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Unofficial Archie Sonic Storytime #6

Previous Thread: >>142776141

Paste: https://pastes.io/ym8ziu3v87
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: https://mobiuscomics.com
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org

Note: Tomorrow we’ll do Scourge Eternal Blackout!

Heroes Come Back
Silver has helped take down the “traitor”, Mecha Sally! Mission accomplished! So what now? How about some more work for the Secret Freedom Fighters? With Shard out of commission and half of the team gone on a mission, Silver and Larry will be working with a new agent. An ex-legionnaire by the name of Stripes. Silver just got done dealing with one traitor, now he has to work with another?

Question: Are there any Sonic OCs that you like? As in characters that aren’t official in any way.
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English isn't this artist's first language and it's pretty rough in the first chapter but it gets better after that.
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Starting right after the last preboot issue before the crossover which apparently never happened.
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Also, this should be a treat for those that wanted more Secret Freedom Fighters. Also, the art is really good and will get a lot better.
>sad Nicole

>Question: Are there any Sonic OCs that you like? As in characters that aren’t official in any way.
It's been a while, so I don't remember her name, but I really liked the pirate captain from that one steampunk AU fancomic. She was a legitimately intimidating and fierce opponent.
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Sadly, Sonic Universe #50 still happened.
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Call tech support!
>It's been a while, so I don't remember her name, but I really liked the pirate captain from that one steampunk AU fancomic. She was a legitimately intimidating and fierce opponent.
The one where it's all sky pirates and she was like some One Piece type of villain?
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Fist bump.
Eh, still more dignified than Retold.
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Why are you so naked, Larry?
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Do it for Shard.
>you can't make an ooc fool of yourself if you're deactivated
>The one where it's all sky pirates and she was like some One Piece type of villain?
Yep. I feel bad that I don't remember the title, because it was pretty damn good.
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>inspirational music starts playing
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I forgot if he won the OC award but he was at least top 2.
Sonic Vanguard IIRC.
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Off to a great start.
Sonic Vagabond! That's what it's called.
whens the Boom fancomic
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Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun.
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Funny enough this comic never talks about the bombs. I guess we'll assume they're deactivated.
Sorry, no fetishes this last leg of the race.
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Exactly. Silver, you fucked up quite a bit. Go ahead, ask Sonic about it.
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Now to be less naked than usual.
Geoffrey but better
Vagabond! That was it, thank you! Man, what a solid comic. Relatively recent too, since it featured those two bullies from Origins.
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Ah, that tension!
16.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
>let's do it
To it!
He's in this, too!
And it's still updating. Recently started a new chapter.
wheres mina
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What's the worst that can happen?
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Mission start!
You just missed her.
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Better than Weed Hair.
>Question: Are there any Sonic OCs that you like? As in characters that aren’t official in any way.
I love Stripes and think he gives Silver the best dynamic he's ever had
I do love how Harvey calls Silver out on his hypocrisy here.

>last panel
Is this going to turn into a rivals-to-lovers situation?
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He's great whether you think they make great friends or something more.
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Interesting that Silver is the serious stick in the mud one.
I don't think Putin would approve.
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Everyone should be able to spin dash. Sonic should have classes to teach people.
6.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Larry's luck working out in his favor. Maybe.
7.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
It may be stinky but I think I'd take Larry's route over Silver and Stripes'.
The hedgehogs at least should all be able to spin dash, since it's a feature of their anatomy. It bother me to no end that Silver never does it.
8.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Stripes acting sus.
Mobians are gay
9.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Uh oh!
He's the odd one out in many ways.
10.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Something's wrong.
More like bisexual but most couples we've seen are straight.
11.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
T. Xorda
12.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
13.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Bloody hell!
Mobians are bisexual. We've been over this.
>Scourge Blackout
>Archie Sonic Forever
What else
14.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Stripes did what he wanted.
15.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Out of time!
I got a couple things from Chauvel but I'm going to post those in the last thread with Archie Sonic Forever.
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Yes anon Sonic and Tails suck cock while having wives, sure.
Y'know, Stripes, maybe don't outright attack the guy. Not really making a good case for yourself, pal.

>second and third panels
Okay yeah, it's totally on purpose.
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I'm sure they'll be fine!
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Now to learn about this sassy OC twink.
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Congrats on not being dead!
I'm sure/hoping Stripes has a good reason for not saying what he's doing.
2.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Where's the fun in a mission that goes smoothly and as planned?
3.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
And that's where he got legionized.
4.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
>last panel
What a slutty distress pose.
5.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
>busted leg
>inspired by the freedom fighters
So naturally he'd join the fight against Eggman!
6.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Or not.
7.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
That's rough, buddy.
8.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
The best thing you can do is laugh at your poor decisions and hardships.
>I want to make a difference in the world!
>So I joined the D.E.L!
... Wha?
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One day Silver will look back on all the times he accused the wrong people and pissed off Sonic and laugh.
10.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
What luck! Larry's alive!
Set off all the bombs?
Maybe he was drunk at the time.
11.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Time to escape!
12.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Need a lift?
13.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Something tells me that Larry doesn't have good news.
Y'know, if you wanted to be an FF spy, maybe you should've told the FF first.
Sally suffering???
14.jpg, 2176x3071, 1 times posted
Nope. That's not good news.
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Time to obliterate some twinks!
Hindsight is 20/20.
She's suffered enough.
>first panel
>Silver: Wow, and I thought I was a dumbass.

>third panel
Stripes, quit trying to seduce him.
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Let's end this mission!
>Stripes, quit trying to seduce him.
If Silver falls for Stripes acting normally that's on him!
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Sounds like the fight isn't going that well.
Oh it's one of these fucking things. The giant hammer wielding Egg Pawns are always a pain in the ass.
2.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
You cannot do it to it.
3.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
Not even rocks can stop it!
4.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
And away he goes!
5.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
Save us, Stripes!
>short it out with an electrical charge
But none of you guys are Flight characters. Unless Silver qualifies, I guess. No, instead you have to either Tornado Jump its helmet off, or have your Power character punch it after it finishes its hammer spin.

... I did mention I kinda hate these enemies, right?
6.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
That hurt!
7.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
Hat's off to you!
Gotta improvise!
8.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
You need to be stopped!
9.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
Oh no! Oh yes?
10.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
What a nice surprise!
11.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
He's got a point.
Oh bullshit! If Heroes was a good game, you'd be able to do that. Y'know, we talk a lot about how Sonic Team's biggest issue is that they seem allergic to iteration, and Heroes is a great example of that. Granted, that game got fucked over by Sega being bad at business, but you still could've taken another crack at the idea.
12.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
And that's how the Heroes Come Back.
13.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
Silver rocking that ponytail and Larry is back to being super naked.
14.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
I guess this makes them friends now.
Shard is dead
15.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
Who approves.
That's kind of an awkward nickname, even if that backstory is from a different continuity.
16.jpg, 2000x2823, 1 times posted
What a shame.
He's just sleeping. Like Antoine is.
Team sexy
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And now to bring in a bunch of other characters.
1.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Naugus just up and disappeared!
2.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
wet twin wolves.jpg, 498x653, 1 times posted
>Lyco and Leeta
>soaking wet
3.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
>imprisoned by the sand blasters
I can only imagine the torture and all sorts of other degenerate things Stripes was subjected to.
4.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Everyone's sleeping! Even Sally!
As long as it doesn't become Little Nicky.
Oh yes!
5.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
We're going with the Krudzu approach for this. Meaning Thrash probably still got rid of all echidnas.
I choose to believe that Harvey refuses to subject anyone to that sort of hell. The director has fewer scruples than most, but he's still a good guy.
6.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
And there's your explanation!
7.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Eggman's paying a visit, eh?
He must have some dirt on Jack to get him to hand over Stripes.
Mecha Sally is kinda cute when she's sleeping.
8.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Oh right, that note future Mammoth Mogul gave Silver.
9.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Oh, he mad!
Wanna pinch her metal cheeks!
I'd like to think that the ONLY reason we haven't a Freedom Fighters joint op to whip Jack's ass to the stone age is because the Sand Blasters are warm bodies against Eggman.
10.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Now Sonic's mad!
11.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Who's here to help Sonic?
That and they never get the chance to. It's out of the way and would require a lot of work to take out a group that aren't directly attacking them.
12.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
And it looks like she got her robot limbs back!

Deal with Metal Jobber quickly and make an omelette NOW.
13.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Things aren't going good for Eggman and it's not going to get any better.
14.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
This seems familiar.
Oh! Such bloodlust!
Ooooo! Looking pretty cool there, Bunnie. And she FINALLY got the right arm cybered up too. Not gonna lie, that has always bothered me.
15.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Sonic in Your Face! Remember that special?
16.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Sorry, no villain murdering today.
It's a good look.
17.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Oh darn, you can't go back to your future. What a shame.
18.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Who could this person be? Oh! Oh no...
19.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Shame she went ahead with it. Also a shame she's more covered up than before.
20.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Oh thank Chip, she saved her feet. Different coloring for them.
>can't go back to your ruined hellhole future
... Oh no, how terrible.

Wait... SILVER, NO, that is a terrible idea!
21.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
>ywn hug bunnie
>ywn hug nicole
Double fuck!
22.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
>Wait... SILVER, NO, that is a terrible idea!
Maybe. Maybe not?
23.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
It's good to see someone doing this interaction.
welcome back.jpg, 351x334, 1 times posted
>live in New Mobotropolis
>somehow turn against this
No amount of magic could ever make me mad at Nicole.
0.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Old guys and their young apprentices. Time for some bad touching!
Oh so THAT'S where the hyperventilating Silver image comes from
1.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
At least Silver learned about what his master has been up to during this time period.
Imagine Nicole always greeting you when you come home.
Oh god i'd kill to be in the middle of that hug.
girls.jpg, 315x568, 1 times posted
Girls are cute, and I love them.
You're right Conductor. I will never (be able to) hug Bunnie or Nicloe. That REALLY sucks.
2.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
It all makes sense!
3.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Tumbling twinks!
It's a good reaction image.
Girls are pretty good.
4.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
>larry wearing shoes
I was only joking, Larry! You can go around as Chip intended if you want!
Reality sucks.
5.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
There has been a lot of villains exploiting heroes.
6.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
7.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
That's it. Butter him up.
8.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Oh Silver, did you really think you'd get his help for free?
To be "fair" to Silver, him being from the future is an open secret by now, so it's not like Mogul had to work too hard to piece that together.
9.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
It's the council! And Rosemary has a new look!
10.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
>steal geoffrey's body
>get his authority swapped over to him
This guy!
11.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Wow, Sonic still has that scar.
Silver's still supposed to keep as much of himself a secret.
mogul-sensei noticed me.jpg, 185x330, 1 times posted
I do actually like the idea of Silver meeting present day Mogul. It's probably what Flynn was going to have happen since it's the logical next step in this storyline.
12.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
More pressure on getting Sally deroboticized.
wow these threads can fuck off
13.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
On the one hand, Geoffrey's douchiness has come back to bit him in the ass. On the other hand, it would've been really good if it didn't this time.
14.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
>no voices
>no need to take meds
Naugus doing fine!
15.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
Unless LHT ever gets released, this comic is the closest we'll get to seeing it.
Hmm. Not many but I remember liking stripes in this so I guess him
16.jpg, 2126x3012, 1 times posted
And what's MM's response?
17.jpg, 2067x2953, 1 times posted
What else would it have been?
He's got a great design, personality, and everything. A solid character.
>Sally taking the throne
Oh fucking finally. That should've happened ages ago. I like Elias and all, but he literally only exists because Penders didn't want Sally to be queen for whatever idiotic reason.

... Is the phrase "crying wolf" racist in this context?
Can't deny I enjoy watching Geoffrey suffer, he earned it.
18-19.jpg, 4160x2953, 1 times posted
Probably not what Mammoth Mogul was expecting.
poor shard ;_;
20.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
>Oh fucking finally. That should've happened ages ago. I like Elias and all, but he literally only exists because Penders didn't want Sally to be queen for whatever idiotic reason.
But Sally doesn't want to be queen. At least not when she wants to run the FF. But that all got interrupted with being roboticized.
21.jpg, 2126x3012, 1 times posted
Well, you got what you wanted. But it's not what you wanted to see.
Especially when his double crossing and douchebaggery is rubbed in his face by the person he screwed everyone over for.
Its him!
22.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
That betrayal of trust. Poor Silver.
Hey, at least he's not dead.
I remembered this moment, but I misremembered it being in the official comic
23.jpg, 2126x3071, 1 times posted
Mind raping aside, at least MM is a man of his word. He has shown that in the past when he was controlling Mina, Mighty, and Miles.
Oh I see. Time loop. Mogul started changing his ways because Silver inadvertently showed him that the world is fucked in the future and all his scheming was for nothing.
24.jpg, 800x1585, 2 times posted
Oh man, no way that can fail.
I can see why. The art and writing are so good.
0.jpg, 900x1301, 2 times posted
And now for the chapter where the comic ends at the absolutely worst time.
So you're saying that Silver fighting back was of no use?
Yeah, I was gonna say, this is actually really good. Like this could legit be official for how strong the writing and characterization is.
1.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
Bunnie and her long flowing hair.
>And now for the chapter where the comic ends at the absolutely worst time.
AGAIN? Why are all these continuations fucking cursed?
2.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
Sleeping beauty.
Yeah this artist has a really great art style and is a great writer. Shame they don't do much but illustrations these days.
Gee Silver, you're kind of being a bitch. And I like stripes already. I think he's supposed to have some southern accent too which is cute
3.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
Have no fear, Amy's hear for like a panel unless she pops up in another one that I don't remember.
4.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
>chuck holding bunnie's boot
I am obligated to say "imagine the smell."
I think it was money issues and then there's that whole thing with Russia and Ukraine.
5.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
Stripes will gladly take a chili dog from Sonic.
Maybe she installed a chainsaw.
6.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
At least Eggman's preoccupied right now.
>Nicole working on saving both of her beloveds at the same time
7.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
Eggman! Metal Sonic is not a television!
25th_160930_01.png, 810x1855, 1 times posted
Weirdly Silver's adventures in Sonic Channel often have time loops where he starts or creates the thing he was investigating
8.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
The future looks bright and cloudy for Shard!
9.jpg, 1024x1463, 3 times posted
The big day!
I'm rooting for her!
that lil trickster!
Ivo, don't hit your sons.
I'm guessing in this continuity, Bunnie's uncle Beauregard decided to hook her up with some cybernetics without Eggman's knowledge. He probably secretly uses anesthetic for those he legionizes.
10.jpg, 900x1286, 2 times posted
Uh oh...
Which is pretty funny because aside from stopping whatever fucks over his future, Silver should strive to not make an impact in the past.
11.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
It's true. Geoffrey wouldn't hurt Sally (except that time he beat up the Freedom Fighters) but this isn't Geoffrey!
This is what I need from Bunnie. I need her to be an optimist with a smile brighter than the sun. It gives me life.
12.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
Annnnnd that's it! Of this series. There's other stuff like an incomplete comic of Stripes' time as a legionnaire and some other stuff. I'll probably have to post everything else later (unless Thirstposter beats me to it). But tomorrow at 7pm EST we'll do Scourge Eternal Blackout. That should be two threads.
rowr.jpg, 257x286, 1 times posted
>... Right after I help Sally.
Sorry Shard, but the wife is Priority #1.

Nicole reminding everyone that she's a cat.
That sucks
Leg disrespect.jpg, 3037x2333, 1 times posted
Silver's gay sitting is actually a disrespectful gesture in Japan.
t-tails-sama, no, please, not again.jpg, 255x351, 1 times posted
>Naugus low key having PTSD flashbacks
Thanks, conductor.
He's not even really a disrespecting type tho.
I love the way Finik draws the sisters. It's both very cute and makes them look more like Sonic characters
1707016885619452.png, 394x368, 1 times posted
MOTHERFUCKER. ... Sigh. Well, it was pretty solid apart from the abrupt end. But them's the breaks. Once again the universe conspires to prolong Sally's suffering.
tumblr_601ef82cc2d10634461318cceff68636_0d4adbcf_1280.jpg, 960x768, 1 times posted
He's the Japanese version of brash which just comes off as kinda autistic to westerners. The way he points at people and addresses them is also supposed to be disrespectful apparently.
1696652994654633.png, 302x387, 2 times posted
>a page away from Sally getting better
>it ends

What is it about this squirrel that causes people to wanna see her suffer?
I think it fails as him possibly being disrespectful is entirely due to him being dumb and misunderstandings but that shit is brief and otherwise he's just a normal guy who just just happens to sit like a gay most of the time.
Smart plan!
Okay, now silver really does look like a fag here
It's like the leaf on his head. It means something specific to the Japanese people that made him but registers as something completely different to people outside of their home country.
You're spending your day shopping and catching up with friends in New Mobotropolis. It was a nice day off from your usual line of work, especially since you got a bonus, so no need to worry about tipping after your next dinner. When twilight rolls in, you sit alone at the park bench, excited for what's to come, watching various people come and leave, mostly leaving to rest up for the next day.
Out of the ground pops two bare talons. You don't know Who they belong to, but Whoever they belong to thinks you're one of the best masseuses in town. You look around to see if anyone's about, but a message pops up from a screen embedded into a tree telling you, "Don't worry about anything else. Let us! Just do your job, and do it well! But we don't have to tell you that."

You do as the screen says and get to work on those talons, hoping they're not too sharp. Minutes into your massage, they begin to curl in satisfaction, as though they've never gotten a break in years. Soon, your fears of getting scratched by these powerful, secretive talons come to pass, being replaced by gratitude for the opportunity to work them. Just by the movements of your secret customer's talons, you can tell the appreciation for your work just by the way they move, slowly and sensually, just like the way you work.

The screen tells you to take your time.

Completely satisfied, the talons recede back into the ground. The morning after, you notice your bonus getting even larger. And when you come into work later, an unexpected sight meets your eyes. Those talons you worked on yesterday appear in your shop, and attached to them is an elderly owl.

"Nice work, yesterday. Now, how about the rest of my body?"
Leaf or weed, it just looks kinda dumb and seriously uncool, espically when compared to the other hedgehog spikes.
Stripes has that effect on him
wavin.jpg, 279x375, 2 times posted
She's a genuinely good, yet flawed person who is also very cute. She's premium angst bait.

There's also the ancient meme that suffering builds character. The ostensible reason you put your protagonists through the ringer is so they'll eventually work through the trials and come out stronger for it. People like Sally, and so they want to see her overcome adversity. Hence why so many fan creators dunk on her so hard. At least, that's how I see it. It's entirely possible people are just sadistic freaks.
The wolf twins are really cute here!
Jack cameo!
Took Sonic long enough to show up!
Eggman is such a dick
Bunnie is back and looking cool!
Sonic... you had eggman in your grasps...
fur_and_fun__silver_and_stripes_by_finikart_dc75sxd-fullview.jpg, 900x690, 2 times posted
Is there a single fan comic that portrays Silver as what he's supposed to be - Future Trunks?
Every comic I've seen of him he's a gay little bottom bitch.
Or downright weak/pathetic/dependent.
Or both.
Finik just wanted an excuse to draw feet. I just know it
I thought the last comic did a pretty good job of giving him a brain.
Technically this would make Silver an Ixis, Ixis Silver.
Yep! on Pixiv, you can read moon runes right?
Maybe kb might deliver, they write sonic in character so maybe Silver will get the same treatment.
Oh shit its hamlin. And I really like rosemarys look here. Not that im entirely againist mobians with hair but I kinda like rosemary non hair look before and I like this going back to it with a few changes. Its neat!
We have to get Sega of America to treat Silver like Future Trunks and not a gay and/or retarded baby before we can expect that fandom to do that.
Evan will continue to write uwuver and you will love it
Does this trunks fag come back constantly just to repeat the same "MUST SAVE DAH FUTURE!" over and over like Silver? I have the feeling he's just as lame and overhyped as silver is.
Naugus is such a dick but I still like him
1707651492687736.jpg, 600x978, 1 times posted
I do enjoy a healthy dose of happy and cute Sally, so I must be one of the weird ones.
1412972566280.png, 333x438, 6 times posted
She's primarily known for the suffering, but she's still a cute freedom loving chipmunk girl after all.
Actually a bit peeved he never got to confront present mogul. The guy he looks up turned out to have a terrible past and questioning everything. I really like the writing here as it actually finally fufilled what I wanted.
Stripes The Raccoon.jpg, 736x663, 3 times posted
Squirrel and Hedgehog.png, 827x1961, 2 times posted
hexafusion__secret_freedom_fighters_by_rae_gal_d9dq1wp-fullview.jpg, 1024x1102, 2 times posted
1703727513160041.gif, 404x347, 28 times posted
>ends right before sally is turned back
Not like this....

But thanks conductor. That was a fun read with really nice art. Finik is a great artist.
I was going to ask what if Mogul had all 7 Chaos emeralds, but he's already had the power of 12 emeralds when there were a bunch of them, before the Feist-ering.
11149.jpg, 900x1247, 3 times posted
Forgot to say, but I surprisedly liked Stripes. Like he was an original character just suddenly inserted as shard was out of commission but oddly just works. Like his dynamic with silver almost is kinda like shard and silver but he's like a lot more flirtier if you get me. Idk but I just like the dude and his design is really nice too
13150.jpg, 2400x2713, 1 times posted
13723.jpg, 757x1055, 1 times posted
So this is where that Stripes character that Thirstposter likes so much comes from
My favorite is still Omlette. She's such a perfect "bratty niece" archetype character for Eggman to have as a second in command.
1710988940591507.png, 2800x2100, 1 times posted
In Hunter x Hunter terms I see an Enhancer-Transmuter Dynamic with Silver and Stripes
>Enhancers are determined and simple. Most of them never lie, hide nothing, and are very straightforward in their actions or in their thinking. Their words and actions are often dominated by their feelings. They are generally very selfish and focused on their goals.
>Transmuters are whimsical liars and they're prone to deceit. Transmutation users have unique attitudes, and many are regarded as weirdos or tricksters. Often they put forth a facade while hiding the truer aspects of their personalities
>According to Hisoka, Enhancers and Transmuters have opposite personalities, and they might be attracted to each other because of it.
Karl Bollers published a number of plans he had intended to implement in the comics following Sonic the Hedgehog #134 that were ultimately never used:
>Sonic and Amy becoming a couple after being stranded at sea together and keeping it a secret from Princess Sally.
>Tails reuniting with his parents by traveling into space on a modified Tornado.
>Amy's origins being explored in a fuller adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
>Knuckles departing Angel Island after learning that his presence exposes the location of the Master >Emerald, going on a global pilgrimage to learn martial arts, and battling a Dr. Eggman controlled-Monkey Khan while under the control of the Iron Queen before discovering the Master Geode.
>Sally being a pawn in a villainous plot by the corrupted Source of All and Ixis Naugus to prevent the future first previewed in Sonic In Your Face!.
>Bunnie and Antoine breaking up due to a change in Antoine's personality, with Bunnie's origins later being explored and her true name being revealed as Scarlette O'Hare (which may have served as the inspiration for Scarlette Rabbot and Bunnie's codename when she was in the Metropolis Egg Army).
>Antoine gaining his scar due to an accident with a knife and becoming a villain after allowing himself to be possessed by a corrupted Source of All in hopes of winning Bunnie back.
>Rotor retiring from field duty in order to pursue a role analogous to that played by "Q" of James Bond fame.
>The Source of All surviving Robotropolis' destruction and reconstituting itself in a remote mountain range, beginning to exert control over King Max, brainwashing the Arachne Clan and another group of Spiders known as the Strand, and possessing Antoine while under the control of Ixis Naugus.
>Locke and Lara-Le putting aside their previous disputes to help raise Knecapeon "Kneecaps" Mace after his father Wynmacher ends up in the Egg Grape Chamber.
>Robotnik kidnapping Hope Kintobor under the pretense that he is the only correct choice to be her legal guardian, while genuinely using her as bait to lure in Shadow the Hedgehog.
>Ixis Naugus attempting to return by transforming Max's body into a duplicate of his own, only to be thwarted by the destruction of the Crown of Acorns.
>Mammoth Mogul beginning to age rapidly due to his original Chaos Emerald running out of energy, forcing him to seek out alternative sources through illicit archaeological expeditions and hiring mercenaries like Nack the Weasel. The Master Geode, a powerful gemstone that would fulfill Mogul's needs, would be contested by him, the Iron Queen, Robotnik, and Rouge the Bat.
>Nate Morgan surviving the destruction of Robotropolis, being de-Roboticized by the Bem, and returning as Coconuts' amnesia-addled ally, who creates a new Metal Sonic, Metal Amy, Metal Knuckles, and Tails Doll that are mistaken for Robian versions of the heroes.
>Snively taking up a fifteen foot-tall mechanical battlesuit and the alias "Skarkus" in pursuit of revenge against Robotnik for leaving him alone against the Xorda, leading to an alliance between him and Shadow.
>A.D.A.M. and Nicole becoming romantically involved, leading to A.D.A.M. seizing control of the Shadowbot army and leading them from New Megaopolis to Knothole.
>A new Dingo Regime leader named Colonel Mange being introduced, with Croctobot, Jack Rabbit, and Gala-Na being reintroduced as Robotnik Sub-Bosses over Downunda, the Great Desert, and Albion. This would have led to the disappearance of the Downunda Freedom Fighters and a confrontation involving the Mercian Freedom Fighters.
>Evil Sonic coming to enjoy impersonating Sonic and enjoying the love of his parents and adulation of his people, leading him to plan to eliminate Sonic and permanently take his place.
Basically they're Gon and Killua
>The one who taught me almost everything I know.
You should get your money back because you didn't know shit in Archie.
__like_a_serious_person___by_finikart_dbeboor-fullview.jpg, 800x1118, 2 times posted
lol, it really did stop being made at the worst possible time. How bluebally.
Thanks anyway Conductor.
issue 6 cover.jpg, 900x1585, 1 times posted
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 6 Cover

The fight for the last chaos emerald heats up! With Sally’s life on the line, the Freedom Fighters are forced to help Eggman. They’re nothing more than pawns in a growing conflict between two villains! Can Sonic turn things around or will Eggman get what he wants? And what about Tails? Is he ready to learn about his heritage?
>a.i. am in control
But hey! It’s super sonic and tails vs battle lord!
Like Rock Hudson?
Where did you find this ?
Since someone wants the thread to stay alive, let's keep it alive and be very active in it. I do have more stuff to post later.
You can find it here.
silver it's horrible.jpg, 468x288, 5 times posted
I still don't get the hate for Silver. It also feels like it intensified the past few months.
I can see why people don't care for the fancomics because it happens a lot. But isn't that the true spirit of Archie? Especially the preboot?
A victim of shitty writing and the seperation of his character from it's original intent (trunks ripoff) at least in the american version of him.
And how's he been doing in Japan the past 18 years?
Pretty fine actually, there was a JP poll and he came in top 5
Like that anon said earlier in the thread he's big on Pixiv and I assume on Twitter too.
For those who cant into color codes its
Sonic > Tails > Shadow > Knuckles > Silver
But how's Sega treating him?
You mean Sonic Team right?
Pretty well in the JP side of things, he's getting new art and stories over there.
NA continues to baby his character.
Blazefags getting uppity
eggman trollface (baitong9194).png, 800x435, 6 times posted
>new art and stories
So he's appearing in comics like in IDW?
Combination of factors including debuting in 06, having a shitty whiny English voice, first appearing in one of the most frustrating boss fights ever(if you don't know what you're doing), his own gameplay being slow and janky, his sidelining/constant shackling to Blaze, his leaf head design that a lot of people can't get over, his time travel premise and being seen as having no personality(most people don't even know he's supposed to brash). He's a very Japanese character that's constantly butchered and misunderstood by westerners.

Archie Silver is disconnected from most of that but Ian still made him an incompetent punching bag half the time.
When will Silver get his own game or anything that expands on his past or rather his future?
I think that ship has sadly long sailed. Shadow is only getting new stuff to shill the movie.
Maybe if he shows up in the movies and that makes him popular enough to justify one.
Hopefully he shows up alone and not with blaze then.
Hopefully. IIRC the films have the rights to 06 but not Rush.
Did not know that, thank fuck then.
Feels like a Sonic 5 or 6 movie. By that point Sonic's going to need a new dad.
I dont think we'll make it that far and if we do it should be full CGI by that point.
FzPDqTQaAAInZnJ.jpg, 1920x1080, 1 times posted
Phoneposters are a mistake
1699739786638675.png, 595x912, 1 times posted
I don't dislike Silver, but I also don't care about him.

In a certain way he is kind of the opposite of Future Trunks, while one feels like part of the group even after his arc is concluded and he returns to his time, the other feels completely detached from the main cast while still being forcibly pushed into the stories.

There's no bigger proof of this than the fact that the character who seems to be closer to Silver in the eyes of the fandom is Blaze instead of Sonic or Shadow or Tails or Knuckles or anyone else who isn't literally from another dimension.
Blaze herself has weak relationships with anyone from the main cast that isn't Sonic, but at least in her case she is tied to the main character.

It also doesn't help that he's an hedgehog and Sega decided that due to this he must get more focus than any other animal regardless of how much it contributes to the story.
In a way he feels like the Game version of Belle the Tinkerer, he just keeps getting pushed into the limelight with no thought behind it.
What can even be done with Silver? It's obvious Sega doesn't want to completely forget about him like they've done with 90% of the characters in the franchise. The portal thing is dumb but at least it's something for him to show up. Give Silver a future could provide Sonic a new place to go to. Adventures in a shifting timeline like the last Ratchet & Clank game. Same can be done with Blaze and her world. Sonic keeps getting dumped in random places when he's got another universe and the far future to visit. Plenty of games not from Nintendo for Sega to rip off. And of Prime ever came back they could do time travel. Kind of dumb they never bothered with Blaze in that series.
the problem with belle.jpg, 704x728, 2 times posted
So basically pic related.
At this point that can be any character that isn't Sonic. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy can do a dance for about a minute.
What are you even complaining about?
Blaze not even playing a role in the show all about dimensions and au stuff is actually fucking insane to me, like instead of the pirate verse coulda just done the Sol Dimension or even if he’s a worthless character, you coulda had Eggman Nega on the Chaos Council
Stripes is best OC twink, and we proved it democratically during the Ride awards!
Metal's such a sore loser
I'm still traumatized ;_;
Hey, it's the Geoffrey betrayal bench!
>those grippers
lmao, Silver has such femme posture
Plap plap it's best boy and Silver's future boyfriend Stripes!
Oh, you'll warm up to him eventually Silver!
They're all so cute!
They look so great in those outfits!
It really is a fantastic comic. I'm surprised we haven't had more sky pirate settings in the fancomics
>Ah, that tension!
The tension is plappable!
It's such a cute pet name!
>Is this going to turn into a rivals-to-lovers situation?
I wish! I'm pretty sure it's a Well, Just You wait! situation
Sonic's gonna Lara-Sue him!
Poor Larry ;_;
Their first lover's quarrel!
Asbestos no! How could you betray Silver like that?
Cute and canon1
Silver's entire thing is attacking people first, asking questions later
At least Silver's listening to reason now
lmao, what a scamp!
>What a slutty distress pose.
He's all naked and vulnerable!
>So naturally he'd join the fight against Eggman!
An intellectual on par with Silver!
An entire legion of twinks!
Stripes you slut!
Health bars in Sonic were a mistake
>Time to obliterate some twinks!
Nice to see Silver making shields
They really did suck the fun out of things
He said the thing!
Go stripes!
It's like they're allergic to iteration
Larry's so adorable here!
They're all sweaty and tired out!
>I can only imagine the torture and all sorts of other degenerate things Stripes was subjected to.
Oh my!
Oh yeah, it's a Sonic comic!
It's Geoffrey, hero of the people!
Waku waku time!
Yeah, her regular asymmetric look is a little odd
>feels completely detached from the main cast while still being forcibly pushed into the stories.
>There's no bigger proof of this than the fact that the character who seems to be closer to Silver in the eyes of the fandom is Blaze instead of Sonic or Shadow or Tails or Knuckles or anyone else who isn't literally from another dimension.
He's painfully underdeveloped in this regard. He's shown inklings of friendships with Knuckles, Espio, Tails and Shadow but has never had a full casual conversation with anybody. He suffers both from debuting at the start of the "shitty friends" era where no one but Sonic could get focus as well as his own focus almost exclusively being either on missions that are only relevant once or being with Blaze who he doesn't have a clear cut dynamic with.
>Sonic in Your Face! Remember that special?
Who could forget!
I was on the fence on if I should do this but whatever
God this cover is awful, I’ll admit that art can be hard but this one is getting into clusterfuck territory k? The composition is everywhere, its making my eyes dart around there is no visual focus and let’s not get started on the conflicting art style of the death egg, it looks so incredibly out of place. The ‘I am in control’ text is slightly hard to read with that font man. Personally I don’t understand why you need add this text to your covers, enter brutus, first place or dead last ect. You should not be telling me what the story is about through text, the cover should indicate that visually otherwise what’s the point of the fucking cover lol? And then you have MORE text on the top telling me what I’m looking at, WHY? WHYYY????

I know you want to tell the reader ‘hey I have multiple stories here!’ but you really don’t need to do this. Pick one thing to make a cover on and focus on that or if you really need to have the multiple things then think of a better way to display this.
If you wanted M sally to be the focus you could do the character with everyone standing in the palm of her hand. If you wanted sonic and the death to be the focus then make those the focal point with sally/kukku and tails in the dark side of the death egg, faded. If you wanted kukku and tails then make kukku huge standing over tails with his glasses reflecting sonic n death egg and sally in the other. There are so many different ways you could have done this. btw there are better ways to display your patreon, all it does is make your pages messier and create more distraction. Add a circle saying ‘please support on patreon with a link or QR code instead of wasting valuable page space.

Think about how simplistic Archie 175 is, it is fucking beautiful and its just 2 characters with a black background and some light from above.
Now kiss!
>Old guys and their young apprentices. Time for some bad touching!
It's all Greek to me!
>Girls are cute, and I love them.
Well enjoy your cooties then!
Twink pile on!
>tfw you stand just like Silver in the bottom-left panel
I feel personally called out ;_;
>Geoffrey as Regent
Not-Naugus sure has a flair for the dramatic
>Wow, Sonic still has that scar.
It's interesting to see lasting battle damage
Yeah, it's a really interesting premise
Maybe he should've been less of a prick
He's horrible.
The paneling's really nice here
>Silver's actually thinking things through
lmao, that's our Mogul!
The art and story really is fantastic
>There can be more to life than "priority one, hedgehog". You've got the same inner spark right? You can grow too

>I've got to end the war. You'll never understand that!
So close to a resolution ;_;
Thanks anyway though Konductor
>gay sitting
It's just more comfortable!
>The way he points at people and addresses them is also supposed to be disrespectful apparently.
Sonic does that too, so it tracks
lmao, another fine entry!
He's still kind of an idiot in this one, but it's pretty funny: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-05-05-the-adventures-of-silver-the-hedgehog/
There's also The Vulture, where he's a delinquent: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-01-17-the-vulture/
>So this is where that Stripes character that Thirstposter likes so much comes from
Not just me, he was voted best OC twink in our awards!
0.png, 1098x2616, 1 times posted
But it's a nice gift. I think Sonic should keep it.
3_000.jpg, 612x786, 2 times posted
>317 posts
Well it looks like it's time for some more Sonic fancomics! Last time I did the second issue of Knux Redux, a Nolan's Batman-inspired take on Knuckles' origin from Archie.

Issue 1 thread: >>140517552
Issue 2 thread: >>141218853
3_001.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
Let's try to resolve disputes peacefully, with our fists!
3_002.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
It really is a cute outfit. For those that haven't read the previous issues, Knux has been training with the Dark Legion
3_003.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
The other guy's Rykor btw. He's Kragok's other student
3_004.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
Kick his ass Knux, peacefully!
3_005.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
What a sore loser!
3_006.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
Maybe fighting next to the explosive barrels wasn't such a good idea
>Silver and Blaze standing next to each other
3_007.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
lol calm down Rykor
3_008.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
He's too busy striking a cool pose to notice the fire
3_009.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
He's fine! Probably
3_010.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
Walk it off Knux!
3_011.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
Even the explosions are exploding!
3_012.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
It's the Matriarch!
3_013.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
3_014.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
Noooo, his cute outfit's ruined!
3_015.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
At least he made it back home
3_016.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
>grippers exposed
3_017.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
Oh no, it's the forbidden hat!
3_018.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
So determined!
3_019.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
To the hat wardrobe!
3_020.jpg, 564x799, 2 times posted
A plan emerges!
3_021.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
New outfit time!
3_022.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
>talking to the ME
Not a good sign!
3_023.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
The leather pants and sleeveless shirt was cuter, but this is a nice outfit too
3_024.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
At this point in the comic, Echidnopolis was thought to be lost and not just out of phase with the rest of Mobius
3_025.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
Wish granted!
3_026.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
Oh no, something's got Knux' leg!
3_027.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
Remember these two from the Archie comic? They were two of the first civilian Echidnas Knuckles ever saw
3_028.jpg, 800x1280, 2 times posted
Knuckles no!
3_029.jpg, 991x1586, 2 times posted
I can't believe Phoenix Wright's an Echidna!
3_030.jpg, 640x1024, 2 times posted
And away he goes!
3_031.jpg, 800x1236, 2 times posted
That last panel gets me every time
3_032.jpg, 800x1280, 2 times posted
And we end issue 3 with Knuckles unconscious and vulnerable!
4_001.png, 800x1209, 3 times posted
Issue 4! The guy on the right's Guardian Hawking, and is Knuckles' great grandfather
4_002.png, 750x1134, 2 times posted
Flashback time!
4_003.png, 750x1005, 2 times posted
Fun fact: Kragok's father Rutan was a total hunk
4_005.png, 750x1005, 2 times posted
Sadly we're missing a page
4_006.png, 750x1134, 2 times posted
4_007.png, 750x1138, 2 times posted
My husbando's so cute in the third panel!
4_008.png, 800x1213, 2 times posted
B-but Remy's supposed to be the constable ;_;
4_009.png, 750x1137, 2 times posted
There he is, the guy that Locke won't let die!
4_010.png, 750x1131, 2 times posted
And sadly that's it. This page came out in August 2009 so we're probably not getting an update. Still, it's nice to see how much people enjoyed the classic Penders era of the Knuckles comic
HIs very existance is forced and this is best seen with shit like the hedgehog trio in which their just isnt any real chemistry with sonic and shadow and the very forced thing with blaze too. He's just crap.
0.jpg, 1219x914, 1 times posted
For those interested, I am done with all the preboot, issues of my reading order list, but still have to start working on the reboot ones, it's just a little less imple than I expected it to be for it to be a smooth reading experience.

Meanwhile, for those who care and still haven't seen it, enjoy the last batch for the preboot issues.
>Blaze herself has weak relationships with anyone from the main cast that isn't Sonic
I mean who doesn't when a lot of characters only think or talk to sonic than each other?
0.png, 2200x1665, 1 times posted
A tomorrower world:
With Eggman defeated, our heroes might finally get their peaceful future, or at least some version of them. But even then, few things are more fragile than good times. Let's take a look.

Sonic Universe #4
Sonic Universe #5
Sonic Universe #6
Sonic Universe #7
Sonic Universe #8
0.jpg, 2731x2510, 2 times posted
Brace for some heavy weapon grade Irony:
Our heroes might have rested a little too much on their laurels, cause this might arguably be the crisis with the most wretched repercussions that could have been prevented with a bit of fore-thinking. But what is done is done and they will do their best to put an end to the great return of the Iron Queen. Also some purple guy.

Sonic #201
Sonic #202
Sonic #203
Sonic #204
Sonic Universe #9
Sonic Universe #10
Sonic Universe #11
Sonic Universe #12
Sonic #205
Sonic #206
Sonic #207
Sonic #208
Sonic #209
Sonic Universe #13
Sonic Universe #14
Sonic Universe #15
Sonic Universe #16
Sonic #210
Sonic #211
0.jpg, 1400x750, 2 times posted
Enjoy it while it last
If truly there was a golden age for the Freedom fighters, it would most likely be there. Our heroes enjoy some real happiness before things take a turn for the worse. Old flame reignited, honey moon journeyed, new friends found, treasure chase and friendly games of fisticuffs... Such good time can not last forever, enjoy it while it last...

Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2010
Sonic #212
Sonic Universe #17
Sonic Universe #18
Sonic Universe #19
Sonic Universe #20
Sonic #213
Sonic #214
Sonic #215
Sonic #216
“Welcome Back, Chao!” from Sonic #217
Sonic Universe #21
Sonic Universe #22
Sonic Universe #23
Sonic Universe #24
Sonic #217 (minus “Welcome Back, Chao!”)
Sonic #218
0.jpg, 900x1205, 1 times posted
Like a nagging feeling...
Make room for the real King, you know, the one who wanted to commit Robot-Genocide. He is better, now he just want to impose segregation. No? Well we'll settle that later. Meanwhile, a few lighter moment still prevail. They will be ruined fast. You take what you can get before a dark future happens. Like getting sent to jail. Or losing what you care the most in the world...

Sonic #219 (minus “Sonic Colors”)
Sonic #220
Sonic #221
Sonic #222
Sonic Universe #25
Sonic Universe #26
Sonic Universe #27
Sonic Universe #28
Sonic #223
Sonic #224
Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2011
Sonic #225
Sonic Universe #29
Sonic Universe #30
Sonic Universe #31
Sonic Universe #32
0.jpg, 1200x873, 1 times posted
Wait, let's start over:
Have you ever thought to yourself "Maybe Archie Sonic is too complicated, let's have a clean state". No? Well too bad, Robotnik thinks otherwise. Fortunately, Sonic is still there to save the day. This time...

Sonic #226
Sonic #227
Sonic #228
Sonic #229
“Sonic: Genesis Awakenings” from Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2012
“Haunted” from Sonic #231
0.jpg, 932x800, 6 times posted
Sonic got 99 problems and Sally is most of them. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and it's now taking a turn for the worst. Friends lost, throne usurped, families torn down, faith in your own abilities and your own nature shattered, your own kind lost... But it's not like our Heroes ever give up. Can they prevail again? Shushhhh, it's a secret (knowing smile).

Sonic #230 (minus “Sonic Generations”)
Sonic #231 (minus “Haunted”)
Sonic #232
Sonic Universe #33
Sonic Universe #34
Sonic Universe #35
Sonic Universe #36
Sonic #233
Sonic #234
Sonic #235
Sonic Universe #37
Sonic Universe #38
Sonic Universe #39
Sonic Universe #40
Sonic #236
Sonic #237
Sonic #238
Sonic #239
Sonic #240
Sonic Universe #41
Sonic Universe #42
Sonic Universe #43
Sonic Universe #44
Sonic #241
“Unfriendly Skies” from Sonic #242
Sonic Universe #46
Sonic Universe #47
Sonic Universe #48
Sonic Universe #49
Sonic #243
Sonic #244
Sonic #245
Sonic #246
Sonic Universe #50
Mega Man #23
Sonic #247
0.jpg, 1032x1431, 3 times posted
Clean sweep:
What do you mean, it looks like I just threw together all the stories I couldn't fit anywhere else? No! It's the game continuity, according to the new realities created by our two favourite evil masterminds. See? It fit perfectly. All those stories predate the events of the crossover. Now enjoy your game ads and shut up!

“Invaders From Beyond” from Sonic #191
“Sonic Unleashed” from Sonic #193
“Sonic Colors” from Sonic #219
“Time for a Comeback” from Sonic Super Special Magazine #3
Sonic Universe #45
Sonic #242 (minus “Unfriendly Skies”)
“Sonic Generations” from Sonic #230
0.jpg, 973x792, 1 times posted
I'm a super fighting robot from the year 2010:
Sonic and Mega Man, the crossover to end all crossovers... Wait, that's world Unite. Never mind. It is nevertheless one of the best crossover ever made, panning 12 issues of constant fun and actions, with heroes and villain at their best. Now to just not ruin the final... Wait... No... Damn! Oh well, even if the ending leave a little sour taste, it's quite a treat to enjoy.

Mega Man #24
Sonic Universe #51
Sonic #248
Mega Man #25
Sonic Universe #52
Sonic #249
Mega Man #26
Sonic Universe #53
Sonic #250
Mega Man #27
Sonic Universe #54
Sonic #251
That's all of it so far.

If you spot any mistake or possible improvement to this list, don't hesitate to mention it.

Next and final batch for the Archie Sonic: the complete and definitive reading order soon...
Nice to see you're still working on the ultimate reading order!
>Are there any Sonic OCs that you like?
I'll tell you one I hate
Silver Head.gif, 540x540, 2 times posted
1698625419659648.png, 256x254, 1 times posted
I see you, anon.
Hell Life.jpg, 850x478, 1 times posted
0.png, 600x251, 1 times posted
It's the writer BEFORE Ian who made Sonic Date Fiona
Tails was technically never cucked by Fiona, seeing that she was never with Tails to begin with.
Fiona, on the other hand, effectively cucked Sonic, with Scourge.
Ian wrote Tails punching Sonic for being an asshole
Ian wrote Sonic admitting to Tails that dating Fiona was a betrayal to Tails and that it had been a wrong way to handle Tails's feeling toward Fiona.
Ian wrote four complete issues telling the tale of Tails defeating the Battle Birds Armada.

Conclusion: The "Tails fan" who come here to shitpost actually hate Tails and just pretend to be a shitty fan of Tails to make more people hate Tails.

The real reason he hates Ian is because Ian actually did right by Tails by addressing how Sonic had wronged Tails and showcasing how Tails was in the right.

Ian wrote Tails being a hero and he hates Ian fo that.
who cares about tails, post images of silver
FsXAW4naQAEpdjt (1).jpg, 1440x810, 2 times posted
much better
SFF.jpg, 600x676, 1 times posted
SFF(minus Larry).png, 864x638, 1 times posted
d9ok37b-16ee96b3-2e72-44c2-84b5-c18878ad36a2.jpg, 690x920, 9 times posted
Penders only did 1 issue, Ian did a years-long arc of it
Don't care about your cuck terminology, Ian is an obese shitter who cucked and ruined Tails
Fiona continued to flirt with Sonic, fucked Evil Edgy Sonic (who only exists to go "duuuurr wot if Sonic but he went eevill???"), and Sonic got handed both Sally and Amy as reward for humiliating Tails
Sonic punched Tails back, Sonic got no comeuppance for humiliating Tails
It was a betrayal to Tails, "admitting" it doesn't fix or resolve anything, and it wasn't done for Tails' benefit at all, and Tails shouldn't go back to kissing Sonic's ass just because Ian self-inserts as Sonic
Tails didn't defeat the armada thanks to Ian's shit retcon story, Tails got beat up by Speedy, gave a whole ass monologue how Sonic would beat up the entire armada easily way better than him, and then Sonic destroyed the whole Battle Bird Armada himself while Tails got beat up easily

Conclusion: the Sonic self-inserters on their archieshit general suck off Ian because he built Sonic a harem built off of shitting on Tails, humiliating Tails and handing Tails' victories to Sonic
Ian wrote Tails as a cuck, and Sonic self-inserters seethe at anyone not sucking Ian's slimy dick.
>bait post to set it off
Sonic self-inserters will do that. That's how much they cry at the idea of anyone not liking their fat ntr fetish writer, all just because he wanks off Sonic like a bad fanfic mary sue.
1706576966185674.jpg, 1199x403, 1 times posted
Next thread's gonna start before this one ever hits bump limit. Just sage or let it hit page 10.
We can do 112 more posts
if that's what you can, but I don't got 100 posts to talk about though and neither does anyone else
Elijah Acorn.jpg, 1200x1185, 8 times posted
>Ian did a years-long arc of it
You mean he broke up Sonic and Fiona by establishing Fiona was lying to Sonic the whole time?
>Ian is an obese shitter who cucked and ruined Tails
Can't be cucked if you never dated her.
>Fiona continued to flirt with Sonic, fucked Evil Edgy Sonic (who only exists to go "duuuurr wot if Sonic but he went eevill???")
Still doens't change Ian wrote Fiona cheating on Sonic.
>and Sonic got handed both Sally and Amy
He never dated Amy.
>as reward for humiliating Tails
Only Sonuc was humiliated as Fiona wonly cheated on Sonic
>Sonic punched Tails back, Sonic got no comeuppance for humiliating Tails
Sonic fully admitted he was wrong and said he deserved to be punched. Ian wrote Tails being a bigger man than you are.
> was a betrayal to Tails, "admitting" it doesn't fix or resolve anything
bro admitting he was wrong and apologising is how you fix bro breaking the trust of bro.
>Tails didn't defeat the armada thanks to Ian's shit retcon story
Ian isn't responsible for the retcon. And if you go by the logic that the retcon make everything before not count, then this would means Sonic never did dirty to Tails either.

Conclusion, you hate Tails and will go full lying and denying to pretend he is bad.
Norgate, is that you?
How about yo get back to work.
What's stopping you from making threads until the janny kneels?
We could but unlike perifag and vidya butts poster we have actual lives.
Shard.png, 2048x2300, 4 times posted
Nope, he did several issues of Fiona being Sonic's girlfriend and watching Sonic beat up Tails' bad guys while singing poetry about how great he is, then hooked her up with Evil AU Sonic so that Sonic can get with Sally and Amy too.
In that case Tails should have fucked Sally in front of Sonic as revenge. Can't be cucked if you're broken up.
Ian wrote Fiona getting with his wank version of "Le Sonic would conquer the world if he was edgee" wank, so that Sonic could get two more girlfriends and still have Fiona
He did date Amy, in Iron Dominion, and also had Amy simping for him even though he's a selfish douche who always insulted her
Sonic wasn't humiliated since Sonic beat up Scourge, Fiona only got with Scourge because he was evil Sonic, STILL flirted with regular Sonic, and regular Sonic was handed two other girlfriends for cucking Tails
Buttkissing the guy who cucked you isn't being a bigger man, if Tails were a bigger man he would have beat Sonic up and fucked Sally in front of him if Sonic "admits" to it.
Going back to being Sonic's buttkisser doesn't fix anything on Tails' end, it just rewards Sonic again for being a selfish spoiled manchild
Ian is responsible for the retcon of Sonic beating the BBA and Tails jobbing to Speedy so that Sonic could look good, he wrote it. This was Preboot.

Conclusion, if you want Tails to go back to kissing Sonic's ass, and for Evil Sonic to get Fiona while Regular Sonic gets Sally and Amy, after how Sonic humiliated Tails for his self-insert writers, then you hate Tails and denying to pretend Sonic deserves to get buttkissed by him.
d5i4abi-0e551d56-e0a5-483f-b81a-033c13c74719.jpg, 1083x812, 8 times posted
No you don’t. You spend hours a day talking about furry feet.
Dreamcast, is that you?
How about you get back to raping puppies with your tiny penis?
>tailsfags be like
That's the surge nigger
Elias_Acorn .jpg, 750x750, 3 times posted
_ddce0342-d608-4fdd-a0f5-4b30f764b73c.jpg, 1024x1024, 2 times posted
>posts cuckold cringe made by a Sonic self-inserter
I don't think that's the own you think it is.
like half the "commentary" on every thread here is either "wew!", calling random furry men handsome, or talking about "grippers". Is it really?
large.png, 894x778, 4 times posted
Better than IDWtranny threads
tfw you cuck yourself.jpg, 776x331, 3 times posted
>Fiona, on the other hand, effectively cucked Sonic, with Scourge.
Which remains fucking hilarious, by the way.
no cuckshit

therefore IDW is way better. Them's just the breaks.
I invented wew
Everyone's saying stripes so im saying violet, hope we get more backstory on her.
idwnic is a cuck.
Issue 50 is proof.
Tangle stole Whisper from Silver
Archie Sonic is 100% cuckshit.
Ian's entire run is proof.
Sonic has terrible taste.
I’m just saying, Tails should’ve deepdicked Sally
in_the_rain__silver_and_stripes_by_finikart_de6koga-375w.jpg, 375x519, 1 times posted
Fair's fair Ian. Give Sally the big fox knot she deserves
66fDhvks_400x400.jpg, 217x217, 2 times posted
Don't you have any fancomics to post instead of cringey bait? This is a fancomic-posting thread.
1710363007278441.png, 794x534, 1 times posted
I was hoping the anon who dumps pixiv comics would be here today since this is an underbumped thread
1.jpg, 2896x4096, 5 times posted
I have both.
Thank you.
>lanolin cringe
ABT can't seppuku himself soon enough
E-EvY5kVkAEjeCl.jpg, 1440x810, 1 times posted
2.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted

You're welcome.
3.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted
Slinger_the_Ocelot_profile.png, 1165x1310, 1 times posted
I wish this guy survived instead of Whisper. He would pretty much be canon Stripes if he did.
4.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted
The font on Nicole's panels says "shard in chapter nine" and "write banana in the comments if you're reading this".
The same font shows up on this page: >>142793708
It says "back to future in chapter ten".
5.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted
who's Stripes?
6.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted

Silver's boyfriend, of course he's a Silver centric character and is therefore shit.
You really asking that in this thread nigga?
I didn't read it, too much Silver
7.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted
wtf Silver's gay?
unironically yes. It's what his themesong is about
Dreams.jpg, 1920x4315, 6 times posted
Yes, his theme song says so
8.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted
E4p2iqtVEAAbiqQ.png, 638x733, 1 times posted
9.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted
>I don’t understand why you need add this text to your covers, enter brutus, first place or dead last ect.
That's an Archie cover staple although you could say it's one of their tackier choices but it's used for a lot of superhero comic covers as well.
>You should not be telling me what the story is about through text
If you mean the text in the post that accompanies the page that's just the "solicit" for the issue and like the text for the other covers gives very vague idea for the issue. Come to think of it, Archie also likes to tell you about the next issue in that box at the end of an issue.

As for the cover being a clusterfuck, I can see what you mean.
10.jpg, 2896x4096, 2 times posted
Elias Harem.png, 1500x1650, 7 times posted
Hot_Coffee_full_comp1.png, 1751x5684, 2 times posted
All pages combined.
this guy is what Silver would look like as a human
>Nope, he did several issues of Fiona being Sonic's girlfriend
While she was seeing Scourge. My point stand.
>In that case Tails should have fucked Sally in front of Sonic as revenge
Okay, so you hate Tails and you are upset Tails isn't pulling a dirty one ike Sonic did, got it, you just want to see Tails doing awful stuffs.
>Ian wrote Fiona getting with his wank version of "Le Sonic would conquer the world if he was edgee" wank
It's still cucking Sonic.
>He did date Amy
Going to the same joint food he always goes to with a freind isn't a date, anon.
>Regular Sonic gets Sally and Amy
He didn't get Amy, anon.

>Sonic wasn't humiliated
Sucker punched by Tails and then Sonic admitting he was wrong and deserved to be punched again.
>Buttkissing the guy
Slapping in the face of your bro why he did you dirty is not "butkissing"

>Ian is responsible for the retcon
He isn't and by that logic, it would means you can no longer complain about what he did before reboot.

>Conclusion, if you want Tails to go back to kissing Sonic's ass
Good thing that's not the case then.
Further proof of why Silver shouldn't exist.
1710648849913320.jpg, 2048x912, 1 times posted
0.png, 1640x2360, 1 times posted
SSS Ears.jpg, 1469x564, 1 times posted
From what I am reading, it means the bad boyfriend was Mephiles.
Zoomer's aren't welcome here, how about a long walk down a short pier instead?
0.jpg, 1024x1280, 1 times posted
Speaking of silver, when he is gonna go back to the future in idw? I hope he does so he can stop chokeholding blaze to be with him
How about into a volcano instead?
>robot plants.
Trash is about to get turned into a Zombot, poor guy.
angry silver.jpg, 661x615, 2 times posted
Either works as long as the Silvaze poster doesn't return.
We still don't know why he's in the past in the first place.
Who is just an alternate Sonic, because Ian shipped her with Edgy Sonics since Other M
Wanting Tails to get revenge isn't hating Tails, it's wanting Tails to get even after Sonic emasculated him. Only a Sonic self-inserters would want Sonic to cuck Tails and for Tails to not get back.
It's literally been called a date by Ian himself, and posed that way in the story
He did get Amy, and Amy simped for him even while he was dating Sally afterwards
And then Sonic punched back, Tails didn't even get to win any fight even when Sonic wronged him. Sonic apologising isn't being humiliated
Tails goes back to worshipping Sonic his entire Universe arc, the Moebius arc AND the very next arc with the Egg Tarantula, all because Ian wanted Tails to be Sonic's buttkisser and for Sonic to be worshipped by everyone
You seem to be getting your stories mixed up. All the stories where Tails doesn't do shit against the armada so that Sonic can be wanked and beat them instead? Ian's. The reboot itself did not cause Ian to write any of those, just Ian's shitty self-insertion.

>Good thing that's not the case then.
If that's not the case then Tails should fuck Sally in front of Sonic, break Sonic's teeth and nose, and tell Sonic to go build his own hoverboards and shit since he's such a spoiled ungrateful manchild who betrays his friends to help himself.
That's what Tails not going aback to kissing Sonic's ass would have been. Not cheering for Sonic and telling Sonic how "cool" he is every single story after even when Sonic cucked him and humiliated him, as is what Ian actually wrote.
Fuck off Ian you fat Sonicfag pig.
Hopefully they just drop him entirely without any preamble, just not being there.
Sonic's a terrible person. He only gets excused for it all because he's a mary sue and manchildren need to self-insert as him.
>Thrash with Surge and Kit
Team Anti-Heroes is a go
Like he already fixed his future, there is no reason to be there
Tails was never good
Silver better.
he can really move
I will never understand adobtables on DA
Surge and kit would need simpler designs to kit alongside Trash, probably remove Surge's rings, piercings, and belt buckle.
Kit's yellow portion of the backpack straps as well.
>Who is just an alternate Sonic, because Ian shipped her with Edgy Sonics since Other M
Fiona only dated Sonic in Other M not Scourge.
>Wanting Tails to get revenge isn't hating Tails
Acknowledging Sonic did something wrong and wanting Tails to do the same wrong thing IS wanting Tails to be as bad as Sonic. You hate Tails and just want him to be written as badly as Sonic.
>He did get Amy
Saying it won't make it true. Eating at your regular joint food with a friend isn't a date.
>Tails didn't even get to win any fight
Tails won. Sonic admitted defeat.
>Tails goes back to worshipping Sonic
Not what it is. Doesn't change Sonic admitted to being Wrong and Tails being right to punch Sonic.

>If that's not the case then Tails should fuck Sally
>wanting Tails to do the awful thing Sonic did.
So you hate Tails and want him to be written horribly. Got it.
except for archie
He spent an entire annual story worrying about that
So? He's just a bitch.
Sonic Shadow Silver?
You know, in the actual comic, they should explain how his time travel works.
Shadow is the only good one, even ABT knows.
No, it's Tails getting revenge against the selfish spoiled manbaby character who humiliated him. Drawing First Blood is different to getting even, Sonic deserves to see Tails fucking Sally so they can be even.
It is a date, the author said it was a date, and in the story it was a date.
If Tails won then Sonic would get beat up, not do better in the fight, hit Tails back then give Tails a condescending noogie.
Exactly what it is, when Tails goes back to worshipping Sonic in every story afterwards and cheering for him and calling him the "coolest" when Sonic does not deserve this because he's a spoiled douche who humiliated Tails to begin with

Nope, I want Tails to get even. Sonic shouldn't be allowed to fuck Tails over and get several girlfriends worshipping his ass then get away with it with zero consequences, Tails needs to humiliate him back and Sally needs to explain to Sonic that even though Tails is a child, he's less of a child than a small dicked man-child like Sonic.
by which I mean basically anything Ian Flynn has wrote
Tails should just kill Eric Cartman.
They can't explain anything because IDW is literally the equivalent of anime filler.
Tails should fuck Bernadette and have her want him to be her son (her bio son is too much of a spoiled-brat disappointment, so obviously Jules' genetics are inferior)
Tails did fuck Bernadette
Why are all tailsfags pedos and incestfags?
We know, Norgate.
Imagine having a time travel character but never showing ANYTHING about the methods of how he does so. Yeah there's that new portal shit but they should still actually show that shit in the comic or something. it's fucking ridiculous.
Why are Sonicfags self-inserters and cuckfags?
Not a sonicfag tailspedo, try again.
and then Sonic threw a manbaby tantrum in the supermarket because Bernadette wouldn't buy him a ps5, so she called Tails again to arrange another stress-relief date.
And Sally looked on at this in embarrassment until a real adult man (Geoffrey) put his arm around her to comfort her.
They might have retconned the portal thing already because everyone hated the idea of him not being able to control his time travel
Having him control his time travel makes him more broken and a bigger narrative mess.
>no Sonic should cuck and humiliate Tails, and beat up all of Tails' enemies, and get several more girlfriends worshipping him too, but Tails shouldn't get back at Sonic, only Tails should be humiliated to wank Sonic because Sonic is a mary sue
Try again Ian. Your entire run is fucking garbage
>still seething
Its beautiful really but I personally can't wait to never post here again.
Just give him a goddamn time machine and get it over with.
Silver Poster.png, 1920x1200, 4 times posted
Every other time traveler can control their time travel so it's already broken in that respect.
I agree. Imagine seething this hard because you want your shit mary sue character to humiliate every other male character and get endlessly wanked off himself, but never get any comeuppance back from the characters you shat on. The mental gymnastics for that kind of self-insertion is through the roof.
Silver Page.jpg, 1365x2048, 2 times posted
like the other guy said, it's honestly kinda broken to control when he can travel and the portal kinda "fixes" it. but that shit is not even elaborated like at all why it happens or even shown. Honestly just having a character who just time travels regullarly appear is always gonna be kind of a mess.
Time Travel will always be a narrative death wish and Sonic Team should have never fucked with it after CD.
All it does is bring up a million but why didnt x happen? and paradox questions
If he had the Knights of Kronos deal from Archie then the mess would be solved. An order that protects the time stream and only allows authorized time travel.
I don't understand why Silver is supposed to be considered a rival to Sonic when aside the misunderstandings, they work together just fine. Silver has no beef with Sonic like Shadow constantly does.
This is why people are starting to ask for Silver to just permanently move to Sonic's time since Sega isn't doing anything with his future.
Shadow doesn't either they just randomly fight for reasons.
Silver is supposed to sometimes get confrontational due to his strong sense of justice (06 and Rivals). Although, the current uwu Silver would never clash with people like that.
>No, it's Tails getting revenge
So you want Tails to do the same awful thing Sonic did because you hate him, got it.
>It is a date, the author said it was a date,
>If Tails won then Sonic would get beat up
You do'nt seems to understand what "winning " means.
>Exactly what it is, when Tails goes back to worshipping Sonic
Admiring someoen for the good thing they acutally do is not "worshipping". it's just recognising someone's worth.

>Nope, I want Tails to get even
He got it. Sonic fully admitted he was wrong and said he deserved to be punched.
Slv_26norb1.png, 807x653, 1 times posted
Huh. Didn't know that was gonna be a thing but there just isn't like that in mainline to give to him.
Silver has only started shit with Sonic due to needing to save his future. He just doesnt otherwise, period. As there is no reason to.
Japanese Team Sonic Racing interviews imply that Silver views Sonic and Shadow as his greatest rivals and the people he wants to surpass. Like everything else with Silver it's pretty underdeveloped though.
thats the fucking problem, the absolute retards over at sonic team JP don't give NA any of this fucking information, so much shit is exclusive to the JP fanbase, you know, all 4 sonic fans over there. It's fucking s t u p i d.
That just sounds stupid and nonsensical.
Nope, because I like Tails, and Tails deserves to get revenge on the ungrateful asshole who did that to him unprovoked.
Yep. Author said, story said, It is.
Tails winning a fight would be Sonic humiliated and beaten up, not just Sonic calling it off after doing better in it than Tails.
No, it's constantly having to yell at the reader how "cool" Sonic is because Ian self-inserts as Sonic, even after Sonic humiliated Tails and by all accounts Tails should know Sonic's an uncool spoiled douche.

Sonic giving a half-assed condescending "apology" isn't getting even. Tails actually breaking Sonic's teeth, making Sonic look weak, getting Sonic rejected by Sally in favour of Tails and made to feel inferior to Tails, and fucking Sally in front of him to show off how much better Tails is than him, is getting even, Sonic self-inserter.
More like NA doesn't care. SoA are the ones that change translations and omit stuff. In the past, it used to be lack of information due to SoJ, but since the 2000s, it's just been simple ignorance.
that's what happens when you want even the rivals to constantly suck off the soulless corporate mascot. The villains sometimes fine but rivals specifically should not do that.
His fans would bitch about that.
Sonic and Shadow are the only ones I can see who can go toe-to-toe with Silver in power.
>Nope, because I like Tails
You want Tails to be written the same way Sonic was at his worse. You hate Tails.
>Yep. Author said, story said, It is.
Last time I checked its Sonic Team JP who is in charge not NA, nothing is stoping JP from giving them the info.
Are we forgetting that it's JP who approves everything apparently?
ohghiri_230724_eye (1).jpg, 1280x720, 4 times posted
We got that clashing again in the story for picrel. He gets mad at Blaze for calling him an amateur and almost fights her instead of the enemy at one point.

Yeah they don't have any oversight with his character and just let Americans do whatever the hell they want with him. It's why he was drawn wrong for years. Complete opposite of Shadow's problem.
Okay? Just saying that thing sounds dumb to have.
Oh really? Did you forget that SoA was the reason why we rarely got vocal tracks like we used during the Meta Era?
Getting revenge on a faggot who humiliated you, is justice, self-serving friend-betraying faggots deserve to be humiliated.
Doing that to your loyal friend and supposed "brother" who does everything for you, is not the same, it's unprovoked and entirely motivated by being a selfish spoiled immature pig-person. Selfish spoiled immature pig-people like Sonic would deserve it, Tails does not deserve it.
The solution to all of this is to simply remove Silver from the franchise.
It doesn't sound dumb. It's pretty simple info.
Not at all and its because JP are fucking spineless idiots. They have the authority and daddy SEGA JP should have told NA to fuck off with that retarded shit
You could have Blaze rival Silver, Omega rival Shadow, Knuckles Tails and even Espio used to be rivals with Sonic. There's a host of more fitting rivals than Sonic and Silver.
Blaze first since she's just as shit and only gets a pass because she's a female character.
Silver is worse than Blaze could ever be.
Silver is bad no matter which nationality he comes from JP EN, I don't care, we need less of him.
>Getting revenge on a faggot who humiliated you, is justice
Two wrong doesn't make a right. And wanting to make Tails as awful as Sonic only show you hate Tails.
Dating the girl your bro has feeling for is wrong. It's always wrong no matter the circumstance. You just want Tails to be wrong because you hate Tails.
Saying it again and again won't make it true. Sorry man, you got nothing to back your claim.
Surge and Blaze should be rivals, they have even more parallels and things to clash over than Surge has with Sonic.
They both seem pretty terrible and suffer from similar problems
>characters aren't very strong
>need to contrive reasons to involve them
>little connection to other cast members than "oh I was playable with Sonic once"
Not a high bar
>characters aren't very strong
Do you mean are? because they are both very broken and any story they are in ends up nerfing their powers.
Evan would take everyone at Sega hostage if that happened.
Imagine if Silver was a one time character who never appeared after that one game. There wouldn't be that problem of having a character whose gimmick that isnt time travel that always appears.
getting back at a shitty person who wronged you isn't wrong, it's right. Wanting Sonic to get away with it and be awarded Sally even though he's a spoiled manbaby douche who humiliated Tails, only shows you hate Tails and want Sonic to be rewarded. Tails should fuck Sally since he's a much better person than Sonic.
Ian saying it makes it true. The story saying it makes it true.
I think he means their personality/characterization. Which for Silver is all over the place because SoA keeps taking him in different directions while SoJ Silver is consistent but horribly underdeveloped.
Unfortunately people can't accept that one of characters are perfectly fine and want their pet characters to show up even if it compromises the story.
I mean their characters, like their personalities, not their stupid powerlevelz.
>getting back at a shitty person who wronged you isn't wrong
By that logic, it's okay to torture someone who tortured you.
>Ian saying it makes it true
Now you are making things up. How sad.
>The story saying it
The story actually says that Sonic do not accept Amy's proposal and they instead go to their usual joint food where they often go anyway.
>it's okay to torture someone who tortured you
Well, we have a certified psycho with no sense of morality, there. I guess that settle that up.
If silver is still that consistently mid after nearly 2decades, that he’s just shit.
Blaze too sweaty
Just saying shit over and over again isn't going to convince anyone of anything you know that? You have to give actual reasons.
Like what?
Blaze is a cat, so that makes her good.
Enjoy your toxo
read The Reveries of a Solitary Walker, by Rousseau
Blaze is a proper and regal but temperamental princess that values protecting the innocent while Surge is an angry punk that destroys shit because she hates the world. They have similar abilities levels as elemental speedsters but fundamentally opposing views and values.
stripes_the_raccoon_reference_2020_by_finikart_ddro9n1-pre.jpg, 1061x753, 1 times posted
Raccoon.jpg, 602x602, 3 times posted
Reminder that Stripes is canon
Why wont they translate the sonic channel stories? what's stopping them? the japanese fanbase doesn't even fucking exist.
I thought there was an official translation.
There are only fan translations
Not written by Ian.
>shitty blaze thread on v was deleted
About fucking time
There's a boob the bat thread though
I love Stripes so much.
I love Sonic so much
It's permanent now.
Cute Silver in that second panel.