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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic Legacy and Various Stories

Previous Thread: >>128690609

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Sonic Legacy just got its 8th issue! It’s been a little while since we visited this series. Quick reminder, this is set in its own continuity and merges the Genesis games with Archie. The first arc was kind of Sonic 1 and we’re in the second arc aka Sonic 2! Sonic has met Tails, Sally showed up, and Eggman is collecting chaos emeralds with the help of his robot daughter, Omelette. Also, Eggman used to be a kind doctor that tried to help a young Nicole with NIDS by hooking her up to a giant mech, named a B.A.D.N.I.K., that scared everyone and he got barred from working and his office shut down. That set him down the path to the Eggman he is today.

Homework: Watch SatAM. All episodes are on Youtube.
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Sonic has been harassing Sally when suddenly Eggman started attacking!
2.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
There's Omelette! Always trying to impress her papa!
3-4.png, 1852x1427, 1 times posted
And to think that Sally was dozing off out of boredom not too long ago.
Do we know who her mom is yet?
1425189245401.jpg, 180x254, 40 times posted
>The first arc was kind of Sonic 1 and we’re in the second arc aka Sonic 2! Sonic has met Tails, Sally showed up, and Eggman is collecting chaos emeralds with the help of his robot daughter, Omelette. Also, Eggman used to be a kind doctor that tried to help a young Nicole with NIDS by hooking her up to a giant mech, named a B.A.D.N.I.K., that scared everyone and he got barred from working and his office shut down. That set him down the path to the Eggman he is today.
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Ah yes, Tails hasn't had that much experience dealing with situations like this. If only he had his truck to ram through everything.
OP already said she's a robot, you dumb fuck. How are you reading a comic despite being such an illiterate retard?
sally looks like a dude in this getup
6.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Oh yes, and Tekno's here! Tails has a crush on her.
Not sure if she has one since she's a robot.
>Homework: Watch SatAM. All episodes are on Youtube.

I thought the comics followed the series until the end.
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Be nice!
She's more princely in this version.
I'll have to clarify in the future. We have a webcomic called Se3on that's the third season for SatAM.
8.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Why you gotta be mean to your daughter?
9.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
So we got Nigel and not Alicia. Makes sense since the Max (at least his name) and Alicia "belong" to ONE MAN.
10.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Reminder that Sonic is still kind of banged up from the first adventure so he wasn't at 100% even before the attack.
>Be nice!
Suck my dick. It's a fucking Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic.
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To the castle!
Ah, this series. Trauma for everyone.
12.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Geez, Eggman is just making this look easy!
Apparently Clove is planned to show up in this comic.
weird choice
did they even interact in stc?
13.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Tails doesn't fuck around!
Remember THAT page from Mobius Legends? Oh Eggman, what a character!
Chuck what the fuck do you expect to do?
14.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
You should be lucky that isn't Max, Sonic. He'd have chopped your head off and gave no fucks.
Well, she is a genius and a girl as for their interactions, they've been around each other but not really anything more than teaming up and fighting evil together.
why are they adding villans from sonic archie reboot to this comic ?
Eggman is a dick.
15.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
That fucking drill car.
Maybe he can CHUCK something at Eggman!
Don't know. Im not complaining though, reboot had a lot of good OCs.
16.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Not the best of circumstances for a reunion.
He really is.
Who gives a shit? Why the fuck are simping or some shitty fan comic? Do we just have no standards anymore? This shit is why everyone hates us.
17.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
I know they were jobbers, but I miss the rape ape squad that Max had.
18.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Keep jobbing Omelette!
I wasn't simping. Just wanted to mention that since since a lot of people like her.
19.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
>slammed by bark in reboot archie
>now this
Nigel just can't catch a break. At least not a break that doesn't involve his bones.
Remember when Eggman claimed this was all to save people?
The only complain i have of this comic is pretty much the shark mobian shes pretty bland
20.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
>quick get his physician, mr. naugus!
Ignore them.
Don't respond to the /sthg/fag.
21.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Sally looking like she wants to go fight for freedom or something.
And he'll still say that and nobody can see the big picture.
It was an interesting choice but I understand the desire to start with a waifu.
I know. It tries to include a big cast but ends up with a pretty shallow execution.
>a lot of people like her
So? Archie Sonic is fucking dead, and some shitty fanfic isn't an acceptable substitute. You are hyping up glorified toilet paper that some greasy freak scribbled up in their basement. Fuck off.
Don't mouth off to the King, Sonic. He's being nicer than Max.
22.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
>sonic: i'll stop eggman! i sure hope this doesn't become a common thing!
23.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
Knowing Sonic 2, I can anticipate what happens next!
Sonic's always like that. His parents would be so disappointed.
No, we just hate you, faggot.
24.png, 940x1427, 1 times posted
I'm going to be honest... I can't read that comic.
25.png, 951x1427, 1 times posted
And that's it for this issue! We're going to keep going because I have way too many comics! Let's see... what else do I have...
Poor Chuck.
She doesn't do too much to stand out from Sonic, which is the main problem
>So we got Nigel and not Alicia.
They're purposefully avoiding any use of Penders' claimed characters.
>Suck my dick.
You're too late for that, the Sonadow comics were yesterday
>You should be lucky that isn't Max, Sonic. He'd have chopped your head off and gave no fucks.
Or gone senile, or turned into a crystal. You never know with Max.
This comic is trying to be archie but it fails because it missing the ingredient that made sonic comics enjoyable and fun
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Time to post The Scariest Thing by thweatted as well as some other comics by them! And what scares Sonic? Why the one person that always beats him!

The Acorns are pretty bloodthirsty m
Eggchads rise up
I can understand why an anon from there would be upset. This comic is actually shilled there by the people who work on it.
2.jpg, 1986x365, 1 times posted
The Nackforce is too strong Sonicbros!
Sally wants REVENGE
3.jpg, 1986x365, 1 times posted
Ha, like we'll ever see Sonic turn into something like that! I also have a Sonic Boom Werething comic.
I love a woman in uniform
There is no justification for /sthg/ shitting up Sonic threads, so don't even try to defend this.
4.jpg, 1601x365, 1 times posted
Tails is going to be traumatized for life at this rate.
bat shit rat shit dirty old cunt.jpg, 559x605, 1 times posted
>I have way too many comics!
Why do you have so much of this garbage? And when are going to fucking stop spamming it so I can make a fucking Sonic thread? The mods won't allow it as long as this fanfic wank is still going. Knock it off already, for fucks sake, you piece of goat shit prick!
5.jpg, 1986x365, 1 times posted
RIP Bark and Eggman while we're at it. And that's it for these comics but there's more by this artist!
I'd rather nothing more is said on that and we just focus on the comics.
Nackforce baby
I can't believe Eggman is fucking dead.
d1b8n88-bbf74ba1-5472-43cf-88c3-ea4d52a4c063.png, 690x500, 1 times posted
I'm imagining a Shrek-like accent for Knuckles.
sonic's boot actually looks pretty good on him
Why would you give Sonic cereal if you're just going to get mad at him, Knuckles?
d1fub86-21290bed-1b1b-4095-a057-bbd7ab5bbfb0.jpg, 449x2214, 1 times posted
The artist did a 100 Sonic art challenge and a lot of these are part of it. I want to see Eggman with an afro.
>That fucking drill car.
It's actually useful for once.
Furrys don't count as people.
Jazz music intensifies
dcexxi-9fd2224f-87c5-4928-93b2-40f4fdbf65c8.png, 998x488, 3 times posted
I'm reminded of the boy band episode in Sonic Boom.
I'd assume that Knuckles didn't give him that. Probably just came down to kitchen to find him there.
>Knotehole Revenganace.
typical tsundere behavior
ditgt3-2b411980-a257-4cb0-902c-f90ad9281e76.png, 1272x346, 2 times posted
You do you, Tails. I'm not judging.
Maybe he'll become a werehuman.
Its reputation certainly precedes it.
tails the philosopher
Don't quit your day jobs, DK would massacre you in a rap battle
dtdayh-ca5e605c-fee7-4b56-be48-21ae92549dd5.png, 1727x355, 2 times posted
Imagine Eggman just taking everything from the levels and Sonic's just running around with nothing but badniks trying to kill him.
Tails embracing his twink energy.
>Sonic & Tails have a disservice track called "FUCK THE E.G.G.M.A.N."
dtlciv-56b0f0a9-af0f-4010-aead-2be4217a3930.png, 1500x376, 2 times posted
I love the idea that Shadow randomly has these memories of Maria and just curls up and starts crying uncontrollably. Kind of like that Howard the Duck comic where he gets zapped by a laser and Spider-Man comes in and thinks he's dead and starts crying and saying "uncle Ben".
dw4vi0-4ad6bfae-99c1-48ba-bb97-cdfb50ddb4f8.jpg, 1374x281, 1 times posted
The only one you should worry about is Shadow. He kind of took your spot as Sonic's rival.
It's a dangerous power he has.
That mixtape goes HARD!
I mean, it's a dick move. But it's also a pretty good plan.

And THIS is just them being outright cunts. Not cool, Sonic.
dwmxim-c6736a13-48ee-4138-851f-b93197d7b962.png, 1586x300, 1 times posted
Don't tell Sonic.
So I guess generals are just suddenly allowed again. News to me, but since everyone is too busy drooling over shit fanics, discussion is still impossible. Typical.
>sonic but everyone is knuckles
i'd buy 3 copies if this were an actual game
22543A39-5DB2-478C-B428-62FCE145DF15.png, 512x497, 53 times posted
Take your meds, Knuckles
dx7sg6-9d25aa4e-6056-4257-8a8b-9ea0b8e853f5.png, 1330x544, 1 times posted
Now it's time for Mario to be an ass.
>I mean, it's a dick move. But it's also a pretty good plan.
I wonder if there's a mod that does that.
Yes, Sonic. You are. And Knuckles, you never fucking leave Angel Island unless Sonic comes nd forces you to.
This artist has made pretty soulful animations
the only game where you aren't a fat fuck is 06, sonic
dxdlzu-a4959524-36d9-46f9-a374-c9a8063fa9da.png, 1132x588, 1 times posted
>all you echidnas look the same
Good idea. He's been attacking random people in the street and saying they're trying to steal the master emerald.
The rare Teddy Roosevelt Eggman
The R is for rabies.
I can't wait for the next game in the storybook series, Sonic and the Eating Disorder.
Mephiles isn't a hedgehog, Knuckles. So he doesn't count.
dxv5tz-14898b80-ddb7-40df-8301-e953586f24e0.png, 2000x379, 2 times posted
This says a lot about society.
My boy needs to find someone to take turns watching that emerald.
i don't know about mods but there's a glitch in 3&k where you can't finish the act because the signpost doesn't drop
>I can't wait for the next game in the storybook series, Sonic and the Eating Disorder.
In it, Eggman successfully kills Sonic with his bulimia.
dxy7j0-376572eb-5c78-4eb1-8089-f8fd1cb6ff2f.jpg, 1316x330, 1 times posted
Don't you just hate it when your rival picks up a random new attack?
>I can't wait for the next game in the storybook series, Sonic and the Eating Disorder.
And it won't be a Silver game. Ha!
dy1su3-48bae55a-a7a7-40a0-912a-31da50ee6a5c.png, 1124x280, 1 times posted
Well, so much for Eggman outrunning Sonic in the Genesis games.
You say glitch, Eggman says perfectly executed plan.
Sonic got Jedi training I see.
dywcfk-ef6c94fe-448a-403f-a54e-1f5df12f4679.png, 2010x315, 2 times posted
Sonic Generations! Again! Don't tell Iizuka!
Knuckles looks like he's ready to throw hands with Classic.
dz0v3q-4eaa8878-6f42-46d3-97bc-689623ba7549.jpg, 1119x304, 1 times posted
>even amy is scared
You know it's bad when that happens!

Okay, we'll take a 10 minute break and come back for more comics! I seriously got a bunch more to post.
Sonic's sluttiness knows no bound.
xero.png, 1920x1893, 1 times posted
Heres a cool art that drawloverlala made of zero and x fused together
Why does he have so much fucking hair
Don't forget Ron Lim Sonic, he was basically a stick figure.
His full name's Mephiles the Dark, so his species is Dark.
How offensive, Knuckles is the official red Sonic.
>My boy needs to find someone to take turns watching that emerald.
They could just make it that he can put it in the special zone while he's away from the island, but he has to return regularly so the island would keep floating.
Or you could go with Sonic team's official explanation that Knuckles gets the little animal creatures to guard the master emerald.
>And it won't be a Silver game. Ha!
Poor poor, starving TMOM Silver, all he wanted was a sandwich, and all he got was suffering.
1644076803853.png, 375x472, 60 times posted
Bah, I suffered worse when I took on overlanders! The Source of All would've guided them true!
>Or you could go with Sonic team's official explanation that Knuckles gets the little animal creatures to guard the master emerald.
No wonder it keeps getting stolen.
Sometimes I'm glad Sonic and Mega Man are dead, if this is what comes out of them.
>being afraid of fan works
I wonder who Eggman fucked to make her.
wallpaper_138_tails_10_pc.png, 1920x1200, 2 times posted
that reminds me, we also have a character who is blond, blue-eyed and has a lightsaber
>What if Wily & Light set aside their differences and built the next generation of Robots?
What could stop this powerhouse?
Darth Tails?
You know, I kind of wish the whole comic was in that chibi style.
created an Egg cell to place his sperm into
>being a twat with no basic standards of decency
You are no better than Dragon Ball shitposters. Fuck you.
1.jpg, 656x900, 1 times posted
Someone was asking for a Black Knight comic and I happened to have found a cute and short one. English is rough but it's easy enough to follow.

>a Black Knight comic
Yes. YES.
AF4ED911-AC11-4290-9741-3EEBD09B59E0.png, 250x328, 1 times posted
wow double faggot
2.jpg, 656x900, 1 times posted
Who's wish? Let's find out!
3.jpg, 638x900, 1 times posted
I really haven't played this game.
Hope you like it!
Oh no, now Sonic will become a wereweasel!
it sad that there is only 1 black knigth fancomic alive i wonder if the rest is hidden somewhere ?
4.jpg, 642x900, 1 times posted
Oh, and read right to left.
Vile pls
It's weird, but Sonic has limited control over the wind and Knuckles can create lightning, but none of this is ever explained.
But classic Sonic can't talk for some stupid reason. Despite talking in CD, the OVA, and various Japanese commercials.
Today, everyone's getting the knot. And at super sonic speed!
Because Zero's the prettiest reploid/maveric hunter/etc.
It's nuts. Sonic literally has to free them at the end of every zone. Even Sonic Man would do
Eggman's a hit with the ladies. Realistically, I'd have to pick Katella the Huntress, if Omelette wasn't a robot.
I'll never not be upset that we don't have scans of the Avalon doujin.
5.jpg, 632x900, 1 times posted
Back to the comic, little notSilver is cute! Cute!
There's a Sonamy one but I don't think it's good.
Oh rigth i forgot that shadow married amy just like in the book
6.jpg, 637x900, 1 times posted
Wait, the sword talks?
Who. Did. Shadow. F U C K ?
7.jpg, 634x900, 1 times posted
Sonic just casually stealing other people's kids. Don't tell JJJ.
8.jpg, 657x900, 1 times posted
This bit of child endangerment leads to a cute moment.
>sonic's fast but shadow was quicker
He got that SEX!
Isn't Amy the Lady of the Lake in the game? That would make her Lancelot's "mother."

Yes, Caliburn talks.
9.jpg, 630x900, 1 times posted
This is better than when Vegeta hugged Trunks for the first time. Because that was immediately followed by Vegeta knocking him and Goten out and blowing himself up. Fun times.
Did you never play Black Knight?
Sonic helping kids bond with their dads. Wholesome.
>Isn't Amy the Lady of the Lake in the game
you are correct she is the lady of the lake
10.jpg, 634x900, 1 times posted
This version of Shadow is very respectful, knowing he works for Sonic. I can only imagine regular Shadow seething 24/7.
>Yes, Caliburn talks.
>I really haven't played this game.
If you can look past the silly premise, it's got the best characterization of Sonic and the other characters. Sonic's developed into an experienced hero who's still capable of having fun, and was even about to go on the date he promised Amy in Unleashed. It's the last game written by Maekawa, and is in some ways a send off of Modern Sonic (with Colors onwards being the meme-loving Post-Modern Sonic).
Jealous much Sonic?
His name's Caliburn, who is really an amnesiac Excalibur. Also, Sonic (as in regular Sonic) is legitimately King Arthur.
11.jpg, 638x900, 1 times posted
The boy now has a goal in life.
No. I didn't get a Wii until much, much later so I missed out on the exclusive games.
Jules would be proud.
Lancelot has literally been raised to respect the crown, both in the game and the original story. Of course he's loyal and respectful to his king.

OG Shadow would sooner punch Sonic in the face than kneel to him.
12.jpg, 635x900, 1 times posted
And that's that! Cute little story but now it's time to move on to something weird...
>If you can look past the silly premise, it's got the best characterization of Sonic and the other characters. Sonic's developed into an experienced hero who's still capable of having fun, and was even about to go on the date he promised Amy in Unleashed. It's the last game written by Maekawa, and is in some ways a send off of Modern Sonic (with Colors onwards being the meme-loving Post-Modern Sonic).
I have been hearing good things about the story for the game.
So what knigth title would silver have ?
>Of course he's loyal and respectful to his king.
Well until he inevitably cucks him
1632591053592.png, 1078x1438, 12 times posted
>time to move on to something weird
Here's something REALLY weird
0.jpg, 1024x1536, 2 times posted
Time for Pickle Unleashed! And unfinished! There's only 6 pages of this comic but I got some other funny comics by the artist.

This buddy buddy and uplifting Sonic is such a contrast to STC Son ic. Like even more than the usual Sonics, Its unnerving.
What the fuck?
1.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
This whole comic is a shitpost which is a shame that it just ends.
Amy's a freak!
Does Galahad also shout IT'S NO USE or does he substitute something else as a catchphrase?

Galahad was known as the "Perfect Knight" and wielded the Sword of Hanngings, so that I guess.
>insert pickle Rick joke here
the funniest part of black knight is knuckles/galahad trying to kill himself for failing at his job, imagine if the real one did the same every time the m. e. gets stolen or shattered
>tfw STC Sonic could kick Legacy Sonic's ass
What in God's name
1644287034184.jpg, 155x363, 1 times posted
2.jpg, 1024x1536, 2 times posted
There are some good Sonics out there.
Nice shades, Shadow.
>I really haven't played this game.
No offense, conductor, but have you ever actually played Sonic games? I see similar comments when you storytime a game-centered comic.
1409242701834.png, 500x523, 11 times posted
>Pickle Unleashed
... Fuck this franchise and anyone who ever cared about it. Especially me. If I wasn't such a fucking coward, I'd put a bullet in my head right now to rid the world of at least one piece of worthless filth. Sonic the Hedgehog was a fucking mistake.
3.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
Dayumn! Getting punk'd by Metal!
Both Legacy and AOSTH Sonic are really wholesome.
That the one part that doesnt make much sense did any knigth back then killed themselfs when they lost their duel ?
4.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
Metal doesn't fuck around.
There's a good gap in time where I didn't play any of the Sonic games. Mostly just played other stuff and I didn't have any of Nintendo's portables, at least not for long.
If we're going by Arthurian legend, Guinevere (Arthur's wife, the affair is a big deal in the legend). In this setting Sonic is King Arthur, so you could see why he might be pissed.
>I have been hearing good things about the story for the game.
It really is good. Maybe watch a let's play of it if you don't want to play it. It requires motion controls on the Wii, but if you emulate it in Dolphin, people have made controller mappings so you can play it with a regular gamepad.
Is this based on the Professor Pickle mod in Generations?
My god, it's worse than I feared.

The Knights of the Round suffered a lot of internal drama nd conflict and would often try to either exile themselves or do shit to get themselves killed due to what they viewed as "dishonourable" conduct.
Probably just japanese mixing european knight's honor with samurai's honor
brain fart, *gawain

i dunno, that sounds more like a samurai thing than a knight thing
Dean ?
5.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
I'm reminded of that Geese Howard super.
Didn't Fleetway Knuckles wanna kill himself in the Chaos arc?
Conductor, is everything in that playlist homework? I don't remember some of these episodes during the original broadcast.
Most people I've seen get around the whole "Lancelot literally cucks Arthur" in Black Knight stories by pairing him with Sonic/Arthur. Not that I've necessarily seen many good picks for Guinevere, mind.
6.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
What's Tails turning into? What are we supposed to call him? No idea because that's the last page! But let's see what else this artist has!
>If we're going by Arthurian legend, Guinevere (Arthur's wife, the affair is a big deal in the legend). In this setting Sonic is King Arthur, so you could see why he might be pissed.
wasn't the lady in lake executed because she had a affair or i am mistaked ?
Why aren't the rest of them doing anything?!

Tails was obviously going to achieve his DESTINY
Miles 'Kitsune' Prower.jpg, 519x750, 7 times posted
>It's not Tails anymore
>That's right, I'm not a little kid anymore
Yes, until Amy literally knocked some sense into him. Literally.
the_meteor_by_miitoons_d8jewjb.jpg, 2242x1378, 1 times posted
Would it surprise you that this artist really likes Sonic Boom? What great taste!
It's only because we'll be doing Se3on soon. You don't have to watch them.
crap misstype i meant to say mistaken
The Lady in the Lake is a deity/powerful fae, so there's not really anyone who could execute her.
unlucky_knuckles_by_miitoons_d8ivenk-fullview.jpg, 1024x1512, 1 times posted
Good job, Knuckles!
When was the last page posted ?
sonic_boom__too_big_big_and_agent_frogger_by_miitoons_d7h6iyw-fullview.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
This Big looks like he FUCKS!
And let's move on to something else...
Can you really blame this one on him, though?
Smalls from moebius before jail.
1.jpg, 1280x1921, 1 times posted
A Longtime Resentment is a short comic that gives me flashbacks of the Sonic/Tails fight in House of Cards.

2.jpg, 1280x1921, 1 times posted
Oof, that's kind of harsh, Tails!
He tempted fate and everyone is paying the price.
Seriously, when are you going to stop so I can actually talk about Sonic on /co/ again?

Dear god how many fan comics are out there?
>inb4 Tails shitstorm
3.jpg, 1280x1921, 1 times posted
At least they stopped fighting.
>hasn't played a lot of the games
>not going through STCO despite it being the longest running unofficial sonic comic
>Legacy being one of the first things they covered
I wonder who could be under the conductors cap
4.jpg, 1280x1921, 1 times posted
Good end! Feelsgoodman! Now there's one more thing before we go to break.
Too many. But it's a good problem to have.
FAR TOO FUCKING MANY. This is why everyone hates Sonic fans.
Who was in the wrong here?
if only sega at least fixed tails personality on colors and lost world
Tails is just sad and frustrated Sega won't make him playable again.
Both of them for being drama queens
Reading this really fucked with me since I thought that >>128710439 was the next page.
_intense_game_show_music_plays_in_background__by_stylishgamer_d94jet8-fullview.png, 1280x1227, 1 times posted
Sonic ReColors plays with the idea of Sonic having different versions of him with different personalities.

There's at least one comic out there where this ends more poorly, but I doubt we'll see it for a while.

Tails for overreacting and trying to murder his brother, and Sonic for failing to account for how Tails might have felt on his past adventures.
Someone needs to write a story about this concept NAO
amy_s_colors__by_stylishgamer_d6mvib5.jpg, 3302x2550, 1 times posted
Has there ever been a time that someone else really tried romancing Amy?
That green one is LITERALLY just Scourge and I love it.
Metal should talk more. He's got a direct link to the internet so he should be the ultimate shitposter.
That's what apparently happens in the Avalon doujin, and definitely my favorite ship. Yeah, they never put anyone in for Guinevere, and Amy's already the Lady of the Lake. I'd put in Elise, since she's already a princess.
>wasn't the lady in lake executed because she had a affair or i am mistaked ?
The Lady of the Lake is immortal and too powerful for humans to execute. Guinevere is sometimes killed, or cursed/blinded/etc for the affair. There's loads of different interpretations of the myth.
I unironically love that artwork. It's a shame J Axed didn't do more Archie comics.
Damn it conductor-kun, that Big's kinda fuggable.
oh, like that one episode of teen titans
colors.jpg, 1000x9900, 2 times posted
Everyone interacting with the various Sonics.
1644288226688.jpg, 859x1065, 1 times posted
> this ends more poorly
Which one?
_a_colorful_way_with_words__by_stylishgamer_d8hwhwd-fullview.jpg, 1600x333, 1 times posted
Come and get your Sonic! I have way too many Sonics and I need to get rid of them today!
>they're all into Amy
Better hurry before you get cucked by yourself, Sonic.
claiming gray sonic
he_gets_it__by_stylishgamer_d746gj0-fullview.jpg, 900x1160, 1 times posted
Would Amy really be picky which Sonic she gets? There's always Red Sonic aka Knuckles.
So it rips off that one episode of Teen Titans. Creativity is dead.
claiming green sonic
At least Purple is a man of culture
which_would_you_prefer___by_stylishgamer_d80zabn-fullview.jpg, 1600x570, 1 times posted
Amy is fucking done with this and so am I!

We'll do a final 10 minute break and be back with some more... interesting comics.
I don't know if red did a power move or a felony
>Green Sonic impresses Scourge
>Red Sonic is somehow MORE intimidating than Shadow
>Brown is a massive fucking nerd on a level that Tails can't compete with
>and Purple is the Casanova
Extend that ten minute break indefinitely. Fucking ENOUGH already.
Uh oh.
Out of my way, Yellow belongs to me!
>Good end!
That's nice, I was all ready to shit all over it.
A lack of communication from both parties.
It's just like that anime with 6(ish?) siblings that all the fujoshits love!
I'll take classic (lol) Blue Sonic. Wouldn't kick red or green out of bed either.
Probably the one where Tails replaces Eggman.
7iMjWE.gif, 400x224, 1 times posted
>TFW Sonic & Fatal Fury came out the sane year
Also we need Howard The Gesse as Casino Night Zone's crime lord
At least the key Luigi have a gf
Starlow ?
No, we need blithering idiots like you to fuck off back to deviantart where your disgusting kind belong.
1.png, 900x900, 1 times posted
A very small comic called Tails and Shadow Fix a Bike and there's a guest star on the third/last page! By the Shadow and Jolt artist!

2.png, 900x2083, 1 times posted
Now who can that be?
Yes! That's it! Good old Geese. The evil weeb businessman!
Nice bike.
3.png, 900x3138, 1 times posted
The end!
Moving on...
85494186.jpg, 400x338, 6 times posted
>Tails and Shadow Fix a Bike
Why the FUCK is that a thing that exists?

>By the Shadow and Jolt artist!
Oh of course the dumbass with a spergy self insert makes something pointless and asinine. Of course.
valentine_s_day_special_2018_pg1_by_liyuconberma_dc30j9z-fullview.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Time for a short and cute Shard/Nicole comic by LiyuConberma. We'll be doing more comics by them over time.

Scourge getting clowned on is always a good time.
valentine_s_day_special_2018_pg2_by_liyuconberma_dc37t1w-fullview.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Shardbros, I'm feeling good about this!
Best boy!
>I'm feeling good about this
Don"t, he'll just job off screen
valentine_s_day_special_2018_pg3__end__by_liyuconberma_dc40y38-fullview.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
These two need more time together.
>shard ever getting a good ending
a_kiss_of_promise__outline__by_liyuconberma_d6h5tal-fullview.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
And here's something more. Now let's move on to something else.
I want to be happy about this, but I know Shard will only suffer the moment he leaves.

I'll still gladly accept this though.
a_matter_of_fact_by_molochtdl_d792m8b-fullview.jpg, 800x1139, 2 times posted
And we're going to end the night with some funny/shitpost comics! Get ready because there's plenty of good panels and reaction images in these, all thanks to MolochTDL!

charmy_the_artist_2_by_molochtdl_d64lspl-fullview.jpg, 900x1159, 1 times posted
Batman's a menace!
When even your own device shits on you. Damn.
chiridoggu_by_molochtdl_dd313pp-fullview.jpg, 900x2402, 1 times posted
Today I learned that you can't eat a chili dog through your nose.
I'll take any good feels with Shard and Nicole that I can get.
Where's JJJ when you need him?!
crayon_control_by_molochtdl_d98jxgn-fullview.png, 1024x3923, 1 times posted
The fuck just happened?
The absolute state of Tails!
Tails BTFO!
This is why Sonic needs to eat shit other than chili dogs.

How does Shadow keep doing this to himself?
d5gu0j1-de339dba-716c-4eb5-9dde-9be96859db09.png, 819x1320, 1 times posted
RobotNEET's origin story.
Would he care? Would Vicki Vale be more interested in it?
>Shard simps
He's just hedgehog shaped Gemerl! You people are delusional.
The origin of Eggman.
d5plhtc-f3ad1b34-9cc1-4d74-b0c5-37a0ad742f1e.png, 800x1098, 1 times posted
Was that how long Sonic X-Treme was worked on before it was cancelled?
Around that number, yes.
d5qbk49-287fda56-0a8f-454e-af1c-97dac0598c6d.png, 900x713, 1 times posted
Who would be worthy?
Explains the gut.
d5qcngr-d6637607-a0e0-43a5-be14-988f4d58dac1.png, 800x1057, 2 times posted
I'm just waiting for that confirmation that Silver is Shadow's son.
d5qgxpq-b83fca06-1cb0-47df-89bf-7d7123569733.png, 800x1461, 7 times posted
Best dads.
>I'm just waiting for that confirmation that Silver is Shadow's son.
That's because you're a delusional headcanon twat. Who the fuck is the mother, dumbass? Exactly. Now shut up and stop spamming garbage comics so we can actually discuss Sonic again.
Silver should have waited a bit longer before pulling a Trunks
ddivvds-eb772c86-1ad2-4ed8-add6-fabecd2cf355.png, 1280x6457, 1 times posted
These fucking kids! That should be illegal!
What is not shown is Shadow hunting them down on his motorbike in retaliation.
de5bxy7-41f5eb2b-7a2a-4ee1-8152-64ec940fdd8a.png, 899x1311, 1 times posted
Shadow, no! The safety was on!
They both have really bad timing and getting things wrong.
Jokes on them, Shadow filled those treats with razor blades
deg9xji-b49c38b6-faba-4505-bf8d-36244199e145.png, 1024x1330, 1 times posted
Poor fox boy. He's spinning himself to death.
Why does Shadow hate chili dogs so much?
delgzgg-3ef6022c-e16c-4260-a4be-217177c48b37.png, 1024x788, 1 times posted
Cream, what did you put in those cookies?
He would do, wouldn't he?
Just like how Mama Shadow makes them.
Raisins and oatmeal, probably.
faker_by_molochtdl_d5u6dxd-fullview.jpg, 600x450, 1 times posted
Sonic using the faker emerald, I see.
One killed his father in Vietnam.
That Sonic in the last panel is extremely exploitable.
island_fruit_by_molochtdl_d5y4ib0-fullview.jpg, 800x1007, 1 times posted
Who should be more weirded out by that?
Why do oatmeal cookies ALWAYS have raisins!
Oatmeal and raisin cookies are yummy and I’m tired of pretending they’re not
mr__shadow__i_don_t_feel_so_good____by_molochtdl_dd1qk5d-fullview.png, 800x1650, 1 times posted
Cream just got Thanos'd!
Oh yes he is!
sonic channeling felix the cat here
Probably Knuckles, for having weird red banana hair.

>Why do oatmeal cookies ALWAYS have raisins!
Not always. Just most of the time.
silver_s_doom_by_molochtdl_d797rcz-fullview.jpg, 800x1029, 1 times posted
Looks like Silver's going to need more therapy!
he looks so proud of disintegrating that little girl
Shadow is a bit too proud of deleting a young child here.
sly_as_a_____by_molochtdl_d6vxeq9-fullview.jpg, 800x2036, 1 times posted
Rosemary! You got some 'splainin' to do!
He really shouldn't eat that.
>Not always. Just most of the time.
I swear I almost never see simple oatmeal cookies in stores.
The Black Arms can't say that! It's copyrighted!

...Oh, and it sucks that Silver's being brain raped I guess.
Eh, not like there's much of a brain to rape anyways
Black Arms vs. Xorda vs. Matterx vs. Drakon, who wins?
the_gang_by_molochtdl_d9870se-fullview.png, 1024x695, 1 times posted
And we end the night on some very questionable sides to our favorite characters! That'll be it for the night. And tomorrow we'll do more random comics because I really do have too damn much. After that we'll do Hangin' Out. Because that looks like a lot of fun!

5pm EST tomorrow!
We get it. Sega is dumb and arbitrary about its IP. Stop beating it into the fucking ground.
Drakkon come up with an elaborate plot to have the other three destroyveach other whilst they reap the benefits. The Xorda REEEEEEEEEEEEE at all the filthy aliens coming onto their property, and Black Doom enjoys a fine cup of tea.
list.jpg, 752x1016, 1 times posted
I'm going to need to make another Finished folder.
sippy.gif, 311x311, 8 times posted
No.128711626 [Post deleted 22:48:59]
Okay, so I guess we're just not allowed to actually discuss Sonic on /co/. GREAT. Go fuck yourself, you spamming retard.
How the fuck did you find this, Conductor? It looks like the artist literally nuked all their art into the ground.
Its over , go make your thread already.
ddmmfuq-b887d06a-82a5-441a-94d7-62e4403e772d.png, 640x965, 1 times posted
Don't reply to the sperg
1513227941946.png, 1280x1702, 1 times posted
Never played much of the beat em up games, but Fatal Fury always seemed to have a nice art style.
Nice, that's a pairing we don't get to see often.
Clanking sounds intensify. They're a pretty cute couple desu.
That's fucked up.
>I'm just waiting for that confirmation that Silver is Shadow's son.
They should just make it canon, pic related.
____and_who_might_these_ones_be__by_stylishgamer_d86457g-fullview.jpg, 1280x720, 1 times posted
Well damn, looks like I saved those images before it was too late! I actually didn't post all the images I saved. Here's the one I didn't post.
As long as these threads exist, no other Sonic threads are allowed. They will get deleted. How do you not understand this? Oh right, because you're fucking stupid.

Fuck you. This is absolute bullshit, and you fucking know it. You do not get to act all high and mighty because your spamming is causing the mods to herp the fuck out. Stop spamming this godawful shit so actual discussion can happen for once. Fucking kill yourself.
1639641225003.gif, 172x160, 1 times posted
scout-laugh.gif, 498x498, 3 times posted
1521878539200.jpg, 800x271, 3 times posted
Exactly, that's Silver's catchphrase.
What you need to do is finish exactly two comics tomorrow so they line up perfectly.
This is why you always save or bookmark my good comics you find. 90% of the time, the artist has some breakdown or another and literally deletes all their art off the face of the net and you can never find it again.
fatalfury3-selectionscreen2.png, 304x224, 1 times posted
Fatal Fury is a fighting game series. But yeah, the art style is damn good. This has to be greatest character select screen ever.
In my experience it’s usually japs who nuke their accounts without warning, how odd
It's a shame too, because it's a really good AU that you could use for all kinds of stories.
That remind me of the artist who had made that edgy comic with tails as a villan but somehow after a week or 2 he left with out a trace and he deleted all his videos from youtube and his devian art account is blocked
1532353656057.png, 3600x1510, 1 times posted
>Fatal Fury is a fighting game series.
Ha, that's what I meant. I'm not very familiar with that genre, I've really only played Smash Bros. I really do like its style though.
If you like something, always archive it. Between gallery-dl and yt-dlp, you can save almost any image or video along with its metadata.
good_for_him_by_thegreatrouge_de66oa9-fullview.jpg, 1024x575, 6 times posted
>The Heart of a Monster
If anyone has archived the comic just send to the conductor so he can read it the name of the comic is Where Was My Hero by mercy
You know you can always go to /v/ or /sthg/ (yes, /sthg/) to discuss Sonic.
1510511269846.png, 702x952, 1 times posted
gonna learn how to draw feet to make the perfect sonic fancomic
Godspeed, anon.
>the perfect sonic fancomic
Fool, you speak of an impossibility.
Heres a tip, you need to use 3 toes or else it wont be a good fan comic
This version of Big is just Jon St John doing the Duke voice
Why the hell can't we discuss it here?
Make sure it stars a female character.
1553314994914.jpg, 600x2000, 2 times posted
You can't just chase the trends and put feet in it, true artistry comes from the heart. You have to put your own degenerate fetishes in it!
I can't believe I have an opinion on this, but three toes is the least weird looking.
Why do you need to discuss here so badly? You have literally two other places to talk about Sonic.
Gemerl is just Emerl-shaped Shard
Because those places go out of their way to avoid real discussion. It's like trying to talk about anything in a Dragon Ball thread. And I guess this general is no better.
According to the artist? Chocolate chip.
Yeah I don't get it either.
Define "real discussion" when talking about Sonic.
1631936599911.png, 1024x810, 2 times posted
>Zone Cop versions of Eggman's greatest followers
All of them simp for Zobotink
Supporting_Ree.png, 1106x1014, 2 times posted
>You know you can always go to /v/ or /sthg/ (yes, /sthg/) to discuss Sonic.
What a terrifying thought
Pretty cool, I wish we could have humans in the comics. Someone like Agent Stone would be a lot of fun.
I imagine No Zone Agent Stone (Ztone) being a lawyer like Shadow was in that Zone Cop comic that was storytimed.
Lawyer who also has basic Zone Cop defense training. It's the No Zone, anything could happen.
1518219878200.png, 600x3180, 4 times posted
You know, we haven't had any Hawaiian shirt Shadow comics yet. This must be rectified.
Surfer Bro Shadow is something I didn't know I needed until now.
_sonic_boom__false_rumored_shadow_and_rouge_by_miitoons_d71plf8-fullview.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
I do have this.
sonic is cuter than shadow.jpg, 600x787, 1 times posted
He was pretty popular when the fans were speculating how Boom!Shadow would look.
1526183566442.jpg, 494x411, 1 times posted
Forgot to include Mike Pollock singing Boom Shadow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQMEAh5rhsc
2280727_skullango_grand-theft-shadow.png, 2880x2880, 1 times posted
sonic-legacy-comic-issue-07-pg20.jpg, 951x1427, 2 times posted
Few hours later but I'd still like to post this, mostly because we have seen Tails having crushes on any girl he comes across. We really need to make a list. I swear he has more crushes than Sonic has had love interests.
What is the origin of this meme?
Speculation regarding Boom Shadow that snowballed into a whole Hawaiian surfer-dude thing.
He's been extremely horny throughout the Ride, but he's not nearly as big of a slut as Sonic.
a7c4468680f5af4e9818326b468c2c3eeb3464cc.png, 729x671, 1 times posted
In a way Fatal Fury & SNK are the Sonic & Sega to SF & Capcom's Nintendo.
Bunnie is very smug there.
1523122475537.png, 1000x2050, 1 times posted
Cool, they look like they could be reapers in TWEWY.
Cute! Looks like the artist's channeling Jon Gray here.
Well that was certainly a song about using the potty.
cowbot_by_miitoons_d8ghj2j.jpg, 2242x1378, 1 times posted
Burger Zone pdf01.jpg, 2550x3300, 3 times posted
Burger Zone pdf02.jpg, 2550x3300, 3 times posted
Burger Zone pdf03.jpg, 2550x3300, 6 times posted
Burger Zone pdf04.jpg, 2550x3300, 3 times posted
This is propaganda, Tails! I thought Sonic taught you better than this!
Burger Zone pdf05.jpg, 2550x3300, 2 times posted
Burger Zone pdf06.jpg, 2550x3300, 2 times posted
Burger Zone pdf07.jpg, 2550x3300, 2 times posted
Burger Zone pdf08.jpg, 2550x3300, 2 times posted
FLB7jDmVkAElzaQ.jfif.jpg, 1080x1080, 1 times posted
Shadow is a dick.
Cute, would actually get me to watch the news.
Sassy bitch Rouge is kinda hot, ngl. Still prefer Shadow though
Just casually stealing lunch money
Poor Shadow, the ultimate lifeform having to use a children's carseat.
He's not old or tall enough to use adult seatbelts.
The ultimate manlet, those rocket shoes really are just lifts.
fakers_____by_aandygp_dbm476h.jpg, 3829x2147, 1 times posted
Would you wear a Shadow costume?
Only if he was going to the same con and I could say this to him >>128710206
7.jpg, 1007x1543, 3 times posted
No.128719872 [Post deleted 11:32:20]
I see. That reminds me about that intricacy of a sub-plot arc of Monkey-Khan and Sally warming up to each other, in the once Sally was still let go of Sonic before would they at last append to each other. I didn't read much of it before, but now that you mention it, I do wonder if perhaps Ian must also enjoy Sally with Ken. I guess he might had the intentions of them together, deeper than what I did anticipate.

>and can't move on to someone that would actually appreciate the attention.
I would say it depends a lot of whichever medium are we basing our thoughts on. If it's about videogames, then that's sort of her point. Amy is Amy, a crazy hog of a fangirl, yet the sweetest of the bunch. Granted, I do still perceive the point being that's been a really tiring trope at this extent.

Otherwise, comics or cartoons, then yeah, it does make you wonder about her mental sanity. Readers will eventually bore out, being on their expectation of when will Amy ever do something else, either moving on (Archie Amy, which is my favorite self of her) or attaching to another partner (venturing along Tekno). Amy's bound to have frowned looks on her if she keeps on her usual fanatic self.

I'm glad to be of any joy for you. You're welcome, buddy!
media_FK9AqxsUYAAB0KS.png, 941x1080, 1 times posted
No.128719984 [Post deleted 11:32:20]
>that Big's kinda fuggable.
That is a good attractive Big, but only muscles spread on his body, sort of makes him bland. In very horny opinion, I love so much men who are musclegut, that is evenly smoothed out fatness across their physiques and adding layer on their muscles, along sporting a good gut to rub. Love them!

>It's a shame J Axed didn't do more Archie comics.
Oh, wow, and here I thought I was the only one who remembers him fondly. I share this sentiment really deeply. I think I have read somewhere that Axer wasn't much of Sonic fan in the first place, hence his little of part on Archie. Pity.
I personally didn't like the Sally and Khan thing. It was just there to be Sally's transition back to Sonic. Might as well just have her be single while she and Sonic got more comfortable with each other. All the Khan thing did was just give her another romance and she's had enough love interests for one to last a handful of issues. As for Amy, there's very few instances were Amy works as Sonic's love interest, like in Boom. StC showed she can be a much better character if she got over her crush on Sonic. I think she works good with Knuckles because he's somewhat passive and canonically not good around girls. He needs someone that can take the initiative and in return he'd give her the attention she needs. Not like he has much else going on for him. Floating Island with a dozen varied locations and even outside of Archie, Knuckles is practically the king of the place. And he'd have someone very capable of helping him watch that damn emerald.
Manlets, when will they learn.
How many more Sonic fancomics can you possibly spend time uploading?
FLDM3mPVUAM5_60.jpg, 800x1200, 3 times posted
>Single Female Lawyer/Fighting for her clients
>Wearing sexy mini skirts/And being self-reliant!
>Sonic: Hey, I'm pretty good!
Honestly, I thought we wouldn't have enough to last until the IDW storytime in May but at this rate I might have to coordinate with that anon on when I can stop. Even with me being more and more picky about what to post, there's a lot I keep coming across. I found a comic where everyone is a mobian, that includes Maria and Eggman. That's still updating. And there's an unfinished comic where Jules gets deroboticized. Not sure if I'll post that. Maybe I'll chuck it in tonight's thread, it only has 9 pages.
2CF1796E-0084-40CF-AB97-8782EC18A718.png, 800x600, 3 times posted
There are more Sonic fancomics then there are stars in the night sky
>I thought I could cover the entire English speaking fan output of a 30 year old global media franchise that is a favorite among actual artists but iconic and abstract enough that a literal child could make comics about it
sonic legacy 8.jpg, 4096x948, 1 times posted
Ah, that's much better!
They're implying it's Legacy's author.
tails hatcher and cream nights.jpg, 1280x857, 16 times posted
That's a pretty wild theory even though I started off storytiming Archie Sonic Online and didn't do Legacy until after that. Wouldn't it make more sense if I was one of the ASO writers? Or maybe I'm pulling some 5D chess moves and I really am a writer for Legacy? Or maybe I'm actually Evans and all the Sonic comics that just so happen to have feet in them is just me cultivating a collection and favoring them over non-feet comics and you're all clueless passengers on the real ride. The Feet Ride!

Or I could just be some rando that really likes Sonic comics but not so much the games and really hate how Sega is treating the franchise and find that fan comics deliver most of what I miss. You'll never know for sure.
Not that anon, but I never realized there were so many Sonic fancomics until these threads happened. For example Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond and Batman have made more money over the years than Sonic has, but they rarely seem to get any fancomics. And if they get any, they tend to be just a couple of panels; not ambitious longer stories like the comics in these threads.
I suppose having animal characters and a cartoony style helps? Human characters in live-action franchises tend to be a bit challenging to draw, while Sonic's style is more simple. Also, an animal cast attracts furries; furries always seem to be super active and prolific content creators.

Either way, I'm impressed by these comics. Many of the fan artists have been really good, and their art has looked very close to the official source material.
FLF1ybmX0AY8lF4.jpg, 1500x900, 1 times posted
True how many fancomics even have decent looking humans? Even the really great ones falter on humans.
>sally as andy
>not antoine
All four of those require more technical skill to render art on-model, are less broad than Sonic as subjects, and three of them were older franchises by the time ease of media creation became so widespread. Sonic also cultivated a fan creation culture very early into its life (both in representative art and fan projects based in the same medium and style as the source material) that persisted and even grew over time.

To put it more simply, Sonic is the perfect petri dish of what modern broad scope brands become should they last more than ten years. The creation culture that will inherently accompany such a broad subject in the information age creates a mass fan apocrypha. The brand becomes cultural shorthand for artistic expression within certain parameters.

Sonic will live on for at least 30 more years in pop culture because it became the template for the intersection of abstract cute cartoons with drama. This stupid brand matters way more than it should precisely because it was nothing more than a mascot and was in the right place at the right time.
>I found a comic where everyone is a mobian
It’s on the list. Not sure when I’ll get to it. It’s also where everyone has very human proportions and it seems like the main characters are Shadow, Silver, and Blaze.
Rouge-rouge-the-sexy-bat-40261851.png, 828x900, 1 times posted
No.128723084 [Post deleted 20:36:48]
Amy a shit, Rouge a cutie.
667965_simoncrips_rouge-the-bat-human.png, 1140x1260, 1 times posted
For me, it's human Rouge
>not rogue in a rouge costume
>>not rouge in a rogue costume
010.jpg, 1006x1542, 2 times posted
No.128724121 [Post deleted 20:37:18]
That's a very comprehensible perspective. I like Khan, and I felt him and Sally building up to each other was neat enough for simultaneously one developing another, until they finally admit their chemistry to each other. It was a straightforward development, on a constant sensible flow, at last admitting to each other. Although basic, it's still something of romance, I wish Archie Sonic would have focused more early on, rather than plunging on triangle love relationships for the sake of driving up sales and nogging off the most eccentric fanatic teenagers.

Speaking off, this exact troubling past this comic suffered of, is what clouds on this attempted Khan romance, and likely that would still bore out most readers and put them on assumption of more soap opera, yeah. Obviously, Ian would then untie the knot at instant and relegate back Sally to Sonic. While that was definitely for the best, I do like the detail of Khan proving to mass about his built self-awareness of his short-tempered mood, resulted from his successful development, with caring assistance from Sally.

>I think she works good with Knuckles
I like a ton your clever points on their possible match-up! You could too theorize Knuckles' favorite color is pink, given his affair with Julie-Su and thus. Yeah, Knuckles does seem to be a pretty good pair for Amy, but wouldn't this possibly rip out more triangle love troubles, thanks to Rouge?
Boobs literally too big.
You have to adjust how you draw girls for their boobs, you can't just resize the tits.
5.png, 1261x1920, 1 times posted
No.128724460 [Post deleted 20:37:18]
>It's a shame J Axed didn't do more Archie comics.
Oh, and here I thought I was the only one who remembers him fondly. I share this sentiment really deeply. I think I have read somewhere that Axer wasn't much of Sonic fan in the first place, hence his little of part on Archie. A pity. You can follow him on Twitter, if you want (though, disappointingly, he seems to have streamlined a lot his art process, consequently losing about half of his own tinkles and bells that made his art so authentic and nice to see).

>that Big's kinda fuggable.
That is a good attractive Big, but only muscles spread on his body, sort of makes him bland. In my very horny opinion, I love so much men who are musclegut, that is evenly smoothed out fatness across their physiques and adding layer on their muscles, along sporting a good gut to rub. Love them.
1644194244283.png, 938x1204, 1 times posted
No.128724644 [Post deleted 20:36:48]
Correct and based
So would Red Sonic be like STC and yellow Sonic X?
>I like a ton your clever points on their possible match-up! You could too theorize Knuckles' favorite color is pink, given his affair with Julie-Su and thus. Yeah, Knuckles does seem to be a pretty good pair for Amy, but wouldn't this possibly rip out more triangle love troubles, thanks to Rouge?
I get that Rouge has been paired up with Knuckles plenty of times in various ways but it seems like something that wouldn't work out unless one of them changed. Knuckles is a wholesome homebody with a short temper and likes to occasionally go on adventures. Rouge is a flirt that gets into trouble more than adventures and is always on the move. I think pairing her with Shadow makes more sense. She can match is maturity and immaturity and get him out of his comfort zone like Sonic does. Knuckles just needs a nice girl to settle down with. Comfy home, someone to spend time with, and have a family. That's probably what Amy wants from Sonic and he ain't having that, at least not any time soon.
Red Sonic seems to emote far less than StC, to the point it makes it impossible to tell what he's actually thinking. And while Sonic X is a nicer version of Sonic, he's nice in the "detached stoic older brother" way, not Yellow's bubbly cheerful way.

In all honesty, other versions of Sonic (barring Movie and probably AoSTH) would very well not get along with the ReColors.
>not bat face the rogue
fightinggamefun2_by_joeadok_denfza7-fullview.jpg, 1260x630, 4 times posted
Wouldn't Antoine fit more as an Last Blade or SamSho character?
I knew it was you Evan, now release your stash of lewd drawings or the feet get it!
Between these comics and the fangames, this franchise's probably got the most productive fanbase. It really is fantastic.
Well said, I agree that a lot of it had to do with Sonic appearing in the right place at the right time. It was a multimedia franchise with games, two ongoing western comics, and two very popular tv shows by the time the internet was becoming mainstream in the mid 90s.
I'd also argue that the Sonic design is perfect for fan works. It's simple enough for even beginner artists to draw recognizably, and is an easy template to create your own OC (people tend to shit on OCs, but that's how a lot of fanartists get started).
One thing that's often not talked about is Sega's attitude to fanworks. Companies like Nintendo and Disney tend to send in lawyers when fangames, game mods, or other fanworks get popular. Sega's very permissive about this, as long as you're not making a profit. Disney certainly wouldn't let Evan keep working on a fan comic, especially not one where she killed off the main character. As frustrated as I am with Sega's failure to capitalize on what is essentially a cool version of Mickey Mouse, I do have to give them credit for treating their fans right.
>J Axer
Yeah, looking through his Twitter, his art's really improved, but it does lack that unique Spaz-based style he had in the comics. As edgy as it is, NiN Tails is genuinely cool. I was sure he was a Sonic fan though. He still occasionally draws Sonic, and I was sure he was hired similarly to Dawn Best and Ian Flynn, by writing Archie directly as a fan.
I mostly liked the lewd look on his face. I can see why you'd like that type, I'm more into standard himbos when it comes to bigger guys though. Dingo from the Tamersverse is probably my favorite.
I can't believe Conductor was Evan all along!
this is fine.png, 749x621, 4 times posted
W-what are you doing there, Cream.
1644190874699.png, 2100x1500, 1 times posted
>that Tails
He truly has attained his DESTINY
1627222462.hunter-husky_unknown_jpeg.jpg, 1920x1914, 2 times posted
No.128728072 [Post deleted 20:37:18]
>his art's really improved, but it does lack that unique Spaz-based style he had in the comics.
Precisely. Depending to whom you ask, it can be argued it wasn't much of improvement, rather simplifying your art. It depends a lot from art to art, but the quirks and deviances inherent from the author can be adding into the charm and founding better its uniqueness. I think art shines the most, when half of it has got its traces, symbols and flagships who standardizes his own exclusive standards, from nobody else but the artist itself. Axer, for example, was really loving on just adding details upon details, like the tiniest and slightest atoms, painted among the molecules constituting a paper plane. That was his artist signature, thus making everything look just so stupendous and shining. Your comment about that gothic Tails, as much as edginess isn't up my alley, perfectly cements my argument.
>He still occasionally draws Sonic, and I was sure he was hired similarly to Dawn Best and Ian Flynn, by writing Archie directly as a fan.
Ooh! I must be misremembering, ops.

Oh, but still, excellent taste all around. I'm just very glad to meet another fellow who loves manly men as much as I do! I was moreso attracted to that Big because of his muscles, along the manly face look he put out too. I'm further nearing on manly chubby men particularly, like daddies who are lazy and laid-back to their heart's content, but I'm happily understanding of your case too, as I like himbos too.
Along Dingo from Tamers, I suppose you like a lot Vector or Storm too? Tumble from IDW too? They seem good as himbos candidates.
Speaking of himbos, I think THOAM has ruined me in regards to Sonic as a character, at least as a werehog. I can't stop imagining him as a total himbo now.
Werefox Tails.png, 1200x921, 8 times posted
himhog.png, 1006x662, 1 times posted
Sonic isn't the kind of men I like, but I had always envisioned he's amidst the twinks, or perhaps the twunks, but his werehog most definitely would re-elevate him to a much more suiting and better himbo teddy bear. I think Unleashed has made a great job on that matter, and Archie collaborated a lot too. Sonic as werehog is just tons attractive, and I'm definitely wishing for it to be revisited.

The one really fascinating, underrating aspect of Sonic, is its sheer expanding array of boys and men for you to freely chose among them. There's one for absolutely everyone. Femboys, twinks, jocks, daddies, you name them.
weresally and wereamy.jpg, 1986x1516, 5 times posted
For me, it's werechipmunk Sally. Or at least the partial version. Amy's not really pulling the look in these panels but I did like her as a vampire because of that fang she got. Simple but effective.
ja32uhy1.png, 943x369, 1 times posted
EBB2742E-82C9-439B-9D5F-5B09A90D6370.jpg, 1280x932, 5 times posted
928176E1-3E7E-4DAA-BD2D-E1685474FCBD.png, 600x1160, 5 times posted
looking kinda Ron Lim there, Sonic
>the shark mobian shes pretty bland
Yeah, I agree. That was the one problem I had with this book.

Like i get that the writer felt Sonic needed someone to bounce off during the events of Sonic 1, but you didn't needed a fully formed character to do that and not for so long; Dolphin wore out her welcome by 4th issue.You could've just given her role to a Flicky and nothing would've changed.

Dolphin girl has the same issue Tangle has - a lot of visual fanfare for what amounts to nothing we haven't see before from the games.

Such a LUST FOR REVENGE....and lost of furry men!!!

But whoooo?!!!
Nack is so fucking based i love him
>And when are going to fucking stop spamming it so I can make a fucking Sonic thread?

And what, praytell, oh angry nigga, was so important about Sonic that you have to interrupt a weekly storytime with your trivial bullshit?

Because if it's just you complaining about tthe comics, we already do that here and if it's. just jizzing to Nicole, you can do that with just yourself and the company of your right hand, nigga.

Is it weird to say, I kinda want Green Sonic to be the canon one?
t. Scourge
I hate that Surfer Bro Shadow was never canon and we got stuck with the black hole that was Boom Shadow.

Also FUCK Boom Shadow, he made both season finales terrible.
For those who don't live in Mexico
> All characters from SNK and most has been in King of Fighters in some way
> Merlin Prower (Archie) as Goenitz, boss of KOF 96
> Grand Kuku as Zero, boss of KOF 2000
> Commander Hightower as Heidern, the leader of Ikari Warriors. Also in KOF
> My man Eggman as that bastard Rugal Bernstein, The OG KOF boss from 94,95, and all Dream Matches
> The lad filled with DESTINY as Orochi, the big bad of KOF and boss of 97
> Classic Tails fills in for Chris, one of the Orochi Team from 97 & XV (and the human form of Orochi)
> Espio as...I wanna say Fuma from World Heroes, a weird SNK fighter
> Charmy as I think Hokotumaru from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, the 6th Fatal Fury game. Andy's apprentice
>Vector as Heavy D, the only good member of the Sports Team from KOF 94 (though i though he was Kyo due to the jacket)
> Wacky AOSTH Professor guy as Oswald, part of Ash team from KOF XI. Assassin with card gimmick
>Conquering Storm (Archie) as Genjuro, main rival character of SamSho (weird, I thought she would be Gato from Garou)
>Booby Wolf (IDW) as Fio, a playable character from side scroller shooter Metal Slug
> !notFang (IDW) as Mr. Big, the original boss of Art of Fighting (prequel to FF and KOF)
> Johnny Lightfoot(STC) as Billy Kane, sub-boss of Fatal Fury and Geese's top goon. Works cuz he's both british and has a stick
> Rough & Tumble (IDW) as Ralf & Clark, the Ikari Warriors from the game of the same name, and KOF.
> Mina (Archie) as everyone's fav annoying pop star magical girl, Athena Asamiya. Started in shmup PSYCHO SOLDIER, then graduated to KOF mainstay.
>Brezzie (Archie ver) as Young Geese Howard from AOF2. Really deep cut here.
> Crazy boy Zazzles as crazy boy Yamazaki, Fatal Fury alum and occasional KOF baddie
> obscure big boss Zavok as obscure big boss Wolfgang Krauser, the boss of Fatal Fury 2
>J Axer
Definitely, the overabundance of detail is what really made his work stand out, especially when he was drawing cybernetic parts.
I generally prefer twinks like Stripes, the hedgehogs, adult Tails, and Sleet from the Tamersverse. Lovable himbos are my favorite personality type though, ones like Werehog Sonic, Soren from the dragon prince, or Dingo from the Tamersverse. I like Tumble and Vector, but we don't really get to see much of Storm's personality in the games since Jet and Wave get most of the lines.
That's pretty cute, having opposable stretchy tails would be a great gameplay mechanic.
He's got a great mix of aggressiveness, fluffiness, and vulnerability. I'm kinda digging the neon eyeliner too.
He had a few good jokes, and the fight scenes were good, but they should've either reworked him as a reoccurring character or scrapped him. SurferBro!Shadow 4 lyfe!
media_FEaFAsRVEAQ9iy2.jpg, 1304x1080, 6 times posted
I'm gonna reply to you back on the next thread soon or not, but until then, I'm glad to have spoke with you. Hope to see you on the future threads and keep ourselves showing off our lustings for mobian men, buddy, hehe!