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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #49

Previous Thread: >>132419849

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Tonight’s an interesting night. We’ll just go through a bunch of comics. Short thread. No breaks. Let’s start with a recent-ish comic with human Sonic and friends. We’ve been getting more of those these days. It only has 10 pages but it has a cover so it gets to go up first! This is Sonic Teen Heroes!


Also, last thread had an update for Clash of Two Worlds and Re_Boot. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.
Oh it's the other OTHER femboys comic.

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Let's get this out of the way. I think they're both guys.
Humans? HERESY
Nope, I'm out, have fun everyone.
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I do like Tails being overly confident about his(?) intelligence.
These sussy bussies.
Femboy Sonic keeps on looking like a tomboy.
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I'd like to think that Sonic would also be dead with Tails but I don't think this one can fly.
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We've done several human comics, but this and Sapphires or whatever it was are the only ones where they mostly lack Mobian features.
367085-33356-king-acorn.jpg, 281x353, 18 times posted
Human Sonic? Now I want him doubly killed!!
5.jpg, 789x1200, 1 times posted
>stupid egg fleets
It would be funny if Sonic and Tails showed petty disrespect to Eggman. Saying all his(?) stuff is stupid and dumb and ugly.
>Tfw no blue haired Tomboy GF(?) to princess carry me off to adventure
6.jpg, 789x1200, 1 times posted
>last panel
>sonic: hey kid, wanna...
People just can't help themselves, even some of the mobian Sonics look like a femboy/tomboy. Remember Sonic Rift?
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Thanks to that one comic, human Sonic keeps giving me Korra vibes.
Can't wait to see human Bartleby.
It's not fair...
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Sonic's not looking too happy. What happened to him(?)?
Silly Max, everyone is human in this story. Even you!
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Giving the Team Dark name a new meaning.
10.jpg, 1346x2048, 1 times posted
Omega is the same because he's(?) perfect the way he(?) is. But that's it and it's been over a month since this page came out. Maybe we'll get more later. But let's move on.
>Dead probably
Ah, it's nice when acknowledge the shenanigans Sonic gets into.
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Remember that Tangle and Whisper comic we did in the IDW Fan Annual? Well, not sure if there's going to be another issue but the artist has been putting out more pages of this series. 7 new ones! I'll start by posting the page we stopped on.

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>taken out in one hit
Shadow looks more obviously male, at least.
12.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
I'd say something like "Whisper could shut Tangle up by putting something in her mouth" but... uh...
I like the extra bit of attitude they have.
I enjoy how Omega is unchanged.
You can't improve on perfection.
Gamma unit be creeping.
13.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
I appreciate the middle panel focusing on Whisper's... thing she's holding.
But there's only one way to really find out.
14.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Is it really a good idea letting Tangle go through badnik pieces?
And jobbing.
15.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Super oof even!
16.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
And when he goes to jail again, there won't be a gay duck to break him out.
Leaning on a Bomb, given the way she's handling it.
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And that is it for now! These three pages were posted a week ago so there's a good chance there will be more! Moving on...
What's the worst that could happen?
Where is Mimic's knife? It's his most defining character trait!
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Sonicverse is a super edgy comic where all the evil Sonics join forces to kill all the good Sonics. Ruby Sonic seems to be neutral or hesitant about all of this. And STC Super Sonic has headed to a baseball park where all of Sonic's friends. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I'm skipping the first two issues of this. No offense to the artist but things get much better when a different artist comes in and draws for it. This is Sonicverse! Chapter 3!

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Kind of getting Jet Li's The One vibes.
>goes to jail
They'll finally kill him. Fuck whatever IDW Sonic says.
3.png, 1255x1920, 1 times posted
4.png, 1255x1920, 1 times posted
Gurochads, I hope you are happy!
I wish and hope.
>evil Sonics
There's two of them?!
5.png, 1255x1920, 1 times posted
The schizo wants a real fight.
Probably killed by an EXE variant of Zonic.
>treating .EXE as though hes a person
At least it isn't Lord X.
6.png, 1255x1920, 1 times posted
>stc is a sallyfag
The reporter? Okay. Also, it seems that Ruby Sonic is the closest we'll get to a hero in this story.
Well fuck.
Fuck the Zone Cops! Where's GUN?!
7.png, 1255x1920, 1 times posted
Oh shit, this Sonic sounds like he'll be a real challenge!
I can't believe this version of Fleetway isn't an Ebonyfag.

>Also, it seems that Ruby Sonic is the closest we'll get to a hero in this story.
We're fucking doomed.
What's Ruby's deal? Possessed by the Phantom Ruby?
8.png, 1255x1920, 1 times posted
Sounds like this werehog Sonic absorbed Dark Gaia or is just getting an infinite supply from it.
>being capable of doing anything against universe-destroying demons and evil Sonics
Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh wait, you're serious
Less possessed, and more it frying his brain and wiping his memories. He's not inherently evil, but in the AU he came from Eggman got to him and brainwashed him into thinking he's a good guy.

Also, he may or may not be into Infinite.
Evil Sonic is redundant. He was always a menace
9.png, 1255x1920, 1 times posted
And that's for this chapter the series. It is interesting to see these overpowered and evil Sonics wrecking havoc across the multiverse and needing to work together to take on some of the tougher Sonics.
What about Glitchy?
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Before we go to the next story, here's the cover for chapter 4.
This is still updating right?
0.jpg, 2010x2800, 1 times posted
Almost forgot, this artist did the cover for chapter 2. Now we can move on.
I think this is the second comic about evil Sonics wreaking havoc the multiverse
I have no goddamn clue. I don't think we've seen that one before.
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From the artist that did the Team Dark Amy AU, we have something not part of that AU and is part of the Shadamy week. This is their wedding.

>literally just flat-out melted Amy's face
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It's nice to see everyone get along considering everyone was mad at each other in the AU.
That's a new one made by the writer and original artist for the series.
>He's not inherently evil
He's not?
3.png, 1280x1745, 1 times posted
Amy and Shadow aren't perfect but that's fine.
So long as you don't request for hot sauce to be added to the wedding cake or beverages, you'll be fine Shadow.
915E6833-B65E-45A4-A1C9-D8AB59304369.jpg, 578x469, 20 times posted
>the evil Sonics join forces to kill all the good Sonics
no good Sonic exist, they're all evil to the core except for one but that's debatable
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Would it be best to invite Eggman to weddings, hoping he doesn't try anything? Because every time he isn't invited, he just shows up and attacks anyway.
5.png, 1280x1656, 1 times posted
Poor Shadow. He wanted everything to be perfect. Because he is the ultimate life form.
Shadow you'd have to try, extremely hard; to make this wedding worse than other ones we've read.
>invited Cream and Team Dark to the wedding, but not Big
You're a great friend, Amy
6.jpg, 1280x1792, 1 times posted
The end!
I recall bad marriages, but not bad weddings
Could've been worse.
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Time for a shitpost comic. Featuring everyone's favorite Sonic meme, Ugandan Knuckles! This is The Way!

He just got brainwashed so hard by Eggman that he thinks bad stuff is "good". He's unironically the most moral one there.

Shut it, JJJ. We all know you're a StC Sonic simp.
2.jpg, 940x2787, 1 times posted
>our way is wrong
Wedding Woes and An Unexpected Baby.
1655418255448.png, 490x456, 4 times posted
"Lord X" EXE? There only ONE X and he's gonna give it to 'em
They don't invite Eggman mostly BECAUSE he always crashes the wedding. It's a self-perpetuating cycle.
3.jpg, 940x2890, 1 times posted
Uh oh...
Can't stop, won't stop!
4.jpg, 940x3806, 1 times posted
Damned if you do and damned if you don't. But surely some of the Eggmen would be honorable if invited.
5.jpg, 940x3137, 1 times posted
Cheer up, overused and dead meme!
Conductor, I came here for memes. Not to feel.
I always imagine Vegeta's voice every time i see Shadow talk, its just funnier that way
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I'm not hip with that VRChat that you kids are all about.
X, you're going to get backhanded through several multiverses. X, STOP
That's not much of an accomplishment considering his teammates
7.jpg, 940x3928, 1 times posted
So happy! And the memes!
Such is the fate of many once popular memes.
I can see Boom and X being honorable about it, maybe even the likes of Underground, Modern and AOSTH Eggman on a good day. The rest would just try and kill everyone.
8.jpg, 940x4000, 1 times posted
Why you gotta be like that, gimp mask guy?
Don't worry GUN will save him
Depressed Ugandan echidna.
9.jpg, 940x4000, 1 times posted
Can we just stay happy for more than a couple pages?
Sounds about right.
His smile and happiness: Resto-

10.jpg, 940x3817, 1 times posted
We end this series on another downer. This comic hasn't put out anything more since 2018. But now let's do the last thing for the night.
Conductor, I thought this was a shitpost comic.
1635766132214.png, 606x489, 12 times posted
Look, we Capcom guys fight gods all the time. Zero gonna get 'em with the Lightning Loops and I'm blasting them with a Hyper Combo with the Ultimate Armor. Now to get a Phantom Ruby special weapon.
1.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
We end the night with a Sonic Boom comic that just finished!

2.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
I do like the ker-sfx that was part of the Sonic Boom comics.
Feels and sadness also were included.
Shard.jpg, 250x368, 5 times posted
>Now to get a Phantom Ruby special weapon.
Don't worry X, I know how to hook you up. Ahem.

3.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
One of the few characters that didn't have several pages of mandates attached to him. The rest of the Chaotix couldn't make it. What about Mighty and Ray? LOL!
X, you are in over your head. These guys are too strong and bringing Zero won't matter against them
4.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Wow Sonic, you could've kicked down the door and came in unwanted without needing Vector.
Nice of Sonic to check in on his little brother.

>Sonic: Tails, your eyes are red. Did you and Zooey get into a fight again?
5.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Less weeping and more eating!
>What about Mighty and Ray?
What ABOUT Mighty and Ray? They're stuck in Classic hell. The only way we're ever seeing them again is if they get into the SCU.
6.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Good idea, Tails.
>>Sonic: Tails, your eyes are red. Did you and Zooey get into a fight again?
7.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
>zooey was a robot
Not again!
Or IDW does more classic comics. Because Sega isn't going to do shit with it aside from rereleasing the Genesis games... again... and worse...
>Wow Sonic, you could've kicked down the door and came in unwanted without needing Vector
I'm sorry, who is the detective here, Conductor?
>Something bad always happens when I sit on one of these
8.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Good to see they haven't dropped the boy band thing. Seemed to work out well for them.
9.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Sonic has an idea.
Me, apparently.
I can't believe Zooey was a robot.

Knuckles is very annoyed.
10.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Bros night out! Knuckles isn't invited.
He can't getting away with it
So long as it doesn't descend into you wanting to fuck your brother, Sonic. I'm sure things will go fine.
11.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Fun times were had.
>tails: machine gun jubblies?! how'd i miss those?
>Tails GF was never real
Wow, he's literally me
>Me, apparently
Damn, I messed up my joke
12.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
I think we can say that Zooey is indeed completely forgotten.
13.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
He's so happy! You can overlook the extended physical contact, Sonic.
>both of them got sloshed and didn't sleep to wait it off
They're going to feel like shit in the morning.
14.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
Aw Sonic, you should stay and spend all night with Tails! I'm sure you two can do a lot of fun stuff together!
15.png, 1673x1618, 2 times posted
>oh crap
Oh crap indeed! And that's the end of this comic. Might as well post a bunch more stuff by the artist to end the night on. And yes, things are about to get gayer.
>Tails is a hyperactive drunk
Oh god, he's the worst kind.
>You can overlook the extended physical contact, Sonic
Nice try, Amy
1866035_massoholic_pride-month-baby.png, 2308x1169, 2 times posted
Eggman doesn't want to get cancelled.
You know what they say if sonic cant fuck amy then he might as well go for tails i guess
Tails, NO! Don't listen to Chris!
>"Oh crap, I'm gay"
2244596_massoholic_even-more-sonic-doodles.png, 2211x2210, 2 times posted
Just some bros being bros. Nothing more to it than that.
God, what is with all these brother and sisterfuckers amongst Mobians? Is the entire planet goddamn Alabama? Did Chris Redfield spike all the drinking water?
2260165_massoholic_praise-be-2.png, 2047x1724, 1 times posted
Thanks, Ian. Now it's time to go to church. I hear that Dreamcastzx has a great sermon lined up for today.

What a shitty font to use in this comic.
who's bottom
2279465_massoholic_fang-mandate.png, 839x3602, 1 times posted
Good looking out, Sonic.
There's another artist that ships Boom Sonic and Tails as well.
Even this artist knows about the Sonic NTR
15 minutes to do what, Sonic? And why are you taking Tails behind those bushes?
2285319_massoholic_meat.png, 860x2500, 1 times posted
>blue prisoner
Gotta get that blue hog.
At least he knows!
Sonic, ironically
15 minutes is a lot of time when you move at supersonic speed
You know what they say Tails, God gives the worst battles to his best warriors
>another fucking comic where Cream gets eaten
Why does this keep happening
2302381_massoholic_handsy.png, 928x2160, 1 times posted
Gonna have to spoiler this one.
We've already established that mobians are reckless breeders. This is just more to add to the list of sexual degeneracy.
I wonder if massoholic still visits /co/ ?
2320923_massoholic_need-to-stop-drawing-this-blue-dick.png, 1707x1706, 1 times posted
A lot of Sonics and a Mario!
Sonic bottoms for most gay ships but Tails is always the bottom.
This Sonic is unhinged.
Chris_Redfield_RE8.png, 187x533, 2 times posted
>Comes dressed like Amadeus
2385327_massoholic_works-every-time.png, 2649x934, 1 times posted
Well? Do you?

And that will be it for the night. Tomorrow at 9pm EST I think we'll do a couple of Amy comics, including one where she has an OC that's an abusive boyfriend.
Confusion over Cream gets eaten
No, he just posts on 4chan
Anyone notice that Amadeus looks different, lately?
Thanks OP
But that's what I just said.
2548272_massoholic_more-miles.png, 1643x1298, 3 times posted
They've actually done some art for these threads.
Yeah but that was back then im talking about now does he still lurk these threads ?
Brother abuse!
Too far conductor, you might get a vacation
gay.png, 168x182, 1 times posted
>I'd say something like "Whisper could shut Tangle up by putting something in her mouth" but... uh...
Conductor! She needs that gun for shooting robots, not hushing her girlfriend.
Oh well that makes sense.
>Tails is going to deck Sonic. Again
He was just looking for an excuse.
She can do both.
Wait... I'm confused... does this guy ships Tails and Sonic, and is just into ryona... or is he a sort of second coming of Dreamcastzx?
Forgot to answer this. It's been a couple months since the cover was posted. There should be more at some point.
From what I've seen, the artist likes playing around with Sonic and Tails and their relationship. Nothing heinous like with Dreamcastzx or disdain like Ian for Tails' ships. Just fun and shitposting.
SonicTears.png, 400x299, 1 times posted
>mfw I finally discover an artist who perfectly understands the true nature of Miles Prower
>disdain like Ian for Tails' ships
Has Ian ever truly claimed to hate Tails and related ships? Or is that just a meme? (and a funny one, too)
IAN'S GONNA FREAK.jpg, 1400x1059, 7 times posted
He HATES Tails and Barby, saying something like smothering it in its sleep, and any ship with an older female. Otherwise he doesn't care for it because to him Tails is a kid and shouldn't be shipped. But Tails and Barby really got under his skin to the point where he wrote it that she only had a crush on one of her other teammates and mention that crush again in the Archie Encyclopedia without mentioning Tails. And a while back, Barby definitely had a thing for Tails.

There's also the whole Fiona/Tails/Sonic thing. Where Tails had a crush on Fiona and Sonic dated her to "spare" him her rejecting him. But he asked anyway and he rejected her and Sonic and Tails had a big fight over it later. It made everyone look bad.
Snortic.png, 800x763, 18 times posted
>Tails is a kid and shouldn't be shipped
Is he wrong, though?
Kids have crushes and little relationships. We've seen plenty of kid crushes and shipping in so many other shows and comics and everything else. And Tails has actively shown interest in girls. It got so bad that Yardley threw Tails a bone and had him flirt with that Asian fox girl that wasn't scripted.
bollers.jpg, 675x625, 1 times posted
>There's also the whole Fiona/Tails/Sonic thing. Where Tails had a crush on Fiona and Sonic dated her to "spare" him her rejecting him
To be fair, that wasn't Flynn's doing. That situation was set up before he joined the book. He just wrote an ending to it.
bollers2.jpg, 1364x1024, 1 times posted
Ian has a huge chip on his shoulder over Tails being shipped with any female character, because he views Tails entirely as a "kid" (despite the fact that Tails acts more mature than any 8 year old could ever be, that kids and pre-teens have crushes or pseudo-relationships all the time, and that if Sega got its head out its ass and actually had a coherent timeline, Tails would be in his fucking teens at bare minimum). It's not that he hates Tails himself, he jsut hates shipping him with anybody.

Ironically, he was still forced to write a ship between Tails and Mina for M:25YL and because of the mandates, he's got his wish of Tails not having any ships but at the expense of nobody being allowed any character development or growth themselves. There's also Boom, where everyone is clearly older and it gave Tails a ship, so it's really not as big of a deal as Ian thinks it is.
penders.jpg, 658x1024, 1 times posted
what did the five fingers say to the face.jpg, 639x389, 1 times posted
>He just wrote an ending to it.
Well... yes and no. Kids having crushes, looking up to someone or straight up being embarassed at the opposite sex is perfectly natural. Now, the issue lies in how those kid's romances are depicted.

Manga and anime, specially gag ones, love portraying kids of Tails' age as horny little shits (we even have a perfect example in Sonic, with that one manga page of Tails being kissed by a casino girl). But that is usually just part of a sight gag or a character quirk.

More serious stories usually depict those crushes as their first love, and the target of affection is either someone close to their age or at someone older. The former usually ends with them together, while the latter ends up being a phase the kid eventually gets over, because the kid was just infatuated.
>There's also Boom, where everyone is clearly older
They are the same age as Modern Sonic, but was confirmed that they do act older than they officially are.
You cannot in good faith tell me that Boom Amy is 12 years old.
StephenFrostSaidIt.png, 597x165, 1 times posted
What if it is not me, but Stephen Frost who said it?

And it's not like I'm trying to pull your leg.
The original thread was deleted, but this is how the conversation went (it is recorded in the Sonic wikia)
>Tailsfan: Just curious but are the characters in Sonic Boom the same ages as their game counterparts?
>Steven Frost: Same characters, same world.
>Tailsfan: Thanks! Just clarifying I meant between the mainline Sonic series and the Sonic Boom series. Not sure if I was clear. Sorry :p
>Steven Frost: Oh, gotcha. There isn't really any sort of official difference in age, but the way they act comes across maybe a bit older.
>so it's really not as big of a deal as Ian thinks it is.
At this point, Ian could just end up all discussion, and straight up make a love interest for Tails that HE deems acceptable for the fox boy.

For me, the issue is not that he thinks Tails is too young (that's the excuse he gives), but rather, he just doesn't like any shipping options, or the ones he MAY like are banned by mandates (Like, I don't know, Zoey or Cosmo)

And I'm not even saying to directly show Tails crushing hard on the girl, but to subtly imply it (to get past Iizuka's vigilant eye) and then "kind of" confirm it in social media (same shit they pulled with Tangle and Whisper).

Shit, if he went out of his way and make the love interest a boy, he would get more than half of the fandom to back him up just because the pairing would be queer.
He honestly sounds unsure in that second part when he says "There isn't really any sort of official difference in age,". And it's not helping that the initial response was under the assumption that he was being asked if both are set in the same continuity. Either way, thanks for posting to confirm.

Still isn't know why they couldn't bring back Lyric though.
When Belle first showed up, it felt like she and Tails would really hit it off and work together. But they barely interacted with each other and even when it's shown she hangs out with Sonic and Tails, we barely see any of it. How do you have a badnik made by Eggman/Tinker that is loaded with tools and not show her working alongside Tails at all times? It could even be something that annoys Eggman but he tries to pretend it doesn't. His daughter and his most hated enemy's little brother? Shit writes itself.
At this point, it's likely a combination of Ian's own stubbornness and any and all motivation or drive of his being crushed underneath the mandates that keeps him from going back on his Tails relationship autism.

Hell, as far as I'm aware, he hasn't said anything regarding not wanting to give Tails any relationships in a long while since then. So he might be open to the idea NOW but doesnt want to try since Iizuka and the mandates would veto whatever he suggested. Still, he could at least be bothered to try and then tell people flatly that he isn't allowed to. Fucking use Cream if you have to; it's not like she's doing anything plot important now.
No problem, anon.
And I completely agree with you. For all we know, that could be SoJ's hand in a situation that might have gone like this:
>"... and as you can wanted to make them a little older, to better por-"
>"No olduru! Same eji!"
>"But, I mean, it's just a subtle dif-"
>"Same eji! Aruso, where are Zeti?!"
>Fucking use Cream if you have to; it's not like she's doing anything plot important now.
Seriously, why doesn't Cream have a kid's crush on Tails?

And I don't even mean it as Tails reciprocating, but look:
>Very similar age
>Tails already recognized as a hero
>Both fly by unnatural means
>Cream is described as curious and hungry for knowledge

As this anon said:
>Shit writes itself.
>Finally got back to reading Archie Sonic
>Got to the liberate Angel Island arc
>Despite the cartoony art style, the story has Nazi dingoes, the death of thousands of Echidna, labor camps, and the possible deaths of even more Echidna's at the end of the story (including some named characters).

Man, these arcs are way too dark for Sonic and I'm shocked so many of the Knuckle OC's were fucked over, you'd think Penders would have shot this down.
Japanese love early age romances, they are the epitome of cuteness and innocence.

That they don't exploit that by making official art of Tails and Cream (on a playdate, eating an ice cream), just comes to show you how creatively rotten SoJ is.
Was that written by Bollers? Him and Penders were kind of enemies at that point.
>Bollers and Penders were kind of enemies at that point.
With all the behind the scenes drama in Archie Sonic, Archie could just go and release a Bakuman-style comic about the production of the comic, ending with the lawsuit and cancellation.

Would Penders be the protagonist or the antagonist?
I don't see what's with the fixation on Tails getting a romance arc or shiptease. Romance shit used to cause so much dumb angsty drama and fandom arguments during the era of Archie Sonic comics. Why would anyone want more of that?
Well, anon, it's no big secret that 90% of the Sonic fandom is compossed of Shippingfags.

There is no reason for romance, except to have it (and jack off to it later, yeah, try denying that)
>Shadow not calling Robotnik "the Doctor" in any situation
Out of character
>Romance shit used to cause so much dumb angsty drama and fandom arguments during the era of Archie Sonic comics.
That's what the editors wanted. Which makes sense for them wanting it considering what their company is named after.
The only reason romance drama happened is because there was a fucking gsngwars in the production room with most of the Archie writers and editors at the time. It would have been fine otherwise, since most of the relationships were really functional and more stable than people like to meme about, barring obvious exceptions like Fiona or whatever the fuck was going on with Ash.

Relationships in Sonic CAN be done well. It's just that most of the Archie writers were too busy hating each other to consolidate their notes and SoJ is creatively bankrupt. Also because it's cute and people like fapping to it.
Sharcastic.jpg, 1918x2064, 4 times posted
>Sonic characters being portrayed as out of characters in fancomics
>That's what the editors wanted
Did the editors wanted romance of was it the writers?
Writers wrote in cute relationships that had no issues, editors wanted drama instead (to force "romantic tension" and 'ambiguity' as to who would get with who where there waant any before). Cue endless fucking fighting as the editors kept pushing for stupid shit out of the established relationships.

Just as an example: The Slap pretty much entirely exists because some editor wanted their to be drama between Sally and Sonic and to shake up their relationship. There was no point or actual intended narrative payoff beyond causing drama for the sake of drama.
Apparently one editor was pushing for a lot of it and there was a scrapped story where Sonic and Amy would start secretly dating. I'm not surprised that Archie is the place that had the worst handle on relationships. Relationships are great, relationship drama is not.
>and there was a scrapped story where Sonic and Amy would start secretly dating.
>the girl who was magically aged up from being a literal kid about as young, if not younger than Tails
>getting with the hero of Mobius
>who was already going stead with the Princess of House Acorn too
I'm sure that would have went over well.
IIRC the story went that Sonic and Amy were stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean or something and they would kiss and it would lead to them being a couple but wanting to keep it secret. I assume it was when Sonic and Sally weren't dating, maybe post-slap.
While Archie's management on Sonic was infamously horrible, I don't think that was the only reason why things got so bad. Romance and shipping cause arguments in every fandom. That stuff has a bad tendency to hijack and derail the story entirely, if the writers and editors don't keep things in check. There are multiple series that started out as action/adventure entertainment but ended up turning into romance drama and shipping wars.
I think it can be a good idea to deliberately avoid romance in an attempt to avoid those consequences.
Because Tailsfags got screwed over the worst romantically back then, so they still want to get something in return for it to show it wasn’t all for nothing.
Like it or not the “drama” was only really humiliating if you like Tails.
>At this point, Ian could just end up all discussion, and straight up make a love interest for Tails that HE deems acceptable for the fox boy
Someone already asked him something in the same vein, “if you didn’t like Fiona and Barby why didn’t you make someone the same age like Cosmo or Zooey”
Ian dodges the question pretty hard but basically says he didn’t want to pair Tails with anyone, his own age or otherwise, in Archie. The only love interest Ian deems ok for Tails is loneliness and doormat-hood
>if the writers and editors don't keep things in check
And that's the thing. They didn't. In fact they purposely made things worse.
But I like Tails, yet I still don't feel like Fiona turning him down was a humiliating slight against me, or that I need to get something "in return for it".
Avoiding romance entirely isn't really possible when SoJ WANTS a romance (between Sonic and Amy mostly), but are so fucking retarded that they've mandated it so that 1) Amy must be obsessed with Sonic above all else and can't stop, reflect, have a normal conversation with him or just do anything else and 2) Sonic literally cannot reciprocate. Ever. This naturally drives fans crazy when they want to have relationships in the work, but simultaneously don't want to commit. So they either write their own, laser-focus on things they want to see, or engage in shippingwars. Sega encourages this by their own incompetency.

And in the case of Archie, the writers and editors (editors especially) did nothing to stop shit from becoming cancerous. In fact, they actively ruined developed and functional relationships precisely BECAUSE they wanted to cause drama and shippingwars.
I'm honestly surprised nobody has written a full-on Tails incel comic where he goes full psycho and kills everyone and mailed it to Ian yet. Like, Ian is practically begging for it with how much he's screwed the kid over.

Seriously, holy fuck Ian. That sort of shit unironically validates all the brotherfuckers who pair Sonic and Tails when you're so determined to not let Tails even BREATHE near a girl but keep him attached at the hip to Sonic.
Not saying it was a slight against you, just that many feel it was a humiliating slight against the character, saying that
>Tails gets cucked by Sonic of all people, for like 3 years of comics
>Tails gets the brunt of all the rejection with the slap and other bullshit
THEN after all that retardation
>Tails goes back to simping for Sonic because he has no self-respect at all
>Tails never gets over Fiona and never finds anyone else who loves him
The fact that after that Sonic and Scourge and Knuckles and every other character get to enjoy love afyerwards, but after all that knocking-Tails-down by Ian Tails does not, is what makes Tails feel slighted by Ian. He doesn’t care about giving Tails a satisfying conclusion, just fircing him back into place as Sonic’s bootkisser then ignoring any emotional pathos that’ve built up because of his shitty writing.
Calm down anon.
Best idiom I can think of is that it’s winding the jack-in-the-box up without ever releasing it
1588168537397.jpg, 1000x813, 34 times posted
I refuse.
Eggman continues to establish he would take over our world with an army of incels and furries.
BF7B1F0E-37EC-4BD7-9F8C-409B23262B7E.png, 365x273, 21 times posted
I’d say Yes.
Don’t know where this modern sentiment about it being wrong because the fictional characters aren’t 18 has come from. Didn’t shipping start with Avatar, or was it Star Trek? Because if the former, Aang was the same age Archie Tails was.
ian.jpg, 749x1066, 6 times posted
If you don't like it then why don't YOU make your own Tails comic?
>Cream is described as curious and hungry for knowledge
Ehhh that's kindofa weak basis to base anything on, especially since that's never really come up in the games. Cream doesn't admire Tails either, she admires Sonic because he's the actual "hero" character, back to Advance 2.
I'm all for Tails being appreciated but they shouldn't force it unless there's a character it makes particular sense with. Otherwise it'd be, y'know, forced.
>Don’t know where this modern sentiment about it being wrong because the fictional characters aren’t 18 has come from.
The rise of stories in which the cute "kid romances" are not between a pair kids between 8 to 12 or 12 to 16 years old, but rather a full romantic relationship between an 8 years old kid and a 14, 16, 18... 28 years old person. So yeah, you can blame both Twitter and Japan for that one (I have my eyes on you, Clamps).
>especially since that's never really come up in the games
Just like Tails is described as loving mint, but as far as I remember, we have never seen that in a game... official descriptions and informtion are as valid as anything we have directly seen in the game (provided there are no translation issues or comes from a source that has already been proven as unoffical or retconned, of course).
>Cream doesn't admire Tails either
I never said she did. I said Tails is already recognized as a hero (not only as Sonic's sidekick, but as the one who saved Station Square from a bomb), which could give a base as to why she got curious about him.
There's a ton of shit in the character profiles, descriptions, and backstoreis that never come up in any of the games. Because SoJ is fucking retarded and doesn't even know its own characters.

Ironically, the ONLY thing to have ever truly shown or addressed Tails' mint addiction has been the Twitter Takeovers. Likewise, Knuckles love of grapes has never come up in a game as far as I'm aware (and even the comics kind of gloss over it), but the movies make it pretty clear he loves the shit out of them.
>Because SoJ is fucking retarded and doesn't even know its own characters
Why they haven't make an official English version of Sonic Channel is honestly beyond me...

So much information that would end so many discussions is right there for the taking.
I mean, the mint thing has come up in Channel Art, Sonic X, Tails Skypatrol as a game mechanic, Twitter Takeover.
The Cream thing just reads like something they needed to fill-in-the-blanks on her profile because they didn't have much to say about her personality.
I wouldn't say it's much a basis for love either. That I'm "curious" and this other guy knows a craft that I've never shown interest in.
son3s-19.png, 240x160, 4 times posted
>this other guy knows a craft that I've never shown interest in.
Depends on how much you overread this still
lol yeah now that I think about it they've described Sonic the exact same way a couple times. "He's passionate about learning new skills and learning about new cultures and he likes to read and cultivate knowledge"
It's what you do if you wanna describe a regular average person but wanna make it sound grandiose or unique when it isn't
>He's passionate about learning new skills and learning about new cultures and he likes to read and cultivate knowledge
I can see that. The thing is, we only see the characters in out-of-the-norm situations inside the games. Unless you want Sonic to stop in the middle of a speed chase because he wants to read a book.
Many anons that come with the "if we don't see it in the games, it doesn't count" attitude, come off as if they think the characters remain static, and don't move a muscle or talk in between games.
Sonic X was well over a decade ago, Skypatrol was even fucking longer (27 whole years). Nobody cares about the Channel Art.

The only relevant thing you've brought up is Twitter Takeover, which is managed by an account run by SoA. SoJ doesn't give a fuck about the character profiles or backstories.
(13).png, 2616x2989, 1 times posted
>is interested and talented in mechanics, has built her own shit
>has worked together with Tails before
>has a fun character dynamic with Tails cause she admires Tails' work but also likes getting on his nerves
Wave is right there. Pic unrelated.
463.png, 640x478, 56 times posted
>Wave not Marine
Finally, someone with actual taste in the thread
>wanting Tails to fuck a bird
The true sickos reveal themselves at last. Go on...
The only time we have seen the characters in their regular day to day life is a few loose scenes in SA and then Sonic Battle, which already was disturbed by Emerl's presence.
Not only that, the translation of Battle is already mind of botched, such as Tails being afraid of Emerl turning dumber with Knuckles (when he was worried about him turning rude/yankee in the original)
As soon as I’m back from abroad I am going to handmail this straight to Ian’s address
tumblr_8403254f423091f1011ec43803c43cb1_9ceb813c_1280.jpg, 1000x934, 1 times posted
When your son is a manipulative terror.
If Sonic was 13-14 in Paramount 1, wouldn’t that make him 15 in Paramount 2? All the fanart makes him seem like he’s 5
tumblr_9d03b9869a6958479f9468517ad10c9d_11a87359_1280.jpg, 894x490, 1 times posted
Around a year has passed between movie 1 and 2, so yes. He's around 15, Knuckles is about 16, and Tails is 7 - 8 accounting for like the nine months he spent spying on Sonic.
BF3DFCD0-8B42-4FAB-8E3F-C9201E69A6DA.png, 800x1142, 1 times posted
No.132441876 [Post deleted 06:19:32]
>or at someone older.
>the latter ends up being a phase the kid eventually gets over, because the kid was just infatuated
That’s a very rare thing to happen, actually, if the kid loves someone older in animanga they’ll eventually win them over either right now or a bit later. In fact I’ve never seen a series that does what you just said outside of Gainax.

Which I only bring up because EVERY Gainax series does this. Eva did it. FLCL did it. Mahoromatic did it. Guren Lagann did it. Noone else, all Gainax. There’s something fishy about that.
I wasn't talking specifically about Japanese series when I moved to serious stories, but re-reading my post, I understand why it came across like that. I was referring to overall stories in that case, my bad.

That being said, I do remember seeing/reading stories where that happens in anime/manga, and it is mostly because the kid's infatuation is not the main theme of the show. It is either a one-episode thingy, a literal recurring joke, or something so minor it's not even worth touching upon. A current example would be Spy x Family, where Anya's friend is crushing hard on Lloyd, but you know that is ultimately just a joke.

However, I can't disagree with what you say. Japan indeed has many stories of kids falling for another character many years older and still manages to get them, either after a "somewhat appropiate" timeskip, or, in the most sickly ones, after they "promise" to marry once the younger one gets of age (we have the infamous "Usagi Drop", or that teacher and student relationship in Cardcaptor Sakura, to name a few an examples). But, it is important to mention that, as far as I remember, in many of those cases, the relationship IS the main plot (like in the former example) and not a secondary or tertiary plot (like in the latter example).

But, there is also a few examples of the crush turning out to be just a phase, or at least, the young character figuring out it is an impossible love, and has to let it go, such as Hanamura Yochien.
TL;DR: Ultimately, the outcome (specially in Japanese media) of plots where kid characters have crushes on adult characters depend on the importance to the plot and its utilization in the story.
>Tails being overly confident
Is extremely out of character.
He showed confidence in his skills in Lost World and a few other games. It's good character progression after SA1 when he should've grown past his lack of confidence.
Tails is humble and modest about his abilities. Character progression doesn't mean a complete 180 in that. It just means he gains more confidence in himself and his abilities, not that he'll start boasting about how he's the smartest kid in the room.

Tails isn't Jimmy Neutron or Dexter. Even if he completely outclasses them, he's not even gonna consider that, let alone brag about it.
>Tails isn't Jimmy Neutron or Dexter
Unironically... that is Eggman
Tails DOES brag about his mechanical abilities, in a few games. You already forgotten the entire "I built a supercomputer out of paperclips" line?
By your own definitions it isn't "out of character" at all, because it's something he already does in the very source material. Being humble doesn't mean he can't be confident about the fact he is factually a genius and is factually smarter than Sonic, especially when it's acknowledging things he already does. Tesla was humble but he still acknowledged the fact he did things noone else could, because that's not a matter of pride but a matter of fact. Anything less wouldn't be humility but self-hatred.
>You already forgotten the entire "I built a supercomputer out of paperclips" line
Lost World and it's writers don't count.
Wait, does Ian Flynn have an address?
>Lost World
That game is part of Twitter/Pongraff Sonic era, right?
Lost World is part of the meta era, yes.
Villain protagonist.
Make it the comic equivalent of something like Breaking Bad or Joker.
>Meta Twitter Pongraff Sonic Era
Which games (counting both main series and spin-offs) are considered the true last Modern Sonic games, and which games are considered the first Meta Sonic games?

Or was it a more gradual change, unlike what happened with Classic and Modern?
No he's a hobo.
6D525662-4C01-4C24-92B7-5A9BBD6A167D.png, 2480x3508, 1 times posted
No.132444227 [Post deleted 12:08:43]
025274BF-EB9A-4C90-9898-750F350994F1.png, 1448x2048, 1 times posted
No.132444239 [Post deleted 12:09:13]
OTP!!! XD owo
*sigh* here we go ( ._.)
FA9C74DD-1188-42E8-A46A-A85711A15BBA.png, 620x800, 2 times posted
No.132444258 [Post deleted 10:05:34]
9CCDE741-68B5-431D-AC33-3746E9F1A968.jpg, 1019x800, 1 times posted
No.132444269 [Post deleted 12:09:13]
9F2EA078-EE77-43BE-8B9D-DA7DBBD8B1E9.png, 1896x2073, 1 times posted
No.132444409 [Post deleted 12:09:13]
black shadow
YAMEROOOOOO.jpg, 321x305, 1 times posted
No.132444775 [Post deleted 12:09:13]
>true last Modern Sonic games
Sonic & The Black Knight

>the first Meta Sonic games
Sonic Colors, though the seeds were planted with Unleashed

Sonic Frontiers is the start of a brand new direction.
t. someone who thinks current Modern Tails is an acceptable direction
No.132445768 [Post deleted 12:09:13]
Muh fucking job
No. Tails is my favorite character. I hate what the meta era has done with him. He should not ever be relegated to standing on the sidelines fiddling with his tablet. He should be there right by Sonic's side in the action like he has been since Sonic 2.

But Tails is not a cocky character. He does not have Sonic's attitude. He doesn't think highly of himself like Sonic does. His entire arc in the Adventure games was the struggle to believe in himself, hence his theme song being titled "Believe in Myself", and learning to recognize his own strength and self-worth and embrace that, and thus becoming a hero in his own right in the process. But going through that character arc isn't going to make Tails start acting like Sonic or Eggman, because he isn't Sonic or Eggman. At the end of the day, Tails' own personality is humble and kind. He's learned to believe in himself and have confidence in his abilities, but he shouldn't end up being pushed into the other direction of boasting about how great he is because Tails is not that kind of guy.

Tails is the kind of person who can do all sorts of great things with amazing achievements, deserving all sorts of respect and recognition, but he's not gonna see any of that as anything special from his own perspective, and he'll always be his biggest critic.

Sonic is cocky and impulsive while Tails contrasts those traits as his sidekick. That's the balance between the two. Making Tails just as cocky as Sonic messes up the dynamic they're intended to have.
>text emoji
Who are you trying to trick?
sonic_cmon_bruh.png, 359x295, 20 times posted
What's with all current threads ending up as a Tails Rouge (and others) porn image dump?
And thats why the OVA is perfection
0B2bZNZuFR4vJh4z.webm, 640x480, 2 times posted
The thing is, Tails is around Sonic almost 24/7. It makes sense that he'd pick up some of his habits, and feel exceptionally smug about being able to do something his cocky surrogate brother caaaan't~
And there's no reason he can't have moments like that while also being a sweetheart.
fuck off porn poster
Anon, I was calling the porn poster out.
Tails has been around Sonic for YEARS and literally views the guy as his big brother. The idea that Sonic rubs off on him isn't far-fetched; literaslly the only way that he doesn't emulate Sonic in many of his traits as he grows older would be if you assume the kid is completely incapable of mentally growing or developing. Which is exactly what SoJ has done to him with every game post-Colors onward.

I get your point, but it relies upon characters not growing over time from the people they interact with. Which may as well be Meta Era-tier in how limiting it is to character development. Even Archie Tails and SatAM Tails could be smug and prideful, which is notable since the former didn't become a genius until much later and the latter was always just a kid.
>It makes sense that he'd pick up some of his habits, and feel exceptionally smug about being able to do something his cocky surrogate brother caaaan't~
No, not it doesn't. Tails may idolize Sonic and want to be like him, but that doesn't mean Tails is just gonna soak up and replicate all of Sonic's personality traits. Because, they are two very different people.

Sonic does have an influence on Tails. Ever since they met, Tails has changed a lot. But, in spite of everything, Tails is still Tails. At the end of the day, he isn't Sonic. Being exceptionally smug about things isn't who Tails is. Tails isn't the type to make the same type of jokes that Sonic does. Tails isn't gonna match Sonic's cockiness with his own cockiness and start ripping into each other with smug grins on their faces.

Tails isn't Sonic. He's a humble, kind and gentle kid that wants to be as cool as Sonic is because of being a victim of bullying in the past. After being Sonic's sidekick and little brother for so long, Tails gained confidence and strength that he never had before, and can stand on his own with faith in his own abilities. But, at no point is he gonna start acting smug and full-of-himself because he knows he has a 400 IQ or whatever. Tails just wants to be someone that Sonic can rely on.
Eh..png, 1000x563, 1 times posted
You really don't need a essay just to say "Tails isn't cocky like Sonic, just a nice kid who's growing and learning to take matters in his own hands." You especially don't need to glorify a character like that third embarrassing paragraph, just to get your point across.

With all respect, learn to compress your autism, read more comics and maybe obsess a little less with Tails. You're coming off as an fanboy, rather than a fan.
This. I like Tails as well, but I can understand and accept that he's flexible and can be done whatever. Want him to have mildly psychopathic tendencies? You have him wiping out the Battle Birds. You want him to be smug and cocky as he gets older? Just say that Sonic rubbed off on him more than usual. Etc.

The kid is super flexible and I'm not sure why there are people who insist that he HAS to be just a little kid forever, whether they're fans of the post-Colors era or not.
It just kinda bugs me if it feels like the only way some people could find someone like Tails interesting is if he developed a cocky attitude like Sonic, otherwise they might say he has "no personality"
SonicOVA.webm, 540x413, 1 times posted
I think this particular moment perfectly encapsules Tails admiration towards Sonic, and how he imitates him, while still being true to himself.
>otherwise they might say he has "no personality"
Any character with a more passive attitude is instantly depicted as "no personality", this isn't exclusive to Tails.
Take a good look over the threads, unless the character is constantly getting into fights, being a total idiot or being an asshole, they pretty much are "no character" in those people's eyes.
Thank goodness Tails doesn't copy Sonic giving the finger.
Numbers confirm, most of the ideas discussed here ultimately come down to the execution. Plus, this is fucking adorable.
It's very common for people to treat someone as being a non-character if they have a purely passive personality, which isn't just tied to Tails. And in case of the fox, it's no doubt tied yo the fact that "being passive" has completely killed any possibility for Tails ever being relevant or useful again in the games again, so people are pushing towards the opposite extremes.

We even sort of see this in the movies. The kid is nice and shy in that continuity, but he also packs a backpack full of lethal laser weaponry and has no qualms about crashing inyo sdomeone with a car. A more aggressive or proactive Tails fundamentally appeals to most people.
>It just kinda bugs me if it feels like the only way some people could find someone like Tails interesting is if he developed a cocky attitude like Sonic
I have never meet these kinds and, no, a very much of minority on this site doesn't count. My problem here is you and your moron stupid self of taking a panel from a fancomic as something worthy enough somehow of essays upon essays that can basically be summed to a single short simple sentence. It doesn't help too that you're, unless he's your husbando or something, literally idolizing a fictional character like the Gary Stu he is.

Again, please, learn to handle your autism better. It's a fucking what-if hypothetical comic made by a fan, that explores certain characters in different circumstances and scenarios for, literally, the sake of curiosity and fun.
tumblr_7c61a69e2e1d38f387776cb28c828007_400d1fd5_1280.jpg, 1280x1707, 1 times posted
We posting smug cocky Tails? Well don't mind if I do.
tumblr_c3c7f648c6865e8d3c3715878c981808_9ec248a2_1280.jpg, 1280x1707, 1 times posted
Is that Tails as a cute breedable boy?
tumblr_26308afe2734190324beaac4e7754554_767203df_1280.jpg, 1280x960, 1 times posted
tumblr_c22f1b0c0dd30c017e3f1d4fd8d99a2b_44a2791b_1280.jpg, 1280x1229, 1 times posted
tumblr_848c363f0c089da101ec9ff57326a2dd_386dd8c5_1280.jpg, 1280x1126, 1 times posted
Yeah Tails can be really flexible, especially in fan content. It's fun to see how many roles he can play, be the sidekick, the hero, the victim, the villain or just a plain clown. I find that entertaining.
tumblr_dc5a8610e233159adcdd7c98e7e14e2c_a0c9d95a_1280.jpg, 1280x1223, 1 times posted
I'm 90% sure he is a boy.
tumblr_395c99c6ec71a47f85a035e9126e9301_18795236_1280.jpg, 1280x1282, 1 times posted
A short comic of this Tails (who now has 9 tails) meeting a young Silver.
tumblr_193859fb7e9de98a544698839e999e77_1c4809ac_1280.jpg, 1280x1012, 1 times posted
tumblr_055461f9d708e572082a08e20396ee7b_6c24b2b2_1280.jpg, 1280x960, 1 times posted
tumblr_931e9d437d32defcc9a48d21298ea249_e846ce1e_1280.jpg, 1280x1057, 1 times posted
He's right, you know.
tumblr_5f16de8ef25cff2d17e42a54c58ab386_5ce4ec12_1280.png, 944x734, 1 times posted
tumblr_4e3bf16936e530cdc11e4407dc25cc93_c417e0c4_1280.png, 877x493, 1 times posted
Alright, that's enough from me. There's more from this artist, but I don't feel like posting it right now. Return to your regularly-scheduled arguing.
>Is that Tails as a cute breedable boy?
I'm fairly positive Tails is always a cute breedable (fox) boy(?)
sonic_news.jpg, 640x427, 7 times posted
>Yeah Tails can be really flexible, especially in fan content.
All characters are very flexible in fan content...
1658237960012904.png, 480x484, 7 times posted
>mfw Tails goes from a cute little good boi to a monstrous asshole
toaneias.jpg, 415x532, 1 times posted
he's just supposed to be fun to hang around even if he's nerdy.
He's not so much an asshole in this as he is just so smug and totally self-assured that it's caused him to think he's the smartest in the room at any one point. Basically an extreme that came about from being around Sonic too long.
>He's not so much an asshole in this as he is just so smug and totally self-assured that it's caused him to think he's the smartest in the room at any one point.
Not him, but this is exactly the very thing I've been saying is against his actual character. Just let Tails be Tails. Let Tails fight by Sonic's side and be part of the action, be a hero on his own, while still being his usual kind and humble self.
He's an immortal genius with no equal. At least he's not evil... right?
Not evil, but his ego has probably eclipsed Sonic and Eggman's combined. Not even Eggman would boast that he "knows everything".
I mean yeah, a poor choice of words from me lol. I was just agreeing with that anon that's fun to see how flexible the character can get.
Yes, but that doesn't make him any less cute or breedable
Except Genesis Tails. Sonic Genesis Tails was a sexpest.
Humiliating if you exclusively hang out with mentally ill internet retardes
Samefagging schizo from /sthg/ trying to get our threads deleted.
Tails really was a stray pup who followed Sonic around huh
tumblr_8e005468057f473eab969e6538abd10a_e06ec13d_2048.jpg, 2048x1469, 1 times posted
Personally, I dig this one
He has only gotten more feral with age. The spray bottle wasn't needed when he was younger, but now it's the only deterrent.
eggman_s_breakfast_by_speedlimit_infinity_d56itrf-fullview.jpg, 900x1430, 1 times posted
That'll show 'em!
>Our heroes are sellouts
I can't believe this...
Cream/Tails is weird to me because Tails has Sonic's range of maturity and life experience while Cream's playing with dolls and having to ask for permission to stay out past her bedtime.
They have fucking branded cereal?!
Cream is 6, Tails is 8, and Cream exists to fill Tails' role but for Amy and has roughly the same type of abilities as Tails complete with "broken" gameplay thanks not only to her ability to fly like Tails, but cheesing bosses with Cheese.

Tails and Cream should both be treated with the same level of maturity, especially since Amy and Cream's dynamic is just Girl Sonic & Tails. Complete with Amy being energetic and impulsive with her emotions while Cream contrasts those traits with her more calm and passive nature, much like Tails is with Sonic.
No.132450661 [Post deleted 16:21:12]
Tails is made for human puss anyway
...except that regardless of intention, Cream and Amy factually do not have the same dynamic as Sonic and Tails, and Cream and Tails have never once had the same level of maturity.
You're out here waxing paragraphs about what the characters supposedly are in your head when on paper Cream has never acted Tails' age and Tails has never acted Cream's age. Because they are not the same character, they are different and serve different roles and are entirely dissimilar in every modicum of their established and canonical personality. Cream does not act like a young adult and Tails does not act like a past-eating toddler, nor were they ever envisioned or intended to be.
SonicBattle.jpg, 650x723, 4 times posted
No.132450720 [Post deleted 16:21:12]
oops guys sorry I misspelled Bat puss.
Tails and Cream serve the same role of being "the sidekick" to Sonic and Amy respectively. Cream was made just so that Amy could have her own Tails, so that Team Rose in Sonic Heroes could exist. That's the sole reason Cream was introduced.

Amy and Cream's dynamic reflects Sonic and Tails, the only real substantial difference is simply that Cream doesn't have super intelligence, but she's still a lot more rational and level headed than Amy is, like Tails is with Sonic. In Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle and other games where Cream had a significant presence, she's not treated as a "paste eating toddler". She's treated like a young innocent girl who is somehow just as strong and fast as the other characters with the same level of capability as a hero. Tails also isn't treated like a young adult either, he is ALSO a young kid, and Sonic's little brother. Tails isn't as wise as Sonic, he isn't as "mature" as Sonic, he's a kid that just so happens to have an IQ of 400. That high IQ doesn't suddenly make him a fully grown adult, regardless of the fact that he lives alone with several laboratories to his name.

The only thing that gives Tails the illusion of maturity is simply the fact that he's the smart guy in the room with advanced knowledge of countless subjects. Beyond that, though, he is still very much a child compared to Sonic.
I mean, Boom Amy's 12. Sonic ages mean nothing to me. I just look at how the cast is normally portrayed. Cream behaves more like an actual little girl than Tails does a little boy. He's a fantasy kid that only acts his age when they need him to. Otherwise, he feels like a young teenager, and absolutely don't get that vibe from Cream, ever.
Tails is a little kid with super intelligence. His high IQ is the thing that gives the illusion that he's wise and mature beyond his years when he's really not. He's just smart. When it comes to wisdom and maturity, Tails still has to defer to Sonic. Tails is calmer, more hesitant and thinks things through more than Sonic does, but Sonic is still the elder sibling and mentor figure there. Sonic is the one who is actually wise and mature beyond his years, while Tails is a young child following in his footsteps who just so happens to have advanced knowledge and skill with science and technology. Tails is a smart kid. Smart "KID".
The one and only time Cream has ever served as Amy's "sidekick" in the story was Heroes, every game since then, like Battle, she's been clearly shown as a little kid who Amy literally babysits and often does not even pay attention to. This is the same in X where both Amy AND Tails literally babysit Cream in multiple episodes. And not even in Heroes, there they were only a "team" because they had similar goals - Amy and Cream don't even share goals since, nor assist eachother in what their ambitions.
Tails isn't treated like a kid, either. he's never babysitted, nor coddled, he's treated as much Sonic's partner and equal as Knuckles or the Chaotix are. Sonic isn't "wise" or mature. Kill yourself.
>Sonic isn't "wise"
Yeah he is. It's shown quite often that Sonic is a wise inspirational figure with his own life philosophy that impacts the world and people around him.
eb5.png, 600x731, 1 times posted
No.132450968 [Post deleted 16:42:16]
>"Sonic is the one who is actually wise and mature beyond his years"
lol get the fuck outta here
Having an opinion isn't being wise. It's called having an opinion. The fact the game bends over backwards to force situations to make the main character appear correct isn't being wise either, it's called being the main character. Kill yourself.
How do all you niggas debating the specific nuances of sonic characters not fucking realise that none of these characters have any consistancy between games at all and Sonic """""lore""""" is practically as loose as Raymans
file.png, 2000x1333, 1 times posted
Sonic is wise.

Meta era doesn't count.
No anon don't you understand Sonic is a very deep and philosophical character we all should all study his wise ways of eating chilli dogs and being an outdated relic of 90s corporatism.
>generic instagram girl quotes make you "wise" in the eyes of a self-inserting manbaby
Instagram-Attitude-Captions-For-Girls.jpg, 956x886, 1 times posted
everybody look at me I'm a wise philosopher now
Sonic's "ways" is being a free spirit who lives life by his own rules. He does what he wants, when he wants, and doesn't conform to any system of law or what other people think. Sonic doesn't even have a house and avoids Amy's romantic advances because of his freedom and love of adventure. He answers to no one but himself. He's just a guy who loves adventure, and travels the world in search of thrills and excitement, making the most of his life in the time he has. Yet despite all that freedom and no responsibility, with his ability to do whatever he wants whenever he wants with no one to stop him, Sonic always does what he thinks is right. He hates evil in all forms, and especially hates oppression, and follows his heart.

This is the core of who Sonic is. Because he IS a very deep and philosophical character.
That's a fault of SoJ's, not the character.
What the fuck does that even mean he's not real
>Yet despite all that freedom and no responsibility, with his ability to do whatever he wants whenever he wants with no one to stop him, Sonic always does what he thinks is right
Aka, he doesn't "live by his own rules", he's just a generic cookie-cutter superhero dressed up in layers of pretentiousness to appeal to unintelligent manchildren who have never read a recognised philosophical text in their entire lives.

Worked on you, it seems.
Boom Amy is 12 in the sense that the writers clearly weren't allowed to get away with aging them up explicitly, but she obviously isn't meant to be an actual 12 year old neither in appearance nor writing. It's just Sega being retarded and having no idea that their mandates are literal poison.
SONIC THE PARAGON.png, 327x605, 1 times posted
>he doesn't "live by his own rules"
Yes he does. Sonic does what HE thinks is right. It doesn't matter who is wrong or right, because Sonic chooses to go his own way and make his own decision based on his own feelings in the moment, and he doesn't care what anybody else thinks. Sonic is a free spirit with a heart of gold living by his way, his OWN way. A spirit of the wind, an embodiment of chaos.

>an embodiment of chaos
Oh my god it's Sparky. I should've known.
Fuck off, you're an embarrassing cancer enough on /sthg/. No other Tailsfags like you, you're just as much an embarrassment to them as you are to everyone else.
Using IDW Sonic kind of hurts your point anon, because IDW Sonic is a psychopath who would explicitly let the world go to hell so long as it doesn't compromise his philosophy.
Literally who?
>It doesn't matter who is wrong or right, because Sonic chooses to go his own way and make his own decision based on his own feelings in the moment
His feelings of what is wrong or right, therefore meaning it apparently does matter to him what's wrong or right. You are literally describing a basic human morality as if it's something special because your corporate mascot self-insert is such a bland and shitty character that making something normal and expected sound grandiose and pretentious is the only way to even pretend he has any substance to him. Kill yourself.
I don't self insert as Sonic. I just look up to Sonic because he represents everything I wish I could be.

The core of Sonic's character is his freedom and love of adventure, and he portrayed as a wise inspirational figure in his world. Certain games like Sonic & the Black Knight, for instance, center around his life philosophy as a central theme of the game's story. And that same philosophy has been part of his character ever since the quote on the Japanese box art of Sonic 1, all the way through his theme songs and more inspirational quotes in the promotional material for the Adventure games.
1628968849058.jpg, 425x804, 1 times posted
This is the sub-70 iq of the average sonicfag.
Nobody, ignore him.
Outside of the movie, Sonic hasn't acted like a true mentor figure to Tails in years. Tails and him, more or less, feel like equals. When Sonic brings him along on his adventures, it doesn't feel like he's babysitting his kid brother. Tails is independent, a buddy. When Amy or Blaze bring Cream along with them, there isn't that same dynamic. They aren't treated as equals. They can't level with each other the same way. Cream's not a paste eating toddler, but she's not on Tails' level of maturity, either. Maybe AOSTH/SatAM Tails, but certainly not any post-Adventure incarnation of the character.

I know. That was part of my point. Tails and Cream being, canonically, two years apart in age won't always effect how they're written. Even mainline Amy doesn't feel twelve.
Stop shooting up schools
I like Sparky.
bruh you need help. Or to read a different book
I suspected as much, so I've just started hiding his posts. If you're on /sthg/ enough to know specific posters by name, then you're probably just as cancerous.

He also posted the exact same shit in the IDW thread, so I heavily suspect he's one of the "Sonic's World" spergs from there

Outside of the movie, Sonic and Tails haven't acted their fucking ages in years. Tails acts more like an 8 year old, even a hyperintelligent one, would than he has in any other continuity. It's probably one of the few cases where you can argue for a ship roughly around his age and it not feeling too forced.
it's not that they're stupid they just have chronic tiny dick syndrome that causes them to project onto puddle-deep cereal advertisements because a technicolored blue hedgehog is easier for autists to cling to than something without pictures.
Just like the character itself it's like a furry children's version of DBZautism.
>"Sonic's World" spergs
No you don't
People who get obnoxiously mad if you use any name for the planet the setting is built on that's not either Earth or literally being named after Sonic. Basically, any mention of Mobius, Mobians, or other things.
288540395_707702677183428_4114383095247162662_n.jpg, 1080x1080, 2 times posted
No.132451640 [Post deleted 18:48:02]
No worries! Just jesting. It's only to further on the fact that we're all really Sonic fans deep inside, so the flinging hot heads butting onto others is really unwarranted for, moreover with "canon" being mushy and ever changeable for a really good while, thus moot to argue over it. I got Archie Sonic as my personal favorite, but in the end it all, I actually like a lot how Sonic has this many of reinterpretations.

I'm sure we can all agree on simple matter, that being we need a good, solid Sonic game.

Exactly. That "Sally" special is a surely good example on one of many Penders' blunders. I'm glad Spark of Life came in and made Sally justice at last, even if it took only many years later.
People got really het up about me calling the Wachowskis "his weird Overlander family."
>Sonic hasn't acted like a true mentor figure to Tails in years. Tails and him, more or less, feel like equals. When Sonic brings him along on his adventures, it doesn't feel like he's babysitting his kid brother. Tails is independent, a buddy.
This is because the Sonic Adventure games gave Tails a character arc focusing on him growing beyond being the sidekick following behind the hero and into a hero in his own right who can stop Eggman and save the day all on his own.

Mobius is non-canon according to SEGA. Some people grew attached to Mobius because of how heavily it was used in certain western material, and "Mobians" is the only name that exists that refers to Sonic and his friends as a "species" beyond vague terminology like "cartoon animal people".

I don't have a problem with Mobius as a name or whatever. It's just not official to the game canon, but the real problem is when SEGA attempted to say that Sonic's planet isn't earth anymore (when it was established as such previously) and started referring to it as "Sonic's World" and as something separate from "the human world" which also directly contradicts previously established lore and stuff.
Sparky I am sick of you arguing the same topics

Talk about the female characters now.
Damn it Rotorfag, don't link this thread back to the tirefire!

I've seen people get mad if you even say that Wachowski is his last name. Same for Movie Tails and Knuckles. It's a weird thing to get mad over, since they're their parents, but that's what happens when you're an autist who assumes there's only one Sonic continuity.
Mobius is only non-canon in the eyes of SoJ. To SoA (who are the only ones who actually give a shit about the IP beyond marketability), it's always been the name of the planet. And Paramount considers it the name of the movie's version, even if they aren't allowed to explicitly call it that.

>and "Mobians" is the only name that exists that refers to Sonic and his friends as a "species" beyond vague terminology like "cartoon animal people".
You had (and still have) people calling them "Worldians" because of the Sonic's World nonsense, despite that name LITERALLY making no sense. Shit's retarded.
Their official name is "Sonnikku Worrudo-Jin" which translates to Sonic Worldian. That is their canon name. Cope.
What do you want me to talk about, exactly ... ?
Fuck off, Iizuka
smash_bros__fellowship_1_21_by_c_studios_d4mfp4y-fullview.jpg, 1280x1672, 1 times posted
>there's a super smash comic that focuses on sonic, mario, rayman, and pokemon characters and has been updating since 2012 and has 875 pages
>it even has cosmo and manic in it
1660767863006621.png, 226x289, 5 times posted
Female characters. Talk to me about Tangle committing war crimes against the potatoes.
Wow, that's actually pretty coo-

>875 pages
Jesus CHRIST. And it's still updating?

Not much to talk about. The annual was Meh/10.
I don't really have any thoughts on Tangle beyond Ian creating her because he doesn't actually understand how to utilize the female characters we already have except for Blaze for very superficial reasons, and Tangle is more or less just another Amy.
>and manic in it
>Jesus CHRIST. And it's still updating?
Yes and I'm on the fence about it. Art's decent and gets a bit better over the years and there's a good amount of it with Sonic characters. I think the only real negative is the obvious self insert OC.
Mobius is canon because its a non retarded term.
Are the OCs any more obnoxious than the ones in Tails Get Trolled?
>has been updating since 2012 and has 875 pages
Ho Lee Fuc
smash_bros__fellowship_1_27_by_c_studios_d4wgtr3-fullview.jpg, 1280x1797, 1 times posted
Not entirely sure.
Massive pass from me
rio_s_tale_the_storm_pg25_by_riosd_db60125-fullview.jpg, 1024x1449, 1 times posted
It's a shame this comic is mostly OC's. Because giving all the Sonic characters super forms and putting them in DBZ fights can be stupid fun.
>nine-tailed fox Tails
Conductor what's the longest comic you've got/done?
What's the longest comic ever (in any fandom you've seen)?
Tails Gets Trolled and Sonic the Continuation seem to be the longest comics we've done. The Smash Bros Fellowship is probably the longest one I've found since it's been going for 10 years and has 875 pages.
069177B2-99BC-427D-AD40-D1BED00A87BA.jpg, 413x351, 1 times posted
Go lay down over there in the corner, Rouge.
1638641733640.jpg, 1830x1266, 1 times posted
Here's your shotas, miss.
Please take care of them.
No, don't encourage her!
TGT and STC (the former took the better part of a week and the latter was a full 6 days) are the longest we've done, but if Conductor bites the bullet and does the Smash Bros one, it will easily exceed both.
Stay away from the kids m'am
was pretty funny. I like her when she's silly. When she tries to do anything cool I don't

holy autism
>all these tops
Wait, i this one of those "everyone is mtf trans like me" artists?
Give me 10 minutes.
you better hurry up, all /co/ has to talk about is Silver's death battle.
Relationship goals.