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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic Aether

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Today is something very different. We’re going to be covering concept art for a huge ass Sonic fangame described by the artist as a fanfic. Some very cool looking levels and bosses. I won’t be saying much as I’ll be posting as much of the artist’s comments as possible. Some get pretty wordy. This is Sonic Aether!


Also, last thread had an update for Pandora AU. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

Question: When threads started at 9pm EST, did you normally catch them as they were happening or afterwards? How about now that it’s 5pm EST?
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>Aint' it pretty? Yeah, it's kind of generic, but I think this is what I think a 3D Sonic game should look like. Nnnnnnno, not like the Genesis games (though they SHOULD be cartoony and dreamlike, instead of conforming to "realism")! I'm talking about a big, open ended field where you can put Sonic's speed to use by exploring, rather than careening down a narrow, linear corridor where you're cut off from all the scenery like some car on a highway. Yes, that is a warp ring to a special stage. I probably should have had at least ONE thing take place during a sunrise... oh, well.

>If you have any complaints, don't bother mentioning that there are no enemies in there. I left them out on purpose, just to focus on the beauty that is there otherwise.

>Things to take note of...
>First of all, the hills. No bottomless pits just yet. This is a mostly safe playground made to introduce the new players to this neat little thing we had in the genesis games (and to some extent Sonic Adventure) that we like to call "momentum". Since pulling the control stick "down" would just make Sonic turn toward you, hit an action button to curl into a ball at any time while moving (press B or square). As you gain speed rolling along these hilltops, you eventually get a grasp of what we've wanted to feel for years.

>Also, limited scripted events. I've thrown as few springs and other such things in there as possible. See that loop in the top left panel? If you run into it, you will automatically "stick" to it while the camera angle changes, but if you stop running, you'll fall. If you gain enough inertia before reaching the loop, you just might make it all the way through, but if not, well, too bad. There aren't any "speed boosters" or pads that will play the game for you, and the loop won't automatically finish itself. There's a spring there to help you out since it is only the first of twenty five levels, but that's it. You'll have to make it there on your own.
>Thread question
Seeing where i lived, regardless of option it is still late for me.
also Ohh boy losts of text, that is trully a pasionate sonic fan material here!
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>However soon you find this place depends on how early you first jump into a warp ring. This is an area that serves the same function the adventure fields did, though it's a bit smaller. You start at the entrance and make your way to the emerald alter, which is surrounded by seven pillars. Knuckles greets you, he says he knows Eggman's up to something and will allow you to collect the emeralds if you promise not to let them fall into the mad doc's hands again. See, the doc somehow managed to get his hands on the chaos emeralds and then the super emeralds by opening warp rings and stealing them. Knuckles managed to get the regular emeralds back, but it seems the mad doctor has extracted and stored the "super" energy from each emerald within a Super Badnik, and this is what gives them their spectacular powers. He's also keeping one of them on his person, which must be what he's using to further his scheme. By defeating the superbadniks and breaking their mechanical bodies, you release the super energy and are able to make the emeralds whole again and turn them into Super Emeralds.

>I know it sounds dumb to automatically get an emerald (let alone a super emerald) in the story, like a reward for beating bosses, but this way, you don't get them until you've played all the episodes and gotten a chance to face each super badnik. And even then, you need to have already earned the chaos emeralds in the special stages AND beat them on a higher difficulty if you want to be hyper Sonic. You can still collect the regular chaos emeralds as early as you can find this place, though, and eventually go super at any time.

>The crash pad is basically Knuckles room. If you want to chill for a bit, you can listen to the game's bgm you've unlocked so far, watch movies, look through galleries of things he's collected that were in other games, see Metal Sonic's (his knuckles chaotix "red form") head on a wall, and other similar junk.
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>This is somewhat based on those redwood forests, only SLIGHTLY exaggerated. You can run along the ground where you barely see the sun as it is blotted out by the trees, you can climb along the outside or inside of the trees, and the branches are so thick you can run along them without falling off (unless you're really, REALLY lousy).

>THIS level's gimmick is the use of those winches. DON'T GET THE WRONG IDEA, they're not automated and don't lift you up just because you touched them. Like many other things you'll see, these are fueled by momentum. The harder you hit them, the higher they'll lift you up. You may even get some hangtime if you hit them with more force than is needed. It's like those things you find at some fairs that you have to hit with a mallet and if you wham it hard enough, you get a "DING"!!!.

>I think the music would be something that gives you a feeling of BIGNESS... something like this [link] (dead link)

>Lemme just say that I hate, hate, haaaaaaate, HATE coloring. The first zone turned out okay, but I don't quite like this one. I could just submit a line art if anyone else feels like coloring these.
RIP and yes there's a lot to this.
>We’re going to be covering concept art for a huge ass Sonic fangame described by the artist as a fanfic.
I do not regret choosing the box.
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>That's the best I could come up with for a name.
>So, yeah, this is one of the bosses I've come up with. You only meet Robotnik a couple of times throughout the story, and often run into these "Super Badniks" or "Superbadniks" on the way.
>I can't decide whether this androgynous android should be a guybot or a fembot... could go either way. You decide. PRIMUS I hate those eyes. I totally botched what was supposed to make this thing resemble a good oldschool badnik. Oh, well. I know the colors are kind of jarring, but hey, my coloring sucks. If you think you can do better, go ahead =)
>Here's some dialog!
>(Boss 1) All these plants and creatures... So sporadic and random... no structure or organization at all.
>(Sonic) ??
>(Boss) Everything is just so loose and chaotic. You're all just mindlessly scrambling around concerned with silly trifles, and no one cares about striving toward something grand and new. There needs to be order, if this world is to be worth something to my master.
>(Sonic) It's called freedom, and that's worth more than a life under Robotnik could ever be.
>(Boss) It seems you are beyond hope of reaching anywhere beyond this chaotic mess of a world. I will terminate you to make peace and order possible.
>(Sonic) I like this world just the way it is, and I'm not gonna let you screw it up!
>(Boss) I just don't understand... how can you tolerate such disorder?! It seems YOU are at the root of everything wrong with this world... >EXPLODES<
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>"Allow me to trim those nasty quills of yours before you hurt yourself!"
>Skiver is a feisty little fella. He basically just keeps slashing at you with those huge neon "Chaos Blades" of his. To avoid his horizontal slash, jump (D'UH), and if he pulls his arm back, move outta the way before he gets you with a vertical slash! Every now and than, he'll "dash" along while simply holding out his blades, leaving a long streak of energy behind. This is the trickiest to avoid because if you jump too early, you'll just land on the "trail" his blades leave behind. The mushroom you fight him on is pretty big, but if you fall off, you lose. You don't really die, you just lose and need to try again. His moves cover a LOT of ground, but he spends about two seconds "stretching" before slicing, so they aren't THAT hard to avoid. If he's only using one arm to attack, and you attack him, he'll just use his other arm to block you. The only time you can hit him is when he uses BOTH of his arms to do that spinning attack in the last panel, leaving his head open to attack. There is no specific order you can memorize or number of times he attacks, so however soon the fight is over simply depends on how often he uses that spinning move. Just bop him on the head whenever he does that, and you'll eventually win.
>Again, I know the colors are harsh, but that's the best I can do.
Good to hear. Always nice to throw a curve ball every one in a while.
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>"It seems Eggman is aware of how your little run in with Skiver went. According to Tails, there is a strange harbor of sorts Robotnik has constructed somewhere off the coast. You should go check it out (why not?), but the mad doctor is threatening to level Emerald Haven with a missile attack if he notices you coming! You'll have to sneak there. First things first... Cruise Canal should be a convenient way to reach the ocean pretty quickly."
>This is the last "green hill ish" zone you'll see for a long while. It's also probably the most "linear" stage in the whole thing (one of very few such stages). The entire thing is just a huge, Crash Bandicoot only-faster-and-with-more-room style platforming section as you make your way to the ocean. The drops won't kill you, but it'd probably just be a better idea to climb down anyway.
>This stage introduces our player to UNDERWATER SECTIONS!!!! Getting back up to the surface shouldn't be too difficult, though. This is just supposed to prepare you for the next stage.
>I still haven't drawn any enemies in these pics, but that isn't because there aren't any. I'll just design them later.
>Also.... yeah, I know I've already shared a lot of music from "mushihimesama", but this is the last one for a long while. The next few tunes will be VERY different, as the tone of these zones changes. [link] (dead link)
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>This stage is supposed to cement the incentive to explore in the player's mind, going this way and that way, and not where you're simply told to. You start out in some cave and eventually reach the ocean floor. A big chunk of the stage is spent just combing this big field of lavender sand for shit. Building enough momentum to make it through a loop is considerably harder underwater, though a hydro shield should make it easier. Air pockets aren't too hard to find, but don't dilly dally if you lose your shield and don't want to drown. If you look up, you can see Eggman's harbor on the surface.
>Somewhere around here is a HUMONGOUS loop with a warp ring at the top. You'll need a great running start if you want to make it all the way up there, but without a hydro shield, doing that would be almost impossible. If, however, you do make it all the way over there with your shield intact to give you more speed, you just might make it.
>In the cave, you can see stalagmites and stalactites forming. Yes, those DO count as spikebeds and will hurt you if you land on them. So will the coral reefs (that stuff is SHARP), unless they're so big you can just run along on top of them.
>Those geysers in the last panel are this stage's gimmick. If you jump into them while "exposed", they'll just roast you. If you're wearing a hydro shield, though, they'll launch you up really high. This helps you reach ledges and collect things you otherwise wouldn't be able to.
>I've heard a lot of songs and poems about this strange place called "Aquarius", and I just LOVE the sound of it. I think the sound would make an awesome name for a zone in a Sonic game.
>Here's some music I think would fit a place like this.
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>Thank God, Primus, Chaos, and Mata Nui I can use an online thesaurus to find arbitrary noises that make awesome sounding names.
>For a while, I couldn't decide whether this guy should be a stingray or a horseshoe crab. I mean, it could go either way, and as Megaman ZXA demonstrated, a Horseshoe crab can be just as awesome as any other freaky monster. In the end, though, this guy is a stingray.
>Have some dialog!
>(Boss 2) You critters really creep me out, you know that? Both me and my master.
>(Sonic) Waddya' mean? I'm just a cute little hedgehog. What's so disturbing about my presence?
>(Boss) Little rodents like yourself should be weak, submissive things, but the energy of the Chaos Emeralds has twisted this world, and made you evolve much faster than what was naturally intended. You and your friends have been mangled into something neither animal nor man, but you are still a rodent, nonetheless. As far as I'm concerned, you shouldn't exist at all, so I'll end your miserable existence before you disturb master with your presence again.
>(Sonic) Y'know, there's nothing natural about you being here. You're just a walking pile of scrap.
>(Boss) My master can't stand creatures like you! Know you place, rodent! Just lay there and die like the vermin you are...
>(Boss) It's monsters like yourself that have spoiled this planet! Master! Forgive me for not exterminating these vile things... >EXPLODES<
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>"This'll only take a moment. Then, I'll put you in a skillet and serve you to master for brunch!"
>This fight takes place in a pit that you're trapped in for the time being. Stiletto will spend most of his time buried under the sand, making it impossible to tell exactly where he is. At first, he'll wave his tail around and sporadically jab at you. There's no way to tell just when he'll do it, and it's so quick it's difficult to dodge unless you're already running at top speed, or have a hydro shield. Every now and then, he will fire a beam of cyan chaos energy at you, and this is very hard to avoid. The beam will keep trailing for for about ten seconds, and you just need to keep moving to dodge it. Again, the hydro shield will make this somewhat easier since it helps you run a bit faster.
>When not using his tail, one of the four turrets on his back will unearth briefly and fire at you. The turrets will keep popping in and out, here and there, like a whack a mole game. As the fight progresses, he does this faster and faster until it feels almost like a spam attack. Fortunately, bubbles sometimes pop up with them, so you don't need to worry too, too much about drowning if you don't have a hydro shield.
>You must hit him when he exposes all four cannons at once, giving away his location. Use the hydro shield as you would use a bounce bracelet in Sonic Adventure 2 and SLAM down on him. I didn't draw this, but sometimes, he will unearth himself, hover above you, and slam down on you before disappearing again. Since he's pretty big, he can be difficult to dodge. Use the hydro shield to bounce back UP and hit him from underneath. If you lose your hydro shield, just wait around for a while and a turret might reveal another one.
>Eventually he will go down and a geyser appears that launches you straight up to the Egg Port.
>Whatcha think, guys?
>Here's some music I think fits. I do not own this music, of course.
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>"Apparently some of Eggman's ships have begun to launch! You can destroy some of those that are still docked, but now that Robotnik knows you're here, he's prepping the missile to be fired at Emerald Haven Zone! It'll fire in just a few minutes! Just make your way through the harbor and take out that missile before it leaves!"
>I know there should be more security robots or whatever, and there would be.... but I just didn't bother to draw any. Sorry if the harbor's coloring is bland, but there's only so many shades of gray to use. I think this stage suffers like a lot of stages in SA2 did.
>How do you guys like the ships? I call them "Egg Galleons". You can destroy them by hopping inside those turbines (if you can get that high) and spin dashing through them. Even so, your goal is to reach that missile. The Egg Port is a LOT bigger than I made it look here, and it would take a while to reach the other side of it. You begin at "Z" block and need to make it to "A" block.... yeah... Some of the ships that are already airborne will open fire on you, so keep moving.
>Once you have reached the missile, a brief cutscene shows Sonic spin dashing right into it and flying up with it. Any time left above a minute will be given for you to make it to the "core" to force it to blow up while it's still near the harbor. If, however, you have reached it with less than a minute left, you will be given one minute by default anyways. Every few seconds, another chunk of it is discharged, so just keep moving higher and higher along this platforming section. If you fall below the yellow and black line and there's nothing down there, INSTANT DEATH. Think Megaman Zero 3, but UP. Once you reached the top, another cutscene plays, showing the missile blowing up above the harbor, taking out a LOT of ships and the Egg Port with it. Some of the ships still escape, though, and seemingly disappear in a flash of light. Ooooooooooh~!
>But where is Sonic?
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>"Apparently, when Sonic made the missile explode prematurely (giggity), he was blown all the way over here. This desert used to be a paradise not unlike Green hill and Emerald hill and so on. However, after years of Robotnik's "activities", nothing lives here anymore. If you look in the distance, you can see some Egg Galleons looking for you. That's odd. Isn't this overcompensating a bit? For all Robotnik knows, you may have died in that explosion. And how would he even know to look for you in a dreary place like this? He must be hiding something... Search through the desert and see what he's REALLY up to."
>I know the coloring is kinda funky and the settings are a bit empty, but there's only so much you can do to liven up a place like this. Oh, well. I don't know if this is easy to tell, but made the sky VERY dark even though it's the middle of the day. I've seen pictures of deserts with surprisingly dim skies, and I just thought it would be neat. I also thought it would be neat to make the sun white by contrast.
>Most of the dangers here are environmental hazards. Don't worry about the Egg Galleons attacking you, they're just part of the scenery. If you land in a quicksand pit, a good spin dash should get you out, or you could just spam the jump button wildly like in the Egg Golem boss fight. If you get sucked down, though, you die. You are also introduced to the PYRO SHIELD!!!! While the hydro shield give you the ability to bounce, this helps you jump higher and farther than before! You can send yourself blazing through the air at high speeds, and your spin dash now leaves a trail of fire that destroys enemies nearby. You only get to use it in a few stages though. There are some mountains that are very brittle, and chunks of them will collapse if you touch them.
>Idea Guy: The Thread
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>.......Yeah, I know it's a corny name. Yeah, it's a giant worm with a burrowbot head on either end.
It's only for the convenience of being able to tunnel both ways. It's not like each head has a different function, or a different personality that could possibly conflict with the other, and they do not take turns talking. No, they are not "brothers". It's just one guy.
>Fun fact: The body is 15 units long, if you include the heads on either end.
>So, after the previous stage is beaten, a cutscene that mimics the "Tremors" movies shows a giant mechanical worm lunging onto Sonic and he winds up underground, ready to face this thing.
>(Boss 3) What do you think this world really needs?
>(Sonic) ...... Not sure. You should probably ask someone smarter than me.
>(Boss) >Hmmph< Your honesty is gut wrenching.
>(Boss) You are nothing more than a bothersome imp that thrives on nonsense, and would not know what to do with the incredible knowledge my master possesses. You simply don't deserve to know what his ambitions are. Believe me, you should be content in your oblivion.
>(Sonic) I'm not one to bury my head in the dirt while the whole world falls to pieces! I know exactly what to do with you!
>(Boss) Just the fact that you are so ready and eager to resort to violence and nothing else only proves that you are incapable of handling this. I will end your suffering.
>(Boss) HMPH! Very well, you may pass. But do not assume that you have by any means "earned" this knowledge. Prepare to be devastated by what you find on the other side! >EXPLODES<
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"I'm reeeeally good at keeping secrets buried. No one will ever know you were even down here."

Okay, it's just a ripoff of that first boss from Metal Slug 7. So, I am not claiming that this is somehow really original or any better than most recolors. My point is simply that I think that thing would make an awesome boss in a Sonic game.

You fight him in a cave and it's small enough for each end of his body to reach the floor and the ceiling. When one end of him emerges, excess debris fly everywhere. His enormous body causes such a huge spray that it can be very difficult to clear in time. If the ground starts glowing, run 'cause he's coming out, like it or not! Try not to wind up underneath him when he comes out of the ceiling. Having him land on you hurts... a lot. Don't bother try to hit him. He's just too damn tough for you to break his armor.

Every now and then, he'll open his drill-beak-thing and fire a HUGE beam of yellow chaos energy at you after charging it up for a few seconds. It will follow you just like Stiletto's tail beam but it takes up a lot more space than that did. You can outrun it, but don't let yourself be chased into a corner or you'll be hit for sure. You must attack him by waiting until his body is suspended between the floor and ceiling, and trick him into firing upon himself! Yeah it's dumb, but in trying to keep up with you, he just might mess up. Each time he hits himself, another chunk of his body is lost. Eventually, he will no longer be long enough to suspend himself this way, and will instead chase you around like Bugs Bunny. You must trick him into looping around and ramming into himself. Eventually, he will be reduced to but a few units, and will resort to dropping himself from the ceiling (rather than hanging from it), and send out a massive shock wave upon hitting the floor. At some point, he will open his "beak" and get ready to blast you again.
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>Didn't have enough room left in the title for the """"" this time.
>Well, here it is. I think it's safe to say the Echidnas play a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE role in Sonic mythos. Sonic 3K and Adventure made that very clear. So hey, why not let more of their shenanigans influence Sonic's adventures? Pay no attention to those two dragons. Those are not some bullshit big bad God of death things. If you look closely at all the paintings everywhere, there seems to be a theme of the Master Emerald (and subsequently, the Chaos Emeralds) forcing evolution upon those who touched their energies.... just like Stiletto said. Seems to be a reoccurring theme at this point, hmmmmm? This just might become a plot device! There are water slides and some underwater sections, as this place is very old and parts of it have flooded. What has Robotnik intrigued by this place?
>.....Yes, Sonic just found a painting of himself running.
>So yeah, messy coloring as usual. Whatever. Enjoy!
>So, eventually, Sonic reaches a small underground lab and proceeds to break in and take out Eggman's security. He finds a weird pad of sorts that as Tails puts it, is a teleporter of some kind. The destination, however, is beyond his tracking abilities. Where could the other bloody receiver be? Sonic decides to check it out, not knowing what awaits him on the other side.
>TUNE IN NEXT TIME (possibly tomorrow) ABOARD....
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>When Sonic emerges from the other end of the teleporter device, he finds himself in what appears to be a space station. After exploring the dreary facility, he gets a view unlike anything he's seen before. Countless other stations surrounded by more of the ships he saw earlier firing what appears to be chaos energy at a star... Eventually, Tails is able to analyze the celestial body and discovers that it is NOT a star, but a newborn planet, still in it's early stages of development. Taking into account what past enemies have said, as well as the message of the Echidnas, it becomes clear what Eggman is doing. He is using the power of the Chaos Emeralds to force the young planet to cool down faster.
>Damn, I made it look like a pizza falling apart. Oh, well. You get the idea.
>Here's some music I think fits the situation.
>Crazy shit, huh?
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>The room Sonic is in is suddenly destroyed... but he is still alive. Suddenly, he looks up and sees his attacker, buried in metal.
>(Robotnik) I heard something was making a mess around here. I'm glad to find out it's just you, and not something worse.
>(Sonic) EGGMAN!!!!
>(Robotnik) I never expected you to follow me out here so quickly. I knew you would catch up to me eventually, just not this soon. Very impressive, Sonic...
>(Sonic) Just what the heck are you doing out here?! I can't even see Mobius! This is bigger than you!
>(Robotnik) You're an awful long way from home, wittle fella. Are you lost? Heheh.
>(Sonic) Don't toy with me. Just what are you up to with that big ball of fire down there?
>(Robotnik)......... I have grown tired of you. I am done trying to conquer a world that was never made for me to begin with. I have decided to break free from all of you, and reach beyond the stars. Your world and its unending trifles bore me, so I am going to create a NEW world for myself. You can have your pathetic mud ball.
>(Sonic) .....I've just realized something...
>(Robotnik) ??
>(Sonic) this new plan of yours... building a new world... you make it sound so ambitious...
>(Robotnik) ...But?
>(Sonic) ...but I know the way you think, Robuttnik, and whether you realize it or not, I can see that this whole thing is an excuse to get away from me.
>(Robotnik) What was that?!!
>(Sonic) Admit it, you're AFRAID of me. You're just tired of me always breaking your toys, so you wanna find some other room to play in.
>(Robotnik) How dare you...
>(Sonic) But you can't escape, because you'll never be able to outrun me no matter where you go!
>(Robotnik) Hmmph. I am tired of your nonsense. Allow me to break the chains that bind me to you and your world!
17 (egg titan phase 1).jpg, 1600x1217, 1 times posted
>"I cannot allow you to menace my precious new creation. This is for the best."
>This fight mainly focuses on his hands. They will use flamethrowers in their palms and missile launchers on their elbows, both of which take up a lot of space and can be difficult to dodge depending on where you are when they first attack since space just isn't something you have a lot of (sort of). Sometimes he will pound you, which also takes up a lot of space since his hands are pretty big and can easily hit you. Try not to be near the center of the field when he does this, otherwise the impact will take up most of the area. If you get knocked off the edge of the field, by ANYTHING, you will die. His most elaborate move involves that little spinning top thing underneath the mech's body. It will occasionally land on the floor and fire continuous laser beams out of all sides while steadily turning. After a while, he will grab you. This is his most devastating move. You only have a few seconds to break free before you're tossed out into space, never to be seen again. This attack equals instant death. Just spam the spin dash like mad and hopefully you'll break out. Do this twice, once for each hand. Once both hands are destroyed, the next phase begins...
>Here's some good final boss music that I think just SCREAMS "ROBOTNIK!!!".
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>When threads started at 9pm EST, did you normally catch them as they were happening or afterwards?
Sometimes i did, sometimes i just posted the next day
>How about now that it’s 5pm EST?
This is the first one i cought on time actually, it took me a few tries to remember these threads start earlier now

Also this mistery box turned out to be very weird, i had videogame ideas in my dreams but i forget them before i can write them down
Also, why is it called Aether?
18 (egg titan phase 2).jpg, 1600x1221, 1 times posted
>"This time, YOU are the one oppressing MY world. I will respond accordingly, just as you always do."
>Now that his hands have been destroyed, he must rely on other means. Two more of those tops emerge from the mech's body, and start whirling around the field wildly. Each one by itself isn't that hard to keep away from, but all three together can be very difficult to avoid. Sometimes, they will also fire lasers just like in the first phase, but all three of them doing this at once is madness. I drew this very poorly, but you get the idea. His "finishing move" involves getting these things out of the way of a laser that takes several seconds to charge and will hit the entire playing field. If he gets a chance to fire, you WILL be hit. There's no way around it. You must hop along the tops of these tops until you're high enough to hit his head. Do this a few times and he will go down.
>(Robotnik's mech is damaged, but still functional)
>(Robotnik) Prepare to be incorporated into my new world!! I'LL TURN YOU INTO ASHES!!
>(He grabs Sonic with a barely intact mechichanical hand and warps him down to the young planet.)
19.jpg, 1600x1215, 1 times posted
>Sonic has been warped down to the surface of the still forming planetoid, and boy what a hell hole it is! Luckily (sorta) you landed on a tiny portion of the planet that has just barely cooled to a point where you can navigate it! All the same, find a fire shield as soon as possible 'cause there's not a lot of things to stand on without one! Sometimes asteroids will fall on their way to be "incorporated" into the new planet, and if they hit you, well, good luck swimming through the lava. All that aside, though, this place is like a bowl and it's only a matter of time before the whole place is flooded! GET OUT OF HERE.
>This is the final stage.... for now.
>Looks like a great place to relax in, huh?
>Also, why is it called Aether?
I think it's because of the final boss.
20.jpg, 1600x1217, 1 times posted
>Tails has detected a "special" Warp Ring that supposedly, may possibly warp you back to Mobius! Hurry! This is your only chance!
>So, yeah, it's just a downward slope that you need to make it down to reach that ring before the whole area is engulfed in overflowing lava. You could try running down, but rolling just might get you there faster. It's do or die time. If you STILL haven't gotten the hang of this by now, well, you're f&%$#d dude. You may need to move left or right to avoid splashes of lava, but it's not like those stupid quick step sections.
>So, Sonic jumps through the warp ring just seconds before everything flashes, a nice view of the still raging planet pans out for a bit, and we see Robotnik looking at it with a glare in his glasses. He grins so briefly before the screen cuts to black that you might not notice it.
>Episode 1 ends.
>I've still got more of these to upload, but what do you guys think so far? I can't make a game, but if I could, I would want it to look and feel something like what I've shown you.
>So does it look fun?
21.jpg, 1600x1215, 1 times posted
>Episode 2 begins.
>Sonic finds himself in a forest back on Mobius. He decides to explore a bit 'til he finds his way out.
>It's something like the second act of Mushroom Hill, but all the time. Leaves are always falling, and the colors are always warm and bright. It's always Fall here, but nothing ever really dies. I dunno why, I just like the sound of it.
>There are red mushrooms and blue mushrooms. You can bounce on both of them, but red mushrooms have a bit more bounce than blue ones, sending you higher. Yeah, I know it's totally stupid that there are vines here now that I actually stop to think about it. Why did I add them? Well, I just remembered seeing them in Sonic Heroes and thinking they were kind of neat. That, and I'm retarded.
>There are some sections where you glide with a mushroom..... however the %$#@ that works... and these small cyclones will lift you up and give you more hang time. I was also going to draw a place where there's a bottomless pit sending an updraft powerful enough to suspend giant leaves that you can use as platforms, gently swaying this way and that way.... Sometimes they suddenly flip over, so be careful. I didn't have room to draw this, though. Oh, well.
22.jpg, 1600x1237, 1 times posted
>A anonymous lead has sent mysterious messages to Sonic and Tails. Whoever it is, they say they know how Sonic can get back to Aether (apparently, the new planet's name). At the moment, it seems Sonic's only option is to follow this lead. They claim that Robotnik has a secret facility underground. A city called "Neon Jungle" is sitting right on top of it, the inhabitants completely oblivious to his presence. Explore the city's rooftops until you find a building that reaches underground near the entrance to this base.
>Nice place, huh? I did my best to make it as unlike Unleashed as possible, with loads of shit sprawling in all directions, like a giant playground. If you fall to the ground, you'll lose a life because the lights are so bright at night you'll lose your way and get lost. I know, it's bullshit. But the idea is to explore the skyline, not the ground. Regardless, the building's aren't THAT far apart and there are plenty of springs and cables to help you along your way. A lot of these building are oddly shaped, with huge "dips" you can use to practice preforming a hang pipe on and reach higher places, just like in the genesis days! WHOOPEEEEE!!! Some of these lights actually stick out far enough for you to climb along them! NEAT, huh?
>If you find a lightning shield, you can double jump, which really helps when clearing these gaps.
>Say what you will about most of the Spider Man games, but my favorite thing to do it all of the open ended ones is to find a nice rooftop to start on, and just hop around from rooftop to rooftop, collecting stuff. Not even really swinging, just hopping. This was especially fun in Web of Shadows (otherwise a very lacking game), where these tokens were sprinkled all over the place, and you could just hop along the rooftops and climb your way into the sky looking for these things. It's an extremely liberating sort of platforming that I would love to see in a Sonic game.
23 (hector).jpg, 1600x1404, 1 times posted
>.............A fucking porcupine. Yeah, I know he looks more like a Megaman X Maverick Boss than anything else.... but it was tricky not making him look like a biggeer Metal Sonic.
>Anyway, here's some dialog.
>Once inside, Boss 4) Why do you always give master such a hard time?
>(Sonic) He gave me a hard time first. The guy doesn't exactly have a clean slate, you know.
>(Boss) Don't you realize that he isn't doing anything wrong this time? The success of his new plan does not need to happen at anyone's expense. If anything, you're the villain here for trying to stop something that by all means, SHOULD be happening. Please, just leave master alone.
>(Sonic) It's so weird... Every time one of you freaks opens your mouth, I feel like I've already known you for a long time. You all remind me a little too much of HIM.
>(Boss) Funny you should say that, because we ARE him, in a way... Each and every one of us was brought to life with a certain fragment of his personality. Everything we do, he would do the same. Everything we say is floating around somewhere in his head.
>(Sonic) And with an ego like his, he really isn't worried that any of you might think you're better than your master?
>(Boss) Ultimately, we are all extensions of him. There is nothing on either world that my master loves more than himself... not even his own children. So you see, there is absolutely no risk that any of us could ever revolt against him. We simply love him too much.
>(Sonic) No individuality whatsoever...
>(Boss) It's so brilliant if you stop and think about it.
>(Sonic) I've heard enough of this garbage! You're all just as rotten as he is!
>(Boss) Do your worst, pest.
>(Boss) This is so wrong... But I will retreat back into master's beautiful mind, and await his revenge... Oh, how he loathes you... >EXPLODES<
24 (hector's attacks).jpg, 1600x1219, 1 times posted
>"I can feel my master's hatred for you flowing through me... I'm just dying to get a piece of you! I will make him so happy!"
>This boss is tough. For one thing, if you get knocked off the platform, you die. Not only that, but you can't hit him. If you try to, he will automatically swipe at you, hurting you. It's kind of like when Skiver would block you, only this actually counts as a hit. He will mostly stand at the center of the platform and swipe at you with his massive claws, making waves of chaos energy. He does this very frequently and will keep you moving. Stay away from him, but don't fall off. After a while, he might get bored and start rolling around just like Sonic does. This hurts no matter what you do if you get hit. His most devastating move involves sitting at the center of the field and hurling his spikes in all directions. Not all at once, but sporadically, a few here and a few there. Hitting him is tricky because you need to wait until he's running out of spikes, and there's enough room for you to slip through and jump on his back. HOWEVER, if you wait a few seconds too long, once he's completely bare he will immediately make a new sets of spikes, and you'll have to wait and try again. Do this a few time and he'll eventually go down.
>Nothing wrong with more than one boss sharing the same theme, hm?
>Once Sonic beats him, Hector falls into the whirlpool and his body clogs up a drain for a few seconds. Eventually, the water pressure builds up to a point that a new pathway is forced open and you get sucked down to Chaos knows where.
>So, is this a creative boss?
25.jpg, 1600x1217, 1 times posted
>Under the city, Sonic finds a waste processing plant of sorts. Upon exploring deeper into this disgusting place, he eventually finds a computer room and destroys the robots inside. He sees a terminal and has Tails hack into it. Eventually, Tails finds the coordinates of a facility where more Egg Galleons are being constructed. The "Star Factory". They venture back out to find it, not knowing who might be waiting for them.
>That green stuff is poison. If you touch it, you'll be hurt, but you can touch it if you're wearing a hydro shield. As a result, there are some areas you won't be able to reach if you're not equipped with a hydro shield, so be sure to keep one on you.
>There are some rooms where's you'll have to race the toxic goo to the top as it rising and fills the room.
>Example: In panel 3, if you can reach that platform with a huge dip before the tide does, you'll be able to roll up the other side and reach a warp ring.
>I know the colors are kind of weird, so yeah, sorry.
121412489481.png, 404x404, 1 times posted
Fuck this shit I'm out, this isn't even a comic just boring severely autistic shit.
26.jpg, 1600x850, 1 times posted
>Sonic and Tails flying over the Endless White Zone on their way to the Star Factory.
>What you see is what you get. This is a flying section that is modeled after the Sky Chase levels from SA1. Not those glorified quick time events from Sonic Unleashed.
>Anyway, this really is more of a tutorial than anything else. It's supposed to prepare you for another stage MUCH later that controls similarly.
>Here's some flying music.
TheArchieMegaManX.jpg, 1108x1650, 15 times posted
That's a Maverick
27 (metal sonic).jpg, 1600x1362, 1 times posted
>Sonic and Tails fly above the mountain region the Star Factory is supposedly located in. Above the clouds, everything is peaceful. Suddenly, though, a streak bursts through the clouds underneath and rips the plane open and Sonic falls out. It seems Metal was the anonymous tipster, who led them here so he could kill Sonic while he was helpless.
>To be honest, I think Metal Sonic is VERY overrated. Mecha Sonic and Silver Sonic just don't get enough love. Still, this is a surprise, huh?
>Watcha think of how I tweaked his design a bit?
28 (metal sonic's attacks).jpg, 1600x1220, 1 times posted
>This is something like those sky diving sections from Unleashed, only it's easier to move around. Regardless, you're falling, and it's only a matter of time before you hit the bottom. Once you do, instant death. Defeat Metal before then, for the story's sake.
>I remember something like this in the Afro Samurai video game. The game as a whole had a lot of control issues, yet the Afro Droid fight, the one part of the game you'd THINK would be almost impossible to program well, was actually the best part of the whole game. I'm not kidding. Anyway, I'd love to see something like that in Sonic.
>Metal will zip around, intent of having the pleasure of killing you before you hit the surface. Sometimes he will spam you with firearms, and sometimes he will try to confuse you by flying around you just like that tornado move Sonic does in Sonic Heroes, but his main attack involves simply zooming in and taking a swipe at you. When he does it is difficult to predict, and he's so quick it can be VERY hard to dodge, especially when the clouds make it hard to see him to begin with. The trick is to dodge him when he does it from above, then curl into a ball and fall on him from behind. Do this enough times before reaching the bottom to win... somehow. Maybe you can use him as a cushion.
A lot of these look like Mavericks. In fact, this would make for a good Sonic/MMX crossover.
29.jpg, 1600x1217, 1 times posted
>Sonic landed in some very deep snow and eventually digs his way out, but he has lost track of Metal and Tails in the scuffle. It seems the only thing he can do at this point is try to find the Star Factory, since that is likely where Tails is headed.
>I do not own this music, duh!
>This place is BIG, and it's easy to get lost. Even so, there's plenty to explore, so you might as well enjoy yourself. If you can find a lightning shield, that'll make it a bit easier to cross some of the chasms that have formed between the mountains.
>I wanted the sky to look like that kind of day where the whole sky is hopelessly buried in white, and you can only faintly see the warmth of the sun pushing through..... I don't think I captured it very well. Overall, I intended for this to be one of the coolest zones, but I don't think it turned out that great. It's just so...... white.
30.jpg, 1600x1222, 1 times posted
>After finding Tails, Sonic eventually locates the Star Factory and proceeds inside. He quickly finds many Egg Galleons being assembled, but he needs to find one that has already been completed. Still, it probably wouldn't hurt to cause a little havoc along the way.
>This is where the platforming starts getting pretty harsh.
>Watcha' think of this place?
31 (ivory).jpg, 1600x853, 1 times posted
>I intended for this to look like a cerberus, but the faces ended up looking more like a cat than a dog, so I added the fangs and just went with it. Because the colors are so bright, I had to make the background dark so she would stand out. Yes, it's supposed to be a fembot.
>(Female voice) My, don't you look tasty. Too bad I don't have taste buds. Well, I suppose such things don't really matter all that much.
>(Sonic) >SNICKER< So let me guess, you're Robotnik's feminine side? Is there anything else I should know about?
>(Boss 5) Such petty, spiteful noises... I represent his passion for all things mechanical, nothing more. Stop your incessant squabbling, you're drowning them out.
>(Sonic) Who are you talking about?
>(Boss) I'm talking about our children. The constant humming and whirring and clanging of the machines... It's all so wonderful and lively. They all have voices, and each has a story to tell.
>(Sonic) I'd much rather listen to birds chirping any day.
>(Boss) Uuugh, it's horrid noises like those that distract my master and make it difficult for him to concentrate on things that actually matter.
>(Sonic) Like his machines?
>(Boss) Precisely.
>(Sonic) >Groan< Don't you get it? He doesn't REALLY care about ANY of you. If he did, he wouldn't throw you at someone like me who could kill you.
>(Boss) You really think so? Do you honestly think I was made to be put down by the likes of you?
>(Just then, a hulking... thingamajig drops down into the room.)
>(Boss) I won't let you stifle our children any longer. Prepare to cease your function!
>(Boss) I just don't understand... How can you defeat so many of us? Just what did he bother to make us for?
>(Sonic) ...Probably to buy himself some time with all your incessant chatter.
>(Boss) You murderer ....I am.... a Super Badnik.... hear me roar! RRRAAAAAAAAGH!!!
>Tails then hotwires a completed Egg Galleon that Ivory was guarding, and they warp into space.
32 (ivory's attacks).jpg, 1600x1221, 1 times posted
>"I'll show you just what we machines are really made for! Your function is ultimately inferior to ours!"
>Here's some crazy music.
This guy really likes the music from this game.
>Ivory will mostly resort to hurling big blasts of cobalt chaos energy at you, which cause huge shock waves. This room is very big, but so is she. If you're next you her, the other heads will spit blue fire at you, which covers a lot of space. If you're far away, she just might start chasing you. Keep running. Eventually, her whole body will glow with chaos energy and she will charge at you. This attack is devastating and can clear the length of the whole room in just over a second. If you manage to dodge, though, she just might end up knocking down one of those balconies near the top of the chamber. Hitting her head won't hurt her, though. This isn't that kind of boss and she isn't THAT stupid.
>The trick is to spindash through her feet to knock her over. The first time only takes one foot, the second time takes two feet, and the last time you do this, you will need to damage all four of her legs to cripple her, kinda like the egg walker from Sonic Adventure. This is tough to do, however, since she can quickly swipe at you with her claws or her tail, which are difficult to dodge once you get close. Eventually, though, try to cripple her when she's near a balcony that has already been knocked over. Once she's down, she will deploy two smaller "offshoots" that will chase and attack you on their own. You can't destroy them, and if you're not quick to get away, they will keep you busy well until she gets back up. Run up the damaged balcony and hop into one of the empty shoulders while those things are deployed, then spin dash right through her.
>Each time you do this, she will instantly get back up and destroy the nearby balcony completely so you can't use it again. At some point, though, she will go down.
>So, does she sound like a toughie?
33.jpg, 1600x1217, 1 times posted
>The ship's autopilot brings it to Aether, but the fleet surrounding the planet shoots it down, though Sonic survives. Tails decided to stay back at the factory and fix his plane. It seems the planet is developing steadily, and much of the surface has solidified. It still isn't a nice place to live, but that hasn't stopped Robotnik from establishing facilities already. Dang, that guy works fast. Apparently, a nearby facility Sonic would like to infiltrate has a force field that protects it from nearby volcanic discharge. Still, there has to be some way in.... Thankfully, it seems the facility is a lava refinery of sorts that is digging below the surface and letting lava flow out through a network of pipes. Why? Who knows. Look around for a fire shield, then make your way through one of these pipes until you're inside.
>There's one particularly sneaky warp ring back in the wreckage of the ship, heheh.
>This is nearing the end of this episode. Nice place, huh?
34.jpg, 1600x1226, 1 times posted
>Sonic has managed to sneak onto one of these long, narrow containers that apparently fly themselves back and forth between this space station and the planet. This station is considerably larger than all the others. Chances are Egghead is somewhere in here.
>Anyway, this place is crazy. There are colored parts of the floor that you can only touch while wearing a shield that corresponds with that color. There are also giant cargo containers you can stick too and walk along the purple parts on the sides. Those jets of flame don't stay on constantly, they take turns. Though, since the goal is to get inside the Orbital Sanctuary,I suppose logically that last panel would be the beginning of the level. Silly me.
>I know the inside of the place looks kinda lame, and I probably should've decorated it more, but I didn't quite know what details to throw in there. Oh, well. Hopefully you get the idea.
>Have some music.
>I think some rock music in a Sonic game is okay, especially if it's used near the climax, like in Asteroid Coaster from Sonic Colors.
>This is one of the last stages in this episode.
35 (egg goliath).jpg, 1600x1057, 1 times posted
>(Robotnik) I see you've murdered most of my children, you animal...
>(Sonic) "Murdered"? Yeah, right. There was nothing there to kill to begin with.
>(Robotnik) You're such a hypocrite, you know that?
>(Sonic) What are you babbling about?
>(Robotnik) Just what do you plan on doing to this world? After all, Aether isn't your home, and even if you chase me away, I'll eventually find my way back. And good luck keeping a constant eye on both planets at once. The only way you could ever really stop me is by killing this newborn world.
>(Sonic) ... Y'know, I hadn't really thought about it.
>(Robotnik) You really should try thinking at some point. Or, you could save us a lot of time by simply wasting me right now, where I stand.
>(He detaches the "head" from the body and floats down near Sonic, opens the cockpit and reveals himself) Go ahead! Spin dash right through me. It's either me, or Aether. Will you end this with the quiet demise of a single man, or will you ravage this precious newborn world?
>(Sonic).... You know me better than that.
>(Robotnik) That I do. (closes the cockpit and rejoins with the main body as the stupidly gargantuan mech springs to life.) Your hesitation will cost you dearly. You fight so hard for your oh so precious nature back on your world, yet you'd rather sacrifice this one, AN ENTIRE PLANET, JUST to let me live. You're no hero. You're NOTHING but a territorial little insect, governed by nothing more than the instincts of those back your aging world.
>(Sonic) You're one to talk! This planet ISN'T yours! You just happen to be trespassing on it!
>This one's a keeper, huh?
36 (egg goliath's attacks).jpg, 1600x1214, 1 times posted
>This fight has 3 phases. No, he does not get a little bit taller with each phase. I just suck with scale. Interestingly, it's the only "traditional" side scrolling boss in the whole thing. The first phase begins on the ground, at the mech's feet. A series of elevator's is slowly moving up, and you need to ride them until you reach the top. Near the ground, he will stomp on you, covering most of the floor with the impact's "cartoon flash" as you get higher, he will punch through the platforms, knocking off large chunks (though not always with his left as depicted). If a platform completely collapses, you'll just land on the one below it. Eventually, you'll reach the top. However, the Eggmobile will leave the body and fire balls of red super chaos energy at you from out of your reach. Eventually, though, he'll need to rejoin with the mech to recharge. That's your chance to hit him. After that, he'll destroy the area and commence the next phase. Here, you'll need to roll along the sides of three chambers that make great half pipes. All the while, though, you'll be under fire from missiles, shockwaves caused by the fists of the robot, and beams fired from it's chest. Hitting the head will be just like it went down the first time. The final phase is like a brief platforming section from the Flying Battery, only longer and tougher, increasing unforgiving as you get higher. Watch out for hazards dropped from above. just keep spindashing along the sides. Once you FINALLY reach the top. Robotnik, with the mech's head well out of reach, will start spamming the whole area with red chaos balls. Use the curve on the left side of the room to reach the ceiling and hit Robotnik from above. This will finally defeat the Egg Goliath.
We're about halfway through now. Looks like I won't take a break this time.
37 (chase down the eggmobile).jpg, 1600x1237, 1 times posted
(The damaged mech begins to shut down, and Robotnik is getting ready to escape as the red super energy slowly begins to seep out of the mech.)
>(Sonic) I can keep this away from you. As long as you don't have any Chaos to power your machines with, these worlds will never belong to you.
>(Robotnik) PHEH... Good luck finding it. You see, I DON'T have it on me. I knew it was possible for you to obtain the rest of the super energy, so I hid the last of it not here, but in the furthest, deepest reaches of Mobius, along with the toughest badnik you will ever see. Nothing can possibly survive down there. Not even you. You'll never find it. Besides, I will have all the Chaos I need soon enough.
>(Sonic) Just sit back and watch. I'll be back to end your schemes before you know it. And I'll do it WITHOUT killing you.
>(Robotnik) You came all this way to stop me and now you think you can just stroll back out of here? BAHAHA!! How do you even plan on getting back to Mobius???
>(??????) .....I can help him with that.
>(Sonic) !!!
>(Robotnik) Who said that???!!! Wait, that voice-!!
>(??????) ....Better hurry Sonic. This place isn't gonna last very long. SELF DESTRUCTION OF E-BLOCK WILL NOW COMMENCE. DISENGAGE E-BLOCK IMMEDIATELY.
>(Robotnik) NNNO!! He's inside the system!
>(??????) See you back on Mobius, Sonic. Don't disappoint me.
>(Robotnik) I hate hedgehogs.
>Robotnik begins his escape, and he and Sonic race each other to the next block as the place becomes unstable around them.
>Question: When threads started at 9pm EST, did you normally catch them as they were happening or afterwards? How about now that it’s 5pm EST?
Caught them as they were happening, usually from the very start. Now? I'm lucky if I get here before you start. Makes me kinda sad.

>That eggman ship in the first panel
Reminded me of this
38.jpg, 1600x1227, 1 times posted
>Oddly, the loose super energy spread throughout E-Block and, as if eager to rejoin with the Master Emerald back on Mobius, it spiraled out of control and caused the place to warp to Mobius instead of just exploding. How does this work? Maybe Chaos knows.... Anyway, Sonic winds up in the ground with none other than >GASP< Metal Sonic! Yes, it appears he followed Sonic into the Star Factory, on board the stolen Egg Galleon, and all the way to the Orbital Sanctuary. He was also the (?????) that triggered the block's disconnection and self destruction to begin with. He has been acting completely on his own, and somehow planned all of this, even the super energy acting up once Sonic beat Eggman, for the sake of having one last climactic battle with Sonic. Why go through so much trouble to interfere with Sonic and the Doc in such needlessly elaborate ways? Maybe 'cause he's insane and he's broken beyond the confines of a machine's logic and his plan doesn't need to make much sense? Whatever... Though, he never expected the super energy to be strong enough to warp the whole block. He had intended to use Chaos control on himself and Sonic, and didn't expect the whole place to get dragged along with them. Oh, well.
>Anyways, it appears the block's flaming ruins are falling down to the surface. For whatever reason, it's falling very slowly like the evil moon face from Majora's Mask, and you need to get out of range before this zone is destroyed. Tails manages to contact you and says he has detected a warp ring somewhere in this twisted nightmare of a zone. You must reach it and escape before Metal possibly can. Since a warp ring disappears when someone enters it, and may do so before someone else can hop through if they aren't fast enough, it's either you or Metal. Whoever makes it through there first will leave the zone, and the other will be trapped behind. GET GOING.
The box was the correct option.

That is a fucking Megaman boss.
39.jpg, 1600x1215, 1 times posted
>(Flashback to the events of Sonic CD. His recent 'bout with Metal takes him years back in his memories)
>(Metal Sonic is caught in Robotnik's death beam. The doctor then flees to Metallic Madness while a young Sonic frees Amy. Surrounded by the chaos the doctor has created, they see his base in the distance)
>(Sonic) That rotten egg has gone too far! He never quits and every time I put him down he just builds something even crazier than last time! And now look at what he's done! He's a hair away from winning! Of course, I'm still gonna stop him, somehow, but at this rate, we're gonna be at this 'til he gets really old and just passes away.
>(Amy) What's wrong Sonic? Why can't you just keep doing what you're doing? You always win anyway!
>(Sonic has a grim look) I don't think I could ever find it in me to do anything like this.... But sometimes, I really would love to just shut him down for good. I know it's bad, but somewhere in me I sure would LIKE to.
>(Amy slaps him and his expression immediately changes. Now Amy looks angry.)
>(Amy) I thought I knew everything about you, Sonic. Is this the real you?!
>(Sonic) ...........
>(Amy) Don't ever think anything like that again. That look you had on your face a moment ago.... I never want to see that Sonic again.
>(Sonic turns back toward the base) Hopefully, you won't. Don't worry. I'll go easy on the doc.
>(He runs off, but Amy inevitably follows him. Sonic doesn't notice her at the moment, though.)
>Flashback ends.
>(With the Super Energy of the other Emeralds released, Tails builds a device that uses this energy to sense the last of it. It is extremely faint, but it is somewhere underneath an arctic region. Sonic goes to investigate.)
>This stage is the beginning of this episode, so of course it's going to be kind of easy. This is one last friendly little playground to practice Sonic's moves in. If you've collected all the Emeralds in the previous episodes, great.
I don't know why the timestamp doesn't work but anyway, what it reminded me of is at 02:32
Honestly its kind of hard to comment on all of this
40.jpg, 1600x1219, 1 times posted
>(Sonic eventually finds a spot that Tails says is directly above the last of the super energy. All Sonic has too do is go directly down far enough. However, in order to progress from this point on, you need to have collected all the Chaos Emeralds, or the game will and with an "End?" after this last stage and boss. If you are playing this episode without having collected them throughout the other two, don't worry. Even though you missed out an a lot of fun, there are many Warp Rings hidden throughout Twilight Plains and this level, and you should be able to find them without too, too much trouble. You'll need to collect a lot of rings, though. But really, playing this without trying the other two episodes would just be stupid. Best to go through it all in one go.)
>(Shortly after Sonic goes under, strange probes are deployed all over the planet. They fly into the clouds, making them grow and turn a strange dark. Eventually, the whole planet is covered in these strange rain clouds.)
>Here's some mood music. [link] Recommended that you ignore the girl and turn it up very loud for maximum atmosphere.
>The level could just be a massive freefall that would only last a a minute or so, but the idea is to explore along the way, instead of getting it overwith. Besides, if you did try to just fall down, and skip the entire level, you would drown well before reaching the bottom. You don't have to worry much about falling to your death, unless there's absolutely nothing beneath you. The entire stage is underwater, never once exposing you to any air pockets. There are bubbles here and there, but they're spread more thinly than in earlier stages. There are a few hydro shields laying around, so take advantage of that. Just keep going down, collecting stuff along the way, until you reach the farthest, depths of Mobius.
Damn. It takes some getting used to for me as well.
>Little rodents like yourself should be weak, submissive things, but the energy of the Chaos Emeralds has twisted this world, and made you evolve much faster than what was naturally intended. You and your friends have been mangled into something neither animal nor man, but you are still a rodent, nonetheless.
Did Overland Press ghostwrite this?
41 (argent).jpg, 1600x1112, 1 times posted
>"I'm gonna pay you back for always ruining my fun!!!"
>Here's some scary boss music
Insomniac is going to sue this thread.
>This fight takes place in a few shades of perpetual darkness. It is one of the harder bosses, and depending on how bright or dark your screen is, you may want to make an adjustment if you expect to see anything. (look at me, listening to my own worthless hype.)
>This thing will lunge at you, taking up a lot, a LOT of ground with him massive body and gaping maw. The only giveaway of his location is the occasional flickering of the lure. Sometimes, he will bury himself under the sand, and close him mouth around you. It takes a few seconds, so GET THE %&#$ OUT when you see his teeth jutting out around you.
>There are a few hydro shields laying around, but do your absolute best not to lose them. He will also dive from above and pounce on you. The body is impervious to your attacks and the lure is always out of reach. Here's how you hurt him. Once you have a Hydro shield, bounce around when he's not attacking and see how soft the floor is. If a cloud of sand rises, it's too soft. If nothing happens, you've hit solid rock. Find a nice patch of hard ground and trick him into slamming his face on it trying to eat you. While the main body recuperates, the lure will just dangle helplessly. Apparently, THAT'S the creature's weakness. Hit him hard while he can't move. Eventually, the last Superbadnik will go down.
1669923020277203.jpg, 1605x2048, 3 times posted
While I respect supporting a fan game this feels off topic and doesn't really lead to any interesting discussions. But while we are at it, what are your expectations for the new sonic series?
42 (argent's attacks).jpg, 1600x1201, 1 times posted
>(Eventually, Sonic reaches the "bottom of Mobius" and finds a strange, glowing thing piercing the perpetual darkness. Oddly enough, it appears to be a Chao, radiating white super energy. It looks like a small child tinkering with some toys, surrounded by pieces of scrap. Let's just assume Sonic already has a hydro shield protecting him. he walks close enough to be seen in the little creature's light.)
>(Boss 6) >contentedly humming while disassembling what looks like a wind up robot and reassembling it into a deadlier looking one<
>(Sonic) ......
>(Boss) >frowns and sobs as his new creation is crushed by the incredible water pressure<
>(Sonic) Sorry you keep losing your toys.
>(Boss) ?!! >looks at Sonic with a hateful expression<
>(Sonic) I guess this must symbolize his neglected inner child... Can you talk?
>(Boss) >growls<
>(Sonic) You should try building something useful, something that'll actually HELP others, instead of always trying to hurt them. Maybe then they won't break so quickly.
>(Boss) They break because YOU'RE here. You're always breaking my precious things... How bout I take YOU apart and see what your insides look like?!
>(Sonic) Just another one of Eggman's toys, aren't you?
>(Suddenly something humongous lunges at him. He barely manages to move out of range just as a gigantic maw slams shut, revealing the child to be a lure on a terrifying angler fish looking badnik. The child lets out a gay, shrieking laughter and retreats into the darkness, the white super energy flickering ever so faintly.)
Got this and the last one swapped by accident.
>Those are not some bullshit big bad God of death things.
How disappointing. It seems this author forgets the most kino part of Sonic.

>Eggman just making a new world to get the fuck away from Sonic
Strange how he's never thought to do this before.
43.jpg, 1600x1227, 1 times posted
>(If Sonic has collected all the Chaos Emeralds, the story can progress further.)
>Sonic notices the water above him appearing to... freeze? More like it's hardening! As the whole place starts rapidly solidifying bizarrely, he goes super and flys out as fast as he can. He resurfaces just as it seems the entire ocean has solidified. He doesn't quite know what to make of what he sees. An eerie downpour has turned everything in sight into metal.... Or at least, that's what it looks like. After running along what used to be water, he investigates the landscape. Nothing seems to have changed much, other than nothing being alive. What were once life forms have become metallic sculptures, or worse, badniks. Do not destroy any enemies if you can hep it. It also seems Sonic is completely immune to the effects of the "metal rain", possibly because he went super when first exposed to it.
>So there you have it. Robotnik found a way to use this metal rain he's created to "roboticize" the entire planet, so he could replace it with his own. What a downer, huh?
>This place is inevitably... kinda bland. Sorry, but there's only so much you can do with a few shades of gray. Still, this is the complete opposite of the colorful, lively places that should be in Sonic games, so this probably wouldn't be that enjoyable. But that's appropriate in this case, since this part isn't supposed to be "fun". It's supposed to be sad! If this doesn't make you feel sad then something is off.
>Be careful where you step. Splashes have solidified and become very sharp, so some do count as spikebeds. You can also manipulate the solid splashes to climb around.
>If you want to collect whatever Super Emeralds you haven't already, find a warp ring. You won't wind up at the Emerald Alter, though. Something has made it so you can't go there. You can still access the special stages, but you'll just have to pay upfront at a warp ring.
44.jpg, 1600x1228, 1 times posted
>Can you believe I was at first going to call this "Titanium Mountain"? But, then it started looking less and less like mountains.... so I changed the name several times until I got "Metal Ruin", and then I noticed how easy it would be to completely change the idea with just one letter, so I just went ahead and named it after the metal rain Robotnik's using.
>"Sonic reaches higher ground and starts traversing a familiar region that should get him to Tails and the others fairly quickly... if he doesn't get lost, at least."
>Just a long, harsh platforming area through the skies, kinda like a roboticized Red Mountain or Windy Valley, on our way to Tails' place.
>Don't worry, it's not like the rest of the episode will be this drab. There's just one more stage of this for tomorrow, and then we can move on with the story.
>Music.... not exactly this, but something like it.
>Another zone down. Next up, a very intriguing and downright surprising boss.>>134350544
>Strange how he's never thought to do this before.
He normally just conquers another world although some of his larger ships could be considered a miniature planet.
45 (mecha amy).jpg, 1600x1653, 1 times posted
>(Sonic, thinking) Can't see a thing now. It all just looks the same. Why, Eggman? Is all this 'cause I stuck my nose in your business when all you wanted was for me to leave you alone? It can't be that simple...
>(A flash appears in the distance. Before Sonic can react, the plateau he is standing on shatters and he falls through, landing on another one below it.)
>(He lands harshly, but gets back up and looks above him to see his attacker. It looks like a mechanical version of Amy Rose)
>(Sonic) ..NO..... The rain must've changed her too!
>(Mecha Amy) ...........
>(Sonic) I can't attack her... But what else can I do??
>(Mecha Amy zooms down and smashes the platform into chunks.)
>(Sonic flees, unwilling to attack this Amy if it could possibly be her.)
>There's still a few surprises to come, but watcha' think of this?
Youre not wrong, X. Clearly Eggman has been sharing ideas with Sigma.
Worse than boom
46 (mecha amy's attacks).jpg, 1600x1224, 1 times posted
>This isn't really much of a fight. It's a chase scene, and if you aren't fast enough to reach the end of this section, you will fall to your instant death. Don't bother attacking her, she'll just hit you with her hammer, knocking you very far back and almost always off the platform. STAY AWAY FROM HER.
>(Eventually, Sonic is forced to the edge of the last platform he can find. He turns around, to see Mecha Amy, who has smashed every single platform in view to bits. She floats down to his level and they stare for a moment. She lunges at him. He curls up and uses a powerful a SpinDash in an effort to deflect her blow, but she just knocks him off. Mecha Amy looks down, still intent on following him, for whatever reason.)
>Ugh, she looks horrible in panel 1. Her head is WAY too small. Anyways...
>Kind of an iffy scene, I know.
>muh machines
Eggman needs a new hobby.
47.jpg, 1600x1225, 1 times posted
>(Like a cannonball, Sonic plummets to the ground, making a crater and barely surviving. He has landed in a familiar place, the Mystic Ruins... or at least what used to be the Mystic Ruins. It is now a hostile place, where every leaf and petal has become a sharp blade. Be careful where you step.)
>This is like the Mystic Ruins forested area, only considerably larger and not quite modeled after that of Sonic Adventure. Still, there's little bits of fanservice sprinkled here and there, like the Echidna ruins and... Big's house.
>Like in Sonic Adventure, you can climb on tops of the trees. This will seriously help you out. Just keep exploring until you find that ladder leading out of here.
>Here's some music.
>I swear, this is the last act of Drab and Dysmal Zone. I know this is getting old, but the final stage is much, MUCH more colorful. This is just building up to that so you can appreciate the ending more.
>I think some rock music in a Sonic game is okay,
I wonder what he thinks of Frontiers' OST.

48 (heavy metal sonic).jpg, 1600x2084, 1 times posted
>(Sonic makes it out, but on his way to Tails' workshop, Mecha Amy attacks again. She falls from the sky and Sonic barely manages to dodge as she smashes the ground and makes a huge explosion with the force of the impact. The dust soon clears, Mecha Amy becomes brittle and falls apart, and underneath it is revealed that it was just a damaged Metal Sonic in disguise.)
>(Sonic) You??!!
>(Metal Sonic) While we were aboard the doctor's space station, I found him out. In the process of repairing myself after our last night on the town, I anticipated his next move and altered my appearance... a bit... to mess around with you.
>(Sonic) You exploited my- ??? You're sick, maybe even sicker than he is!
>(Metal Sonic) I'm just being spontaneous. I'm not some incomplete chunk of the Doctor's personality like all those pleebs you were fighting while he did this. There's a part you that's in me. I know you're angry right now. The Sonic you don't want anyone to ever see is leaking out, and I can see you just fine.
>(Sonic) Why is this so important to you?? What does our fighting matter when the world just suddenly died??
>(Metal Sonic) What do you mean it's "dead"? I'm grateful to the doctor. I finally feel at home on this speck that until today, was ugly and rotten to me. It's so shiny now. He can have his fresh, crisp new speck, I'll be content to just hang around here, with my best buddy's lifeless body to keep me company. I'm in a really good mood at the moment, so why don't we play some more, "prototype Sonic"?
>(Sonic) Don't bother repairing yourself this time.
>I left some smudges and grit in there to add to his "damaged" look.
7FCE7677-CFB0-419E-841F-EC927C193454.jpg, 1920x3028, 1 times posted
>me the smug bastard who chose more Sonamy
49 (heavy metal sonic's attacks).jpg, 1600x1228, 1 times posted
>"Let's see... Who's turn is it to pretend to be the 'real' Sonic?"
>Spin dashing, homing attacks and whatever else are no good here while' he's near the ground Sometimes he'll cut you off, and sometimes he'll zip wildly around the field and then punch the ground, causing a huge shock wave. He likes to briefly shield himself while charging through you. This is very quick and hard to dodge, so be careful. He may fly around and cause a huge whirlwind, filling much of the area. He may also swipe at you if you stay near him for more than a second. At some point, he'll hover above you and rain bullet hell down on you. To hit him, roll along the sides of the crater, or just spin dash if you can manage not to get hit while charging it up, and then hit him from the air. Do this enough times, and a new scene will be triggered.
>Metal was the real villain
Honestly? I don't mind it.
50.jpg, 1600x1192, 1 times posted
>(After a while, a yellowish streak appears and catches Metal by surprise, yanking him away from Sonic. Sonic follows anyway.)
>Music for this scene should go something like this. Something synthy and oldschool sounding.
>This is just another chase scene. Don't lose sight of them, but don't get so close that the debris they knock off the cliff sides fall on you.
I just assume anyone choosing Sonamy at this point would be for trolling.
51 (mecha tails).jpg, 1600x1245, 1 times posted
>(Mecha Tails fights ferociously in his efforts to chase Metal away. Sonic follows.)
>(After a while, it seems Tails has Metal Sonic cornered.)
>(Metal Sonic) Get out of my way, you little freak! Your master is my slave now!
>(Streaks of blue and citrus dart through the air as the two continue to exchange blows.)
>The blade-like tails on him are based on Archie's design. I did try to make the rest of him a bit more original looking, though. Betcha guys weren't expecting this were ya'? When Mecha Amy appeared, you probably expected a boss rush featuring all of Sonic's friends, but when it turned out she was a fake, you didn't expect Tails to appear at all, hm?
Don't you hate it when your son upstages you?
52 (mecha tails phase 1).jpg, 1600x1228, 1 times posted
>Some twist, huh? For this part, you play as Metal Sonic. He controls exactly like Sonic does, though his animations are a bit different. This fight takes place at the end of Tails' runway, since he managed to chase you here. Try to hit him at any time, and he will hit you back, UNLESS he swipes downward and gets a tail caught in the ground. Here's some music.
Hey, it's not Ratchet & Clank!
>Metal eventually pins Tails to the ground, face first.)
>(Metal Sonic) I was hoping you could become MY little pet sidekick, but I won't tolerate your presence on my new world if you don't behave! You just disappear and let me take care of that ugly prototype-!!
>(Metal Sonic made a mistake by facing Tails' back. Like blades, his tails chop Metal in half.)
>(Metal Sonic) You can't be... stronger than him!! What does that make me?! This is just WRONG...
Metal, I don't think this is how you make new friends...

I'm a Sonamyfag and even I knew choosing the box would be better than more Sonamy.
>Don't you hate it when your son upstages you?
No, because if Metal was my son I wouldn't be so much of a gross narcissist or egotistic maniac that he'd need to betray me in the first place.
>Question: When threads started at 9pm EST, did you normally catch them as they were happening or afterwards? How about now that it’s 5pm EST?
5pm's probably better for mor prople, but I keep forgetting the new time!
Gasp, a Sonnic fan with strong opinions on game design? Never seen that before!
I like the idea of entering Knuckles' bedroom!
Truu farrr!
>I can't decide whether this androgynous android should be a guybot or a fembot... could go either way
Just like the MM Zero games!
The most cursed Egg Carrier
>Green Hill's looking a lot more like Sand Hill
More Echidna lore!
Always did love the season changes in Mushroom Hill Zone
One of the few level aesthetics Forces got right
Kinda cute!
It's like Spinball!
53 (mecha tails phase 2).jpg, 1600x1221, 1 times posted
>(With Metal Sonic finally destroyed, Sonic finally catches up to find a crazed, "glitchy" Tails. Apparently, Metal's Explosion damaged him a bit. They stare at each other for several seconds.)
>(Sonic) Well, I guess this means you can have me all to yourself. C'mon.
>Here, you fight Tails where you originally took down the Egg Hornet. His attacks become increasingly elaborate and crazy. Sometimes, he will chase you, spinning his tails like a blender. Your only chance to hit him comes when he "un-clips" his tails and throws them. If you dodge it just right, you MIGHT be able to get it stuck in the ground. His jets won't keep him suspended for long, and if he doesn't get his tails back, he'll fall to the ground. That's when you hit him.
>(Sonic) You okay, buddy? Talk to me...
>(Tails) Sonic..... You have to go back to Aether one more time.
>(Sonic) I know. Before I go, any idea why I can't reach Knuckles on Angel Island?
>(Tails) Angel Island is gone.... Knuckles was exposed to the Metal Rain... he went to Aether with Robotnik.
>(Sonic) Can't count on him to keep that rock safe for half a day, can we? Don't worry. I'll go teach that doc a lesson and bring Knuckles back.
>(Tails starts losing consciousness)
>(Sonic) Before you go to sleep, just one more thing.... Do you know where Amy is?
>(Tails) She's inside...
>(Sonic takes tails back to the workshop. Once inside, he finds Amy... unlike Tails, she was not Mechanized. She simply became a metallic statue SHAPED like Amy. Disturbed, Sonic tries using his power to make her immune.)
>Depending on how many Emeralds the player has collected, two cutscenes could be triggered. If Sonic has collected all the Super Emeralds, Amy returns to normal and instantly passes out, but Sonic catches her. If he only has the Chaos Emeralds, he tries to heal her, but fails, running out of energy.
>More Echidna lore!
It should have been the Dingoes.
54.jpg, 1600x1230, 1 times posted
>(Inside what was the Lava Plant, deep below the crust of Aether, Robotnik is seen excavating with Knuckles... or at least, something like it. Soon, the powerful, mechanized Knuckles reaches what Eggman was looking for. The mad doctor grins while the brilliant glow of his prize gleams on his glasses.)
>(Sonic senses the Master Emerald while in his super form and follows it all the way to Aether. When he gets there, he sees the planet has COMPLETELY finished forming, and is now habitable. It seems the Doctor's mission is complete. The blockade of spaceships that shot Sonic's stolen Egg Galleon down before turns on him again. This time, though, he isn't confined in some stuffy ol' spaceship.)
>(Sonic, thinking to himself) Let's celebrate the completion of your new world, Eggman. Time for some fireworks.
>Yeah, I know I already used it for the Egg Goliath, but I think it's okay to use a track more than once if it's appropriate for the scene.
>As you can see, this stage is an on-rails shooter. This would control almost EXACTLY like those Sky Chase levels from Sonic Adventure, only you WOULD be given a little more room to move around in, like a sliding key frame in a movie. You can shoot at enemies and even use a lock on "charged" attack, like Tails' plane could, but you can also "dash" like you would in the Doomsday Zone in Sonic 3K, which damages nearly enemies. If you're able to play as Hyper Sonic yet, you can even use Chaos Blast to hit everything on the screen at once, like you could in Sonic 3K. It takes a few seconds to recharge, though. This stage is several minutes long, and eventually you could run out of rings, but destroying enemies earns you more rings. So, the more shit you blow up, the longer you'll live.
>I like the idea of entering Knuckles' bedroom!
This could be the only thing you'd say and I'd know it was you.
>Metal Sonic dies to Tails
55.jpg, 1600x1226, 1 times posted
>Well, it seems Sonic has made it down to Aether's surface. In the distance he can see Angel Island. Looks like his landing was a little off. Oh, well. Let's take a quick peak at this new world. Hopefully we won't have to destroy it.
>Have some cheery music I found on youtube.
>Because it's like all those "hill" zones, naturally, it isn't that hard.... but it is made to be enjoyable, and contrast those earlier stages. It's also probably the most surreal and dreamy stage I've uploaded yet. I also thought it would be neat to end this the way a lot of Sonic games, including this lousy fanfic, begin.
>You can use those thick tree tops as platforms BTW.
>This place is a field-like area made to be explored, but the big looming shadow of Angel Island should help you not to get lost XD
>Tomorrow, get ready to enter the final stage! That one will be much more... harsh than this one.
>So whatcha' think of this place? Does it make you wanna jump right in and explore this new planet?
And then Eggman would say something condescending in response to that.
56.jpg, 1600x1219, 1 times posted
>Keep in mind, this is the first of two acts. I've made another page depicting the last act, which I'll upload shortly after this one.
>Sonic has made it to what USED to be Angel Island. It is now Robotnik's stronghold. You begin by skimming along the rooftops. A good spindash will get you around. Just be careful not to slide off. Eventually, you'll reach the main building, Eggman's "palace", if you will. Once inside, all sorts of crazy traps, and some of the most vicious momentum based puzzles of all await.
>Here's some moody music for the first act.
>Nice place, huh?
Why all the Ratchet & Clank music?!
57.jpg, 1600x720, 1 times posted
>After a while, Sonic makes it back inside the Infinite Spectrum Emerald Alter. The place is a wreck now. The warp ring hangar, black market and crash pad have all caved in. The Master Emerald is also gone. How is the island still afloat, then? It must've been moved to another alter somewhere nearby...
>This area's theme should go something like this. [link]
I'm so mad because this is something teen me would be doing as well.
>This place is now, effectively, a boss rush. Six of these pillars will take you to the revived SuperBadniks that correspond with the color of the super energy they had before. Their attacks are much faster, cover more space, and they really are quite tough now. Still, you killed 'em all once. You can do it again. Besides, however many rings you manage not to lose between fights will add up, possibly allowing you to go super or even hyper at some point. Once you have beaten them all, the last pillar, the one glowing red, will take you to the final stage.
>Not much farther to go, now.
58 (dead batteries).jpg, 1600x1223, 1 times posted
>I know this kind of song might sound unusually optimistic for such a scary stage, but It's just the kind of thing I had in mind. [link] (dead link) I love how reminiscent the sound is of Sonic CD and just how uplifting it is for a final stage. The background music can dramatically change how a scene makes you feel. Take the first few minutes of "The Shining" for example. Just a nice breeze over some pretty mountains, right? Not with that music XD
>But anyway, ACT 2. THIS IS IT. Aside from the weird lights in the background, I wanted the colors of this stage to be very much like Scrap Brain Zone... not to the extreme where it feels like a rehash, though. Lots of classic hazards and obstacles return here. Buzzsaws, sinning tubes, those balls from Sonic 1 and CD that give you a boost before you let go... All sorts of madness. Good luck getting through this hell whole without being "processed".
I'd say he played the games, loved the soundtracks, got all the songs, listened to them, and thought up the levels that went with it.
59 (iron knuckles).jpg, 1600x1729, 1 times posted
>(Sonic) Knuckles?!
>(Knuckles) ..........
>(Sonic) Are you there, man? That is you, right?
>(Knuckles) ............>VSSSSHHHT>(Sonic) ??? Is he resisting??
>(Sonic) The M.E. has no master. Neither do you.
>(Sonic grins) Not if I deactivate you first!
>(Sonic) Hang on Knux, I'll getcha' outta there!
>(Sonic wins, and changes Knuckles back to normal.)
>(Knuckles quickly collapses. Sonic gets down to see if he's okay.)
>(Sonic) How ya' doin'? Need a quick power nap while I go crack that rotten egg?
>(Knuckles) I really... REALLY messed up this time. At least the first time, he had to go through the trouble of manipulating us so he could steal the Master Emerald. Today... I actually GAVE it to him.
>(Sonic) Yeah, you did mess up. But, this is as much my fault as it is yours.... maybe even moreso. So don't worry, I'll clean up this mess for you.
>(Knuckles) Robotnik used the secrets of my people to tamper with things best left alone. He should never have touched this planet. .....He has the best of both worlds...... in his hands now....
>(Sonic) Knuckles! You alright, man?
>(Wearily, Knuckles raises a fist and pounds the ground, destroying some of the crystal wall and revealing an exit.)
>(Knuckles) Just go.... This place had better be alive again when I wake up. Kick him off this planet before he defiles it. Give him the best of both worlds..........
>(Knuckles passes out.)
>(Sonic turns to the path Knuckles has laid out for him. He speeds through to meet with the doctor one last time.)
60 (iron knuckles' attacks).jpg, 1600x1219, 1 times posted
>Do NOT touch the crystals lining the inside of the room. They count as spikebeds and will sting you, so don't let him push you near the edge.
>He will glide around the room for a while. If you get in his way while he's flying, you'll be knocked away as he plows through you. If you wind up directly underneath him, he will dive down and punch the ground like he does in Sonic Adventure 2. If you try to attack him from the wrong angle, he'll do that spinning uppercut move from SA2 as well. Sometimes, he'll continuously leap into the air and slam down near you, sometimes doing it several times. If you manage to avoid him long enough, he'll eventually give up on that, and hit the ground so hard he sends a spray of fireballs into the air, like he could in Sonic Heroes. He may also uppercut all the way up to the ceiling and hit it, knocking down lots of debris like the boss from Mystic Cave Zone in Sonic 2. Your goal is to hit him from behind, and while certainly possible, this is VERY hard to do most of the time. Your best chance to do this is when his fist starts glowing and he charges at you, a special attack gained with a level up item in Sonic Adventure 1. If you manage to dodge that, his back will be open for a second and a half or so. It's a narrow window of opportunity, but it's your best shot. Eventually, he will go down.
>I know this is really just a rehash of past moves, but I loved those attacks from SA2 and while I think the fight with Knuckles from SA1 was okay, it could be more epic. Not to say this is, but... whatever.
61.jpg, 1600x1206, 1 times posted
>This is it. You just have to make it all the way up this corridor to reach Eggman at the top.The incline is forgiving at first, but it gradually gets steeper and steeper until you find yourself pushing straight up. Do not touch the crystals lining the outside. You'll just be sent spiraling back down. You can use a spindash every now and then to force yourself up higher, but be careful not to start rolling down.
>If you SOMEHOW manage to reach the end of the incline, there's still no possible way you'll ever have enough momentum to get all the way up there, since you have absolutely nothing to gain momentum from, unless you were to let yourself roll all the way back down to the bottom, which would get you nowhere. I hate scripted events and have made a point of using them very sparingly throughout this, but this is one of those few instances where they actually help. You must keep hitting them until you reach the top. Miss even one, and you may send yourself careening downward, hopelessly. If you do manage to make it all the way up, though, you'll have reached the final boss.
Poor Knuckles, he doesn't do anything to mess up this time and he STILL gets fucked over.

Let's hope the final boss isn't the Nega Wisp Armor 5.0.
62 (egg monarch).jpg, 1600x1964, 1 times posted
>(Sonic finally reaches the Master Emerald alter. Robotnik is once again inside a mech.)
>(Sonic) Eggman! I knew you didn't just want to leave Mobius alone, but I never thought you would go this far. Very impressive, Robuttnik.
>(Robotnik) I warned you that your hesitation would cost you dearly, vermin. Now, you will pay with everything you once knew.
>(Sonic) Enough!! How do I undo the metal rain's effects?!
>(Robotnik) What? But, wouldn't that be a step backwards?
>(Sonic) Whuh-?
>(Robotnik) My true goal all along was to replace your aging world with mine, because it was... obsolete.
>(Sonic) You're comparing a planet to your pathetic machines?
>(Robotnik) I can't go on forever either. It's only a matter of time before I too fade away and the universe replaces me with something else. I could just take a quick dip in the metal rain.... but I don't wanna. So I figured I might as well embrace the true nature of all things and refine that little thing we call "evolution". Replacing the old with the new. That's how everything works. Just how is it any less "wrong" for you to replace whatever life forms rose and fell before you did? It's all flawlessly natural, so why not make it as efficient as possible?
>(Sonic) Nothing you've ever done has been "natural"! If anything, you're forcing things to go awry for your own selfish fun. Don't try making this sound so noble. You just want to outlive everyone else, so you're making them go away faster.
>(Robotnik) You still wish to impede on the inevitable progression of things rather than helping it along its intended path? If anything, it is creatures like you that interfere with the well being of the universe. If you are not capable of evolving fast enough to grasp this, then you are not fit to exist in it.
63 (egg monarch phase 1).jpg, 1600x1215, 1 times posted
>For a while, Robotnik will stay out of your reach, on that pillar lined with sharp crystals. He will toss waves at you, which are very quick and tricky to dodge. You can jump over them, but because he KEEPS firing several at a time, the idea is to run to the side. He will also, at some point, fire a beam that leaves a burning streak across the room. This is not on a set path. It can strike the ground at many angles, and where the beam goes depends on where you're running. Unlike Stiletto and Undermine's beams, you can't outrun this beam because it's just too fast, but if you veer elsewhere when you hear it firing, you just might dodge it before it curves towards you again. The flame will burn for a few seconds, possibly cutting you off from a certain area and leaving less room for you to move to dodge more waves, but it'll die out before too long.
>After a while, Robotnik will get impatient and finally leave his perch to deal with you more personally. His can move the robot's limbs with such ridiculous speed, it is almost impossible to dodge once you're in the way. Your chance to hit him comes when the mech bends down to do a sweeping kick, leaving you room to hit an arm or a leg. Hit each limb thrice to destroy it, hitting him a total of twelve times. If you take out the legs first, he will haplessly hover near the ground, making it that much easier to hit his arms.
>Once all the limbs are destroyed, a cutscene will be triggered.
We got two more bosses after this one.
Eggman in this trying to have a moral high ground is pretty funny to me.
64 (egg monarch phase 2).jpg, 1600x1223, 1 times posted
>(Sonic has been fighting back ferociously, but is growing weary. Bizarrely, the Egg Monarch's body completely reconstitutes in a flash of strange lights!)
>(Robotnik) Do you understand now? I was able to obtain all of the Chaos Emeralds easily this time! Like I could care that you somehow managed to get your grubby little paws on them when they can't compare with the Master Emerald.
>(Sonic) Something's wrong... It feels like there's... MORE to this than that.
>(Robotnik) Prepare to be astonished!
>(The two shoulders of the massive mech briefly open to reveal not one, but TWO Master Emeralds. The green one from Mobius, and a strange, violet one.)
>(Sonic) How did you get your big grubby paws on this one, Eggman?
>(Robotnik) As you may or may not be aware of, the Emeralds are what gave Mobius life. Upon finding all of the Chaos, I made an astounding discovery. It seems that amidst all the countless lifeless rocks floating around out there, the few planets that become abundant with life develop because of the Master Emerald's presence. After Mobius developed, Knuckles' ancestors found one, and guess what? Aether had one of its own. Using the super energy I had on me before you stole it, I was able to tune into THIS Master Emerald's power and force Aether's development to accelerate, just as the Chaos Emeralds on your world forced you critters to stand on two legs. You may have the power of Chaos, but your power still does not compare to mine! I can now create entire planets effortlessly! You can't even save one or two lives without putting a tremendous strain on yourself. This planet, my greatest creation, will shine like a brilliant star among the heavens, and if you still somehow manage to delude yourself into thinking you can possibly oppose me, I shall extinguish you like the tiny, insignificant flicker you are.
There's more after this but too much.
>We got two more bosses after this one.
Nani the fuck?
65 (egg deity).jpg, 1600x1547, 1 times posted
>(Robotnik angrily fires before bursting out of the island as it begins falling. He flies into the atmosphere, followed by Sonic. The Egg Monarch interfaces with his largest space station of all, the one where he fought Sonic last time, the "Orbital Sanctuary", and it is completely demolished as the "Egg Deity" emerges from inside. Sonic gets ready to fight this giant being fueled by the two Master Emeralds.)
>(Robotnik, from inside) I have accomplished more within the last few days than you have in a lifetime! You can't even imagine what I might do next! Just give up and die out with what little dignity you have left.
>(Sonic) Some imagination you have. I don't wanna know what goes on in your head and I will never allow myself to become the vermin you want me to be! Even now, I fight for Mobius AND Aether's sake whether you like to think it's hopeless or not! This mad ambition dies here and now and Mobius will live again!
>As if the Egg Goliath wasn't already large enough, this thing is still several times larger than that. I couldn't even make Sonic visible and still have this be on scale with him.
>Anyways, I'll upload the actual fight in a coupla' hours, but I need to go out at the moment. Ain't he just somethin'?
66 (egg dimension zone).jpg, 1600x1227, 1 times posted
>This section begins like a 3D version of the Doomsday zone. You'll have to weave your way through the debris of the now destroyed Orbital Sanctuary. You already move pretty fast, but it's a big level. You can do a quick "boost" that lasts a second like you could in Doomsday Zone. Eventually, the chunks will get HUUUUUGE, and you'll have to cut it real close to avoid them. The camera will move with you, giving you lots of room, so don't worry about hitting the edge of the screen and being cut off from wherever you want to go. Eventually, you'll be ambushed with a shitload of missiles flying all over the place. Dodge as many as you can until you're out of the fire. At some point, you'll finally see the Egg Deity's shape in the distance. It will continue to fire at you, trying to keep you away. When you finally catchup to it, it will turn around and face you, beginning the next phase.
>I know, this part is kind of a rehash. There's still more to come, though.
Most Sonic games are like that. There's a final boss then a real final boss and sometimes a true final boss.
That's a cool Metal!
That's a cool take on a Cerberus, having the heads as pauldrons
Interesting space station design, glad it's not just the Death Egg
>Go ahead! Spin dash right through me. It's either me, or Aether.
The art's really growing on me, that's a cute Sonic and Metal!
Bland! I also think the animation will be a massive step back from Boom
>the most kino part of Sonic
That's an interesting take on a boss fight
You fiend!
Another cool design!
>For this part, you play as Metal Sonic
Poor Metal
>This could be the only thing you'd say and I'd know it was you.
We all have our own tastes!
>The warp ring hangar, black market and crash pad have all caved in.
That does look fun
Oh my!
67 (egg deity's attacks).jpg, 1600x1226, 1 times posted
>(Sonic damages the giant Egg Deity enough that the power of the two Emeralds becomes more unstable. It will only be a short matter of time before it explodes.
>(Robotnik) Damn you...! I'll never forgive you for this! You'll pay for such misdeeds!
>(Sonic) Like I said, you'll never be able to outrun me no matter where you go. Go ahead and try. I'll catch up to you before you even notice.
>(Robotnik) I don't understand this at all... Why do you fight so hard to prolong what needs to happen?!
>(Sonic) I'm NOT trying to stop it. It's out of my hands. I just don't agree with your methods.
>(Robtonik) METHODS?! You don't agree...? I see now. You're such a petty creature.
>(Sonic) If I really was so petty, I wouldn't bother trying to save you.
>(He rips out the Eggmobile and throws Eggman away from the increasingly unstable Egg Diety. Being invulnerable, Sonic flies into the exploding wreck.)
>......WAITASEC, THERE'S MORE?????????
>Yes people, there is still one more thing Sonic has to do.
>not one, but TWO Master Emeralds
68 (aether's corrupted chaos).jpg, 1600x2122, 1 times posted
>(Realizing the power of the Master Emerald is infinite, and remembering Knuckles' words, "the best of both worlds", Sonic touches both Masters and focuses tremendously on merging them together into one gem. At that instant, he appears in some alternate plane of reality, as if he's inside the Master Emerald. There is a clear divide between the green one of Mobius, and the purple one of Aether. On the other side is a creature that resembles Chaos, only more feral and enraged. The energy of this Master Emerald, under the corrupting influence of Eggman's touch, has manifested itself as a flawed incarnation of Chaos.)
>(Sonic, thinking) He must be having a hissyfit because he was woken up too early.
>(Suddenly, he sees a familiar face. Chaos, the God of Destruction from Mobius, appears next to him, as if on his side.)
>(Chaos Zero stares at Sonic intently. He starts radiating with energy and merges with Sonic. Sonic glows brighter than ever, so much that his features have become almost indistinguishable. He charges at the "premature Chaos" as different colors of Chaos Energy begin wildly swirling all over the place.)
>Okay, don't get the wrong idea. This isn't some cheap evil or "dark" version of Chaos. This guy should've turned out just like Chaos, 'cause they're like the same species, but he has been tainted by ol' Egghead's fiddling with the Master Emerald, so his development, his "gestation", went all wrong. Now he looks like filthy tar instead of clear and calm water.
>So anyways, I know this is really unexpected, but I wanted it to end something like 3D Sonic began with Adventure. I hope you guys don't hate me for making the final boss a lousy stinkin' recolor.
69 (nice) (emerald soul zone).jpg, 1600x1225, 1 times posted
>See that meter on the side? If the little blue bar reaches the bottom, you lose. In order for there to be harmony between the two Master Emeralds, and subsequently, their planets, you need to pacify Aether's Chaos so this can be done right. In its current state, he's just making this dimension grow increasingly unstable. If you can't wind him down in time, this place will completely collapse and it'll all be over. Everything rests on this one last tussle. Undo what Robotnik has done to save both worlds.
>This fight lasts about two and a half minutes long before this plane of existence completely disappears. In that amount of time, you need to beat Aether's Chaos down. His attacks mostly involve tossing giant balls of energy at you like some Drangonball villain, and chasing you with his whip - like tentacles. You won't lose rings, but you will lose precious time. He'll frequently flail his limbs around in very bizarre ways, and keeping up with his attacks can be difficult. Throughout the entire fight, he'll have a strange energy field surrounding him, keeping you away. Think of this as the influence of Robotnik that you need to break through to free the newborn Chaos from him. You'll need to hit him a LOT. There's no specific, certain time you need to wait for an opening. Just keeping hitting him whenever you're close enough to do so. Eventually, the shield will begin to crack and show signs of waning. Once you finally break through, something miraculous will happen.
Eldritch horrorbros, we won!
70 (sonic aether ending).jpg, 1600x1225, 1 times posted
>(The two duke it out for a bit, until Sonic manages to pacify Aether's Chaos. The young energy being limps and falls over, but Sonic catches him.)
>(Sonic) Help us.... to make everything right again. please...
>(They start glowing. Eventually, the whole area is engulfed with light. The two Master Emeralds merge into one gem, with the two Chaos being at peace.)
>At that instant, Mobius and Aether react by doing the same, and both worlds are merged into one. Mobius is restored, and all of the life forms that were roboticized live again.
>(Shortly after, Tails, Knuckles and Amy watch from Angel Island as the Egg Deity explodes in space as bright flashes rain across the new night sky, the new Master Emerald shining vividly.)
>(Robotnik wakes up on this world and sees Sonic standing on a cliff, watching the sun rise. With no space stations or other planets to flee to, it appears he's stuck with Sonic forever. He looks down in shame.)
>(Robotnik) Why are you letting me stay? Why didn't you leave me there to be snuffed out? I don't understand. Give me one good, LOGICAL reason to let me remain in this world.
>(Sonic smiles triumphantly as the sky begins to brighten.) Because you're not a threat, Robuttnik. Not while I'm around to keep you in check.
>(Robotnik, brooding) I suppose you're... half right.
>(Sonic) It's a beautiful day, doc. The first day on a new planet we created. Might as well enjoy your stay.
>(Sonic runs off, covering Robotnik with a cloud of dirt and grit. After a few seconds of coughing and hacking, Robotnik looks on menacingly, as usual. Having saved both worlds without sacrificing either one of them, Sonic dashes away to explore the renewed planet and start another adventure.)
>Well, that was Sonic Aether! I know it was kind of an iffy ending, but I hope you guys enjoyed this anyway. I still have a coupla' "deleted scenes" to upload, though.
Sonic should have fucking killed him.
And that's it! The Box was quite the choice! I have something else that can be saved as a mystery box choice if I feel like like it. Don't worry, it's actually a comic. Tomorrow at 5pm EST we'll do the adventure comic.
This games sounds like it'd be pretty unforgiving
Cool Mech, purple's underrated!
Damn Eggman, two Master Emeralds?
Looks cool, but the head needs a redesign. Also loving the Gurren Lagann size increases
>Chaos Zero stares at Sonic intently. He starts radiating with energy and merges with Sonic
Aww yeah, this is happening!
>One world
Truu farr!
Thanks konductor!
Didja get that thing I sent ya?
Having a look now! I keep forgetting to check pateron!
Thanks Conductor
The anti archie schizo admits being a forum cuck and was being bullied there.
Not even remotely surprised.
Now can the mods ban that fucking faggot?

New fancomic.
You and I both know they never will. Not permanently anyway.

sonic eyes.jpg, 500x500, 32 times posted
Very nice! We could actually do this tomorrow! Thanks!
This is awesome!

wew lad that pixel art of shadow....
At least he's not a doll
Or like that one permanently roboticized AU I found on Deviantart one time.
tumblr_p93cy0TjaF1vc5w4eo1_400.png, 287x227, 6 times posted
You guys are honesly kinda embarrassing. Not all everyone who hates archie is your fucking boogeyman.
Using language as strong as "hates archie" plays your hand, you realize?

Also, there's a post in that thread that is a 1:1 of this one almost verbatim so don't think nobody is unaware of what you're doing.
Is this b8?
tumblr_874ed5c034f4b88dad474eec7cf94650_0cda3e6d_540.png, 503x441, 1 times posted
This is what i'm talking about. Dude, I like Archie a lot. I'm just not a fan of people thinking everyone who is against Archie is their boogeyman. No one ever looks good by doing it.
>Was anyone else bullied by satam fans on forums?
>I have no shame in admitting it and I don't have ill will towards them but they really used to kick my nose in for liking the adventure games
lol, lmao even!
Thought that said Ugly Sonic, which would've been fun. This looks great though!
He posts at all hours, and only stays away when he's had a 1 or 3 day ban. I'm guessing he just resets his router for a new ip.

On that subject, there'll be a few days delay on getting all the images up on the website. I need to go through each thread manually since desuarchive keeps all the deleted images. Some anons might remember one of our schizos posted Bench Tails pages and I am not uploading those. There was also some gore stuff, and I'm only half way through the threads (there's about 40k images to look over).

Post some Sally art to prove you're not IDWkun!
Probably. Nobody can be so stupid or ignorant to think that thread isn't peak IDWkun samefagging.
image.png, 900x900, 1 times posted
I'm not your so called enemy. Just cool it with the boogeymanning, alright guys?
Boogeymanning implies that he's not s real problem or that he hasn't been infesting Sonic threads for years and ruining them beyond any chance of repair. Which isn't the case, as much as you might believe it is.
Yes, there is that one guy who spams threads. I get the hate for that. But to think everyone is that same guy whe someone says they dont like archie is kinda nonsense dont you think?
Nobody does that though. He literally only gets called out when people recognize his obvious and blatant samefagging and consistent posting style, which he retains regardless of whatever board he's shitting up. People who have issues with Archie but can articulate them well or at least have coherent reasons for disliking it don't get anywhere near as immediately shat on, and often have discussions about WHY they don't like Archie.

The only reason they might end up getting conflated with him is that IDWkun takes ANY vaguely negative opinion about Archie and associates it with immediate agreement with his nonsense, often with endless samefagged and spammed posts - which makes it easy for literally anyone to point to the offending post as also being him starting shit (and sometimes, it actually is him).
Nice, i just gave it a glance and it looks great, but i won't spoil myself, i'll wait for the storytime
He's really easy to identify the second he mentions diapers.
>Nobody does that though
Yes it does. That's why i'm pointing it out like above. Not everyone is that obvious spammer. Basically, i dont like the careless calling people these names as it just makes people look bad. Enough about this topic but at least heed what im saying
He definitely replies to himself when no one takes the bait
Yeah, he's got a really unhealthy obsession with Kuta
Amnesia.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 2.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Imagine how much better this game would have been if the cyber corruption actually did something and you had to play as Sonics friends to rescue him instead of watching a shitty cutscene in which everyone sucks Sonics cock hard.
Yes I'm mad
Amnesia page 3.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 4.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 5.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 6.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
fnf sally mod.gif, 640x586, 5 times posted
Another secret juicy spoilery bombshell for Thirstposter. I can relate to the thought process for Sonic Aether. So many ideas but it's not coming into fruition any time soon. It's going to take a year just to clear the arc for Sonic CD. 3-4 years to get through Sonic 3 & Knuckles' arc.
Amnesia page 7.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 8.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 9.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 10.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 11.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 12.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 13.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 14.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 15.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 16.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 17.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 18.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
Amnesia page 19.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
IDW is too much like Archie.
IDW will never be as kino as archie
Do not care, IDW fans should stop picking on Archie fans when they have a similar product.
>Do not care
Why did you reply then?
Ah fuck, some End-derived amnesia.
No panicking Tails!
1641603437136.png, 391x391, 5 times posted
Is the conductor the only one who storytimes comics or can anyone do it?
We've had other anons storytime. After the main stuff is done it's open to anyone else and always encouraged.
4271924_KrazyELF_00.png, 2700x4000, 1 times posted
Apparently KrazyElf has been working on this as their own Action Comic project.
This is the Pilot; not the beginning of the planned story but a small Slice of Life from the setting.
I read that as "Let go you whore"
I need more sleep.
>KrazyElf doing something that isn't gay porn
issue 1 page 10.jpg, 1000x500, 1 times posted
Page 10 done. Don't spank the monkey.
But what if you really, really WANT to spank the monkey though.
clash_of_two_worlds_chapter_3_page_37_by_supersentaihedgehog_dfjdu3v-fullview.jpg, 1920x2560, 2 times posted
Clash of Two Worlds Chapter 3 Page 37
No girls allowed.
>but april will be there
Exactly. No girls. Plural.
Well it's no longer November so go for it.
b00e76bcb0dcc287f07d31123a8a0205.jpg, 799x1832, 1 times posted
Knuckles is immediately going to break something, guaranteed.

I also don't think it's wise letting Boom Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails go off on their own. They are massive himbos and episodes with them on their lonesome usually end with them causing havoc.
d2p0nv5-238502a8-8843-4b03-9e5a-94f9669c2ea4.png, 772x1250, 2 times posted
Another call for help.
Found an interesting comic that's part sprite art and part drawn. Lots of action and energy. The only problem is that only some of the pages are on DA and all are on Smackjeeves and that's a no-go these days.
DA gallery says "Beats a hard" but most pages are labeled "Beyond Man's Control."
Stop groping Sonic's tits!
What do you think Sonic's doing with that hand behind the couch in the first couple panels?
Trying to find the lost remote but he's too much of a millennial to take his eyes off his phone and so gets shocked when the remote is both fluffy and attacking his head.
the old nipple twisting those nipples must be smoking due to such fast friction
1670029966320332.jpg, 1500x1080, 1 times posted
He likes it though.
Anyone can after the big story is done.
For a second I thought you were saying the conductor could stop being the conductor when a fancomic is finished
Even when the stars go out, the Conductor will still be here doing fancomics.
With Shoggothnic
>Shoggothnic just enthusiastically tells the Conductor all about his favorite fancomics and continuities, and keeps pointing out new ones that he finds (which are somehow still being made)
Sounds comfy.
fancomic moment.png, 1500x1392, 1 times posted
>Question: When threads started at 9pm EST, did you normally catch them as they were happening or afterwards? How about now that it’s 5pm EST?
I am yuropoor, so I got to the new thread once it was all posted.
life.jpg, 600x600, 1 times posted
>(which are somehow still being made)
Sonamy... finds a way
Very cute!
I'd rather this than the never ending vomit inducing shipping comics.
I like variety. This is a good kind of variety.
They were so close to having an outstanding story. I'll settle for good characterization and lore though.
Even with amnesia, Sonic still recoils at Amy's touch
Oh-ho-ho, that is a juicy one! I can't believe the big bad was a deranged collector with a basement full of twinks! Seriously though, I think the readers will be genuinely surprised
Really would like to see these two interact more, instead of through Sonic
Yeah that was posted up thread. The non-lewd parts of her comics are seriously great so I can see this one being a lot of fun
>Shadow's finger is mere inches from Sonic's Bare Backdoor Zone
The more things change, the more they stay the same!
Another fun mystery! It's "Beats a hard kick in the face" on smackjeeves, here's the archive: https://archive.org/details/smackjeeves-65619
You'll want the torrent, but you can ignore the covers folder, they're all in the pages folder.
Website shilling time! I've finally went through all 300 threads and found 11 images too disgusting to mention and 71 nsfw images. Fun fact, almost all the porn that gets spammed in these threads is of Tails. The guy trying to derail these threads certainly has a type!
I've decided to completely remove the posts with the disgusting images, but keep the nsfw ones. I'll completely spoiler their thumbnails though, and not make them open when you click the expand all images link. I think that's probably the best balance between maintaining the threads in their original form and keeping things sfw. I'm very interested in any feedback anyone has the threads, I still haven't properly tested the mobile view yet!

Shoggothnic continues to be best boy!
I am a little out of the loop about Shoggothnic, is it just his super form when he use the chaos emeralds and he is in his regular form the rest of the time, Or does he look always like this?
He's always this handsome, but he does go yellow in his super form: >>133858525
0.gif, 300x226, 4 times posted
>25 Million views
290985149_1192109601565667_6836979503030133169_n.jpg, 1080x1080, 2 times posted
What's for sure is no matter what, the secret is to keep your feet on pedal. Don't stop, keep up on your own pacing, put your step forward and always focus on reaching the end. I once read an article about it (I can link if you'd like!), and putting it as blunt, just writing it and focusing on getting it done, without really worrying much about typos and odd sentences and the like, is the best manner possible for people like me, prone to be overwhelmed with the perfectionism harming mindset. I am well! Are you too, bud? Sorry for the late reply, but like I said, life stuff, hehe.

I did like a lot his pretty loving Soniknux slice of life comics, so that ought be great. Now I wonder if he has done any smut and so of other Sonic brutes, like Vector, Storm, Rotor and so on.
That's even weirder than the video
Sounds like you're making progress! I'm very much in the "procrastinate until you have everything perfect in your mind" camp. Part of the goal for the website was to get in the habit of writing more often. Sure, that article sounds interesting. That's good to hear. I think we've both had life stuff pile up lately, fingers crossed things clear up! I'm doing pretty well otherwise, really enjoyed Frontiers

Yeah trick with the hat's my absolute favorite lewd Sonic story. KrazyELF's actually a lady. I originally thought she was a guy too considering how well she understands the intricacies of these sort of relationships, both lewd and non-lewd! Not too much in the way of beefier guys, but all her art's well tagged on her inkbunny account, highly recommend a look. There's quite a lot of Gadget!
0.jpg, 2000x3000, 1 times posted
It's funny how 06 is so unanimously abhorred, yet it's also the game that introduce a character that is almost unanimously liked as well as introduce and establish the most one of the most unanimously liked ship.
0.jpg, 2000x3000, 1 times posted
64A31A1A-4A92-4B54-8FB4-DFD9FF229E74.jpg, 800x450, 1 times posted
>that is almost unanimously liked
I have seen very little hate for Silver. Most of the complain is about his gameplay in 06, which is a complain for all characters in this game anyway.
Nah he's popular among sonic fans but they all are. A lot of normal people didn't like him because in 06 he was pretty annoying. I'm not even sure what he does in the other ones
0.jpg, 1024x1453, 4 times posted
>Another fun mystery! It's "Beats a hard kick in the face" on smackjeeves, here's the archive: https://archive.org/details/smackjeeves-65619
>You'll want the torrent, but you can ignore the covers folder, they're all in the pages folder.
Thank you so much! Have you had any luck with World Domination Baby? I try every once in a while but I'm still getting nothing.
rematch__by_shadowhro_dfiz5gt.png, 1148x1535, 1 times posted
If Shadow was in Sonic Underground, what instrument would he play? Would all his songs be about Maria? And how many times would Knuckles fight him over Sonia?
>If Shadow was in Sonic Underground, what instrument would he play?
Well that Beats a Hard Kick in the Face comic was kind of a mess. Missing pages and the DA page not doing a better job of organizing the remaining pages. Good news is that there's almost 100 pages total and while it starts off using sprites it does shift more and more into using non-sprite art that's actually pretty good. Heavy on action and violence. A good addition.
>making leaves float and move in front of a cat
>whilst trying to have a deep conversation with said cat
Who's the artist?
New Enfman update
0.jpg, 1976x1885, 1 times posted
FjDtgWDXoAAgvZC.jpg, 3000x1700, 3 times posted
>Knuckles decides to punch Sonic in the head to try and get his memory back.
E210ABA7-4F3E-4FC6-9273-DEC97A6B9357.jpg, 444x336, 1 times posted
>gee Sonic, how come Sega let’s you have FIVE moms?
I.png, 1200x480, 1 times posted
Pixel banner update, Shoggothnic outline done!
If you want to see it it's at X 45000 Y -30000
You are free to add details to the banner
0.jpg, 1280x1944, 2 times posted
No.134364064 [Post deleted 15:15:39]
Okay, I had to double and triple check, because I am really surprised it hasn't been posted before, but I think I found a new gem: Mobius Legends.
Though the thing is so high quality that I am still not ruling out that it has already been posted here and I still somehow missed it in the pastbin.
0.jpg, 1280x1944, 2 times posted
Okay, fuck. Going through desu and the pastbin, it look like this is a different Sonic Legends. Posting it here in case it actually hasn't got a thread before:
Okay, nevermind, apparently, it's part of the Archie Sonic Onlie website, which is also different from the Sonic legends that was posted here.
My bad.
Very nice!
That was part of Mobius Legends from ASO which we did at the very start.
mistletoes__part_1__by_applexd_moonflo_dfjf46m-fullview.jpg, 1280x2072, 1 times posted
mistletoes__part_2__by_applexd_moonflo_dfjf4gr-fullview.jpg, 1280x1942, 1 times posted
What is the fox's secret?
What makes him so irresistible?
He cute
No worries!
>World Domination Baby
No luck, but I'll look again
Hee totally would
Stage one in plan "Make the konductor storytime a sprite comic" complete!
Some great reaction images from Rouge in this one
It's really coming along!
Yeah, there's a heap of comics with the same name, it's very confusing!
Rare ship!
All together now!
ow my eyes