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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #86

Previous Thread: >>134531665
Sonic Afterstory: >>134535165

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: https://mobiuscomics.com
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org

Another short thread for a bunch of short, incomplete, and random comics! First off we’ll start with the beginning of some kind of Sonic and the Secret Rings comic. There’s not much but there’s something. This is Burning Arrow, Wildfire Heart!


Also, last thread had an update for Sonic Frenzy, Re_Boot, Clash of Two Worlds, Tails Gets trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality 2, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, and Sonic the Continuation. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

Question: It can be anything specific or vague but what do you want in more comics we cover?
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Lumine is so lucky...
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This is weird.
big fat bat tats, that is all
2.jpg, 1280x1686, 1 times posted
I was saving these and thinking, "Wait, isn't she already slashed and bleeding? Did she get up and get slashed again and is bleeding even more?"
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Because a Sonic comic isn't complete without some unholy abomination.
>Question: It can be anything specific or vague but what do you want in more comics we cover?
More eldritch horrors, more cosmic abominations against reality, more horror. Also the occasional shipping, but that's secondary.


Classic Slutnic!
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This is a pretty grim start but spoilers the rest of the comic isn't anything like this. Because it ends pretty soon.
She did a double sacrifice.
0.png, 575x657, 1 times posted
But hey, I have a cover and seven pages of it.
That's just asking for a vacation.
>More eldritch horrors, more cosmic abominations against reality, more horror. Also the occasional shipping, but that's secondary.
So more of what we get a lot of already.
>Question: It can be anything specific or vague but what do you want in more comics we cover?
More comic about Bunnie's Roboticizaion.
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I don't know why Sonic has a ring around his neck but it's kinky and I know some of you will love that.
>the horror of presents
Finally, someone else sees the evil of birthdays
2.jpg, 1280x1686, 1 times posted
Rouge's birthday present was a hangover. What a great friend.
A glutton for punishment.
Pretty specific. Last time we saw that was that weird comic where Sally had a gun.
3.jpg, 1280x1705, 1 times posted
Does that mean Tails is also passed out from drinking spiked punch? And he wasn't carried off by Rouge?
>slipped a mickie in the punch bowl
Did… did Rouge rape Sonic?
>Last time we saw that was that weird comic where Sally had a gun.
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And here's a few panels of the others.
Can't have Sonic without eldritch evil.
>Question: It can be anything specific or vague but what do you want in more comics we cover?
Schizo Sonic, according to the Neocities website we only have 6 (six!) comics about the guy! I thought we had way more.
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The best part of waking up is Sonamy in your cup!
You're getting closer to death either way. Might as well get something good from it.
Not with Amy there. Now the real question is if Amy raped Sonic.
Hey, don't fix what isn't broke. But fine - I'd admittedly like to see more weird as fuck AU's. Those are always cool. Maybe one where Metal Sonic actually IS a roboticized Sonic or they have to deal with a member of the team getting permanently roboticized.

That ring only makes him look hotter.
6.jpg, 1280x2013, 1 times posted
Sounds like Sonic is coming around. But yeah, that proposal is a little too much.
I forget. I might remember later. The art style is really weird but endearing.

>And he wasn't carried off by Rouge?
Rouge was more focused on a certain echidna's meat, if you know what I mean.
But she has to continue the Rose bloodline!
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Did Sonic and Amy do a thing? Who's at the door? No idea because there's no more pages! But there's still plenty of other stuff!
Wholesome Sonamy? After so long?
Oh, she definitely engaged in some non consensual procreation
This is set in the archie verse I see.
Just what any other Mobian man would do, Sonic.
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Turns out that there's a simple Knuckles the Echidna series! And new comics are still coming out for it! And it just wrapped up its second "season"! This is Knuckles Echidna!

No comment from the author about Why Sonic was wearing a ring collar?
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And here's the second character for this series! Rouge! Because where else would she be?
A must have!
I know there's a lot of art of him. Not too many comics.
I wish there were more extensive comics of AUs. A lot of them are just ideas or a few random comics.
So Amy can attach a lead to it and ride him like a dog.
Based retard
3.png, 800x1095, 1 times posted
Wait a second!
That can't be! Knuckles is shown in a panel and he's still alive and not cut up and eaten by Rouge!
She really is someone that would get along with Chris.
Have all those fancomics already conditioned my brain too much that of all the characters that could have been ringing on the door, the first that came to my mind was Sally acorn?
I love seeing comics with a sense of adventure, where they go to new and exciting locations. I'm obviously biased, but I also enjoy seeing the non-lewd gay comics being storytimed, like the last one
And now I've got some research to do!
>I don't know why Sonic has a ring around his neck but it's kinky and I know some of you will love that.
You've got me there!
But Tails is right there!
I might have missed labeling a few of them. Also haven't done the smaller comics yet. Feel free to leave comments on the spreadsheet and I'll update it!
Cute Knuckles.
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>eggman came by the next day with the same trick and it worked
A lot of Sonamy is wholesome. There's just a good number of toxic Sonamy to balance things out.
>And now I've got some research to do!
And part 2 kek
Knuckles, you don't wear shirts OR pants. How did you fall for that?
5.png, 800x1095, 1 times posted
Still need to clean up the island after the Sonic 3 & Knuckles party.
Lucky for him, Rouge loves retards.
Oh my!
Wew laddie
Knuckles is sick of your bullshit, Eggman!

That's going to be a concussion.
6.jpg, 800x1095, 1 times posted
Not sure if Rouge is that good or if Knuckles is that bad.
And that would be...
Not that I remember seeing.
7.png, 800x739, 1 times posted
Damn! Where could it be?!
Good eye!
It is a possibility. And we could've had a good bit of HISSSSSing.
8.png, 800x1095, 1 times posted
>non-lewd gay comics
There's definitely a lot of Sonadow comics like that.
Yes_HaHaHa_Yes.png, 240x420, 71 times posted
>That ring only makes him look hotter.
Patrician taste!
Nooo, I need more details on the ring collar!
>updating Knuckles comic
Pic related!
Asking the right questions!
He really is
Oh man, distended bellies from plowing are my jam!
Love seeing them flirt
9.png, 800x1095, 1 times posted
Knuckles later receives an angry letter from Penders. He shrugs and rips it up.
How could this happen to me
Both? Let's go with both.

>And that would be...
Something that can't be posted on a blue board.

Rouge pls.
10.jpg, 800x1095, 1 times posted
Wait a second...
Too cute.
The cuteness comes at a cost.
Poor Knuckles!
>There's definitely a lot of Sonadow comics like that.
It's nice to see, especially if it's only a minor part of the comic
It's that hat!
11.png, 800x1095, 1 times posted
I can see it now.
Rouge, I've turned myself into a pumpkin! I'm Pumpkin Knuckles!
He's free!
>Knuckles keeps breaking the ME just for an excuse to pop out the bitchin hat
12.png, 800x739, 1 times posted
How awkward!
>Nooo, I need more details on the ring collar!
The world may never know.
13.png, 800x739, 1 times posted
>Something that can't be posted on a blue board.
Rouge you sly devil!
>Rouge, I've turned myself into a pumpkin! I'm Pumpkin Knuckles!
Maybe the real pickles were the friends we made along the way
>The world may never know.
Well I'll have to do a bit of investigating after the thread then!
14.png, 800x1095, 1 times posted
>It's that hat!
And it's not on fire!
15.png, 800x1095, 1 times posted
What about, as a consolation prize, Knuckles holds Rouge?
16.jpg, 800x1918, 1 times posted
And that's it! This came out at the end of last month and seems to come out almost every week. Can't wait to see more! Speaking of more, let's move on!
lmao, that looks just like his dying sprite
>And it's not on fire!
What a twist!
They could always have fun together on top of the emerald!
Awwww! And it's updating too!
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As always, I find more comics from Drawloverlala on her blog and this time I have some Sonic Boom stuff. She wanted to do a fast story idea as a series of sketches so here's that.

2.jpg, 1280x2724, 1 times posted
I know Eggman is older but the Boom version seems to be the most fit one. Then again, death can come for anyone.
God, I love these two.
3.jpg, 1280x3883, 1 times posted
The rest of this was in a really small resolution that never wanted to come out larger so they look blurry resized. Tumblr being tumblr.
4.jpg, 1280x3764, 1 times posted
Not liking how things are looking so far.
I cant believe Knuckles is a graverobber. Even Rouge is disturbed!

Eat it, Knuckles. You'll be free from Angel Island Hell, if you do.
>but the Boom version seems to be the most fit one.
He is probably the only one who lift.
5.jpg, 1280x4000, 1 times posted
Just fuck her, Knuckles. You know you want to.
Maybe Boom Eggman is depressed again.
6.jpg, 1280x4000, 1 times posted
A plan that requires a lot of patience but it seemed like it worked out. Shame there's no more to this that I can find.
That's really fucking morbid.

No Orbot or Cubot? What's going on?
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>this was the continuation of THIS COMIC (dead link), that was about how did Sonic and Amy plus friends met in Boom!universe…
>i drew this continuation long ago.. and well.. i think i should re-do it someday.. but from the beginning… i kinda want to put with colors and proper backgrounds and stuff.. XD but that just for someday..
>so yeah.. enjoy these unfinished and trashed continuation ^_^ heheh
>the plot here is that Sticks does not trust Sonic because she suspects he has something to do with a bald mustachioed man with many robots who was asking for him moments ago.. and after Sticks’ description Sonic realizes that was Eggman, he asks her to please tell him where that man is, Sticks does not trust him but Amy convinces her to help him.
>then they find him and Sonic goes to talk to him, he implies that Eggman followed him, Eggman pretends to be insulted, (he obviously followed him) he says that he was just looking for a new home place (lol just like Sonic was) and that while he shows him the blueprints of his new lair.. someone screams for help, it was Tails and Eggman was planning building the lair over his house.. he excuses himself saying ”did you really expected me to believe a 8 year old was living there alone?” then Sonic proceeds to save the day ^_^
Typical Boom Eggman.
2.png, 1280x1906, 1 times posted
There he is!
3.png, 1280x1906, 1 times posted
And that's it for Lala for now! I'll probably find something else later.
I like how Boom Eggman and Sonic can actually get along somewhat without immediately beating each other up. They're basically friendly with each other whenever Eggman isn't menacing the village.
based eggman.png, 504x576, 1 times posted
The man, the myth. the legend
1.png, 463x1500, 1 times posted
Now for some cute random comics by Kime-Cupcake.

2.png, 463x768, 1 times posted
You've been replaced, Shadow.
Oh that Eggman!
They're good frenemies.
Based indeed!
I looked into the comments about his collar:
Looks like ring on his Neck
>Yep, a gift from a certain pink hedgehog.
what is that on sonic's neck ?
>A necklace that he hasn't been able to get off. The whole thing is gonna be explained in a few pages.
Also, looking at the ttime between uploade, this might still be ongoing
FYI, I've got all of her DA archived if anyone wants it
3.png, 463x1400, 1 times posted
This feels like an Azumanga Daioh comic.
4.png, 463x2297, 1 times posted
Now for the adventures of Mephiles and also starring Silver and Blaze!
Thanks for checking!
You know who else came in ur mom?
5.png, 463x1500, 1 times posted
What if Mephiles just hung out with Silver and Blaze? Not even for any evil reasons. Just out of boredom and to mess with them and be weird for no reason.
6.png, 1000x1554, 1 times posted
It's no use, Silver.
Maria, no!
He's such a fun character
>Thanks for checking!
I just had to know!
Poor Silver
7.png, 700x1366, 1 times posted
>shadow: i don't even know this girl
It's rough for our girl.
Wait, I think I know the answer!
A beautiful shitpost.
>C’mon Rouge, let’s go White Power!
8.png, 500x2500, 1 times posted
Why'd you do that, Shadow? You could've had a cute, blind girlfriend!
>black doom tries to take over earth with maria's shadow
Himbover strikes again!

Hey, it's easy to get bored when you're an eldritch time god split in two halves. He has to get his amusement from somewhere.
9.png, 700x1600, 1 times posted
Shadow fucked it up.
10.png, 700x1366, 1 times posted
Girls really are just fake boys.
X doesn't count as Sonic, though!
11.png, 700x1400, 1 times posted
It's Minifinite!
12.png, 580x2000, 1 times posted
And we bookend this artist's work with Cream getting ignored again. Now for some random comics, credited in filename.
feminist by comedic_int.jpg, 515x1976, 1 times posted
Once again, Knuckles the feminist puts Amy in her place.
You can argue that with him then.
whisper 1 by comedic_int.jpg, 515x1482, 1 times posted
Two versions of this comic. I guess Whisper is an ass woman.
whisper 2 by comedic_int.jpg, 515x1482, 1 times posted
At least Whisper... is thinking of... waiting?
glasses by mushroom-cookie-bears.jpg, 846x1920, 1 times posted
I'd say that Sonic should give Amy glasses instead of Knuckles but then she'd stop confusing other people for him. And he probably doesn't want that.
>Girls really are just fake boys.
Accept no substitutes!
lmao at that Rosie the Riveter calendar
>dat ass
It's like Adam Based Thomas drew it!
speeding halt by yanimae.jpg, 1083x2608, 1 times posted
GOTTA... go.. ffffaa--
the_nightmare_part_1_by_luckyacesnof_de8f6ca.png, 792x5944, 1 times posted
>sleep with me?
I swear this is not that kind of comic but the wording and blushing is really not helping my case.
the_nightmare_part_2_by_luckyacesnof_de8ljby.png, 792x5984, 1 times posted
This still looks lewd and sus.
>It's like Adam Based Thomas drew it!
Whisper's favorite artist.
Feminist Knuckles strikes again!

Whisper knows what she likes.
the_nightmare_part_3_by_luckyacesnof_de9g1te.png, 792x6012, 1 times posted
>maria can see the future
She's too powerful! Shoot her!
Whisper pls
Probably the best visual deception of depression. I'm doing more or less fine now
>I swear this is not that kind of comic but the wording and blushing is really not helping my case.
Well Maekawa ships it even if the artist doesn't!
the_nightmare_part_4__final__by_luckyacesnof_debhok6.png, 488x5298, 1 times posted
And we end this thread on Shadow making a promise I'm sure he'll be able to keep! Tomorrow at 5pm EST we'll do more comics! I'm trying to build up enough content for another tumblr thread.
>when the caffeine crash hits
Let's hope Shadow can avert that future...
He did keep it in that one comic at least. Thanks again konductor!
Oh Amy, sometimes Knuckles punches he or Rouge kicks him through a wall then they fuck like Bunnie and Antoine .
>Nine was so fucking nuts that he was willing to just abandon everyone else to die and rebuild all of civilization on a new barren world, only inviting Sonic because he was the closest he'd come to having a "friend"
It's funny how Prime arguably has the biggest nutcase out of all the Tails variants.
Tails and schizophrenia, name a more iconic duo
old man.jpg, 1710x2508, 1 times posted
tumblr_6145340b01d46bbd79c741a0574c7871_dd144b4f_2048.jpg, 2048x1786, 1 times posted
And now Rouge is Amy's BFF
FkDYfmoXwAIQO8w.jpg, 1200x1077, 1 times posted
Sonic and chilidogs.

Low blow, Nine.
Shadow deserves some happiness. Does saving Maria or her somehow coming back ruin the impact of her death and make Shadow less interesting?
28461E54-4AC8-4F19-8213-0E6990E0E3FA.jpg, 2048x906, 1 times posted
Thoughts on primitive Tails?
Mediocre. But I'm sure someone is into him.
What are your thoughts on Sonally?
FkDWc-CakAA0itk.jpg, 1988x1342, 1 times posted
He cute like a puppy but that's pretty much all there is to him. Nine is by far the best Tails on the show so far.
Even if she's brought back, Shadow would still have gone through the trauma of losing her so it would just be a new layer to his character. It would be really interesting to see if he'd be massively overprotective, and if he would be openly warm with her in public. Trying to balance the kindhearted and gentle Shadow Maria knew with the present Shadow that would brutally murder anyone that threatened Maria would be interesting too
I really do need to watch this show
A cute feral boy, but Nine and his "fuck everyone but my new big brother" attitude is by far the best Tails variant.
1671137668390235.jpg, 1400x1400, 18 times posted
Where have I seen this before?
Sonic prime.jpg, 2048x1553, 1 times posted
sonic prime page 2.jpg, 2048x1553, 1 times posted
after reading that thread about the tech guy who made a book using ai, now i'm wondering if someone out there is using stuff like stable diffusion to make his or her sonic fancomic.
It might get less weird if you try to make a comic about the Badniks with it. Smaller pool of artists and AI are a lot better at "drawing" robots and machines than cartoon animals, and these particular cartoon animals have a wide array of artists with varying degrees of skill drawing them.
Jankass shitpost comics being blended with professional quality work, it'd look bizarre as hell.
that's nice dear.jpg, 531x675, 6 times posted
>infamous for being shit at hands/feet
>"I should use this for Sonic!"
Besides that, if it worked you'd get a lot of default official poses showing through because, surprise surprise, a lot of child fans trace or simply try to draw what they see.
Now if you're talking about feeding all the Archie, STC, IDW and manga comics into an AI... you'd need to ask someone who's used one of those things if there would be enough material there to make something usable. Especially considering the varying styles inside each of those publications, let alone unmistakable differences to each other.
Watching Prime so far. Love how much of a fucking himbo Sonic is. I'm still on the first ep so nobody tell me anything!!

Honestly it'd be pretty based if people reclaimed that shit to make fancomics and porn, given how it was basically designed to finally wrestle creatives out of jobs.
1669540401884289.jpg, 1151x2048, 1 times posted
sonic and tails confused stares.jpg, 288x176, 14 times posted
>Honestly it'd be pretty based if people reclaimed that shit to make fancomics and porn,
>given how it was basically designed to finally wrestle creatives out of jobs.
so_versatile!.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Watched the first episode of Prime and it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Animation ranges from pretty good to terrible, some of the backgrounds are really basic, and the teeth always look weird. I do like the fur coloration, the alternate outfits, and that Sonic sometimes has visible pecs. His new shoes are atrocious though. Rouge has a nice butt, so there's that at least!
Dialogue's absolutely terrible, there's 5 minutes of crying baby audio, and I still don't like Sonic's voice (it's like a bad impression of Movie Sonic). Knuckles' is way worse, but Rouge's pretty good. Was not expecting Knuckles' VA from Sonic Underground to be voicing Eggman.
I did really like Nines, the whole show should be about him! There's no way they didn't read WWMH when designing our edgy boy
Himbo Sonic is always fun! There's usually a thread on trash for making lewds
1668806800369344.gif, 372x360, 1 times posted
All those art AIs are designed to completely cut out the middleman that is the illustrator/painter out of a project. Granted, they're still not good enough to draw >feet and portraits, but they already are competent enough to make good-looking background and abstract art, and creatives who specialize in those artstyles are already facing less job opportunities and commissions.

There's also the fact that these AIs have been fed works that weren't obtained with permission from the artists. Case in point what happened with DeviantArt's own AI.

I've heard people are having second-thoughts on the English dub, but personally I'm watching it in Latin American Spanish and the voice cast is very fitting (and Rouge's voice is doing things to me). Then again good VAs are our only forte in the realm of animated media.

>there's 5 minutes of crying baby audio
I was here for the Steven Universe ride. My ass is ready.

Someone broke Sonic's leg again. It's all wobbly.
>All those art AIs are designed to
I don't understand where being based comes in.
Those AI can't even replicate half of the shit from more abstract, surreal, or horror-focused artists and that's being generous to them. Speaking as someone who has regularly used Artbreeder and occasionally dabbled in Stable Diffusion and a couple others, AI art is shit for anything relating to specific unique styles outside of backgrounds - and even then, it has more issues than you'd get from a human artist. It's just faster.

It certainly won't be the crux of a new wave of Sonic comics, I can tell you that much. Let alone porn.
Sonic must have been seriously tempted to stay.
WWMH_animated.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
And one for the WWMH fans
I honestly don't see it replacing artists, but it's perfect for rough mockups. I can't see it ever being able to make anything outside of its training datasets. Another issue is each prompt is independent, so you can't describe your totally awesome oc in one image and then tell it to make out with a hot dude/babe in the next one
>I'm watching it in Latin American Spanish
Maybe I should switch languages, I'm starting to miss the Sonic X English dub.
It reminds me of the animation in Shadow the Hedgehog, they just didn't know what to do with their proportionally massive shoes
Yeah, you couldn't get it to do an H.R. Giger style piece without feeding in a whole bunch of his work. You can't exactly say "give me a creepy but sexy machine-lady made out of steam engine parts, a gothic cathedral, and sex toys." I could see it being used to make more variations in background textures for the games though.
I probably would!
in_case_you're_wondering_how_they_attach_also_0w0.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Think I'll dump a few more webms I made. I can't imagine threads for Sonic Prime will be any fun
I_wouldn't_be_recoiling_in_horror.webm, 1920x1080, 2 times posted
I like the cute art in the background
giwtwm.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
That's it for now, I'll probably make more once I've watched the other episodes
The current thread up right now is pretty decent, but IDWkun is already making an ass of himself going by at least a few posts.
>I honestly don't see it replacing artists, but it's perfect for rough mockups.
Eh, I guess I'm a bit too pessimistic about it. Still though, it sucks people have their work funneled into that shit without asking. Then again lots of recent tech developments have been rife with asshole choices.

And regarding the dub, I'd recommend switching languages! I've been watching some Netflix cartoons recently and their dub catalogue is surprisingly robust and surprisingly not shit. That one show by TheOdd1sOut youtuber had like 20+ available dubs for example, the show is a fucking acid trip so it was fun to hear several different voice casts.
57d3f736afa8ef48286de5299f1984c1.jpg, 500x688, 1 times posted
Yeah the Sonic voice in my main language was shit. Shame that I only had 2 other decent options because Netflix is being retarded and not allowing me access to the full range of dubbs for whatever reason.
>Shame that I only had 2 other decent options because Netflix is being retarded and not allowing me access to the full range of dubbs for whatever reason.
What were the 2 decent options ?
1656647177651.png, 900x775, 2 times posted
Illumination has ruined me, I can't stop thinking of Gru when I see the 5 new Eggman OCs in Prime
I might check it out then. Sounds about right for our special friend. I still can't believe the reason he does it is because he got bullied by Archie fans on some forum as a kid
>it sucks people have their work funneled into that shit without asking.
Yeah, that's absolutely infuriating. I remember when tech companies were trying to make the world a better place (even the original Google search algorithm's design was made public back then), now it's like they're all competing to see who will make the worst dystopian hellscape.
Cool, I'll check some out!
I'm surprised they made a hipster Eggman, I thought that trend had died out ages ago. At least I hoped it had
French and English sounded fine. The Portuguese version was annoying in a way I'm not sure how to describe it.
you_jelly__by_thegreatrouge_d979gw1.png, 1600x4800, 1 times posted
Rock is a little cutie patootie.
>French and English sounded fine. The Portuguese version was annoying in a way I'm not sure how to describe it.
I've been wondering is the Japanese dub of Sonic Prime out yet or no ?
Hedgehog abuse.jpg, 1678x2048, 1 times posted
These webms are really fucking good, I would ask for more but they would probably be spoilers from other episodes.
Sonic_listening_to_Iizuka's_seething.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Thanks! I try not to post anything spoilery that wasn't in the trailers
>"I-I can hear voices..."
>"Something about... My friends not deserving so much screentime?"
>"I think I'm hallucinating again..."
Prime Sonic getting abused is going to be a recurring thing, isn't it.
He actually came back to help him, though.
sonic prime is pretty good.png, 1500x1500, 1 times posted
It's just so funny. He was based on rubberhose-era cartoon animals, he was MADE for slapstick
Slutnic's_got_himself_into_a_sticky_situation.webm, 1328x870, 2 times posted
Well I watched the rest and actually enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next batch of episodes. Some non-spoilerly observations (assuming you've watched the trailer):
Nine continues to be the best character
Characters sometimes have fangs but mostly when they're angry
The animation actually improves although the dialogue doesn't
This is the himboist Sonic we've ever had in anything official
I liked the Art Deco architecture in the dystopia setting, very Empire City from Unleashed. The setting is definitely a cross between Forces and SatAM though, dystopia Amy is pretty much an edgy Bunnie
Background twinks are pretty cute and there's an entire boat of them that are all filthy!
Pirate Knuckles is the hottest alternate Knuckles so far
It's pretty hot
He's got a heart of gold!
lmao, those are seriously cute!
>Last time we saw that was that weird comic where Sally had a gun.
Any lead of what the title is?
Ha, thank you! And yeah, Prime!Sonic is the epitome of himbo. Honestly it's fun to see that type of portrayal actually be in official media, even at his goofiest Sonic has always been either more dignified or justified in being a kid, here though he's got two braincells and they're both overheating from the running friction, it's great.
First Operation.
The art get time to get used to, though.
>It's Bunnie! And even worse... this is the last page!
Well, I guess that's not nothing.
Feewings!.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
No worries! After seeing so many himbo Sonics in these threads, it's nice to finally see him in animated form. Yeah, it's a pretty radical departure from how they usually allow him to be portrayed, but so much fun! Jungle!Tails is probably smarter than he is.
I am starting to get a bit tired of "everyone get mad at Sonic", though. Nine saying Sonic did abandon him after he accidentally ran into pirate world was the one too many time of that.
Edgy_and_angry.webm, 1920x1080, 2 times posted
It doesn't help that Sonic's absolutely incapable of properly explaining what's happening. The writing in general's pretty terrible, but to be expected since it's literally written by committee. Seriously, if you look at the credits it's "Man of Action" listed as the writer. Frankly I expected Sega to be a bit more picky than this, especially since the movies did so well
6.jpg, 808x1268, 2 times posted
Just remembered. Here's this as well. Overall weird comic and also ends with Bunnie being roboticized.
>The writing in general's pretty terrible, but to be expected since it's literally written by committee.
>Sonic actually explain what is going on and how everything was out of its control
>lol, don't care.
Famed_heterosexual_Sonic_the_hedgehog_after_a_night_on_the_town.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Actually, you're right. He did explain himself a few times. I was kinda checked out on the dialogue by then. It was pretty annoying retreading the same plot points, especially when they did flashbacks to the same scene several times
I want to adopt and pet Mangey
Thanks a lot, this one is not a bad one. Though I can't figure out what set the Roboticizer on fire.
Look_at_those_fangs!.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
He's definitely my favorite after Nine
Prime Sonic's himboness honestly makes a lot of other himbo Sonics look smart.
Mangey is the kind of fox that straight Up to see Sonic as food.
Can I request a webm from the part when Knucks and Nine learn to spin-dash?
No.134554222 [Post deleted 07:54:58]
It also doesn't help that basically everything that is happening was basically caused by Shadow trying to stop Sonic from causing everything that is happening and consider that punching someone constitute a valid form of explanation with no need of additional actual talking.
0.jpg, 620x918, 1 times posted
It also doesn't help that basically everything that is happening was basically caused by Shadow trying to stop Sonic from causing everything that is happening and that he considers that punching someone constitute a valid form of explanation with no further need of additional actual talking.
He would bite off your hand.
Sonic_teaching_Knux_and_Nine_to_spindash.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
>gets angry because Sonic made an explosion fighting Eggman
>knowingly makes Sonic late to a key battle, causing the universe to shatter
>this is all Sonic's fault somehow
That's our Shadow!
So no difference with my cat, then?
Thanks for the webm!
-When he can only interact with Sonic with his voice
>Sonic, you have to listen to me
-end of episode 8, when he can finally interact directly with Sonic
>So Shadow, what did you want to
-punch sonic in the face
Their_messed_up_flirting_will_destroy_the_universe.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Just checked in on our little friend in the Prime thread and he's been going for 11 hours now. Interestingly, he's changing ip almost every post. He's starting to learn opsec, but letting go of the Archie hatred still eludes him.
No worries!
He's such a petty shit, it loops around from being irritating to hilarious. Saving the universe comes a distant second to pissing off Sonic
>lmao at that Rosie the Riveter calendar
Of course she's a Mobian, just look at her name format.
>Cajun crocs
This has big Fleetway energy up til the body horror, I likes.
I_wish_I_knew_how_to_quit_you.webm, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Deepest lore!
Those digits! The Archie comic had something pretty similar with Bunnie where nanobots were taking her apart. It was pretty gruesome for a kids comic
ff.png, 442x476, 9 times posted
>Those digits! The Archie comic had something pretty similar with Bunnie where nanobots were taking her apart. It was pretty gruesome for a kids comic
Yeah, I had that comic as a kid. It really stuck with me, so sequences like that always get me. Roboticization is the coolest concept in the whole franchise and it's rad to have the heroes affected by it. And Bunnie is best girl besides.
There really was a lot of messed up stuff in Archie, but that's part of what made it so enjoyable for me. Roboticization really raised the stakes, knowing anyone that got caught could be turned into a mindless machine forced tto fight their friends. I suspect even SoJ liked the concept, since they did a fake out version with Tails inLost World. Always loved Bunnie's redesigned limbs, and she easily had the best developed relationship in the entire comic. I'll never forgive her for stealing Antoine away from me though!
0.png, 1222x2263, 7 times posted
>Always loved Bunnie's redesigned limbs
I will always prefer the classic SatAM design. There is something iconic about the spherical shoulder, "popeye" arm and the beefy bunny legs with three robotic rabbit toes.

The late archie/post Genesis Wave redesign always looked boring to me. I am also partial to her only having her legs and hips Roboticized instead of up to the waist. It raise too many question about waste management.
>I'll never forgive her for stealing Antoine away from me though!
Okay, Grifoneguy!
Honestly I don't think Bunnie has had a bad design ever. It's clearly good enough that SoJ stole the heavy eyeshadow look for their own rabbits.
dede04m-a279a8e8-5cef-48d0-8774-84fc27d50bf8.png, 3200x1800, 1 times posted
What's the consensus on Prime around here? What did you like and dislike?
It's okay, but also
giga says.png, 1068x601, 39 times posted
Same as every other Sonic related thing, I won't check it out until I hear the Freedom Fighters are in it. Until then Netflix gets none of my views and SEGA gets none of my money. It's a rule that has served me well since I made the mistake of buying Sonic Heroes at full price on launch day.
It's definitely more iconic, /i just liked how Spaz drew the new limbs. Yeah, the robocrotch raises horrifying implications
>Okay, Grifoneguy!
You joke, but I'll be storytiming the lewd prequel over on coq this weekend!
Can't argue with that, Tamers has the same stance but for Sonic Underground
>buying Sonic Heroes at full price on launch day
I did the same for Shadow the Hedgehog, but I loved it despite its jank
0.jpg, 729x1032, 1 times posted
When did "sonsal" started to be a thing and how come the people who started to use that tag didn't knew about "sonally"

FkGG7L-XEAEIKy.jpg, 1829x1680, 1 times posted
SoJ is so impossibly stubborn that even if they were burning down and the only thing that could save them was bringing back the entirety of the SatAM/Archie cast, they would not do it.
061B639C-96DD-4EAB-A618-861D64555A3F.png, 1171x771, 1 times posted
I think rusty Rose actually don't perceive herself as "normal" when she is allowed to think for herself.
smug sally.jpg, 635x600, 15 times posted
Understatement of the century, they went bankrupt twice because of their contempt for their Western counterparts. Either way, I get what I want.
pc___sally_acorn_by_reem_khalil_d8ekz1b-fullview.png, 1024x1821, 1 times posted
No idea but tags are awful.
Even if you have a vaguely sensible community, they get misused and abused, i.e. steam.
You generally need some form of moderation and definition pages, but that can go overboard and pander to clinical terms in order to not offend the small proportion of people who think common terms are vulgar or some form of 'ism.
I don't really understand Sega, they seem to want Sonic to be everything but a consistent brand. Merely a vehicle for the latest trend (à la Simpsons, i.e. ready to jump on the bandwagon... 5-10 years after the zeitgeist vacated it).
I'd have thought sticking to a set cast, and setting/theme, would be the best business option and easiest when it comes to toys.
>I'd have thought sticking to a set cast, and setting/theme, would be the best business option and easiest when it comes to toys.
It is. Even TMNT and Transformers recognize this, regardless of how weird certain continuities get - certain setting elements are ALWAYS present.
Sega definitely stuck with the cast of the videogames characters, but it's clear that at some point, they no longer wanted to keep the specific localisations they had created for Sonic.
0.jpg, 909x1200, 1 times posted
19 (Cover).jpg, 716x1115, 2 times posted
Here's Sonic Afterstory Chapter 2. Now we've got an actual cover!
20.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
21.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
Very helpful guard you are Knuckles
22.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
23.jpg, 716x1115, 2 times posted
24.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
I guess the hammer is just super effective on Sonic characters.
25.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
26.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
>It raise too many question about waste management
she probably has a hatch that she can unscrew and open to take shit out or something
27.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
No.134556905 [Post deleted 12:49:28]
The perfect response.
28.jpg, 716x1115, 1 times posted
Afterstory Sonic seems to be taking after TGT Sonic's no villains policy
29.jpg, 701x1140, 1 times posted
>Electric srew driver sound every time she need to go
>everyone can hear it
Bunnie has renounced to be a shy pooper years ago, but everyone keep pretending what is going on.
Nine tailed fox god DAMMIT I just got that
30.jpg, 701x1140, 1 times posted
Who could John's mysterious senior members be?
0.jpg, 231x354, 1 times posted
The perfect response.
31.jpg, 698x1143, 1 times posted
32.jpg, 698x1143, 1 times posted
33.jpg, 698x1143, 1 times posted
he can fly!
34.jpg, 698x1143, 1 times posted
35.jpg, 698x1143, 1 times posted
36.jpg, 619x1292, 1 times posted
37.jpg, 705x1134, 1 times posted
38.jpg, 705x1134, 1 times posted
Haha, that's our Shadow!
39.jpg, 705x1134, 1 times posted
40.jpg, 705x1134, 1 times posted
screenshot.png, 769x543, 1 times posted
>his eyes don't come off with the glasses
fake and noncanon
41.jpg, 705x1132, 1 times posted
Heh....Tails is done holding back...........
and we're gonna have to see how he develops next time for the 3rd and last chapter of Sonic Afterstory.......................
gijinka_windy_wallis_by_arttoon1_df543p3-fullview.jpg, 1280x1280, 1 times posted
>they no longer wanted to keep the specific localisations they had created for Sonic.
Well it's not just that.
How much is recurring in the video games?
Snog-the-human-princess? See you later!
Chao garden? Never again
Werehog and Chip? Gone
Team Dark and Rose? Yeah right
GUN gonna getcha? GUN who
One world or two? What are you talking about
Better-than-Belle? Mr. Stark I don't feel so good...
>One world or two?
One. confirmed by Tailstube.
Nice joke anon but I'm being serious.
From the official Sonic channel.
It's just the usual marketing people just doing their dumb shit in their bubble. Plus it's Japan so that's a whole other layer of incomprehensible shite. That's really the best explanation you'll get for why practically everything after SA2 has been totally bonkers and random
>Chao garden? Never again
Seriously, sega is sitting on fucking gold-mine and doing nothing for not making a iOS/android version of Chaos garden.

I know free-to-play can be a questionable business model, but if handled with moderation, this thing would be an absolute banger.
point head.jpg, 200x200, 2 times posted
>sonic and eggman are in a cartoonish animal world
>sonic and eggman are in a realistic or anime looking world
>sonic and eggman are in a realistic or anime looking human world, eggman does not look like a human
Each time a new game is made, they throw a dart at a board with these three options on it.
I mentioned two worlds because-
>but this social media video address it!
... because the fans are messed around with the franchise's direction so much, the more dedicated ones struggle to deal with the inconsistencies and so say things like this solve the problem, when they don't. The problem is still there.
>eggman does not look like a human
Cartoonish human, like they looked in unleashed.
The stylee the game adopt is not relevant to it being one-world.

> and so say things like this solve the problem, when they don't
All it did was confirm the one-world theory. there is no problem.
I will say that while I appreciate the explanation, I would like to see it implemented in a game or at least some other kind of media. I'd even take IDW introducing GUN. Something to really show Sega letting it happen and even then they are fickle with the franchise.
Prime tails.jpg, 680x574, 1 times posted
>new york tails: hey i'm flyin' here!
>>>>>>>>your head
No, not really. You didn't say anything that contradict that the One world theory is the correct one. Anything you talked about is only about the presentation style of the different game, which isn't really a contradiction.
1646621035395.jpg, 1280x1880, 3 times posted
Why does sonic's cast have so many problematic chars?
>game series has very loose and contradictory canon, causing confusion
>nah, this meta material has decreed what is canon and therefore it is so

>game series continues to have a very loose and contradictory canon, which continues the confusion
>>game series has very loose and contradictory canon, causing confusion
th confusion has been cleared, anon.
>>nah, this meta material has decreed what is canon and therefore it is so
I am glad you finally understand.

>>game series continues to have a very loose and contradictory canon
Nothing in Frontiers has contradicted the One World theory.

As a matter of fact, the only Sonic material that has ever explicitly contradicted the one world theory was Sonic X, which is a different continuity.
FkFZHMIXEAEBnp.jpg, 2048x1610, 1 times posted
tumblr_f58b43013d37e13aa132afacdb50dfd6_61ecb0bd_2048.jpg, 2048x1674, 1 times posted
0.png, 900x1269, 1 times posted
Thanks again for storytiming!
Such a foul mouth!
That hammer's op
Like Wolverine, but on a budget!
>fucking moralfags
That's our Rapedow!
>all of my penises
Maekawa's the only one who knew how it works, but they could just rehire him. And make him lead writer too
Nine's the best!
I fucking pray everyday
can i has thred pls?
>I can fix him