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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #91

Previous Thread: >>134700718

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: https://mobiuscomics.com
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org

Today it’s all about Amy! Sonamy, Shadamy, or just Amy! Let’s start with a comic about Amy wanting to prove herself to Sonic by going off on her own. This is Amy Adventure!


Also, last thread had an update for Sonic Phantom Forces AU. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

Question: Do you like being warned at the start that a story abruptly ends or do you like finding out right at the end?
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That's how you know this story will be good! :)
keep em comin
>Question: Do you like being warned at the start that a story abruptly ends or do you like finding out right at the end?
Thinking about it and surprising myself, I think I might actually enjoy being hurt because I might actually prefer finding out at the end.
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It's called Sonic Adventure for a reason! Get your own adventure!
>reads title
Well okay then!
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It's too dangerous Amy. Never mind you have super strength and a magical hammer.
Oh we comin'.
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Amy, no! Tails is just a little boy!
That sudden sting is better than the knowing dread?
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Silly girl, adventures are for boys! Even 8 year old boys!
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Poor Tails!
No.134713601 [Post deleted 17:16:33]
Don't know why it's cracking down now, but I think we have a breakthrough. It's not just some mod, but also one angry anon who get easily upset.

Explain why the moderation seem so arbitrary, reports only result in post deletion and/or banning if it fall into the box of a mod who actually give some level of fuck.

I have only been here for a month and all, had such burst out happened before?
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>tell amy she can't go and she'll yell at you
>tell amy sonic won't let her go and he'll yell at you
>leave without amy and she'll yell and attack you when you get back
What would you do?
I prefer a warning, which is why I label comics as abandoned on the website. I'm fine if there isn't one though.
Ay least it's not Sonikku!
Never thought of it that way
lmao, stabbed by a speech bubble!
More like a desperate clinging to hope that the story can actually reach a satisfying conclusion till the very last moment possible.
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It used to be more common.
Yell right back at her.
it's been happening since we started the archie ride a while back
Miles should just give them his home for a weekend and let them fuck themselves silly.
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Karma for even thinking of misleading Amy!
>I prefer a warning, which is why I label comics as abandoned on the website. I'm fine if there isn't one though.
And sometimes it's fun to just spring the surprise cancellation on the last page!
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>tails is actually relieved his arm got him out of that
I'm reminded of the comic we did where Tails got so pissed at Amy and Cream he pulled out his arm cannon and ordered them to leave his shop.
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Speaking of Cream. Crazy how this is supposed to be Amy's Tails. I just don't see them having the same kind of relationship as Sonic and Tails.
No.134713692 [Post deleted 17:31:37]
There's a reason I added a too hot for /co/ tag to the website, and preserve deleted posts in the local threads
>And sometimes it's fun to just spring the surprise cancellation on the last page!
I'll admit I laugh every time you do that, even when reading the archived threads!
>I'm reminded of the comic we did where Tails got so pissed at Amy and Cream he pulled out his arm cannon and ordered them to leave his shop.
That was 100% justified
I think Tails pulling out his arm cannon happens more than we think. Between Sonic's shenanigans, Amy being Amy, Knuckles is a dope, Charmy is a dope and the occasional Eggman attack or GUN Spy.
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I've seen this scene play out a few times in other comics. Amy tells Cream her problem with attracting Sonic while they're sitting on grass.
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To be fair, Tails is more responsible than Sonic.
>I'll admit I laugh every time you do that, even when reading the archived threads!
Like someone that breaks into a musical number or tells a joke to patients he's about to tell have months to live.
>Do you like being warned at the start that a story abruptly ends or do you like finding out right at the end?
Warned at the start. Ripp the bandage off early.
>Question: Do you like being warned at the start that a story abruptly ends or do you like finding out right at the end?
Both tends to be fun. It's always both entertaining and saddening to find a story that has a cool premise, but stops without any warning. It's a Ride tradition at this point.

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Those sound like consolation compliments.
Most of his inventions are vehicles or something that's helpful. That arm cannon is his one true straight up weapon.
Sonic is a patronizing asshole. Which shockingly, is in character for Boom Sonic.
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>he doesn't value you
Someone had to say it. Usually it's Shadow.
Amy you don't have to get so desperate!

>Tails is 8, yet somehow he's allowed to go on adventures but not Amy
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I wonder what sky Sonic is thinking in that last panel?
Makes sense.
I do try to make it fun.
Caught by the friend trap. Oldest trick in the book.
>to prove herself to Sonic by going off on her own
I read that as “getting off on her own” and was bitterly disappointed that it wasn’t
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>almost gave up when she's just thinking of what to take
This is just like that Spongebob episode where Barnacle Boy wanted to have an adults meal.
Tell them to just hurry up and fuck already.
You should take a crossbow for those long range enemies, Amy.
>Like someone that breaks into a musical number or tells a joke to patients he's about to tell have months to live.
Or both! That Family Guy sketch where a barbershop quartet sing to a patient that he's got aids is still funny
It's important that the Konductor occasionally bullies us to keep us on our toes
It's part of what makes him so attractive!
There's probably no shortage of those comics too!
And a close lady friend!
>I'm reminded of the comic we did where Tails got so pissed at Amy and Cream he pulled out his arm cannon and ordered them to leave his shop.
Tails and his arm cannon, name a better duo.
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Boom Sonic is the one that actually shows he cares about Amy romantically.
>Amy you don't have to get so desperate!
But then she wouldn't be the Amy we know and love!
That's not saying much, given that fucking Omega is more responsible than Sonic.
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Vanilla is better at preparing for an adventure than Amy is.
>ywn go on an adventure with a young vanilla
Cream is doing her best.

I can't believe Cream is the one to drop this reveal on Amy. That's new.
>Sky Sonic: You're too slow, Amy! Come on, step it up!
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How often have we had a comic where Amy is away from Sonic and Shadow? I know there's Spring is Here where she was with Tails. There was also that one not long ago where she was made "evil" and teamed up with Honey.
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Good news, the art gets significantly better this chapter. Bad news, there's only a cover and five pages!
>Boom Sonic is the one that actually shows he cares about Amy romantically.
Hey, Modern and Prime care too! They're just a guy who thinks he's too cool to show it to her face and a himbo dumbass who spills his spaghetti respectively.
>How often have we had a comic where Amy is away from Sonic and Shadow? I know there's Spring is Here where she was with Tails. There was also that one not long ago where she was made "evil" and teamed up with Honey.
I can't think of any, but the lack of her saying Sonikku is always nice!
>Bad news, there's only a cover and five pages!
As is tradition!
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I'm honestly all for Amy going on an adventure on her own. I want there to be more to her than cooking, occasionally fighting Eggman, and lusting after some hedgehog.
>Bad news, there's only a cover and five pages!
Oh, well.
A young Vanilla probably had a shorter temper than even Knuckles.
>TFW Vanilla will never make you best cookies on Mobius . Or give you the best blow job on Mobius.
There aren't many outside of those you listed. I guess Colour of Chaos, if that counts?
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Doing a sick trick while she's at it.
They need to step their game up.
Ah, such as it is.
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Someone's spying on her! We'll never know who.
You hate to see it. But you always see it.
Prime Sonic is stupid, which Prime Amy likes in a man.
>It's discovered that Vanilla in her younger days was a former pro wrestler.
>The Rabbit Lariat and her Brainbuster is the stuff of Legends
It's Thirstposter, thinking of the best way to feed her a genderbender potion.
4.jpg, 689x1019, 1 times posted
>hidden valley
>i wonder how it will be
I expect lots of ranch dressing.
I would love for a comic of young Vanilla.
Or some non-blue board safe content of it.
Oh yeah because she was always with Knuckles... hehehe... oi...
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>Amy with actual hair
I know it's almost a standard, at this point, but I wish more would still draw them as actual quills packed has bigger spikes, as they are supposed to be.

Not sure what to make of when they give Amy longer spikes that basically act as long big noodles, though.
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As promised, that's it! But there's a few more things from this artist.
dia_san_valentin_sonamy_by_tanyhey_d8i2ena.jpg, 800x8000, 1 times posted
I didn't realize this was in Spanish. Oh well, it's a giant chocolate Amy! That's one way to get Sonic to chow down on her!
We all know he's banging Pirate Knuckles!
Those male Amy's were top-tier last thread! That male Rouge was even better!
Well at least it ends with Amy being happy
jealousy_problems_by_tanyhey_darrdfl.jpg, 1100x3337, 1 times posted
I like how jealous Sonic is usually psychopathic and violent.
The only thing Dread is banging is that Prism shard.
amy_rose_300___watch_by_tanyhey_da9ekte.jpg, 1000x642, 1 times posted
>that sally HISSSSSSSSS plush
I looked at the comments. Some were actually against that but some were for it. Others commented on the feet. Now for something else.
Lewd AND delicious.
>that wink
Wait, how does mono-eyes hedgehog even wink?
She should only have eyes for him!
So, the joke is that the chocolate statue also double as a voodoo doll?
revitalize 0.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
So I heard you like comics with abrupt endings! Here's an artist that has an interesting style but sadly no commitment to a comic series. Here's their first one called Revitalize!


Amy looking kind of saucy.
The Ride Never ends.png, 323x295, 6 times posted
>Today it’s all about Amy!
>Question: Do you like being warned at the start that a story abruptly ends or do you like finding out right at the end?
I have more fun reading the story if I don't know, though it can be frustrating at that end (especially when it shows the artist is really gitting gud.)
revitalize 1.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
>who discovers something new
That we'll never know. There's only a cover and four pages of this.
Nom nom!
Okay Schizonic.
He thinks biting it hurt her but the bee stung her at the same time.
revitalize 2.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
That poor clock was just two days away from retirement!
Amy is high as fuck.
Style reminds me of a manga fanzine.
revitalize 3.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
There it is!
Enjoying the story the entire time and then POW right in the kisser!
revitalize 4.jpg, 1024x1536, 1 times posted
>i need to tell you something
And we'll never know because that's it!
It's shoujo looking as fuck.
Considering how strong Amy is, I'm surprised she doesn't ho through more clocks.
in_your_presence_by_beef_ramen_d7ia7vk.jpg, 2550x3300, 1 times posted
I don' t think this even counts as a comic series. There's two covers and one page and that's it. But I like the look.
Slutnic_and_his_pirate_BF.webm, 250x250, 1 times posted
That's kinda messed up
Sonic does say he loves captains, and spends an entire night getting drunk with him!
in_your_presence__new_title_page__by_beef_ramen_d7l2kjb.jpg, 2550x3300, 1 times posted
Who is that purple guy that's not Sonic? No idea. Sometimes I wonder how much I miss not reading artist description.
Judging by that cover, Amy got trapped in a Junji Ito world.
in_your_presense_page_1_by_beef_ramen_d7marac.jpg, 2550x3300, 1 times posted
Here's page (only) one!
He says that whilst making a heart at Pirate Amy, to be fair.
tails_and_women__comic_strip_by_beef_ramen_d74advo.jpg, 1500x2100, 1 times posted
A one page comic where Tails' attempt at looking cute worked too well. We'll take our only 10 minute break and then do more Amy comics.
I love long hair Amy, wish that was her default look
>Sometimes I wonder how much I miss not reading artist description.
Bah, if reading is supposed to be so great why doesn't it have more pretty pictures?
Poor Tails.
I'm not about to let something as inconsequential as facts get in the way of the one true ship!
>Thirstposter refusing reality to substitute his own
He was Shirou Emiya all along!
>tfw no speedfreak hedgehog gf to coax out of the shower after she has another nervous breakdown
lmao, maybe it's reality that's wrong! Shirou's lucky he's hot, because he was definitely dropped on the head as a kid. Gilgamesh best boy though
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Now for a Shadamy comic that picks the worst time to suddenly stop. This is Confession!

1.png, 179x203, 1 times posted
If sonic were a dog...
2.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
As you may know, there's two types of Shadows in these comics. There's the angry autistic one and the flirty smug one. This is the latter but feels a lot closer to a flirty Sonic.
3.jpg, 1696x2208, 1 times posted
Doesn't matter if she loves you, Amy will perform violence on you if she's mad.
Flirty smug Shadow is basically them superimposing Sonic onto Shadow since in the vast majority of cases, they can't write Shadow as he is being interested in Amy.

4.jpg, 1696x2224, 1 times posted
>first shy
>then mad
>now sad
Please pick an emotion and stick with it for more than one page.
>Today it's all about Amy! Sonamy, Shadamy or just Amy
Take us out of the Amy mines.
5.jpg, 1696x2208, 1 times posted
The teen girl comics really do like adding all this FREE SPACE stuff. There's a dozen better ways to go about it but it was the style at the time for DA comics.
>There's the angry autistic one and the flirty smug one.
And I love both!
He's actually Sonic isn't he?
6.jpg, 1680x2224, 1 times posted
Shadow walks the walk, talks the talk, and kisses the kiss.
I like Shadow being stoic and serious. I don't mind if he does a little bit of flirting because even normal Shadow tries to be lighthearted from time to time.
7.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
Hey, a kiss is a kiss!
Even if there were some Sonamy/Shadamy here and there we were largely out of it for a while.
>He's actually Sonic isn't he?
He really does act like Sonic.
The only way is not to play
8.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
And she drops the bombshell!
>tails just stands still and stares off into space
>refuses to say anything or make eye contact
>amy yells at him and hits him with a hammer and cries and runs off
Can you blame him? He gets to be alone with Vanilla
9.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
>twinkle park
More like a drug trip. Say, who's that in the last panel?
I remember kids at my school didn't know if tails was a dude or a girl
10.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
Normally I'd say something like "women expect you to read their minds" or something but Amy made it pretty obvious what she was trying to say. You even kissed her!
Rouge continuing to be a good friend
He's here!
11.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
That S could be anyone! It doesn't even narrow down the potential hedgehogs! If it wasn't revealed to be Scourge, I would've bet money on Silver. Never trusted that guy.
>je je je
Oh this was in Spanish.
Incoming faker fight.
The tenrec slur bit isn't funny anymore guys, goddamn.
Bipolar Amy strikes again!

He got her right where he wants her.
12.jpg, 1700x2338, 1 times posted
Scourge really likes holding on to Amy like she's a doll.
Wouldn't Shadow's kids be part alien?
It's not even a GREEN S, for all Shadow knows he's the kidnapper!
Shadow is a himbo.
>tfw Scourge will never kidnap you
What a twist!
>Twinkle Park
I misread that as Twinkie park
13.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
>cause now i'm going to kill you
That's the Shadow we know and love!
>He's here!
A good chunk of the comics we do are by people that natively speak Spanish.
An actual faker approaches!
We need some Sally/Amy comics
14.jpg, 1518x2150, 1 times posted
What will Scourge do?
>sonic gets cancelled for calling shadow a tenrec
Yes, because Black Arms.
Can Scourge even use the Chaos Emeralds?
15.jpg, 1518x2150, 1 times posted
There's barely comics where they're even friends. But there's some Salamy art at least. Other than that, there's that Chaos comic where Sonic dies and Sally and Amy get together.
This. Take us to the Acorn Kingdom
Maybe, but they likely wouldn't response pleasantly to him.

If Sonic could use the Anarchy Beryl, Moebius' Chaos Emeralds, why not
>That's the Shadow we know and love!
I guess he wasn't Sonic after all
It's fakers all the way down!
He used the master emerald and the anarchy beryl in the comics
16.jpg, 1518x2150, 1 times posted
At least Scourge isn't surprised at Shadow's reaction to that.
I would think so since he was able to power up on the Master Emerald before Locke slashed him.
Shadow's so pissed he's torn his lip!
Zone Cops are on holiday break and drunk off of Egg Nog, please understand.
17.jpg, 1518x2150, 1 times posted
>I guess he wasn't Sonic after all
And yet, angry/jealous Sonic is also a psychopath in shipping comics.
Same energy
18.jpg, 1518x2150, 1 times posted
I feel like Scourge could've prepared for this better.
>secretly mad he's kind of getting into it
He won't take us after we lost him a blowjob
19.jpg, 1518x2150, 1 times posted
Poor Amy, she got what is probably her first kiss stolen and she doesn't know it.
No.134714582 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
I feel like a lot of people ship it just because it's more interesting than any of the canon ships. Sonic and Sally is super boring and the whole "I don't have time for romance" thing with Amy doesn't exactly help. I can see why someone would want to ship Sonic and Shadow, they actually have a friendship and don't have to put the breaks on it for no reason.
>And yet, angry/jealous Sonic is also a psychopath in shipping comics.
It's so bizarre. Fun to read though!
Are we sure this isn't Shadow x Scourge?
Scourge is not a smart man.
20.jpg, 1492x1652, 1 times posted
Oh no, Scourge is awkwardly holding a tiny gun!
Dude basically started an inter-zone war just to take over The Freedom Fighters base. He's himbo Sonic with political power.
On the bright side, Amy has material for her SI fanfic
21.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Dammit, someone got ketchup all over the screen!
>ship Sonic and Shadow
It is the most popular ship!
>You thought your first kiss would have been from Shadow but it was I, DIO--I mean Scourge!!
He's every bit as intelligent as Sonic, so he's also a himbo. An evil himbo!
>It is the most popular ship!
One day it'll be Sonknux. One day!
That's almost as dangerous as a tiny net
22.png, 1091x1484, 1 times posted
I guess this is a deathbed confession! Dohohoho!
>It's so bizarre. Fun to read though!
It really is weird to see. Would like to see more of it.
So this means Sonic was her first kiss
23.png, 1091x1484, 1 times posted
And that's the last page! Damn! Now for one more (incomplete) comic.
Amy keeps dying in these. It's fucking insane.
And these are the pro SonAmy/ShadAmy comics!
No.134714697 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
I actually love the ship, but some of the fans are a bit... crazy. I prefer it as a friendship but there are definitely worse ships in the Sonic series. Like Shadow and Rouge, which is just plain creepy...
1.jpg, 1162x1559, 1 times posted
A Sonamy comic and also a Sonic Chronicles comic. The last time we had something that was both of those was Dark Doppels. But don't worry, it's nowhere near that bad. This is Things You Said!

2.jpg, 1228x1554, 1 times posted
>mushy talk
>spending a page talking about how he's thankful for eggman being a menace so he could make friends and go on adventures
Sonamy? You mean Dexter
In fairness, he's right that if it weren't for Eggman, he probably wouldn't have met most of his friends.
3.jpg, 1255x1472, 1 times posted
Oh, so it's okay to talk about Eggman for a bit but not about anything else?
Gotta have some tragedy in your romance comics. There's also a comic I don't want to post of Amy and Shadow stuck in a trap and Shadow kills Amy to spare her the pain of getting crushed to death.
Forget JJ, even Max is starting to be righta bout Sonic
lmao, I can't believe someone else actually played that game
>There's also a comic I don't want to post of Amy and Shadow stuck in a trap and Shadow kills Amy to spare her the pain of getting crushed to death.
Excuse me what
4.jpg, 1274x1652, 1 times posted
Amy needs to know now!
I think that would unironically be used in some Amy videos where she or the one she loves is shot.
She's been left hanging long enough, Sonic.
>Shadow & Amy get crushed to death
How when they're both way to strong.
>There's also a comic I don't want to post of Amy and Shadow stuck in a trap and Shadow kills Amy to spare her the pain of getting crushed to death.
Perhaps a controversial take, but we don't have to do every comic
This can't be good!
5.jpg, 1693x2184, 1 times posted
Do it!
>Shadow and Rouge
That feels like something that came up because people like Shadow but not with Amy and Rouge is right there and the person doesn't care for shipping her with Knuckles.
Not sure if you can see, it has a mature warning.
Yea it was aSonicRPG and the box art made it look good
>Ever being right.
Who let you back online, Max?
6.jpg, 1700x2192, 1 times posted
Women. Amirite, guys?
Villainos before hos.
7.jpg, 1690x2170, 1 times posted
He's finally opening up! This is about what I'd expect game Sonic to act like when admitting things.
But the gore community comics! The ultra grimdark suffering comics even worse than Blue Priaoner/Murderer!
No.134714838 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
Shadow x Rogue is especially bad in my opinion because it just doesn't make much sense and I don't like this dynamic of the "brooding edgy male with a soft spot for a woman" thing. It's a trope that just bores me personally
>Sonic needing to "think about it"
>when he's had four years
Amy is right.
8.jpg, 1700x2173, 1 times posted
>admits he likes her
>puts his hand on her to hold her
To think this came out a decade before Sonic Frontiers! And that's it for today! I have so many comics still. Plenty more with Amy. Tomorrow at 5pm I might do another thread of random comics before doing a weird one that will be two days to do.
Yeah, this is basically how Modern Sonic would admit his feelings.
Who's your best girl, Conductor?
I'm neutral on it. I prefer Shadow with Amy and Rouge with Knuckles. Shadow's sister complex is so intense I can see him falling for another sweet girl that reminds him of MUH RIA.
>a weird one
How weird we talking here?
Apart from the music not being implemented properly and the story being too short, it was a fun game. I unironically enjoy it and have played it through several times
It's pretty cute
Those are great, but some comics just feel arbitrarily mean spirited.
Thanks konductor!
We all know it's Sally!
No.134714926 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
I prefer Shadow with Amy and Rouge with Knuckles.

Why? Shadow is basically Sonic but more edgy, and Rouge is basically Amy but more sexy. They're basically the perfect matches for each other, in terms of personality.
doom_sally_amuses_me___rally4sally_by_joresuoni_de4uy18-fullview.jpg, 1024x813, 3 times posted
Who else?
ilovetwinks.jpg, 1092x1160, 1 times posted
I want thirstposter to buy and wear this shirt.
hand and glove.jpg, 1200x980, 1 times posted
I really do like opposites attract in how they can create sparks and balance each other out. That's also why I like Sonic and Sally. They spend half their time fighting but they're attracted to each other, have been friends their entire lives, and have the same ideals when it comes to fighting evil. And since Sonic likes spending times with his rivals and enemies, it's no surprise he'd be attracted to a girl that challenges him.
1547896928917.jpg, 1438x957, 45 times posted
>Do you like being warned at the start that a story abruptly ends or do you like finding out right at the end?
Right at the end, its always better if its a surprice

>Today it’s all about Amy! Sonamy, Shadamy, or just Amy!
Is Amy just THE most popular character in Sonic Fancomics? At the very least, just thinking of fancomics, i think she might be tied with Shadow as the second most used character
No.134715149 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
I'm not even trying to bait anyone, it's an honest opinion. The "marriage" concept in Archie was... forced, and just weird. I like when Sonic is allowed to be himself and not some sort of ideal. The same problem applies to Shadow and Rouge, it just doesn't feel real.
I see Archie and SatAM Sonic as a variation, like how Boom Sonic is. Archie Sonic didn't spend his life roaming the world with no home and only looking for adventure. He spent most of his life in a secret village with his friends fighting some guy that took over their home. That alone changes his mindset drastically. Would game Sonic get with Sally? Probably not. He wouldn't show interest in her and she wouldn't push for a relationship. Shadow and Rouge are teammates, friends, and close to being family. That's about it. But Rouge is flirtatious and she would know how to make Shadow open up better than anyone else. That level of intimacy and understanding is what gets people to ship them. That and they're the more mature characters. I may not agree with some ships, I do try to understand where they're coming from. Sometimes it's simply "for reasons."
Amy is the girl character and Sega is finally starting to make use of her as that. Most of her usage is for shipping. At least Shadow has his edginess and rivalry with Sonic in addition to being shipped with Sonic.
bunnie_by_fluffypaperweight_ddt6eiq.png, 1500x1350, 1 times posted
No.134715298 [Post deleted 10:42:20]
Hey, thirsty-bud! Just passing here to remember ye on checking my post from last thread. I replied to you, but you didn't see it because you-know-who.
No.134715310 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
Yeah, but... why would Shadow open up to Rouge of all people? He seems like he'd feel more natural with a fellow Freedom Fighter, like Cream or Amy. You're right, Rogue is flirtatious, but I always took her flirting with her teammates as a way to distract them. I just don't understand why Rouge is the one that Shadow is supposedly so close with. She doesn't have any of the same struggles as any of the other members of Team Sonic, she doesn't have the history with him that Amy or the Freedom Fighters have, she doesn't even have the same outlook and personality that he does, like Sonic and Knuckles. I always saw her as more of a wild card, working alongside the heroes but still being largely self-interested.

If you had an actual point, then I'd take you seriously. Instead you're saying "my opinion is right because my opinions are always right"

I'm sorry for stating an actual argument why I don't like the ship, I'll make sure that won't happen again.
I wouldn't take shipping that seriously. People just do what appeals to them. That's why a lot of times characters are written OOC in these fancomics. All that matters is that it's entertaining. Whether it's a weird ship or making a character a cannibal, at least entertain me. And don't blueball me and drop the comic. I'm looking at you, 99% of people that make Sonic fancomics!
No.134715401 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
Why do you care? If the characters are OOC that just means the stories are written by hacks whose only skill is tracing.
All I care about is being entertained. The only thing worse than being a hack is being boring.
No.134715532 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
I disagree. Hack is worse than boring. A hack is a person who has no standards to begin with, and will never try to improve. A boring person is just a person who has a low ceiling on how engaging their work can be, but at least they try.
>That's why a lot of times characters are written OOC in these fancomics
NTA but do we have any fancomics where that isn't the case? if that's even possible.
Hacks are indeed sleazeballs. The vast majority aren't very good at it.
A lot of the non-fetish Sonic Boom comics get the tone and personality of the characters down well. The Archie continuations do well enough although I'd not include Sonic Retold. STCO is considered the most official unofficial fancomic, even having people that worked on Sonic the Comic work on it.
No.134715648 [Post deleted 19:23:19]
That's just facts.
The one comic where Tails and Sonic switch ages.
Frenzy Sonic
Frenzy Sonic.
randomness_in_comicstyle_xd_by_leniproduction_d218zsp.jpg, 2480x3507, 1 times posted
>the most 'in character' Sonic is also suffering from schizophrenia
You just can't make this type of stuff up kek. But considering that IDWnics a psycho I guess it really isn't too far off.
2.jpg, 1346x5048, 1 times posted
Tails Gets Trolled Christmas Special Page 2
Very wholesome. Good to see dead characters back.
Does anyone have an aproximate count on how many Tails Gets Trolled spin-off are there?
I'd count Ultimate Alternate Reality 1 and 2 as the same. There's also the DBZ stuff that's not on here and now the Christmas special. So at least 6.
58.png, 1248x1920, 1 times posted
Brotherhood's Twist Page 58
What is this? Fruit Ninja?
Extremely wholesome for this series.
Thanks anon
tails draws a gift for marine.jpg, 734x618, 1 times posted
If Marine looked like that, she'd be included in more of everything.
SONIKUU.jpg, 553x610, 1 times posted
Hey, the kid has talent
happy_new_years__by_bluebutters_dfl5vhc-fullview.jpg, 1280x634, 1 times posted
Another one.
i_fucking_love_you____by_greencartoon2000_ddxf5j8-fullview.jpg, 1024x1707, 1 times posted
Drunk Knuckles?

Thats kinda cute.
Dude who draws those Amy with the absolute dump truck of an ass made a 8 minute long animation that is a 10/10.
New enfman update.
I’m glad Prime reignited these 2 and their interactions. Bunch of new art has popped up this month alone.
You're talking to a bot. 'Zo is a bot.
omega eyebrows.jpg, 700x446, 2 times posted
Is it one of Eggman's creations?

Pretty certain it was created by the Death Battle tripfag after his 3 day ban so he could circumvent things like that in the future, so it may as well have been.
What a waste of good food.
That would explain why it got incredibly defensive and made obviously false accusations. No wonder I couldn't tell it wasn't a regular poster. DOHOHOHOHO!
Seeing how Find Your Flame is about Sonic encouraging Tails/Tails gaining the confidence to carve out his own path, I hope Sega makes a solo for him again. Same for Knuckles and Amy, but Tails deserves a new spinoff first.
I hope Tails' new solo game is just Tails Adventure but in HD with ultra-realistic graphics so you can really see the light leave the birds' eyes when Tails incinerates them with a napalm bomb
>The game ends with Tails realizing he needs Sonic around to be his moral compass
>He still keeps the nuke he’s built to fight the final boss as a last resort just in case
God, I would love new solo games but what if the fuck it up. Should Sonic Team work on them or it would be better to let another dev team make spin-offs?
Sonic Team has at least proven that they’ve seen their mistakes and are improving themselves. The difference in quality between Frontiers and Forces is staggering.
eggman bait.jpg, 184x555, 3 times posted
>Sonic and Sally is super boring
Tails engaging in bird genocide in high definition would be too kino for this world.
No.134720872 [Post deleted 10:42:20]
Hey! Good to see you again! I responded over there
That's pretty cute
Second best Knuckles ship!
lmao, Rouge is so mean!
Nice. It better ship with "every route is the genocide route" as its tagline
We all know the nuke's for hiding the evidence from Sonic
It's seriously a good game. It even has rudimentary slope physics! I do have to take points off for the lack of a twink dress up simulator though.
deviantart_513808707_A SINGLE SPECIFIC SHADE OF GRAY.png, 1002x702, 12 times posted
Website shilling time! I've added another 17 comics. There's still about 350 to go so I won't be as detailed in my descriptions and will be ignoring tags for now. The idea is to do a rough first pass on things to get them up on the website and then go over them again in more detail. We're still looking at a few months to get everything up.
Oh, and in fanfic news I've archived all 14k Sonic stories on a03. Not sure where I'll put them, but it's progress! Still have to do FF dawt net, but I did download an archive that's current up to 2016. We'll see how that goes!
Today's recommendations:
For basically predicting the plot of Sonic Prime 5 years early: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-02-13-in-chaos-we-dance/
For humor that pulls no punches: https://the-ride.neocities.org/comics/2022-02-11-classic-hates-his-future/
I still can't believe you're going to try and archive every single Sonic fanfic too.
taiream_week_2022___day_5__multiverse_by_luckyclau_df45g5j (1).png, 1400x1120, 1 times posted
1668645518297227.png, 1408x768, 4 times posted
Sad but true
I honestly can't either. Fortunately, text is much smaller than images so the whole thing should be under 5gb. At least other parts of the fandom are handling the fangames!
You can really see the bloodlust in his eyes!
Warhammer Sticks.jpg, 1000x1751, 1 times posted
Poor Tails.
man, Sonamy is such better pairing than Shadamy
Both kneel to Sonadow
Sonic_and_Shadow_IDW_Issue_6.png, 754x1177, 1 times posted
Hard agree
Every ship kneels to Sonadow, that's not saying much.
issue 1 page 16.jpg, 1000x500, 1 times posted
I changed my mind. I prefer this being the preview image.
the_cursed_amulet_page_35_by_l1atena1_dflb6j4.jpg, 1536x2048, 1 times posted
The Cursed Amulet Page 35
>going to meh burger
From one threat to another.
sonic legacy 9 cover by vanessasonica.jpg, 2100x3150, 2 times posted
>Today's your last day to send in any questions or art pieces for Issue 9 of Sonic Legacy! Questions/art can be sent to soniclegacysp@gmail.com!
Looks like this series will be back soon. We've seen the covers for issue 9 and 10 months ago when the project looked like it was dead.
sonic legacy 10 cover by red rabbit.jpg, 800x1200, 2 times posted
And yes, I know about the behind the scenes stuff with one of the writers or whatever. I always wonder how teams of several people can operate on a single Sonic fancomic.
17.jpg, 1004x1447, 2 times posted
The Heart of a Monster Issue 6 Page 17
file.jpg, 640x800, 1 times posted
No.134724490 [Post deleted 13:44:19]
Would you?
Bunnie looks sad. Go cheer her up, Antoine.
Never ever
FlFCoK_XwAMaR.jpg, 1280x720, 1 times posted
9D9CDF97-F8A2-4AD6-A93C-557C32FDC6AF.jpg, 1024x603, 1 times posted
Sonic and his harem
>Antoine and Voldemort
>no Shadow
Does anyone have that one Boom fancomic where Sonic gets cursed by a moose and his legs fall off and then eggman fights him and green slime comes out of Sonic's butthole? I really need it right now, I was talking to my friend about fancomics and it came up and I want to show it to him
Fuck you for making me remember that
Fuck you so much
9d6.jpg, 350x350, 3 times posted
714CDC09-9255-4C01-904E-3CC662287A65.jpg, 1088x1351, 1 times posted
>and green slime comes out of Sonic's butthole?
I successfully surprised that, until now. Thanks
1670423779861789.png, 831x515, 3 times posted
It's for the best that Shadow doesn't get involved
I despise you.
1660269986025.jpg, 1280x1657, 2 times posted
You mean this one
Omega is going all in. DESTROY ALL TARGETS
yeah thanks, that's the one
as payment for your kindness I will draw one art request
Draw Boom Sonic beating the fuck out of Boom Eggman for what he did
i hate them.jpg, 1280x720, 12 times posted
I hate it
FemMephiles for the Conductor.
That Prime thread went to shit in record time when I was asleep.
I blocked this from my memory until now, thanks
a.png, 782x503, 1 times posted
Top kek
aa.png, 639x485, 1 times posted
you came second so I did not put effort into your request sorry
Oh god, what a mess! But I'll sort it out eventually!
How could you forget sad sausage Sonic?
I like the symmetry of the eye bulges and the booba