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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #2

Previous Thread: >>128466953

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

It’s that time again! We’ll be taking a break from big storytimes and doing some more small and/or incomplete comics! See the funny, the interesting, and the weird! But don’t get too attached! And tomorrow we’ll do Brotherhood’s Twist and Buzzbomber Mishap!

Let’s start with Fallout: New Mobius! Don’t expect to see all these characters. This thing died fast. I also have a couple one-page comics from this artist.
1.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
Who was supposed to take a nap for a few hours, slept through their alarms, and just woke up 7 hours later? This guy!
looking cool eggman
2.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
A Sonic-styled Fallout intro is the perfect time to just go over how bad I feel but hey I'm well rested and stubborn so we're still doing this!
3.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
Can you imagine all the fucked up vault stories you'd find when you add stuff like mobians, chaos energy, and hot pockets? Locke's vault alone would give you nightmares.
Always the dapper looking gentleman.
Hope we get a palate cleanser to washdown all the edge
Wait did we finish everything from TMoM?
4.jpg, 1024x1584, 1 times posted
And of course we need that "war never changes" that any Fallout product is legally required to have.
5.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
The start to a story that sadly barely gets started before ending.
I've still got some edge, not tonight (I think), but it'll be hard to top TMoM.
Oh yeah, we did it a fat ass thread and it hit bump limit right as I finished. We had Zielo's VA and Gigi there!
6.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
Who's this cutie? I really wish there was more to this comic. We're almost done with it.
7.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
Not even VATS could slow down Sonic enough to stop him from running by.
this look would be perfect if he had the boom gloves
Theres that little amount of pages ?
>Knux as a BoS
That tracks, the BoS also share the echidnas propensity to be reclusive fuckups
8.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
Tails, don't be such a sore loser. Two minutes would do jack shit for you.
I thought it was Shortfuse for a moment.
9.png, 700x1083, 1 times posted
Let's see Rald right... never! That's it! Shit sucks! But I got a couple one page comics by this artist so we'll do those before moving on to the next artist.
Yeah that's it.
He looks good in armor!
com__fragile_by_catbeecache_dc7xftj-fullview.jpg, 1024x1458, 1 times posted
A commission that I believe is an alternate end to THE SLAP. Remember that great moment in Archie Sonic history?
tailsxnicole_mega_contest_entry__warm_light_by_catbeecache_dcedxm0-fullview.jpg, 1024x1556, 1 times posted
I know Nicole has a bunch of more popular ships but this works too. Damn, she's so shippable!

Now let's move on to the next thing!
Strange ship but its more plausible than TailsxRouge I guess
Jesus effin Christ is there anyone Nicole ISN'T shipped with?!
1.jpg, 905x1280, 3 times posted
Someone mentioned Shortfuse? Well, here's an StC small two part comic! There's only two chapters and it's very recent. Maybe we'll get more later. Also the artist is NaughtyMorg. I won't be linking their account. You can find it yourself and huge NSFW warning if you do it.
That's a thicc boy
2.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
There's Shortfuse! And he even gives us a bit of his backstory! Not the whole thing but it still counts to me!
3.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
Hazy memory but I believe this is around the time he was just chilling on Flickie island, maybe an alternate version of when he reappears after disappearing.
The absolute unit himself!
4.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
The Knuckles Metallix! I don't think Sonic ever really beat one in the official comic.
Oh yeah, those things. I don’t the comic ever got to using them
he was designed to be perfect
nope, it channelled the Nack Force and caused Sonic to job
5.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
Dammit, Grimer! At least some REAL threats have shown up!
whats with amy? or is that supossed to be sonic and amy's kid?
6.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
Oof! Right in the backstory!
What a shame!
Yeah, it was surprisingly unstoppable considering it's a Knuckles variant. The real deal would probably gloat about it to Sonic all the time.
7.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
Welp! Time for all the villains to escape! End of the first part, time for part 2!
So Sonic got stuck in another dimension for a while and Amy became leader of their version of the freedom fighters. She becomes a lot more confident and even stops having a crush on Sonic. She pals around with Tekno the green canary and I think they were eventually going to be a lesbian couple. If not, it just really seemed that way. A very refreshing take on the character.
1.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
The obligatory time where the robot starts gaining more awareness and learning about their surroundings.
2.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
It's not foolish to run away from dangerous looking robots, Metallix!
wait has Tails ever seen a Brotherhood Metallix? Post-Brotherhood sure
3.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
Sorry bro, the brotherhood failed. Maybe that name is cursed.
4.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
Alas, Metallix, I barely knew him.
He did when Sonic was getting his ass beat by the Knuckles variant when he was captured by the dakons.
Dammit Conductor, you need rest!
5.jpg, 905x1280, 2 times posted
And that's that for this series so far. Maybe we'll get more in the future.
Oh, you mean Miracle Planet metallixes or the Sonic ones in general? I don't know.
Anything else would be a palate cleanser after TMOM.

Tails is looking pretty stumpy here.
the robot knockoffs never work together in any sonic media, do they? a metal sonic/metal knuckles/tails doll teamup would be nice
0.png, 603x890, 1 times posted
Let's do a super short yet complete comic. It's cute!
I sleep plenty. I just didn't need that extra 3-4 hours. Body just thought otherwise.
1.png, 609x899, 1 times posted
Forgot, here's the artist's DA page.
Good to shake things up!
The Knuckles metallix only had one active unit but there were others. Maybe they were activated briefly. But the main one was enough to beat on Sonic constantly.
Tails being paired with a digital woman? It's more likely than you think.
2.png, 609x899, 1 times posted
Oh yeah, read it right to left.
How bad could it possibly be, Conductor?
3.png, 609x899, 1 times posted
Cute! I ship it! And so does everyone else apparently.

It is fitting for him to have a robot/digital waifu. Shame that Fionabot never came back.

So we will be taking a 10 minute break. I got a lot more!
Between this and the schizo Silver comic I have to ask, is there a game where Blaze loses control of her powers and kills everyone? Or is it just one of those things fanbases insist on happening? Never played Rush.
He never did. It mogged the shit out of him.
Haha, famous last words.
Thankfully the shoujo as fuck artstyle automatically made me shift into reading right-to-left
she lost control of her powers when she got pegged hard by Marine but was quickly subdued by random water power bullshit
I don't think he had IIRC
I'm debating whether I should recommend the comic “Tale of Two Sonics”. The art is very, very amateur, but it does improve somewhat later. The story is basically a crossover between Sega!Sonic and Archie!Sonic – other continuities make appearances as well later.

It's ultimately your call conductor.
Sounds like an interesting take on amy's character but i gotta say i am not a fan of her or the puke green bird's designs.

also i have a new recommendation "SONIC: Phantom Forces" made by ebetto on DA
it's last update was in october and it has some tails suffering kino
05AA274A-6471-4DCA-AB15-D24F27CCD190.jpg, 1362x765, 1 times posted
>last thread showed the multiverse in TMoM has been destroyed
>an anon pointed out prior that since dreams are still around Maginaryworld should be still around
>these fuckers (technically fucker) are doing dream bullshit as everyone else either die or suffer
Not their problem.
com__flying_through_fields_by_catbeecache_dcbim5v-fullview.jpg, 1024x1543, 2 times posted

Headcanon acquired
Oh, pretty certain I've seen this artist before. They're pretty trashy outside of their Sonic stuff.
1642851342635.jpg, 600x769, 3 times posted
Can anyone here recommend a size in pixels for a webcomic page? I want to make a chillidogs fancomic but the presets for comics in FireAlpaca honestly feel like overkill.
I mean, she did say she was going to make Maginaryworld even better after her Void half fucked it all up. There's a good chance that she never noticed, or that Paradise is the result of that.
Does anyone here know where i can find the edgy comic where tails kills eggman and then becomes evil himself so then sonic has to kill him ?
2063 x 3131 pixels
0.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
We have the start to a story that we'll likely not get more of but it's still pretty good so let's do this! Until we're forced to stop.

Oh yes, I greatly encourage discussing TMoM. We didn't have much of a chance the last two threads after the story was done.
He literally just nuked all his stuff like 3 days ago
Oh shit that's really good. Thank you anon!
1.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Casual Super Sonic start.
Still , did someone archive some of it ? At least give me the name of the comic.
2.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Oh yeah, we can't have any jazz music playing in this comic.
This artist is really good. She even made some IDW Sonic covers.
try the wayback machine if you find the link or the artist name
3.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Game Eggman with a roboticizer? Don't tell Iizuka!
I can try but I need a name or something.
well this isn't good then
oh no
4.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Between Knuckles managing to knock the super out of Super Sonic and the Knuckles Metallix always beating Sonic, this is probably a problem even for the yellow super blur!
Very good artist!
Already Super? This comic goes in hard.
5.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Yeah, I still don't know how he does that. Must be some chaos cancelling secret technique that he never used again.
Oh dear.
6.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Eggman. Why did you have to put it right there? You're just asking for a Super Sonic and Mecha Knuckles to ram through it.
>Locke: Now watch carefully son, this is the proper way to fist the emerald out of someone
It's strange how him doing that is never brought up again.
where else is he going to put it?
7.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
That's one Sonic Boom that I didn't want to see!
Waste no time!
Eggman also wastes no time!
It's Eggman. Foresight is not his forte.

But only the video with the voice acting is available , the comic was nuked along with the artit's account.
8.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Oh no! What did Tails find?
Interesting game thing never used or mention? Yeah.
Somewhere less in the way.
9.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Knuckles is back to normal! Yay! What's up with Sonic's hand?
It really isn't, is it?
>that thumbnail
Now I need a band-aid.
>Somewhere less in the way
But the A E S T H E T I C S
10.jpg, 1280x1977, 1 times posted
Well fuck! Tails seems more annoyed than anything else.
11.jpg, 1280x1977, 3 times posted
>mecha eggman
Well fuck again! And we'll never know what comes of this interesting development! The End! Time to move on to the next comic!
Mecha madness incoming (that is if this comic continues)
I'm pretty sure Evan Stanley uses 3105x4725 for her Silver comic. I do comics for fun sometimes, and my working resolution is 3200x4255.
He's used to his adoptive big bro being an idiot getting into wacky situations.
>local dictator not so tough after being roboticized
0.jpg, 1600x2100, 1 times posted
It's time to go full shonen/weeb! Not so much a comic series but some brief pages and drawings. Still an interesting take. This is Protectors of Mobius!

Sonic never adopted him. Sonic is a free spirit of the wind.
1.jpg, 1449x2112, 1 times posted
Artist says their inspiration is BnHA.
Are you sure it not skies of arcadia ?
>gloves are on
>feet aren't exposed
what sorcery is this?!?!?!?
2.jpg, 1770x1225, 1 times posted
And that's as far as the proper comic goes. But there's other stuff from this series I've got!
more like BnPA amirite?
Kendo is likely to uptaded the comic later since Hes still learning how to make draw in manga style as seen by this twitter link here https://twitter.com/CR2_Kendo64/status/1483691291523399680
protect_smiles_by_kendo64_ddlyqbx.jpg, 1991x1545, 1 times posted
So even though Sonic's name is on the title, it feels like Tails is the protagonist for this series.
Wild, isn't it?
So it's gonna be trash than.
creme_da_la_cream_by_kendo64_dbamx6l.png, 1767x2538, 1 times posted
Cream seems to be Tails' potential love interest?
Oh, very nice! I'll make sure to keep an eye on them!
I might try those dimensions later on. Thing is my artstyle is very simple and I absolutely suck at making backgrounds, so if anything I might try the bigger sizes only if the text bubbles start being an issue.
training_montage_1_by_kendo64_ddihgaj.jpg, 2700x1024, 1 times posted
Cheese? More like Cheap with that hit on Sonic!
Wouldn't be surprised if that was also an inspiration.
I was making a Boku no Pico Academia joke
cream_s_resolve_page_1_by_kendo64_dcahf15-fullview.png, 1024x1179, 1 times posted
Power up time! Gotta look cool!
cream_s_resolve_page_2_by_kendo64_dcb8277.png, 1432x1934, 1 times posted
Have to rescue a friend by beating them up! Although it looks like he's the only one that's been doing the beating up.
XTIc.gif, 400x400, 1 times posted
Ah, shounen and Sonic. It's like PB & J.
vs_egg_magistrate__sample____page_1_by_kendo64_dd2yc4s.jpg, 1485x2016, 1 times posted
Boss battle time!
vs_egg_magistrate__sample____page_2_by_kendo64_dd31qne.jpg, 1512x2037, 1 times posted
Everyone going all out!
>no snoop dancing
battle_ready_speedsters_by_kendo64_denlrlj.png, 2890x2536, 1 times posted
Let's end this on the three pairs for this series.
I know right ?!!
It works so well, specially when it has more focus on the fighting scenes like this one
battle_ready_sidekicks_by_kendo64_depw4od.png, 2890x2536, 1 times posted
It is a shame that these two barely interact with each other in official media. Not even a shipping way but just in general. If they did in Sonic X then I would never know.
Nah, author mentioned that actually. Sonic is very much still the protagonist and main character, Tails is still the sidekick. Just in a more duo way.
God i want to feel Tails knot.
scrap wink.png, 389x720, 1 times posted
There's always TLOM, where you get to date Zielo. Not sure how you'd storytime it though. https://www.deviantart.com/gigi-d/art/The-Lover-of-Me-GAME-DOWNLOAD-818179567
Tails in a flight jacket is a design we should see more of.
Who could forget it!
battle_ready_hunters_by_kendo64_devc9bk.jpg, 2456x2029, 1 times posted
And that's the last one!

Speaking of last one, let's do one final 10 minute break and do a little bit more for the night!
Tails adopted Sonic. Like a cat.
We know, Rouge and Vanilla
Thanks for the clarification!
It does feel like that. Sonic being the hobo not allowed to have a home and Tails having a house and a workshop.
>older spellcaster Cream
Pretty cool.
Amy being cool is always nice.
Rouge/Knuckles is one of those pairings that shouldn't work but it does.
does it?
Yes. Especially when you give Knuckles a more wandering treasure hunter/adventurer vibe like the OVA did.
here are the bios that kendo made for each character heres tails
Don't worry they didn't interact in X either.
I kinda understand why. They have no common interests like tech/chao, and they're not different enough to clash. It'd honestly be boring as fuck trying to force them to have any real dynamic
>There's Shortfuse! And he even gives us a bit of his backstory! Not the whole thing but it still counts to me!
It's not a canon appearance unless Shortfuse spends at least two panels on his backstory.
Amy channeling Sonic's smugness.
It's wearing a character development cape, it must be becoming self aware.
Cool, we don't get enough Mecha Knux
>Yellow Chaos Emerald Affinity: Lightning

>As an inventor and innovator, Tails utilizes his gadgets to excel on the battlefield and to aid in his use of Chaos Control. Even if he doesn't have such a natural gift to use the techniques like Sonic or Shadow, he finds his own way to try and keep up with them, and to one day be viewed as an equal in fighting prowess. The lightning affinity effects make for interesting interactions that his analytical mind can take full advantage of. Even if he lacks raw power, his resourcefulness more than makes up for it.
0.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
So let's take a look at a couple attempts at a Tails series done by a young girl by the name of Evan Stanley. You may not have heard of her.

1.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
2007 and you have to read right to left? Yup!
I'm kind of on the fence about it personally.
Quick note: it says Darkspeed's because it wasn't come up with by Evan, but by another author who quit it prematurely. Evan just picked it up after
Check out the Insanity manga made by Kohane.
2.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
I mean, those rings have to be worth some money!
i don't see it, it's good for comic relief but she hardly ever (if ever) shows any interest on actually getting to know him better
Dark speeds actually has some little comics you could look at doing.
Something I noticed that in the past 5 years everyone has decided to try and make their own original comic
I have never seen artists move this shipping beyond the usual teasing phase.
3.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
There's your feet!
Thanks for reminding me! I even had his DA page open to credit them as well but I still forgot!
Heres a shoe close in.
>GOTF Sonic sez
Kek. Also
4.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
Damsels in distress make for great distractions!
I'll look into it, thanks!
If you can't make your Sonic dreams come true then make your own dreams come true!
Conductor heres another short comic made by Gigi and it only has about 28 pages and it completed https://www.deviantart.com/gigi-d/art/Save-Sonic-Cover-271457736
say the line.jpg, 1280x720, 22 times posted
>There's your feet!
5.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
Damn, this Duke is pretty cool and fast! Reminds me of someone that isn't in this comic?
6.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
The word of the day is... LEAP!
Interesting! I'll add it!
7.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
RIP Tails!
Well I mean even people who got big projects or work official are suddenly wanting to put a lot of effort into something original despite the fact that you are essentially required to get a new fanbase.

You are like starting from level 5/50.
what did they mean by this
8.jpg, 3600x5400, 1 times posted
Goddammit I read it left to right and it looked like Tails dropped her and decided to nosedive to get ahead of her. Suicide isn't the answer, Tails!
>Has "trap" written on his jacket's strap.
Is feet not enough here?
>Is he mad
No , hes Jack Sparrow.
9.jpg, 1800x2700, 1 times posted
>chosen hero
Uh oh...
It really depends on how the artist feels. They'll drop great and popular projects just because they just lost interest.
Yeah but it seems like everyone decided to WANT to drop Sonic in the last 5 years like most major fancomic creators did that.
10.jpg, 1800x2700, 1 times posted
Time for Tails to flex his brain!
11.jpg, 1800x2700, 1 times posted
And then it blew up! RIP!
Oh yeah, I've seen that. I think the interest was there but then it dropped in that span for a lot of people. Probably internet booming and other trends coming up.
12.jpg, 1800x2700, 1 times posted
Trouble! But don't worry, this iteration of the comic is over! But don't worry about that because there's another reboot of the comic. But there is something I do worry about...
Yeah but it is weird that they would still persist despite the fact that again you are essentially going back to being a nobody.
It was only the second time he'd turned super (in Sonic 2, which takes place just before Sonic 3), so maybe he didn't have as much control over the form.
I actually like their outfits, reminds me of Eureka Seven for some reason.
Really like the landing on two feet and one hand pose don't they?
Must be early work given the n e c k. I also remember reading somewhere that Evan was originally a Tails-fag before moving on to Silver.
>2007 and you have to read right to left? Yup!
Evan, more like weeb-van!
And there they are, although Evan usually does 4 toes.
>White Chaos Emerald Affinity: Light

>Cream's light based abilities center around defense and buffing her teammates in ways to make them stronger than they would be on their own. Because of her nature, her offensive capabilities remain untapped, but not out of the question. If she wants to protect, there will be times where she'll have to be the one on the front line. When that time comes, her potential will become even more realized.
ta_issue_5_cover_by_evanstanley_d27nagn.jpg, 3000x4800, 1 times posted
Why are we starting at issue 5? I checked Darkspeeds profile and I don't see any prior issues there. Maybe the others were deleted or started on another profile or titled/tagged differently?
Nah I followed her for a while she was always a SIlver-fag
It's based almost entirely around their interaction in SA2.

Arsworld exists.
ta_issue_5_page_1_by_evanstanley_d28fpnt.jpg, 3000x4500, 1 times posted
Only two pages for this but hey, we got a naked Tails! Well, Tails is always almost naked aside from the shoes and gloves.
Tails looks like an anime character here.
I meant before Sonic 06 came out. She mentioned that some of her earliest attempts at drawing were of Tails. She's definitely on team Silver now.
ta_issue_5_page_2_by_evanstanley_d2dy7cr.jpg, 3000x4500, 1 times posted
Yeah, what's Altria? We may never know!
That can't be Tails' parents, they haven't even mentioned democracy!
tails away amy.jpg, 1800x2700, 1 times posted
>amy with wings
We'll see what's up with that in a bit.
tails_away_character__tails_by_evanstanley_d1y1o1k.jpg, 2656x2065, 2 times posted
There's not much else, definitely no comic pages of this series. Here's Tails and here's...
Issues 1-4 are here:
tails_away_characters__amy_by_evanstanley_d1wy7u9.jpg, 5306x4123, 1 times posted
AMY THE DRAGON?! And of course, she still has a thing for Sonic.
>tfw no dragon/hedgehog gf
So that's that for this series but we have a couple more things to do!
d8kmdlg-da9c3898-d344-4d55-8506-5cc047fa0e52.jpg, 1240x2233, 1 times posted
I have some random comics by Drawloverlala! We'll be doing BT by them tomorrow but for now... this!
Thank you! I'll take a look at it later!
d61pesc-d1625421-9b44-4bc1-9880-6862ca446759.png, 880x1400, 1 times posted
>squidward: i didn't need to see that
d78s34z-3d66815a-9b65-4ee8-bab8-3d53fe1351a1.png, 1442x1900, 1 times posted
I also realized that I pretty much posted the last stuff for this story! Ha, I'll be sure to do the whole thing another day!
There is a AOSTH fancomic I like but it is done by a controversial artist.
Was not expecting that!
...this ain't it chief
extra_by_drawloverlala_d9o0rih-fullview.jpg, 1024x1783, 1 times posted
I remember that episode. I didn't like it. Thankfully it's just a prank this time. There's a lot of Sonic Boom comics. Way more than I was expecting.
Define "controversial"?.
She really hates EmuEmi.
hammer_buddies_by_drawloverlala_deru5s7-fullview.jpg, 1600x2462, 2 times posted
Wasn't expecting a World's Unite fan comic!
Link me.
Why does this matter?
k_boom__by_drawloverlala_d7tgjq5-fullview.jpg, 1024x1350, 1 times posted
More Boom stuff! Season 3 never!
cute, i was disappointed when they were together in a cover but didn't interact in the actual comic
I'm sure someone's shipping them! You better post the one with the president's pants though.
sweet_nanites_by_drawloverlala_d83lpd1-fullview.jpg, 1024x2048, 1 times posted
Another Tails and Nicole one page comic! Cute!
Thanks, I'll look into it.
Wait forget the AOSTH comic that's too controversial.
Princess Amy needs more love.

It is based on Boom and actually completed.
1.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
Last story for the night is Seaside Open! A mini Sonic comic by a very good artist!
2.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
Two against one? That's hardly fair!
Too late, my interest has been piqued! I did look at the Princess Amy comic. Not sure but I'll add it.

If tails wanted to win he should be puffing jet every two seconds.

And I'm talking about life in Fallout in general. Is there a time to not be taking drugs in Fallout? That's right, never.
3.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
Shadow serves with EDGE!
4.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
Damn, Tails! What's going on buddy?
I never bothered taking that stuff in Fallout. I play clean.
The fuck, Tails?
5.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
Poor Tails, absolutely intimidated by Shadow. But Shadow's just a teddy bear under all that edge.
6.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
Pep talk from big bro!
7.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
He's believing!
Poor guy just lacked the confidence!
A fucking comic about tennis
Could be worse. Like a comic about camping.
8.jpg, 1920x2719, 1 times posted
And that's that! We're done with the odds and ends this night. Sorry for being late but I want to post some banger of pages from TMoM! The last couple threads went to bump limit so fast.
But you fucking lost
29.jpg, 1280x1920, 2 times posted
I think I'll just post some from the last chapter. Just a few pages. This was a helluva reveal and those mentions of Antoine missing...
I just looked her up and it doesn't seem bad. A far as I can tell she was involved with the weeb wars/kick Vic stuff, overreacted to a doxing, and has too many copies of the Sonic movie, but nothing awful.
Never thought I'd see a fan comic centered around tennis, but it's really good!
34.jpg, 1280x1979, 3 times posted
Of all the pages to miss and ended up posting much, much later, it had to be this one. What a fucking burn!
47.jpg, 1280x2067, 2 times posted
Actually, I want to post this, too. What a nice reversal from the hostility Sonic got from Tails and Amy before.
52.jpg, 1280x2209, 3 times posted
And of course, how could I not post this! Eggman being the key to saving the day! Can't wait to see what he found out!

Anyway, that's it for the night. I got a lot of new things to add to the list but we went through quite a bit. I promise not to be late again so we'll start with Brotherhood's Twist and Buzzbomber Mishap tomorrow! And after that we'll do Heroes Come Back for a couple days after that!
Found the Drawloverlals comic about the president's pants. It's short and definitely worth a post. https://drawloverlala.tumblr.com/post/150407648116/so-if-you-are-having-a-bad-day-just-remind-sonic
I feel so fucking bad for Antoine. Fuck Sol and fuck Zielo.
Updated list! I keep putting the posted comics away and find even more! Thanks to everyone that has contributed!
Cute! I'll see about putting them into one image and post it another time.
What does the list look like so far?
list.jpg, 379x860, 1 times posted
Oh yeah, posting the image would help.
Even more of a bummer that he's apparently supposed to be Archie Antoine who got his world eaten.
Archiebros... we can't stop losing...
>Cute! I'll see about putting them into one image and post it another time.
Excellent, ty!
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Add it
There is also the one >>128491321 mentioned.


But I think this has every single page, though.
I still wonder if the Mogul in the TMOM is supposed to be the same Mogul from Archie.
He might be. Especially given we know from Silver's future in Archie that he got a massive slice of humble pie just from the world getting trashed there. It getting completely eaten and erased was probably an even bigger blow to his ego.
Seconded, and the post the animated version too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TI4dS5xkQU
Mogul may have gotten a wake up call of what he looked when he destroyed the multiverse during DESTINY from seeing Zielo.
penders_tweets.png, 1062x1192, 1 times posted
Penders gonna freak
0.jpg, 807x967, 3 times posted
Okay so I added this. It's still going which is nice. I like the expressions and it really has AoStH down, especially Sonic's horniness. I'm always wary about human characters and obvious self inserts in general.

But what's this about the artist being controversial? Just wondering if it'd derail the thread if I post this series.
1641603437136.png, 391x391, 5 times posted
>Finish first page, all that's left is dialogue
>Have to go through FireAlpaca's dumb fucking text editor
>Have to scroll through a billion fonts, none are the one I use for dialogue
>Font is fucking gone
Have that.
Will add that.
Have that.

Thanks to everyone!
Will the Zone Cops finally do something in a storytime?
Pfft, no.
mobius_legends__1_page_8_by_theshadowimperator_da8_by_zedrz_dcy1g5k.jpg, 1599x2050, 3 times posted
There's No Zone Archives. Mobius Legends had them about to do something but... nothing came of that. Why is it always Nega? Can he stop dabbing on these incompetent cops?
When you don't see Nega in a game, that means he's styling on the Zone Cops.
That's weird, the art looks great at full resolution but terrible in the thumbnail.
There's some weird effects, I think purposely done to achieve the look of the show. It varies in how well it looks.
zielo blush glance.png, 1283x800, 2 times posted
So, would you a Zielo?
For me, it's pre-corrupted Heephis.
church.png, 1280x800, 1 times posted
Nice pick, even in background art he's pretty cute. Scrap/evil Chip still best boy for me though.
I think you might've missed my earlier recommendation of "SONIC: Phantom Forces" made by ebetto on DA so i'm recommending it again, it's pretty surreal and has great art.

I mean Illumina is a full goddess and not some Demi God
It's already on there, bro.
>Zielo keeps Maginaryworld around because he enjoys dreaming.
The author needs to make this canon.
>tribal Blaze and post-apo Amy
No. I would a Celios though.
tumblr_nl9u8oOm7q1s23i8po1_1280.png, 1086x842, 1 times posted
What do you think of tribal princess Blaze?
shadow_and_celios__life_by_gigi_d_d9jww87-fullview.jpg, 1024x1232, 1 times posted
Interesting choice, I feel he's the one we see the least of in the comic.
I'm all for any drastic AU's that take advantage of the setting. Looks good.
We see him the least, but he sounds like the nicest of the gods.
So can we all agree to ourselves that IDW is unapologetically and objectively bad? Is IDW the first ever Sonic "interpretation" to be bad?

Like, would anyone here really be sad or bummed out at it being cancelled, like everyone was with Archie or StC being gone?
Kind of a spicy topic because that'll just lead to fingers being pointed. Some will blame Sega, some will blame Ian and Evan. I blame everyone. But I will say that Ian and Evan have been at their blandest with IDW. Not horrible. Bland. And I think the best way to really test the impact IDW has on writers would be to bring in more writers. I think Tyson wrote some classic era stories for IDW but that's pretty easy and makes me want a classic ongoing from them. For god's sake, nobody's using them because Sega split them off. Do something!
What is there to do with the Classic characters? Sega won't let you do shit with them in any ongoing format.
RCO005_1487458067.jpg, 1988x3056, 5 times posted
Simple stories. Adventures with Sonic and his friends. Slice of life stuff. Eggman being just a simple evil genius flying around and yelling at Sonic. That IDW issue and Mega Drive were fun. And I say that as someone that likes the Archie stuff as well. It's just that there's a lot of classic characters that can't be used in modern but they can still be used in their respective era. It just hasn't been done outside of the occasional issue or, in Archie's case, mini.
The majority already thinks its bland as fuck.
The artist should have changed her shoes to something more tribal. Maybe he didnt want to draw feet ?
sonic wide.jpg, 483x311, 17 times posted
>sonic artist
>didnt want to draw feet ?
16392350457840.jpg, 500x500, 9 times posted
Wow, Sonic has his own FoE: Horizons.
Worse. Could be about watering plants.
Zero Learned...
>Sonic: Light Speed Slash
>Tails: Tornado Cutter
>Amy: Piko Hammer
>Knuckles: Heat Knuckle
>Rouge: Gem Divekick
>Espio: Chameleon Kunai
>Charmy: Hornet Hop(Air Dash)
>Vector: Sonic Crush(Giga Attack)
>Shadow: Chaos Hold
>Blaze: Burn Wave
>I just looked her up and it doesn't seem bad. A far as I can tell she was involved with the weeb wars/kick Vic stuff, overreacted to a doxing, and has too many copies of the Sonic movie, but nothing awful.
Ahhhh, just casual internet drama. Nothing serious. That's fine.
Its just bland
lightspeed_attack_redraw__colored__by_kendo64_dekvf82-fullview.jpg, 1024x733, 1 times posted

No one will see this but here you go.
Oof! I'll still storytime the comic.
Oh god, his tails are whirling.
s_t_c_issue_17_page_2_by_okida_deywnwc.png, 689x1052, 2 times posted
S.T.C Issue 17 Page 2
It's good to know Mike Pollock continues to be the nicest person associated with Sonic. I still don't really get what happened since half the tweets are missing.
Tikal looking a bit weird in normal clothes.
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 18-45-19 Amazon co jp Customer Reviews ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ〈1〉フォールアウト .png, 1009x250, 1 times posted
the nips will be sad because they're low on sonic material
Are they that desperate? I thought they didn't care Sonic that much over there?
>I thought they didn't care Sonic that much over there?
They don't, but they'd have to be blind to not notice Sonic's popularity in the West.
Sega acts like it sometimes.
All three comic portrayals are bad in their own right, IMO.

People were sad over Archie and Fleetway ending mostly due to nostalgia's sake and due to the particularly shit ways they ended behind the scenes.
Are Sonic comics cursed?
>People were sad over Archie and Fleetway ending mostly due to nostalgia's sake and due to the particularly shit ways they ended behind the scenes.
No. People were sad for all the precious lore and characters with cool potential being all thrown out into trash harshly. IDW, meanwhile, presents none of that.
When IDW tries all you people say is that it sucks.
>When IDW tries
That's the thing: it never does try. It's objectively the worst of the three. It's committing to nothing, it's bland, nothing happens, it's fucking soulless.

>all you people say is that it sucks.
It sucks, conceptually and by execution wise.
It's due to two reasons.

For Archie and Fleetway, the issue is that the good writing came a little too late, ESPECIALLY for Archie. All the lore and characters that >>128505913 mentions wouldn't matter if they were the shit they were in the early years. The only reason losing those comics feels like a loss is due to the fact they got canned right as they were getting good.

For IDW, the issue is just that they're a little bland. Whether or not you think the mandates are an issue, it's clear the actual problem is that they're demoralizing both the staff and the fanbase.
It's not that IDW sucks, it's that it's bland. It's a perfectly adequate comic for a franchise tie in, but that's not what the fans want. Ian's on his third reboot and Evans on her second. That's a lot of lore and plots that needed to be scrapped since they either won't fit with the new characters or they won't be allowed with the current mandates. It's understandable that they might be disengaged. Even the Archie reboot had some interesting hint of lore covering the first super transformation that could have been really interesting.
Go read other shit then. You're in the wrong franchise looking out for good stories.
>it's clear the actual problem is that they're demoralizing both the staff and the fanbase.
Well said! I'll be absolutely livid if working on IDW causes Evan or the others to be disengaged with Sonic, not just because I like their fanworks and want to see them continue, but because they deserve to enjoy Sonic.
>shitting on Fleetway unironically
Please go away, troll.
Did any fan ever try translating Archie or Fleetway to japanese ?
>The only reason losing those comics feels like a loss is due to the fact they got canned right as they were getting good.
Literally everyone laments for Archie's death (and I guess for StC) for FFs, for the loss of shitload of great looking characters and shitton of lore. People were attached to the comic out of its legacy carrying. Archie never really had actual good writing, and even so it still had its niche.
as far as i'm concerned, no
1643043801130.png, 500x500, 24 times posted
You seriously think I don't enjoy reading the comics, even though they're objectively bad/mediocre?

The question was "are any of the comics objectively good?" and the answer is fucking no. Each of them has key flaws that keep it from being objectively good narratives. That has NOTHING to do with subjective enjoyment, however.

I'm pretty sure Evan has been disengaged by not being allowed to draw a single character barefoot.
>It's not that IDW sucks
Yes, it does. Being bland is legit a worse crime than being outright terrible, in fact.
Fleetway lost a lot of swing after Robotnik was finally overthrown.
No, lol. It was good for all its run. Bet you were just filtered off by Brit Sonic's cockiness.
There are no translations for either, but nips know SOME stuff about Archie. They seem to like Scourge and Zonic for the most part. I don't think they have anything on Fleetway.
Well no wonder all they know is SEGA Sonic.

Maybe its what missing to make Archie/Fleetway more popular there.
Pick one and only one, retrd
Instead of fighting, can't we just blame the Zone Cops? It's probably their fault anyway.
>for the loss of shitload of great looking characters and shitton of lore
People didn't give a shit for 90% of that. You either just liked the Freedom Fighters or maybe a few comic-exclusive characters. And the lore was something most didn't write home about.
Sega doesn't know shit about how to manage any property well. It's not just Sonic.
It literally is, given they could have taken the Prime Zone's Robotnik before he became a real issue.
>Almost every issue just became random villain out of the month.
No, that was the definition of losing steam. There were some good stories in-between, but a large chunk was boring filler. Even worse when it started to slowly phase out recurring characters.
suicide through inaction.png, 617x570, 10 times posted
Those lazy bastards.
People don't give shit for the Sonic cast as a whole, not even all and any game characters, to be frank. I unironically only like Knuckles, Tails and Amy, Blaze along and Metal Sonic, besides Sonic and Eggman obviously.

The problem is the people behind this franchise have no darn professional and competence to handle fucking characters.
When is IDW getting storytimed anyway ?
The person that wants to do it wants to wait for issue 50 and IIRC it's in May.
Is there anything special about that issue ?
Theory: Was the Archie universe actually the Prime Zone like Zonic actually said or did it serve another purpose?
Milestone issue that everything is supposed to be building towards. We're pretty much in filler/buildup mode right now.
prime.jpg, 2100x1059, 4 times posted
Seems to be a chicken or egg thing. Zonic says it's the prime zone and so Sonic is the one that's been sent to other universes and interacted with other versions of himself. So after a while, Zonic saying its the prime zone is justified because everything crosses through it.
You just know she has a feet layer in each of her IDW pages, never to be released.
I get what you mean. I don't hate IDW, I'm just indifferent to it. I'd rather a comic be engaging rather than "good." A comic can survive lacklustre art or poorly written dialogue, but not creative disengagement.
Literally everything's their fault.
Look, I didn't oversleep today!
I like to think that the games are the prime zone, and Archie is the distraction the Zone Cops use to keep things stable.
>Zone Cops put a target on another Zone in order to protect another.
Would be kinda fucked up.
I am pleasantly surprised that something can mix Sonic with Fallout and NOT go into edgy cringe. Would like to see more of this.>>128490826
>A commission that I believe is an alternate end to THE SLAP. Remember that great moment in Archie Sonic history?

I don't understand why people hated that. I found the Slap hilarious, simply it was so over-the-top and made for cheap drama.

Like, I know this short comic is among the better reps that StC has a fan comic, but I thought by now artists would learn that it's OK to draw Tekno in away that DOESN'T make her look an absolute mog.

Also the Fleetway Amy really hammers home how very different StC is from practically every other incarnation of Sonic. She's basically a tranny here

Shame that SEGA and Paramount are rushing the Sonic lore out in 3 measely movies just to get to AdventureKrap. It would have been great seeing Idris The Echidna renact this legandary moment

>They robbed us of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: The Movie

>He's used to his adoptive big bro being an idiot getting into wacky situations.

That what makes their dynamic great. If only someone can capitalize on that

>Ian Flynn is writing for Sonic Fron-

Yep. If only...


>Shonen Sonic

Gah. Get it away!!! It's the worst combination since Achovies and Pizza or Macaroni & Brussle Sprouts!!!
>It does feel like that. Sonic being the hobo not allowed to have a home and Tails having a house and a workshop.

Sonic is basically the lazy older brother who can't hold a job, fills the fridge with booze & mooches off his more responsible younger brother, but always takes care of him in important matters - whether it be in a big fight or giving Tails a big hug.
I think you're missing the key point here -
like >>128497655 said, Classic Sonic (and SEGA Sonic in general) is not really compatible with an American Comic style monthly ongoing format.

And like I've been saying for fucking ever, I think the best compromise for creating better, more enticing stories within the rigid SEGA-stamped foundation is to go the YA graphic novel route.

Just have some short complete stories come out every often a year, whether to host some anthologies, have a big epic adventure or cash in on the latest game or movie.
I was gonna tell you to explain Yakuza, PSO2, Sakura Wars, & Hatsune Miku...

But then I remember outta all of them, only Yakuza isn't experiencing a downward spiral in quality and popularity...and even now, with Nigoshi gone, Judgement STILL having a hard time getting a good footing and RGG being stretched out to other projects, the future is uncertain whether the team can recapture the same lighting in a bottle that made Y7 so popular with the mainstream.

And those are the franchises that DOESN'T have any western appeal. SEGA basically wrote off ANY franchise that isn't popular in Japan unless their name was Sonic.

At least there is always PuyoPuyo.