8AAkLR-.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Is Nega Mother Gothel?
0.png, 792xNA, 1 times posted

No, Marine is.
DYvOBg88Z8RnwISM.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted
GHaFy6WawAA359L.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Great work, there.
MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE? | Surge the Tenrec | IDW Sonic the Hedgehog (Animation)

Man, that tooks quite a dark turn at the end. But yeah, I can see things going exactly like this.
Belle.png, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
It'll be a long while from now, but I think when IDW gets its next ride, it should be when it gets to its 100+ mainline issues. Perhaps by then belle will have done more things too!
0.jpg, 1297xNA, 1 times posted
So, it might be already too late, but now of all time is the moment to scrap all the Tumblr contents that you can.

Basically, Tumblr and Wordpress is pulling a fast one and setting by default all the art and writing their users have posted there available for AI learning. To OpenAI and MidJourney, to be precise.

And if you opt-out, all the Tumblr team really do is ask them please pretty please to not use the work of those users anymore.

Tumblr was more or less surviving till now, but I predict a mass exodus. I suppose we'll see lots of DA account suddenly being used again, Hoping DA has really learned its lesson for good.

AI and it's consequences have been disastrous for the human race. Damn you Nicole!!!

Hey, don't blame Nicole when it's some doofus forcing her to do this.
4406043_uwan_illustration13-2.png, 1172xNA, 1 times posted
4408010_uwan_23-03-14_172.png, 2063xNA, 1 times posted
mina 35.jpg, 2700xNA, 1 times posted

>I told you so

Fug, need to save stuff but not at home

She can't keep getting away with it!

You are now reading Sonic in Scrotch vision.
1703445028122626.jpg, 850xNA, 1 times posted

>100+ mainline issues
After seeing IDW's finance report I don't think we're getting to a hundred, 75 at most.
We're at 68 right now, and regular issues will start back up again in may, so we're getting eight more issues this year, bringing up to 76.
If IDW survives for two more years and has no more breaks we'll get to a hundred in two years? And honestly I don't think that's likely.

Idk people keep saying the comic will die for years now but its still going

IDW said it has enough money to last a year and they've been losing money every quarter. The latest one they lost millions. They might last a year or two but they don't have infinite money. And that goes along with them being the only Diamond publisher that lost market share compared to the others.
>With both divisions losing sales, parent IDW Media Holdings sales were down 44%, from $11.8 million in Q1 2022 to $6.6 million in fiscal Q1 2023. The company lost $2 million in the quarter, compared to a $2 million profit in the year ago quarter. The loss in the quarter follows an improving loss of $700,000 in the fiscal year ended October 31 (see "IDW Publishing Posts Big Losses"). CFO Brooke Feinstein told analysts in the conference call that the company had enough cash to sustain operations "for at least the next year."

I guess that is pretty bad.
0.png, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
It's okay, Tails didn't build THAT robot-girlfriend, this time.
0.jpg, 540xNA, 1 times posted
Eat your hamburger, Tails.
0.jpg, 540xNA, 1 times posted

Starting to think someone is stealing all the chopsticks.
Sally JumpScare.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

>fucking around in gmod
>download random sally nextbot
>have some fun with it but forgot about it for a bit as it hid away
>get jumpscared hard by sally out of nowhere

Best part is she plays a evil version of the SatAM theme too. lol.
woe.jpg, 1457xNA, 1 times posted

>implying that's a bad thing

SB 05 - 01.jpg, 1986xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #150
Sonic Boom #5-7, FCBD 2015, and The Traitor

It kinda of bums me out the pre boot being destroyed was given more prelanace with the genesis portals. It's but of a depressing reminder.
Shaking shaking page 1.jpg, 1632xNA, 1 times posted
Shaking shaking page 2.jpg, 1632xNA, 1 times posted
Shaking shaking page 3.jpg, 1632xNA, 1 times posted
Shaking shaking page 4.jpg, 1632xNA, 1 times posted
I'm doing my part!.png, 2380xNA, 1 times posted

Be sure to archive everything!
Weirdly enough they're expanding their TMNT licensing
Kinda surprised that isn't a more common ship

Well the comics are the only thing that make some degree of money, and their biggest IPs are Stranger Things, TMNT, and Sonic.

Hopefully they can turn things around by leaning into their more profitable IPs, but not so much that readers get overwhelmed and stop keeping up with the comics
issue 5 page 22.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 5 Page 22

Tempers are high, morale is low, and there’s little idea of what to do next. Without Sally, the team needs to stick together and overcome this threat or they risk falling apart.

>Does it have to be everyone, though, Sonic?
because you told me to.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
I hate hands and feet and everything

they're coarse and rough and irritating and they gets everywhere.

Nice drawing, though. Is she angry at something?

>that 5th panel
If it was WWMH!Tails have a detonator in his hand, blowing up the aircraft to crash it down on the village.
>two birds with one stone Sonic, two birds with one stone!
The posing and expression looks great, very nice anon!
0.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
Rare fanart of Elias with his wife and daughter.
How do you think he is rocking the beard?

It's really nice to see new art still coming out for these characters
>How do you think he is rocking the beard?
Her name is Megan!
0.png, 679xNA, 1 times posted

>Her name is Megan!

Based Bunnie. Those foxes are cute too
Hey that was me who said that. Nice!
sonic_the_comic___commander_brutus_by_killerboss2_dgyowb5.png, 3340xNA, 1 times posted
Brutus art!
Nega_Surge2_4chanver.png, 1208xNA, 1 times posted

Cool drawing, looks like she'd about to kick Sonic's ass.

Here's another drawing I did of Nega Surge, one that I spent more than 15 minutes on. Also Surge's shoes are hard to drawn I didn't realize how overly detailed parts of her design were until now.

So when Surge goes Nega, that black marking turns into a solid black sphere inside of her semi-translucent purple head/body and it grows in size as she absorbs energy alongside the cheek pouches she traded her sideburns for.

6l8OpryOId1g9A-f.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

LOL the people commenting on DA don't like Antoine for yelling at Sonic or Bunnie at yelling at Sonic.
>hating feet
You are no longer welcome in the Sonic fandom.
>If it was WWMH!Tails have a detonator in his hand, blowing up the aircraft to crash it down on the village.
One day someone will pick up the evil Tails torch and continue. Nine surely must've inspired someone.

While it is nowhere near as bad as some people make it out, literal years of every game treating Sonic's basic ass beach bum philosophy as wisdom on the level of the greats has worn away some fans's ability to appreciate that sometimes a dude needs to be yelled at.

Plus the general "how dare people be upset with the main character they're so unreasonable." stuff you get from nerds who do not understand how humans under stress work.
1707185608113607.jpg, 894xNA, 1 times posted

Stop posting and get back to work Lanolin, Mimic's tentacles won't fellate themselves.

They definitely would not like to see early Antoine and that time after Mecha Madness where he was tried for treason.

Let the brown foxes die

I think it's nice to see conflict between the boys, definitely not the characterization I'd give game Sonic, but only slightly out of my preferred characterization of game Sonic. Especially since his asshole-ness is mostly an american adaptation thing.
While in japan, even to his origin he was thought of a free-spirit type static character, which is fine as most large IPs have a rather static main character and a surrounding cast that is experimented with more.
68ca0a96513e81f3d55be63c8d8f5c63.jpg, 1016xNA, 1 times posted

Did you see the reaction people had to that sonic colors wisp short? They lost their shit at Sonic not being 100% nice. These same people freak out at STC Sonic too and who they actually compared him too
Lanolin for sure gets around in the restoration.

Reminds me, somebody did a Metal dub of the short. Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps (Part 2), but Metal Sonic has a better voice chip than Cubot
Honestly I liked the short, even if it reminded me how much of a missed opportunity the Colors remake was, and Colors story in general.
It's not much, but Colors could have had an actual story.
1658358430896434.png, 547xNA, 1 times posted

My Sonic is the typical teenager type. So when it comes to being arrogant, treating his little brother, or having a girlfriend, he acts like what a typical teenage boy would act (if he was a super fast hero).
Watching Butler draw Sonic is truly fascinating.
Steven Butler Draws Sonic the Hedgehog- Part 1
Steven Butler Draws Sonic the Hedgehog- Part 2
Steven Butler Draws Sonic the Hedgehog- Part 3

Young Miles looks like he's kick ass and chew bubble gum. And he's all out of gum.

The whole point is Sonic is kind of a shithead compared to his nice guy peers. Like StC sonic is a bit much for me but one of the benefits of Sonic HAVING friends is he can have a bit of attitude.
1709173906401652.jpg, 1183xNA, 1 times posted

Crazy to think we only got 1 appearance of Madonna
Stick_The_Badger_Req.png, 4000xNA, 1 times posted
wwyd with this badger?

Would she be a good friend of the tech-hating echidnas from Archie?
0.png, 689xNA, 1 times posted

S.T.C Issue 22 Page 6
Ah, I see, Sonic the Hedgehog #0 style Roboticization

>Sticks: So you discarded tech--
>Locke: That's right.
>Sticks: Yet also use it.
>Locke: Because we only use it for good.
>Sticks: And spying on people, including your son, is good because.......?
public_domain_the_hedgehog_by_thefunnipixelman_dgyy0v9.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

I think it would be funny if Sticks was a loon but also completely oblivious to all the weird stuff that actually happened in the Archie setting.
ASO added a fan art section to their site

but they still can't fix their data files tho...
StH 272 - 01.jpg, 1988xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #151
Sonic #272, Sonic Universe #75, and Mega Man #49
Damn, I am seriously addicted to posting sonic art. I wish I could stop but I can’t help it.
Razor story when
Nine and kit page 1.jpg, 1668xNA, 1 times posted
Nine and kit page 2.jpg, 1668xNA, 1 times posted
Poor schizo. Can't help but mention Geoffrey when someone's talking about Sally and gets no reply because everyone knows it's him.

I didnt even notice it at first until you mentioned it. lol

He showed up a few times in the Tails thread that's up but no one took his bait seriously and deleted his post since everyone is just chilling there
issue 6 page 5-6 wip.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Double WIPs! Sonic points at the surprise character and Kukku is getting some news he might not like.
He's been saying the same shit for so long nobody notices or bothers to reply. Buddy needs a new hobby. In other shitposter news, is it me or is Boco less obnoxious? I don't see him shitting on Sally or Amy whenever possible. He's just daughtering Roll and not much else.
0.png, 3975xNA, 1 times posted
Lies and slanders. Eggman's amusement parks are always the real deal!
0.png, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
That fanart is great.
Also, this page there was the last canon appearance of Sally's cheek tufts.
A salute of respect for the departed.

(I have no idea why I checked NSFW, this i totally safe)
0.jpg, 330xNA, 1 times posted

Yeah I just reported him when he replied to my comment, I don't indulge that louse in that banality anymore, used to bite it but getting used to his boring routine means why bother just report the bitch

Yeah people get mad at boco, probably reasonably so for some past behaviour I never saw but he mostly seems harmless and inoffensive now, especially compared to broken clock schizo
0.jpg, 1221xNA, 1 times posted

The artist could do the greatest thing ever if there is a follow-up with Vanilla bringing in Vector
6f688b6d9a607522dcc1e69b95619fc7.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted

h89qvstygjz6HcnY.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>people gassing up the end as better than it actually is on X
Damn. New lows keep coming every day.

I actually wonder, what was Belle used for in Surge's creation?
Her mental programming is shown to be the result of hypnosis, which she gains a resistance too eventually, but she still seems to have a Sonic fixation later on.
The Sonic fixation could just be a result of Sonic being the only thing she has left in her life, and later on although still fixated she doesn't seem to be mind controlled as she's perfectly capable of interacting with Sonic peacefully.
Do the heroes even know what happened to her and Kit, aside from the vague things Surge told Sonic?

i literally forgot belle was needed for those two until you mentioned it. I have no idea why she was used for, really.
GHeOboNbQAA89wR.jpg, 349xNA, 1 times posted
Can't believe I found this pic on one of those similar dumb r*lly4S*lly type accounts
but like, this is actually accurate wtf. Actually ridiculous to think Sonic, literally any Sonic, wouldn't help anyone in need regardless of who they are.
1PatientSurgeConcept.png, 780xNA, 1 times posted

It's kinda funny since that was explained as overwriting her previous personality, literally the page before we're shown her brainwashing.
Page 9 and 10 of issue 3 of Bad Guys btw.
Maybe Belle was just used to make her punk personality, pre-Starline Surge does have long hair and doesn't look like a punk despite the sharp eyes.

That's weird.
Surge_internals.png, 922xNA, 1 times posted

>Bad Guys
Impostor syndrome, sorry for that, but yeah it's pretty weird since Belle is also mentioned in #1 of Impostor syndrome, but she isn't just dropped in issue 3 despite the contradiction in what we're shown.
Issue 3 also has Starline show Surge's internals, the cybernetics he would implant into Surge, which is presumably where she gets her electric powers from, there even seems to be a receptor in the chest for the Power Core he installed into her.
FjOblNUXgAE559F.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
surge by wwolforam.png, 747xNA, 1 times posted

>In this she's a normal hedgehog
I think the comic remained ambiguous, about that.
What was that meme fan comic where Silver was after an evil Tails who was attacking CWC town?
Silver's adventure ?

Maybe. It could've been a reveal later on.

breezy_the_hedgehog_by_thedarkshadow1990_de89r3c-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>designed an actual badnik to woo Sonic
Eggman was on some crazy stuff.
So like, it Sonic and her actually got to sexo, what then? How akward would that be for eggman to go through her footage. Funny to think if he actually didn't think it wouldnt got THAT far if it happened.

Thanks !
Also, who was the artist that drew a bunch of strips with Breezie and Honey ?


Are you kidding? Getting Sonic to have to pay for child alimony to Breezy was his great master-plan.

So Eggman gets the grandkids he wanted, from this greatest enemy too. lol
Okay, littel theory time: Whatever Ian had planned with Finitevus, he tried to do it with Eclipse instead.

Somehow, I think there is something similar in their respective design...
0.gif, 480xNA, 1 times posted
0.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Who is that?
Posted in the other threads but someone made this video on STC, kinda like those archie ones I keep hearing about
The ENTIRE Fleetway Sonic the Comic Story
It's pretty nice.

Is he japanese ?
dgz1p7k-b249b8a5-c0ff-4287-bfbc-f2d68f71e054.png, 1570xNA, 1 times posted
SU 76 - 01.jpg, 1987xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #152
Sonic Universe #76 (WU #1), Sonic Boom #8 (WU #2), Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles #1, and Sonic #273 (WU #3)

This crossover was already too much for me and I hear it gets more overloading. Fuck

Only three days and 10 issues left!

gill-sf3-win-art.png, 268xNA, 1 times posted

Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact OST - 08 - Winner 1
Winquote ideas for a Sega vs. Capcom game that doesn't exist
>Vs. Sonic: For all your speed, you can't outrun my devine power.
>Vs. Sigma: You fancy yourself above humans but are all too mortal compared to me.
>Vs. Eggman: Tell me, when you learn to NOT challenge godhood?
>Vs. X: I see your limitless potential was just that, potential.
>Vs. Knux: Is this best those blessed by Chaos could muster? Even Aurora pales to me.
>Vs. Zavok: A pitiful effort by pitiful creatures.
>Vs. Zero: Fitting that a great destroyer meets his end against the chosen of a new age.
>Vs. Ryu(BoF): Tell me, Dragon Prince, if the Brood could challenge Gods, why do I stand unshaken?

What about Solaris?

>Vs. Solaris: How limited, Flames of Disaster. My command over Frost AND Fire, spell your eternal end.

Do Yacker.
4c945662dd712ce225d7972f2df5d3e5.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted

>Vs. Sigma: Your first mistake was being built, the 2nd was challenging ME!!
>Vs. Eggman: Don't worry, your forces will thrive as my Dark Shadowloo Legion.
>Vs. Sally: This is different. Usually, the heroines' father dies first! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
>Vs. Sonic: Not so talkative anymore, are we? Good, hopefully you'll die as quickly as you run.
>Vs. Zero: Impressive! I wonder how your spare parts will enhance my Psycho Drive.
>Vs. X or Mega Man: The Everlasting Peace you fight for will be achieved. Under MY Pax Bisonica, of course.
>Vs. Conquering Storm: Congratulations, you've earned a place as head of my Dolls.
>Vs. Battle Kukku: Finally, Someone who understands what it means to conquer with his own hands! A shame you have to die.
>Vs. Vyse: You should've kept to the skies, like your foolish ideals. Now die in despair of reality.
>Vs. Tyris Flare: This Death Adder sounds like my type of fellow! Don't worry, I'll send him to hell after you.

>Still no Yacker.
egg1.jpg, 2470xNA, 1 times posted
random egg face that I like for some reason
egg.jpg, 2650xNA, 1 times posted
And this other practice egg too. Drawing isn't too bad when you're not obsessively hating anything you do.

>Bison vs. Yacker: I've always wanted Shadowloo to expand to thr stars.

Nice ass.

These are not bad my dude, Eggman can be a hard character to draw

I need to practice more but thanks.

>That Tails thread was up for 5 days
0.png, 546xNA, 1 times posted

Ooooooh, I finally get it. The reason Sally is suddenly blushing is because Tikal accidentally brushed her chest against her right cheek-tufts. Damn am I slow.
Should have gone with the Classic design, for Sonic, in that fkashback.
0.jpg, 537xNA, 1 times posted
1708403428120.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted

Thinking about Surge again, but it's kinda weird she never really has a talk with Metal, Shadow, or Gemerl. Since they've all gone through what she did with the whole being a mind controlled slave working for a mad scientist obsessed with Sonic.
But Metal went back to work for Eggman, Shadow decided to live as who he is, and Gemerl retired and became Cream's older brother.
It would give her someone to actually refute her "You don't understand dad!" Thing she has going on, and I think at least Shadow and Gemerl could be good friends to her.
Although I'm sure Sega doesn't want to acknowledge that one time they gave Metal character and Shadow's old character, which is a shame, but I wonder if Ian and Evan ever thought of it.
Also I wanna see her meet Vanilla.
sonally_unleashed_by_risziarts_dg2sfjm.gif, 800xNA, 1 times posted

I can't get over angry militant Tikal. Lord.
0.png, 1815xNA, 1 times posted
This gotta pinch a little.
6e2f865ddeda1d0f0e16e62438e6ff50.jpg, 1395xNA, 1 times posted

Tailsfags be crazy
I cant believe all the good egg bosses content was shown after the crossover was done. Imagine how many readers were driven away by that point.
Not sure I find fitting that Sally would suddenly decide something else can make all the decision for herself. Even if she is that young.
>What was done with Nicole was so bad that it caused people to start retconning Sally's pre-reboot personality in fanworks to become a lesbo so it caters to their fetish better
So, nobody had the heart to tell him?
Did he really thought people waited for the reboot to start shipping those two?
That kind of fanwork started immediately after Stargazing...
lien_da_echidna_designs_for_models_donate_goal_by_darkhedgehog23_dgza3dw.png, 2964xNA, 1 times posted
Favorite lien-da look?

You're underestimating the power of even a whiff of official approval

Personally, I think it's crazy for anyone trying to convince me Sally's chemistry with Nicole is better than hers with Sonic.

Sonic should fuck Tails and Sally should fuck Nicole.
Everybody knows non blood related siblings are made for each other.

Top left, really.
Wait, is Phage based on A.D.A.M.?
MM 50 - 02.jpg, 3975xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #153
Mega Man #50 (WU #4), Sonic Universe #77 (WU #5), Sonic Boom #9 (WU #6)
Boco must've sensed I said he wasn't being an annoying piece of shit and is making up for lost time. So I'll just keep ignoring him.

Kek. but yeah, ignore that annoying cunt. its for the best
werehog_comic_by_alexblastfire_dgzg9vi-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Moms > Jazz music
Yup! I was even considering replying to his normal posts. Oh well. The name makes it easier to ignore him.

>Silver fan account
Honestly it's so sad Silver gets no love, even now with the Zoomers who like himme included all becoming adults Sega still shafts him.
I wonder if Sega really is planning to keep up the classic imagery even as the target demographic for it becomes older and older.

What he do now?

Forcing the Sally hate. I know some anons will complain about characters but Boco makes hating Sally and Amy part of his identity.

Oh that, I didn't even bother trying to be sassy with him as no point, Plus used to Sally getting poorly deserved and no tasters hating on her in threads. Also yeah I can't judge when Silver and Geoffrey hater number one I be but I don't try to force it all the time but hey says a lot that Bocoe is more ignitable then our usual menace

If he had his way they would be Tails' age and pregnant with Sonic's children already.

He's a fan of bland the cat, aka Blaze so he's not as cool as he thinks he is lol
Damn crossover killing threads

I mean liking Blaze is the one good thing can give him but I'm biased since kind the character and also don't care for Amy, though don't hate her like I did as a kid
issue 6 page 5.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Anyway... who is Sonic pointing at? It's a secret.

Like personally, Blaze is just kinda falls flat for me. Even with my semi dislike for her, I still will defend her time to time when it comes to silver shit
I mean can you blame some people being bummed out

At least you are reasonable with your character dislike even if it is a character I like, also yeah the crossover just detracts from the stories are actually here for and it contributing to the death of several comics leaves a sour taste

It's my first reading of it too. I can't believe how much it ate up and then bleeding the comic dry too. Crossover itself is just way too much. It's a mess

Yeah, Blaze is kinda let down by her best stories being in hand held games and being a secondary everywhere else, but those ds games don't have a good enough story on their own outside of the Sonic and Blaze dynamic.
The only reason she was in 06 is because Silver needed literally anyone to interact with and they already had Blaze lying around from earlier builds of the game.
So I've never really been a fan of her, even in 06 I preferred Silver and Shadow.
Amy is her own can of worms and isn't someone I've ever really liked or hated, she just kinda is there, physically existing alongside the other characters.

Sadly she didn't get the adaption exposure and plot blackholing like Silver did, she doesn't even factor into Prime despite alternate dimensions being her deal. I still like the character a lot thanks to both rush games anycase and wish she got used more, honestly there probably isn't a single sonic character who isn't divisive in some way
e9f.png, 1205xNA, 1 times posted

Her inclusion in it is 100% forced and it's laughable to see people try to rationalize it and any part of 06's dog shit story.

It's like with Blaze they wanted her to be the next big thing but just stopped caring. And tbh, her having an entire dimension is kinda of a lot for a single character to get. Like with it being some parallel world, they would constantly need to add shit to compare it to the main one over and over. like especially with the new alien shit they added. It's too much honestly, and Sonic is the main star and she's ultimately a side character. She was always destined to get fucked

And about Amy. I just can't care for her. Never appealed to me and she's just THE GIRL of the group. And honestly things like this thing of being super friendly with Knuckles lately just makes me like her less. It feels kinda fake. People do want the friends to have stuff with each other but the knuckles and amy thing rubs me the wrong way.
I'd rather have more of Knuckles and Tails interacting which is desperately needed.

Making a character of the cast revolve around time travel and intended to regularly appear was a mistake. That blatant attempt to make the next "shadow" makes him a fundamentally bad character to me.

Even more appaling is the forced connection to blaze. IDW having that story of sonic needing to say they're totally meant to be together really made me despise silver even more. it's always this tell shit and never show because it's forced.

Yeah half of why I hate Silver is his association and how his presence negatively impacted Blaze who I like, sorta how I hate Harley Quinn affecting Poison Ivy negatively with her presence to as a character. I just like to think Sonic was being passive aggressive to Silver cause I actually think it is more interesting if Sonic doesn't actually like him like in preboot Archie

The fact no future game or adaptions have really delved into the Sol dimension, including Archie is still one of my biggest potential moments of the franchise personally

Reboot was gonna have a possible mephiles counter part in the next universe arc but of course the comic got cancelled.
issue 1 page 1.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Page 1

Knuckles is very devoted to his duty as guardian. Too devoted. Thankfully, Archimedes the teleporting and fire-breathing fire ant is there to help out. Guarding the Master Emerald is a very important job and a lot of people’s lives depend on it staying in place. But what’s a young protector to do now?

>"bet you'd like some time to jerk off to gay porn"
Woah there. Really laying it there thick.

But for real. I like this. Nice to see archimedes being playful with knuckles. Already can tell he's dedicated to such a degree it's a detriment.
Also the site switching to both comics is really nice btw.

Thank you! It's hard doing the bare minimum.

Heh. but it is neat tho. for me anyway. But I'm excited for more of the knuckles stuff.
1709437589028155.jpg, 3237xNA, 1 times posted
i_wanna_be_loved_by_you_by_thefunnipixelman_dgz6esk.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
hiya_toots__by_thefunnipixelman_dgzfz8q.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
the ride never ends.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

>One day someone will pick up the evil Tails torch and continue. Nine surely must've inspired someone.
I really hope so
Wew! I've actually been working on retooling my OC as a bat
It really is fucked up
Just after it gets canceled ;_;
Werehog Sally's always NSFW!
Looks great!
The exposed tummy look is underrated
He really can't stand the idea that people might warm up to him
>Hey Tails, is that Mr Naka being arrested for insider trading?
Glad to see this one's starting up! Is it just me or has Archi got more of a best dad Wyn vibe? Archi's butt will never not look like a Tamers drawing to me
B-but he hasn't even met Sonic yet!
It keeps happening ;_;
tumblr_d57a74e8fd4fedc3d52c8232841a195d_9bbf19e0_2048.png, 1325xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation 3-18
He looks so vulnerable!
TF 1-16.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Tethered Futures 1-16
Silver's made a friend!

Sonic is a good boy.

>Sega still shafts him.
Well, at least the recent bio has made so that Silver can be used in any game whenever they want.

People complain about it, but it's clear the point of it is that they don't have to come up with a justification for him to shows up in a game. It's simply "something something, our worlds are in danger, Time ring pop-up, something, fixing time" and that's all you need for an explanation.

So my guess is that they wanted a set up where they would be allowed to use him more.

twitter_@author_justan_20240227-170332_1762523874925658292-0.jpg, 1783xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC - Intermission 001 Page 066
I think I'll post the ones from Twitter since they're larger

>Making a character of the cast revolve around time travel and intended to regularly appear was a mistake.
Like I said there >>462457
The recent bio try to alleviate that. IMO, I think it works, but I know some people complain that it's unnecessary bullshit. But what really isn't, in the Sonic franchise?
twitter_@author_justan_20240227-170332_1762523874925658292-1.jpg, 1783xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC - Intermission 001 Page 067
Bat twink!
twitter_@author_justan_20240227-170332_1762523874925658292-2.jpg, 1783xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC - Intermission 001 Page 068
And away he goes

That's a good way to allow Knuckles to wander.
It's quite common sense, after all. Guardian duty shouldn't be a 24/7 one person job to begin with.
g_u_n_shadow_by_mysterious_d_dgza6g5-fullview.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
>Shadow smug because he caught you. Honestly, I think many wouldn't mind being arrested by him lmao
Are-are they reading my comments?

I also see most people have more or less come to a consensus, when it comes to Shadow's hands.

Yeah, it's interesting that artists seem to have settled on the last two digits being red. Personally, I prefer the middle two, but the contrasting nails are a nice touch
0.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nicole Vs. Sage pt 38
And it's at this moment she knew she fucked up.

I didn't really hate that, but honestly I agree in that it doesn't make sense. The two don't really have the contrasting personalities, pasts, or the dynamic that would typically be included for a romance.
While at the same time I can't really see them as friends as as they don't have much in common.

Honestly, I would like to see Knuckles and Blaze being friends, it at least makes for sense to me than Amy and Knuckles. Since they actually have stuff in common.
But I don't think using Sol is that hard since it's a mirror world of sorts to Sonic's world, it can take all of one scene for the player to understand "x" character is Blaze's Shadow, Metal, Knuckles, Gemerl, or Eggman counterpart.
Although having her Eggman be literally just another Eggman was and still is a terrible idea.
Nicolevangelion.gif, 500xNA, 1 times posted

Nicole no! You'll cause 3rd impact! Not a fan of the rebuilds, but the AT Field arm was cool
You know, I don't think we've actually seen Knuckles interact with Blaze in any of the games. Blaze only interacts with Silver in 06 (to the point where people speculate she's a figment of Silver's imagination), and no one interacts with anyone who isn't a Sonic or Eggman in Generations. I don't remember them interacting in Team Sonic Racing.
Honestly, my main issue with Blaze is the same as Knuckles and Silver: they're too easily shelved by Sega since they need a good reason not to be guarding their dimension/remote island/time period. At least Tails, Amy, Team Dark, and the Chaotix can be dropped into any story without much effort. Ideally I'd just have Blaze's dimension be a part of Earth, have Tails build a cloaking device for Angel Island, and just have Silver resolve to stay in the present to protect the future
25th_161209_01.png, 810xNA, 1 times posted

>Blaze's dimension be a part of Earth, have Tails build a cloaking device for Angel Island
Okay Ian, but seriously Tikal and Chaos exist, why can't they guard it for an afternoon, it's not like have much to do other than raising Chao, and honestly I don't think anybody would notice if Sega just had them move their Chao raising operation to Angel Island off screen.

According to Iizuka, Tikal and Chaos are in Heaven post SA1 (not that that's stopped them appearing in the comics, being playable in Sonic runners, and Tikal even advertising her own movie on a billboard in Generations). I'd 100% retcon it as them being able to manifest outside the ME for a short time so they can cover for Knuckles, but not indefinitely so he'd still be the actual guardian. I really like the idea of them turning the ME shrine back into a Chao Garden
>Okay Ian
Hey, I actually like Tails!

>have Blaze's dimension be a part of Earth, have Tails build a cloaking device for Angel Island
Hey, those are ideas I also considered, for my story.

How would that work exactly, my mind immediately goes to.
>Sol replaces Soleanna
>Blaze replaces Elise
Of course, this would drastically change Silver's and Sonic's story in 06, but they're contrived as is with characters just getting where they need to be through sheer plot contrivance so re-writing them completely is probably fine.

>/ CO/is already trying to spoil and ruin KFP4 for me with either misleading threads on so called people seeing it early or actual screenshots from film I have to avoid like anthrax on my screen

Well at least it reminded me to ask if there is any Mobian versions of the cast from the movies in fanart and hopefully can keep avoiding revealing bullshit till 22nd. Just annoyed i’ll probably have to avoid site for month till film comes out as had plot details on Both Spiderverse films spoiled to me before and The Suicide Squad opening details to in past.

Sol dimension come from an alt timeline where Gerald never went further than Biolizard, which went out of control and attacked earth, and the Guardian of Angel Island tried to stop it using Perfect chaos, and the fight of the tow entities against each other resulted in most of the earth being submerged.

This timeline almost get erased when Sonic's timeline is restored and all that remains is a satellite water world to Mobius, a bit like the Lost Hex, maintained by the sol emerald and orbiting earth.

06 is a whole other animals, but I am going with Blaze being first born in the apocalyptic future of 06 and then getting reincarnated in the alt-timeline with the submerged earth.

The story of 06 wouldn't be that different from the game, with the reset at the end.

As for Angel Island, Tail would Channel and Synchronise the power of the Piko Hammer (gifted to Amy by Little Planet), with the Master Emerald, allowing it to disappear for short amount of time through direct command of Knuckles.

Now if only Sega would consider them too! Seriously though, I do like that fans are converging on ways to allow the characters to actually interact
I can't prove it, but I'm sure Elise and Blaze were originally the same character. They're both princesses with fire powers, a water-side kingdom, and are potential love interests for Sonic. I'd just replace Blaze with Mephiles for Silver's campaign but have him hide in Silver's shadow whenever the heroes show up. The idea is he tells Silver he was alive in the present and doesn't want to cause a paradox by interacting with the heroes. It gives something for Mephiles to do since he pretty much just waits around to kill Sonic at the end of the game (seriously, he never even interacts with Sonic). It'd also be pretty funny to have Mephiles gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss Silver throughout the whole game instead of just a few scenes. The end fight where Blaze sacrifices herself could mostly be the same, but with Silver picking up a spare containment vessel from Aquatic Base (the previous level for him) and using it instead to seal Iblis away.
As for replacing Elise with Blaze, that'd require a massive rewrite considering she gets captured at least 4 times
With 4chanX you can filter threads, although most of the spoilers deliberately won't mention the name of the film

I was damn lucky the spoiler threads have mentioned the film title and that I couldn’t see it good enough or had my hand ready to protect me from film damaging experience. Anyway that aside like the idea of Mephiles being more constantly influencing Silver directly, though still weird how despite killing Sonic he has no interaction or emphasis on his plot, I feel 06 maybe shoulda had that to make that moment feel more earned, honestly even Forces made Infinite have a more direct impact and opposition with Sonic despite his wonky backstory they hastily gave him in ep shadow

That would give knuckles his own cast and they cant have that
Honestly for Blaze and his dimension to be truly realized. It would need to be a dedicated spinoff with her at the forefront. A series to explore her world, and it's own history to compare to the main one
Like seriously, one has to wonder about it's emeralds alien origins and how that went. And stuff like if they had their own version of echidnas and chaos/chao around. Hell, does it have it's own lost hex with sol zeti? Stuff like that would need an entirely dedicated spinoff but only shadow is any top billing these days
Even though his new thing is just a retread. lol
That's one way to avoid having to draw Omega.
I hope fancomics artists are taking note...

Conductor will have omega appear for a single page before promptly killing omega off

It's even worse now that we're getting Boco 2, all he does is try to be like Boco.

Shoulda called himself Deco

What happened to the original Boco ?
SWUB - 02.jpg, 3975xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #153
Sonic: Worlds Unite Battles #1, Sonic #274 (WU #7), Mega Man #51 (WU #8), and Sonic Universe #78 (WU #9)
I think XANDER PAYNE should appear in your comic, conductor.solely for the lols, even for just a cameo I would be happy. Yes, my mind had been rotted by Xander Payne posting how could you tell

If I ever get to doing a Mega Man comic, I would.

lol, cool
I find it weird when people act like Knuckles is a retard. Did they not read any of the Archie comics? Even in the reboot he was tardwrangling the Chaotix and being a good bro to Chip.

When people call knuckles a retard, I think most are referring to how he was. In that period where he got tricked multiple times. Advance 2 even played for laughs that was one. Archie knux is definitely way smarter, and not even saying his STC counterpart. Like I think he can be clever but not super genius. He’s still kind of a stubborn guy

Yeah it just sounds like people talking about the game version of Knuckles. The comic versions are nowhere near as dumb. I guess IDW Knuckles is alright.

To be a lil fair, Archie reboot and idw are supposed to have the games history so both we’re having g those times of dumb in their past. Tho idw knuckles had forces in his and we know how operation big wave went lol.

>knuckles had forces in his and we know how operation big wave went lol
I remember Evan saying she pretends that's not canon. It's one of those things that has to be forever ignored.

Not only does it make him look bad but everyone who agreeed to the plan. But they didn’t see the to entirely ignore it as being a commander is his thing in frontiers. Which is weird to have that be his trait from now on. Why give the brawler guy that thing?

>deletes my post with an image with the word pussy
>doesn't delete the upskirt drawings of the clearly underage girl showing everything
Only on 4/co/! It's kinda annoying since I have to delete them before archiving the thread
guts_man_by_toastieman_dfvn923.png, 1800xNA, 1 times posted
Is the anon who asked for Yoink_0's Guts Man stuff here? If so, here you go!
I had to clean up my folder just so it'd be easier to find on my machine.
5689119 - GutsMan.EXE Mega_Man Mega_Man_(series) Mega_Man_Battle_Network Yoink_0.jpg, 3355xNA, 1 times posted

Infinite will never forget Knuckles letting him break his record of no name characters he got to kill, people forget that he has a direct body count sometimes
>Wait, seriously? This is how Sonic loses in the Sega mandates
It made the Zeti look like an actual threat so Izuka let it fly.
>Sigma's such a problem that all the heroes and villains have to call a truce and work together.
That's the aspect I like the least in this issue. I mean, sure, do it once, but then they systematically keep pulling this shit. This scream rushed job. At least Alex Kid got to have its own reason to tag along
9-02.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster 8-02
Grippers, siblings reuniting, and most importantly ASBESTOS CAMEO!
sonic_resurrection____page_17_by_solaris_stane_dgztrfc-fullview.jpg, 1600xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Resurrection - Page 17
>tangle is the voice of reason
They're all fucked
amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_25_by_princessgalaxia9_dgzt8vv-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Amy's Family Ch 2-25
Is it bad that I'm enjoying Robo-Sonic x Sally?

Yeah, in-context it makes sense that Mephiles would want to kill Sonic, but there's absolutely no build up. He just straight up teleports behind you, nothing personnel kid's Sonic despite fighting with Shadow and gaslighting Silver the entire game. Not that you mention it, Infinite's got the same thing going, where he's clearly got a beef with Shadow but ignores it and attacks Sonic out of obligation because he's the game's protagonist
And that's why we've bullied the Konductor into making a Knuckles comic!
I'd really like to see more of her world. It's clearly got a lot of interesting stuff going on and all sorts of mysterious connections to Sonic's world
It's seriously irritating. Even in Sonic X, he's not so much an idiot but a hothead that's gullible due to having almost no social interaction. Also, the only ones that have actually tricked him are Eggman (a genius and master manipulator) and Rouge (who could easily manipulate most guys).
That said, Archie!Knuckles is one of his smartest incarnations, second only to Fleetway!Knuckles
People act like it's every game but Knuckles only ever got tricked by Eggman in S3&K, SA1, and Sonic Advance 2
I think the anon you're looking for is Rotor-bro, but I'm very glad you posted them!
0.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>When the author actually carry your ship but still find a way to sour things up...

>sally basically saying “hey sonic, let’s fuck!”
I think sonic would be the one to first initiate some like that desu
>ywn be woken up by a fluffy fox boi brother
Why even live?

>>sally basically saying “hey sonic, let’s fuck!”
>After we are a fully married couple as Chip intended, that's it.

The Sonic Sayz segments always made me imagine Sonic as being a goody two shoes on certain issues like sex before marriage, swearing, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.
>"That's no good"
THoaM Tails.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

I have no idea how you're getting the better quality images. Even my gallery-dl scripts only ever get jpgs ;_;
>Why even live?
He's adorable!


I use Firefox, I right click and select "open image to new tab", then somehow the image auto-refresh, sometimes at an higher resolution and sometimes even to a different format.

Most of the time, it's annoying though, because that weird quirk with DA make the image refresh constantly making it almost impossible to readjust the size of the image on my browser if I need it to a size where the comic would be more readable.

But it has this silver-lining, though.

I hope we get a timeskip epilogue!
Huh. Firefox doesn't do that for me, but it's probably some interaction with wix's weird CDN backend for image storage. I really wish they hadn't bought DA out
nectar__the_world_before_75_by_icys_dgzv3iq-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 75
Eclipse is such an interesting character. You sort of feel bad for him since he just wants to keep the remains of his family safe, but he also wants to suck the lifeforce from every living being on the planet
0.png, 1328xNA, 1 times posted

>I really wish they hadn't bought DA out
So, that's the cause of it! This is a recent behaviour for me and didn't knew why it had started doing that.

Anyway, here is how it is for me.

Middle image is before auto-refresh, bottom one is after auto-refresh.
That idw thread sure is garbage. Lol. They’re almost never good these days. So much vitriol

There were/are some good posts in there but it's mostly drowned out by the seething about anything and everything.
At least the mickey mouse fag isn't back.

Well that's interesting! If I switch
https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/43789bbf-ec04-4139-8078-d79a38a1a46d/dgzt8vv-eeb3ac9b-3f73-4022-ac56-618f2ab3067f.png/v1/fit/w_828,h_1172,q_70,strp/amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_25_by_princessgalaxia9_dgzt8vv" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/43789bbf-ec04-4139-8078-d79a38a1a46d/dgzt8vv-eeb3ac9b-3f73-4022-ac56-618f2ab3067f.png/v1/fit/w_828,h_1172,q_70,strp/amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_25_by_princessgalaxia9_dgzt8vv-414w-2x.jpg?token=...
https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/43789bbf-ec04-4139-8078-d79a38a1a46d/dgzt8vv-eeb3ac9b-3f73-4022-ac56-618f2ab3067f.png/v1/fit/w_828,h_1172,q_70,strp/amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_25_by_princessgalaxia9_dgzt8vv" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/43789bbf-ec04-4139-8078-d79a38a1a46d/dgzt8vv-eeb3ac9b-3f73-4022-ac56-618f2ab3067f.png/v1/fit/w_828,h_1172,q_70,strp/amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_25_by_princessgalaxia9_dgzt8vv-fullview.png?token=...
It works!
That's what's so fascinating about those threads. They used to be nothing but shitposting and our special friend having a meltdown but now there's increasingly a good number of anons carrying on a genuine discussion. Wouldn't it just be awful if the quality of Sonic discussion improved despite the jannies' and mods' best efforts?

Moment I saw the surge fag bring up Archie out of nowhere is when I stopped taking it seriously. Same guy who admitted to starting shit between both groups too.

Well it is my favorite ship and you wouldn't know it's a fake Sonic without reading the pages he's introduced. Also, I noticed someone bring up the tags and the artist said they need to get around to changing it. At the very least it's not helping it being searchable if it doesn't have the right characters and ship tagged.
Someday the Knuckles slander will end.
I've learned that anons like to complain more than talk about stuff they like. Probably why aimless IDW threads get more posts than the threads posting the latest IDW comics. But I will say the Fang issues are pretty boring. I'm more invested in Sonic and Tails trying to catch the Heavies but they only get handful of pages across two issues.
MadWorld610.jpg, 610xNA, 1 times posted

>This reminds me of the time I got thrown off of Angel Island, Howard.
>How the fuck did you get thrown off, Kreese?
>Apparently you can't put your balls in a Chaos Microwave! I thought we had rights!

At least he wasn't caught for yoyo larceny.
shock_and_awe___issue_2__page_129_by_underworldcircle_dgzvz56-375w-2x.jpg, 619xNA, 1 times posted

I wonder how many Surge fags actually like Surge and how many of them are just shitposters trying to console war between different Sonic media and "eras"

A Sly Encounter Part 125

Looks like everyone decided that the first Monday of the month was a good day to update their comic...
kit and surge copy.png, 644xNA, 1 times posted

Surge is a great character and my favorite thing about IDW.

Do you have the picture that follows this, you know the one
1672898599713.png, 379xNA, 1 times posted

>So, who do you think would've been the villain in the third crossover?
Knowing how much of a sperg Kaminski is, Tabuu.
Y'know the guy in Super Smash Bros Brawl, leading the Subspace Army in Subspace emissary.
He was already a multiversal threat that the Nintendo heroes needed Sonic to help them stop, although Sigma's plan of planting devices on other worlds to absorb them is already a bit like what Tabuu was doing with his Subspace bombs.

I think all of them were uploaded to /sthg/'s Booru.
Good evening unofficial ride crew, how are we doing today?
as tails caused more war crimes?

>how are we doing today?
Very good, we got tons of good fancomics updating today, somehow.

I’m doing just fine

I hate mondays.

>tails caused more war crimes?
When is he not?
So, working on my reading list again, and I am moving Sonic Universe #4 after Issue #200 so that the Universe chapter don't gnaw away too much time from this arc

so, it will be

-Breaking Bad egg
Sonic #198
Sonic Universe #2
Sonic Universe #3
Sonic #199
Sonic #200

-A tomorrower world
Sonic Universe #4
Sonic Universe #5
Sonic Universe #6
Sonic Universe #7
Sonic Universe #8

As SU #4 has a direct segway into the 30YL arc and also make a nice breather before the suffering for the FF start again.
I'll post the rest till issue #251 once I am done.
Read a post from a sonally fan on how they like the ship but even the king thing is really unfitting for the guy. Yeah I love the ship and think they can be together but king is something sonic shouldn’t be, even for Archie.

It never bothered me. Archie Sonic is still a Mobotropolis boy and that's where he'll spend most of his life. He's older and all he has to do is go to meetings and give speeches. All the big threats are gone and it's just politics and negotiations. He stays in a nice palace with his wife and kids and maybe there will be a threat coming up for him to deal with. I know the whole king name thing isn't accurate but it's a marketable thing. King Sonic and King Shadow rolls off the tongue better than Royal Consort Sonic and Royal Consort Shadow. Penders had Sonic go through a midlife crisis but Ian wrote Sonic missing his old life and wanting it back more than anything. And the first thing he does is re-knock up Sally. Wasted no time.

Also, King consort is a thing, Getting shortened to just King kinda make sense.

It's not like we actually see which of Sally or Sonic actually sing the royal decrees.

Mind you, XXYL take place in an alternate future anyway, seeing, that, even Pre-GW, in the Prime timeline, it's Elias who actually inherit the throne... Unless he met some dreadful fate in the future that put Sally next in the line of succession?

Not sure what was up with Elias in the main timeline while the 25 Years Later stuff was written by Penders. Penders and Bollers had conflicting intentions for him and Penders would seemingly or actually forget about characters he made. And Ian did the bare minimum because he was told to write them by the editor.

I do wonder what Ian would do for a 25/30 Years Later story if he got to start it over and do what he wanted. Tails would be single and without children but he'd make for a great uncle.

I know that in a hypotentical IDW 25 Years later Surge and Sonic would have a son, one way or the other, and he'd be named Scourge.
It doesn't matter which parent named him, both of them are single iq anyways.
SB 10 - 01.jpg, 1987xNA, 1 times posted
Archie Sonic Storytime #154
Sonic Boom #10 (WU #10), Sonic #275 (WU #11), and Mega Man #52 (WU #12)

I had some fun with my spite Silver idea until someone got mad at my dumb joke lol, shame as guy was chatting about it with gave me chuckle as we went back n forth on it

It's not like what he says was incorrect.
Silver is the one true enemy of Blaze Enjoyers.
Prank.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Prank page 2.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

>Penders had Sonic go through a midlife crisis but Ian wrote Sonic missing his old life and wanting it back more than anything
I mean yeah, he lost family close to him but I kinda honestly prefer penders thing as sonic would low key resent being a king. I mean penders even undertood sonic thrives on having some freedom and adventure. Like even without eggman he totally would like to just go around places, But I am obviously aware too he truly loves his family which causes his conflict, which also confuses me why penders still kept making him a king lol. Basically, it kinda feels he changes a bit too much for sally than her changing for him. And despite stuff I say, I still enjoy the ship and feel it can work for that version of sonic. Just king stuff isn’t just that fitting for the guy, imo. I can be fine with them being together as long as he’s not that really
Also hope I’m not coming off as too aggressive or anything for not agreeing with king sonic, it’s just my opinion on the stuff and feel a bit passionate about it. I do like chipmunk and hedgehog kissing at the end of the day too lol
Ian being out for tails is a funny meme but I wonder if he actually does to some extent. I mean the barby tails thing was kinda petty
Surge and sonic hate sex baby would be crazy. Just causing mayhem and being a punk to everyone
One more post on this but I found this post talking about the stuff, which should be given a full read
But this part in particular interests me
>” Mobius:25 years later done right, AKA Sonic is an actual fucking consort. Right, imagine this, Sally as a badass queen who gets shit done. Slumber parties? Skype gossip sessions? She ain’t got time for that, bitch gotta country to run. And Sonic? Well Prince Consort Sonic’s duties are to look after the kids and occasionally smile and wave for the cameras and you know what this isn’t a demeaning thing!”
>” Remember Princess Diana, she was a consort and she did all sorts of charity work, going to an active mine field, shaking the hand of an AIDS victim,and a shit ton of other amazing things. Imagine the impact of the Hero of Mobius doing stuff like that, Sonic could spend time working on issues he cares about but without the pressure of running a flipping country. It would present a nice side to Sonic, and still, he’s Sonic, he can still kick ass if you need an actual non slice of life plot.”

Looking back maybe I was arguing even if we kinda wanted the same thing but I like this idea a lot. And of course with it being sonic, he could still travel and get that adventure high around mobius too. So basically still doing what he was doing.

Thing is, Light Mobius in 25YL is supposed to be peaceful and no longer suffer from various crisis, so there isn't much to be done except for the usual pen-pushing. So of course we mostly see them lazing around.

It's not a story can't be done in such setting, it's that Penders doesn't have the skill to do that.

Archie Sonic likes going on adventures and fighting bad guys but nowhere near as much as any other Sonic. He went on a trip to find Naugus and when he did he went back. He never leaves for that long. Mobotropolis/Knothole is where he likes being. It's one of the things about Archie Sonic that has been a part of him from the beginning. Same thing as respecting the monarchy (to an extent). When Sonic stole and lost the sword, he was stuck in Knothole and people wondered why Sonic wouldn't leave. Because that's not how Archie Sonic is. As for being king or some authority figure, he got older. He's not a teen fighting some fat guy anymore. He's got responsibilities and a family and just relaxing. I do wonder how game Sonic would be when he's older. Will he still be a single hobo traveling the world while everyone else has jobs and families?

But yeah I kinda see what you’re saying, and yeah he would always visit his family and hang out. But shouldn’t stay in on place all the time for TOO long. Like if you see the post above, if something like that happened, I would be more finer. Get to travel and adventure, come back to home to wife and kids. Hell sometimes travel together too. Life would be good that way

But for Game sonic would honestly still be the worldest fastest single guy even in his old age. Muh freedom, muh wind. Lol. With poor Amy, still being strung along and sometimes getting dates but it seems lately sonic does that with everyone like him hanging out with blaze that time. So not that special really. Forever a young guy at heart much to the disappointment of many ladies lol

>manage to avoid spoiler threads on KFP 4
>youtube immediately gives me cunt having spoiler “trailers” for film with titles and thumbnails on details
I’m so genuinely fucking pissed, maybe i’ll be angry enough to forget but fucking hate faggot spoiler cunts on youtube, fucking actually mad. Anyway crossover was so bloated and excessive but Gore Magala being the rep was fun
0.jpg, 656xNA, 1 times posted
I had forgotten about it, but seeing, right after Sally's sacrifice and her roboticisation, the teaser tie-in for Sonic Generation is quite the tonal whiplash...