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General Chat and Updates #1

This thread and the proceeding ones will be the main hub for general chat and any updates. Feel free to make threads of more specific topics, preferably ones with a substantial amount of content. Link them here as well as any updates to get more eyes on it.

Storytimes will be in a separate thread. Smaller fancomics will be in a general fancomic thread. Larger fancomics (50+ pages) can have their own thread. You can still post comics in this thread if it's in the single digits.

IDW comics can have their own threads but you can post previews of any kind in these threads as well as in the IDW threads.

Games can get their own thread. As in all games get a thread. Not each game gets their own thread. Same goes for cartoons series. At least for now. If we get more people and things get more active then more specific threads can be made if there's enough discussion for a single game or cartoon.

Try to be active in other threads that interest you.

I don't know what else to say. Let's see how things go and we'll figure out what to do as time goes on.
file.png, 1109xNA, 1 times posted

The Ride Never Ends!

>Done. Sad news. We can't post the same image in different threads on the board and the catalog doesn't work just yet.

I was wondering if i was the only seeing something off with the catalog. Oh well.

posting this here
>IDW Release Dates:
Fang the Hunter Issue #3 - 3 April 2024
Fang the Hunter Issue #4 - 1 May 2024
Sonic the Hedgehog: Spring Broken - 5 June 2024
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #69 - 15 May 2024
GKC9GzQbwAA2YfW.jpg, 960xNA, 1 times posted
GKC9KD6bMAAU-XA.jpg, 1195xNA, 1 times posted
GKDAedybcAAUl-P.jpg, 1029xNA, 1 times posted
Cute. Just want to ask though, posting fan art here, fine with you, conductor?

I'm pretty hands off for the most part. So long as it's not too much at once.

GJ8dGUQXAAEI4CG.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
I do wonder where anons will frequent when we get more threads and more people post in them. I still need to make a fancomic thread for small to medium storytimes.

Roger did not like Frontiers.

A drawthread would be good too. Get some draw anons to show up here.

>We can't post the same image in different threads on the board
Why is that a thing in 4chanplus ? Is it to stop repeating discussions ?
Fuck, it's not a joke. And it was from 3 weeks ago. Well at least she will still put out some of part 2, but it really sucks what happened to her.

It might be good to mention or ask for changes or things to be fixed:
>the ability to post the same image in multiple threads, mainly for reaction images and posting an update for another thread in a more general thread or announcing a storytime in another thread with an image
>implementing youtube imbeds

Cool! A sonic board, let's goooo

Oh boy, I have so many comics to fill this board up with!
In case the anon that was asking for me in the Tamers thread is reading, that's really sad news. I hope Gigi and the rest of the team are able to find some peace. I'll convert the videos into comic pages so we can at least storytime the last parts here
I've updated the website to point to our shiny new board, fingers crossed it attracts some visitors. We also just passed 1.5 million visitors! For any newcomers, here's the link:

I wonder if our other threads will be brought over and if that will include the threads for single series like A Sly Encounter and if that will include the Sonic adjacent comics. Not sure about the non-Sonic threads like the Klonoa one or the Psyn one.
I'll start a new Unofficial Storytime thread later today with an April Fools Day Idol Amy comic.
Nice! Getting more people is a priority, especially after we establish some threads some would like to participate in.

Do you really get that many people checking the site or are a lot of it bots

What surprise me is that this was up since March 12 but I only found out today.

>Not sure about the non-Sonic threads like the Klonoa one or the Psyn one.
I'd say they're honorary Sonic threads. Would be nice to have all the Sonic threads moved over at least, assuming it doesn't break things
>I'll start a new Unofficial Storytime thread later today with an April Fools Day Idol Amy comic.
Oh boy!
>Nice! Getting more people is a priority, especially after we establish some threads some would like to participate in.
Yeah, I'd like to do a Tamers thread with a substantial OP that covers most of the lore
I have no idea. I get the feeling that most of the Internet is bots now, but the analytics are too coarse for me to tell what's going on. My guess is there's around 50–100 daily users but this blows up to a few thousand a few times a year. Once I move to new hosting I'll have a much better idea of what pages are being visited and how much traffic it generates. Still not sure who I'll go with for hosting though. The archived threads contain some spicy words and lewd anthro images, which limits options
egg_dimension_comic_pg_45_by_lonelybrowncow_dh5svqc-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Pg 45
What better comic to start the new board off with!
sooc_chapter_003___page_069_by_justtheauthor_dh5qs73-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC Chapter 003 - Page 069
>Rouge's mom
Oh, and I've been experimenting with DA's image parameters. When you click on an image and then right click to open in a new tab, you get something like this (I've removed the token since it's really long). If you change the jpg part to png, the image will be much better. you can also leave it as a jpg but bump up the quality. I recommend 95 (q_95) or 100 (q_100). We might also be able to fiddle with the resolution of the image too, but I'm getting "forbidden" as the result when I bump it up to the quoted resolution.

One can only imagine what the mother of rouge would look like.
YTP: Sonic Boom Shakalaka!

>Sonic the Hedgehog - Spring Broken #1: 05/08/24 » 06/05/24
>Sonic the Hedgehog #69: 05/15/24 » 05/22/24
Idw delays
0.jpg, 1505xNA, 1 times posted
Let's do this!
amy live reaction.jpg, 382xNA, 1 times posted

Done! And here's a reaction image that can't be posted anywhere else on this board unless you change a pixel or something.
Update: No thread migration and images can only be posted once on the board.

That might come to be a bit annoying if you want to do full chapter story-timing of comics for comics whose individual pages have been posted previously, like Okida's comics.

The loophole to this, is change a pixel or ad white strip to the bottom when you do a full chapter, but it might be considered bad form.

The alternative would be to not post updating pages of ongoing comics anymore, but I don't think everyone will be consistent with it.

It's not that hard to do. Thirsposter and I have both done slight changes to pages for various reasons such as getting them under 4mb so they can be posted on 4chan. And I can do updates like I occasionally do for A Sly Encounter in which I save the page at 99% and post it in the main thread. And without thread migration, as long as they're not locked, we can still post the pages in those threads and link them here.
Sonic Adventure Frontiersified.


First "get" and I didn't even bother to use Saitama for that post. I swear to do better next time.

Lmao. The video is fucking hilarious and I love how it just shits on frontiers
IMG_9530.jpeg, 2182xNA, 1 times posted
Just lol.

Top KEK, it hurts but also funny. Sad that becoming gun wielding psychopaths might be an improvement compared to how they been portrayed recently
IMG_9532.jpeg, 2224xNA, 1 times posted

But yeah, being utter psycho paths would be better than pretending the characters still aren’t cheer leaders and saying they’re totally better now.

Hey how come your link worked but mine didnt ?

Because I’m based.

Imbeded youtube link hadn't been activated yet when you posted it.
issue 1 page 9.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
It's them!
1712028940115047.jpg, 2100xNA, 1 times posted

hmmm mighty chest…

Lol, cute art.
I didint eat any cookies

>They were later declared to be non-canon
Holy fuck hahahaha
sally sprite 1.gif, 81xNA, 1 times posted

>cheek tufts
>bare chest
I think the audience is trying to tell Sally something.

Ditto on the cheek tufts and lack of eyebrows)
Some Sally cheek tuft cult we are haha. Okay but yeah they are cute tho.
1712097031557396.jpg, 1895xNA, 1 times posted

I fucking knew it
So, is the board name going to stay in russian ? I thought that was just an april fool's joke.


Please do not try to get around the image duplicate check. It's there because they count as extra space and our space is not unlimited due to no thread purging.

I'd need to do one of the following to get around it:
- rewrite the entire media handling system from the ground up so each file is only stored once and duplicates are just links to it. This would either double the physical file count on the server and we'd hit inode limits on the host (if I use symlinks), or I would use rewrite rules to turn /media/hash/any_file_name.jpg into the correct file but then you could also refer to the same file as /media/hash/nazis.jpg or something equally vilifying towards the site. Plus it would turn all existing file links to 404 errors which could inflate our logs fast.
- add automatic thread purging. I want to avoid this because it can be abused too easily. Unless I make it semi-automatic, and then it would need a lot of micromanagement.

Additionally, both solutions would be incompatible with the current admin panel which needs a ground up rewrite.
GJiWkTCXcAAbZAN.png, 850xNA, 1 times posted
So chauvels drew this and Lmao
Sonic Vagabond WIP page.png, 1090xNA, 1 times posted

I mean what did Sally expect at a gay club really?

Hahahhaha, it’s ok, it’s not cheating if it’s an evil counterpart of your gf

These are fucking adorable turtles
GKLgFJpWgAANpmK.jfif, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Oh yeah I forgot about this comic.
GKMdf5JXUAAIQEJ.jfif, 1256xNA, 1 times posted
>welcome to my series where i basically take a character and make them wear their complete opposite aesthetic
From valley girl to goth girl... I like it!

Undina so cute!
Nine and Mangey.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
No mints.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
vector.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
cream 2.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Maria.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
fur.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
IMG_9535.png, 735xNA, 1 times posted
dh61f0g-a50216fe-9a83-46b0-a5af-9d4e8b8cda96.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted

Who is the girl with the glasses?

yeah, I suspected as much it would not acceptable.
1712127505501372.jpg, 1322xNA, 1 times posted
1712131400853089.jpg, 917xNA, 1 times posted

Credits to whoever drew these on /sthg/. At least I think he drew these because I cant find a source anywhere.


Found the artist
Other than threads for specific larger fancomics and Tamers content, what other threads should be made on here? I was thinking of a SFW horny thread (no nipples, no genitals, no sex) but would people go there to post or would they prefer posting it in the more general thread?

Move over those Acron genes, it's those Bat genes time!
See, that's what exactly AI should be for
Damn, those end credits are absolutely scathing! I am glad that they captured the fun of the Super Sonic fights at least
I'm just glad the Konductor got >>69
It's those sluts! And Ray's got the goggles and scarf!
>Please do not try to get around the image duplicate check.
Yeah, fair enough
>inode limits
Man, those are such bullshit.
>rewrite the entire media handling system from the ground up
I'd avoid symlinks since it doesn't mitigate the inode issue. I ended up doing what desuarchive does and store the image under the unix timestamp of the first time it was posted, with all later posts linking to that image. It avoids hash collisions and 404ing the existing images, assuming only within-board duplicates are allowed.
>add automatic thread purging
I agree, it's best to avoid that if possible
I'd like to see a fangames thread and am planning on doing loreposting thread so I have somewhere to dump all my schizo theories about Sonic being the ultimate lifeform and Metal Sonic being powered by lustful thoughts. Seriously, he's powered by a 250cc 4-valve Orgone Fusion Engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgone. I'm not sure a horny thread would be all that useful since we can go full NSFW in /pco/ and /coq/

I suggest we have a thread solely dedicated to Mordred Hood and his lordlyness...serious answer maybe a thread to talk about what we want to see from franchise perhaps
clove_the_reader_by_joeadok_dh62yde.png, 804xNA, 1 times posted
time_for_the_sonic_man_by_joeadok_dh62ybr.png, 751xNA, 1 times posted
dh62yca-9553fd55-ea8f-442b-aef9-0b1ea21d8da9.png, 974xNA, 1 times posted
GKPckULXUAABNkP.jpg, 726xNA, 1 times posted

What about a fanfic/writing thread for those that want to share writing tips and talk about what they read?

Speaking of Tamers, I think those guys should be made aware of here in the first place. Something I think TP said they'd do.
shock_and_awe___issue_2__page_133_by_underworldcircle_dh64x7w-375w-2x.jpg, 620xNA, 1 times posted
The Problem with Hyper Sonic...
GKK76QvaQAAbEgJ.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
GKMg2gmaYAAcRh0.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
GKPRT-0WEAASjxB.jpg, 791xNA, 1 times posted
Spring Broken cover by ABT
the_adventures_of_sonic_the_hedgehog__2_page_10_by_frostbitewhiteknight_dh66pjt-414w-2x.jpg, 828xNA, 1 times posted

steve harvey.png, 998xNA, 1 times posted

Something tells me things aren't going to go as planned.

Sonally bros...
Sonic-Do you like Waffles?

I agree with the idea of a drawthread
console_girls_sfw_by_bigdon1992_dh66izu.png, 4044xNA, 1 times posted
1707017025476182.jpg, 1940xNA, 1 times posted

I encourage people to make threads they feel like they can contribute to consistently (within reason).
>I'm not sure a horny thread would be all that useful since we can go full NSFW in /pco/ and /coq/
I do wonder how often others go to those threads. But the horny thread would be for those that aren't porn but pretty close. Then again, I don't know what mods think of mobian nudity. When I think of NSFW, I think of naughty bits and sex.
Unironically if you got enough content then go for it.
That's a good one! Someone that's really into that should start a thread and do things like recommendations or places to find fanfics.
>Something I think TP said they'd do.
If there are any drawanons that come here often and willing to contribute then sure.

Z A M N!

Cute butts.
1712160440819239.png, 1040xNA, 1 times posted
Fang the Hunter #3

I do think an IDW thread is necessary. But should we also storytime the issues here or are links like during the Archie Ride fine?

> or are links like during the Archie Ride fine?
I think this is enough. It already has enough difficulty generating attention on 4chan.

Personally, i'd like to have idw posted here. Espically since we have an entire board that it could be posted in threads. but thats just me
Im kinda worried that this community we are building might fizzle out if we dont try reaching out to other places once in a while.
With the /co/ thread on pluschan and 4chan we at least had new anons who could glance at a Sonic thumbnail and join in out of curiosity, but now we are isolated on a separate board.
harmoni_the_chiphog_fusion_concept_by_revival_yang_dfvhawx.png, 3777xNA, 1 times posted
chubby_bunny_by_revival_yang_dh5u6m0.png, 849xNA, 1 times posted

Thirstposter said they would but IDK if they did that yet

It is a shame the Archie Ride ended before we got the board but if anyone was going to come over here they probably would've already. Best thing is to reach out to other places. Preferably not in the bait threads. We can still get more active and post stuff here.

You know what they say...
If You Build It, They Will Come

I'm doing Fang #3 right now to start the IDW thread. We'll see how that goes.

181428.png, 635xNA, 1 times posted

>if anyone was going to come over here they probably would've already
Not to dis on the developer's name play with ussr, but would any newcomer on pluschan see this and think that it is a Sonic board ?

Well, it's pretty much how it is for most Board's name here.
/co/ here is an outlier, in that department, really.

I like the name but I see what you mean

>Sonic oemwes Taxes
Sonic vs. IRS event comic soon

I understand that it doesnt have to be an issue if a big enough community knows it as that Sonic board with a russian name, basically become part of its known identity.
But until that happens we cant depend on onlookers to build that.

Our best bet is word of mouth and providing links to those interested.



So which Sonic communities are out there that can be reached, besides the ones on 4chan ?
1 Hour of Sonic Facts to Fall Asleep to
1682264730598807.jpg, 814xNA, 1 times posted

Sadly I have no idea.
GHfRZV8bUAAKEWc.jpg, 666xNA, 1 times posted
GKC2IM_W4AAtWQu.jpg, 419xNA, 1 times posted
GKC2IcfXsAAiCGG.jpg, 890xNA, 1 times posted
GKN0z-EWEAAVD9o.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

Kuromi is blowing up in popularity lately for some reason.
Is this another Sonic imageboard ?

Yeah, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

Its not worry, just curiosity. I thought this was the only one so far.

It’s an sthg old image board made years ago but ironically despite its name, is slow as hell.
Kq_U2YauqlvCA3ko.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted

Do you have a link ?

0C85mNOvncvA76LZ.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
issue 6 page 2.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 6 Page 2

Friends do fight from time to time (hopefully not physically) but they always make up and get over it. And of course another bonding moment for Sonic and Tails.

Awww that’s cute and neat that sonic would quickly make amends
Sonic X-Treme's Death in Development | The Art of Failure

Well now I'm considering a Remington thread!
I'll let them know when the next episode drops!
>the genesis is only for research
Sally is 100% playing 5D chess here
>I do wonder how often others go to those threads.
Your image certainly makes a good case for that sort of thread!
I'll email grabber.zone at least, but here's some places I'm aware of:

We all know this one. It's the fastest Sonic general on any imageboard and while plagued by funposting and schizos, many of their anons are actually fun to talk to. I'd recommend reminding them we're around every so often

Only had a quick look, but it's been around forever. Lots of posts, but far more clean cut than an imageboard (no naughty words, or posting entire issues of IDW)

I actually used to read this forum a lot, although I never joined since they take themselves a little too seriously. Less active than it used to be, but maintains a core of users. The youngest regulars seem to be in their 30s. I doubt they'd be interested

In the short term I'm hoping we can grow organically and get to the point where this place becomes know for high quality and fun discussions about Sonic.
Cute and canon!
It was on 8chan, but it's been archived and continued here:
It's pretty dead though. Fair warning, while they're unaffiliated with the original site, I looked at some of the other board names and noped the fuck out
Nice to see them all getting along again
One of my favorite things that's consistent across most versions of Sonic is that he doesn't hold grudges. And by this I mean he'll let bygones be bygones for characters like Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver despite them trying to kill him, since they've settled their differences

I am now reminded of this post from there, lmao
sillies_by_risziarts_dgvdile.png, 1614xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_06a440464ade037f688bb0bb64ba9838_dbbd9065_1280.jpg, 1215xNA, 1 times posted

I'd be really impressed if the oldbies from sonic retro started posting here. It would be like a regular class reunion.

Careful, they'll scream if they see any Sonic with green eyes!

Wow, and I thought I was too wordy!
That's honestly adorable
It'd be nice to see them post here
Oh man, I'm pretty sure it's been deleted now, but I still remember Kuta's post where he zoomed into one of the Sonic 4 images and quoted the rgb values of Sonic's eyes to prove they were green. Pretty sure they banned him after that

>Careful, they'll scream if they see any Sonic with green eyes!

They'll also have a fit if you say trans women are not real women (the lead admin/owner is trans and bans people for this).

>but I still remember Kuta's post where he zoomed into one of the Sonic 4 images and quoted the rgb values of Sonic's eyes to prove they were green. Pretty sure they banned him after that
Holy kek. I can't believe the actual autism over green eyes.

Huh. Never knew that.

Where is this one from?

their tumblr

people still use tumblr?

1708182969354.jpg, 1717xNA, 1 times posted
1712245645920036.gif, 320xNA, 1 times posted
image.png, 756xNA, 1 times posted
I do like the presketch look for these pages. Super exclusive super first look. An actual WIP crop will be posted when it's ready.

GKKttFwXUAAt-dt.png, 400xNA, 1 times posted
GKPrEqwXoAAkvQN.png, 268xNA, 1 times posted
ndWWj7Pu7DAiDMRe.mp4, 576xNA, 1 times posted

Actually like it.
1712112316030.png, 1286xNA, 1 times posted

Oh shit, war crime time!
GKUoFbGXEAAmA9u.jpg, 2224xNA, 1 times posted

It appears this guy is making a new archie sonic fan project thing. So I'd look out for this, conductor.

Some notes in regards, prehaps remove the "Current plus4chan thread" link or make it redirect to the discussion board, i feel it would be a wiser decision, unless there are plans to archive the plus4chan threads.
In regards of draw threads i have some questions:
Should NSFW be forced to be descriptive in case of fetish?
I suspect people will also post their progress with their fancomics and animations, but would fanfics and Sprite animation be allowed (as long as it has sonic characters in it)?

I think it's fine for people to just post art here in general threads. Idk if we'd even have that many people much less draw frens for an entire separate thred
Sonics jp voice actor retweeted gay porn.
Massive kek

Congrats on the board!
The ride can now go to infinity and beyond!

It took me like 5 to figure out these, I thought it was a one of those deviantart pics with random characters at first kek
Sonic blames me for my parents divorce on Desert Bus (Sonic Frontiers)
no-need-for-sonic-final-copy.png, 1023xNA, 1 times posted

Update: He coped by saying he was hacked. LMAO! What a weak "save". He's gay

Jap purists in shambles lol
Jap Sonic VA gay porn.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

In case anyone wants to see what he tweeted [NSFW. obviously]:
He's actually got really good taste. It's well lit and well shot, the guys have perfectly toned bodies, the moans are cute (and even subtitled in English!), and they make some fairly difficult positions look effortless
Sure Junichi, sure! Fun fact: Shadow's VA has done BL audio sex scenes. Brings a whole new meaning to Sonic X Shadow Generations!

Oh, and I got that screenshot from 4chan:

All the Sonic gay jokes we made ended up true!

>all those Ehentai tabs

We have manifested reality!
It's not my screenshot, you can tell because there aren't any e621 links and he's not even searching Sonic x Knuckles!
endangered_species_by_fritzymagpies_d8dynvo.jpg, 3435xNA, 1 times posted

Since the artist uploaded a lot of their work yesterday, here's their pre-ASO attempt at doing Endangered Species. This is the textless version of the first page.
turtle_power_page_155_by_okida_dh6dgcb(CUnet)(noise_scale)(Level0)(x2.000000).jpg, 1378xNA, 1 times posted
Turtle Power Page 155
What a lewd page!

I love that Surge is a titty monster. Seriously we need a horny thread. I'll make one in a bit.
Interesting! Thanks for the heads up!

And there's the Horny Thread!
>No NSFW! That means no nipples, no genitals, no sex. If you're unsure then at least put an NSFW spoiler on it.
>First rule only applies to images. You can still post links to fapfics.
>Fetish stuff that doesn't break the first rule is fine. I don't kinkshame but I know that the Sonic fandom has some... interesting tastes.
>Keep posting moderate. Posting several or a dozen at a time is fine but not dozens. We don't need every piece of naughty fanart here, just post ones you want to share.
>If possible, please provide source of some kind. Even the artist name is fine. If you can't then that's fine.
>You can still hornypost in the general thread. As always, these threads are just for those that want a concentrated place for a specific topic.

>horny thread
>op is sally
Expected but based

I really enjoyed that. The artist is obviously influenced by jon gray and that's really cool and unique among fan artists.
Ew, water tentacles
Hey, no problem. I literally just stumbled upon it.

I have no idea what you're implying!
>I really enjoyed that. The artist is obviously influenced by jon gray and that's really cool and unique among fan artists.
Shame we never got more. It'd be cool to see another fan revision of the story.
for me, it's launch base zone
Launch Base Zone (Act 1) Music Restored & Remastered | Sonic 3 & Knuckles

It's the original "Sonic's arms are not blue!"
Oh boy, Sonic's about to become an accessory to warcrimes!
>Some notes in regards, prehaps remove the "Current plus4chan thread" link or make it redirect to the discussion board
I've got it redirecting to this thread now
>unless there are plans to archive the plus4chan threads.
Everything must be archived! Unfortunately, my 100% professional and not at all cobbled together code's mangling the thread links (probably because I didn't consider boards with 4 letters in their name). Everything else seems to be working at least!
GKTp_bwXQAECySJ.jpg, 1501xNA, 1 times posted
Behold, the holy trinity

Beyond the "gay" aspect, when you are the official voice of a character for what is mainly a child franchise, it is always bad optic to expose to your followers porn of any sort. Even if it was straight porn, he would have probably come up with the "hacking" excuse regardless. That or "my dog accidentally used my phone".

Imagine if Charles Martinet was caught liking a picture of Peach getting her pussy eaten...

Honestly i am more disappointed that surge tits aren't literal swords, just in case Sonic were to get it on with her

>TFW you realize one version of you has done Ungodly things when he sat on that bench that literally every version of you got the shock on their face.
1703209863564971.jpg, 768xNA, 1 times posted

That reminds me...
The nipples can emit high voltage electricity from them.
GKTH4L6aYAA9wKN.png, 1322xNA, 1 times posted



A shame they aren't doing any new Mighty games.
0.jpg, 1883xNA, 1 times posted
Probably looking for samples.
twitter_@krack932_20230410-215449_1645545897374400512.jpg, 2140xNA, 1 times posted

Majestically horrifying
Any sort of professional should have a separate device for their personal stuff. Honestly, I just feel bad for the guy
Nothing compared to Maekawa. Our boy posts his Sonadow doujun hauls on his twitter! His likes are also full of fanart:
commander_brutus_by_joeadok_dh6gm27-fullview.jpg, 925xNA, 1 times posted
miss_rabbot_by_joeadok_dh6i5a7-375w-2x.jpg, 706xNA, 1 times posted

0.mp4, 742xNA, 1 times posted
she know about your browser's history

Sonic Advance 2 in a Nutshell
SRB2 - kill yourself
KB posted the cover to their silver comic
1712292851247044.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
redundancies/firings stated in the article:

>Amber Huerta, Chief People Officer & Chief Operations Officer at IDW Media Holdings
>Timea Spoon, Senior HR Manager at IDW Publishing which means that all of HR has gone. And since there is no more HR department, the firings are being carried out by Finance and Legal, not the co-publishers or EIC.
>Daniela Diiorio, Director of Development at IDW Entertainment…so only Daniel Hendrick is left there now.
>Deon Carrico, Project Manager at IDW Publishing
>Kristen Simon, Group Editor, Collections, Graphic Novels and New Initiatives at IDW Publishing

"IDW did make the tough but strategic decision to reduce five positions today. This is part of a strategy to create a more efficient IDW, and one that will be better able to delight fans for years and years to come.We are grateful for the years of commitment and hard work, and wish abundant success to those affected."

sonic and tails go to the movies.jpg, 481xNA, 1 times posted

Movie Sonic should be replaced by Jollyjack's Meow The Hedgehog.
GKarJA6bwAAcfNy.jpg, 2587xNA, 1 times posted

unhinged comic
tumblr_c3830de07687cbade82c6482e0fb279b_ae9b4c5e_1280.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
GKW3kf9XkAAGsFL.jpg, 1071xNA, 1 times posted

The good, the bad and the ugly of Tails memes
e116247a84cce16694280e6f3b6a0ceb83912ee339c3a69da113d8564811f646.png, 417xNA, 1 times posted

Knuckles show screen shots
GKbGsfJXMAIlqAS.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
learning_to_be_classic_by_slliphylla_dh6o6e8-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
MJ1wwkKFEuWobdLf.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Jet Set Sonic - Running the Bassline (Tomoya Ohtani vs Hideki Naganuma)
Hey, the sites up and running again. How are you guys doing

Suffering from fancomic withdrawals, and even worse: gossip withdrawals! Since I'm not posting on 4/co/ anymore, our special friend has broken up with me and is now courting Boco ;_;
Seriously though, it looks like his latest tactic is to pretend to be Boco, post fetish art in Sonic threads, then report the thread for deletion
tumblr_5c8f777c45e81e476238e51793cd9f2e_c553179c_2048.png, 1325xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation 3-23
Well, that's the shield gone
tumblr_0fe133ee0c3e9f5369cdb74929095a94_24b6d302_2048.jpg, 1999xNA, 1 times posted

Is it just me, or is Rouge driving the Utena car?
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Adolescence Mokushiroku car scene transformation
TF 1-19.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Tethered Futures 1-19
>Before you go, can I get a picture?
She's Eggman N*ega in disguise isn't she?
sooc_chapter_003___page_070_by_justtheauthor_dh65w8h-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC Chapter 003 - Page 070
>Rouge has an uncle
Preemptively claiming him!
nectar__the_world_before_81_by_icys_dh5xorf-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 81
It'll grow back, probably!
nectar__the_world_before_82_by_icys_dh6rf3l-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Whoops, meant to link to :
Nectar: The World Before 82
All your fault Silver!

Let's try again ;_;
cosmic_tales_arc_2_pg_1_by_riosd_dh6mte2-375w-2x.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Cosmic Tales Arc 2 Pg 1
We're back to the main plot! For those that don't remember what that is:

Oh thats the surgefag with the weird fetishes. Betting all the schizos who liked to fuck with our threads have been getting lonely raving about
He's touch his chest...
Hey thats the bar from sonic x
That girl is cute!
Rouge probably has a lot of family
I like manics shirt
GKezlUJW0AEmhjc.jpg, 1041xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_f8a34d18cea5c937a0cbffae36c791be_d11d8a99_2048.jpg, 2047xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_711f9945f278e104d911563529fcc619_290660d6_2048.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Listening to music, reading comics on the computer, watching twitch streams, playing Hearthstone, and getting random stuff done. At the same time.
I checked in on that thread. What a shame it turned into a shitshow. No Ride threads, the IDW threads die fast, and anything else just has arguing and funposting.
>Oh thats the surgefag with the weird fetishes. Betting all the schizos who liked to fuck with our threads have been getting lonely raving about
I'm 90% certain it's him because he transitioned into his usual past behavior one time.
tumblr_40262576be067052d9405f58fbb58594_04e5f401_1280.png, 1100xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_7262a8c9444025d30a83bdce4fc2c3db_4d61850d_1280.jpg, 750xNA, 1 times posted
TAOSTH 2 page 11 (1).png, 1450xNA, 1 times posted

>Oh thats the surgefag with the weird fetishes. Betting all the schizos who liked to fuck with our threads have been getting lonely raving about
It's IDWkun/Archie-schizo. He's switched up his grammar a bit but he's still using the same Surge foot pic. Fun fact: I posted that artist's dude-centric foot fetish art before and he clearly took a liking to it. It also tells us a few things about him:
* He has a FurAffinity account, with adult images enabled (the filename format is from there)
* He had to look through several pages of explicit homoerotic foot fetish art to reach that Surge pic
>He's touch his chest...
>Hey thats the bar from sonic x
It is!
>Rouge probably has a lot of family
Now that I think of it, we've never seen Mobian siblings in the games. There were several Human siblings in Unleashed, but the only family we get for Mobians are Vanilla and Cream, and Jet and his Pirate ancestor
>I like manics shirt
Mustard goes surprisingly well with green and brown. I hope they bring him back ;_;
>I checked in on that thread.
I think his plan is to just shit up every Sonic thread and then call in his mod friend to delete it. I'm almost certain he's the main shit-stirrer in the Tamers threads
Sally's prototype look works really well for Boom
That's a cool way to store the emerald

>It's IDWkun/Archie-schizo. He's switched up his grammar a bit but he's still using the same Surge foot pic. Fun fact: I posted that artist's dude-centric foot fetish art before and he clearly took a liking to it. It also tells us a few things about him:
>* He has a FurAffinity account, with adult images enabled (the filename format is from there)
>* He had to look through several pages of explicit homoerotic foot fetish art to reach that Surge pic

>funpost lowkey outs themselves as an actual degenerate
HAHAHAHA oh wow. What a self own
issue 1 page 6.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Page 6

Super strength, gliding, chaos powers, and he can take a lot of punishment? Knuckles is the full package! And this version of Knuckles isn’t a dummy either. He can be a little gullible and naïve but I doubt anyone will take advantage of that.

That’s pretty clever. Based Knuckles
jmsYI37BGw-orsBi.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted

I proudly take credit for tricking him into looking at homoerotic smut!
The paneling works really nicely with the action here
>He can be a little gullible and naïve but I doubt anyone will take advantage of that.
With apologies:



You know it would be nice for the knuckle side of the site to have going forward and backwards options, also overall it's surprising to see both kit and Surge in somewhere else for once!

Unfortunately the theme I've been using is broken. I may be able to come up with a workaround or I'll have to use something else for it.
GKgoPs5WAAAZpZF.jfif, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
This is the new Burger King... King.
GKhoWxzXwAAakRc.jfif, 720xNA, 1 times posted

Except the Whoppers he's offering are the ones from his fists.
tumblr_bb73e1ae3c06bee55388d15cca455451_ef365b77_1280.jpg, 673xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_e8d899c276e07fc1adcdff3437c13b4f_95ae7436_1280.jpg, 842xNA, 1 times posted
nectar__the_world_before_83_by_icys_dh6z1y5-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 83
Chaos Emeralds truly are the Flex Seal™ of Sonic's world
blaze sicko.jpg, 805xNA, 1 times posted
And for the 420th post

GKfe0tzWAAApCoi.jpg, 512xNA, 1 times posted
GKfe1BRWUAA1o84.jpg, 512xNA, 1 times posted
[Maya Animation] Mecha Sonic Powers Up
GKkmmkdX0AAAq9y.jpg, 1197xNA, 1 times posted
Shadow the Hedgehog missions be like
GKjTv_Ob0AElfvs.png, 989xNA, 1 times posted

I kinda love the designs and style this guy has, the very early ps2 style just has a lot of charm with these models

No one really ships Vector and Rouge do they now i think of it?
THoaM 9-07.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

>>>/co/464279 (non-canon previous page)
>>>/co/464288 (canon previous page)
The Heart of a Monster 9-07
>groggy twink with cute eye-liner wakes up in strange basement with grippers on full display
>it's not my basement
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Doing an ~after dark~ storytime by one of my favorite commissioners, be there or be square!
"Sonic, I'm a Lesbian" but it's Discord
tumblr_a0b5b729b23d58416a934883ae4bd189_29bbd71b_1280.jpg, 1152xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_75021de6b113e488dd52879872ccc27a_eca06187_640.jpg, 560xNA, 1 times posted
GKoiu5oXgAAjs42.jpg, 1115xNA, 1 times posted
GKnBBhaaoAATOyu.jpg, 958xNA, 1 times posted
GKnBBhZaQAAhmMV.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GKnBBhZbYAAcNUB.jpg, 944xNA, 1 times posted
GKnBBi7bUAAupFy.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
Just want to say, I really like ABTs art. Yeah he's a furry but he's totally open about it and that makes him extra based
GKkdRN-WUAAMhDb.jpg, 1968xNA, 1 times posted
wips.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Two WIPs!

tails about to commit some war crimes
tumblr_4a25284e00f51cfe9d590c073587a632_6896a372_1280.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Big day for Eclipse
tumblr_bfd7973a6fe7d2812fd20ffe73c8cebb_74b64067_2048.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
I am so glad other some people out there understand how underrated Sally and Knuckles friendship is. Fuck Penders for ruining that for the longest time
rouge_and_knuckles_eclipse_by_deinexim_dh79jlf.png, 1080xNA, 1 times posted

Bold of the artist to reference that issue of Knuckles. You could say that it's a pragmatic decision.
egg_dimension_comic_pg_46_by_lonelybrowncow_dh79i2k-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Egg Dimension Comic Page 46
Wow that's a lot of pages. Imagine if the curse one was this long.
issue 6 page 10.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Kukku continues to be maaaaaad!
tumblr_5f7974a1d8a5e9e0aac7c775182e7106_8662fc10_2048.jpg, 1939xNA, 1 times posted
Then he'll say he was only using 0.0000001% of his real power.

A lot of people would like to forget issues ken did, especially that one.

I feel like Eclipse has been getting more popular in the Sonic community over the years. Shame he can never come back because Sega wants to forget Archie existed.
Penders is something else.
tumblr_6be3c1fec072a6c43822181b420dc704_6cea46ca_2048.jpg, 1489xNA, 1 times posted

Eclipse was neat, I really like his thing with his evil wisps as for world building wise, those aliens interact and were aware of each other. thats cool.
I hope the movies give me some of that alien interactions since it's entirely built off it more than any sonic canon so far. I'd like to see if the owls (who themselves are possibly babylonian) knew about the black arms. all sorts of stuff you could do
Sonic '06 Bonus Video (Cut Content and More)
0e019041a96ee6a06ebae09ddde0cba2.png, 1176xNA, 1 times posted
Tails 3.png, 2499xNA, 1 times posted

I’d like to follow more of this tails, really, just any thing with tails of him doing stuff WITHOUT Sonic. That’d be cool
So an article from a producer said
The ‘SONIC’ films will become 'Avengers-level events'
“Big, exciting stories that have a lot of different characters”

What do we think about that and the sonic movie cinematic universe? Honestly if they were to do some Avengers type movie, I think Sonic Heroes would be good for that first real type of that.


From the thumbnail it looks like Tails has some big puppy eyes

Oh shit, he knows the rasengan! Tails better steal that move too lol
How do I get into Sonic? I remember finding the blue hedgehog around internet two decades ago but didn't really put a lot of thought on it, I recently watched the Jim Carrey movies and liked them a lot, I also watched the 90s OVA. What eshould I play/read/watch next?

Well, I would go play the classic trilogy + Mania and the adventure games. for reading theres a site called grabber zone to read the comics, from where you can from stc, archie, idw and more.
excedis_preview___wip_by_roseduelistbbshm_dh74xlw.png, 2399xNA, 1 times posted
Since TP is getting what he wants, where's my Sonally content?

>I feel like Eclipse has been getting more popular in the Sonic community over the years.
What gave you that impression ? More fan art of him being made recently ?

Yeah I've been seeing him pop up more than other characters that have shown up more often in Archie. Probably the most popular reboot only character.

>How do I get into Sonic?
step 1: have some degree of autism

The JoeAdok omnicanon continues to grow!
For all of his sexy art he also draws the cutest Sally
Knuckles looks absolutely adorable here
I get the feeling thiss will get close to 100 pages
>Imagine if the curse one was this long.
A truly horrifying thought!
One of my favorite characters. He's a great replacement for Mephiles since they couldn't use him, and provides an interesting twist on Shadow's backstory
He's just like me fr fr
I like the idea that future films can lay the groundwork for more tv series and specials

/sthg/ has a good guide on the definitive versions of the games to play here:
>Sonic Game/Mod Recommendation Spreadsheet:
>Perfect System Collection:
I recommend playing S1-S3&K, SA1&2, Mania, Heroes, Unleashed, Colors, Generations, and Frontiers at the very least. Shadow and 06 if you want to see the end of Shadow's character arc, Secret Rings if you want more Maekawa Sonic, Black Knight if you want to see the end of Sonic's character arc, and Lost World and Forces to see the conclusion of Tails' character arc that started in colors (and for OC dress up fun in Forces).

The first two Riders games are fun, although the second one is much more accessible to new players (the third requires the kinect). The three racing games are also fun, and Transformed's easily blows Mario Kart out of the water. It's pretty much Diddy Kong Racing done right.

For tv shows, Boom's an easy recommendation, especially the second season. SatAM and AoStH are great too, but complete opposites in tone. If you don't like one you'll probably love the other. Underground's surprisingly solid if you can put up with the songs interrupting the action. It had SatAM's showrunner working on it so it ended up being a lot more continuity-focused than you'd think. DVD order is a must for watching any of these shows.

For Sonic X I'd recommend watching in Japanese since Sonic swears in that one and the plots aren't butchered by 4kids. If you find it boring, you can just skip ahead to the game adaption episodes since they flesh out SA2's storyline under Sonic Team's supervision. Oh, and there's Tamers12345's continuation of Sonic Underground, which is this bizarre mix of Always Sunny, the Venture Bros, and Newgrounds animations. It's not for everyone, but it's unironically one of my favorite shows.

For comics, you can't go past Archie, but Fleetway is great too. The tone's very different and many non-Brits find Fleetway Sonic abrasive and rude (especially to Tails). There's also In the Claws of Robotnik, a one-off French comic that sort of predicted the plot of Sonic Adventure. I'm not really a fan of IDW, but the Bad Guys and Scrapnik Island arcs are really good

I still can't believe I didn't commission that comic!
1706807736053884.png, 701xNA, 1 times posted

Lambs Baaing
Do you think Mobians can make the sounds of the animal they are?

Last Panel
>Twan(in his "best" Texas accent): Good morning ta y'all. I'm Pokecow Antoine.
>Bunnie: That's cowpoke, Shuga-Twan.
GGKv9teWkAAyHLQ.jpg, 677xNA, 1 times posted
I've been enjoying the Usagi storytime threads. Great comics, furry animals, fun and positive vibe, and no trolls. Lucky bastards.

Are they good? I've heard about it but never really checked it out.
1712547065580668.jpg, 438xNA, 1 times posted

Yes it's great. A lot of suffering and Usagi is a great (and dense at times) protagonist. I find myself blazing through an entire thread of pages. Also lots of good memes.

Cool, I think I'll check out reading them soon
And this thread has hit bump limit. Still a while to go before we hit image limit as well and have to make a new thread.
Enjoy the meddling protagonist, karma being karma, and FEUDAL JAPAN.

I thought 750 was the limit. Or maybe im mistaking it for another

Nicole if she became a Psycho that will go above and beyond to kill you and went to the clothe store of the Yu gi oh villains

I think bump limit is 300. Image/video limit is 350. We never have to worry about the former since threads don't get archived or deleted but when we hit the image limit, I'll have to make a new thread.

Ahh okay
GKtgOwYW8AAN4JF.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
1675858120929042.png, 1503xNA, 1 times posted

>shadow getting his own year thing
As if he didn't already strangle hold the franchise before hand, and other characters still getting sidelined. Man, this series fucking sucks
GKnf4b7aAAAiVDS.jpg, 849xNA, 1 times posted
GKwKRgebYAA_rSV.png, 1095xNA, 1 times posted
GKve4HAXEAETPNd.png, 1071xNA, 1 times posted
bat_and_echidna_by_claudel_13_dh696rm.jpg, 1597xNA, 1 times posted
GKm9nONaIAAQi3j.jpg, 1078xNA, 1 times posted
32990f40f72a68859b75a72e43e94069.jpg, 4000xNA, 1 times posted
If you won all the money what would you do with it?
sooc_chapter_003___page_071_by_justtheauthor_dh7b3kk-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC Chapter 003 - Page 071
Hey, I can see the Great Pyramids of Sandopolis from here!

I really need to read that sometime, and catch up on all those TMNT shows and comics
Know I know how Tails fans felt when Knuckles completely upstaged him in the second film ;_;

That's a pretty cool look at Angel Island. And the Sky Sanctuary! That thing floating alongside it is pretty cool when you think about it, and also is probably alien made too.
tumblr_535c8de44ff3cbd723c40efc05343bae_8e733797_1280.jpg, 863xNA, 1 times posted
Hmmm old man yaoi

Yeah, I always love seeing artists' takes on Angel Island, especially when they don't show the same front as S3&K. The lenticular clouds coming up from Red Mountain are fantastic, and a cool way to obscure Sky Sanctuary.
Speaking of, I'm 100% convinced it was made by the same people that made the Gaia temples. While the other 7 are powered by the chaos emeralds to help Light Gaia fight Dark Gaia, the Sky Sanctuary is powered by the Master Emerald and serves as a literal sanctuary for people while the world is shattered
Genuinely one of my favorite ships. It explains so much about their awful decisions
RCO024_1712735535.jpg, 1040xNA, 1 times posted

>matt herms is the colorist for red hood: the hill
Huh. Good for him. Always interesting to see ex-Archie people working on non-Sonic stuff.
Templeadabatv2.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

With frontiers establishing the ancients made tech that specifically interacts with the emeralds. I literally would not be surprised if they said at some point that was their doing with them learning about the Gaia shit and decided to have some contingency.

you know, while I do kinda like doing this theorizing, i'm still kinda meh on the ancients themselves too. They weren't really that compelling to me in the game. And from what i've seen of the dlc for the most notable ones, they're just expys of the cast. kinda lame

issue 1 page 10.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
The doctors!

Starline and Maw?! Wow, im actually glad maw in particular is getting something as he didnt get much in reboot

Just wait until you see today's Sonic page. Another surprise character makes their first appearance.

Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 40.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 41.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 42.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 43.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Idol✪Amy! AU v3 pt. 1 page 44.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 2 Vagabond Comic Part 4 page 29.png, 1157xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 2 Vagabond Comic Part 4 page 30.png, 1157xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 2 Vagabond Comic Part 4 page 31.png, 1157xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 2 Vagabond Comic Part 4 page 32.png, 1157xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 2 Vagabond Comic Part 4 page 33.png, 1157xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 2 Vagabond Comic Part 4 page 34.png, 1157xNA, 1 times posted
Issue 2 Vagabond Comic Part 4 page 35.png, 1157xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_fe7106a9291553cd39e97d54695747cc_afde5934_2048.jpg, 2022xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_b7ca2e58a52d63bf4b0faac598a74442_c5b4b17b_1280.png, 1152xNA, 1 times posted
tails_the_fox___joker_by_eros_aristoteles_art_dam61c0-fullview.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

And in the same year of his anniversary too. We live in a society, thirstposter
issue 6 page 3.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 6 Page 3

With the disappearance of the Prower family, why are the Sommersbys still here? Why were the two families there to begin with? Good questions! Maybe they’ll be answered eventually. Anyway, the Freedom Fighters have a lead on where that last chaos emerald is. But who’s that in the last panel? Keep in mind, this is the Prime universe. This character might be different from what you remember.

Hopefully Sonic 3 gives him some more meaningful screentime
Cute reunion and hey, I see a cutie badger!
fmcjjyh46b371.png, 640xNA, 1 times posted
electric sally by drawloverlala.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

21113.jpg, 4096xNA, 1 times posted
GK2-7vRaMAAX4eA.jfif, 1095xNA, 1 times posted
>drawing the platypus for non-story reasons. Still dead, but looking fine
Either sarcasm or being pretty confident that the comic doesn't need an interesting non-Eggman villain.
GK0EyKIb0AAdH5R.jfif, 1145xNA, 1 times posted
The eclipse has passed but Eclipse is here to stay. Just don't tell Sega.
sooc_chapter_003___page_072_by_justtheauthor_dh7orp7-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC Chapter 003 - Page 072
Oh boy it's Knuckles bullying time!

Nice to see him branch out of Sonic comics
I could see them being the ones that constructed the Gaia temples, but would've preferred to see the Owls or Echidna doing that, or at least some culture that originated on Earth.

Yeah, I'm not much a fan of the Ancients either. They're yet another ancient civilization with imminence power that got wiped out or disappeared (Echidnas, Babylonians, Owls, Nocturnus Echidnas), and the chaos emeralds not originating from Earth just raises further questions. What did Light Gaia use to defeat Dark Gaia millions of years ago? What are the chaos emeralds really? What's the origin of the master emerald (we know it originated from Earth)? Why would emeralds from another planet be controlled by the master emerald?

The Ancients we do interact with were just expies of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. It was handled fine, but didn't really add much to the story

Best dressed couple! As much as I love the gay duck, I'm way more excited to see Maw get to do things outside of Eggman's influence
Claiming these twinks so they can't help out Eggman!
If only KnuxRouge wasn't already established in this comic ;_;
Also, lmao at Sonic's keyboard background
It's bad enough that Eggman's trying to kill Sonic, but suing him as well? Truu farr!
The scenery really is fantastic in this comic
Don't make me post the pregnant Sonic music video again!
As much as I loved seeing Knuckles on the big screen, I'd have liked to have him saved for the third film
>We live in a society
Imagine if Tails just straight up shot Robitnik!
I was honestly pretty surprised to see Sticks show up. Still, she's a pretty versatile character, and worked well in Okida's comic
lightning lynx 1.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted
FPXZAcOXMAUpSHg.png, 1277xNA, 1 times posted

>What are the chaos emeralds really? What's the origin of the master emerald (we know it originated from Earth)? Why would emeralds from another planet be controlled by the master emerald?

When you think about it, the game didn't really explain what they are. Just WHERE they came from, so people expecting more got fucked.

And of course, the Master Emerald, which adds a whole bunch more questions as you said. Literally why does it control rocks separated by lightyears? Does that mean there's possibly more sets? Like I really can't believe the thing was barely elobarated on in a game supposedly to explain those things. Just another shitty "until next time!" teaser shit, which they also did for some god that will maybe show up later or some shit.

Like one thing I honestly kinda thought they would expand on was the special stages and their connection to those. Like I wondered if the aliens knew about that weird constantly shifting places their rocks went to sometimes. But no, there was no acknowledgement whatsoever. So I guess those things really just are gameplay only thing. All of that stuff kinda makes me think they half assed it. Which honestly could explain alot of things about the game
A thread about Ian and Penders working together got instantly nuked.


>Best dressed couple! As much as I love the gay duck, I'm way more excited to see Maw get to do things outside of Eggman's influence
And it's pre-metal mouth Maw, too! Slowly introducing characters that later on become Egg Bosses.
Either it was made by a known (or speculated) ban evader or the tolerance for Sonic threads managed to get worse.
elise.jpg, 1958xNA, 1 times posted
>she totally kissed that hedgehog

I wonder if the movies do an 06 adaptation will they have her kiss sonic or not
twittervid.com_GyattFORCES_b9e6f4.mp4, 320xNA, 1 times posted
Can't wait to see this kid do official Sonic comic art after the franchise changes publishers a few times.

Doubt it. That would mean no Amy or she gets cucked. And then there's the whole "bestiality" thing that made everyone lose their mind when 06 came out.
Template.png, 595xNA, 1 times posted
i had this idea of making a small sonic fan comic jam.
would be fun to see people here draw something, even if it's their first time.
rules that i would offer would be:
>1 page minimum 5 pages in max (pic relate would be the template for the pages.)
>1/2 weeks deadline.
>it can be about any canon (or combined, but you have to keep it simple seeing you have 5 pages at most.)
>No NSFW (Mostly because it's boring, lewds can be used if it's done tastefully however.)
I'm not sure how it should be run however, would be better if it was run on it's own thread or it takes place on the General chat.

True, maybe she’ll like touch his chest or something to revive his heart. Something like that.
Not a bad idea, but we would need more people if you wanted some guaranteed entries, and yeah general chat is where the few we got mostly post anyway.
fsf.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_6141b84e2af24b3dba889457a686c823_90a42399_640.jpg, 586xNA, 1 times posted
sadasskit.png, 304xNA, 1 times posted

Blaze The House Cat

i actually just made it to post it here.
I was listening to "all the joy In life was gone once you left" by sewerslut on repeat while i was drawing because the music fits kit like a glove.

Oh nice!
The Silver Campaign
Big news
Sonic 3 teaser shown at cinemaon


> CinemaCon 2024 only got a very brief look at Sonic the Hedgehog 3 since it barely wrapped production. The brief teaser showed Jim Carry’s Dr. Robotnik in his lab, but he’s gained weight and has let the place go to the dumps with it being full of junk. He’s let his hair go crazy and now has a noticeable belly. Robotnik jokingly says that he’s been binging “carbohydrates.” His assistant, Agent Stone (Lee Majdoub), comes in and says, “We found him.” Stone presents Robotnik with one of Sonic’s blue electric quills, and, as he’s done before, Robotnik licks it and tweaks out. He yells, “Let’s do this!” to Stone’s face, which then cuts to a montage of Robotnik getting his hair cut by Stone and getting a fresh look with his game-accurate mustache, bald head, and depraved-looking eyes.

>The Sonic the Hedgehog 3 footage then cuts to Robotnik and an entire gang of henchmen, all armored with laser guns, waking up Shadow the Hedgehog in a cryotube. Shadow opens his eyes, which are bursting with red electric energy. We then cut to Sonic (Ben Schwartz), Tails (Colleen O’Shaughnessey), and Knuckles (Idris Elba) facing off against Shadow in the middle of a huge city street at night. Shadow is noticeably dead silent as it’s still not revealed who the voice actor is. Knuckles jokes that this new Hedgehog is much stronger than the last one he faced, to which Sonic hilariously replies with, “You Mean me?”

>The real money shot of the footage is Shadow the Hedgehog riding a motorcycle in the night sky over some skyscrapers and then using it to bounce himself towards Sonic, who is flying upwards at him at full speed. We see Sonic’s bright blue power clash with Shadow’s bright red energy in the night sky, looking like it’s straight out of an anime. The final shot of the exclusive footage showed Robotnik and Sonic away from a ring portal on an empty road. They both look grumpy and like they can’t stand each other’s company — implying that they’re going to have to work together to defeat Shadow.

What do we think?
s_t_c_issue_22_page_9_by_okida_dh7v4th-375w-2x.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted

Oh fuck, poor tails
1697605702564039.jpg, 640xNA, 1 times posted
ask_the_sonic_gang__strawberry_shortcakes_by_thefunnipixelman_dh7v1gv.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
pixelrush gets more degenerate with each sally post he makes

Any ask that indulges their fetish will have a better chance of getting picked.
amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_32_by_princessgalaxia9_dh7xklb-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Amy's Family Chapter 2 Page 32
Amy's Family? More like The Adventures of Fake Sonic.

>tfw this comic gives some interactions of your ship but then you remember what it's about
Happy birthday plus4chan!
Tamers thread has been made! Wanted to get it started early since the next episode should drop in a few days
Canon character x blatant self-insert are genuinely my favorite type of ship
I'd be fine with them not explaining it at all, but to just say they're from another planet and then refusing to elaborate is just terrible worldbuilding. That, and knowing they'll just drop that thread in the next game is extremely frustrating. Personally, I'd prefer if the chaos and master emeralds originated on Earth

>special stages
100% agree. These emeralds are canonically (somewhat) sentient and not only are they able to open warp rings to the special stages, but they seem to be doing it deliberately to test anyone who enters to see if they're worthy to hold them. We also see the challenges change from game to game so they're likely altering the challenges to suit the situation. Personally, I think they're trying to help Sonic become stronger and to hone the skills he will later need to save the world
He really is working hard to banish Sonic from the board. I wonder if he's going mad now he doesn't have our threads to shit up?
I actually prefer him without the metal mouth, way less creepy! Speaking of Egg Bosses, I hope Vin Diesel/Axel will be showing up to teach them the meaning of family!
They won't even include Rouge because she's too sexy, there's no way they'll bring up Sonic's human women fetish
Sounds fun!
Sounds like they're making some fairly large deviations from the game's plot, but they did a great job with the last two so I'm not worried
Best girl's back!
He got hit by one too many tiny rocks ;_;
happy birthday to the site
>Tamers thread has been made! Wanted to get it started early since the next episode should drop in a few days
Neat! Be sure to tell your fellow tamers fans
ateoe___page_1_by_killerboss2_dh571s1-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
ATEOE - Page 1

KB's Silver comic has started!
TF 1-20.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Tethered Futures 1-19
Well that lady looks suspiciously like Maria

Tamers usually releases new videos every two weeks so I'll let them know when they start their next thread on 4/co/. Our special friend's been shitting up those threads lately too so I'm sure they'd appreciate somewhere comfy to post
Another edgy Silver for the collection!

>Our special friend's been shitting up those threads lately too
Seriously?! That sucks

>Seriously?! That sucks
It's only a recent thing, but there's way more posters in those threads so he gets drowned out. Hilariously, he acts a lot like the previous schizo in the Tamers threads, who turned out to be a 16yo incel from Panama
cosmic_tales_arc_2_pg_2_by_riosd_dh80dol-375w-2x.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Cosmic Tales Arc 2 Pg 2
Manic ;_;

At least it isn’t too bad for you guys but his behavior is still fucking pathetic.
tumblr_373de0b74d7de81b83ea89b564827b56_4cf47c07_640.jpg, 577xNA, 1 times posted
sonaze___about_the_future_by_sonicguru_dh7xfj2-414w-2x.jpg, 828xNA, 1 times posted

>I actually prefer him without the metal mouth, way less creepy! Speaking of Egg Bosses, I hope Vin Diesel/Axel will be showing up to teach them the meaning of family!
He just so happens to be a favorite of mine. Not on the level of Joeadok's love for Mordred but I think he's neat.
tumblr_e4597d244f19ee04fa995fce0c3beb6a_0bd76c2b_1280.jpg, 1170xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic the Hedgehog: Fang the Hunter #4 Preview
image_1024x1024@2x (9).png, 1615xNA, 1 times posted
seriousasskit.png, 756xNA, 1 times posted

made a followup, now there is also lanonin!

training_day__payback_time_by_kendo64_dh83093 (1).png, 2000xNA, 1 times posted
issue 6 page 9 wip.jpg, 887xNA, 1 times posted
Speedy looking spiffy.
egyptian_hedgehog_by_angelamyrose_dh8163e.png, 1804xNA, 1 times posted
From the Sonic Reborn artist, a new Sonic OC that predates the original by thousands of years! He's so handsome I should've posted him in the horny thread!
I suspect it'll only get worse since there's no more Ride threads to shit up, but the worse he behaves, the more interest we'll get here
I really liked his interaction with Nephthys, their no-nonsense professionalism was a fun contrast to the more cartoony antics of the other Egg bosses. His reason for joining Eggman was an interesting take too, in that he thinks Eggman needs to rule the world in order to save people from themselves. At least that's what he told others, he's almost certainly got his own angle
Always nice to see more of Kit!
tumblr_293dabfdda5e0fc4ec7a4a8e053fc404_7f6ba102_2048.jpg, 1999xNA, 1 times posted

(previous issue was 3-04)
Love how they draw Rouge's wings, very stylish

No doubt Eggman is letting this info be stored in his mind for a later conquest
GK870g6bQAAQ5gE.png, 1081xNA, 1 times posted
sonic think.png, 560xNA, 1 times posted
I do need to start storytiming more often but it still feels kind of... barren around here. Like a battered housewife, would I dare try to storytime on 4chan again? Maybe use it as a chance to get people to come over here?

It might help getting more people here, but i'd recommend perhaps doing it on a smaller comics (so the threads have less risk to be shitted on in the middle of a storytime)
Don't take it as a prime idea though.

I kinda enjoy the comfy slowness desu but it wouldn’t hurt for more people I guess. But idk about being a battered housewife and going back to 4chan storytiming. I know tp said they’ll let the tamers guys know soon.

I was thinking of storytiming ongoing comics over there once a chapter's finished to drum up interest for here and to get around double-posting images. A weekly or fortnightly storytime could be good, but I honestly don't think 4chan deserves that much attention
I'll probably let them know once the episode's premiered and we get close to the bump limit. At least if they give me another ban for linking here it won't matter since Tamers threads are fortnightly!
i had a bad dweam 🥺
tumblr_74532f17126d3bde69a7cf80dd3cd8e5_2172498c_2048.png, 1325xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic Desolation 3-24
I love how the last panel perfectly frames the fleshbrows
tumblr_16861924d4a0e994fd4447bef1c41920_c0105b82_2048.png, 1640xNA, 1 times posted

And a bonus panel guest starring Shadow's lustful gay thoughts!

I don't know if it would be everyday. I do have a growing number of stuff to post but I wouldn't be able to hunt for new stuff like I used to. One idea I had is that if a thread archived then a new one wouldn't be made until a certain time the next day. Normally it'd be something short, around 30 posts. And it would be up to others to keep the thread alive if possible. I do have larger comics to cover. The Silver comic I never got around to posting should have about 100 posts since I have to cut a lot of the strips down into multiple.

it doesn't have to be everyday, maybe 2 or 3 times a week would be fine, at least in my opinion.
Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 be like
As predicted, the janny deleted a heap of posts in the Tamers thread, including the one I made linking to here. Still, some anons saw it and posted here so I'll keep it up

No surprise. A couple of Sonic threads looked like he was active in it. Here's hoping the Tamers Kingdom flourishes here or at least finds this board a good second home for discussion.

The worse they make 4chan, the better chance of us gaining more regulars. Ironically, the jannies have been doing a much better job of advertising here than I ever could!

I checked the archives and just wow. What a jerk
Janitor on /sp/ gets BTFO

And just like our storytimes, he deleted the second thread too. It's like he wants more people posting here!

> It's like he wants more people posting here!
Believe it or not, this is an actual screenshot from the episode.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

I'm just glad it worked!

Oh, and I highly recommend everyone here checking out the Tamers thread too. Today's episode had some great scenes with my waifu Aleena and my husbandos Sleet and Dingo
egg_dimension_comic_pg_46_by_lonelybrowncow_dh884fg.png, 1900xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Page 47
Sonic's off to save his boyfriend!

>first 4chan gets rid of IP count
>now /biz/ will require email verification to post
>all to "combat spam"
Lol, lmao even I've never visited /biz/ but it's apparently due to all the shitcoin scams

That's funny because a lot of ads on 4chan are various meme cryptocurrencies. I see them all the time when I'm on my phone.

Well, gotta get rid of the competition! Apparently there's been lewd ads on the blue boards for a while
>I see them all the time when I'm on my phone.
Horrifying! Get ublock origin for your browser if you're on Android or the AdGuard app if you're on iOS. They're both free and your phone's battery will thank me!
issue 1 page 7.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Page 7

Surge and Kit are a team and they work well together. So well that they can give Knuckles serious trouble. Thankfully, Knuckles is getting help of his own. Vector is an interesting character from the Archie comics. Don’t expect him to drop street slang but he’s still a man that loves his music. One of these days we’ll find out what brand those headphones are and why they made something that can be used as a weapon.

Based Vector
GLDN8CMWgAAy3Uy.png, 861xNA, 1 times posted
GLD--W9XMAAjHI-.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLGjGEvWYAE4ije.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLFsWu9aYAAYZ9g.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLFYw8VWgAAiVPR.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLEp8dAXkAAceQd.jpg, 620xNA, 1 times posted

Always nice to see Knuckles and Vector working together. Vector usually got paired off with Julie-Su for missions or fought with Knuckles alongside the rest of the Chaotix
>Don’t expect him to drop street slang
B-but he needs to talk "street" in a way that only an out of touch boomer can write!
Another napalm-tier burn

I question why Penders made him talk like in the first place.
commission_by_risziarts_dh8dpmy.png, 1224xNA, 1 times posted

I think he was trying to make the comic more relatable and hip, but it just came across as stilted and out of touch. I'm just glad he toned it down early on
I just love seeing them antagonize each other! Truly best worst secret couple of the reboot. Max and Locke are obviously best worst secret couple of the preboot

GLGE51-XcAEtWMj.jpg, 1025xNA, 1 times posted
Like night and day.

eyes for sally arent almond enough personally
Lip Sync Practice Animation - Sally Acorn

Nicole looks so good.
5Aprh96sH79YTBIO.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
1712676773090765.png, 1873xNA, 1 times posted
GGjzynKWcAERBWG.jfif, 3072xNA, 1 times posted
This goes hard.
GLIs9aWWYAATKso.jfif, 3072xNA, 1 times posted
This too fr fr

I didn't think it was possible for silvers hair to look even dumber. but the art is nice tho

>sonic-ray is doing a paw edit of larry lynx when he's getting in his secret ff costume
Why? He's naked the entire time when he's not in them.

Sonic-Ray REALLY wants to see his paws.
GJx0U4nakAAfJ-u.jpg, 1125xNA, 1 times posted
remington__paw_edit_03__by_sonic_ray_dh52j5g.jpg, 281xNA, 1 times posted

Let him cook!
The expressions in these are priceless
I'm surprised it's not a more popular ship
spaz_sally_acorn_from_the_mid_2000s_by_waniramirez_ddt9ndl-fullview.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
sonic_pm_chapter_1_page_3_by_kendo64_dh8hp8h (1).png, 1541xNA, 1 times posted
1667706291951959.jpg, 402xNA, 1 times posted
go_beyond__by_kendo64_dboc72o-pre.jpg, 1022xNA, 1 times posted

Nice to see they're getting back to their comic. I've added it to my RSS feed so I'll get notified when it updates
1713144004359989.jpg, 3505xNA, 1 times posted
In your opinions, who is the best girl for Knuckles?
Vinny Vinesauce is playing crappy Sonic fangames and it's funny that it's referencing Archie and Fleetway. There was a reference to his real name and a question about the drug that Charmy's friend took that killed him.

The fangames must be old
Oh Chip there's a game for the Lara-Su Chronicles!
So i found out the lara su parody was made by lange. Sonic utopia dude

damn, this shit is old
THoaM 9-08.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster 9-08
Is-is he going to be barefoot and gloveless the entire chapter? Not that I'm complaining!
where the hell is all the smut!?.jpg, 1196xNA, 1 times posted
I am so sick of Twitter's bullshit. Pic related should be wall to wall smut and yet I'm expected to click on each image individually. If anyone else is having this issue, I ended up using this greasemonkey userscript: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/437359-twitter-hide-content-warning-crap
I actually like shipping Knuckles with Julie-Su, Sonia, Rouge and Sticks (in Archie, SU, the games, and Boom respectively). Julie-Su easily wins in terms of best established relationship, but I prefer Knuckles and Rouge's relationship dynamics because it's more fun (mostly because Rouge is basically girl Sonic). Knuckles and Sonia are pretty cute, and they even share a kiss in the original show. Tamers makes their relationship even better and is easily the best hetero relationship in the series.
I'm still kinda mad we didn't get much interaction between Knuckles and Sticks. We really did need a third season of Boom ;_;
I've played that one. The awful controls only enhance the experience!

There are userstyles to fix that.

Yeah, I've got that set up now, but I shouldn't have to! I can't imagine most users would bother with that, and will probably just leave. On the topic of websites making themselves worse, it'll be interesting to see what the anons on 4chan do once email verification is rolled out to more boards. After all, the captcha was also "just a temporary measure to combat spam"
nectar__the_world_before_84_by_icys_dh8kvzu-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 84
Well, looks like the other other Shadow can help Silver!

Mitsuhiro Tada - South Island (Full Track Remaster)

Ova is honestly super overrated but it’s OST is fire
tumblr_5140ae12b6eb6cdcf0f3725adf6c42c5_9d65d003_2048.jpg, 1571xNA, 1 times posted

Do you kiss humans on the mouth?

It was fun to see them. Vinesauce Sunday streams are my favorite but I'm usually tired and want to sleep at that time because I'm up all day on Sundays.
Convenient body markings on Sonic. I'll give them props for creativity.
If only I got a nickel for every time a website I was using made a change for the worse, I wouldn't need Patreon anymore. My usual gripes are how navigation gets more convoluted and require more clicks to do the same thing as before. Websites need to realize that making changes should make things more convenient, not the other way around.
>shitting up the boards with spam and culture wars and off topic clickbait shit
>finding new ways to make the website worse
Any time now. One of the Shadows will help Silver.
If mobians can open mouth kiss humans, why can't I?

I didnt notice until you mentioned it. it honestly kinda looks a bit cool with the purple
tumblr_1af5c3d90a5e8e737fc9c28431d2f53c_8c17d095_1280.jpg, 770xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_dad800c3ca34576c6e076666cea30cf9_a618fd41_640.jpg, 601xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_908c29314d5a1ed374b96ea96b47fee3_5701ee96_2048.jpg, 1997xNA, 1 times posted

All I ask is for some reasoning for it. Otherwise it's just trendchasing with no narrative reason.
Ah, a fellow Spectre enjoyer. Curse Penders for also realizing how cool he is which is why he's included in the Lara-Su Chronicles. Bastard made Shadow the Echidna before Shadow was created and hilariously Shadow is the reason he quit writing Archie.
tumblr_inline_n80fifxenq1re1bwb.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted

understandable. at least in the comic its can be said as dark gaia markings
Spectre was cool, and I'm one of his few enjoyers too. I liked how he would call the brotherhoods shit on occasion. I wish that was leaned more into but alas penders wouldnt.
Oh yeah here's lara su spectre

Penders seemed to realize it later on when he had Spectre standing out apart from the others. That final attack the Brotherhood did before getting banished had him fucking up Dark Legionnaires.

Yeah, I remember. That was cool. Out of the brotherhood, Spectre would be the scariest as he's fine with being lethal.
wip.jpg, 996xNA, 1 times posted
Ray is having fun. Knuckles doesn't see how this is fun.
tumblr_b379fc4f04747551518aa19ac3d3910c_0aadf0c2_1280.jpg, 896xNA, 1 times posted
Criminal underworld in Sonic is massive untapped potential.
Cute ray.
So Shadow is Keanu?
GLO1Y4tXsAAZsbh.jpg, 1170xNA, 1 times posted
HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!
cover3 (1).jpg, 1420xNA, 1 times posted
how we feeling about Shadow being voiced by john wick? I think it's nice and you now remember that Movie Sonic is a keanu fan. I wonder if he'll make a comparsion
h0HoYGItzFM-NpTF.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Better than the janny!
GLO3yhvaoAAve0Y.jfif, 2587xNA, 1 times posted
Nicole vs. Sage Part 42
This comic is really going places.

Psycho lynx
GLOiyi_bIAAxA-Q.png, 859xNA, 1 times posted
GLNpmNpXgAAKGtK.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLNVaHeb0AA6rzN.jpg, 814xNA, 1 times posted
prower_family_photo_by_angelamyrose_dh8o6cl.png, 3900xNA, 1 times posted

>Marty, Miles and Mina Prower -3-

>I love the little name scheme, it's cute. Marty is based of sat-am Tails and named Amadeus the second with Amadeus the first being Tails' dad from the archie comics, and in my universe, he's Tails' grandfather. Mina is Tail's mom cause she married Archie Tails and honestly the genetics work out nicely with Tail's getting his bright orange-yellow color from his mom.

This certainly is a take on Tails' family
Crashing this website, with no survivors.png, 2416xNA, 1 times posted

I was wondering if anyone would notice. I think it's cute
>Websites need to realize that making changes should make things more convenient, not the other way around.
It's so frustrating that billion dollar companies can't get that right
Speaking of, here's the drop off for /biz/. It's pretty brutal
I hate to admit it, but it's genuinely my favorite Archie ship
The artist is a trans man
Yeah, he's one of my favorites too. I'm still pissed we never got a plot that covered his partial Legionization
It'll be interesting to see Charmy and Ray interact since they're both so energetic
B-but I wanted Jason Griffith ;_; Still, it should be fun having Keanu voice him
Very cutely animated
Another for the DILF collection!
sooc_chapter_003___page_073_by_justtheauthor_dh8pop9-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC Chapter 003 - Page 073
Look how flustered he is!
amy4.jpg, 2429xNA, 1 times posted
Drew this Amy earlier as part of me trying to draw consistently again.

>marvel recently revitalizing the Ultimate line
>dc now making their own similar thing with Absolute

Thinking about it, I kinda would like to see Sonic do something like that with an Alt universe comic line. Not shackled to a previous inconsistent canon, and with new creators working on it. What do you guys think

>When your dad is an alternate version of you and your mom is also your wife in an alternate future
It's not exactly that but is certainly an inspired choice. What would be the weirdest take on his family so far?

Doesn't sound bad on paper, but what kind of new talent would be fit to spearhead such project? And how alternate compared to the main canon, just something ala Ultimate from Marvel. The movies kinda fit this role already.
dude.jpg, 1500xNA, 1 times posted
The internet approves of this casting. Damn. I was hoping for Chris Pratt.
GLP_U5yaMAA4NpO.png, 413xNA, 1 times posted
“Who are you playing with sweetie?”
Chaos Sonic meets Metal Sonic | Animation
I need help guys, I wanna know who you all think are the best artists to commission. Looking for great looking stuff, willing to pay top dollar here. Just SFW stuff for now

Like sonic artists? Drawloverlala is my say, she’s top tier.

Yes. True, Lala is very good
4992944_ArdanNorgate_mkb_ch2.jpg, 3508xNA, 1 times posted

Mother Knows Best - Chapter 2

“Hah? I haven't even raised my voice. Why do you think I'm angry?”

Tails still hadn't worked up the nerve to look his mother in the face. A guilty glance at the filling ashtray would have to do. “You've started again… You must be upset. And it’s my fault this time...”

The adult fox sat for a minute, reflecting, before she answered. “Well. You're right. I am upset. I'm glad you understand that. It means you’ll take this seriously then.” She took a long, steadying drag and leaned back in her chair, her face unreadable behind the wisps of curling smoke. “I'd like to know why I caught you doing…that to a photo of me. So, start talking, kiddo.”

“It… It's like I said… I didn't know it was you… I'd never seen what you looked like when you were Aunt Sally's age…”

“That's what you told me, yes,” Rosemary affirmed. “But I want to make sure that's really the case. Be honest with me, Tails. Have you been having sexual thoughts about me?”

“N-NO! I-I haven't, I-I wouldn't-!!” Tails stammered. “My feelings, they aren't like that…ulp!”

The vixen blinked. “...What do you mean, ‘like that’? What feelings?”

The boy froze. “I… I…”

“Tails.” The firmness in his mother's voice didn't buckle, but it did soften. He had to trust her, to see her as a foundation of support instead of uncompromising bedrock to fall flat on. “Tell me. I can't help until I know what's going on with you.”

“Uhn...” Heat welled up in the corners of his eyes again. “It…it started not too long after…after you got back…” he began. “When we started living together… Being a family... I'd had friends, and the closest things to an aunt and a big sister. But…never a mom. Having someone as fun and cool and kind as you for a mother, it was everything I'd ever wished for! But…”

Rosemary hung on his words, but kept stolid. “...But?”

“I started…noticing things. Stuff that was just…normal, before. Like…how nice your voice sounds. And how cool you look when you're working in the shop. Or how p-pretty you are, especially when we're gardening together. O-or…or…h-how good you smell when we take a nap-”


“R-right, sorry… A-anyway… All those funny feelings just kept getting stronger and stronger… I don't remember when I realized what I was doing, but I knew… I knew it was weird. That I shouldn't be thinking like that. But I couldn't stop thinking about it…or about you…about how wrong it had to be…and that's when things just got worse…”

“Got worse…?” Rosemary's brow ticked up with concern. “How?”

“I was so preoccupied with it all that I couldn't stay focused. Not during training or missions… I couldn't pay attention during briefings, I'd goof up and slow everyone down on patrols… I can't keep up with Sonic, heck, I couldn't even dodge a Crabmeat today!” Tails's tails drooped glumly behind his seat.

Rosemary rested her chin in her hand. “And yet, you didn't seem slow by any means when you ran off to your room with my photo,” she said sardonically.

Tails bristled, pink from tip to tail. “Mom!! Please!!!

“Sorry, but I had to. You kind of earned that one.”

“A-ANYWAY!” Tails shouted, more to drown out his shame than her jibe. “I had to do something to try and take my mind off of how mixed-up I felt. So I… I thought, if I could make myself feel the same way I had been, but about someone else…”

“And you thought the closest match was the Princess?”

Tails let himself smile a little, in spite of the situation. “Aunt Sally's smart…and kind…and she always knows just what to do. She's always cared a lot about me, watched out for me, so she seemed the most ‘right’…” Tails squirmed in his seat.  “And, um, sh-she's r-really…h-hot…”

Rosemary pursed her lips, carefully considering what he'd admitted so far. “So, you did have sexual urges, but by then, you were shifting your focus to another older female, is that right?”

“U-um…y-yeah, th-that's right…” Tails felt so embarrassed he could have leapt into a roboticizer. “I-if I did what you, um, found me doing, but to Aunt Sally, I thought that would help even more, since I'd never thought of you that kind of way before…”

“Until you found out you were jerking off to my younger self.”

“......y-yeah.” Tails's head hung so low that it nearly touched the table. “That…was a really dumb plan…”

The statement hung in the humid summer air like a stormcloud over them both. Rosemary's composure stayed cool outwardly, but inwardly her mind was a roil of questions.

[“Wh-what the hell?! It started that soon?! We were just acting like a normal mother and son would…right?? Was it because we were separated so early, for so long? Why, WHY did I pick that photo?! It's not the first time someone's made that mistake…am I really *that* much like her?? This was such a dumb plan, what was I thinking?! What do I do now?! THINK! He's counting on you to make things right! If I could just show him how things should be between us…wait, that's it!!!”]

“I think I understand what's going on now. And I know how to help.”

Tails's head snapped back up, hope shining in his eyes. “Y-you do? You can?”

Rosemary buried a spent butt in the tray. To his relief, she didn't replace it before she spoke again. “I think your wires are crossed a bit. You're at that age where puberty is hitting, you're having all these new experiences, and it's no surprise you'd start showing interest in girls,” she stated plainly. “Normally I think your first crush would've been the Princess, but she practically raised you while I was…away. Instead, you latched onto the next closest lady in your life, the one who you've been seeing every day but missed out on that ‘family’ connection with. Me. Does that make sense?” [“Pleaaaaase let it make sense!”] Rosemary thought to herself.

“Um…I… Y-yeah. Yeah.” Tails nodded, working through the links of his mother's reasoning. “But…what do we do, then? I don't wanna keep feeling this bad…”

“That's the simple part,” Rosemary answered. “We just need to establish that relationship properly. And to do that, I think the best way would be through some quality bonding time. Maybe we could go shopping together, or see a movie. Perhaps even visit the beach, or a theme park, wouldn't that be great? Instead of letting you dwell on your stress, we can have fun like a mother and son should, and reconnect with each other. The right way, this time.”

While Tails sat silently pondering, Rosemary smiled inwardly. [“Yes…this is what he…we needed. It's all so clear now…what I'd been missing before. No wonder he'd been distant. He was trying to fix things by himself. Well, never fear, dear; mom's here! We'll get you on the right track, by getting you off of mine!”]

Rosemary reached over to gently take her son's hand. Her warmth was calming, just as reassuring as her voice.

"So...will you go out with me?"

Same reaction to the other thread, just wow. Awkward as fuck.
1702066838826359.jpg, 4000xNA, 1 times posted
GLUN8aHXEAENtW2.jpeg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Now Megaman.EXE gets his Sonic Armor. Or in this case, SonicSoul.
Fv3pENmWABsJFIh.jpg, 1138xNA, 1 times posted
acorn_sized_by_scarletschnoz_dh8q0z2.png, 9764xNA, 1 times posted
issue 1 page 11.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
the_lost_one_and_the_bat__pg_18__by_tsubasakei_dfb9c3h-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
The Lost One and the Bat Page 18-19
Hey look, it's my artist for the Knuckles series! She just put out a page but I'm going to post the page before it because that seems to have not been posted before. Here's the links to the previous pages.
the_lost_one_and_the_bat__pg_19__by_tsubasakei_dh8w97a-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

And there we go!

Nice. Thinking about it the rogues dont really interact much with rouge even though they're both thieves
le_children_by_risziarts_dgmwnua.png, 3291xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_20fe9148bd572ae6b939d3c0b68c9d36_921b670c_640.jpg, 630xNA, 1 times posted
1713371972911542.webm, 246xNA, 1 times posted

Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass
issue 6 page 7.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Tails is working!
1683265841140455.png, 920xNA, 1 times posted
Fuck, Marry, Kill
GLY9IO5WIAANWGw.jpg, 600xNA, 1 times posted
Duo/Mimic is the phantom rider most likely.

Actually it could be Sonic
GLY8E9qa8AIJUH5.jpg, 791xNA, 1 times posted

War crime in progress, please wait your turn.

Marry Blaze solely because of the crown.
Fuck Bunnie because of course I'm going to fuck Bunnie.
Kill Nicole because she's a hologram.
[Sonic SFM Animation]@TomSka I Don't Know
Knuckles | Meet the Cast | Paramount+
1713395861176026.gif, 212xNA, 1 times posted
issue 6 page 4.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 6 Page 4

She’s loose! The sneaky and tactical princess has unleashed herself on a ship of unsuspecting birds! And what is going on with Metal Sonic? He hasn’t been functioning all that well lately. He can kick Sonic’s butt but there’s not much more to him than that.

>makes a big juicebox with his face on it
That's amazing.
>angry chipmunk on the loose on the birb ship
Oh snap. Although kukku may prove a big problem

Yeah, it's a genuine mental attack in fanfic form
Love the expressions, and it's always nice to see Shadow wearing a torn brown brooding cloak
Nah, it's probably Duo
I'm thinking it's a girl since they're wearing pants and bust-covering armor
Sonic x Danica Patrick is endgame
Love the motor oil-esque juicebox! You know, 80% of Robotnik's plans would've succeeded if he just built his bases without air vents. It's not like the robots need fresh air!
>Oh snap. Although kukku may prove a big problem
Tails is gonna use his secret kitsune magic to imbue Sally with the power of bird genocide. It's the perfect crime!
sooc_chapter_003___page_074_by_justtheauthor_dh90z4i-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

SOoC Chapter 003 - Page 074
Knuckles working hard juggling his girlfriend and boyfriend's needs
Forgot to respond to this one, but I really like your take on the Sonic Battle artstyle
tumblr_a899c52bc10b72dcf28032b479ad5297_1936a92c_1280.jpg, 941xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_5f02ed1b1545de4533984ba02891856c_02077d77_1280.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_7663acb9e9a8a2b31a9edbd90e8a55cc_ce431c57_2048.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_f357eb6fdc1cb892b0259b8d15e297cd_ee4a41ba_2048.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_a4bde582e0ce2a8410cd835a5a807b77_943bba79_2048.jpg, 1665xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_ad47786304e5315806d969e7068558ba_c363b0dc_2048.jpg, 1640xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_6057dcbf44118f2c92e5a6ab6083dd1b_ebd6b4f0_2048.jpg, 1641xNA, 1 times posted

Thanks, but funny thing I wasn't thinking about battle when doing it and made it look like it on accident lol
I just had to find out the sources of these:
>The Four Baby Gurls of the Apocalypse~💖✨
It looks nice either way! I guess I'm still obsessed with that style since we only got it (and the Riders artstyle) for one game. Now that I think of it, I'm reminded of those low-poly models
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog #2 page 12.png, 1450xNA, 1 times posted
IMG_20240417_203254.jpg, 2160xNA, 1 times posted
Been thinking of doing some sonic art to share here, does anyone have a request?

Nice. For a request, I guess can you draw sally with a gun please
IMG_20240418_194704.jpg, 1495xNA, 1 times posted


GLZuTjDWEAASPZc.jpg, 905xNA, 1 times posted
e861f0a772491db24cb3344555fe1ac6.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted
owlfun_by_joeadok_dh987l1-fullview.jpg, 1427xNA, 1 times posted
YVR05MVc__1tPUNW.mp4, 720xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles S01 E01 Exclusive Sneak Peek | 'Steely Focus'
turtle_power_page_156_by_okida_dh976jp(CUnet)(noise_scale)(Level0)(x2.000000).jpg, 1378xNA, 1 times posted
Turtle Power Page 156

>fleetway chaos killing another again
He can’t keep getting away with this!
ateoe___page_2_by_killerboss2_dh571rc.png, 1392xNA, 1 times posted

ATEOE - Page 2
It's Mephiles, and he's holding his own pokéball!
amy_s_family___ch_2___pg_33_by_princessgalaxia9_dh9andq-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Amy's Family Chapter 2 Page 33
He's so cute bros, I don't even care that he's a robot!
yagyu_baton_family_photo_by_angelamyrose_dh98xdq.png, 4500xNA, 1 times posted

Yet another DILF for my collection! Now that I think of it, Breezie works really well as Rouge's mom.
>Here we have Rouge with her parents. Her mother is Breezie who's design I based off a combo of her original asoth design and her Archie design (Though I was tempted to just use the archie design wholesale cause it's honestly great) She runs a chain of casinos one of which she gifted to her daughter as a 15th birthday present. Rouge's father is Nails Yagyu, based on a combo of the Yagyu clan from Archie and Rouge's prototype design. He's basically a yakuza boss.

And another!
>Rouge and her mafia type parents. Little baby Rouge being spoiled with toys and clothes and a princess bedroom but only really getting her parents attention when she does something impressive or that benefits them.
can_i_have_a_pony__by_angelamyrose_dh9961s.png, 3500xNA, 1 times posted

Whoops ;_;

I like the combining of canons.
>speaks differently depending on the parent
GLeUOuwWwAAChgz.jpg, 628xNA, 1 times posted
TF 1-21.jpg, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Tethered Futures 1-20
>keyboard goes past F12
Wow, it must be the future! Fun fact: some ancient keyboards had 24 function keys. Technically modern ones do too, you just have to hold shift to access them (e.g., F13 is F1 plus Shift

If you're still taking requests it'd be cool to see WWMH Tails interact with Nine. For those that haven't read WWMH: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-05-10-wwmh/
Sally's the one character where putting more clothes on her makes her lewder
I hope we get more owls in the Knuckles show
I keep forgetting how violent this comic can get
Yeah, reinterpreting characters into new roles is really fun. I'm hoping all these Sonic drawings means we'll be getting more of Reborn soon
GLfv-zZbUAADai6.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLfnA3SWUAEnt6r.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLVj6CKWAAA6mI7.jpg, 948xNA, 1 times posted

there might be a problem, in the website some pages seems to only exist in thumbnail form and not in actual proper images, (the desu archive ones work however.)

Yeah, I ran out of space on my current host and had to temporarily remove some of the images, I need to get a new host but it's difficult finding one that permits naughty words and art of naked anthros
IMG_20240419_190316.jpg, 2099xNA, 1 times posted

Miles is teaching Nine how to burn the whole city in a quick swoop

I love how poofy his tails is

Miles Tails in WWMH were the definition of poofy, i might have exaggerated it myself but it fitted how grown up miles in compared to tails.

Absolutely perfect! I'm sure once they've finished scheming they'll be off to the NIИ concert!

I'd imagine them going in a Lan party playing quake Dm with NIИ Tails instead, it has trent reznor soundtrack after all.
egg_dimension_comic_pg_48_by_lonelybrowncow_dh9dlt9-fullview.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Egg Dimension Comic Page 48
Every new page causes me psychic damage, and yet I am compelled to post it
That's a good point, I'd forgot Quake ad that! No doubt Miles and Kit would be invited, if only to bully them
cosmic_tales_arc_2_pg_3_by_riosd_dh9dqwh-375w-2x.png, 800xNA, 1 times posted

Cosmic Tales Arc 2 Pg 3
Enter Zonic!

Another comic where someone gets penetrated. Ouch
Zone cops actually doing their jobs? preposterous!

>lancefreelanceartist finished his sonic vs shadow epic
>is now doing waluigi and rosalina romance comic
>hasn't drawn anything sonic related since december last year
Bros... we lost another one...
And I'll need to storytime the Sonic vs Shadow comic since it's been done.

>waluigi and rosalina romance comic

what the fuck
awkward__waluigi_x_rosalina__pg_25__by_lancefreelanceartist_dh99txs.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted


So strange
Whisper Smuggles A Gun Into Sonic Riders
uHSgPfwEDwmTa0G_.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
New Knuckles show clip! I really love how Sonic is such a bro to Knuckles. I really like the brother angle and hope they do way more since they are actually adopted brothers this time around
tumblr_f0a51ed640148716122acf796984ee79_1fbb18ce_2048.jpg, 1999xNA, 1 times posted

Aww, looks like they don't have the heart to be villains anymore. I have to keep reminding myself this is set in the Archie continuity, where Rouge actually is a villain
night_patrol__shadic_x_amy_rouge_comic__by_lancefreelanceartist_dh2ze64.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted

>Another comic where someone gets penetrated.
He published this on the 18th of March so there's still hope
>Didn't post the shirtless Waluigi
Coward! Seriously though, it's such an odd ship to focus on
Nice! I really like the brothers angle too, even if it does rob me of my favorite ship
025deb7f3f7a7bf3547884b28cc8113b.png, 672xNA, 1 times posted

>Aww, looks like they don't have the heart to be villains anymore. I have to keep reminding myself this is set in the Archie continuity, where Rouge actually is a villain

Their canon seems to be a mix of canons like archie.
but for rouge, I mean she still worked for the government on the "good" guys side for GUN and the president. But even then Rouge is not entirely above doing something behind their backs for her own gain.
But in this page, I think Eggman would obviously be the most likely to take advantage of those worlds in case they can't save Earth. Hell, a supernova blast would guarantee Sonic dead and if Eggman thought that would do him in. He'd gladly let them perish as long as he had confirmation there were more people to enslave later.
rayanim.gif, 655xNA, 1 times posted
Check this out, ray got an srb2 mod.
Ray the Flying Squirrel - SRB2 Mod Reveal Trailer
GLjc0bvWQAAIMVb.jpg, 1199xNA, 1 times posted
GLTjFOuWwAAAPOC.jpg, 836xNA, 1 times posted
GKwNZgnWYAAeRpe.png, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLaW2jFXQAAHVx5.png, 816xNA, 1 times posted
issue 6 page 9.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
Speedy's new look!
Maybe there is hope for man.
He's groovin'!
tumblr_inline_o4xfcbStmr1tvnwm8_500.png, 500xNA, 1 times posted

It look goods on him!

Yeah, even in Archie Rouge eventually ended up helping to save the world, despite being initially amoral. I'm reading this Eggman as more like his X version, where he's all for conquest and defeating Sonic, but lacks the sadism of Archie Eggman.
A bit off topic, but I'm not convinced Rouge has done anything bad in the games, aside from stealing (non-magical) jewels. In SA2, she's apparently trying to steal the Master Emerald from Knuckles, but you could argue that she's acting on the President's orders to get the attention of the one person capable of neutralizing chaos abilities. The President would've had intel on Gerald researching Chaos energy on the ARK, but probably not much more than that.
I don't think she expected Eggman to get there so soon, or for Knuckles to break the ME. We see her compete with Knuckles to collect all the pieces, but that could just be her knowing the ME needs to be assembled ASAP so Knuckles can use it to neutralize the chaos energy of whatever world ending threat Eggman was going to unleash from the ARK.
Wow, that looks fantastic!
I hope they make Keanu act out his scenes in a Shadow costume
Absolutely love the flightsuit, it's so stylish!
>Maybe there is hope for man.
Exactly! If not, who will whisper LanceTheFreelanceArtist to us in every panel?

I thought it was pretty apparent that getting the master emerald on her end was purely selfish on the side thing while doing her job, and only giving them back for him saving her life.

I agree that was probably the reason, but I like to see what other interpretations would fit. We don't really know much about her work with the President, only that he hired her to find out what was going on with GUN and later to help save the world. I just think it's odd that she'd make her way to Angel Island while she's supposed to be investigating GUN.

That said, Rouge definitely has a character arc where she becomes a better person. At the start, while Rouge will work for and with others, she refuses to rely on them. It's only when Shadow comes to her rescue in the vault of Prison Island (ostensibly to save the chaos emeralds), she sees the benefit of trusting and helping others, going on to reciprocate by digging up info on the Biolizard for Shadow. By the time Knuckles saves her from falling as they fight over the ME, she realizes the world might not be as cutthroat as she thought. It's also where she falls in love with Knuckles and it's very cute since they both realize they like each other more than the ME
tumblr_340bcd7046f0ffbba25c837bdae34366_a7576a6b_2048.jpg, 1325xNA, 1 times posted
Sonic Desolation 3-25
Sonic Desolation: Now featuring the puff of air where Shadow used to be!
420_blaze_the_cat_by_matthew97979_d7xm2iq-fullview.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted
I just realized it's 4/20...

Sonic Lost Dope - Weed Ruins

I would say their thing is just really Rouge teasing Knuckles and sometimes antagonistic in terms of relationship than any real love love

Like personally, I'm not a fan of them being a romance pairing. At MOST, I can see maybe a one night stand, but like marriage and kids? No way. At least not Knuckles doing that with Rouge. I think for Knuckles, the best person for him that he could 100% trust and willing to stay by his side.
GKAO9aGbQAAmd57.png, 614xNA, 1 times posted

He's got the drip

What were they thinking with the diaper
issue 1 page bonus.jpg, 1000xNA, 1 times posted
A bonus page for the first Knuckles issue! Not sure when I'll post it for everyone else to see it but there's a fun surprise in it.
>naked speedy
Hmmm... I think that's a good look for him as well.
>Exactly! If not, who will whisper LanceTheFreelanceArtist to us in every panel?
Sadly it looks like he dropped that and put a signature on each page now. ;_;
>What were they thinking with the diaper
Even if it was what it looked like to Yardley and Ian, it's still one of those things that would obviously get the wrong kind of attention. Just put Oil Man's scarf around Speedy's waist.
freeze_frame__sfm__by_rogue_badnik_dh9kwkq-pre.jpg, 1074xNA, 1 times posted
>record scratch

cute kit
milliseconds_before_disaster_4__okizeme_edition_by_joeadok_df8cbmf-414w-2x.jpg, 828xNA, 1 times posted

GLoXeBbbQAAYbGC.jfif, 1080xNA, 1 times posted
4bb.png, 317xNA, 1 times posted

GLoZB7FawAAXFKz.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLnMvYZW0AAijoK.jpg, 947xNA, 1 times posted
GLoIVdKW0AAZFkE.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLoIVc6XYAEYFEx.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLoHMKGaQAElhhk.jpg, 867xNA, 1 times posted
GLnu2MfbgAAjzBO.jpg, 1200xNA, 1 times posted
GLkqGERW8AAcd3d.jpg, 981xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_0dae34e762f02261d04983d547106dbe_36abeeb3_2048.jpg, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
tumblr_c4cb72bae0a2cad6cd5395a8fc408748_cba08788_2048.jpg, 1955xNA, 1 times posted
Fixed the navigation issue on my site for the Knuckles comics by cloning the Sonic subsite and replacing it with the Knuckles stuff and deleting the original one. Convoluted as fuck but overall didn't take that much time. Better than using a new comic theme or learning to do anything new to fix it.
1000.gif, 576xNA, 1 times posted
1000 posts
We did it!
Nice! I'm glad you fixed that issue
issue 1 page 8.jpg, 900xNA, 1 times posted
Knuckles and the Chaotix Issue 1 Page 8

Problem solved! Or rather a part of a much larger problem that still needs to be investigated. The grubby gremlins have been dealt with and Knuckles is on his way to the next conflict.
What-if Marine was in Sonic Riders for a few days.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
What-if Marine was in Sonic Riders for a few days page 2.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
What-if Marine was in Sonic Riders for a few days page 3.jpg, 732xNA, 1 times posted

I’m kinda digging the pace your knuckles first comic issue is going with no real bs so far unlike penders comic. Establishing the basics of the island and friendships knuckles has with the guys but not too deep for those things for later issues and stories. Also like how active this version of the island seems to be with those mentions of places for people to go. It’s intriguing to see what’s up with the hints of prestablished history of knuckles world for me.

And Especially with the friends thing, problem I had with ken was saying Chaotix were like his friends but just sidelining them for the grandpas. Hell, he did it to Julie who was his love interest and supposedly important, and later rushing their relationship with soul touch shit, instead of more naturally developing that bit of chemistry they did have. Ken really did like dropping things for his next new thing.

But I’m confident you’ll do your best to make a way better Knuckles comic that Ken ever did with hindsight and such. Which it already appears to be imo

Thanks! There's a lot of juggling of characters and rearranging things. Removing convoluted lore and streamlining it. The first issue is establishing things and setting some future plans in motion. The second issue will really be interesting.

No problem, it’s nice to engage in these convos

I guess it could be read that way, but I prefer the idea that her interactions with Shadow and Knuckles warm up her heart to platonic and romantic affection. As for KnuxRouge, I like it because it's basically hetero SonKnux, and the closest thing we get to an actual relationship in the games. We all know Rouge will end up with Agent Topaz though
Look at those dorks!
>Sadly it looks like he dropped that and put a signature on each page now. ;_;
I'll have to edit it back in then!
Wasn't expecting them to acknowledge it
First rule of web development: If it works it works, so don't question it!
I like that Knuckles treats his guardianship as a peacemaker role instead of a magic rock guarding role
Well said! Penders' writing was always weirdly paced, rushing through the formation of the Chaotix and Knuckles and Julie-su's relationship, but wasting dozens of pages on secret grandpa club and plots that went nowhere

>I like that Knuckles treats his guardianship as a peacemaker role instead of a magic rock guarding role
Knuckles is too cool of a character to be stuck watching one thing for 99% of his life.

Yeah, it's easily the worst part of his characterization and I'm glad they've started to minimize it in Frontiers. Even Penders realized having Knuckles stand around the ME was boring and only had him visit it when it was relevant to the plot
chapter_1_page_42_by_blackatstoryteller_dh9qd2w.jpg, 1988xNA, 1 times posted

New Generation 1-42
After an 8 month hiatus, my husbando Wrenchester's finally back!

So who runs the Pizza Shop up there?
A Fox's Decision page 9.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted
A Fox's Decision page 10.jpg, 700xNA, 1 times posted
nectar__the_world_before_85_by_icys_dh9rhet-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 85
Damn it Silver, not only are you getting blood on the carpet, but you're about to cause yet another apocalypse!
anomaly collapse 1.gif, 386xNA, 1 times posted
Not very Sonic related, but this game that released recently has some interesting designs.
nectar__the_world_before_86_by_icys_dh9rk6l-fullview.png, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Nectar: The World Before 86
And that's the end of the first arc!
Just looked it up and it's got some really cute character designs

Not to mention making Angel Island a place with all sorts of communities, explaining what happened to his people, and (for better or worse) where his powers came from. But as we all know, Penders was undermined by his ego and put too much stock in those OCs of his. Has me thinking about OCs in Sonic fancomics and even what an OC of mine would be like.

It's a mystery.
GLsjIQNXkAA9tU_.jfif, 1370xNA, 1 times posted
Because someone will appreciate this.
chocolate.jpg, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Smooth like ex lax chocolate. Also only $4.99.
GLsaSsQbwAAZYm8.jfif, 2048xNA, 1 times posted
Human werewolf Sonic. So many twists, Shayamalan would be proud.
conquering storm 10.jpg, 1536xNA, 1 times posted

>Next: no pages until Summer :(
AI slop 39.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted
AI art can be pretty fun to play around with.
AI slop 55.jpg, 1024xNA, 1 times posted

I wonder how a dedicated thread for that would be like. Preferably not as quickly filled as the usual AI threads on 4chan's /co/. At least those file sizes are small.

>I wonder how a dedicated thread for that would be like.
It would result in me adding multiple AI-Generated Image Detection models into the backend so I can autoban anyone who keeps posting them.
nicole looking cute and evil.jpg, 927xNA, 1 times posted

Sorry AIbros!
Vinny is doing Sonic PSAs. One of them had that Sonic fangirl stealing his shoes and he appears barefoot. His feet were tan. Everyone freaked out.

Yeah, despite being an egomaniac hack Penders did a good job of making Angel Island feel lived in yet mysterious.
>Has me thinking about OCs in Sonic fancomics and even what an OC of mine would be like.
Funny you should mention that. I've been trying to redesign my OC as well as Remington so I can put them in their own setting
Those grippers!
Depressed asshole Sonic, but he's human, but he's also a werewolf? Yes_HaHaHa_yes.png!
It's like they're deliberately toying with me! At least it's not cancelled.
Fair enough. AI art has gotten so prevalent I can't even look up reference photos of things without half of them being AI
Don't quit your day job Nicole!

>Funny you should mention that. I've been trying to redesign my OC as well as Remington so I can put them in their own setting
Can't wait to see that!
E2g8FFOUYAAhz4a.jpg, 2593xNA, 1 times posted
Rewatched Spider-Man. It was KINO!!!!! Anyway gives me a reason to post this art Evan made. Pretty nice.
dj4k9t-0813d46b-cbf4-4eed-a85d-db39d9353cc4.jpg, 800xNA, 1 times posted

To be honest. I really did not like what they did with him in frontiers. like there really wasn't a problem before hand as he literally would leave his island to do things before hand. Game fucking pretends he didn't for some reason for it's shitty story. All it did was revolve back to what he was already doing with the addition of Knuckles looking like a bitch and shit without Sonic. Just awful.
Cute cat!
The idea of Knuckles having his own things is a legit great idea. It really was sad with how he executed it.
> Has me thinking about OCs in Sonic fancomics and even what an OC of mine would be like.
Nothing too much inherently wrong with an OCs in a fancomic. Good writing with examples like stripes can make them entertaining additions. Just don't pull a penders is what I say!
Yeah, some of his ideas weren't TOO bad on paper. I kinda do like the stuff with the dark legion and the no tech vs tech debate, etc. Just that Ken simply couldn't do it much justice with shit like the brotherhood rarely getting called out by anyone including knuckles.
1395039996469.jpg, 518xNA, 1 times posted

akuma_issue_1_pg_19_by_dragonswirl_dh9vg6o.png, 1600xNA, 1 times posted

Akuma 1-19
It's twink bullying time with Mephiles!

>Not to mention making Angel Island a place with all sorts of communities
You know that alone made me realize that if you think about it hard enough, Angel Island is like The zone From STALKER with the exception that instead of artifacts and anomalies, you have Treasures and traps.

Thanks! It's essentially going to be a retelling of the Enerjak storyline, but grounded in Sumerian mythology instead of whatever Penders was going for. Spoilers for those interested: The Sumerians were the first people to deify their kings and I was going to make Enerjak be a case where it actually happened.

For context, in the Sumerian creation myth, the lesser gods (Anunnaki) grew weary of farming so they created humanity by spilling the blood of one of the gods into clay. There were only 3,600 Anunnaki so I was going to make them aliens trying to establish a colony on Earth that mixed their genes with the native wildlife to create anthros to do all their grunt work. Eventually there'd be a rebellion led by the first Enerjak who gained their god-like power and drove them off Earth, but at the cost of his own life.

In the present, there'd be only anthros and the humans/ Anunnaki would just be a myth. There'd be a shady techno-cult that was trying to make a new Enerjak by tracking down the original's descendants and the artifacts needed to grant him that power.

I was making some real progress on it until I found out that not only did someone already came up with something similar, they think it actually happened. Frustrating!
Fun fact: This dude's writings ended up being the inspiration for Stargate

I really need to watch the more recent ones. I liked the Spiderverse one, but haven't seen the second. The Tobey Maguire ones were my favorites, but Andrew Garfield really filled out that suit!
>I really did not like what they did with him in frontiers.
I didn't really like what they did with Knuckles (or Tails) either, but I saw a lot of the dialogue being written to tell the fans they won't be sidelining Knuckles (or Tails) anymore. I agree that Knuckles has always been willing to leave his island when needed (e.g., Heroes) or when he wants to have some fun with his friends (e.g., Riders, racing, and the Olympic games). Flynn bashing spoiler: Personally, I think it was mostly Flynn cleaning up after himself. He kept writing Knuckles in IDW like some hermit and was mouthing off on his podcast saying Sega was mandating that Knuckles wasn't allowed to leave his island without good reason
>Yeah, some of his ideas weren't TOO bad on paper. I kinda do like the stuff with the dark legion and the no tech vs tech debate, etc. Just that Ken simply couldn't do it much justice with shit like the brotherhood rarely getting called out by anyone including knuckles.
Penders was always pretty good at introducing interesting concepts to the series but his followthrough was just terrible. I liked the tech debate, but he ended up making the no-tech side hypocrites by having Echidnopolis have flying cars and the secret grandpas having more tech in their batcave than the Dark Legion!
That's an interesting take. The Master Emerald ended up being a magnet for treasure hunters and those that seek power, causing all sorts of people to settle on Angel Island. Those people accumulated their own treasure as their settlements grew, attracting more people interested in power and treasure
THoaM 9-09.jpg, 1171xNA, 1 times posted

The Heart of a Monster 9-08
Sh-should I be posting this in the horny thread instead?

>That's an interesting take. The Master Emerald ended up being a magnet for treasure hunters and those that seek power, causing all sorts of people to settle on Angel Island. Those people accumulated their own treasure as their settlements grew, attracting more people interested in power and treasure

I can already imagine some good equivalents for most of the stalker faction, with some not needing to be changed much:
>Treasure hunters for being loners (search treasures for their own profit)
>Criminals being the bandits (kill people for their treasure and profit)
>Archivist being Ecologist (wanting to gather the treasures for research and/or Museum podiums for archival purposes)
>Eggman empire being Duty (Kind of a stretch but maybe they plan to destroy angel island to make it so they can easily steal the master emerald)
>Mercenaries would stay the same given their pretty obscure backstory and role.
>Restoration would be freedom (With the purpose is to keep angel island alive and stable).

The rest is kind of hard to pinpoint
There is the Monolith which in STALKER are people mind controlled by the monolith (in addition it's also hostile to every other factions) and i haven't read enough about archie to know if there a clan of echidnas that are possess by the ME to do it's bidding... Maybe Mogul would if it was inside it.
The military would be GUN but it's hard to say (in STALKER the military would keep try to keep the area in quarantine and kill anyone who tries to enter or exit, the only exception being the ecologist, given that they are government funded, though it had the issue of also being corrupted)
Lastly Clear Sky which has for the most part been dead but had a similar deal to the ecologist, only that they are not government funded.

there is also stuff like Emissions Which in Stalker is basically how the artifacts are born in the anomalous areas (they are however something your brain doesn't like 1 bit so you need to seek shelter in order to not suffer from the effects of it), but it's pretty useless in the context of treasure.

Some additional info/Alternatives for some factions would be.
Eggman empire being Monolith (Robotnik could be considered a wish granter given is incredible machines, and the robots are always hostile to anyone that isn't part of the empire)

Freedom main purpose was to keep the zone open so changing to be a faction that wants to bring angel island to earth(that being said it would not fit the restoration main objective).
while Duty wants to prevent the island to stay afloat so that the world wouldn't be at risk of the horrors of Angel Island secrets that have yet to be discovered (Which really doesn't fit eggman at all, if anything maybe knuckles)

god i can't believe i just dumped what is essentially a Sonic STALKER AU.
1712134425359.jpg, 735xNA, 1 times posted
JUMPIN' JAMBALAYA!!! W-WHAT did you just say, Sonic? These DELICIOUS DUMPLINGS I'm DEVOURING... have YABBA DABBA DOOMED me to a DISASTROUS DESTINY DUE to being DRUGGED?!? In a matter of MOMENTS, I'll pass out?!? By the time I awaken, SCOURGE, SHADOW, and KNUCKLES, along with yourself, SONIC-SAMA, will be PENETRATING FIONA and FERTILIZING her holes in a hardcore 4 on 1 gangbang right in front of my eyes?!?!?!? I'll be HELPLESS to do anything but WATCH as my beloved gets absolutely DEFILED by your hard cocks, shamefully getting a HARD ON at her pain!!! Since I'm the WEAKEST Freedom Fighter, who can't even defend the honor of his OWN WAIFU... you four have decided I'm DEAD WEIGHT (literally) to the Freedom Fighters and are throwing me into a MEAT GRINDER feet first?!? The sheer AGONY and PAIN will send me into dimensions of SUFFERING I never knew were even POSSIBLE!!! And not only that, you've made a WISH to ERAZOR DJINN that I remain CONSCIOUS throughout the entire ordeal so I can watch myself be CUCKED as I'm excruciatingly grinded into HAMBURGER MEAT?!?!!?! This will all be going on as I'm forced to watch FIONA IMPREGNATED right in front of me, combining my GREATEST PLEASURE with the most TERRIBLE PAIN?! The sheer EMOTIONAL and MENTAL DAMAGE will leave me a CATATONIC WRECK!!!!! Th-there's even MORE?!?!? Once I'm done being turned into GROUND MEAT, I'll still be kept ALIVE due to ERAZOR?!?!? You're going to use my flesh to make some delicious dumplings, within which my consciousness still remains through my CELLS?!!!?!??!!!?!?!? These dumplings will then be SENT BACK IN TIME and filled with DRUGS, which I will then consume, absorbing my OWN future CONSCIOUSNESS into me as I pass out?!?!?!?!?!? I'll be TRAPPED in a TIME LOOP of humiliation and torture which will last only a few days for you, but will LITERALLY be ETERNITY for ME?!?!?!?!?! I can only say... HIP HIP HOORAY and YIPPITY DOO YAY!!!!!! ETERNAL CUCKOLDRY in

/sthg/ tier funpost and a copy of /dbs/. Lame.
shock_and_awe___issue_2__page_134_by_underworldcircle_dh9yik4-375w-2x.jpg, 620xNA, 1 times posted

Man, that sounds cool af for an AU.
> but I saw a lot of the dialogue being written to tell the fans they won't be sidelining Knuckles (or Tails) anymore
I honestly can’t trust that knowing their track record. Especially with a game that constantly says the characters will get better while treating them like shit in said game. The whole going off on their own thing is such bullshit. Friends will just end up back to being his shitty cheerleader groupies as per the status quo. It’s all so tiring. If you couldn’t tell, I don’t like frontiers lmao.
This comic is gay as fuck but that form looks cool

I should really get to actually playing Stalker, but this is cool

>I should really get to actually playing Stalker, but this is cool
If you want a good starting Point gameplay wise, try call of pripriat as it's very polished but in series of games it takes place late in the story.
If you are into the story, you can try shadow of chernobyl, but it's very janky at times so you can expect some really bizarre shit to happen.
There is also clear sky (it's a prequel to shadow of chernobyl) but it's not looked very fond on the community for its inconsistencies and somewhat questionable gameplay.

Thanks, I’ll check ‘em out

Very interesting! If you need any help with anything then let me know.
Cream accidentally hits you with a pipe
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GLxwKtVacAAi6If.jpg, 1129xNA, 1 times posted
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oh conductor since we're nearing the image limit, i'd look into making like a lil thing for the start of the new threads OP for links to the unoffical ride site, links to notable sonic related stuff, etc.

>we're nearing the image limit,

That's one of the reasons why I told you to try to avoid the "general thread" format.

Yeah, now that I know what's up I'll have a new list of links for the next thread.
It's fine since we're used to making a new thread and discussion continues there.
So I can do the permalink thing:
Or I can just add >>>/co/463958 to the typed out start I used for the previous threads on /co/.
Just need to refresh my memory.
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Until there's a new Unofficial Storytime Thread, I'll put the links for everything here since we'll be moving to a new thread.