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Archie Sonic Storytime #149

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Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic:
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Sonic Boom #1-4
Sonic Boom the comic series is here! Based on the hit… game… no, that’s not right… show? We’ll go with that. Either way, get ready for a comedic treat as we’re taken to a different continuity! I hope you like fourth wall breaking comedy and flashy action because this series has that and more! Okay maybe not more than that, it’s pretty light on everything else.

Question: Have you played any of the Sonic Boom games? Have you watched the cartoon series?
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And I got the title this time!
Spaz really captured the style of that concept art.
I have not played the game but I watched some of the show. I did not like it
>Question: Have you played any of the Sonic Boom games?
>Have you watched the cartoon series?
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Ian has been funny here and there but let's see how he is when that's the main thing he's trying to be.
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>got the phrase wrong on purpose
>and left shoe prints on the windshield
>I watched some of the show.
>I did not like it
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tumblr_8221c3a8de41c3ef5742ac3b77864ada_13948ef8_500.png, 500x324, 1 times posted
What were your guys honest thoughts and reactions to see this for the first time?

For me, i was like "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!"
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>not a giant barefoot sticks
This just reminds me of how they stopped saying Sonic's name in logo form at the start of issues. Makes me sad.
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>amy being the team leader and coordinating everyone
Don't let them IDW and game purists see this!
Boom Sonic looks a lot like Movie Sonic.
>Have you played any of the Sonic Boom games? Have you watched the cartoon series?
No, but maybe I will at some point
Yes. Should have had a season 3.
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>april moon
I remember the memes but not having any opinion on it.
Sonic Boom is bringing it back! Maybe they'll bring back Pogs, too!
Fire and Ice was pretty good, right?
what the... Amy is usually not this smart. She's like a tactician here!
Hi guys, bye guys
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Good job, team! And we still got most of the issue left!
The longer limbs and furrier look.
Ah yes, Sonic Boom. The book in which Ian Flynn gets to stop giving a shit and go full ham.

>Question: Have you played any of the Sonic Boom games?
>Have you watched the cartoon series?
Yep. It's a pretty solid sitcom.
How many people joked that Thrash was the big one ?
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Ah, Sticks. What a cute girl stuck to a dead continuity. Oh well. We still have all that porn of her.
Isn't there a fan mod to fix the game?
>Ivo: And when this bad boy hits 8 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.
>that Back to the Future reference
Holy shit, the sheer indulgence of that shit.
The Sonic Boom games and The Sonic Boom show are basically two entirely different series. The games were trying to be a serious adventure and the cartoon was basically just a shitpost by Sonic fans.
Reminds me of the Sonic X show and the Sonic X comic.
Guys I have to admit something I dont like sticks. like a lot. I think she genuinely
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>what the... Amy is usually not this smart. She's like a tactician here!
Hmmm... leader and tactician... attracted to Sonic and he's shown attraction for her... why does that sound familiar...
Ah, Boom Amy. Professional Tard Wrangler.
Comes off as more lacking in creativity to me. No need to try and come up with actual, good jokes, just throw out a pop-culture reference.
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Also, get ready for the dumbest Knuckles ever and yet he's easily the favorite from the show.
Well that's your opinion and more than welcomed to it.
I can only imagine if there was an actual Boom Sally in that universe. I wonder how'd that go.
I'm on Amy's side on this.
Tails was robbed of his house.
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Boom Knuckles is one of the better debilitatingly retarded characters in a series. Much better than Sheen. Planet Knuckles anyone?
>blue armed Sonic
I’m going to pepper spray a gamestop employee for this travesty.
fleeing black helicopters.jpg, 369x407, 1 times posted
Sticks! The real star of the show.

>that dialogue balloon joke
Again, FULL HAM.
I head canon that boom locke put him in the microwave too long
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>sticks bending over and sniffing the ground
Could we... uh... see those panels from the back?
She'd need a quirk. Shadow already got the "super serious" quirk.
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The boy needed more time in the microwave. Or less.
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Imagine if Tails' house was shaped like his head in this continuity.
Funny because the show writers were brought on to rewrite the game to make it funnier and fit with the tone of the show.
>Hmmm... leader and tactician... attracted to Sonic and he's shown attraction for her... why does that sound familiar...
See, what I'm getting from this is that a more mature and stable Amy is functionally similar to Sally. And frankly, I fail to really see how that's a problem. Hell, Amy IS supposed to be a princess. In the US manual at least.
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She's got her work cut out for her with this Knuckles.
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Also, all the sound effects are "ker-[sfx]".
Massive gains at the cost of brains.
Did they work on Rise of Lyric ?
boom sally should have ocd.
US.jpg, 600x338, 1 times posted
>In the US manual at least.
Which means nothing.
>in the Boom universe, the microwave gave Knuckles brain damage
... Locke Charmy'd his kid. Oof.
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Tails should have her check his bedroom for wiretaps. Maybe there are some under the sheets.
She has chemistry with Sonic and she's more than a fangirl that hits stuff with a hammer. No wonder she's my favorite version of the character.
This is really giving me the vibe of the old Archie issues when it was just wacky antics
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Yes. The game was being worked on and Sega had them come in and make it funnier.
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There's the pissed off Amy panel !
Damn, Knuckles is no joke, actually retarded here.
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Smashing two giant mechs in the same story? Is this a new record?
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>Double logo for the win!
I really like Tails and Eggman being friends, kind of.
Even games Tails took some ques from Eggman in SA1 and 2, Makes me think of how the Archie cast would react to their friendship.
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I can see her being something like. Prepared for everything, no matter how unlikely it is. Maybe be like Monk in that everything has to be perfect and any change or imperfection drives her insane.
It's crazy that Sticks thinks the government is spying on Boom Tails but Archie Sonic & Tails actually work for the government.
Book Knuckles is really fun as an exaggeration, wouldn't make him the standard but he is such a great character because of how different he is to main knux
>She has chemistry with Sonic and she's more than a fangirl that hits stuff with a hammer. No wonder she's my favorite version of the character.
Why Conductor, I didn't realize you were based. I concur that Boom Amy is best Amy.
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Oh no!
I feel like that was what Ian pitched for the tone of the comic.
Mmm Evan Amy. Sadly not thicc enough.
But that is the joke!
Real cute Flynn you boob
I feel strongly that if Eggman turned a new leaf, he and Tails would be good friends. This page and Eggman telling Tails about his grandfather in the games indicates that. Eggman would make a great father figure to Tails if he was more moral. Not necessarily a good guy, but not too much of a bad guy, if you know what I mean.
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>spending several issues asking for fan mail and art
>series only lasts for 11 issues
Boom Eggman is the most chill and friendliest of Eggmen. I like that he helped Tails get with Zooey.
I can’t believe Roger is still making animation to this day. I watched his shit as a kid. Basically every other Newgrounds animator gave up and made lets plays.
I hate how I could easily tell it was Evan's art because of those faces
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Hey that's a pretty nice spread!
The thing that makes me think Eggman sort of respected Tails, at least in Sonic Adventure 2, is that he's the only one who addresses him as Miles.
Boom Sally would be funny in how she is different to her main version and how yet again Amy would see her be second banana to a better girl who Sonic falls for lol
Expand your horizons, anon!
sonic_boom_01_variant_covers_by_herms85_d7r98gg.jpg, 2347x1912, 2 times posted
In fact, here it is!
That and her belief in aliens. She'd freak out if she learns about Shadow's entire backstory.
Never played the games, did see some of the cartoons, read Sonic Boom the previous ride. I liked it and I know I will like it again!
Boom Knuckles is totally an himbo by echidna standards.
stupid sexy scarf.jpg, 363x248, 1 times posted
>bedroom eyes out of nowhere
Uh. Y'know she really IS channeling Sally.
Archie Sticks would be on the Nicole hate train too. She’s paranoid and hates technology.
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Damn, that variant goes hard!
He's the perfect himbo. So nice and polite. I remember someone comparing his perfect posture to Sonic's slouch.
Ahh,even boom Knuckles worked with Eggman, had to complete the one recurring factor of a Knuckles life cycle
That is some nice art
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Skipping one page of ads for arcs we already did but I'll post this ad.
Boom Knuckle deserves a tard wrangling gf
Burnbot was always a really great design even if he was a bot of the day
I wonder what the timeline would've been like if Mega Man properly Zeroth-law'd Wily's ass
I think he's giving fleetway a look these days, at least according to my brother who keeps watching those long dissected videos.
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Got your Sticks pits, bro.
I think some people ship him with Sticks, would be funny to see Boom version of Julie-su or Relic
>11 issues
It barely lasted a year ?
sonic sticks.jpg, 686x209, 1 times posted
I ship it
Girl flat as a board
SB 02 - 02.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
There are some art and single page comics shipping him with Boom Amy. Come to think of it, we have yet to see them team up in Sonic Universe. That's going to be a treat!
Anyone who wants Amy to be a Sally clone don't understand the character.
>Boom Amy, Fleetway Amy, Sally & Rouge just look and sigh at each other as they watch their teams save the day while blowing up a couple of city blocks.
so much sex with Sticks
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This looks familiar.
Yeah and a good chunk is part of Worlds Unite. That event fucked everything up.
Boom Eggman's a pretty nice guy, most of the time anyways.
Also I like his design he's built like brick shithouse and looks like he could throw down, also having Eggman as Tails' dad would be funny I imagine Tails' Archie parent wouldn't approve.
1697086641218747.png, 1252x971, 4 times posted
Then she and I would be enemies. Sticks is cute, but I will cut a bitch who tries to harm my beloved.

Eh, maybe she'd do that "Oh, she's one of the good ones." bullshit, which is only slightly less shitty.
The credits remind me of the early archie days where they would have some fun with it
>11 issues
It’s actually less than that considering a lot of the issues are actually just part of World’s Unite.
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Eggman gets the creepy look for his title.
Sticks is shippable with anyone.
The characterization that forever marred Knuckles is here.

To this day, we can't escape dumbckles. He was always a little gullible but Boom upped it to 11 and the main Knuckles suffered over it.
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Friendly fire?
Knuckles with operation big wave is actually vile.
C'mon Sonic, don't do him dirty like that, give him a real name drop in his colors!
That green just looks ugly.
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Sonic was bonked and put in horny jail. But he's not being horny! I am!
A travesty.
Sonic X did Knuckles much worse and had a more lasting impact.
I hate that Rouge isn't in Boom.
>Wipes out 80% of his own forces.
Kino, Knuckles somehow is responsible for the most amount of resistance/Restoration casualties.
The plan was actually a success until Infinite showed up and Kyoka Suigetsu'd the place.
SB 02 - 07.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>sticks will defy you by sending herself to your sex dungeon
Man, playing Forces and seeing that was both gutbusting and utterly flabbergasting in how badly they did Knuckles. So many other characters shoulda been the leader instead honestly
SB 02 - 08.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
It's all fun and games until it stops being fun and games.
She would be a bigger klepto than she usually is.
SB 02 - 09.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Sonic confirmed to have toes.
Man, I still want Infinite to come back and get his villain redemption cause I genuinely think he is a cool bad guy even if he is a dork and think he could be a great recurring enemy, just flesh his backstory better and give him more presence
She only gets in the cage for her similarly brain dead husband.
I wonder how Boom Antoine & Bunnie would be.
Sticks with the big brain play, she has the most comfortable cage
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Honestly, Eggman would make for a better mayor. That and all the paperwork would keep him from being too evil.
ps2lw55ivjj61.jpg, 640x885, 1 times posted
>Sonic confirmed to have toes.
Exactly! And it would be hilarious.
Sonic X did a lot of bad characterisation, that show may be why I still don't like Amy and feel her getting with Sonic would genuinely be awful for both characters
Boom always confused me as a concept. It’s supposed to be a novel comedy that all the Sonic characters are reduced to being one-dimensional versions of themselves in an alternate world.
But they were acting like one dimensional caricatures in the mainline games at the time as well. Hell, Shadow and Amy still retain their Boom personalities to this day. Not really much of an alternate interpretation of these characters.
SB 02 - 11.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
That's not a good thing to say about Dave the Intern!
His first appearance kind of ruined him for me desu, but I think the best way to handle him is too play off his overly edgy asshole thing and give him some comedic moments around that since I imagine others would easily grow tired of his attitude.
Also have him be killed each time he comes back, but then he uses the phantom Ruby to resurrect himself.
Infinite wasn't even supposed to be some mercenary that worked for Egman. That was tacked on for Episode Shadow. Infinite was supposed to have been created by Eggman and the game still has dialog of that in a stage that they forgot to remove. I'm pretty sure his character is going to be swept under the rug.
>tfw cucked out of an Amy vs Knuckles fight, again
Sticks was playing 4d chess all along...god she is great
SB 02 - 12.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
A betrayal's a betrayal.
Very true!
Sonic X had a massive impact for a generation of people. As good as Sonic Boom's show was, it's just a blip in comparison.
Oh yeah, orbot and cubot are in boom too. And act the exact same way
I liked his personality in Sonic Forces Overclocked. A grumpy tough guy.
They would be all over each other that's for sure.
This page makes him actually look threatening, also honestly can relate as hate when it feels like friends treat me like an idiot or try to one up me by flaunting knowledge on shit without invite
I know infinite is supposed to be lame in the story but he still actually lame too
SB 02 - 13.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Oh look at that get! Also, poor retard Knuckles!
It keeps happening!
>Sonic in a cage
Somewhere, Max is jumping for joy
Orbot will never recover from Cuebot.
X Amy is so radically different from other Amys because of her attitude, that it's kinda dumb to use that as a judge for the entire character.
SB 02 - 14.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Hey, it worked!
She really is the smartest one of the group.
Hell, if anything, the Boom versions often displayed far more depth and nuance than their game counterparts. Like how Sonic and Amy are very obviously fucking but keeping it on the down low, Knuckle's infamous feminism line, or Tails and Eggman's pseudo friendship.
If you guys think Amy in X is bad. You would not like Amy in Sonic Battle.
Sonic is losing his fucking mind in there
SB 02 - 15.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Sticks the MVP.
I know that feel and that's why I've become so good at talking shit and putting others down. But I use that power for good and occasionally pettiness.
I wouldn't sat obviously fucking, or else Amy wouldn't have the Sonic sex doll, but yeah they clearly wanna fuck.
But are oblivious to the degree of each other's attraction.
I've beaten the WiiU and 3DS games and watched the show several times. The 3DS game's surprisingly not bad
... Uh, Sonic. You okay there, buddy?
SB 02 - 16.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Dammit Knuckles, you're helping him with that nice logo!
A ball of energy confined to a small space. Ready to burst when unleashed.
X Knuckles was generally reserved and serious with some dumb moments which are supposed to be part of Knuckles' naivety and isolation from the outside world. Sega just took the dumb parts and exaggerated it. There was nothing exactly wrong with his characterization in the show.
>Gotta go fast.
1709081327752798.jpg, 234x218, 1 times posted
Look at him!
I think he can work as a straightforward villain, maybe have him self reflect on how pathetic he comes off as and maybe have him double down cause it just makes him more angry and blaming Sonic/Shadow for his problems, I feel leaning into it can make him threatening, sorta like Syndrome is pathetic but a massive threat. Maybe actually explore his past to give depth to his inferiority complex and maybe just sell him as a villain better while not ignoring/retconning his debut
>Question: Have you played any of the Sonic Boom games? Have you watched the cartoon series?
Only the first one. It was a buggy mess. The music glitched out in the final boss.
SB 02 - 17.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Knuckles is pretty effective when he isn't stepped on by things that aren't giant barefoot women.
That would be a shame as he has more long lasting utility and viability them the Deadly Sux who are much worse villains and at least Infinite works better as a recurring villain with how he has actual grudges and motives with the cast and a personality the 6 lack
Anyone remember how Rise of Lyric had Sonic be an asshole and it's implied he just met the other friend characters recently? What was that all about
SB 02 - 18.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Amy, you should savor being in the arms of Boom Knuckles.
Why is Ivo always so mean to his younger sons? Is Sage existed in this continuity, she would not approve.
SB 02 - 19.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Even though Knuckles helped capture his friends, he did it for a good reason. And we won't hold what he did against him.
Cuebot has 1 iq and it rubs off on Orbot, he's very disappointed in them.
SB 02 - 20.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Orbot and Cubot must be pretty durable considering they've been thrown around by Knuckles twice this issue.
Sonic Boom was originally supposed to be an alternative game series that had a different title and was more serious and was supposed to tell an origin story between Sonic and Eggman, but that idea was scrapped by Sega thought that maybe one day they would want to use that concept in the main serious. The project still went on trying to keep the more serious storytelling until Sega wanted it to be shared idea with a Sonic show that was in production called “Sonic Boom” and used to promote each other, the whole idea would be both a show and a game, but as a result, the game had to be toned down and basically toss away its more ambitious story and that's how eventually got the Sonic Boom that came to be.
Sorry just set the standard for lil me growing up on how Amy is and established my dislike of one sided crush relationships, it is no substitute for actual chemistry. Sadly was just how character got exposure to me, shame as her X VA us her best one
SB 02 - 21.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
But we need a new conflict for the next issue.
What a confined cutie!
Horrified, but I came to like the designs
Plap plap it's beefy himbo Knux!
It's no Sonic Mania, but it is fun
>Sonic riding Knuckles
>dat ass
Ah, the Brotherhood Special works no matter the universe.
What was the point of Boom exactly again? It seemed very mismanaged on what it wanted to do
SB 02 - 22.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>sticks: who are you?
>mammoth mogul: oh thank goodness! please get me out of here and i'll--
>sticks: not here, checking somewhere else
SB 02 - 23.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Bros being bros!
>Plap plap it's beefy himbo Knux!
This is definitely the most plappable Knuckles. He's got the body for it!
so she doesnt have any bs magic shit to summon hammers here? she really has to carry that thing everywhere
It was Sonic media that was created for the westerners.
SB 03 - 01.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
A multiversal constant.
I don't have an answer but I appreciate it existing even if it was very brief and screwed over by an event nobody wanted.
>first panel
Sonic, that sounds like some kind of dissociative disorder. You might want to see a doctor about that.

>Amy loses her hammer
This was literally an episode of the show, and I have no idea how the hell this happened. Maybe someone accidentally got the wrong script?
SB 03 - 02.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
And you thought regular Amy's hammer and power were barely defined!

>hit video game

Uh huh...
SB 03 - 03.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
I hope Sonic likes his neckerchief green.
SB 03 - 04.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Shake him like a salt shaker!
>Sonic, that sounds like some kind of dissociative disorder. You might want to see a doctor about that.
They all need to see the doctor.
SB 03 - 05.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
See, Knuckles? This is how you get revenge on Amy!
>"without this trait, IM NOTHING!"
lol. maybe you should try some cards and make that your entire character next.
Look at all those central mouths! I'm so sick of the sidemouths
She'd be a mix between Amy and Percy
Look at those pecs!
>Imagine if Tails' house was shaped like his head in this continuity.
I still maintain that's just the top of his buried Tails mech!
Amy's a lot nicer in the show
100% this
So stylish!
2ykwj2zkybm61.png, 1080x1781, 2 times posted
I love when Mogul makes a cameo in these threads!
This is the Amy who no longer has her stalker quirk as an identity trait. Only her hammer.
SB 03 - 06.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
The boys go and do their thing while the girls go and do their thing.
I really like them trying to be sweet and be patient/empathetic to Knuckles
Hi.jpg, 1216x1216, 2 times posted
Hi dad!
SB 03 - 07.jpg, 3972x3056, 1 times posted
It's weird. She's a little worse in some ways (having a life size Sonic doll for definitely not creepy reasons) and yet her romance with Sonic is better because he's not disgusted by it.
>sticks sole gimmick is about muh conspiracies
>shadow existance is all that
>they did absolutely nothing with that potential
An actual panel in the newest IDW comic.
Even hawter!
He makes a good point here
>Sonic confirmed to have toes.
Well Evan is on art duty!
SB 03 - 08.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Sadly, Sticks' boomerang is a really weak weapon. Even Tails gets more mileage out of his wrench.
SB 03 - 09.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Third time's the charm?
>I still maintain that's just the top of his buried Tails mech!
That'd be a great reveal.
look a rouge cameo!
I miss their interactions
Pretty sure the show at some point gave her a wooden staff.
I'm surprised they didn't make a joke about Sonic's mono-eye.
Quick Boomerang it's not.
SB 03 - 10.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Is this a sword in the stone moment? Is Cubot about to be called King Arthur?
I like how in the show he's able to do stupid stuff with Sonic and Tails. They're all meatheads filled with testosterone.
>bottom right
Bats are cute. CUTE! I genuinely don't get that meme about how they're supposedly terrifying creatures of the night. They're adorable little gremlins.

Not if Izuka has anything to say about it! You'll take your shitty bootleg Vegeta and you'll like it.
I can hear Ian's voice, and it's actually funny in this case.
SB 03 - 11.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Maybe Queen Arthur?
>last panel
Okay. Gollum.
Them mandates. And no season 3 as he was going to have them on his turf.
God damn that’s a ton of references to old Sonic Shows. The only time Sleet and Dingo get mentioned in the reboot.
Wow, actual acknowledgement that he's lame. and lmao, scratch, grounder, and snively mentions. WHo are actually the better minion characters
SB 03 - 12.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
I'm surprised that stick stayed in one piece.
>quick man appears randomly and is an ass before disappearing
Haha the expressions really help sell the comedy, not a big Evan fan but her art is really fun
... The fuck is this existential crisis Cubot is having?
SB 03 - 13.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
All in favor of Cubot changing his name to Moron?
I think Orbot and Cubot are better in the show. I don't care for them anywhere else.
Oh my!
Seriously, those pecs are genuinely distracting!
>Oh look at that get! Also, poor retard Knuckles!
I wish I could cheer him up ;_;
He's not the only one!
One thing that's consistent with every Sonic is that he doesn't like being cooped up
It really was bad, and the final boss was just awkward and kinda boring
The game was an absolute mess, with a heap of last minute cuts and additions (Metal and Shadow weren't originally going to be in it)
>Amy, you should savor being in the arms of Boom Knuckles.
I'm so jealous ;_;
The no lore allowed in boom was lame. Shadow gets no explanation.
This page reminder me want to see a hammerhead shark character....maybe I should make my own
file.png, 1191x56, 1 times posted
Evan didn't do the art for this one
SB 03 - 14.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>tell us on twitter
Way to date yourself! It's X now! And mavericks are not allowed on the platform!
Gold and silver guys ?
>Maybe Queen Arthur?
Nah, Fate/Stay Night is a whole different long standing video game franchise with a shitload of characters, insane lore, and fanbase full of beleaguered weirdos.
SB 03 - 15.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Seems like everyone can spindash these days.
Ian's on a roll with those cuts! And puns. Cut Man would approve.
I wanna rock your body (till the break of dawn).jpg, 500x375, 3 times posted
Decoe and Bocoe from X.
SB 03 - 16.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
I'm sure that's not a problem.
Decoe and Bocoe from Sonic X. Completely understandable for not remembering them.
It was originally called Sonic Synergy/Sonic Sync and is actually set in the far future of the Modern games. The ancients that sealed away Lyric are actually the main cast. You're right about all this being scrapped to fit in with a then-unrelated animated show. Oh, and fun fact: the guy Sega screwed over and almost worked to death on Sonic Xtreme is the same guy they fucked over on Rise of Lyric, only this time they killed his entire studio
SB 03 - 17.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Runaway hammer!
>not ker-piko for every sound effect
Oh Chip, Carl would be a great addition to the cast.
Ian is actually making those two be funny for once.
SB 03 - 18.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Better luck next issue.
>It was originally called Sonic Synergy/Sonic Sync and is actually set in the far future of the Modern games. The ancients that sealed away Lyric are actually the main cast.
Wait seriously?!
I think that the Sonic games and comics should remain different from each other. A lot easier that way.

Look at Nintendo fans. They have no problem with Mario being (basically) the same character since 1980, so why is it Sonic fans have trouble with his characterization?

Can you answer me that, Conductor? Also, if you could marry any Sonic-franchise character, who would it be?
SB 03 - 19.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
You know... paint that mace pink and gold and you might have something special.
They work so much better in Boom.
Imagine how embarrassing it'd be for Eggman to split his pants and they show his heart print underwear!
They're so cute together!
>This is definitely the most plappable Knuckles. He's got the body for it!
He really is with those pecs!
They're all Dreamworks-facing!
SB 03 - 20.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Apparently, Boom Sonic doesn't like being touched for extended periods of time. As in more than a few seconds.
>That'd be a great reveal.
I know you lurk these threads Flynn, make it happen!
SB 03 - 21.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>she sees your pingas
Sleet and Dingo mention! Sleet and Dingo mention!
>Bats are cute. CUTE! I genuinely don't get that meme about how they're supposedly terrifying creatures of the night. They're adorable little gremlins.
They really are!
Sonic fans have a real big problem understanding how different media has different interpretations.
she's so happy.jpg, 394x442, 1 times posted
Holy shit, Amy is super cute here.
SB 03 - 22.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>hawaiian shirt
Ah, the Shadow Boom meme.
6ef8afb4ecb7c07a292e43daa6a595be.jpg, 4096x2890, 1 times posted
>she sees your pingas
How does her hammer even work?
In canon I assumed it was vague magic stuff, but here she mentions it needing to be tuned.
Huh nevermind then, I have to hate her and everything she stands for, it is the Sonic fan way suppose lmao
I thought it was Sega's insistence that everything had to be a single canon, and fans had to toleratet that.
SB 04 - 01.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Will Sticks be useful or will this be like season 2 all over again and she doesn't appear as much?
I have no idea how hawaiian shadow became a meme or what started it
I wish we'd gotten more of them in Archie. They didn't even get their colors right ;_;
Sleet and Dingo are the hottest, Scratch and Grounder are the most fun, Snively has the best taste in women, and Orbot and Cubot work really well with the modern setting. Crabmeat is obviously best boy though
thumbs up.png, 653x858, 8 times posted
Now you're getting it
Thats pretty much it now.

Except the movies, which they have no say in.
SB 04 - 02.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Making the little pingas into the big pingas.
>How does her hammer even work?
Like magnets.
The tuning is just a joke because earlier Cubot was using it as a guitar.
It just runs on cartoon logic.
I seriously hope you don't actually believe IDW and Prime are actually canon and not just marketing speak.
I think she appeared less because they ran out of material for her. She really doesnt have much to her aside being crazy.
SB 04 - 03.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
We start with the gang hanging out... and no Sticks. Sadly, a somewhat common thing in the series.
Its true until Sega changes their mind again.
Canon is not the right word. Its more like a constant attempt of keeping the same kind of setting for everything Sonic related,
SB 04 - 04.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Forgotten by the heroes!
Her friendship with Amy was so untapped and could've been used more.
>this giant egg robot again
Oh cmon, eggy. You got to have more than just that.
HA! I highly doubt anyone buys that bullshit for a second. Like, there's no way Meta Virus happened in the game universe. Just, no.
SB 04 - 05.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Don't let this comic make you think the action in the show is any good. It's not. But bless them for trying and curse them for trying.
They do have a say in the movies, they just give it more freedom because Paramount can debate back with them.

The comic writers can't do that because Sega can say "Well, I guess you don't want to work on Sonic anymore then" because comics are still a niche. Movies are a bigger thing and if things get too complicated Paramount can just say "I guess there can be no movie" and go do something else. They don't NEED Sonic.
They are canon whether you like it or not. and not like things were ever that consistent anyway so its more of the same.
I'm not that familiar with it but I do like Gilgamesh
Yeah, I think they edited them a bit but you can still see two of the big statues of the ancients were a Hedgehog and an Echidna. There's an art guide that makes things clearer. I could probably post that in the other place if there's interest
SB 04 - 06.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
But this time! This time it's different! He's worked it all out and came up with countermeasures for the heroes.
A US company should buy Sega. Then we'd have no problem with anything because (usually US comic book/toy/movie companies listen to their fans.

Oh, and FYI Stick and Luna from The Loud House have the same VA,
Ian really went to town on this series. I think even the artists were having fun with this.
There are people who genuinely believe it's 100 canon.
Yes please.
No they don't. They signed away creative input when they made the contract with Sony, and it transferred to Paramount.
SB 04 - 07.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
If this was a Sonic Boom fancomic, there's a 300% chance that Knuckles would be stepped on by a giant Sonic. I'm not lying.
Will IDW still be canon if it gets cancelled and issues are out of print and can't be read legally?
No, because thats exactly the kind of example of Sega changing things on a whim.
SB 04 - 08.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>ywn lure sticks to your home with a trail of food on the ground
Even the letter's getting in on it.
What baffles me is that nobody wanted that. Nobody was calling for some kind of Zelda timeline thing that unifies everything into a singular continuity. The fanbase was pretty chill about there being different versions. Still are, actually. Pretty sure the people making a fuss about THE TRUE CANON don't know when to end the joke.

>last panel
I love how in Boom, Eggman is basically just some weird neighbor. The whole archenemy thing is just how they hang out.
Yes, they do. Sega was the reason why Sonic is an alien from another world instead of being native to Earth.
>usually US comic book/toy/movie companies listen to their fans
You speak as someone who never browsed /co/ before.
SB 04 - 09.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Let the bodies hit the floor.
Sega would have never allowed the original ugly design. And no, they didn't get it changed, fan backlash did.
There was totally demand from fans to make a timeline. There was always complaints about things not being used and shit. Reason why frontiers is the way it is. To give lore and canon autists something and the whole lore team thing
SB 04 - 10.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
No one understand, Sticks. Maybe Killer Croc but he'd tell her to get a bigger rock.
>I love how in Boom, Eggman is basically just some weird neighbor. The whole archenemy thing is just how they hang out.
He's considered part of the community, is often there eating or shopping, and will even help the heroes. It's so comfy and fun.
That wasnt a marketing move ?
I remember some anons mentioninig how quickly Paramount had a new improved model of Sonic rigged and ready to be used.
SB 04 - 11.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
How did Eggman get his groove back? With a pep talk and nice logo drop.
... I don't believe you. Those people have to be taking the piss. The lack of humans alone makes it incompatible.
Fun fact: they made an Eggman dick joke in the show. He's in the shower and asks stupid clone Tails to hand him a towel but he's given a hand towel instead
>Apparently, Boom Sonic doesn't like being touched for extended periods of time. As in more than a few seconds.
Yeah, most Sonic's are like this. We see it in the OVA, X, and even the CD animations
Exactly. SatAM, AoStH, X, Fleetway, Archie, IDW, and Prime were all said to be canon to the games. It's not like Sega's going to say "don't bother with this comic/tv show that makes us money, it's not actually canon"
Sonic Tean has no idea what a multiverse is, do they? Or the omniverse?

No, it was not. Proof: quite a bit of the movie's merchandise uses the old design with a slapdash new paint job.
SB 04 - 12.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Why bother trying to promote the rock when you can just use it? Prove the doubters wrong!
Now to find a virgin to sacrifice to it.
>The lack of humans alone makes it incompatible.
Humans live in big cities on main continents.

The entire Metal Virus occurred on smaller islands away from them. Just go with it.
Cool! We're at about 10% Sonic threads over there but let's get it to 20%!
He's so handsome bros ;_;
Literally Rock-sama! Let's fucking go!
It's funny to think it only affected one archipelago.
but i already go there...
SB 04 - 13.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Damn, this thing has everything!
>Yeah, most Sonic's are like this. We see it in the OVA, X, and even the CD animations
It's different with Boom Sonic. Almost like it's about to go into being a PSA about unwanted touching.
>Humans just quarantined the mobi.. islanders and left them to their fate.
I know some of you don't like it but dont be that delusional to say its not canon even if word from those higher ups are the ones saying prime and idw are currently canon
SB 04 - 14.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Someone's ready for the next Sega tennis game!
No. I refuse. The whole islands/continents thing is just the two worlds crap with fewer steps. Sega can throat my balls.
SB 04 - 15.jpg, 3972x3056, 1 times posted
I think they see a lot of in-fighting amongst the fans (2d vs 3d, classic vs modern, Archie vs IDW, etc, etc) and want to unify things. There's a reason Whitehead has "friend to pixels and polys alike" as his tagline
>I love how in Boom, Eggman is basically just some weird neighbor. The whole archenemy thing is just how they hang out.
It's a lot like the old WB cartoons where they'd fight but then a whistle would blow and they'd clock out for the day
Oh shit, they got away with showing the original Sonic and Knuckles as the Ancients!
More importantly: ROCK SAMA!
Why would anybody believe that to be a marketing move? In what way does it help your company's image and product's brand to intentionally make it look like shit, and then change it later? Doesn't it make more sense to, you know, make it look good the first time around? Still surprised people are basically like, "No, no, companies are infallible, they would never make a huge mistake, then have to backpedal on that."
SB 04 - 16.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>anti-rock protector
You only have yourself to blame.
S'true, I'm afraid. Tailstube said so.
There's a reason Begeta!Shadow works for them.
It’s not about quality. It literally makes 0 sense for Prime to be canon. There’s way too many inconstancies like Sonic living in Green Hill or Sonic never meeting a Metal Sonic before.
Canon can and often is wrong. S-Cells, anon. S-Cells.
It honestly kinda is and even before forces, they were always separated from appearing together even if set on the same planet. which is lame
SB 04 - 17.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
The true hero of the series!
sonic.png, 1000x500, 1 times posted

Paramount even publicly said "Yeah, fans will hate it, but the general audience won't care. It worked for Transformers and Ninja Turtles."

And here's some toys using it.
>He's considered part of the community, is often there eating or shopping, and will even help the heroes. It's so comfy and fun.
I wouldn't want it in the main series, but I absolutely love it here!
It wasn't. There's a scene where Sonic has a sticky bomb on his gloves but doesn't just take them off. In the original design, he doesn't wear gloves so it makes more sense. They already had all the cgi done at this point and just re-ran the render with the new design on top
>In what way does it help your company's image and product's brand to intentionally make it look like shit, and then change it later?
The idea was basically making a big scene with the ugly Sonic, geta lot of people who would never be interested in a Sonic movie besides this scandal, quick fix it, and hope you keep some of that overflow of people when the movie releases.
SB 04 - 18.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
And the argument about having the gang let Eggman get away makes sense because it's just all fun for them. And when Eggman isn't doing anything, they get bored. Especially Sonic.
It really is, in either case they are different "sekai" menaing world, or society.
So yes, two worlds, two different societies, two sekai.
Genius move Sega.
Sonic Forces and Sonic Unleashed have entirely different land masses for the earth model. Lmao if someone tells you things were ever really that consistent
SB 04 - 19.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>I wouldn't want it in the main series, but I absolutely love it here!
It's such a departure from the norm and yet it works perfectly in that setting and only that. I guess X as well to some degree.

Seriously, it keeps happening, and now I have to wonder how long this meme has been around in Sonic fandom. Cause this issue feels like it was constructed around the weird tendency for rocks to be absurdly strong in Sonic media.
SB 04 - 20.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
>sticks' home is loaded with weapons of mass destruction
Forget the nukes, this is what could end the world.
RIP to a real one.
SB 04 - 21.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
Environmental damage in general is really odd in media, Godzilla can kill an omniversal entity but get his back broken by a fall.
Rocks still hurt Goku for some reason, it's silly.
No.142461266 [Post deleted 20:53:52]
even in Boom, Tails is at the bottom
SB 04 - 22.jpg, 1986x3056, 1 times posted
And that's it for today! Tomorrow at 7pm EST we have three more issues of Sonic Boom before it gets sucked into Worlds Unite! And not just that! There's FCBD issue for more mainline Sonic and Mega Man content! And the origin for reboot Snively!
Thanks conductor
I've got to dig it out but I'll post it sometime after this thread
>we need to synergize
Hey, that's the orginal name of RoL!
>It's different with Boom Sonic. Almost like it's about to go into being a PSA about unwanted touching.
I guess it's because he's a young adult. Some of the other incarnations just might not want cooties
The latest Sonic Channel art showed Humans and Mobians in a crowd together so I think they're getting ready to have more mixing now. I think the real reason in the games is because they don't have the budget to design, rig, and animate Human and Mobian background characters
Eggman should say this to me when he shows his penis and testicles.
I don't think Mega Man will appear
Sonic Boom S02e41 Lair On Lockdown_3.webm, 800x450, 1 times posted
even in Boom, Tails will be at the bottom
Ahhh...see how much nicer things are when Sonic is all goofy and self referential?
12f8ee1608bd141b60c597f031e372e1b322dc32.png, 800x720, 7 times posted
Absolutely cursed. The stuffed animal one is pretty cute though
I'm going to have to make a pecs collage!
>It's such a departure from the norm and yet it works perfectly in that setting and only that. I guess X as well to some degree.
Yeah, X had it too but Boom got it perfect
Forget Titan Tails, Sticks is the most powerful character in Sonic
Thanks Konductor!
1634104941663.png, 454x658, 4 times posted
>World's Unite
We keep creeping over closer to the beginning of the end. Ugh.

>And the origin for reboot Snively!
I've been looking forward to that one. ... For reasons.
Sorry, forgot the image.
Are those her eggs or knuckles' eggs?
Sonic Boom S01e45 Fire In A Crowded Workshop (1).webm, 1920x1080, 4 times posted
8b456d9e7c02fee68402b7e95d53e29e32cb1e71.png, 1257x963, 3 times posted
Sonic_and_Shadow_wrestling.webm, 1920x1080, 5 times posted
6471e5857bcbfbe2affe563e814b2324.jpg, 980x1200, 2 times posted
No.142461501 [Post deleted 21:07:51]
Are they going dumpster diving ?
There are bad and good Sonic comedy stories just like there is bad and good serious Sonic stories.
Judge things by their own merits.
Shadow_sigh.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
He's such a huffy bitch!
1688110796106972.png, 2500x2500, 1 times posted
Here is your date for the night!

maxresdefault .jpg, 1280x705, 1 times posted
Thoughts on Boom Tails and his successful love life?
Boom Shadow is easily the worst version of the character to ever exist.
He cute
He's a cave hermit in Boom ?
tumblr_77af6786819afea5345f14e8b4d89d93_78a35381_2048.jpg, 2048x1842, 1 times posted
1699232307318340.png, 644x1123, 3 times posted
>What if the Iorn Queen was a badger?
Sonic Boom S01e46 Tails Crush.webm, 1920x1080, 2 times posted
Ooh! Sonamy. Spicy!.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
I still can't believe they got away with a cwc/Misery parody
I think they're a cute couple. Tails is also the only one that's canonically dating anyone out of the main characters
I kind of love how huffy and over the top he is, but he's definitely the worst incarnation
They weren't allowed to give him a home so this is the best they could do. The writer mentioned it on his Twitter a while back
>never actually go out but find yourself sitting on the couch and listening to her ramble on about how the garden gnomes are plotting to take over the world
>stare into her eyes for several minutes until she realizes it
>start kissing her
>while your tongue is exploring her mouth, she's talking about how toupees are actually aliens taking over the minds of people they're on
rons_and_dons_by_joeadok_dgyiq4p-fullview.jpg, 1056x594, 1 times posted
hunter_s_last_krave_by_joeadok_dgyiot9-fullview.jpg, 1373x462, 1 times posted
Let's act out my Sonic fanfiction.webm, 1920x1080, 2 times posted
Do Sonknux instead you plebs!
Still would!
6471e5857bcbfbe2affe563e814b2324.jpg, 980x1200, 2 times posted
Would she actually eat in a restaurant ?
Sonic Boom_S01E51_Designated Heroes (1).webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
5f90ecfcc738150e0a4b822f1f1b065f.jpg, 1797x3236, 1 times posted
No.142461667 [Post deleted 21:33:03]
Sonic_Boom_introduces_Shadow.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
One good thing about Shadow in Boom was it allowed Eggman to be an absolute fanboy
I may hate him, but he was undeniably hot in Return to Angel Island
Sticks is cute. CUTE DAMMIT!
tails_and_zooey_by_monkeybutblack_dfyfvvo.jpg, 710x745, 2 times posted
GHX3z8ZXUAA6C6o.jpg, 1075x1200, 1 times posted
Sonic Boom 1x48 - Designated Heroes [WEBDL-1080p][x264 8bit 5.1 AC3]-[08.06.320-08.10.120].webm, 1920x1080, 3 times posted
They may not be a couple, but they're definitely FWB
Sticks boom and rio.jpg, 4680x3096, 2 times posted
Do you think Ian secretly hates zooey?
How do you make such good looking webms
our_beloved_fox_boy_by_howxu_de8w022.png, 1500x1500, 3 times posted
I really need to do another Ride Awards
>How do you make such good looking webms
I use MPV with this extension:
It's really easy to use!
Ballot_stuffer_bot.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Forgot to attach pic related
>Do you think Ian secretly hates zooey?
She doesn't show up in either of his episodes IIRC
No worries!
guts_man.png, 943x741, 2 times posted
It's too bad the last thread didn't hit bump limit. Maybe I should've simped for Guts Man! Everyone loves him!
1703375717407211.jpg, 1300x1287, 1 times posted
tails_and_sonic_pals___tails_and_zooey_by_nico__neko_deemzjw.png, 1980x1539, 1 times posted
Can't remember if I already posted this one but if not here's another comic conductor

Also is frenzy artist still dead?
Perci_Staci_and_Zooey.png, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Whos the best gf for Tails
Ballot_stuffer_bot_attack.webm, 1920x1080, 2 times posted
Easily my favorite Eggman robot. Him spending all that time just to build it really speaks to his pettiness
I fell asleep ;_; I'm sure Guts Man would've kept me awake though!
rem_by_killerboss2_dgyamlg-pre.png, 693x1153, 1 times posted
They're planning on doing a few 4-panel Sonic comics that aren't Frenzy-related but definitely have plans for more Frenzy. They even drew me some really nice art of Remington!
He looks so handsome! Very nice.
It crazy that the art of Marvel vs. Capcom 1 has so many homages and parodies.
._9PvZLvl.jpg, 1600x900, 1 times posted
Boom as a brand clearly could not survive, even as just a comedy show the whole brand lacks any real identity. It's aesthetics feel more at home in Crash Bandicoot, and it's humor both at it's best and worst is on par with Teen TItans Go.
What are your personal headcanons on what happened to boom knuckles Angel Island and Master Emerald?
Sonic Boom S01e03 My Fair Sticksy.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Thank fuck I thought we lost another one.
Holy shit that's nice, they did that for free? lucky lucky.
Do you have the full resolution? since it says pre in the filename.
have some knux
Sonic Boom S02e06 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-Er_2.webm, 800x450, 1 times posted
That armor is such a solid design, fees like a Sonic Rivals outfit.
Sonic Boom S02e06 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-Er.webm, 800x450, 1 times posted
Unironically Zooey. She's alive at the end of Boom and canonically enters a relationship with Tails. Barbie's my favorite for Archie though
He really looks great! I was planning on drawing him in the Chronicles armor so I requested he wear the sci-fi armor here so I could see what it'd look like drawn well
Yeah, they're really nice to talk to. That's the only image I have, but it looks high-res enough to me
1680689267458562.png, 1080x1033, 1 times posted
It reminds me alot about Shade's armor, which is also bad ass.
Sonic Boom S01e26 Dr Eggman’S Tomato Sauce.webm, 900x506, 1 times posted
Yeah, I'm guessing the Frenzy armor was based on the Chronicles armor. There's actually a few different designs in the game, IIRC. I really hope Sega brings Shade back in some form
Sonic Boom S01e26 Dr Eggman’S Tomato Sauce_1.webm, 900x506, 1 times posted
I think its more based on the Rivals outfit desu
No one played chronicle LOL
If she was to come back, I bet Ian would look over the reintergraion of echidna stuff since he loves knuckles
Damn, if there are any drawbros I'd like to see Vi and Shade hanging out

>I really hope Sega brings Shade back in some form

Don't hold your breath.
zooey-kiss-tails.gif, 400x225, 5 times posted
thanks conductor
Your_opinion.webm, 850x720, 2 times posted
I'm convinced this is actually Roger Craig Smith
I think they were hinting at it in Knuckles' Frontiers animation, but Flynn would definitely love it
If you disagree there's still hope!
Vi's design is pretty solid in it's own right, its close enough to Sonic's design but distinct enough to feel different.
But most importantly it's not overdesigned like 99% of OCs
18.jpg, 1137x1763, 1 times posted
19.jpg, 1145x1765, 1 times posted
I dread the day her unfunny ass makes more appearances.

Just saying, theres a lot, ALOT, of stuff working against it.
Snively still would.
Reminds me of how drawloverlala made Zoey Tail's incestuous sister.
Look how smug he is, glad to know kb is continuing the comic! I think they had a really bad day and just needed someone to talk to.
Did she really? You gotta post pictures
1694223641649508.png, 1314x1326, 1 times posted
I do miss those two
I would too be sad to see a comic I worked on get overshadowed by sonic shipping slop.
She's a Sonic team character, she's probably the most likely side character from another canon to come back.
Yeah I know.
Yeah, I really like it! It help that she has an interesting backstory and personality too.
They had the Nocturnus clan in one of the Olympic games and the Olympics is the most scrutinized IP on the planet
Yeah, I'm glad it's continuing too! Honestly, I think we all have days like that
While there's clearly a burgeoning romance in the comic, all the shipping stuff happens in side art
Reminds me of that meme where someone posts a low effort drawing with 1million likes and a highly detailed drawing with 20 likes
big oof
F7c_JAhXoAE5oBq.jpg, 2684x4096, 2 times posted
Only for one panel, blood related full siblings with the sister having a fixation on her male twin, specifically with him being the younger of the two.
Shipping is unfortunately the biggest and most common thing in Sonic. If you do Sonamy or Sonadow then you're golden.
And if you do Sonshadamy you've won the lottery
I wonder if she will actually go for full romance between sonic and vi in the main comic. if she did, that would be super based.
guardin__the_garden___comm__by_moon_phantom_dgyc8m9-fullview.png, 1024x1195, 1 times posted
Oh here's the Knuckle's design ordered for my au, wanted to sell the tribal guardian look and had him bulked up slightly to
>cubot mentioned snively, sleet + dingo, decoe + bocoe
Holy fuck
Holy fucking fuck
Craziest thing is that it's not as popular as the two separate ships. Both sides want Sonic to themselves.
It's a shame, there's a lot of nuance and callbacks in Frenzy so the person reading actually has to pay attention and thats too much effort for the tiktok zoomer.
e.g that gauntlet thing sonic pics up, we see it in a previous issue and now it's revealed its part of an armor set. And the fucked up part is that there was probably a corpse in there.
Miner_Chao.png, 360x360, 1 times posted
Those endless mines are the definition of quantity over quality. but i will say shadamy comic stuff is bit worse than sonamy comics because they like to make sonic an asshole alot
Huh well shit guess I'm wrong then, honestly thought that would be a big draw.
>full romance
There's no way she won't it's just a matter of how long it will take.
Personally I'm all for it because it's a great ship that respects Sonics character.
170840538753.png, 1280x1139, 1 times posted
Reminds me of Sonic in hands up, before Hydro got to him I was a bit afraid he was gonna be an asshole, but nope he's just racist.
Not really Metal is still an asshole
Yeah, the algorithm has completely warped what content rises to the top, massively favoring short-form blandness to better prep eyeballs for ads. Long-form storytelling where you actually have to pay attention doesn't cut it on the modern Internet since it'd distract you from the ads
They're definitely dating in the Werehog comic!
Very nice! I like all the tribal markings and the bulk!
date_night__by_killerboss2_dg7h74p-fullview.jpg, 1280x1324, 2 times posted
I wonder if they do get together, will kb write Amy's reaction to see Sonic come back with a cute girl holding hands. Also LOL at this thing they made.
God my fucking sides KEK
I guess it would either be
>oh sonics got someone but ill keep loving him
>don't adress it at all (best option)
GCnI45lXEAAmihb[1].jpg, 1030x1600, 1 times posted
Mina's proportions are so different than everyone else's.
sally in sonamy.jpg, 1075x1528, 1 times posted
>they like to make sonic an asshole alot
True but Sonamy comics have their own villain.
kb is so fucking based goddamn
I think Amy would just be happy to see Sonic's back in one piece. lmao, no Sonamy even in the Sonamy art! Chip looks hilariously adorable there too
If you removed the eyelashes and maybe shortened the hair she'd be a twink
0788591def81e6287a50fbbdf0a3f914.png, 2384x1896, 3 times posted
I appreciate the sticc look. Not every girl has to be busty and thicc.
F5RP9Q_bAAAJBra.jpg, 4096x2514, 4 times posted
1691556334939546.png, 640x770, 1 times posted
Yeah that's an unfortunate trope that pops up on occasion.
This artist does the most uncanny sonamy coom i have ever seen, they really need to stop tracing the fucking game models.
sticks.jpg, 950x534, 7 times posted
She is just like Roll

Roll could (and will) kick Sticks' ass.
1707623747665315.jpg, 2144x1536, 3 times posted
Did Roll ever date either of her brothers?
Based Thirstposter saving our Sonic artists
Thanks wanted to visually sell Knuckles, gonna be fun to get Relic design done to as might pair them up and give Knuckles some resentment to my version of Longclaw though he might warmup to her once he realises how much of a shit his bio dad is
file.jpg, 2104x1674, 1 times posted
Noodle mina supremacy
wallpaper_153_sticks_03_pc.png, 1920x1200, 1 times posted
I need this woman in my life
Bonnie left arm ain't robotic
Enjoy your rabies and STDs
wallpaper_140_sticks_02_pc.png, 1920x1200, 6 times posted
wallpaper_125_sticks_01_pc.png, 1920x1200, 1 times posted
>Hell, Amy IS supposed to be a princess. In the US manual at least.

Game purists will still choose to ignore this. They need a clingly, or even a mentally unstable Amy who isn't that important.
Not even a game purist but it obviously aint canon lol. Dont be so serious as them too.
image_1024x1024@2x (4).png, 1725x2048, 1 times posted
GHUXpURa8AAtF1V.jpg, 1500x1000, 1 times posted
cap_Sonic Boom_S02E20_Robot Employees.mp4_0004.jpg, 383x346, 2 times posted
GHX28YAbsAAAnZG.jpg, 786x1200, 1 times posted
It was mostly a joke. But still, what is up with some people who want Amy to be a mentally unstable mess for Sonic and force him into an abusive relationship? It's so weeeeeird.
GHX5ZodacAEj2Xj.png, 499x851, 1 times posted
1639169342426.png, 578x1298, 3 times posted
Yeah, Surge work better for that angle.
Although unless she's mentally abusing or manipulating Sonic she can't stand up to him.
GHW9uBOXMAAh9zG.jpg, 964x1200, 1 times posted
That's a forced meme. Even if its true, worth it.
I mean they ditch and say she isn't chasing him like that anymore and more chill recently.
hnnng smalls
Just wait, the Nocturnus clan will be reintroduced and their be lead by a black echidna using the Warp Topaz.
There has to be some reason Sega wants to use that thing for anyhow.
Now that the dust has settled, was he actualy right here?
Knuckles, also this joke was funnier when the Simpsons did it.
F6jFY3wXAAEMQeH.jpg, 2238x1425, 1 times posted
Tails is not for sticks he's for marine
Yes I know it's Archie shit but Tails deserves Barby. Curse Ian for robbing our boy.
GDfv5PXXMAAGFOj.jpg, 3547x1362, 2 times posted
coastal_friendship_cluster_by_knockabiller_d6ecpq8.png, 756x916, 12 times posted
1707628820368562.png, 604x2432, 2 times posted
She really is the best girl for Tails in Archie, I don't even care about the age difference, Tails is rarely written as an eight year old and is more like a tween or teen.
calendar_2306.jpg, 5684x3212, 10 times posted
>Just wait, the Nocturnus clan will be reintroduced and their be lead by a black echidna using the Warp Topaz.

This is huge copium. But I'll humor this prediction anon. Why? Because then that means that Sega will have to, once and for all, slam the lawyer hammer on Ken and he will lose what he gained from his stalemate of a settlement from Archie.

Remember, it's still a grey area of who owns the affected characters. Archie still technically owns them by proxy but since Sega refused to confirm ownership in court, they were forced to settle with Penders and they basically just allow him to use them.

I want to believe that at some point, Sega is going to expand on echidna lore to a certain degree or way that is going to lead to a new lawsuit. I want to be believe that it is inevitable. That's the copium I'm smoking.
The warp topaz was put back in the cave it was found and caved in in that shitty nothing burger special. So not that way.
tails_and_zooey_by_howxu_dcacie0.png, 1407x1000, 1 times posted
>Regina is sisters with Sticks via adoption
>While they did get along, Sticks being kinda of a luddite and not really with the Technomages cult strained the relationship
>Of course there was the accident that kinda scrambled her head
>Of course when she heard her sister became the Iron Queen & a Grandmaster in the Egg Army, Sticks decided it was time visit her estranged sister and dumpster dive for any secrets
1707130850358060.jpg, 1600x2560, 10 times posted
>This is huge copium. But I'll humor this prediction anon.
That's the joke, thanks for explaining it.
You can't detect obvious sarcasm in his statement?
sega still owns the chronicles stuff. they just havent decided to do anything with it yet. whether the hints in frontiers for knuckles will lead to something is really unknown
If you could afford Tracy's commissions, what character(s) would you ask him to draw?
For me, Mogul, Helmut, or Redacted!
Maybe Rock Bottom from Felix the Cat!

They don't wanna do anything with it because Chronicles bombed. They called it non canon.
Mordred Hood or maybe Collie Chang
You're welcome.
No, I'm genuinely autistic, unfortunately.
Paramount is also in the process of expanding echidna lore. If their attempts become a fan favorite, Sega may be tempted to get in on the action.

A lawsuit will be inevitable if lore is re-expanded to a large degree, or if anything from Chronicles is used again. It will either be by preemptive action from Sega (least likely scenario imo) or once Ken can't contain his seething anymore and decides to jump the shark again and try to pull at straws.

He only got his lawsuit because of Archie's fuck ups over the years regarding contracts and how retarded their lawyers were. By the time the court finally came to the conclusion that Sega needed to call the shots, they (Sega) didn't want to be involved for another second more. Ken got his way by sheer, dumb luck. Sega at anytime can take away what he has, he's just small potatoes for the time being so it isn't worth it.
0b746854709d3aaf55d53906b75a75faa63a30c9.jpg, 376x351, 1 times posted
She needs to eat.
Well movie lore is really just a reinterpretation of the echidna lore thats there than real expanding on it. Like it's just expanding it's own version of it really. But for main canon, they would just re use the chronicles stuff and penders couldnt do anything but bitch on twitter
>She really is the best girl for Tails in Archie, I don't even care about the age difference, Tails is rarely written as an eight year old and is more like a tween or teen.

I kinda care about the age difference, and wasn't wild with how Barby was portrayed in her first interactions with Tails. She looked like a grown ass woman. Though her looks got toned down and then Tails looked older so they easily could've come off as a teen couple.

Ages don't really matter to me, because they never really made sense in a lot of Sonic media. So I headcanon them. And, there's always an opportunity for me to write AU stuff so there's that.
Mina_twink.jpg, 1972x1881, 1 times posted
>If you removed the eyelashes and maybe shortened the hair she'd be a twink
I was right!
Evil bitch Sally's so much fun though!
That makes sense, nice to see you're tying all the different parts together
I still think there's enough hints in Frontiers for them to come back, but I'll take any method for reintegrating them!
>penders couldnt do anything but bitch on twitter

True, but the ownership question would still be in the air. I do see Penders not being able to contain himself. But perhaps he does know that Sega would be able to hammer him down this time around, and won't actually do anything.

Either way, it's a win-win. Ken loses this time around whether he sues again or does nothing.
Forgot a bit of purple hair underneath the arm, but wew! there's a universe out there who gets gay love drama in archie.
>I was right!
>Forgot a bit of purple hair underneath the arm, but wew! there's a universe out there who gets gay love drama in archie.

I wonder if that went better than what we got in our universe.
Ah same also in the autism lane, would be nice to see paramount stuff weaved into the games as Longclaw is my fave sonic mum
60271353-474F-44D8-BACF-B5B49CE3B7E3.jpg, 1117x799, 1 times posted
that menace is a speedoholic, he needs to be stopped
1703086716956716.png, 1280x1123, 1 times posted
if I was to put them back in the canon, I would 100% explain their techinical prowess on them finding the ancients tech, and reverse engineering it to make stuff like Emerl.
Whoops! Just imagine, the little femme twink that's clearly got a crush on Sonic tries to join the Freedom Fighters just to get close to him. Sonic's annoyed at first but comes to respect how hard he's trying and decides to give him one-on-one lessons. One thing leads to another and Tails has to repair the suspension on Sonic's racecar bed again
I'm heavily biased, but I think it'd be really cute!
That's exactly how I'd do it too!
>and their be lead by a black echidna using the Warp Topaz.
I don't want them back if it means replacing based Ix.
1707411005608547.jpg, 736x552, 1 times posted
Like I would not even suprised either if that was the way to reingrate them either. It wouldnt be too hard to connect it. I also like to think emerls face is sorta inspited by the ancients/chaos with those similar eyes.
Sonic Frontiers II: The Dark Brotherhood.
1699561446812428.png, 373x443, 2 times posted
>She looked like a grown ass woman
I think that was just Butler's style more than anything else.
Even Sonic often looked twice as short as the average girl he drew.
>open zone gameplay in the twilight cage
>Super Sonic vs. Super Ix in a Titan-scale boss battle
>two super dudes fighting it out
>destroying many things in the process
>male Elise
would that make him Elias?
>Goal is to keep Ix from collecting rings so his Super form will run out before Sonic's.
>I think that was just Butler's style more than anything else.
>Even Sonic often looked twice as short as the average girl he drew.

Agreed. And I love Butler, but those earlier works of his were a bit much due to those scaling differences. He did come correct later on and boy did his stuff improve even further!
This felt like Schizo posting for a moment but now... wow, this actually has some merit.
glitcher doesn't like Ian's writing so he cribs from the dark age of Archie writing style, for better and for worse
1682491952267103.jpg, 569x477, 2 times posted
I just think that early Archie in general should be given some leeway when it comes to how things looked due to the style inconsistency, sometimes even in the same issue, there are moments where Barby can pick up Tails as if he was a toddler and others like this where she looks almost his size.
1703135624663708.jpg, 650x643, 1 times posted
Admit you miss her!
She could be in the games as we speak if it wasn't for Ian fumbling it a little. It was so close to us and she even got in an olympic game but it just slipped out of our hands just like that due to differing beliefs on what her backstory should be
Omega.png, 1033x909, 1 times posted
My favorite Omega design is one that happened on accident, probably. I like how coloring of his feet makes him look like he's wearing black shoes with white spats. And I like spats!
1693841342880408.png, 1100x1380, 1 times posted
I do, she was a lot of fun.
>in the same issue, there are moments where Barby can pick up Tails as if he was a toddler and others like this where she looks almost his size.

Right, true, that leeway can be granted. Either way, this could’ve been a fine couple with a few tweaks if needed, but Ian simply hated Tails having a decent partner, then he continued Ken’s cuck arc. I really think he hated Tails for god knows why.
It's pretty obvious why He just wants Sally all to himself!
>I kinda care about the age difference
then kill yourself.
>keks Tails out of all his possible love interests on the American side of the franchise
>people just draw him with Sally instead because she's the most popular female character

300 IQ moment.
All according to keikaku!
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240224-173512_1761444678963249464-0.jpg, 3000x3000, 1 times posted
>It looks good on you, Shadow
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240224-173512_1761444678963249464-1.jpg, 3000x3000, 1 times posted
>Now, Bark for me
I love this, fuck. Artist?
Well no accounting for shit taste from fanbase suppose
twitter_@imlunanoche02_20240226-060526_1761995871376515198-0.jpg, 1016x1423, 1 times posted
That's why I always put the artist in the filename!
Ah, I'm a dumbass, didn't notice. Thanks and props to you anon!
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240223-152512_1761049576440746251.jpg, 2442x2060, 1 times posted
No worries!
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240127-203622_1751343411763044448.jpg, 2204x2880, 1 times posted
Leather pants are so cool! Provided you get them with nylon or silk lining, otherwise they can get really stuffy!
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240217-173618_1758908243190173710.jpg, 3231x2289, 1 times posted
Surprisingly, not the first time I've seen this ship
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240120-080521_1748617696751546852-0.jpg, 2048x3000, 1 times posted
Always loved this scene, even if the animation was a bit jank
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240120-080521_1748617696751546852-1.jpg, 2048x3000, 1 times posted
Clearly this artist did too!
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240220-192458_1760022753657401801.jpg, 2484x2048, 1 times posted
I like it!
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240203-225650_1753915474822479873.jpg, 3000x2048, 1 times posted
Sonadow, but anime!
twitter_@sa1k_a_20231227-202839_1740107445744373762.jpg, 3000x2048, 1 times posted
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240223-201112_1761121550911336924.jpg, 2570x1766, 1 times posted
I miss the Riders games ;_;
twitter_@sa1k_a_20240220-210331_1760047552790204554.jpg, 2048x3000, 1 times posted
I forgot the followup!
twitter_@artbluecyan_20240227-074719_1762383896723763535.jpg, 1536x2048, 1 times posted
We haven't done any Hooters-Sonic in a while!
twitter_@uopoh0102_20240227-095220_1762415360991715629.jpg, 1501x1726, 1 times posted
Such great art for me to look at before I hit the sack. Have a goodnight anons!
twitter_@yotsumeddd_20230818-143813_1692546446044602850.jpg, 1000x1700, 1 times posted
Good night anon!
Human Sonic and Human Shadow look like Kingdom Hearts characters here.
twitter_@imlunanoche02_20240226-060526_1761995871376515198-2.jpg, 1174x1644, 1 times posted
They kinda do now that you mention it
twitter_@imlunanoche02_20240226-060526_1761995871376515198-3.jpg, 776x1086, 1 times posted
It's honestly perfectly in character
twitter_@imlunanoche02_20240226-060526_1761995871376515198-1.jpg, 721x1010, 1 times posted
See you all next thread /co/cksluts!
with my final words i swear.jpg, 640x480, 1 times posted
She'd hate Nicole but also realize before anyone else that it's the evil fucking Wizard that's doing all this bullshit.
And only Nicole believes her.

Cue buddy comedy duo.