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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #1

Previous Thread: >> 128283927

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Today we’re doing some odds and ends. These are fan comics that are done in some way and very likely with no actual end. So don’t expect anything like that tonight. What you should expect are some interesting takes on Sonic and the gang.

We start with an 8 page short story by Chauvels and this one is in fact complete although it jumps ahead a bit due to it being a short story. It's reboot Archie but there's a preboot character in it! This is Memory!
2.jpg, 825x1258, 1 times posted
So quick rundown on this is that the Archie universe had a reboot, the Freedom Fighters and Nicole had their memories of before the reboot restored but they faded and it was all forgotten. But...
3.jpg, 825x1258, 1 times posted
Sadly, Shard never got to tell Nicole how he felt. He possibly died in Sonic Universe issue 50. I'd like to think he would've eventually recovered if the whole universe didn't reboot.
4.jpg, 825x1258, 1 times posted
Like I said before, there are jumps. We go through the initial confrontation with Phage and most of the battle. Phage was a virus working for Eggman that was corrupting Nicole and trying to absorb her.
I havent read reboot archie past the first few issues yet so I dont know who that fox face is
5.jpg, 825x1258, 1 times posted
Although it was cancelled, there were roughs for future issues of reboot Archie showing that Phage had trapped Nicole and taken her place, pretending to be her. No idea where that would go but Phage also seemed to play a part in the Archie version of the Metal Virus arc.
6.jpg, 825x1258, 1 times posted
She's just a virus that is obsessed with Nicole and anything she doesn't understand. There's not much more info on her aside from that.
7.jpg, 825x1258, 1 times posted
Shard has a nasty habit of dying. This is like his third time.
Is this story FORGETTING that Nicole is supposed to be in lesbians with Sally?
why didnt nicole just back up her digital boyfriend?
8.jpg, 825x1258, 1 times posted
And that's it! Gemerl was obviously intended to be a Shard replacement. There's an a panel where he has a Shard-esque silhouette and he acts like Shard as well. Would be nice to actually see them interact, can't remember if they did in the actual comics.
>There's another part of me out there. I just know it.
Technically, it's Gemeral.
You know, this has got me in the mood to look at DA comics that are currently coming out, and I already have found a hand full of sonic comics that were updated today, and an Archie comic that's about the fallout of him dating multiple girls at once. I don't know if that last one is porn or not.
I see we have returned to the land of Archie after going in a trip to the UK and finding ourselves in another universe of feet
the_house_always_wins_by_rikdraws_dches5e.png, 700x1047, 1 times posted
Let's stick with the reboot Archie with the start of what is sadly a very incomplete comic. Only 6 pages.
She wasn't lesbians at the time. Ian said he would've done it later.
That'd be cheating and maybe it's not possible because he's a corrupted file that shouldn't exist.
I'm getting porn comic vibes from this cover.
>Sonic gets together with Elias
>Sally decides to go gay too
>Nicole gets together with Shard

Ain't no Acorn's chance.
the_house_always_wins_page_1_by_rikdraws_dcheu07.png, 700x1049, 1 times posted
Sonic and Bunnie continue to have good chemistry. They both like having fun and don't take things too seriously.
I have a list that can be seen here >>128294715 if you see any you have or if you have any suggestions then let me know.
now we need some poor soul to fuck Max
That's a very spiky boob she's got there. They could save most of her torso but her left boob is a traffic cone. Very tragic.
the_house_always_wins_page_2_by_rikdraws_dcheucw.png, 700x1047, 1 times posted
A place like this is perfect for some sleazy shenanigans!
I've got a good StC prequel comic coming up!
I wish.
Elias is a cutie!
I miss The Ride.
>if you have any suggestions
I see a lack of AIDS and rape on that list.... Eh, I might do that myself in July for the weekend of pain. Been a few years.
the_house_always_wins_page_3_by_rikdraws_dd06x9m.png, 700x1047, 2 times posted
So... did they take... all of their clothes?
Hey now, Max was a prime cut back in the day. Unless we're talking about the dying one. That poor bastard.
Tsk, tsk, what a poor use of background colors for the costume. Like that 007 Goldeneye boxart.
I fucking love the Casino Night Zone aesthetics, how come the real comics didn't utilize it more?
Did they really just strip them naked and tie them together? Lewd
the_house_always_wins_page_4_5_by_rikdraws_de1iaqc-fullview.jpg, 1600x1302, 1 times posted
I'll be honest, an entire series taking place here would be great. I liked the Champions arc as well. Don't let Espio in.
I miss Archie in general. Thankfully there are some comics that help fill that void. Not entirely but somewhat.
And you can be the Pain Conductor!
>This is what normalfags think furries do to people
Oh hey it's Rik from a whole bunch of different group fan comic projects (StC-O, ASO, Legacy, etc); Reggie actually hired him to do some of the color flats on Seasons of Chaos (professional comic colorists hiring separate flatters and those flatters going uncredited because they were hired by the colorist and not the publisher is a fairly common practice; usually said flats aren't the final color palette used in the story but rather just abstract color pallets that make it easier for the main colorist to fill in the final flat colors)
I see this fan comic is taking Sonic back to his roots with playboy bunny girls
Is this a Sonic x Bunnie comic?
the_house_always_wins_page_6_by_rikdraws_dd6m9d0.png, 800x1197, 1 times posted
What wild and crazy antics will these two get into? We'll never know because this comic is over and dead! Moving on!
I love all the casino zones.
Probably just down to their underwear but still very lewd.
>6/10 too much water

B-But the tubes with the shark girls
Why is Sonic so fucking gay
Its Tempest from legacy lol
0.jpg, 1240x1754, 2 times posted
Now let's shift over to StC! This is a prequel comic to the main series. And I have to say, these characters are drawn very... handsomely.
Yeah, this guy has been buys doing all that stuff. Shame they stopped this comic. Seemed like it would've been a lot of fun.
But no Tails getting drunk and gambling while being seduced by a bunny girl.
She's a married woman!
>At night, you couldn’t see the desert that surrounds the Casino Night Zone. But it’s in the desert where lots of the town’s problems are solved.
1.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Forgot the link. Sadly this artist had surgery and lost a finger and is getting back to drawing. Otherwise there might be more of this but there's two chapters so there's more to it than the previous two.
I see Sonic finally got his own Netflix show.
Why is it that the good looking fancomics with cool ideas always never finish.
2.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
This is pre-Kintobar Sonic. All hedgehogs are brown so he doesn't have his crazy speed or his signature blue fur.
Hates water!
Love to see cameos from other comics.
Sonic literally got whitewashed lmao.
3.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Not much is known about rings, it seems. And Sonic has the unique ability to use them.
Can't wait for Sonic Prime where he gets into the STCverse and gets called a pixel brain by himself and tries to fight him.
4.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
And Sonic's fucking dead. End of the comic. Goodnight, folks!
5.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Before Knuckles, before Shadow, before all the other rivals, there was... Lance!
This is reminding me of another comic. I think it was called "Child of the Green Hill" or something like that.
6.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Listen, I'm not saying these characters are hot or anything but they... have some interesting proportions...
Thanks for letting me! I'll check that out and probably add it to the list!
Sally looking fine even with an A-cup. Is that Bunnie on the streets?
7.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
I like that Sonic is very confident and yet wanting to prove himself to everyone. Gives him a motive to do what he does in this pre-Robotnik world.
8.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
First chapter down, second chapter to go!
One of the earliest forms of Fleetway Sally had an interesting body shape if not deformed. She was first shown as this animal baby and then the story with her brother had her... bigger.
9.jpg, 1240x1754, 2 times posted
Sonic's the guy you want to hang out with but there's always those times you wonder why you want to hang out with him.
The other guys are just like "man that naga girl is so cute right" and Sonic's like "this has nothing to do with fast shut up"
10.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
What's this? A mystery?
11.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Sonic's just too fast for his own good.
12.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
13.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Wait! Come back mysterious floating guy!
Personally I disliked Shard-Gemerl, if there's one character I prefer the IDW version of it's Gemerl.
14.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
I love these expressions.
Who the hell watches 3 movies in a row?
15.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
And that's it for this series! Who knows, maybe the artist will get back into it!

We'll be back in 10 minutes for what is probably the most fucked up Silver story. I hope you like crazy delinquent Silver!
I liked Shard as he was. Gemerl as Shard was kind of a non-character for me. Same with IDW Gemerl honestly.
They're not the same?
lance is obvious furbait
Make sure to add sonic reborn on the list since it a shit comic made by a person on /sthg/
Unexpected Love/Chaos/Split is already long enough to take 5 hours.

You're going to have to do it yourself.
They seem very similar to me but I'm not an expert. OG emerl was just a clean slate from what I remember.
Is that comic really that bad?
Ew, no.
Heres a link, since I dont want to post images during storytime.
I like Shard and Gemerl, just as seperate characters. Like you said he isn't much of a character but that's how I like him, relatively tertiary as the pet robot who defends his family.
Oh my god. I have so many notifications on my deviantart. Haven't used it in 10 years.
Can you make a suggestion without shitting on the creator for no reason? I'm no fan of it myself but that's no reason to get rude unless they personally did something to you. Or are you the same troll from the past few threads? In which case ignore what I said since you were going to anyway.
How do you like the shitty new design of the website ?
Why does Sonic look like that
guess_who_s_back____by_swirlything_deaw78s-fullview.jpg, 900x900, 1 times posted
Before we do the crazy Silver comic, I have to say I really like this artist's work. Hoping they get back into it now that they're actively drawing again.
That anon didn't even say anything about the author, he just called their comic shitty.
tvult_1_0.png, 1404x1986, 3 times posted
Here is The Vulture. I hope you like saying "what the fuck?"
Fresh from his appearance in Spider-man homecoming.
Again, why do all the good looking fan comics never finish. it breaks my heart bros.
tvult_1_1_by_knockabiller_d8lh2y2.png, 876x3009, 2 times posted
porker the moeblob
obligatory youtube post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7ZhbitTgHQ
>last uptaded on 2015
Theres still hope
>Silver protecting his two most valuable body parts
3229255-dr.egg man wily.jpg, 977x670, 32 times posted
>The Super Genesis Wave aftereffects are even felt in fan comics
Can anyone stop this Dream Team?!
No there isn't, nigga.
>Theres still hope
Anon I...
tvult_1_2_by_knockabiller_d8lh2yx.png, 1349x2085, 2 times posted
Large fireball with someone before it. In a Silver comic. I wonder who it is.
He's got that exaggerated swagger of a silver hedgehog.
This one stopped and did their own comic. So there's that.
Fucking hell. Best boy can't catch a break, can he?
Come on, nobody's died since 2015.
They're the Chads of the multiverse. Their egos ended up fucking over everybody.
tvult_1_3_by_knockabiller_d8lh37n.png, 1349x2085, 2 times posted
That wasn't very nice!
tvult_1_4_by_knockabiller_d8ma7bw.png, 1349x2085, 2 times posted
Gotta get the girl!
The only hope you have is that the artist finished their original comic. I doubt they'll go back to something they haven't touched in 6-7 years though.
No he can't and neither can Shard, fellow Espiofag.
tvult_1_5_by_knockabiller_d8m9j9l.png, 1349x2670, 2 times posted
Pretty girl likes pretty fire.
Sadly, nope.
tvult_1_6_by_knockabiller_d8n5mao.png, 1349x2796, 2 times posted
Blaze, no!
based blaze
tvult_1_7_by_knockabiller_d8m9jek.png, 1349x2085, 2 times posted
Woah! No! Oh!
Silver bros...
Blaze had a rough transition into fire.
tvult_1_8_by_knockabiller_d8lonzh.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
A love story that goes up in smoke. Just like the girl.
Blazed Blaze
tvult_1_9_by_knockabiller_d8mskfm.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
I like the delinquent attitude while also being telekinetic. Allows for a lot of forms of expression while using a power that doesn't seem to fit the personality.
rest in piss to the flat cat
tvult_1_10_by_knockabiller_d8ne45p.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
Ooof! You get shit from Blaze for trying and still shit for not trying! What do you want, woman?
tvult_1_11_by_knockabiller_d8o7em4.png, 1320x3704, 3 times posted
This is much better! Blaze is so cute!
lol I just watched Iron man 2 for the first time where Tony Stark does that thing.
Cant he just pull her with his powers ? Why use a rope ?
tvult_1_12_by_knockabiller_d8o8l64.png, 1320x2896, 2 times posted
Silver talks big but is he big? Blaze doesn't seem to think so.
Give her time, she'll grow them out!
Why does he have a middle tooth missing ? Looks strangers than the fangs.
tvult_1_13_by_knockabiller_d8oguu8.png, 1320x2400, 3 times posted
So that was a wash but we at least learned she's a tsundere.
>computer, come up with way to save cat waifu in dream
He's likely tried in a lot of different ways. Always fails.
tvult_1_14_by_knockabiller_d8pe4vf.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
I don't approve of Asbestos but they're a step up from Anthrax. Never liked that guy.
Probably to sell the delinquent personality.
>World peace would be nice I guess

The fucking spaghetti on this guy holy shit
tvult_1_15_by_knockabiller_d8pe6zg.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
I never played 06 so I don't know what his relationship with Espio was in that game. Or was it in another game?
>shove proof of my manhood in your face ?

Where are you going with this Silver ?
Sonic Rivals, not 06
tvult_1_16_by_knockabiller_d8pxgzi.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
He just gets crazier and crazier.
He's trying!
>Or was it in another game?
i think it was one of the rivals games
>munches chest hair
Silver teamed up with Espio in Sonic Rivals 2.
tvult_1_17_by_knockabiller_d8loo2l.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
That's a good plan!
At least we know what he's thinking with when he said that.
I see! I really should play more of those games.
Ever notice how every character is better in these than their original incarnations? I like this Blaze and Silver. I've never liked Blaze and Silver.
Heres another small comic by chauvels conductor if you wanna try it only has about 26 pages and it completed https://www.deviantart.com/chauvels/art/A-Special-Visit-pg00-660220832
tvult_1_18_by_knockabiller_d8loobp.png, 1320x3064, 2 times posted
Seriously, what is wrong with this version of Silver? I can dig it.
I would.
Vulture Silver > GOTF Silver
tvult_1_19_by_knockabiller_d8loojb.png, 1320x1864, 2 times posted
Fuck you, water! You think you're so important!
I do like their interactions in this comic.
Thanks! I need to save and go through everything she made.
He's definitely different in both stories.
>You should definitely go on a ride with me.
The original incarnations barely have a developed character and setting. It makes it easy for a fan to create something better on top of it.
tvult_1_20_by_knockabiller_d8loooo.png, 1320x2328, 2 times posted
Definitely crazy.
He exists to suffer.
This comic is fucking funny. Why can’t IDW be this humorous.
>The original incarnations barely have a developed character and setting.
Blaze does, Silver doesn't.
tvult_1_21_by_knockabiller_d8zwpi1.png, 1320x2355, 2 times posted
This Silver is fucked up in so many ways.
Kinda liking this schizo Silver.
tvult_1_22_by_knockabiller_d98sfsc.png, 1320x3421, 2 times posted
Why do hedgehogs in this franchise hate water?
If anything it makes me interested in the author's original comic.
tvult_1_23_by_knockabiller_d8lop0l.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
So heads up, we only got a couple more pages after this one. Sadly it just stops.
Me, too.
WAIT. Is this that fucking "Sonic has AIDS" comic?
Thats why he looks like that ?
tvult_1_24_by_knockabiller_d8lop4b.png, 1320x2721, 2 times posted
>succulent thighs and breasts
You won't find those on Blaze.
tvult_1_25_by_knockabiller_d8lopcn.png, 1320x2040, 2 times posted
And that's it! Shit sucks, yo! I want more or at least to find out where this was heading. I'd eat up so much of this version of Silver and Blaze.

We'll be back after a final 10 minutes and do some other shorts.
silver's expression in the seventh panel is hilarious
that's not Shard that's "The Nega"'s personal Metal Sonic
art was great but the writing was funny but odd. But its nice to see a different iteration of Silver.
I guess we'll never know who cried for help.
>They know. Don't you see, Silver? The flowers are alive!
EJG-CNzXsAEFFBP.jpg, 895x950, 3 times posted
They'll continue to get away with it, They'll stop that Pesky Hedgehog and finally get the best of Dr. Light!
I’m sad
Sonsick.jpg, 663x543, 8 times posted
Meanwhile, in also-not-canon land...
0.jpg, 400x616, 1 times posted
Pardon the super small size of the cover, this was all that was available. We're doing the first 13 pages of an unfinished Sonic Boom comic. It looks good and has an interesting start but you should come to know what to expect with these. A sudden end.
A lot of good faces in the comic.
Agreed. Maybe a bit too all over the place.
Asbestos, please!
Its a better canon ....
1.jpg, 900x1385, 1 times posted
I've seen a few Sonic Boom fan comics and they don't really do the level of jokes and metahumor that the show and official comic did.
Sonic just didn't like Silver at all in that series. I don't blame him.
You know those are fighting words in this fandom, right?
2.jpg, 900x1385, 1 times posted
The next five pages are in black and white because the artist was looking for a colorist and they said they were being picky about who they chose.
He had a really good inker
3.jpg, 800x1232, 1 times posted
Yeah, you don't want to anger this Amy.
Oi, go make an IDW thread and battle it out over there!
silver came in the worst time i cant really blame sonic for being angry in this case
4.jpg, 800x1231, 1 times posted
The only one who gets to bring the color is Sonic!
>People of the future: Don't worry about time travel Silver the past was way nicer all the people were happy and free of trouble
Johnny looks extremely fuckable in this ocmic and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
5.jpg, 800x1231, 1 times posted
That actually looks like an axe.
Yeah. When Silver said Antoine was the traitor, Sonic dragged him from his home to the hospital and chucked him at Antoine's bed.
>Games: Silver bullies Sonic.
>Comics: Sonic bullies Silver.
>You switch a Sonic or a Silver around: One duo teams up easily while the other tries to kill each other.
where did the goggles come from?
You really shouldn't, Rivals games are notoriously terrible.
6.jpg, 800x1231, 1 times posted
Yo, where we going?
There's an image of Finitevus the artist drew that I'll post when this story is done.
7.jpg, 1024x1576, 1 times posted
And we have color again!
Uhhhhh... the goggle dimension?
I always feel like I'm missing out from not playing some of those games.
I can see why he didnt want a bad colorist to ruin it. These panels are gorgeous.
Silver you're being a total dork right now.
8.jpg, 900x1385, 1 times posted
No matter the continuity, everyone just chills on the wings of Tails' plane and it freaks me out. Nobody gives a fuck and just stick on there.
Whoa, I didn't know Boom Amy had sideboob. They should call her Boob Amy.
9.jpg, 900x1386, 1 times posted
Neither of them cracked a "falling for you" joke. Shame.
Yes, this art is great!
That's the one consistent thing about his character in that.
Thats Boom worthy joke material anon.
He's doing his best, Blaze.
10.jpg, 900x1385, 1 times posted
It's Metal!
I'm more of a top boob man but I like side boob as well.
11.jpg, 900x1385, 1 times posted
So what I'm gathering is he yanks one robot and swings it around. For a second I thought he was pulling an Ice Man and using the link as something to slide on.
Damn, this guy knows how draw. Is he doing any other comics ?
The BALLS on this lad.
I too am extremely fucking impressed. Fancomics are so good nowadays.
12.jpg, 800x1231, 1 times posted
Badass! And they really don't use that link move often in the show.
13.jpg, 900x1385, 1 times posted
And that's it for this! Sadly, another comic that just ends that will likely never see any continuation!
Not that I know of.
Here's their twitter account as well. Not too active, maybe they are working on something and I just can't find it.
It keeps happening
Amy.jpg, 806x397, 2 times posted
Now what does this remind you of?
_commission__sonic_boom_finitevus_for_alex_by_swirlything_dalinpt-fullview.jpg, 800x1132, 1 times posted
Before we do the last comic for the night...
I said I was going to post this. The artist definitely knows how to draw Sonic characters with some... meat. A lot of their art is like this. I have no complaints.
damn, fini lifts
It seems there is alot more sonic fan comics getting cancelled than pokemon fan comics
1.jpg, 1024x1509, 1 times posted
This one is really, really cute and whimsical. I feel like this was doing its best to channel some (good) Yuji Naka and maybe Klonoa as well. And I will say this, not a spoiler, but Eggman doesn't seem to be evil in this. Quite the opposite.

So here's Sonic Skyline!
Based on the art and ideas of Drawloverlala
>A fake? Hah! you're not even good enough to be my
2.jpg, 3135x4631, 1 times posted
Semi-blob feet Sonic, causing a ruckus!
He'll beat your ass without needing to use any chaos energy.
It's just how it is, sadly.
>We HAVE to invade his lab, RIGHT NOW!
And they never do.
oh no not the feet...
3.jpg, 3154x4642, 1 times posted
4.jpg, 3155x4643, 1 times posted
Oh... oh man...
Never ever!
Don't worry, it's not like that for this comic.
shh, you'll summon evan
5.jpg, 3157x4639, 1 times posted
This sounds like the start to a game that I would play the fuck out of.
6.jpg, 3157x4645, 1 times posted
It really has that "join me and we'll embark on a fantabulous journey" type of feel.
It's fiiiiiiine!
I do like the idea of Sonic with a scarf.
There is a chance that maybe Drawloverlala might come back and finish this comic after shes done with B-T
7.jpg, 3157x4639, 1 times posted
That first panel screams some Nights or even Balan Wonderworld theme.
>This one is really, really cute and whimsical
She didn't do this one though, it's just based on drawings she did
Y'know what he really needs though? A backpack.
Well then there is no chance of this coming back to life i guess
8.jpg, 3155x4641, 1 times posted
Kind of looks like a good version of a Wily Fortress.
It's a good look.
You have to have some of those sad moments sprinkled in. It's why Klonoa ends on a gut punch.
Humm, well this is a sign of how amateur this person is.

The art is good, BUT they should have done an establishing shot of what this Eggman looks like. >>128307672 shows bits, but that needs to be followed up with a full body shot.
OK this started out creepy and went to child kidnapping and now we're at full Michael Jackson.
9.jpg, 3155x4645, 1 times posted
Depends. The comic was stopped years ago but the DA account has been left alone since 2019. Maybe they continued it elsewhere like Twitter? Doubt it.
I see he took the same community college architecture class as Willy.
10.jpg, 3157x4639, 1 times posted
Presents! Clothes? Aw, and I wanted a Dreamcast!
The artist says that they're doing a lot of new things for this and looks back at how all over the place their art was.
Think G rated thoughts!
Okay, Eggman's mustache is just TOO BIG here.
>The artist says that they're doing a lot of new things for this and looks back at how all over the place their art was.
That it is. I wouldn't call it bad, but it's unrefined.
11-12.jpg, 4501x3400, 1 times posted
Looking pretty snazzy!
Just imagine the intro music for the Wily levels from one of the games but really cute and happy!
Ruined, we needed to see more feet
13.jpg, 5000x7500, 1 times posted
Can't stop, won't stop!
That mustache is too damn big!
It's Metal Sonic 3.0, ya dorks. That's where Shard got his colors from.
>Just imagine the intro music for the Wily levels from one of the games but really cute and happy!

14-15.jpg, 5677x4288, 1 times posted
Cue the trumpets!
Please Evan, we had four threads full of them.
Now, I would've preferred something like this for a Sonic show instead of Sonic Boom.
GOTF Silver is a mostly normal teen. Vulture Silver is a feral turbo-autist.
This Eggman dynamic is making me think of Sonichu.

Just swap out "run as fast as you can" to "zap to the extreme".
im loving this AU that Drawloverlala made it so colorfull and cheerie
16.jpg, 3000x4500, 1 times posted
He can fly, he can fly, he can flyyyy!
Four threads of sonic feet isnt enough!
Eh I'm not really into it. Unless this is the comic where Sonic gets AIDS that you were discussing earlier.
So Eggman is actually a good guy in this?
17.jpg, 3155x4642, 1 times posted
>ywn get a high speed hug from a flying shota sonic
Check their gallery for the various they did. While they didn't do this comic, you can really see why this comic's artist was inspired by them.
Asbestos is a man(box?) of culture.
>Check their gallery for the various they did.
If you're not planning to and if the image limit allows, I'll imagedump her Skyline stuff after you're done with the comics.
18.png, 3153x4639, 1 times posted
So part 2 and the next page is the last page because... you guessed it... the artist just stopped working on this!
Maybe at first, probably corrupted like his early origins.
Still looking around.
Man, trying to find comics is hell sometimes. Instead of a comic I somehow ended up on a fanfic called "My Hero Foot Addiction Chapter 11".
>Archie comic that's about the fallout of him dating multiple girls at once

Which comic was this ?
19.jpg, 2870x4299, 1 times posted
And that's it! But I got a couple more pieces of art from this artist for this series.
Hopefully it's not too much. I do like these threads lasting until the next thread.
20.png, 3200x2000, 1 times posted
Although there's a good chance he wouldn't always be nice, I do like at least one continuity (that isn't a reverse alignment world) where Eggman's good.
Evan can SMELL them from here.
>Hopefully it's not too much. I do like these threads lasting until the next thread.
I'll check in a bit, I don't remember it being a lot though- Skyline had more fanart trying to mimic the style, but art from Lala herself was a bit scarce, mostly just compilations of designs then a couple big actual drawings with locations etc
Did Evan write that
Doesn't matter, not really worth going into since it's not even 20 pages yet. Besides I've just struck gold with a comic that's over 100 pages and counting that's using Pokemon and Jack Spicer.

I"m bookmarking this one for later.
Or Kevin.
>the fallout of him dating multiple girls at once
21.png, 3200x2000, 1 times posted
Sally and Nicole are cute! Cute!

And that's it for tonight! We'll do Sonic Retold 1-3 tomorrow and 4-5 the day after. That'll be two threads. I think I'll need to find something for the second thread because that one will be pretty short.
sonic_and_megaman_x_by_drawloverlala_de2eqgi-fullview.png, 1024x1294, 6 times posted
This is my favorite Drawloverlala art
Are you sure this Eggman isn't evil? He's saying a lot of questionable things here...
No.128308185 [Post deleted 22:42:44]
Everything below the pastebin link are the ones we've done. Hope you liked them. They were definitely interesting with great art. Shame they didn't really last that long. Maybe we'll find one of these larger ones that's still going to be just as good as these.

And as always, I'll take suggestions.
Eggman is responsible for the death of Sonic's parents in the skyline universe, isn't he?
No, no, no. Anon, when I said Archie, I meant Archie, not Archie Sonic. But here's the link anyway: https://www.deviantart.com/mandygirl78/art/Archie-Learns-a-Hard-Lesson-Page-7-902945797

It's a 50/50 shot that this ends in an orgy looking at the other things by the artist.
How do you think he got so fat, eating vegetables?
SSS_SONIC64.png, 1024x768, 1 times posted
list.jpg, 362x510, 1 times posted
Damn, forgot to post the list.
Everything below the pastebin link are the ones we've done. Hope you liked them. They were definitely interesting with great art. Shame they didn't really last that long. Maybe we'll find one of these larger ones that's still going to be just as good as these.

And as always, I'll take suggestions.
I wouldn't rule it out. His reaction to Sonic telling him that his parents are dead was incredibly blaise and overall too peppy for something so depressing.
Also his interest in Sonic in general. Sonic's speed might be something Eggman is behind.
Here's one that's on my todo list that I'll probably never get around to. I'll ding around for others later.
file.png, 1024x1899, 1 times posted
Ok, just gonna post the ones that have multiple characters and are actual compositions and then if I see interest I'll post the ones just showing designs

Whole concept behind this was Lala was imagining what if there was a mobile game reimagining of Sonic (remember this was around Sonic Boom's redesign) where they just lived in islands in the sky and Sonic's a courier who runs around the clouds, with his long scarf behind him. That concept drove every other design along
sonic_skyline__ff_delivery_service_by_drawloverlala-d9ym9r0.png, 1024x890, 1 times posted
sonic_skyline__three_aces_up_the_sleeve__by_drawloverlala-daroor9.png, 1024x1067, 1 times posted
tumblr_ohrhb4747u1uwb389o1_1280.png, 1280x1231, 1 times posted
That's a nice looking Chaos 0.
You can definitely feel the Klonoa influence.
It's definitely NOT gonna happen, but I hope Sonic Prime has as much diversity with alternate universes like these fancomics.
file.png, 2379x1172, 1 times posted
Ok, I'm editing the deviantart uploads of these just to collage them into the same canvas and burn through less images in the thread. Not touching on the actual drawings. Here's batch 1
164239713995329038 (15).png, 179x265, 1 times posted
I'll be honest, when I first saw blaze she looked really fat
>pregger blaze
file.png, 1908x1748, 1 times posted
Batch 2
Shard looks awesome
file.png, 1280x2738, 1 times posted
Batch 3, Honey plus two bosses
skyline_doodle_by_drawloverlala-d9bbm2o.png, 1024x1020, 2 times posted
This one she did as a doodle collage herself, we get a couple more designs
That werehog is amazing.
file.png, 1924x1324, 1 times posted
And finally, the two super forms. She's done a few more drawings but I just wanted to focus on showing off the designs, moreso than the art- feel free to check her dA or tumblr for more stuff (though past few years she's mostly just drawn Megaman)
>including the end-of-level ring into the super forms
Why are these the only designs I've seen that do this.
>(though past few years she's mostly just drawn Megaman)

She's moved up in life.
This is the thing she is working rigth now
Good shit, glad I'm not the only one.
dbqetf8-ac7fe990-50c3-48e9-800c-cffee42206a7.jpg, 940x1200, 2 times posted
I remember being deep in the fandom and seeing these drawings make their first rounds throughout the web. We were all gushing about this. There may or may not have been people that attempted to make fanfics and/or RP accounts for this AU, but I could be misremembering.
dr__starline_and_cipher_s_meeting__p1__by_skullxcake_deud0uc-fullview.jpg, 1280x1968, 2 times posted
I'll add these comics to the list for another day of odds and ends. I know OC's (real OC's) have a bad reputation but I think the art is nice and there's only 6 comics so far. And it's IDW, we don't get many fan comics for that. This artist clearly likes Starline.
Clockwork-themed characters are always based
I like her design, no doubt has limited time powers tho.
She'd have to, it's rare that you see any character with unlimited time powers. Even Mephiles didn't have unlimited time powers.
I know, but I wouldn't be surprised if there WAS a Sonic OC that could bend time to their will.
_sth__cipher_the_owl_reference_sheet_by_skullxcake_ddx3avg-fullview.png, 1920x1229, 1 times posted
Yes it's limited time stop. Also, it's "they."
>Also, it's "they."
That's cool, it's an OC, not some corp shooting for brownie points.
list.jpg, 381x578, 1 times posted
Aaaaanyway! Updated list. Found some interesting stuff.
I hope the other anons are as understanding. Because this artist's stuff is pretty good.
>Also, it's "they."
Based. That reference is pretty damn good for an OC. Does the artist have any more?

This. It's only ever an issue when it's corpos trying to get brownie points.
_sth__enemies_by_skullxcake_dewkaj1-fullview.jpg, 900x681, 1 times posted
>Does the artist have any more?
They have plenty of interesting OCs.
when did this place become reddit?
_sth__mr__fortune_reference_by_skullxcake_dewulcb-fullview.jpg, 900x720, 4 times posted
This guy is doing things to me

Here's your (You)
>they/them is totally ok guys
like I said, reddit
Definitely fuckable.

I could see this going either way really.

Either a "Kindly Old Doc Kintobor" deal where he gets corrupted by accident and we just interpret things as being more menacing than they actually were because it's Eggman or he was evil all along.
flirting shard by chauvels.gif, 450x300, 1 times posted
Something for the Shardchads.
Are there any comics or fanart out there that depict the very specific "Sonic and co. decide enough is enough and somehow kill Eggman/Zavok/etc." trope without devolving into pure edge?

I know it's a weird question, but I've seen an uptick in people who think the shit Eggman and some other villains do is way past the point of just letting him slide, but obviously SEGA isn't just gonna go and have the iconic villain actually get fucking murdered. Hell, the IDW comics go one step beyond and have Sonic outright refuse to off anyone.
For the franchise that would be pretty edgy. It'd have to be something like Endgame where the villain dies because of their own doing (or because they're betrayed by Snively). Stuff like that has happened in the official comics, even StC seemingly killed off Robotnik a couple times but he still came back. Or you can just have Shadow kill Eggman, that at least fits his character.
>thinks trannies are attractive
you have to go back
1629379814994.png, 1170x814, 16 times posted
1642115477152.gif, 119x119, 5 times posted
To be honest I don't think the issue is so much that it'd be edgy, more that meta-wise killing THE iconic villain would be a dumb move, kind of like how it makes no sense in-universe as to why Batman keeps letting the Joker off the hook in most continuities.

However I feel that the recent direction they've taken the doctor really has reached that whole "Oh, why don't you guys just make sure he's dead?" point. He went from ambiguously threatening to "take over the world", to shattering Earth into pieces, to straight up actually taking over the world and turning most cities into kid-friendly warzones.

In the comics he's not any better. While in Archie they could at least get with temporarily killing him before the Pendering, in the IDW comics he causes a zombie apocalypse of which the associated arc goes in painstaking detail of showing just how much it traumatized the cast, but since the comic is under the careful watch of SEGA they're not able to take the more ballsy choices that were commonplace in pre-Pendering Archie (mind you I don't necessarily think they were good, but they were definitely bold and it kinda fit since pre-Pendering Archie!Eggman was a monster).
1631084848324.gif, 384x239, 176 times posted
>tranny is posted
>anon says it's not fuckable
lol, bunkertrannies are so easy to out
The character you're seething for is a dude
Okay someone recommend me some truly shit fan comics.

I'm talking "so bad it's good" tier tho
a79ad354379cefcbe2500b8ef945d0b9.jpg, 1000x704, 1 times posted
No.128312877 [Post deleted 19:59:57]
I really do love Evans' art style, especially the more realistic/anatomical approach to the characters. You can tell a lot of thought's been put into the underlying skeleton/musculature.
Pic related (spoiler'd 'cause technically nekkid) is a drawing Evans did a while back that had a really cool explanation for Knuckles' spiked gloves. I hope we eventually see more of this comic.
map__angel_island_by_knockabiller_d8vdgn6-fullview.jpg, 1600x1273, 1 times posted
You wouldn't think recasting Silver from a naive dork to a castaway delinquent would work, but the combination of the dialogue and expressions really nails it. As a Silverfag, it's up there with GOTF in terms of his character's portrayal. The art was beautiful too, it's a real shame we'll likely never see it updated. I'll definitely be checking out the artist's other comics. As an aside, I thought the artstyle looked familiar and realized it's the same artist that did those fantastic Angel/Onyx Island maps.
>Even Mephiles didn't have unlimited time powers.
He kind of did though, at least in the sense he could be wherever and whenever he wanted. The only limiting factor is there could only be one of him at any time aside from his clones in the fight.
I believe he also needed a chaos emerald, which puts him a bit above the hedgehogs. They needed two emeralds and two hedgehogs to do it, and didn't appear to have the same level of control as Mephiles.
Tumblr_l_429062275811263.png, 1896x779, 1 times posted
>I believe he also needed a chaos emerald
Been a while since I touched 06, I assumed he just time traveled on his own.
>Shadow with ankle scarfs.

I love the long cloth supremacy going on with with AU
Yeah, looking through the plot summary, he probably doesn't need them for time travel, they just give him a power boost. I'm guessing there are some limitations, or he would've killed Sonic way earlier.
I'm happy that a lot of anons are enjoying these comics. Especially this thread. I was thinking many wouldn't be interested in these smaller and incomplete stories. There really is a lot of potential out there and some very refreshing takes on the characters and world. And then you look at the comics, especially IDW, and especially comparing IDW Evan to GotF Evan and you just wonder what happened. A lot of us have a good idea what that is. And while I wish some of these kept going, we have plenty that are still being updated, some as recently as the past few days.
1627578061.naughtymorg_metalixprime_page01_webres.jpg, 905x1280, 3 times posted
Dohohoho! I found a pretty good StC fan comic on Furaffinity and the last page was two weeks ago! I'll add this to the list. We'll definitely have to cover it soon. Unsurprisingly, the rest of this artist's account is full of NSFW fetish stuff. I don't see any of that in the pages for this comic so there's that. Them FA artists, they a horny bunch.
So was this comic supposed to be a reference to Dreams of an Absolution? Aspects of it matches the lyrics pretty closely since the lyrics seems to be about a person who tries to save someone every night, perhaps in their dreams.
>But every night it just stays the same
>In my dream of an absolution
They both even mention the phrase "Faux pass" interestingly enough. I don't know if that was the authors intent the whole time but it is an aspect of the comic I really like.
Not sure. I don't see any mention of it on the first page or cover. I wouldn't be surprised though.
1313663063.genocyber_son_of_mobius_page_33_by_genocyber-d46zcbv.png, 830x1045, 3 times posted
Oh hey, I found the anon that posted their Robotnik comic a while back. I think it was in one of the last Ride threads. Maybe we should revisit that.
How-to-Tie-a-Hangmans-Noose.jpg, 750x561, 7 times posted
No.128315306 [Post deleted 10:15:33]
Not him but all trannies deserve the rope.
a_single_specific_shade_of_gray_by_knockabiller_d8hwpc3.png, 1002x702, 12 times posted
Seeing as we all miss this mofo, I've got some other stuff with him by the artist saved. I'll save it for tomorrow after we finish Retold.
Have any fan comics without tranny shit?
collab___page_22__panel_7_2_by_kaminyu_d6o5rqw.png, 1600x1220, 2 times posted
No.128317538 [Post deleted 19:59:57]
Are you still open for suggestions? If it isn't much of problem, could you consider this?
It's a simple "pilot" fan-comic adaptation of SatAM, but taken with comedic and lightweight tones in mind. Don't worry if you cannot, it's chill!

By the way, thank you a ton for storytiming Through the Star Post! I was one of few folks who suggested it way earlier on StC's first storytiming threads, so my best gratitudes for your kind efforts! I read this fan-comic before I knew really anything about StC itself, funnily enough.

It's exactly as how I see feel from them: because of how many times have they been burned out and left behind harshly with their opportunities blow off unjustly or their paths to success were blocked off at once, it's not far-fetched to argue they may just be tired, and now have been only relying to Sonic for paying their bills. This isn't to claim they still aren't as skilled as ever to produce good stories, but like I said, it's now extremely improbable they will stand out anymore than their former stories for Archie (and here, on theses fancomics) did, and their minds have been on their most numbed and voided out state. You could calculate the far minimizing output of comic characters and lore in IDW is related to their apathetic sensibilities in regards their current situation, realizing for themselves nothing matters much in the end, and pessimistic IDW will crumble out soon. That's further perceiving, when you take account of some lifting Archie influence that's on Starline, Surge, Nite and perhaps others.

To that note, I think it's reasonable to conclude between us IDW, like it or not, won't be ever as special as Archie or Fleetway. It may be better on quality, but it's highly dubious to argue it will ever rival formally with them, as it simply lacks a great percentage of what made the latter two so, quote unquote, "soul".
Yeah I can take a look at that comic! Thanks for the suggestion!
oh yeah I've seen this one when I was looking for porn
Lord of the Rings is hell of a drug.
I've gone the opposite end, I can only watch a third of a movie before I get the overwhelming urge to like go jogging or read a comic or play vidya instead. I can play vidya for 16 hours in a row no problem though.
Patient_147_by_RangerSnow.png, 706x785, 6 times posted
Common middleground is "Silver but a bit more retard"
>Them FA artists, they a horny bunch.
And grandpas that were there since 2004.
Sonic and Pals by ChadtheCartoonNut.png, 3920x616, 1 times posted
No.128319999 [Post deleted 19:59:57]
1546034070.gummiworms_ya_hoe_comic.png, 2576x4472, 1 times posted
I found a couple things but good god, like 90% of it is someone's fetish. And not the normal ones. We're talking some lower-on-the-fetish-iceberg stuff. Here's something from an FA artist whose gallery is filled with stuff I would never be able to post here. I'm really liking these angry delinquent takes on the hedgehogs. Well, Zonic that it is. Scourge is pretty much in character.
media_FIeY76aX0AYB4ve.jpg, 1351x1279, 3 times posted
No.128320767 [Post deleted 19:59:57]
Yeah, this is one absolutely great aspect I applaud of this comic: the fairly different human proportions molded on theses characters, doing away the noodle limbs and forming a better variety of unique designs among the bunch. Oh, and they look rather hot too, Johnny especially, which is a big plus. This "T. Evans" guy (or girl?) just knows how to draw really good handsome-looking mobians. This >>128307561 Finitevus's art here is just great and hot, and now I wish I could see the same art principles applied on Big or Storm, Antoine and Rotor and other males, personally.

Oh, thank YOU! Very kind of you to accept it. As long you're fine with my suggestion, then I really look forward for your upcoming storytiming threads.
862735716_Sally_and_Rotor_by_GenshiTatsunora.jpg, 1920x1865, 4 times posted
No.128321036 [Post deleted 19:59:57]
Particularly, I see no problem here. Creators can come up anything as they please, so if it's a non-binary (is this the correct terminology, sorry?) owl, then it shall be as one. There's nothing wrong with that.

I'm sure there has been plentiful of they/them characters before already, and I know one as of recent times: Floofty from Bugsnax (great game, by the by). All it matters, is if a character looks pleasant to eyes, and is written well. To give an example, I despise particularly Penders' own pitch on gay Rotor, not for its mere concept of Rotor being gay, but rather the intentions behind it and what stories would he make around it. Long story short, he wanted to virtue signal. It's precisely as how >>128311220 laid it out.
Yup, looks great and it is added to the list! I see the artist hasn't uploaded anything since 2014 yet favorited stuff from 2021. That usually tells me they're active but not as an artist. Maybe they're artistically active elsewhere. Would like to see more from them.
I have no problem with it but this is 4chan and it helps to know your audience. I'll still post them but I won't say anything. It's just a small batch of comics anyway.
rotor_sketch_by_bluberry_blue_det77ty.jpg, 696x696, 1 times posted
No.128322239 [Post deleted 19:59:57]
Yes, but Rotor is the cutest there obviously, as usual.
stc_o_250__pg_15_panel_1_by_spydaman_d2h9k4g.jpg, 2469x1791, 1 times posted
No.128322269 [Post deleted 20:00:27]
You know, that's an excellent observation. These fancomics present just about the perfect kind of multiverses variety it ought to aim for. I was at first thinking Prime would be a good excuse for revisiting and re-utilizing the past Sonic interpretations such as SatAM and AOSTH, but Prime would definitely stand out much more strongly, had it allowed for each writer to present their own imagined perfect Sonic continuity in their own reserved multiverse spot, with artistic freedom and creativity to kick off along, something it should be permissible under these circumstances (at least, I would hope so).
1596214142403.jpg, 1533x984, 2 times posted
No.128322438 [Post deleted 20:00:27]
That's something TMNT did, while yes the crossover focused mainly on the 87' and 03 version of the characters. it did show glimpses of a bunch of other TMNT universes, and it drove Shredder bonkers. And the Prime Universe? The original comics
So long as Sega doesn't have a stick shoved right up their ass, I hope the Prime team has fun with what they're given.
Poor Poor Ant by ChadtheCartoonNut.png, 628x810, 1 times posted
No.128322756 [Post deleted 20:00:27]
If you're on your search of the artist's name to credit of, it's CCN-Sally-Acorn on DA. Alas, he seems to have deactivated his account, however you may search through his intact gallery art still by just navigating through the (cumbersome) See More section, upper corner right.

Though, this kaminyu guy seems to imply he's an artist too, so likely he and CCN were in a collab together to work on this pilot fan-comic. They are both artists, just that their artstyles are coincidentally very striking on resemblance of each other.

>Would like to see more from them.
Definitely. Kaminyu's account is safe as ever, and while CCN's one is sadly gone, the site TKA hoards seemingly a great archive of his artworks, which you can find through the Fancontent's section.

>this is 4chan and it helps to know your audience.
While that's true, remember we have a board called "lgbt", and for that, it's safe to conclude anything of Sonic comics you would like post is a-okay, just as long it shows no boobs or pp. As I see it, everyone's having a truly incredible time here, discussing and exchanging as gentlemen no matter what stuff to they post of, notwithstanding the fairly low ineffective trolls trying to catch and divert our attentions. You can't control the "audience" who will post as they desire, anyway. In the end of it all, ignoring is man's best friend, just as how you're doing, yeah.

>Yup, looks great and it is added to the list!
Excellent! Thanks much again.
media_E0-XPr4WUAM8W2-.png, 1000x1069, 3 times posted
No.128323599 [Post deleted 20:00:27]
Whoever else you may prefer your favorite characters to be characterized as, it's not any doubt they are eventual to be executed better than their official portrayals, since fans of particular characters obsess over them, visualizing much further into them their potential and perfect gaps to fill in their own fitting ideas for lifting them into higher pedestal of characterization. Usually, it's just that they want their favorites to be good, so they, make matters with their own hands on salvaging them.

Though, being honest, when it's about Sonic, of course it's way easier to do better, as Sonic was never known for strength on characterization department, let alone any characterization at all. It's for that reason many cheer of Archie, one of the reasons being they, at the very least, have done their attempts on characterizing, even if the FFs and other Archie characters suffered a lot with lacking on their character and spotlights.

Is this a TMNT2k3's episode, or...? I have heard of this a lot, yet I didn't ever come to terms whether was this episode or film actually either of. I have watched a lot TMNT2k3 when I was a little, but I didn't ever watch this in its fullest.

But yes, precisely what I mean, agreed. Most specifically, I was thinking about how cool it would be for Sonic to meet the FFs from another dimension, further on, the FFs meet Manic and Sonia, or Scratch and Grounder learn about the Prime Eggman, and so on. This mishmash, crazy, crossing few yet meaningful multiverses, lends off some of the most great interactions and such.
No.128324345 [Post deleted 20:00:27]
It's been fantastic! I've not been keeping up with fan comics for a while so having someone storytime a bunch of really good ones has been a great way to catch up.
I'd honestly be happy with this take on Silver being canon. As much as I like regular Silver, delinquent Silver's got way more potential for good storytelling, especially since we don't have anything near that archetype in the other characters.
I'm glad it's not just me that feels the comics staff are just going through the motions. With Fleetway/Archie, you really feel they're their own worlds whereas with IDW it just feels like a standard licensed comic. Sega should just admit their franchise's a bit weird, and that their fans will never accept a sanitized brand mascot along the lines of Mickey Mouse or Mario. With all the multiverse capeshit out there, the public knows that there can be multiple versions of the same character, so why not let the comics do its own thing?
I feel like a bad Sonic fan for asking, but who's the human woman? I recognize the rest of them as Sonic's mothers/maternal figures, but not her.
This image would've been perfect if it had Sonic's manga mom.
Isn't that her on the top right?
Oh wait, it is. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Yeah, the image is perfect.
To be fair, the manga had a very different style that and the father was always more distinct, with his jacket and pipe.
So I might be an hour late or might have to cancel for the night. Having unexpected computer problems.
I can't believe it... Glitcher cancelled the storytime.
Found the problem. Don’t know why it was that. Still, give me an hour. We'll start at 9pm est.
1632467821762.jpg, 500x536, 1 times posted
Here we go!