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Tamers12345's Sonic Underground

Welcome to /sssr/'s very own Sonic Underground thread! This thread is for posting links to Tamers' latest videos and for discussion between the 4chan threads. The occasional NSFW image is allowed provided you tag it as NSFW.

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>Archive of everything Tamers-related
>Tamers' current Twitter:
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What is this?
Tamers12345 is an artist with a single burning passion: the revival of the hit TV series Sonic Underground. Empowered by his love of SU and Bardonic (Bartleby x Sonic), Tamers has been working tirelessly for over a decade to raise the popularity of SU and force Sega to continue the show. Tamers' continuation of SU takes the form of animations released fortnightly that follow the cast's ongoing adventures. If you can look past the text to speech voices you'll find a genuinely compelling show that's a mix between Always Sunny (where everyone's an asshole yet still likeable) and The Venture Bros (with its surprisingly deep lore and a running theme of the present not living up to the expectations of the past).

Is Tamers being ironic?
No. Tamers has been making videos since 2010, and has hundreds of hand-drawn SU comics dating back to the early 00s.

Are the fans ironic?
Also no. While most of us started watching it out of morbid curiosity, we came to love the characters and their struggles.

Okay, but how do I get into it?
Just watch a few of his recent longer videos to see if it's something you're into. This playlist is a bit outdated, but has all of the main episodes up until 2021:

So who is Tamers really?
A small number of people seem to fixate on just who the guy inside the cardboard Bartleby costume is. The answer is he's just a guy that really likes Sonic Underground.
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Oh, and videos with sound as well as mp3s can be uploaded here

The most recent video and thread:
Sonic Underground Revenge of the Sith (Full movie for kids) UNCENSORED

Looks like Aleena-bros will be eating well with this one!
Sonic Underground The Movie - Bartleby Goes To Goodwill With His Boyfriend Sonic the hedgehog
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The Flora webm that was deleted by the jannies
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the fuck is this shit why is everything written in cursive
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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Vocal Tracks - The Stains of Time [Instrumental]
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We all know this would just get deleted too
The board's name is cyrillic for The Super Special Sonic Ride, which ends up with the same acronym for the cccp/ussr
Aleena spanks Flora.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

And the whole thing, with sound!
twitter_@HeadBuster15_20240111-001358_1745237577454465364-0.jpg, 1410xNA, 1 times posted

Oh, and you can post these uncensored, provided you mark them nsfw
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here's something I made today

Very nice! Love the hopeful expression

Very cute!
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Poor guy got banned by jannies for sharing his creation...
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Why doesn't Flora just hypnotize herself a new mommy?
uwa2dw23os3b1.gif, 220xNA, 1 times posted

Awooga Awooga
mother's day revenge.png, 2000xNA, 1 times posted

Aleena is too distracted to be hypnotized.
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So is this the thread for waiting between episodes? Guess I'll be keeping this tab open for the next two weeks then.
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His sacrifice was not in vain so long as the spirit of SU lives on in our hearts
You can post lewd stuff here, but please mark it NSFW


Yeah, I thought it'd be good to have someplace where we can talk between episodes, and post freely without the jannies shitting things up
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Cool! It's great to have a place to talk about SU every now and then.
While I’m not too into it yet, I think it’s neat and nice of the lil community tamers underground videos have.
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sorry i thought i did?

damn uncle chuck got a smooth pair of balls on him
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In case anyone is wondering about why so many posts are deleted on 4/co/, it's because of an unhinged janny we refer to as IDWkun or Archie-schizo. He's an obsessed loser that's been kicked out of every Sonic forum on the internet that took up a janny position for 4/co/ and 4/vg/ a few years ago. He's got backing by the mod ABIB (40+ Nintendofag that's still living the console wars of the 90s and hates Sonic) and has been given free reign to shit up any and all Sonic threads. Fun fact: ABIB is the mod that told /sthg/ anyone discussing the Sonic movie would be banned and is suspected to be the one that kept deleting all the Sonic movie threads on 4/co/. We eventually had enough of him shitting up the Sonic Storytime threads on 4/co/ and moved our main discussions here where we're actually allowed to talk about a blue hedgehog without our posts being deleted or him spamming gore.

Oh, and here's the archive of the post where he fucked up and got outed as a janny:
I'd be careful posting this link on 4/co/ since it'll get you a 3 day ban

Yeah, plus4chan's very comfy for relaxed discussion. It's pretty much 4chan but before the rot set in. Being able to post audio files and videos with sound is nice too
Close! There's a NSFW button you need to press.
That's it!

Because we got a couple scoldings about it, make sure that any NSFW images have the NSFW spoiler and not the regular one.

And for more porn this is the thread for it on /pco/.
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Here's Rick's timelapse that was rudely deleted

It's not ever day you get to see a master of Kino at work

It's fascinating to see how he goes from a rough sketch to pencils to inks. I wish I had that skill
me making things right.webm, 1440xNA, 1 times posted

To be fair, he's an old man with lots of practice. You can tell that he's put tremendous time and energy into making art by looking at a catalogue of his pieces. If he wasn't able to break the rules that Loomis tries to put down, then he wouldn't be nearly as awe-inspiring as he typically is. I'm just glad that he's on our side. I couldn't imagine /co/ threads without Rick motivating everyone to take a stab at drawing. AleenaEnjoyer is probably the most improved artist that Tamers threads has, and other artists have popped out of the woodwork on Newgrounds in celebration of Sonic Underground. For a hot minute I took a stab at drawing MSPaint doodles, but I needed to give it up due to a lack of free time and privacy. There's nothing worse than being forced to share a dormitory room with a stranger because university is too cheap to rent out single rooms.

sauce for the song?
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Gonna do my annual rewatch of the whole series for the third time. Every rewatch I always find something new to enjoy, also it's crazy to see how far Tamers has come in terms of storytelling and animation. Too bad the pumpkin patch video got taken down.

He's got a wonderful style that he's put a huge amount of effort into and is also really nice to talk to. Yeah, I'd like to do some drawings of Sleet and Dingo, but I never seem to find the time
>There's nothing worse than being forced to share a dormitory room with a stranger because university is too cheap to rent out single rooms.
Shit, that sounds awful. I know colleges have been for-profit hellholes for a while but they're so much worse now
I think it's Libre by Nino Bravo
>Too bad the pumpkin patch video got taken down.
Should be in the archive at least
flora tears.webm, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

>Should be in the archive at least
btw, anyone have a link to the archive? All I have is Flora Reading The Bible because I like talking about Christianity and The Bible with my Dad despite not really being religious.
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This is a man who understands me on a philosophical level. Anyone can make shitty smut whenever they want to. This is a fact of life. In fact, the entire Japanese, Korean, and Chinese economies rely on this. If it wasn't for their ability to create base, soulless, bug-person graphic pornography, their countries would go back to being the shitholes they were when the British started taking over the world. Meanwhile, it takes a genius, and auteur, and, dare I say it, a man to create something as vibrant and powerful as Queen Aleena the Hedgehog of Planet Mobius. Throughout the Beginning Era to the Golden Era, she was always beautiful, intelligent, and devilish. Can tell me of another woman who was clever enough to make backwater tribals worship her children as gods? I didn't think so. But now, in the Messiah Era, Aleena has been allowed to come into her own... and as God is my witness, that makes me want to come into her.

It's in the OP anon!
Tamers is one of the best youtubers and he is only behind me and my best friend.

genuinely absurd how well it works
I wonder if I can post webm with sound...

Still letting you know I'm interested getting those keychains, don't let the other fags say otherwise of what I think. Still need my favorite autist/hedgehog MILF with me at all times.
I hope Flololianon is doing good.
TheOracleofDelphiusbattle.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Just posting this edit here

this isnt the tamers content i signed up for but i still appreciate it

Ok awesome. I actually did get worried when I saw that message earlier ngl lol.
But yeah i'll get to it as soon as I can.

Don’t take things over the internet too personal. You had no way of knowing that you were breaking a cultural taboo by replying to and encouraging the Carlos copycat. To be very clear, Carlos was an underage funposter that stopped talking after he got doxxed, which helped to keep Sonic Underground threads clean. Try to avoid responding or interacting with namefags on any board in the future. It may just save your life!

Duly noted. Thanks for the heads up at least
Sleet and Sonic self-actualize.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted
Oh, and here's my absolute favorite scene in all of Tamers' work. It's got something for everyone: great animation, cool one-liners, Sonic and Sleet actually doing something, stock images of hands holding guns, and most importantly, Aleena being dead inside
Very nice!

>pumpkin patch video down
fucking why

Why not?
Oh, and in case anyone's wondering why I use a capcode, it's because I run the website for the Sonic storytime ( if anyone's interested) and I kbf turning it off since all the regulars recognize my posting style anyway
It's just how YouTube is. You can't say anything too rude or do anything that might jeopardize their ad revenue. Fortunately Tamers has been able to successfully fight off most of his YouTube takedowns, even those from Disney
If that's actually you Carlos, it's because you're underage and generally shit up every thread you enter. You need to stay away from adult spaces because you're frankly a prime target for grooming and it's only a matter of time before you're some pervert's discord kitten. I'm sure you think you're too savvy for that to happen to you but I guarantee that's exactly what the perverts are counting on
Hope Kevin shows up soon

He's already been groomed. He spends all day every day on forums about europeans talking about how he wishes he was white and he can't talk to girls because of his race. /pol/ got to him and now he shits up everything he finds.
lmao.png, 1653xNA, 1 times posted
From the other thread

I hope he breaks out of prison and tries to lay low with the Hedgehogs
That's a good point. I figured he'd end up some pervert's cocksleeve, but /pol/ will ensure he never knows the joy of romance, or even friendship
>he wishes he was white and he can't talk to girls because of his race
That's hilarious. Panama's probably the last country in the world where he'd need to worry about that considering 65% of the population is mestizo and only 7% is white
I hope Flololianon is doing good.

It's sad, really. Self hatred for something you can't control is a terrible mindset to have, especially as a minor that can have long lasting mental issues. I hope he grows out on it for his own sake.

Yeah, he may be irritating, but I genuinely feel sorry for him. Still, he's young enough to unlearn those behaviors and live a normal life if he really wants to

I'm doing good, bitch. Just haven't had the time to draw anything but I'm still around and will eventually drop something soon.
Sleengo 4 life
1713146160007079.png, 939xNA, 1 times posted

proof? what forums?
i can prove i'm white. also i don't even have self-hatred nigga.

I hope you get lynched, pedofag

>proof? what forums?
Here's one, there's more but they're hard to find since most of them aren't in English. He goes by "Spate Hicks" on most of them

Oh look here's another one

I hadn't seen that thread, but I'll have to check it out. I actually started this one because I knew Tamers would be releasing a video in the next couple of days and wanted to make an op that had the right links and answers to common questions. The jannies over on 4/co/ have been pretty draconian with Sonic threads so I was hoping to give those anons somewhere to post freely without being harassed

>los hombre-hamburguesas de norteamerica
>the burger men of north america
Okay, that's hilarious

these are actually really funny tho.

He also went by Spate Hicks in the premiere chat of at least the latest episode
shame.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

lmao. The best part is that these are up here forever, no janny / bump limit to sweep it under the rug this time.
Well, at least I'm not Turkish.
GIgEwmdaEAAE0vw.jpg, 941xNA, 1 times posted
would you.PNG, 1112xNA, 1 times posted
Would you?
New vid just dropped, in which Tamers adapts Peter Pan while refusing to watch it:
Peter Pan
4/co/ thread:
anon wants to be stepped on by Bartleby.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

SU is a place where we can all escape the harsh world of being adults.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Some interesting meta commentary here
aleena vs mindy.png, 2878xNA, 1 times posted

Here's the art that got deleted

Your art was a victim of evil

Oh, it's not my art. I just like to post the stuff that gets deleted over on 4chan since the moderation here's actually sane
Sonic on queer representation.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted
I love Sonia's face at the end there
Sonic_becomes_a_Sleengo_supporter.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

100% spooked!

One of my favorite parts in the entire series
I love all the crude, racy, poopy humor, but I think what I love even more is the parts played straight (ironic, I know)
I've been watching this series for as long as I can remember and I must say, I don't think we'll get another episode as perfect as "Doctor Robotnik has had ENOUGH" for a long time, everything since has either been "pretty ok", unremarkable or (as much as I hate to say it) filler. Nowadays Tamers12345' seems more interested in pandering to the 4chan part of the audience through making certain characters appear when not necessarily needed and writing in what feels like a half hearted "I'm in on the jokes too guys" style through using terms like "larping" and making other "muh heckin 4cuck culture" references here and their. The worst part is, is that I wouldn't mind all this if the episodes now didn't feel so boring and aimless in my opinion of course. Older episodes from what I've seen from my own eyes were mostly centered on the trio of Relatability, Humor and Realism and all three of those things have been cucked in one way or another due to Tamers slowly running out of ideas and once again leaned towards referencing and "bending the knee" to the 4chan audience to an extent by pushing in scenes centred on the "muh heckin waifu!!" characters more and more to the point where actual important members of the background cast are left out or given the short end of the stick. In my opinion of course.

Pandering is the worst thing an artist can do, and he doesn't even need to pander anymore, this episode was shit, Tamers even admitted it, and people were still pretending it was good and still slobbering over Flora, when she wasn't even in it. He's got lifers, he should be able to do what he wants without worrying about them unsubbing

Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about the new episodes. I almost feel bad for Tamers12345 (my interpretation of him of course since it's pretty common knowledge that no-one can see eye to eye online about "Tamers12345 The Person" since everyone almost has a personal idea of "who he should be" in their heads based on scraps of info and tidbits but anyway.) as he's pretty much backed into a corner of sorts now, he now has a pretty audible chunk of the fan-base who only watch the series for certain characters bitching and whining online due to characters not appearing and he's more or less forced to put them in to keep up discussion for the episodes one way or another, most threads if not all die out pretty quick when certain characters aren't shown due to the aforementioned chunk of the audience not having any new content of certain characters to milk dry. But at the end of the day, (Not to sound like a faggot but) I'll still continue to love the old episodes, openings, endings, music choice, lore, old character traits long gone, old writing style (once again) long gone etc etc and unless his channel and archives get nuked, nothing will change that fact, or something like that (inb4 "not your personal blog")
Are we really bringing this stupid whiny shit here as well?
>muh pnadering!!!
Boohoo the character you like hasn't shown up in awhile. The writing has changed, the jokes haven't changed, you're just butthurt he doesn't care about YOUR favorite character as much. It became pretty apparent when you randomly started complaining about Flora when she wasn't even mentioned at all (and truthfully she would've actually fit in this episode as tinkerbell since she's actually a pixie) and yet you cry that he's including characters in episodes when they don't belong? Why should you decide that? Tamers has, and always will, make whatever the fuck he wants. He panders to himself and puts out what he wants to see without fear of other people giving a shit. Stop your bitching and just watch the old shit if you're so upset.
i'll believe tamers isn't pandering to florafags when he does something that would piss them off, even make them unsub to his patreon, like say that flora doesn't actually have autism or make her trans
EB7F9087427E635DDCCE8925EF2FE7DDBCC49D24E34FD31CB545DCE1B1DACBF8.jpg, 832xNA, 1 times posted
I wonder if we'll ever get a crossdressing episode. Or would that be 'to' gay.

>I'll believe he's not pandering when he panders to me!
He already did that anyway. You saw how florafags seethed about Sonia gets suspended.

That was nothing that would ruin Flora in their eyes, they whined but then they stuck around

it's not gay if sonia is topping

The day Tamers makes introduces a trans character would be the day I stop watching.

How would you differentiate the eras of Tamers12345's SU? How are they generally

Well, there's the golden era, and then... Nah, that's it. It's all the golden era.

2022 was pretty dire

Me personally, I can't really give a concise answer on how I categorize the eras but I (usually) split them up into "seasons" having them start with something with lore and end with a lore payoff for my own sake when re-watching the channel or I would label the eras in correlation to the year(s) where the content was very similar in tone and video, "Deviantart Era" etc etc. I can and could sperg about what and where the "Golden" or "Silver" or whatever the fuck era is but it doesn't really matter for the average new viewer.

In general in the wider "fandom" there's no real "eras" just Tamers12345 and honestly for most people it's better that way, all of his content is worth a watch and do have good parts to them even the "bad" episodes like Manic Gets a Job or whatever it was called ( I for one love the really old small side content that kinda goes overlooked nowadays, I recommend all newfags to sit down and watch these, some really good diamonds in the rough. bardonic(BartlebyXSonic) Period )
shocked knuckles face.png, 558xNA, 1 times posted

Well, to be honest, i was looking forward to the autism. I watched everything up to New Year Look Back 2018 in the Alis playlist across two days while i was horribly, horribly sick. Stopped there in large part because Uncle Chuck Babysits needed me to be signed in and i was watching on my phone. When i got back to my computer i watched up to Season 3 Opening (one of my favorites), then took a little break. Here i stopped being so religious; skipped to the beach episodes, back to bowling, then filled in the gap normally. Id say it was around here that i noticed a shift, a shift i still very much enjoyed, but i did notice the "new" stuff was more different to what came before than what came before was to what came before what came before. The next shift would come after Sonic Finds His Father (one of my favorites), when he started focusing on The Boys much more. That ofcourse was because not too long after comes The Battle With The Boys, which i did not really like all that much: Strong Start and Finish, Middle was a slog for me. Holiday episodes that followed where all strong and i liked them much more than the stuff right before. Everything from there until Sleet and Dingo Origin didnt leave much of an impression. Flora's Bakery and High School Musical would be the exceptions to that, but i am mixed on both. My First episode was Sonia Gets Suspended, and i found and find the Flora in the Bakery Episode bland compared to what would come before and after. What i really liked about that one was Manic being jealous of Bartleby and them dressing up in the pumpkin costumes. HSM had some moments (Mark punching Chuck just kills me and Sonia and Knuckles dancing is much cute), but it was also HSM and it felt like that was the joke half the time. Loved Arcade. Hiking and Sleet and Dingo Origins where good, 4th was alright. After Sleet and Dingo i started skipping around a lot more, there is a pretty big hole here. Doctor Robotnik Has Had Enough i agree with what ive seen that it is a damn near perfect episode. Chili Cook Off was okay. Christmas Carol i really didnt like for pretty much the seem reasons i didnt like Narnia or Alice in Wonderland, and now Peter Pan. I loved Wizard of Oz, and i feel like everyone including Tamers does, so he keeps making classic literature parodies to try and recapture the lighting and it really just isnt working. Sonia Gets Suspended i love. After Christmas Carol its all too resent to me for me to have coherent thoughts.
Personally, i would go by, like you said, what feels like seasons. Least for the Alis playlist: Oz; Season 3 OP/Sweet Sixteen; Sonic Finds His Father; The Boys; Fired On Christmas; Sleet and Dingo; WW3; Sonia Gets Suspended; Goodwill+
After the movies he always has a sort of "interwar" period, i guess cause he already has stuff lined up for after the bigun which leaves them feeling like a mix between what came before and what comes after. Well, sorry if this was a bit much, ive just really itching to get it all out i guess. I would be interested to see what the old and comparatively oldfags think of it. I will check out more of the side content.
Pogb.jpg, 1793xNA, 1 times posted
On the topic of being honest with tamers12345's content. I don't really see much of the quality going down recently, and I've been enjoying a lot of it. The Peter Pan episode was kind of a miss for me, the only highlights being Athair, baby brother uncle Chuck, and the bonk. Other than the Peter Pan episode, the other miss episodes I can think on the top of my head are Manic's first job, and Willy Wonka.

The recent episodes I've really really enjoyed were Chuck E Cheese, Good Will, Halloween Heroes, St. Patrick's Day, Renaissance Festival, Year without Christmas, and The Vacation. My enjoyment from Tamers12345 videos are mostly fun character interactions, everyone being an asshole, rare gems of wholesomeness, the chaotic environment, and violence. As long as the episodes are overall fun I'm good. My taste may be different from others but eh... I still enjoy them.

I am a filthy Flora enjoyer, but I do agree she shouldn't be overused or forced in a lot of episode. The current amout of Flora is fine. The Good will episode seems controversial because people love/hate the spanking scene and mostly focus on that. That part was funny, but there's other great parts of that episode, like The Divine Warrior VS. The Oracle of Delphius, the Ma, Titus, Bobby Moon Beam team up, Bradley's crime scene, and the Fake magazine controversy. That episode was packing. The Peter Pan episode felt out of focus and felt like Tamers wanted to make a parody episode and didn't feel like scraping it when it seem like quality.

For stuff I'm looking forward to are just the same old Chaos, everyone being mean, Bartleby being the person who causes the problem, cute ships, and violence. The stuff I want to see are More Divine Warrior, mix match character interactions, side character focus episodes, Titus and The Oracle of Delphius being villains(honestly I'm not too interestedin something like the boys again), an Aleena focus episode, Jarod and Raphi as a duo, and overall wacky scenarios... and that's mainly it...*cough cough Aleena x Flora*...
49595947.png, 396xNA, 1 times posted

>Gets more views in a few days than any other episode released in 6 months
Waifus... won...
I Get It.webm, 1234xNA, 1 times posted
I thought these videos were le post ironic meme shit for zoomers. I watched a couple videos, and I'm sorry bros...

Good point about the classic literature parodies, I really do think the Wizard of OZ video was amazing was amazing but I’m curious as to why you don’t like the Alice in Wonderland Parody. Just curious on other peoples take on the episode as I’ve always held it in a personal high acclaim as I always found it to be a really funny video with some really good pace and expressive art. But I must admit all the other Class literature parodies are most of the time trying to make lightning strike twice.

Your post also made me realise that sitting down and watching Tamers for the first time must be a fucking drag in the channels current state with all the new content, when I found the channel years ago I watched “Sonic and Friends play with their balls PT. 2“ because that was the newest video and then flopped around different episodes until watching all the side animations / OPs and EDs and it’s only recently I’ve been scraping through the really old stuff (The Manic Costume video for example) but since you didn’t mind the ‘tism I’ll just summarise my views on the Golden Era and put it from 2017 - 2021, everything before such as Cereal Crisis and Zombie Apocalypse are amazing fucking episodes on their own but they aren’t as re watchable and they just aren’t what I want in an episode in general.


Better be sorry, nothing ironic about it, never was. It’s part of Tamer’s appeal, he isn’t a coward that hides behind irony.
Ililj.jpg, 483xNA, 1 times posted
What are 5 episodes you would recommend to new comers?

1. Roller Skating for Valentines Day
2. Dollar Store
3. Chinese Buffet
4. Shoplifter at Walmart
5. The Polar Express OR Mindy's Sisters come to Visit

These all introduce the main characters of the series and their personalities pretty quickly and efficiently while keeping lore at a minimum. If you feel daring try dipping your toes into the lore using “Willby’s Definitive Tamers12345 Lore Guide” playlist, it’s just the basic lore layed out in a pretty digestible 34 videos which would take about a day(?) to burn through if bingeing. The lore essential to enjoy the episodes but there’s worth watching in case anything related to it shows up in a newer episode.

The lore isn’t essential to enjoy every video new and old but*

Thanks for the suggestions. Funny enough the Chinese buffet episode was the first video I showed him before asking.
Just wanted to say I'm glad so many anons have made it here. With 4chan adding cloudflare to its captchas, increasing wait-times to post, requiring email verification to post on /biz/, and the increasing heavy-handed moderation of Sonic threads on 4/co/, it's nice to have an alternative
Tamers is at his best when he's giving the characters heartfelt moments, providing social commentary, and making fart jokes all at the same time
It needs work, but these are my rough eras:
1. Original show
2. AMV era, where Robotnik is thought to be dead and everyone still lives on Mobius
3. Earth era, where they've all moved to Earth, but Robotnik's still dead (e.g., Great Cereal Crisis)
4. Revival of Robotnik era, where Robotnik, Sleet and Dingo are back. This starts with the bowling episode
5. Prophesy era, where TBWTB storyline becomes the main focus
6. WWIII era, which starts after TBWTB and ends with WWIII
7. Modern era, which starts after WWIII
>Doctor Robotnik Has Had Enough i agree with what ive seen that it is a damn near perfect episode
Absolute patrician taste!
Yeah, I don't see it as having gone downhill, but more like he's experimenting with different things to see what works, while trying to maintain a fortnightly release. I actually liked the Peter Pan episode, but mostly because it was Knuckles-centric
That thumbnail was bound to garner attention
I wouldn't feel too bad, since the artstyle and use of TTS can make it seem like meme/elsagate content until you watch an entire episode
Those are some good picks. The videos where they visit a store/restaurant are my favorite, and are really good introductions to Tamers' content since they aren't lore heave. I'd move a movie adaption like the Polar Express to the 3rd slot for variety though

that is a good classification i think.
>requiring email verification to post on /biz/
Dr. Robotic has some competition...
i dont think it has gone downhill, though it would be lying if i said there where not rough spots. it has just changed, and i still like what it has changed into, but i feel the older stuff was more unique. the way i would put it is that the newer stuff is top of the class while the older stuff was teaching a class.
i agree Goodwill was good, and i liked Chuck E Cheese.
watched some side stuff. "Why do i hate Modern sonic you ask?" Banana nose...
>curious as to why you don’t like the Alice in Wonderland Parody
Because i feel that it misses the core of the book, which makes it a bad parody. It has good jokes, pacing, and animation, but all the Wonderland stuff just feels like a crutch. I like the beginning and end where they are in walmart as that has all the good things about the episode without the bad parts. Guess i just have a thing about parody.
>Cereal Crisis and Zombie Apocalypse are amazing fucking episodes on their own but they aren’t as re watchable and they just aren’t what I want in an episode in general.
Agree they arnt very rewatchable, but i enjoyed them more than most things on first watch. Cereal Crisis in particular just blew me away. want do you want in an episode in general? for me i guess it would be fewer more... 'delicate' episodes. i love background jokes, dances, and cute scenes and how he sprinkles them in just so.
4chan stats.png, 2365xNA, 1 times posted

>that is a good classification i think.
>Dr. Robotic has some competition...
It's pretty interesting if you look into the stats. We see /biz/ was becoming about as popular as /co/ but the email verification has it at under 20% of its usual post volume. Personally, I think they'll roll it out to /pol/ and /b/ to reduce post volume/spam/bots/etc, and maybe /vg/. I always assumed /pol/ was the fastest board but it's actually been /vg/ for a while now, and if you combine /v/ and /vg/'s numbers, they've always been on top. That said, despite being much larger than any of the other boards, /pol/, /v/, and /vg/ only make up one third of all 4chan's posts
>Cereal Crisis in particular just blew me away
It's his first "proper" episode and is still one of his best
pic.png, 1485xNA, 1 times posted

>want do you want in an episode in general?
One big thing I like in an episode is Realistic episode themes and writing whether it be "going shopping" or "going to the beach" or "going to a cookout" etc etc. I prefer episodes that
use the episode location and its restrictions to it's advantage, an example of this being Hot-Spring Vacation, there's only so much you can do with such a location but tamers12345
uses the restrictive location to it's advantage by having the episode split into separate perspectives and sub-plots to fill out the 24 standard minutes of video and the final result comes out to be one of the most well-paced rewatchable videos tamers12345 has ever made EVER in my opinion as it's very easy to get immersed in as all the scenes take place back to back in order so it almost feels like the viewer itself is watching everything go down in real time. And on the topic of writing, I realised recently after rewatching that the writing hasn't changed all that much over the past seven or so years but what has changed is the pacing and amount of jokes and how they're used in tandem with the writing of the episode, jokes now are very back-to-back and not well spaced out and in some cases (mainly the episodes this year) the theme and potential doesn't get time to breath and by extension the relatability. (in my opinion)

Speaking of immersion, the immersion and relatability are also things I look for in videos. The immersion usually comes from the realism in the backgrounds and flow of the episode, the backgrounds Tamers12345 uses really do go under-appreciated as alot of them add to the experience of the episode and not to repeat myself but the older episodes were better because of this as alot of the episodes from 2017 - 2021 such as "Uncle Chucks for 4th of July" (one of my favourites when it comes to muh heckin realism) for example uses shots of empty kitchens, rooms and general areas that fit where they should be / were before to really make it feel like the Hedgehogs are IN THE ROOM and not a png floating on-top of another PNG (Pic-Rel), it's really hard to explain what fits the criteria of what I consider a "good background" but if you watch "Uncle Chucks for 4th of July" you might be able to see what I see. For the immersion in the flow of the episode part, I like and think the immersion is at it's best when an episode takes place in either three separate plots max or just one simple straight line to the end as you are in real time keeping tabs of what was and is going on in the episode sub-consciously or consciously like what people do in every day normally and all of this adds even more to the relatability which goes hand in hand with the realistic themes and writing (everyone has been to a family outing, everyone has been shopping, most people have had shitty birthday parties, everyone has had or will have a "sweet sixteenth", most people have seen or had a fight in school, everyone has played minecraft, gone hiking, went to the beach etc etc etc), once again making a near perfect trio of things to apply into videos. (I'll stop about immersion here because I can tell that this is getting a bit too autistic.)

I guess, I also like when the art in the episode is janky. I hate to say it but I prefer when the art on display in any given episode is constantly changing in little ways for the better or worse as it just makes the episodes have this "Deviantart" feel to it that I just din't get from the series anymore as the art is VERY good now and it's VERY consistent from what I've saw. (I know this is a very retarded thing to like episodes looking worse but I like it.)
bartlebunny.webm, 1072xNA, 1 times posted

>Because i feel that it misses the core of the book
I think that's the big reason why I like the episode, because I haven't read the book and I have nothing to base it on outside of faint memories of watching the movie years back, and by extension can't see the crutch that you see. To me Wonderland felt very original and different to the source material outside of character designs and locations (from my very very faint memory of watching the film) but Tamers12345 made it original in a very enjoyable "Tamers12345" way, mainly through call-backs to old episodes and character interactions with characters I'm all too familiar with. So I guess as a Parody of the original it's well, not all that great but as it's own thing it's an amazing episode (In my opinion)
Screencast from 2024-05-05 21-09-12.webm, 1475xNA, 1 times posted

Another example of what I think a good background is. "Adventures in the land of Oz" has alot of good backgrounds on display in general.
trolls.mp4, 854xNA, 1 times posted
floof.PNG, 1134xNA, 1 times posted
Remember when Tamers was testing out really floofy ears? How did you guys feel about it? Sad they didn't stick around?
Aleena floof.jpg, 599xNA, 1 times posted

Was thinking about that lately. It looked good and wished it stayed, but it was fun while it lasted

too much detail to worry about all the time, so he dropped it
Floof2.jpg, 1179xNA, 1 times posted

Understandable, but it's nice when we do get it sometimes
Flora Naked Pose.png, 4320xNA, 1 times posted
Capture.PNG, 1209xNA, 1 times posted
Was it actually that bad, or were people just coming off the high that was Sonia Gets Suspended and would've disliked any video that followed?

The only good part about it was the punchline at the end, that's it.
Bad art, bad jokes (like that Max segment, that was so unfunny), bad pacing, bad framing, how many times did he reuse that one shot of Ferrel?
It's THE worst episode, with the Peter Pan episode being second place


The whole episode had maybe 20 frames and 1 speaking line from Bartleby. Also Manic doesn't have what it takes to be in the leading role. It's easily the worst one ever made.

Decided to re-watch it because of this post and yeah... it's pretty boring. I went through the entire episode with a straight face.
The bad art doesn't really bother me, but I agree with you on everything else.
A good Manic lead episode literally got hijacked by Jeremy and Aang

>It's easily the worst one ever made.
Eh, for me that still goes to the BOTW parody he did. It was the shortest parody video by far, wasn't very funny, and was evident that he didn't really know or care about the source material and just wanted to get it out in time for the BOTW hype views.

Also to add onto this, I'm not annoyed that he didn't have deep cut Zelda references or something stupid like that, just that when someone makes a video about something they're not really all that interested in it tends to shine through. I'd rather he keep making videos including whatever random anime/cartoons he's watched and not just whatever the new big thing is for the sake of clicks.
EJTtZUSLw7.png, 514xNA, 1 times posted

At least Tingle Mindy was funny looking
Also look at this fucking Epona
New episode's coming in like 3-4 days, I wonder what it'll be. I sort of hope he takes a break from parodies, feels like there's an overabundance of them recently

2 weeks since last video will fall on the 12th, aka Mother's Day so I'm wondering if it'll be a special. Aleena focused episode would be cool since the only one she's ever really had was Aleena gets fired on Christmas Eve, but I think it'd be interesting to use Mother's Day as a way to explore Mrs. Latour's backstory

I don't think he cares or has the forethought to plan that out, he put out a St. Patrick's Day episode and a birthday episode for the triplets in February when those take place in March
9895.jpg, 974xNA, 1 times posted
Do you prefer Bartleby to be~
>The Solution
>The Problem
>The Guy who can do something about it but doesn't

All three. If he was only one I probably wouldn't care about him as much. It's funny that he's powerful enough to literally solve any problem anyone might face with either brute strength or wealth, can cause problems for everyone around him yet still always be in the right because that's how the universe works, and sometimes just can't be bothered or would rather others grow stronger rather than just rely on him for everything.
chrome_R6Hz9SR2SY.png, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

#1 is best when the feats to win the day are Herculean, as depicted in that pic and during the Polar Express episode
#2 is best when it turns out Bartleby is actually right, and we don't just have to pretend he is, the latter being depicted in your pic and the Motel episode
#3 is best when the spotlight is on another character and they get to shine, as depicted in your pic, the Pizza Hut episode with Manic, and the Sleengo episode
Oh my god can we even talk about the new episode on /co/?

Some genuine words of wisdom there
They were really cute
Speaking of ponies:
Sonic Underground X My Little Pony: Bardonic is Magic
You forgot
>The Guy who's unaware about the problem because he's on the toilet
Well said!
We've covered Sonic fancomics with MLP cameos on The Ride and what we did was put censor boxes over every horse, and were vague when referring to the characters. My recommendation, just use SU characters as substitute. I'm not familiar with the show so I'm going on their colors:
Twilight Sparkle = Horse Aleena
Spike = Horse Manic
Applejack = Horse Mindy
Rainbow Dash = Horse Sonic
Pinkie Pie = Horse Sonia
Rarity = Horse Knuckles? We don't have a red one
Fluttershy = Horse Bartleby
BraeMac - bondage harness.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Latest 4/co/ thread:

I'm not familiar with MLP but this was a great episode. I'll dump some mp4s here since MLP isn't allowed over on 4/co/
BraeMac - homosexual drama.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Happy to take requests for clips if anyone has any. Otherwise you're just getting homo stuff
BraeMac - mincing.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

BraeMac - AMV.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Cute! Cute!
BraeMac - why are they like this?.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Poor Braeburn ;_;
BraeMac - AMV2.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

They're so cute bros ;_;
BraeMac - AMV3.mp4, 1280xNA, 1 times posted

Last one for now. I can't believe that with just a single episode, Tamers has made me care about a ship I'd never even heard of from a show I've never watched

>I can't believe that with just a single episode, Tamers has made me care about a ship I'd never even heard of from a show I've never watched
They're cousins

Well it's not like they'll be plopping out kids with deformities
mother of the year.jpg, 4032xNA, 1 times posted

Are you still interested? I finally got around to actually making her. I was gonna do it sooner, but graduation got in the way and then i had to pack up and move out of college and yadda yadda yadda. But it's a perfect day to reveal the MILF keychain tho lol

>they're cousins

Post the 9/11 variant

There's also an /mlp/ thread
Nice work as usual anon!
BraeMac - 9-11.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted


Yeah, more recent videos don't feel the same. Yet that anxiety has always been there for me since Tamers tried to do that Zatch Bell Reboot, but nobody liked it so he moved on and went to make some truly amazing stuff.
I think Tamers is rushing too much, which is why recent stuff feels boring and aimless. He should take his time to focus on surpassing himself with every upload, as we know he's been doing for a long time. I wouldnt mind waiting longer if it meant getting gems. Speaking of something truly special: For me, when it premiered, "Sonia The Hedgehog gets into a fight at school then gets suspended" was one of the greatest things I'd ever watched, everything I loved about Tamers wrapped in an bundle: the lore, relatability, humor, art and realism... I had ordered something I hadn't eaten in an very long time, to sup during the premier. It was beautiful.
I think there's been some real good stuff in the meantime like the Chucky Cheese episode, but I would encourage Tamers to take his time and work his magic. Regardless this is his lifes mission, so I wouldnt be too worried, he will probably get over this slump eventually.

That was the best Flora episode, regardless not everyone who likes Flora appreciates her for the same reasons.

That's why the "Mindy loses everything" episode is perfect in that respect, Bartleby pulls some Saw like shit and Mark acts like having is life ruined is the best thing to ever happen to him. It also has him being very wise, which goes excellently with his sadism.
ROBUTTNICK.jpg, 581xNA, 1 times posted
Here's my shitty thoughts on the new episode.
Good to see artist 2 is still alive and kicking. Their absence kind of worried me.
Over all the episode was fun and I enjoyed it, but it's pretty disappointing how little we saw from the SU cast for a "crossover". Sonic and Bartleby barley did anything besides saving the world witch felt underwhelming. It feels justified with it being Sonic's imagination playing with his toys but doesn't change my feelings about it. Bartleby felt absent yet being present at the same time.
The ending made me feel artist 1 and 2 wanted to make their own parody Sonic dream episode with how similar the ending felt. Having a sonic dream episode felt weird back to back...
The characters jokes were fine. It's not the best episode but it's definitely not bad. But I do feel this episode was over hated by the people in co because pony.
But again I overall enjoyed myself, but we just had Star Wars, Peter Pan and MLP. I would appreciate a non Parody/media themed episode for a while.

>Good to see artist-
Kill yourself
twitter_@muhomoraNSFW_20220319-210000_1505287998157381632.jpg, 1121xNA, 1 times posted
I really am going to have to watch this show at some point
Yeah, I've missed the catty dialogue and the romantic twists and turns that artist 2 specializes in. It's actually my favorite part of SU. That AMV at the end was genuinely beautiful
>Bartleby felt absent yet being present at the same time.
Bartleby's rarely in the forefront of artist 2's work, probably because he could easily solve almost any problem. We mostly feel his presence through his relationship with Sonic
>The ending made me feel artist 1 and 2 wanted to make their own parody Sonic dream episode with how similar the ending felt
We've seen this a few times, where both want to do their own take on things. The back to back Christmas episodes are a good example of this, although there was still a lot of overlap. Interestingly, I think they've both been working on merging their artistic styles. Artist 2 now draws Sonia with different colored hair and fur

Honestly, I'd usually agree and don't talk about it over on 4/co/, but I figure only the diehard fans will be posting here. Ultimately it doesn't matter how the sausage is made, but there's clearly a second artist/writer that only contributes occasionally

You're in complete denial if you can watch this video and the last one or the Goodwill one and think that there aren't two artists
Hiy5hft8h.jpg, 322xNA, 1 times posted

Is the 2 tamers theory taboo here?
I took one look at Sonia and instantly recognized it was the other guy. I do prefer Sonia with different colored fur and hair.

Exactly. The Sleet and Dingo Origins and Robotnik has had enough episodes are clearly different in tone and style to most episodes
It's fine here, I just personally don't like talking about it over on 4/co/ since it makes the anons want to peek behind the curtain. They clearly want to maintain a private life and I think we at least owe them that after providing us all this fantastic content
>I took one look at Sonia and instantly recognized it was the other guy.
Yeah, he does still draw her differently, but they seem to be trying to adopt a house style for the art. I like the different colors too, it helps keep her distinct from her siblings


That's Sportacus and Obi-Wan, what does that have to do with my post?

I think he's implying that they're both in the video. Really all it proves is that Tamers knows at least one other male around his age that's willing help him out with his live action videos. It's not exactly a Kira-level deduction
IMG_8045.jpeg, 440xNA, 1 times posted
Not really related to any recent episodes, just something I thought of.

I like to think that Aleena used to wear her hair up when she was Queen of Mobius, and she just wears it down these days cause she doesn’t care anymore.
1a_2_.png, 273xNA, 1 times posted

What does that have to do with tamers thought? That's Obi-wan And Sportacus, tamers looks like this did you forget?

SHIT I should have brought this scene up when arguing with that anti-Sleengo idiot in the /mlp/ thread

Yeah, but it’s fun to pretend he’s also secretly a Jedi
Wait a minute, another person is a Sleengo fan? B-but I was told literally every poster that talks about Sleengo is me. What a conundrum!

All those other Sleengo fans are just your other personalities slipping out. You just don't remember their actions

Instead of The Crowded Room, it's The Crowded Tamers Thread!
Black Butler (2008) - S01E04 - His Butler, Capricious-[19.06.562-19.27.917]-audio.mp4, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

For those that don't know, this AMV is based on the Black Butler end credits: Black Butler: Public School Arc - Ending | Shokuzai (Atonement)
I decided to give the show a watch and as you'll see in vid related, it's hilariously perverted


Black Butler takes me back, it’s definitely his type of show.

Nothing I say comes out right
I can’t love without a fight
No one ever knows my name
When I pray for sun it rains

I remember my cousin being obsessed with this shit growing up.
sleengo derangement syndrome.png, 2838xNA, 1 times posted

It was that guy who's always posting "sleengofags absolutely BTFO.jpg", and if filenames are enough to go by, this loon also posted Tamers' (alleged) location.

Oh jesus fuck what have I done!?
...btw I threw that doodle away cuz my mom was visiting

It really is! It's a shame modern anime doesn't do the chibi faces to exaggerate emotion
Fun fact: the artist behind that song also did the opening credits of the Dr Phil show
It's overly dramatic with a Hot Topic vibe, I'm surprised it wasn't more popular
I can't prove it, but I'm almost certain it's the janny that's been trying to shit up Sonic threads for a few years now on 4/co/ and /sthg/. I mentioned him here: >>711
Anybody else find the recent videos less rewatchable? Not to say they're bad, I very much enjoy them and it's clear they're far higher quality than they've ever been, but ever since the buildup to WW3 I've found I usually just watch the episodes once and am done, whereas a lot of the early stuff I've seen dozens of times and still rewatch them every now and then, but I don't find myself coming back to rewatch and of the newer videos as much if at all.

No more grand plots and most plot points resolve in the episode they're introduced

I mean there’s a few I didn’t care for.

I actually really enjoyed the vacation episode, down to Earth episodes like that are my favorite. No one in Hollywood could dream of capturing the American working class lifestyle like Tamers. The Little Caesar’s Pizza, the constant trips to Dollar General and Walmart, it’s all there.

Same here. I think it's a mix of not much going on lore wise and the pacing either being way too fast or way too slow. I've re-watched the likes of Hiking and Sonic Finds his Father too many times to count.
snapshot.jpg, 1920xNA, 1 times posted

Sonic the Hedgehog take the bus to school - [Official teaser Trailer]
New kino in-bound! It looks like this is going to be an action and lore-introduction episode so get ready also we might be finally seeing that whole "Sonic stands up for himself and shows everyone who he wants to be" plot-line from DRHHE finally coming back!

Doesn't look like it'll be as good as the last one
1625755994995.jpg, 1279xNA, 1 times posted
Damn looks like the SU x MLP episode has been made private and you can't watch it anymore... anyone have a backup link to dl it? I'm no brony but that episode was a riot and I'm sad I can't watch it anymore

I’ll put one up later I no one else does. I’m guessing archive anon has a copy, although I don’t think he usually puts them out immediately so people will watch on Tamers’ YouTube

It's back up, but the song at the end got replaced, though strangely not the separate ED version. But maybe it's because the Patreon credits had the full version?

This happens a lot with Tamers’ videos, since he uses copyrighted music. Those anime lawyers don’t mess around. This is why I try to archive videos as soon as possible, so we don’t end up in a Star Wars original trilogy situation where the theatric cut is lost

Archive anon here. The original version is in the archive, I'll include this edited one too.
Working on the SU font.jpg, 1570xNA, 1 times posted
So I was looking at the Sonic Underground logo and decided to see if I could track down the font. It turns out it's actually hand-drawn but based on a heavily modified version of the font Gravicon. I've decided to edit it so we can have our own version. So far, I've finished everything except the "R" and "G".
lmao, Bartleby got him a golden medallion
I'm glad it's back up, but the original song fits so much better
Cool, thanks!
SU Font.PNG, 508xNA, 1 times posted

Dude, I literally just did the same thing last week no joke. But the SU font, to my findings at least, is much much closer to CC TheStorySoFar. Here's a comparison of mine and the Logo.