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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #59

Previous Thread: >>133031313

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Short thread, no breaks, but plenty of stuff to go through. Let’s start with chapter 4 of Sonicverse. We get see some non-Sonic EXE’s as well as the good Sonic from one universe putting up fight against one of his EXE counterparts.

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Not sure if this is part of the chapter but I'll throw it in here before starting.
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So there's more than just the Sonic.EXE's in this zone. It might've been covered in the chapters I skipped.
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Even Amy.EXE can't stop thinking about Sonic.
i have no face and i must scream
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Where's the Zone Cops.EXE?
GIWTWM You're back!
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Damn, Amy.EXE is leaking even more than usual. Maybe Shadow.EXE can help!
For now!
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We find ourselves in the Sonic X universe with Dark Sonic facing off against Glitch Sonic.
Imagine a gurgling "Sonikku <3".
Ah, the comic where the Zone Cops are letting the .EXE's rape everyone.

woah two useless characters!
and cosmo and chris
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Who has the advantage?
Not darknic since he's weaker than super sonic
Amy is doing blackface
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Who will win? Sonic or Sonic?
Zonic wants none of this.
Are you saying that Chris is secretly the most powerful person in Sonic X?
Amy really needs to get those bangs sorted.
Well it's always nice to see you drop by
Oh boy, I hope nothing terrible happens to Chris!
Shadow acting sus.

>Chris is still alive somehow
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Ascended Dark Sonic?
Isn't she cute?
This one is actually stronger.
It's is always fun with my fellow lewdposters sadly works a bitch
Dark Sonic is going to get mogged, calling it now.
>Are you saying that Chris is secretly the most powerful person in Sonic X?
Yeah have you seen his plot armour
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Chris! What does the scouter say about his power level?
>Oh boy, I hope nothing terrible happens to Chris!
Whenever I think of Chris I think of that one comic where Sonic kills him in a recreation of Vegeta killing Nappa.
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We really are discussing power levels, aren't we?
I'm sure Shadow.EXE is just as sweet as his non-eldritch abomination version.
>a Dark Sonic that's stronger than Super Sonic via juicing on two sets of emeralds
You'd think this would be a cause for hope, but not really. X Super Sonic is orders of magnitude weaker than the Modern continuity.
Sonic in X is weak as fuck in general LOL
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What'll happen next? We'll have to find out later. These pages just came out so it's nice to know we'll get more soon. But let's move on.
Of course they're discussing powerlevels, this entire comic is literally about the .EXE's looking for powerful Sonics to kill.
I know the feeling, I'm transferring departments so I'll only have to work the hours they actually pay me for
>Whenever I think of Chris I think of that one comic where Sonic kills him in a recreation of Vegeta killing Nappa.
Man that was hilarious, and I don't even hate Chris that much
Yeah, he even needs a ring to do a spindash
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Someone likes Shadow and Tails! Not shipping (yet) but there's quite a bit of them from this artist. I've put a lot of their images together. Let's start with this short comic.

travel to the past 3-4.jpg, 1200x2880, 1 times posted
>shadow using time travel to go see maria in the past
Of course. Still cute and wholesome though.
He's stronger than most of the other animated versions actually. Can still casually speed across countries, destroy building-busting robots, and somewhat match with his Knuckles. And in season 3, their regular response to space conflict with the Metarex was "load Sonic into a cannon and fire him at their battleships at fuck off speeds".

Off the top of my head, he's stronger than AOSTH, SatAM, Boom and Underground. But the gap between him and the others is so massive that he just seems stupidly weaker than he actually is.
travel to the past 5-6.jpg, 1200x2880, 1 times posted
Only enough time for a few words and a hug. I guess that'll have to do.
>he's stronger than AOSTH
>stronger than toonforce
travel to the past 7.jpg, 1200x1440, 1 times posted
It was enough for Shadow.
51575AE3-70BE-4230-9776-19F4CC231B56.jpg, 792x1012, 2 times posted
hopefully neither since both of these menaces are beyond the usual menace level that most Sonics are in
>Not shipping (yet)
Like Sonic would let that faker touch his little brother.

Shadow, you're going to fuck up the time stream!
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Hands aren't as cursed as feet. But sometimes it's close.
Really wholesome
coffee.jpg, 1200x2520, 1 times posted
I need me some of that coffee.
>Like Sonic would let that faker touch his little brother.
Funny you should mention that.
>Shadow and Tails
Lewd or not, I think they'd make a really interesting team.
This. That Sonic could take on anything provided it was done in a funny way
Handholding, lewd!
>Touching hands
That's a 3 month vacation!
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Some of this takes place in the Sonic Boom continuity and there's an AU of the Boom universe that the artist is working on.
>EXE counterparts
Those fucking creepypastas, they do know the EXE just means its an executable file, right? Its just a regular ghost otherwise, there's no need to call it EXE
AOSTH Sonic's toonforce is seriously on-and-off and varies by the episode. I definitely don't particularly recall it being that great in the major sense that people associate with toonforce a lot of the time. Most episodes actually feature him getting made a fool of by pretty simple plots.
Underground sonic weakest sonic?
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Here's a random AU where Shadow is the manager of a company. Hilarity ensues and Sonic may not survive.
Actually true! They are menaces but it's the lesser of two of evils in this case.

>coffee gives you Super forms
What the fuck is Tails putting in his coffee?
motivator 3000.jpg, 1200x2700, 1 times posted
Meh Burger wouldn't get away with its usual shit if Shadow was a customer there.
>placing Tails as an exception
Shadow has it down bad.
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Some Rouge.
>7 ips
where the fuck is everyone bros...
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>Please don't warn your only family about getting pumpled full of lead and bleeding out on the floor with guts hanging out

The Tails is cold blooded killer at heart meme gets more and more real.
>menace level
Even JJJ has powerlevels for the Sonics!

Yes. Lowest observed speed (only rivaled by Boom), isn't really great in extremely protracted fights, doesn't have very impressive durability even compared to the other animated Sonics, etc. His greatest power is his magic music stuff.
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Now for some random stuff.
MegaMan.exe_and_Lan.jpg, 750x869, 4 times posted
Sounds like Mobius needs some virus busting! Time to Jack In, Megaman! Let's show who's the REAL .EXE is!
Shadow is what happens when a Karen becomes the manager.
The four finger thing is a little creepy
Can an executable make hyperrealistic blood? Checkmate! It's bizarre how it's pretty much its own franchise now
Those instruments are pretty powerful, SatAM's probably the weakest.
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Tails and Shadow get along.
choice.jpg, 1200x880, 1 times posted
Artist actually posted this an hour ago. Tails has to choose between his brother and his new friend. But can he?
The only creepypasta Sonic character that works for me is Starved Eggman. Everything else just looks edgy to the point of being goofy. It's probably the face of Starved Eggman that looks unsettling.
I like it personally. And it sort of works if you consider that X/Xenophanes basically "spawned" all the others (in a meta-sense, if not literally). Not sure calling them simple "ghosts" works either, since most are eldritch abominations of some form.
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Last thing from this artist. Shadow and Tails as each other. And Rouge as Knuckles. I have to say, she looks damn good.
Cute, and Shadow remains threatening even to Dave. But what's Tails muttering in that third panel?
fleetway is my favourite .exe /s
>He's just a toy for your ega, isn't he?
Damn Shadow!
They all look pretty good
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Something I wasn't aware of was an April Fool's joke Archie Sonic Online did. What if Tails and Amy merged together? Here's Tammy! There's a cover and four incomplete pages.

>Tails has to deal with and probably stop Shadow AND Sonic's shenanigans

Poor bastard.
I like the chaotic hyper energy the Boom versions have.
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Ah yes, the old "teleporter fucks up and someone is merged with someone/something else" scenario.
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Sonic lost a stalker and a brother but...
Tails is doomed.

They actually look pretty nice.
3.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
You gained a clingy tomboy genius sister!
I think for most Creepypasta Sonic characters, they're intentionally taking the piss since most are takes on the .EXE phenomenon. Starved looks so messed up because he's meant to be super fucking uncanny and unnerving in a world that was mostly bright and cheerful even amidst the worst atrocities Eggman committed.
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Last page. Mixed memories. But what inspired this? Well, it was the work of another artist taking a ship to the next level.
I'm sure Rotor can fix this...
sonally by darii.png, 1280x1220, 1 times posted
I wanted more Sonally but I wasn't expecting the ship to become a fusion and name for this character! I don't hate this.
tammy meets sonally darii.jpg, 2000x1653, 1 times posted
And the two fusions meeting each other. Before we do one more thing, a comic has recently put out three pages and I'd like to do those next.
Tails is going to end mindbroken after this
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Sonic Heart of Mobius Page 19-21
46c0ff02d6974db088e7649b2618673b.png, 200x200, 9 times posted
See this is why we didn't approve the Star Posts!
20.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Sonic doesn't like being touched.
fusions disturb me greatly
>Sonic with Sally's tact and planning
That's honestly very scary.
21.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
It's better than saying "big oof." Now for something different and I really mean it.
It's Russian:
>хopoшo, Toлькo he вopчy.
Well, only he grumbles.
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Shock and Awe has a couple hundred or so pages but it's still on issue 2 of a proposed 21 issue series with an extra issue serving as an epilogue. I don't think even The Ride would last long enough to see all of that. So why not check out what the artist has in store for us in the near to far, far, far future! You'll see lengthy summaries for everything.

4.jpg, 600x894, 1 times posted
>Impressed by the efficiency and ferocity of Mecha Sonic against the Freedom Fighters, Robotnik begins, and completes the construction of his own Metal-Sonic prototype under his complete control to use against the Freedom Fighters.
>Sonic has his finger scanned onto the bio-metric lock in order to gain access into Sally's officer to talk to her only to be surprised when his access is be denied, with the computer indicating his rank does not authorize his entry. Sonic requests N.I.C.O.L.E for a security override of which N.I.C.O.L.E refuses his request. Sonic gives up and leaves Sally to her privacy.
Yeah, Sonic got roboticized last issue.

Fusions that are just temporary combinations of the powersets of two people or fusions where the fusion develops a distinct mind and forms a third body after the original individuals split are fine. Those don't bother me.

Fusions like Tammy or that Sonally fusion where both persons are permanently bound together into a new form and personality, with the original identities effectively totally erased? Incredibly disturbing indeed.
h-how many pages would the final thing be? more than that silver 17-something pages comic?
Because that shits gonna take like 5 years at MIN
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>At Freedom HQ, a sleeping Knuckles the Echidna suddenly awakes due to a vision; he has managed to sense the location of one of the Chaos Emeralds, of which he hastily informs the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters ask Knuckles to recount what he sensed, but then the Echidna uncomfortably makes note that he can no longer sense the Emerald as it is 'no longer on the surface' of Mobius, much to the confusion of the Freedom Fighters and the Echidna himself. Knuckles suspects that someone has gained possession of the final one, as it would be impossible for the Emerald to 'moving about by itself' around Mobius before disappearing. Knuckles manages to recount a vision of the possible last location of the emerald; images of what appears to be a construction site, starry skies and a gigantic spire stretching high into the sky, followed by two bright, red-colored eyes. The Freedom Fighters and Knuckles are not sure of what to make of this information, and they group go about to their usual day.

Dave is lucky it wasn't Omega. He would've just burn down Neh Burger.
Oh yeah the latter definitely disturbs the fuck out of me
>Sally and the tusked menace?
Flying close to the sun!
But I wanted a twink!>>133049178
>Sonic doesn't like being touched.
I could help him get used to it!
>big oof
lmao, that would've been perfect
6.jpg, 1280x1906, 1 times posted
>At Freedom HQ, Sally Acorn watches over, as NICOLE and the Chaotix attempt to make contact or find any signal of Sonic's whereabouts, but in vain. NICOLE responds that she is 'unable to find even a slightest trace from his beacon', and Bunnie momentarily attempts to comfort her. Sally excuses herself, and privately enters an empty room where she quietly mourns for Sonic's loss.
Pour one out for Sonic.

First issue was around 150 pages.
7.jpg, 1280x1906, 1 times posted
No summary this time. But we have Nack and Nic!

The Ride Never Ends!

The Silver comic intends for around 1700+ pages or so, with estimates placing it well into the 35 year mark for the entire thing to get done. Shock & Awe on average has fewer pages for an individual issue, but theyve been getting longer over time. Assuming they keep to only a couple hundred pages with their output, w could see them finish their vision in a couple years.

If it keeps growing with each subsequent issue though, then it could easily eclipse the total amount of the Silver comic.
Don't_make_me_tap_the_sign.png, 500x739, 6 times posted
>I don't think even The Ride would last long enough to see all of that.
Don't make me tap the sign konductor-kun!
>First issue was around 150 pages.
lets assume they all are around that
>x21 issues
>3,150 pages approx
>10 fucking years if he does a page everyday
Shadow will finally ENTER. Huzzah!
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>The White Chaos Emerald begins its descent from Mobius' orbit and re-enters the atmosphere. Eggman Empire, Legion and Freedom Fighter forces begin tracking it's descent. The Emerald crash lands in Snottingham, where it is discovered and recovered by the Mercian Freedom Fighters.
>Knuckles regains psychic contact with the Emerald and knows of its location. No words have come from Hershey and Geoffrey in Mercia of whether the assassination was a success or faliure. Regardless of circumstances, The Freedom Fighters prepare for their flight and insertion into Mercia. Sally briefs the Royal Family about the operations, of which King Max approves, given the Mercians are an international ally of the Kingdom of Acorn. Tails is taken away and detained in a prison and to await his trial and court-martial by the Freedom Fighters. Rotor takes control of the Tornado and takes off bound for Mercia. Upon reaching Snottingham, the Freedom Fighters detach themselves from the Tornado's hard-points and parachute into the city, still under siege by the Eggman Empire.
Tails! What did you do?!

Sonic needs comfort.
9.jpg, 1280x1984, 1 times posted
>Geoffrey and Hershey awake from unconsciousness in a dark cylindrical-like room, finding themselves trapped and bound by their legs and hands to an iron seat in the center of it. Robotnik blares into a rigged intercom and mocks the Freedom Fighter's vain attempt to assassinate him in Mercia. Nack walks into the room the confront Geoffrey first, explaining he is now carrying out his final plans of revenge against the Royal Secret Service and the Kingdom of Acorn for the Kingdom's transgressions against the Carpathian Crime Syndicate of which Nack and his family were heavily involved in before the war. Nack , stating that Hershey and Geoffrey are a substitute for Geoffrey's currently missing parents, along with the family of Acorns, shall be executed in the similar manner in which both Nack's parents AND the Carpathian Gang Leader's family were executed in accordance to the four ancient elements: Nack and Nick's parents whom were executed by being burned at the stake (Fire), The Carpathian Syndicate Leader whom was executed by suffocation from hanging (Air), The Carpathian Leader's wife whom was executed by being buried alive (Earth) and The Carpathian Leader's son was was executed by drowning (Water).
Will we finally be free of Geoffrey?

>anons will die before the ride ends
how does this make you feel?
He puts out pages at a fairly rapid clip (he explained that he pretty much has all the assets pre-built and only needs to insert them and the dialogue where they need to be), so he could totally get it done in a little under a decade with some pushing.

Meanwhile, that Silver comic will take nearly 40 years to finish.
10.jpg, 1280x1984, 1 times posted
>Quietly mourning the loss of Charmy and Amy during the Battle Mercia, Sonic is rudely interrupted by Robotnik and Snively aboard the Egg Battle-Ship, whom show him a hologram display of Knothole of which Robotnik gladly announces he will soon completely annihilate anyone and anything within it. Robotnik explains that his attempt to break Sonic through pain was the 'wrong way' which was why it didn't work, and attempts to accomplish it in a new method; through the destruction of his friends and family.
Fucking RIP!

Will double NACKFORCE work to their advantage or against them?

>Tails is taken away and detained in a prison and to await his trial and court-martial by the Freedom Fighters.
Tails, what the fuck?!
11.jpg, 1280x1984, 1 times posted
>Leading the march away from a recently destroyed Knothole, the Mobian refugees do not make it far until they are spotted and captured by the Eggman Empire's Forces. The Knothole refugees are then escorted away, both men women and children to concentration camps where they will be presumably worked to death. Sally is also captured and momentarily allowed to re-unite with Sonic before the Eggman Empire also delivers them off to the concentration camps with the rest of the Mobian Refugees. Every time Sally or Sonic sees a encounters a struggling Mobian in the camp, they Eggman Empire are instructed to punish them for helping. Snively Robotnik recovers the Sword of Acorns and is instructed to be provided to Lien-Da for safe keeping. Nack the Weasel requests for the captured King, Queen Acorn and Elias to be brought to him. Espio (who is invisible) trails Team Hooligan to a Penthouse atop Ziba Tower in the middle of Echidnaopolis.
Not looking too good for our heroes.

>only anons from the future can read silvers comic
Black Knight Quote.jpg, 631x360, 4 times posted
A little sad, but at least we'll have had fun together
12.jpg, 900x1395, 1 times posted
>At the request of the Battle-Bird Armada, the Babylon Rogues infiltrate the Angel Island Embassy in Echidnaopolis under cover of night where they steal the 'Keystone'; an ancient artifact which may reveal final resting place of the 'Babylon Gardens'. Jet the Hawk is curious as to why the Brotherhood of Guardians had such an interest in such an artifact to keep it in the Embassy.
Tails is a MAN! And the Rogues investigate The Brotherhood.

>Charmy and Amy fucking die
>Tails gets court marshalled
>Nack intends to make Geoffrey and Hershey get Rube Goldberg'd to death
>Sonic gets the Forces SIX MONTHS treatment
>Knothole is going to be genocided
>all in only 10 issues
13.jpg, 1280x1984, 1 times posted
>At the collapsed ruin of what remains of Angel Island/Babylon Gardens, the Eggman Empire begins searching and scouring the wreck of for the Master Emerald and the Red Chaos Emerald which was lost upon Angel Island's collapse. Lien-Da's fleet with Shadow the Hedgehog aboard arrives at the crash site. Doctor Finitevus discovers the location of both Emeralds with his electronic equipment, as Shadow the Hedgehog is sent to collect them.
>Tails is brought forward to a military judiciary to stand trial on counts of desertion, aiding a fugitive defector and compromising classified information to said fugitive defector and is eventually found guilty on all counts. Due to Tails' and his accomplices heroic actions of both rescuing the Royal Family in a daring raid and single-handed eliminated the Egg Air-Force, Maximilian Acorn chooses to provide a royal pardon and acquit the fox of his crimes as well as re-instating his position again into the Freedom Fighter Task Force, much to the dismay of the majority of citizen's.
Max not being a cunt? Hamlin's gonna freak!

>implying The Ride ends with death
You can never leave.
14.jpg, 1280x1906, 1 times posted
>Undina was the Royal Family's daughter and only heir to the throne who, unlike her father and mother, sympathized with the Nationalist's requests for equality and fair treatment and would prefer negotiating through peaceful means rather than brute force and persecution.
>Now, Razor was power-hungry, secretly wanting to overthrow the Royal Family and gain absolute power for himself and control of Meropis under military rule. Upon reaching the required age, Undina was placed into an arranged marriage as per Meropian Royal Family tradition. Seeing this opportunity, Admiral Razor placed himself forward as candidate as a would-be best suitor given his now-powerful military position and situation, much to the approval of Undina's family. But Undina insisted she is to be married to one whose merit is not those of strength and power, but to that of empathy, fairness and wisdom, and declined their offer much to the family and the Admiral's disappointment. Her father, King Puff urged her to reconsider of which she politely turns down once again. Unsuccessful, Razor now attempts a second plan to gain power this time involving assassination of the Princess and framing the exiled Nationalists.
Razor is evil? I know someone won't like that!

>Max being reasonable and telling his blood-hungry citizens to stuff it
If only I didnt hate the artstyle of this comic I would enjoy it
15.jpg, 1280x1984, 1 times posted
>Ken Khan regains consciousness in an armored personnel carrier under the control of the Eggman Empire with a traitorous Lightning Lynx at the helm and discovers he is bound in hand and leg cuffs and unable to move. One of the tires of the APC appears to have suddenly been punctured and loses pressure, of which the vehicle stops and the Legion personnel exit to inspect the damage. Upon exiting, a small detachment assault group of Shinobi clan members, with Espio in the lead ambushed the convoy and stalls it. Although Lightning Lynx managed to fend off multiple Shinobi Chameleons at once with little difficulty, Lightning realizes it is only a diversion as Espio makes his escape with Khan in his custody. The rest of the Shinobi retreat with their valuable objective.

>feet on the cover
16.jpg, 1280x1984, 1 times posted
>Whilst inspecting the construction of the Death Egg in orbit, Robotnik attempts to raise contact with Lien-Da, Kragok and Snively one last time after the debacle at Chun-nan but to no avail.
>Due to King Max's crippling ill health due to age, a ceremony is held to appoint his son Elias as temporary representative-King to rule in his place for the time being. The coronation is held despite ongoing political dissent and protests in New Mobotropolis between pro-Nationalists and Pro-Royalists. An assassination attempt against the Royal family leads to Sally pleading for both Elias and King Max to be less harsh to their people to reconsider the political situation. Elias remains neutral on the matter due to him being representative King only, and with all decisions and powers still lying with King Max. For Max, the political turmoil makes him think otherwise, with Max suggesting that control, law and order is to be tightened rather than loosened due to the increasing dangerous threats, especially due to the first meeting of the leaders of Coalition of Willing which is to begin within weeks.
That's the Max we know and love!


10 issues. 1000+ pages.
That's the thing, "Ben Drowned" is the story of some kid that died and his ghost was haunting a game disk or something, but aparently you're telling me Sonic.EXE is about Sonic's actual ghost or some eldrich abomination that just REALLY liked Sonic and desided to fuck people pretending to be Sonic as an executable file like he was a fucking Digimon, don't you think one is inherently more silly than the other? The more steps you get away from reality the less scary it becomes

But that's besides my point, i was just milfed that all these .EXE versions call themselves .EXE, i was just venting about something stupid, don't take it very seriously
Lynx isn't a jobber anymore? How many years will it take for that to make print.
>Lynx not being a jobber
I will believe it when we get there.
Ben Drowned actually goes fucking crazier than anything .EXE related that I know of, if you can believe it.
17.jpg, 900x1395, 1 times posted
>After attending the funeral proccession of the fallen, Knuckles and members of the Secret Freedom Fighters discuss their course of action against St. John and Naugus. Knuckles explain that the Chaos Emeralds are dangerous for to possess for those who don't know how to use it or are using it for ill intents and purposes and suggests that they 'retrieve' it from their hands. The Echidna also brings up the issue of 'indestructible' Shadow the Hedgehog who need to be dealt with before the Coalition meeting, whom Knuckles deduces that Shadow was manufactured on the A.R.K bound by the power of the Chaos Emeralds which provides him his connection to the Emerald's power as well as fueling his immortality. Knuckles suggests that the Sword of Acorn which was seeded with the power of the Chaos Emeralds long ago, whose blade never dulls may be the key to blunt the immortality of Shadow the Hedgehog. Sally explains that the Sword of Acorns has been lost during the Battle of Knothole and most likely in the hands of Empire by now, reassuring they will attempt to find a way to both locate and retrieve it again. The Secret Freedom Fighters sought to first investigate their intents with the Purple and Cyan Emeralds first. That night, Geoffrey and Naugus head outside the city, where they are closely followed discretely by the Secret Freedom Fighters where they reach an underground cavern not far from New Mobotropolis. In the cavern, the Secret Freedom Fighters witness what appears to be a construction of some sort of shrine, with the Cyan Emerald in the Wizards' possession. The Secret Freedom Fighter's split up to engage Naugus and Geoffrey in combat whilst one of the other groups attempt to steal the Cyan Emerald. Both the Ixis Wizards overwhelm the Secret Freedom Fighters however, and the attackers retreat.

>Lynx stop losing
>Conquering Storm still won't give him pussy
Elias is also being a cunt apparently. Just less so than Max since he's not truly King yet.

Also, is that fucking Tundra?
>Razor is evil? I know someone won't like that!
As long as he's shirtless I don't mind too much
18.jpg, 1280x1906, 1 times posted
>After the successful securing and mass-production of the neural override-chips to both prevent the remote detonation, and mind-control of their Cybernetics after their expedition in the Dragon Kingdom, Chun-nan, Lien-Da and twin-brother Kragok return to Echidnaopolis and secretly redistributes them among their people over the coming months. Upon commandeering full control of the majority of the Legion as well as Egg Imperial forces and machinery, The Legion Ultranationalist Party (LUP) successfully attempts a coup against what remains of the Echidna High-Council within their native city of Echidnaopolis to oust both the Eggman Empire and the previous Matriarch, Lara-Le. The captured Matriarch is paraded amongst cheering crowds through Echinaopolis and then public executed by Lien-Da at the Echidnaopolis Parliament House on live television. Kragok and Lien-Da seize absolute authoritarian control of the Parliament, City and majority of the country where Imperial forces were weak. The city of Echidnaopolis is put into lock-down and placed under Martial Law; all those who previously supported, or fail to denounce their allegiance to the Echidna High-Council were rounded up into kangaroo courts, found guilty of 'High Treason', placed under a mass execution program and publicly hanged.
If you want to read more then check out the links. I'm only grabbing the first paragraph for each.

>Geoffrey ends up losing everything because of Naugus possession and pretty much gets reviled by the entire world
Kinda sucks, since Shock & Awe Geoffrey hasn't done much to hate him for yet, unlike Archie Geoffrey or some other versions in other continuities.

>literally scheming to cancel out Shadow's immortality like theyre fighting fucking Sephiroth or something
We have gone full shonen.
Cute twink!
I wonder whose breasts those could be?
19.jpg, 600x930, 1 times posted
>With the Eggman Empire's final stronghold outside of Mobotropolis; Echidnaopolis having fallen and now becoming part of the Coalition of Willing, the forces of the Eggman Empire are now permanently put on the defensive, and the retreat. With command and control centers and resources severed by the recently-hijacked Death Egg, remaining resistance are in chaos as the Coalition consolidate and go on the counter-attack on all fronts. Months of combat has led to the liberation of 95% of the planet. With nowhere to go, Robotnik and the remaining Imperial and loyal remnants of the Legion make their retreat back to their final stronghold of Mobotropolis, digging in defenses to make their final stand. At Coalition high-command, members of the offensive parties are now facing military and political turmoil.

20.jpg, 1280x1906, 1 times posted
>We now enter the ALTERED version of Mobius 25 Years Later.
>Outside the Parliament House, Miles Prower tells Alexis Acorn a legend of how only 503 Mobian Resistance Fighters long ago had fought against more than 500,000 superior enemy combatants in a single combat, lost, then rose out of the ashes again to end the war with a victory in their favor, but Alexis is hesitant to believe him due to such incredible odds. Miles replies than 'Legends Never Die' just as the Federation Senate Members begin to enter the building for a session. Tails looks as his wrist watch and proceeds to leave for a planned venue. A sudden explosions occurs at the Parliament House and many Mobians and injured and killed. Alexis regains consciousness in an ambulance, where she is picked up by her foster-father, Geoffrey- St. John. whom is very angry and worried. John explains that the explosions was from a terrorist attack in an attempt to eliminate the the Senate Members, and that Alexis should not wander out due to such dangers.
We got splintered futures now.

>Lien-Da actually being successful and Knuckles mother, dies
21.jpg, 600x930, 1 times posted
>Subdued by Enerjak, Sonic attempts to resist in as Enerjaks subjects him to a torture where his memory is directly ripped from his mind one by one to learn or discover any new sources of information in regards to any remaining survivors. Sonic is able resist for a significant amount of time by feeding Enerjak useless or unimportant information or memories such as his name, age, his children and his combat experience in the past. This is eventually proven to be in vain however, as the last bit of memory is forcibly extracted by Enerjak, and Sonic's soul is rendered into a Prelate for Enerjak to control. It is then revealed that Enerjak and Sonic are present within gigantic mausoleum where within contained what appears to be at least hundreds of thousands, or even millions of bodies; all of whom are victims of Enerjak prior victims, whose soul are forcibly extracted to be manipulated and used as his pawns and soldiers.
Oh this sounds familiar. I wonder how it all ends and here's the last sentence.
>Silver attends his first day of proper schooling, where he re-unites with Gold.

No.133049910 [Post deleted 21:27:57]
Oh yeah, apparently it wasn't just Charmy and Amy who died in issue 9 - 10 >>133049479; Ray, Mighty, and Matilda ALL died because of a miniature nuke that gets detonated in the possession of Charmy and Amy.

[dpoiler]Also literally almost everyone gets murdered by Enerjak due to Finitevus being on his bullshit. Silver saves the future, but because of Enerjak, the only species left on Shock & Awe Mobius in the future are Echidnas and Hedgehogs; Silver himself is descended from the bloodline of Lara-Su and Malik, Sonic's son that we saw way back on Light Mobius.[/spoiler:lit]
22.jpg, 600x930, 1 times posted
>Arriving home from school, Silver explains to Edmund that, although the present is now fixed and prosperous due to his intervention of travelling into the past, he is still bothered by the permanent loss of his close friends in the past. Edmund attempts to provide comfort through reasoning by asserting that death is inevitable, and that they should celebrate life rather than mourn for its passing, of which all that matters is not whether they live or die, but what really matters if what they leave behind. Alternatively, Edmund decides to reveal to Silver his newly constructed 'Time Stone', a device which allows the user to travel back and forth through time without the need of a Guardian or all 7 Chaos Emeralds due to advancement of technology in the 'fixed' present and should Silver is really troubled by the needless sacrifice of his friends, he could attempt, with the information he has already gathered from his time in the past, make the world 'an even better place' if he so chose. Before going to bed, Edmund cryptically hints that should things go 'according to plan', that more than one life can be spared. Afraid of risking causing a space-time continuum paradox and creating unforeseen circumstances and damage, Silver ultimately decides not to risk going back into the past, seeing as things in the present are fine the way they are. Silver leaves the Time Stone on his desk drawer where it shall stay for the next decade.


>Encountering a pushing-50-year-old Sonic the Hedgehog face-to-face, Silver notices that his body beginning to evaporate into nothingness due to him never being born caused by his actions to save the lives of his friends in exchange for his own. Silver reminds Sonic to ‘remember him’ before exchanging each other one final soldier's salute as Silver’s body completely disappears, due to him never having existed.
And the link for this.

Tomorrow at 9pm EST we'll do more twitter comics.
Fun times for everyone!
Thanks konductor!
Oh yeah, apparently it wasn't just Charmy and Amy who died in issue 9 - 10 >>133049479 #; Ray, Mighty, and Matilda ALL died because of a miniature nuke that gets detonated in the possession of Charmy and Amy.

Also literally almost everyone gets murdered by Enerjak due to Finitevus being on his bullshit. Silver saves the future, but because of Enerjak, the only species left on Shock & Awe Mobius in the future are Echidnas and Hedgehogs; Silver himself is descended from the bloodline of Lara-Su and Malik, Sonic's son that we saw way back on Light Mobius.

Ultimately, Silver uses the Time Stone to go back some three thousand years during the middle of the Robotnik War and manages to avert his friends' death, but due to Echidnas and Hedgehogs no longer being the sole species on Mobius (since he kills Finitevus and keeps Enerjak from happening), Lara-Su and Malik never get together, meaning the bloodline that leads to him never comes about. Shortly after meeting a middle-aged Sonic and saluting him, Silver ceases to exist.
High doubts they'll even make it half way, but props for writing out the summary for it all to avoid DEAD.
That won't be able to end that comic, even if assuming he's an absolute neet with a lot of money and no life outside making this comic, that would still be like 10 years of work at minumum
>we'll do more twitter comics.
it's more sonamy isn't it...
Those numbers don't lie
Oh, and for those that missed it. I cleaned up the subtitles for El Oscuro Diario De Tails. It's watchable now, although I'd appreciate any translatorbros taking a look.
Shock and awe is like the most autistic fan comic ive seen with how much the guy planned.
Ikr? what the fuck
000.jpg, 707x1000, 1 times posted
Also, I have uploaded everything for anyone that wants to finish translating Knuckles Boom. Translation is provided by a website and all the pages are there for you. Just needs to have the pages cleaned and the English text added to it. I started but didn't get much done but I put my progress in the zip to help.
Confirmed body count so far in Shock & Awe, based on summaries posted:
>Larry Lynx (pretty certain he's the first one dead too), who is killed as the result of Shadow being finalized with the 7 Chaos Emeralds on the ARK and Naugus being unleashed
>Amy, Charmy, Ray, Mighty, Matilda - Nuked
>Lyco, Leeta, Max and Alicia Acorn - are killed once Nack, Nicolette, Lightning Lynx and Fiona (surprise) betray the Freedom Fighters and out Knothole's location to the Eggman Empire
>Legion High-Command - assassinated by Hershey and Geoffrey
>Amadeus, Rosemary, Jules, Mina, Skye and his sister, Bernadette, Rotor + countless others - all killed during Project "Arctic Storm"
>Wombat Stu - killed during the Bay of Meropis battle, having exploded himself
>Eggman - ultimately killed as a knock-on effect of Geoffrey and Hershey offing Legion High-Command
>Literally the entire cast still alive at that point barring Sonic's kids and a few others + nearly the entirety of life on Mobius - killed and their souls turned into Prelates by Enerjak
>Shadow - Without the Chaos Emeralds (which get shot into space and lost forever by Silver), is never completed in the best timeline
>Naugus: is shot into space with the Chaos Emeralds and is lost forever in the best timeline
>Nack/Nicolette/Fiona/Lightning Lynx - all killed by Silver to prevent their betrayal in the best timeline
>Kragok and Lien-Da - killed in the best timeline by Silver
>Finitevus - killed incarnating Enerjak in the original timeline, killed by Silver in the fixed one
>Enerjak - never incarnate in the best timeline
>Silver - erased himself from existence to create the best timeline

Will update with more as I find them. But so far, outside of TMOM and Archie itself, this is looking to be the comic with the highest body-count on the Ride.
why is enerjak so op
sonic pepe think.jpg, 250x202, 10 times posted
He isn't, this is bullshit
Atleast tails and sonic are alive i guess
Directly draws power from the Master Emerald. He's hyper level of power. But he lost to Mammoth Mogul and the Sword of Acorns and lost to Silver after he starts believing in himself. Otherwise, according to Ian, he's unstoppable and can kill everyone.
1553650868343s.jpg, 98x125, 1 times posted
Man, this feels like a 5 year storyline of an X-Men side book from the early mid 2000s. So many characters, so many twists, turns, and deaths. Like, if you never knew of Sonic the Hedgehog outside of those 1st 3 games, this would be like gibberish to you. But like a random 2000s X-Men book, the worldbuilding is so immense that if you know more than average Sonic knowledge, this feels like a sci fi war epic for Sonic.
Honestly, it'd be smarter for the creator to set up a creative team of sorts to do this monthly, if this was a team effort it could last 2 1/2 years and not approximately a decade. Especially if >>133049470 is true and he has pre made art assets lined up. That or he should make highly detailed character rigs via Toon Boom Harmony and hire people to work on multiple pages alongside him.
I hope the best for this artist, it's always inspiring when Sonic fans decide to do something crazy. I honestly need to pull something off like this with my original stuff
Literally a God. Reminder that it's his power + Sword of Acorns bullshit that juices Mogul up to being strong enough to literally annihilate and reorder the world in whatever way he wished as Master Mogul and needed a combined assortment of basically every major hero on Mobius at the time to defeat. Outside of peak Mammoth Mogul (who was juiced on Chaos Knuckles, the only other Chaos User known at the time to be GREATER than Enerjak and in fact Knuckles himself was deemed suitable as the next Enerjak by Finitevus which implies Knuckles-Enerjak might have gotten access to that power too) and Titan Tails, Enerjak was basically entirely unstoppable.
Sonic gets made into a Prelate going by >>133049866. So is Tails.

Apparently, Enerjak literally killed EVERYTHING on Mobius. The only ones confirmed to still be around by the end are Silver himself, Lara-Su and Malik Acorn along with a heavily weakened but still immortal Mogul. Everyone else has been killed and turned into Prelates, which Lara-Su confirms is a fate they can't return from - their souls have been warped too badly. All of the taken spirits do pass on, but Lara-Su and Malik are the last two Mobians, if not people as a whole, left on the planet and have to repopulate all on their own. Silver himself technically ceases to exist as well temporarily, since Enerjak briefly kills Malik before Lara revives him with Sword of Acorns.
The artist really needs to cut down on the pages. The first and second issue have dozens of pages that could've been cut out. I know there's a lot of story but stuff like the breakout and wedding shouldn't be this long.
Apparently in Shock and Awe, instead of being some Echidna juiced up on all the Chaos Energy, Enerjak proper is some godlike omnipotent THING that Finitevus needed to find a proper vessel capable of incarnating it into. It's why he's so powerful; he is literally not operating by the same rules everybody else is.

It also turns out that the entire conflict, top to bottom, was being caused by the Echidnas and the Order of Ixis clashing as a result of their differences in ideals of technology vs magic. The Robotnik War was literally just a series of pawns and puppets being used to perpetuate this, with Finitevus ultimately being behind everything to not only wipe out the last of the Order of Ixis, but incarnate Enerjak to subjugate all non-Echidna life and place Echidnas as the supreme masters over all creation.
finitevus.png, 911x877, 3 times posted
>finitevus is the ultimate keikaku master
Love it.
This is why powerlevels are a mistake
if each chapter was 22-24 pages like most comics and shounen manga, he could do it all in under 8 years
Enerjak is a god and gets beaten by a blue rat lol
I was thinking at the very least cutting them to under 100 pages each. I haven't checked the summary of issue 2 so I don't how far into that one we are. That could also be 150 pages.
No.133050749 [Post deleted 22:24:17]
Also, as it turns out, Bark [/spoiler:lit]created Arctic Storm and killed Tails and Sonic's families, Rotor, and countless millions. Issue 21 reveals that he did it entirely because he learnt part of Finitevus' plans, but never who was behind it; so he went full scorched (or in this case, frozen) earth to hopefully catch Finitevus in it and kill him (along with everyone else), since his original plan of pretending to switch sides over to the enemy and get close to the true puppetmaster to stop them would never work.[/spoiler:lit]

Bark now has one of the highest kill-counts on the Ride.

Funnily enough, he gets partially out-keikau'd himself. Naugus figured out that Finitevus likely had big plans, so he deliberately sabotaged one of the Chaos Emeralds with his shadow magic to ensure that even if he succeeded in conjuring Enerjak, Enerjak would instantly break free from his control and start annihilating all life. Solely as a final spiteful "Fuck You" to the Echidnas.
>Tails returns to the holiday home who unfortunately also discovers his parents were victims of Arctic Storm blown by the wind towards the coast after the bombardment at New Mobotropolis.
Im suprised that tails doesn't go mad at this point after losing his son his parents and his wife
Also, as it turns out, Bark created Arctic Storm and killed Tails and Sonic's families, Rotor, and countless millions. Issue 21 reveals that he did it entirely because he learnt part of Finitevus' plans, but never who was behind it; so he went full scorched (or in this case, frozen) earth to hopefully catch Finitevus in it and kill him (along with everyone else), since his original plan of pretending to switch sides over to the enemy and get close to the true puppetmaster to stop them would never work.

Bark now has one of the highest kill-counts on the Ride.

>>133050649 #
Funnily enough, he gets partially out-keikau'd himself. Naugus figured out that Finitevus likely had big plans, so he deliberately sabotaged one of the Chaos Emeralds with his shadow magic to ensure that even if he succeeded in conjuring Enerjak, Enerjak would instantly break free from his control and start annihilating all life. Solely as a final spiteful "Fuck You" to the Echidnas.
>This is why powerlevels are the greatest
Fixed. We wouldn't get edgekino like this otherwise.
>Naugus is possessing Shadow and keikakuing everyone else around him
>Fiona is a bitch playing the long con, alongside the Hooligans
>Bark knows some of the greater keikaku by Finitevus, but not enough to figure out who the true enemy is, so he pretends to switch sides only to build a doomsday weapon to kill everyone and hopefully annihilate the true villain along with the entire world as a mercy
>Robotnik is Robotnik
>everyone else has some level of major keikaku going on, revolving around somebody else's keikaku, manipulating other keikaku's to serve their own keikaku, keikakuing their keikaku, uno-reversing keikakus, entire war is one big long con, etc
>Finitevus has been manipulating EVERBODY ELSE from the very beginning despite all of this and literally almost nobody knew
What the fuck
Can't go mad, he has shit to do.
I seriously admire the sheer dedication. But good lord, is it one impenetrable block of autism.
tumblr_516df31f0552c5219b0131d3f75663a7_c2b049ff_1280.jpg, 1280x1810, 1 times posted
This comic is gay as fuck, but im still gonna post it
tumblr_5be9e71498e1e288241e730e3b6e5448_a2a37aed_1280.png, 1280x1809, 1 times posted
Tekno has become almost as unhinged as a certain gay duck. But that just seems to be a thing with her.
tumblr_79942f3823195967cc0edaa2f4c02192_dd8da3e3_1280.png, 1280x1810, 1 times posted
I mean, she has a point Amy. A crazy one, but still a point.
tumblr_a68e55e77215f32593eeb85b8f9e86e5_90d3b7dc_1280.png, 1280x1809, 1 times posted
He actually doesn't. Outside of Knuckles-Enerjak, Enerjak is either beaten by Mogul draining the shit out of him or in the Dark Mobius reality, he gets beaten by a Silver who has been juiced on the power of friendship and Jani-Ca. Sonic's track record with Enerjak is honestly pretty low.

It's even worse in Shock & Awe since he ends up getting killed by Enerjak along with literally everybody else. Even his own son (and far-off descendant Silver) get mogged by him, with Lara-Su having to be the one to destroy the weakened Enerjak on her own. Sonic really doesn't do much against Enerjak at all most of the time.
Even Super Sonic loses to Enerjak. Locke sacrificing himself is the only thing that saves Sonic. Otherwise he'd be teleported into the heart of the sun.
>During combat, Bunnie is shot down and killed, while Antoine further away sets off a land-mine trap rigged to a doorway and he, along with five others are instantly killed by the blast.
Antoine has the worst luck
Holy shit The author is so fucking autistic with making this so dark lmao
At least they ended up going down in roughly similar timeframes. I can't imagine how broken either would be otherwise if they lived and the other was killed.

But yeah, Antoine rolled a fucking 1 on his trap detection roll.

It fucking OPENS with Light Mobius getting deleted from existence and everyone from there dying. It was ultra-dark from the very beginning.
sonic rape face.png, 388x370, 6 times posted
I can't wait to see the reactions whenever a new Shock and Awe page is posted.
We already had people reacting badly to Sonic stealing away Fiona and cockblocking Tails (again). But now that it's confirmed that her betrayal is still a thing and leads to Knothole getting fucking genocided later on (as well as Tails getting with Mina), I think the only thing we'll see with her later appearances is begging them to kill the traitorous whore. Same for the Hooligans.
>We already had people reacting badly to Sonic stealing away Fiona and cockblocking Tails (again).
The comments for that page were not good. I wonder how the artist is taking it or if they care. I haven't checked the latest page for comments. But it's definitely a sore spot for those that read Archie.
Given the author seems to mostly be following the synopsis for each issue so far, I assume it's going to eventually lead into the Fiona betraying them thing. It just doesn't look good now because it reads as this Sonic doing the same stuff he did back in Archie.
Does Sonic know Fiona is a traitor and thus justifies him cockblocking Tails? Or is this a happy accident and Tails dodged a bullet? Because if it's the former, Sonic still looks like crap.
>Because if it's the latter
I meant to say that. First makes Sonic look better than the second.
Sonic would definitely look like an asshole if he's just doing it to be slutty. But I still think we're in for people throwing a fit given that Tails apparently fucks up enough that he gets branded a social pariah and borderline traitor by everyone else. Even if it gets softened somewhat by Tails getting with Mina in the end, the people who aren't reading each synopsis won't know that.

I genuinely think that most people are going into Shock & Awe thinking it's mostly just a somewhat darker AU variation of Archie instead of the incredibly fucked up clusterfuck cosmic chess game of death and slaughter that it actually is. It just hasn't set in now because we're still in the mostly peaceful periods where shit hasn't hit the fan yet. We're in Berserk's Golden Age arc, essentially.
Im suprised that Shock Awe never added blaze into the mix
Did Silver and Blaze even interact in Archie? Adding the Sol dimension would probably be an extra couple issues.
Never did actually. But this author is already taking a lot of liberties with preboot and reboot material, so why not.
I don't think there's any space for her. Even ignoring Blaze herself, you'd have the entire Sol Dimension, Eggman Nega, and Blaze's own rogues gallery being thrown into the mix as their own competing factions in a setting already rife with several factions playing against each other and even themselves. The estimated 21 issues and bonus would balloon massively if the author tried to fit Blaze in.

Same reason I think why Shock & Awe sort of ignores the situation with the Zone Cops despite this being well past the point where they SHOULD intervene or why there doesn't seem to be any signs of a Metal Sonic/Shard equivalent anywhere or numerous other entities that were present in Archie proper. There simply isn't enough space for all of them in the narrative as written.
...Maybe Thrash was right.
NO !! There are good echidnas !!
Anon, the dick-swinging contest between the Echidnas and the Order of Ixis literally destroyed an entire reality, ruined the future of another, and completely fucked up ANOTHER reality (which is the past of the second one) multiple times over. A single Echidna basically manipulates literally everyone so he can incarnate an unstoppable uncontrollable eldritch abomination (destroying the mind and soul of one of the few non-awful Echidnas) solely to wreck the world and establish Echidnas as the master race. Hell, there's an entire Robotnik-aligned group of echidnas who are fucking murdering people and destroying everything in their quest for ever greater conquest and power.

Face it, the good don't outweigh the bad here. The Echidnas have LITERALLY done everything wrong.
I don't know shit about the order of ixis
Ancient order of mages who had Mogul as the leader. And Naugus was a member of it too.
The exceptions have to be Knuckles and I'm assuming Julie-Su as well because without him and his daughter, there would be no Silver to fix everything.
I just remembered that the Zone Cops were in the first issue but were slaughtered during the breakout. Maybe they exist out of the timelines so getting wiped out once is it for them.
Group of magic and sorcerery-obsessed fucks made by Mammoth Mogul shortly after he obtained immortality via a chaos emerald getting implanted in his chest. Basically went out to try and conquer the world and got involved in a series of genuinely calamitous wars with the Echidnas that were so fucking batshit that nobody actually knows what happened, aka the Forgotten Wars.

The Echidnas won and wiped out most of the Ixians and began to colonize the world and genocide/enslave whatever looked at them funny as they did it. But Mogul and three of his loyal acolytes survived, with those three later racing to the sun to get power and merging together into one gestalt entity that we'd later call Naugus. As it stands, Mogul and Naugus are the last two remaining 'true' Ixians, with Geoffrey only becoming one by technicality due to Naugus training him.
scourge_and_finitevus_by_lujji_d5u40t7.jpg, 1209x928, 2 times posted
Probably my favorite echidna OC (after my husbando Remington). Imagine the lewd stuff he could do with those warp rings!
Bark you jerk!
>want to read archie for scourge
>but that means i have to read archie
In fairness, Bark wanted to do the classic "fake defector" thing to try and get close to the true big bad and take them out to save everyone, but realize that he had NO IDEA who the real villain pulling the strings even was. He never wanted to go as far as total omnicide.

He only created Arctic Storm as basically a means to try and kill Finitevus by catching everyone in the crossfire and hoping that would kill him too.
Good news! He's barely in it. You're better off ignoring the pre-Ian stuff with him. He's got a few arcs and that's really it.
I mean, can't really call him Scourge at that point to be fair.
You could always read Scourge: Eternal Blackout again
Fair enough, he's still a jerk though
>You're better off ignoring the pre-Ian stuff with him.
Full ride or bust!
Well, they also needed Sonic too. Since if Malik hadn't been born and fucked Lara-Su to create the long, long, long chain of events that would lead to Silver being born, everything would still be fucked.

So yeah, Knuckles and Julie-Su are an exception, but they're pretty heavily outnumbered by literally all of the Echidnas who did wrong and helped perpetuate the dumpsterfire for millennia. And in the end, they'll never even know since Silver erases himself from reality to save everybody.
So I think we can all agree that Shock & Awe would be one of the worst continuities to get trapped in?
yeah but what would be the BEST continuity to get trapped in?
Hangin Out or the Arsworlds continuity.
That, TMOM or one of those exe ones.
Best would be Arsworlds (for the comfyness) or Heroes Come Back (to romance Stripes)
Stripes only has eyes for Silver and his tight twink ass. He's also in a variant of the Archie continuity, so you're treading dangerous waters.
>implying I wouldn't romance them both
Archie would be pretty terrifying to live in though
It also helps he still has Sonic for support. But by God does Tails suffer a lot in this.

If you wind up in somewhere like Mercia, you could probably evade a lot of bullshit for a while just due to how isolated it is. Problem is, you'd be in the High Sheriff's territory depending on what point in the timeline you end up in.
Tails is a cuck
t. Fiona
we know ian
Yeah, Mercia could be nice, post De-Roboticization wave at least. Especially since I'd be able to ogle Rob o' the Hedge.
He's a married man, thirstposter!
034008.png, 816x103, 1 times posted
>He's a fan of Ian

Thats makes sense, with all the grimderp he plans for this comic.
I said ogle, not seduce! His wife's pretty hot too though
I mean, it kinda tracks given In himself wrote stuff like Other M.
Sometimes a broken echidna is right once a day.
sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_21_by_killerboss2_dfdmyug.jpg, 1789x2750, 1 times posted
Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 21
Now we just need to know what she actually looks like.
Yeah, yeah, Conductor. I'm still waiting on that anon who promised to suck your dick from way back when.
>Now we just need to know what she actually looks like.
Find out on next episode of dragon ball z!
>inb4 the comic dies before face reveal
It's_over.jpg, 365x721, 8 times posted
She's obviously gonna look like sonic but with 3 quills lol
We'll get them next time, thirstposter.
So now that the OC is confirmed female, when will sonic fuck the OC?
This Sonic gives no fucks. Figuratively and literally.
I agree with the other two anons, this sonic is basically gamenic which means never ever.
Modern might change given Frontiers. But Frenzy Sonic is mostly using the sort of characterization we see him display in Colors and Generations. So he definitely isn't going to be fucking anyone here.
I like how Edmund ultimately gave Silver the choice of either staying in his 'fixed' future or trying to go for broke and save literally everyone he could to truly make it perfect. I also like how Silver doesn't immediately go for it and risk sacrificing himself without even experiencing the world he made, but spent a decade in his time to see what it had to offer before finally making a decision.

It's really a nice change of pace from most sacrifice comics or fics.
not over yet.jpg, 915x763, 2 times posted
One day, they'll all be twinks!
Wasn't Babylon Garden already under New Mobotropolis? Or si this pretending that hnever happened. When does this take place?
It's an alternate Archie continuity. A lot of things are different from the comics.
pssp conductor
11 pages so far
Added! Thanks!
Whatch party when
congrats_deviantart____you_won_by_sonicknight007_db9pnav-fullview.jpg, 1280x2267, 1 times posted
I still can't believe that Sonic Forces had an auti-- I mean OC maker and it didn't amount to anything.
>It also helps he still has Sonic for support
Fat lot of good that’s gonna do him. This is Archie Sonic
Konductor-kun's thinking about it. I might splice it into a single video if there's interest. I'd guess we're only 2/3 through the plot though so I'll probably wait. I still can't believe a video where a character chops off his penis and eats it hasn't been taken down.
>auti-- I mean OC maker
I think you meant twink dress-up simulator. The levels may have been short and bland, but dressing up your twink and having him hold hands with Sonic (double boosting) was a lot of fun.
72040626-7FD0-4F27-A1A7-170AB771A77A.png, 592x402, 1 times posted
You guys probably don’t follow Kishimoto, but it turns out that earlier rumour that Flynn was just a localiser for Frontiers wasn’t true. He wrote the whole script, he is legitimately the writer for Frontiers and Kishimoto is just reworking Flynn’s script for Japanese audiences like a reverse Pontaff. Frontiers is a game that Ian wrote, he’s actually worked his way up into being a games writer now. He’s also consulting on Prime.
Lol yeah, Tails would be so much better off if he told Sonic to go fuck himself. Christ I hate Archie
ames.png, 298x192, 2 times posted
Oh shit.
One step closer to his real goal.
Sonic_Silver_grin.jpg, 1067x417, 5 times posted
Can't wait for the inevitable Japanese translation mod. I want to see what Flynn's plot refined by Kishimoto's Sonic tulpa turns out.
People say Flynn's plots drag out too long, but his real-life keikaku's are far longer, and more ambitious! The forbidden chipmunk will appear in a Sonic game, even if it takes another 15 years (Iizuka's likely retirement).
1658681841747241.gif, 800x453, 1 times posted
Would Sonic and Amy have fucked the world back into existence like Lara and Malik?
why not both
yeah it has retarded quips and shit like 'ZOMG GREEN HILL ZONE'
fucking hack
1658719077192832.png, 687x800, 2 times posted
>Game does good: Japs scream western pigou and fire his ass or try to bring him back for half pay.

>Game does bad: Fans say told you so and how shit his stories are

Ian really entered a 5D trap here.
amy trying to read your bullshit.jpg, 460x460, 4 times posted
>sonamy shippers when they realize that a sonally shipper wrote the game they think will make their ship canon
Bean.png, 781x716, 1 times posted
I hope he kills sonamy
God I hope I can switch to nipponese
Smugnic.jpg, 894x894, 2 times posted
I do admire their optimism, but they couldn't have placed it in worse hands. I wonder if Ian's Sally tulpa will make out with Kishimoto's Sonic tulpa?
If not, that's what mods are for
A year ago you’d be laughed at if you said Ian Flynn was gonna be a writer for a Sonic Game. Or help make an animated series. If Frontiers does well he’s 100% gonna be brought back, and Frontiers already won a Japanese Game Award. He controls the canon now.
>muh canon
neck yourself
>He controls the canon now.
>when he's still scared shitless to touch shadow due to mandates
smugdow.jpg, 588x570, 1 times posted
>he's still scared shitless to touch shadow due to mandates
His current unwillingness to touch Shadow is all part of the plan. Iizuka wants all branches to have the same 'feel', and when the third film comes out with a Shadow capable of emotions other than sighing and Vegeta-ing, all the pieces will be in place.
>have to wait 2 years before shadow can be good again
goddamn it
Anyone has any info of the Sonic Movie 2 Project by Zarumo Team the FEET one?

I have tried to investigate about them

You can't wait another 6 issues? Also,
>implying IDW will still be solvent in 2 years
I only did a quick look and the main guy working on it has so much furry foot fetish art on his Russian facebook equivalent. The disney fox Robin Hood featured prominently iirc. Also, not posting the best clip, for shame!
dining out with friends and your worst rival by friednoodles2.png, 868x3500, 1 times posted
I wonder how a Yakuza game would work if everyone were Sonic characters.
I don't know how to feel about this
Ian literally cannot do shit to ship Sonally, unless he wants his ass sent back to the fields. Sonamy is the next best thing for him.
I doubt it. Sonic would have 100% just let himself die fighting against Enerjak since his home, friends and family would all be gone. And Amy gets killed relatively early enough that it's pretty debatable if she ever outs her actual feelings for him.

Also, it would be even more fucked if the future was solely full of hedgehogs. Even if Silver's original future was just Echidnas and Hedgehogs (who are all related to each other), it's still somewhat better than if the world was just a single species.
Correct me if im wrong here but the amy that died by the nuke was from the futute where sonic was king and eggman was still dead ?
Mean't to say future my bad
No, they're all the same timeline. Sonic DOES still end up becoming King in Shock & Awe, but it's well after Amy dies. Amy dies by around issue 9, along with Charmy, Ray, Mighty, and Matilda.

The original Light Mobius timeline gets deleted, but the events that form something approaching it still sort of happen (Malik still gets born between Sonic and Sally, Lara-Su still happens, etc). They just get fucked up because this is Shock & Awe.
101241347.jpg, 1024x717, 1 times posted
Calm down. It’s not like Sally appears randomly in Frontiers and starts making out with Sonic in front of Amy. Although that would be the second time a princess would do that in the games.
I'm not mad. I'm just saying that if you expect Ian to somehow slip in Sonally stuff into Frontiers, then you'll be even more disappointed than the Sonamyfags. Ian himself only HAS the job that he does because he was willing to kowtow and let the mandates speak for themselves, on top of writing Amy as less of an unhinged stalker in IDW (with IDW Sonic actually not running away from her on sight).
Nobody thinks that will happen so there’s no need to jump to conclusions.
i dont give a fuck about sonamy or sonally desu
I hope both die in a fire
1624501252247.png, 616x952, 23 times posted
>Nobody thinks that will happen
Anon you're in a fucking Sonic thread. There is 100% some jackass who actually thinks that.
why did you post a picture of me?
And there are people that think the Earth is flat. Doesn’t mean you have to suck the fun out of the thread arguing against it.
>Dark Sonic is empowered by fake emeralds
Did I miss this detail?
1650022416839.jpg, 698x900, 1 times posted
Yeah. In the Metarex Saga that scene happens when Sonic crash-lands into one of the Metarex' fake chaos emerald factories, then holds one and says how he feels bad vibe energy radiating off of them or somethn
Fair enough.
>tfw I just realized Shock & Awe Silver is directly related to Knuckles due to being the far-off descendant of Lara-Su
>tfw this means that he's a part of the Knuckles family tree and Guardians autism
>this means that SONIC is a part of the Knuckles family tree autism due to Silver ALSO being related to him via Malik
It never fucking ends
Don't forget he's part Acorn. That means he's double royalty if you count Knuckles as a prince/king. Silver also needs to take a dip in the piss pool and get his own magic sword from it.
It gets even worse. Remember that Lara-Su and Malik are the ones who end up repopulating ALL OF MOBIUS after Enerjak killed everyone and everything in the original 'fixed' timeline. This means that not just Silver, but EVERY living Echidna and Hedgehog in that timeline is a part of the Knuckles-Acorn family tree and therefore all are technically some manner of royalty.

Locke and Max fucking won despite being thousands of years dead.
And since Locke and Max are friends, that means they're fistbumping and gloating about it to everyone else. The afterlife must be annoying with the two of them palling around and watching their bloodlines take over the entire planet.

And then Silver goes back to retcon it all.
Malik and Lara-Su would probably still end up born, so they could still take pride in that. But yeah, Silver's actions means that the planetary bloodline will never come about. Max and Locke will forever be salty.

Somewhere, Chris Redfield is also screaming in rage
Poor Malik, he won't get to knock up the older woman that used to babysit him until they repopulate Mobius.
>Silver denied his great-thousand times removed grandfather that hot echidna action
sibling_culture_by_ilee_font_ddyf94d.png, 1111x2291, 1 times posted
What Shadow would give to have Maria's big butt on him again.
Don't we all want our big sisters to crush us with their big butts?
Shadow is 15 and Maria is 12
Can I compliment you folks? You Sonic fans axt much more adult and mature than pokemonfags. Kudos to you.
Whilst searching alone, Fiona ambushes Sally in a hallway at the edge of a balcony. As the building tilts sideways, Fiona attempts to steal Sally's parachute for herself, only for Sally to retrieve the parachute, hang Fiona by the neck with the parachute chords before jumping off balcony; killing her.

Besides the james bond murder style, we still dont know who fiona was pregnant with since the issue states it was neither sonic or tails

Damn silver, probably should have done that before they released they had to fuck their kids as well to save the future...
Heres a question for a pokemon fan. Why are most of the non PMD fanfics/comics so shit ?

It has the one of biggest amounts of fan creation in DA and AO3 and yet its a sea of shit to wade through.
Pokemon's various continuities are for way too different groups of people, often with autistically petty reasons for hating each other. I honestly don't even follow PMD much, the best comic for me wass the Festival of Champions, and that was pretty much "what if we used anime personalities for game characters instead of edgy fanfic ones?"
I know Sonic fans a lot better than you do. No we do not.
cover.png, 612x792, 1 times posted
Since you never read a pmd comic i recommend this one the plot is great the only bad sign of the comic so far is that it's incomplete
>PMD fanfics/comics
On that subject, I highly recommend Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Victory Fire https://desuarchive.org/co/search/subject/Pokemon%20Mystery%20Dungeon%20Victory%20Fire/
This. We've been squabbling over 2D vs 3D since 98, and Sonamy vs Sonally since 94. I will say the Pokémon fandom's way more fractured than the Sonic fandom, they put even our erafagging to shame!
Meh, he's comparing us to Pokemonfags. It's an immense low bar, but I've seen many Sonicfags who DO act better than Pokemonfags. Pokemon is the only fanbase more fucking divided than Sonic.
Shadow is mentally and physically made to be 15, but his chronological age is a lot younger than Maria. And I'm not even sure about the mental thing either, given he was made in part to be a companion for her.

Maria is also taller than he is.
Too fragmented and there's basically nothing in any of the continuities that fans can unify on. Pretty much only a handful of decent non-PMD fics/comics exist out there and only some are still continuing.
But you dont need a unified consensus to improve the quality of fan material.
Most of the fics seem to be really the bottom of the barrel in terms of story.
Fucking brutal. But it couldn't have happened to a better bitch.

>we still dont know who fiona was pregnant with since the issue states it was neither sonic or tails
Somebody actually fucked her?
A unified consensus helps since most of the people making Pokemon fics aren't making them for the sake of making something fun or actually enjoyable, but mostly out of spite for the material or the fanbase. They don't write their shit to build up or compliment the stuff that exists already, they write it for the sake of their ego or projecting their own bullshit into the work.
>Victory Fire
Pure kino.
It does vary on where you go. I can safely confirm that /sthg/ Sonicfags are orders of magnitude worse.
Riders Archie Portfolio Page 1 - SailorMoonAndSonicX.jpg, 1962x3000, 1 times posted
That's probably because we're looking at fancomics.
Go anywhere else?
>game autism
>IDW threads
>game autism
We sometimes have an issue if... certain... game topics are brought up and people have different opinions on what is canon, like it's some kind of religious schism.
And we sometimes get trolls. The last one was avatarfagging as Tangle, unless you count when a mod deletes walrus posting.
>Why are most of the non PMD fanfics/comics so shit ?
What's wrong with them? I've never seen one nor ever asked if they exist, I just know digimon gets better and less feral porn.
This cover is foreboding and makes me worried about both the contents and my gutter mind.
Everything is canon.jpg, 552x229, 6 times posted
>and people have different opinions on what is canon, like it's some kind of religious schism.
SoA already cleared this issue up long ago, Satan. Even now, they still retweet it occasionally for people who haven't gotten the memo.
>This cover is foreboding and makes me worried about both the contents and my gutter mind.
As far as i know there no porn in this comic but if you want more proof then just go check out the pages yourself https://www.deviantart.com/speedboosttorchic/gallery/37651045/pmd-md-prologue
Tweet tweet motherfucker!