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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #42

Previous Thread: >>132139536

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Tonight is a short thread but we’ve got some fresh comics and newly translated comics to check out! Thanks to the anons that have helped out, it really makes doing this manageable. Let’s start with the second (and third) issue of Sonic vs Knuckles Gaia Complex!


Bonus Unofficial Sonic Thread #2

Sonic Future Thread

Also, last thread had an update for Sonic Desolation. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.
The gift that keeps on giving
2_01.jpg, 800x5600, 1 times posted
It may be hard to see but Eggman is quite pleased.
Wait, didn't we already do the Sonic VS Knuckles comic where they get the power of Dark Gaia?
2_02.jpg, 800x6255, 1 times posted
What could that be?
Ohhh, never mind.
2_03.jpg, 800x5848, 1 times posted
Sonic's pretty hyped!
Because the Ride Never Ends (tm).
We did the first chapter of it. There's two more that came out. Looks like it'll be weekly.
2_04.jpg, 800x5226, 1 times posted
Aww, they look happy to see each other!
2_05.jpg, 800x5428, 1 times posted
Eggman is enjoying his plot to make the Mobians even more furry.

>literally using a Dark Gaia minion + Chaos Emeralds as a fuel source
I'm sure this will end well.
2_06.jpg, 800x8310, 1 times posted
Those rocket shoes are pretty nifty.
Shadow, please stop these two idiots before they kill each other.
2_07.jpg, 800x6600, 1 times posted
>amy: we have names you know
>shadow: quiet, pink one
>eggman tries to harness the power of a god again
>everyone: how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!
2_08.jpg, 800x6430, 1 times posted
>shadow: let them fight
2_09.jpg, 800x7240, 1 times posted
Going up!
>Its a webstool
I hate this format
They're your friends too, Shadow.

Time to die Eggman!
2_10.jpg, 800x7070, 1 times posted
The welcoming committee is here!
1629701558695.png, 462x173, 1 times posted
same, scrolling through is annoying
Does Eggman really think a bunch of Egg-Pawns will stop them?

Basically the curse of the Webtoons format.
2_11.jpg, 800x8480, 1 times posted
Omega's jealousy meter is spiking and he doesn't know why.
It's not my favorite but I'll take it over nothing.
They are people he knows. Kind of.
2_12.jpg, 800x6600, 1 times posted
Shadow's pissed and wereSonic is having fun.
>Does Eggman really think a bunch of Egg-Pawns will stop them?
At the very least they slow his guests down but these seem to be stronger than normal.
We better get were-forms for the other three out of this.

Omega is definitely feeling a lot of RAGE right now.
2_13.jpg, 800x6520, 1 times posted
With Sonic's decreased speed as a werehog, I'd say Knuckles would have an advantage.
Not just scrolling you can't do much of anything interesting with one panel per page and most of the time there's barely even a background, they have to make everything big for smartphones so every fight is a close-up, there's probably more problems but whatever, i'll stop souring the thread
>Shadow releasing his inhibitors
Oh fuck. Those must be some strong Egg-Pawns.

And Sonic has gone full BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD now, so he's no help.
2_14.jpg, 800x8070, 1 times posted
If this was IDW, Knuckles would have a lot more stuff to pin on Sonic. And he wouldn't be wrong.
>We better get were-forms for the other three out of this.
I want EVERYONE to have were-forms!
Knuckles is shockingly reasonable as a were-echidna.
2_15.jpg, 800x5320, 1 times posted
Going up! Again.
At the very least it speeds up the process of busting badniks.
2_16.jpg, 800x8200, 1 times posted
Eggman, you got some splainin' to do!
E-Even the mobini and the Chao?
2_17.jpg, 800x2500, 1 times posted
Support them anyway you can or want!
I like rational Knuckles. At least they're both not totally out of it.
>Shadow: Or do you want me to piss on your wife again?
1.jpg, 800x5480, 1 times posted
Everyone. Even a hulked out Tower making a cameo.
2.jpg, 800x5480, 1 times posted
Shoot him, Shadow! Figure out how to reverse things later!
The worst thing the were-forms seem to do is elevate their anger and abrasiveness. Which, combined with them already hyped up from a sparring match, means they're just looking for any excuse to throttle each other.
3.jpg, 800x5872, 1 times posted
Do you have a phantom ruby you can mix into that as well?
4.jpg, 800x5832, 1 times posted
>eggman: i trademarked that name, too! i get royalties for every issue of this series!

I think this is one of the rare few comics where they actually get killed.

>Everyone. Even a hulked out Tower making a cameo.
Honestly, a comic where everyone gets permalocked into were-forms could be cool. Sorta like the endgame of the Metal Virus with everyone and everything being converted, but everyone still has their minds and personalities. They're just angrier and fluffier.
>Shadow: "Y-yeah, i remember, sure"
5.jpg, 800x5984, 1 times posted
Did you give it a name, too?
>Were-Freedom Fighters
>Bunnie gets bulky and larger cybernetics to compensate
>Rotor looks closer to Sasquach from Darkstalkers
>Antione looks like an unkempt wild swordsman
>let me just make two guys to could already fuck the world and my plans over with ease even more insanely destructive and aggressive
300 IQ my fucking ass.

Title drop!
6.jpg, 800x5648, 1 times posted
Okay Shadow, you can shoot him now.
Yeah, they usually get ignored and aren't much of a threat and even cooperative with the heroes if they need to be.
7.jpg, 800x5784, 1 times posted
If you wanted that, just lock them in the same room together. Hell, they probably would've try to kill each other without being turned into monsters.
>I made a fetus battery
Okay, Shadow you can shoot him now. You'd be justified in doing so. And if you don't do it, Tails probably will.
8.jpg, 800x5840, 1 times posted
Shadow, please shoot him!
MM11Wily (1).png, 474x908, 12 times posted
Ivo, why do you still screw with Eldritch Stuff? Pure Science us all that is needed!
9.jpg, 800x5344, 1 times posted
>yeeting people out of the death egg
It wouldn't be a continuation of Sonic Unleashed without it.
10.jpg, 800x6000, 1 times posted
Look at that shit eating grin on Eggman.
Mobians can survive atmospheric re-entry and the void of space, so they'll be fine.
Omega would've killed him by now. And shot his body some more.
He was stunned at the revelation that Eggman was evil all along
11.jpg, 800x5896, 1 times posted
Oh Shadow, you should've gone for the head.
Smug Eggman.
12.jpg, 800x5280, 1 times posted
>being smug at a consolation prize
Should've killed him when you had the chance, Shadow.
13.jpg, 800x5968, 1 times posted
And what is that?
You could have killed him Shadow, damn it.

He's gotta take his wins somehow. Even if he fucked it all up to begin with by not just blowing his brains out.
14.jpg, 800x5256, 1 times posted
And that's the end of this issue! Looks like it updates every Monday so we'll hopefully have the next one next week. Now let's move on...
P01.png, 1281x1836, 2 times posted
Now let's get a brief glimpse at Light Mobius. This is a cursed timeline but it has promise.


Also, Gaia Complex updates every Friday.
P02.png, 1280x1836, 1 times posted
The major difference here is that Julie-Su isn't with Knuckles, it's instead Tikal. And considering she ends up as a monster and imprisoned that makes things worse for him.
P03.png, 1281x1836, 1 times posted
TWINS BORN just doesn't have the same ring as TRIPLETS BORN.
Eggman at the Maternity Ward.jpg, 1151x472, 5 times posted
Went back to reading some Archie issues, decided to read the Knuckles comic since they kept crossing it over with the main issues. I'm honestly at a loss on how to explain it. The Sonic issues are decent, some are pretty great, others are meh, but almost the entire Knuckles run was bizarre:

-A city of Echidna's is suddenly a thing.
-All those random guardians they kept introducing, and mostly did nothing
-Pretty much everything involving Knuckles and his people
-So many fucking issues where characters are just talking about random shit and doing NOTHING at all, my favorite are Locke (Knuckles dad) who will sometimes ramble about wanting to help or do something for his son, only to do nothing at all or change his mind for the most asinine of reasons.
-The run also ends on a meh note, I got to the last page only to go "That's it? This is how you chose to end your comic?"
-Everything involving Julie-Su, she's just introduced and shoved into the cast awkwardly, then they try having her get with Knuckles with the "soul touch" bullshit. Seriously, for most the run she just exists, and I honestly had no clue why she even stuck around.
P04.png, 1281x1836, 1 times posted
The 30 Years Later Sonic Universe arc covers all of this with the only difference being Julie-Su and Tikal.
A04B5FEF-2AFF-42C9-B837-81F99B19572D.jpg, 377x583, 9 times posted
that blue menace won't be my king
>updates every Friday
Ah, so a new chapter this week then. Nice.

Making a Light Mobius timeline but pairing Knuckles with Tikal is such a weird choice.
P05.png, 1281x1836, 1 times posted
>a rabbit and a french man have kids
>they look like they want to fuck everyone
No surprise here.
>King Shadow: We worship Maria now.
>Citizen: Personally, I've accepted Argus--
>KS vaporizers the guy with a Chaos blast

Getting furry bara vibes from this
P06.png, 1281x1836, 1 times posted
Sonic jobbing!
>Making a Light Mobius timeline but pairing Knuckles with Tikal is such a weird choice.
I'm not surprised after seeing so many edit variants of the future issue. There's one that replaces Sally with Amy. Some of them replace Julie-Su with Tikal. Another replacing Mina with Cream. And there are combined versions of those. It's crazy.
>that Tikahos face in the fourth panel

JJJ pls.
posting tails is a bannable offense
P07.png, 1281x1836, 1 times posted
A bittersweet ending. Now there's seven pages for a story that takes place in Light Mobius. First four pages were already translated. This summary and the remaining pages were translated by a helpful anon that translated Tails Forces.
1.jpg, 1280x1835, 1 times posted
Light Mobius would be a great place to really go crazy with stuff like powers and OC's. No more Eggman so you can use other villains or make your own.
Vacation time for all of us!
Someone is 100% jacking it to those were-forms. No doubt about it.

It's honestly fascinating how crazy the official Light Mobius stuff made people, to the point they'd outright write out characters like Sally, Julie-Su or Mina, regardless of how it imapcts the overall plot to force their ships. Fascinating, but also sad.
>Those numbers
It keeps happening
2.jpg, 1280x1835, 1 times posted
There's the twins!
t. Mammoth Mogul

Don't let me get the power of DESTINY in here again!
3.jpg, 1280x1835, 1 times posted
ENTER SALLY (Sonic did)
>It's honestly fascinating how crazy the official Light Mobius stuff made people, to the point they'd outright write out characters like Sally, Julie-Su or Mina, regardless of how it imapcts the overall plot to force their ships. Fascinating, but also sad.
Shipping is crazy and as far as I know, Light Mobius is the only official future where Sonic is married and has a family.
>Shadow, Tails, Amy
Best Trio.
>Another replacing Mina with Cream
Tails getting with Cream sounds fucky in a different way than him getting with MIna.
But, maybe I'm just letting a certain fanwork live rent free in my head.
4.jpg, 1280x1835, 1 times posted
Not that many Sonic characters have powers, at least not in Archie when you think about it. Most were just skilled in conventional ways. Might be better to introduce more naturally powerful characters.
Cute Manik and Sonia.

Sally looks like she hasn't aged a day over 50. That Source of All full body bath must really work wonders.
87jevag0h4451.png, 700x950, 6 times posted
No.132158760 [Post deleted 22:39:44]
The United Republic of Mobius?! What sort of Bullshit are they on? Is that Hamlin behind this?! Shadow and Sonic should be shot!!
5.png, 1319x1891, 1 times posted
Something WEAK makes an appearance.
6.png, 1320x1892, 1 times posted
Manic meets with a very important person.
The BENCH has traumatized many.
7.png, 1321x2044, 1 times posted
King Sonic!
They need to work together more.
I can see it working if they interacted more and it was built off of that.
>Sally looks like she hasn't aged a day over 50. That Source of All full body bath must really work wonders.
Them Acorn genes are no joke.
Rabbit stew, bench or endless happy days?
8.png, 1321x2044, 1 times posted
We end this on a cute note. This page came out in January so while it's been a while since the artist made a page (they're currently doing lewd commissions it seems) there's still a chance we'll get more. Now for the last story for the night.
kinda wish there was more comics about the light mobius i liked the concept and i wanted to see more of the future freedom fighters
Most of the more mystically inclined characters were amongst the Guardians or things closely tied to them like the Ancient Walkers. There were other people gifted with powers, but generally not a very massive amount.

Personally, I always interpret more powers cropping up in kids across Mobius as just being a sort of thing that happens with more and more generations over time.

I smell a very WEAK jackal. Rhymes with Finite.
>Queen Sally has been voted U.M.R MILF of the Year for the last 5 Years
1.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Sonic Heart of Mobius is a retelling where Robotnik comes from Earth to immediately cause trouble on Mobius.

Sonic is a good dad.
2.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Robotnik takes over as narrator.
>the BENCH
I wish.
Rabbit Stew, though the Bench is pretty fucked up too
Though even without those it'd still be like someone marrying someone he used to Babysit.
It's horrifying how there's not one, not two, but THREE horrific bad end stories featuring Cream.

>Two Worlds
Did Iizuka ghostwrite this?!
3.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Even though it's not our Gamma, it's sad to see an evil version of him.
4.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Look at all these not-versions of characters.
>Did Iizuka ghostwrite this?!
I think it's fine for this kind of a story.
5.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Sonic's got... pants!
>Mobians wearing pants
6.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Very shonen. And that's the teaser/prologue. We have a handful of pages for the first chapter.
b4c840358417f824c57581eb08b8c9c4.jpg, 736x740, 15 times posted
I pushed for it solely to piss you off, Max. Enjoy.
1434584241586.png, 902x444, 2 times posted
Just got back from reading nemsis and the incest vibes too strong.
1.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
That bracelet... could it be...?
2.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Poor Cream, she gets to be the main character for this chapter and things aren't looking good for everyone.
Wait a second... what happened to Max?
3.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Not the heckin' flowerino!
4.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Come on Gamma, listen to the cute little bunny girl.
Shard.jpg, 250x368, 5 times posted
Oh, I just moved him to somewhere he won't cause any trouble. He's fiiiiiine, don't worry your pretty little head about it.
>still has monarchs
Wait a second...
>Wait a second... what happened to Max?
Ohno, he was republic'd!
Alica took his internet again m
5.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
I'll... take that as a "no."
>putting a child in a cage
6.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Looking pretty /fa/ there, Dr. R!
The Acorns are cursed!
7.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
The mobians can fight but they're not so good at chess.
8.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
ENTER TAILS (and his hentai MC non-eyes)
So, is this pose a reference to something, because I swear, IDW Issue 50 has the same one on the cover, just with Sonic in the Background and Surge in the foreground facing towards him.
9.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
>that smile behind cream
I can see those hentai tags now.
Cute Tails, but the doujin protag shaded face is distracting.
Maybe it's a Constitutional Monarchy, people still elect their rulers, but the Royal Family steps in when say, the entire Parliament/Senate gets turned into Robots or shoved into egg grapes by roving Mad Scientists.
10.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
We end this story with a hint of Sonic. Can't wait to see more as this is a new comic and still updating!
I think it's just a popular shonen composition and pose. Wouldn't be surprise if there's one that started the trend.
sonic.jpg, 1280x905, 1 times posted
I'll end things with a couple character sheets. First our hero.
I really like Creams outfit, very cute
Tails' highlight that he's a nerd, which is also good
cream.jpg, 1280x905, 1 times posted
And that's it for the night! Tomorrow at 9pm we'll do something else! I'll be posting the updated list in a bit.
Inquisitiveness.jpg, 512x307, 1 times posted
I also like sonic's except for the bandages but i guess its his backstory
SatAM/AOSTH Tails is such a cheeky shit.
>"Look kid, Vanilla and Rouge REALLY likes her /ss/, i have to keep the illusion"
>I can see those hentai tags now.
age difference
flower picking
list.jpg, 3043x1060, 1 times posted
And there's the updated list.
Probably Dark Gaia corruption. Would make sense considering Chip's bracelet. Maybe it stops the spread if he's not too stressed.
1659406003423372 (3).jpg, 404x1299, 1 times posted
>fluffy cheeks
Finally he's as good looking as Sally.
>Sonic is suffering Dark Gaia corruption
>in the middle of an Eggman invasion
Oof. That's gotta suck.
not this guy.jpg, 396x3412, 2 times posted
That was funny anon, thanks
Thanks conductor, this was fun
>Iizuka at the very bottom
Holy kek. This is perfect.
>I can see Tails and Cream working
I can’t, honestly.
It’s like saying “hey, let’s pair these two characters who have absolutely 0 common interests but whose personality is exactly the same.”
Pairing the most meek, milquetoast, gentle character with the other most meek, milquetoast, gentle character is the most boring shit you could ever come up with - it’s not wonder there are so few comics actually focusing on this pairing instead of having them in the background as a pair the spares copout for Sonamy comics, and those that do exist are always horrifically out of character. It requires you to rewrite Cream’s personality from scratch either to make her have any reason at all to hang out with Tails, or lobotomise Tails and have him act like a 6-year old who colors with crayons and hasn’t learned his ABCs, to justify him hanging out with Cream because if you don’t pretend that Tails acts like a toddler then you can’t come up with any reason the team mechanic would hang out with the team toddler.

It always comes across as very forced and that’s why I’m not surprised there’s so few comics actually about them. Very few people actually obsess about them specifically, they’re just a cutesy pair the spares aesthetic for when fans of other characters wanna pair Amy and Rouge with Sonic and Knuckles and wanna force Tails to cleanly fit that triumvirate without being concerned if it’s at all interesting.
As it stands Tails doesn’t have a well-made or intended love interest who suits his character. I wish people would just accept that or maybe wait for one to exist before forcing him to be rewritten just to badly fit Cream because they think they look cute in the background.
When are you releasing Lost Hedgehog Tales Ian?
Post-Colors maybe. Before that? Nah.

>or lobotomise Tails and have him act like a 6-year old who colors with crayons and hasn’t learned his ABCs, to justify him hanging out with Cream because if you don’t pretend that Tails acts like a toddler then you can’t come up with any reason the team mechanic would hang out with the team toddler.
Both AOSTH and SatAM Tails (as well as early Archie) act like actual kids their age, so you could easily pair them up with Cream if you truly wanted to enforce the ship from this perspective.
Kind of feels like you just don’t like Cream.
I don't really ship characters but from what I've seen it does feel that more often than not, Tails and Cream get paired up because "they would look cute together" and not much more than that so I agree to some extent.
It's Tails posting from one of his 700 proxies.
They’ve never even spoken to eachother in the games or in Archie, lol. Which probably makes sense
>I’ve gotta cold forge this 5-d chaos emerald to power the ancient mecha rocketship so me and sonic can travel to the Nth dimension and hack into Eggman’s black hole generator before it destabilises our quantum timeloop!
>I like to pick flowers and have teaparties with Cheese!
1.jpg, 1280x1829, 1 times posted
2.jpg, 1280x1829, 1 times posted
3.jpg, 1280x1829, 1 times posted
Thanks anon.
t. Iizuka
That backwards glance is something I'd more expect from her mother. Which could easily be where she picked it up.
I’m right.
Who should voice Vanilla the Rabbit?
CosmoSad.jpg, 637x480, 2 times posted
>As it stands Tails doesn’t have a well-made or intended love interest who suits his character.
For shame, anon! You just made Cosmo sad...
Cosmo is also fucking dead. By his own hand no less.
FWUCrH5UYAAW9kV.jpg, 1668x2224, 1 times posted
Ha, got it!
FWUCrH7VUAEH7bm.jpg, 1668x2224, 1 times posted
FWUCrIiUsAAMCy-.jpg, 1668x2224, 1 times posted
FWUCrH9UsAA3t2N.jpg, 1668x2224, 1 times posted
Cosmo wasn’t intended to be Tails’ love interest until more than halfway through the season, which is why they were also so forced. The only reason they liked eachother was because they were nice to eachother, which is a terrible basis to stand on when literally everyone was nice to Cosmo
BobsBurgers_ShippingInANutshell.jpg, 642x709, 23 times posted
>... and those that do exist are always horrifically out of character.
My only gripe with this critique, is that most contrarians to a particular ship use it to no end, but then completely ignore it if it applies to a pairing they like. Seems very dishonest.

Like 90% of Sonic Ships, they are the result of pic related.
Oh, and 9% is just characters who exchanged a few words... and don't you don't want to imagine if they happen to touch bodies.
Shut the fuck up Ian.
>Like 90% of Sonic Ships, they are the result of pic related
No they’re not, because Tails and Cream have barely even appeared in the same scene together. They don’t even satisfy that logic.
A lot of ships can work if written well and since we're in a fancomic thread then that shouldn't be a surprise. We had an Espio and Blaze comic that was actually good.
son2good-11.png, 240x160, 1 times posted
Looks like someone's ship probably falls under that category (Not referring to CreamTails, just in case, referring to another one still unknown to us).

You know exactly what I mean by that Bob's Burgers meme, so stop pretending. Tails and Cream already stand next to each other more than enough in Sonic X, anyway.
>A lot of ships can work if written well
This is an undeniable truth. Even the crackiest of crackships can work if written well.

The real question is... what constitutes good writing?
>Sonic and Vanilla
Got it, Cream needs a dad.
There was also that one comic with a Nciole and Espio kid, and whilst we never saw his parents, it was still apparently a ship that happened.

That's Vector.
>it was still apparently a ship that happened.
Anon, I knew some fujos who shipped Tails and Metal Sonic back in the early 2000's.

The logic?
>Tails likes machines
>Tails likes Sonic
>That's Vector.
B-but... Sonic is grabbing Vanilla in that one scene... t-that means they l-love each other and are meant for each other!!
>let's check out what's the most frequent ship on e621
This isn’t a uniquely Cream thing. Tails doesn’t have any relationship with any of the girls. He barely has a relationship with the boys.
>Amy: has never spoken to Tails about anything that isn’t Sonic. Not even friends, just mutual “Sonic’s shitty friends”
>Cream: barely if ever even spoken to eachother, have never even met in some continuities like Archie
>Blaze: existed in the same space in Rush Adventure. That’s about it.
>Rouge: teased him once or twice in the early 2000s
>Wave: Arch-Rivals…in 2008. Have never spoken or met since.
Like maybe the problem is Tails just needs to do something without Sonic there, every once in a while.
By that logic, Sonic has bred Amy several thousand times and has had enough kids to fill 10 football stadiums.
Fucking wild.

The only version of Tails who has anything close to a functional relationship with the other boys is Movie, and that's purely in the sense that they're brothers. He might have more (and better) characterization and relationships than in the games, but Movie Tails likewise lacks any romantic relationship options that can be seen from a shipping standpoint.

This sort of thing is pretty much a problem of Sega being trash and incapable of allowing anyone to have a proper identity or connections beyond "friends with Sonic" and sharing the same space occasionally.
sonic bar 2.webm, 700x392, 3 times posted
The movie was this good
There are people who hate the dance and bar scenes, but they gave Tails necessary expanded characterization and identity beyond "kid who just follows Sonic". Movie Tails would be just as bland and without clear identity as the game continuity's version if they didn't take the time to give him and Knuckles all this little character moments.
I wouldn't pin it all down to how SEGA want the franchise to be, other characters have friendships away from Sonic. I don't mean romance, just friendships.
Amy and Cream are their own duo (sometimes)
Team Dark is the best team this series has ever made
The Chaotix are their own trio, whether for comic relief or otherwise
Knuckles and Rouge are rivals, and the comics show Knuckles and Shadow as rivals, and he has his backstory with the Echidna families and the Nocturnus
Eggman and Metal are father and son
But Tails is just a keychain. He's the one character it feels like SEGA don't want to associate with anyone else or have a life outside of Sonic, and it's annoying as all hell.
Refusing to let Tails have a life or interpersonal friendships outside of Sonic has got to be one of the weirdest things SEGA has ever gotten anal about. No wonder people are always characterizing him as a psycho who needs Sonic around to keep him from completely ruining everything in his path.
>Like maybe the problem is Tails just needs to do something without Sonic there, every once in a while.
Unlikely in any official capacity. Or anything as far removed from Sonic Team as possible. Maybe Tails can get another pen pal.
>Sonic "dies" in Sonic Forces, leaving Tails alone
>portal opens up
>Classic Sonic spins out to be Tails' new buttbuddy
>Or maybe something as far removed from Sonic Team as possible.
Let me word that differently. Tails' character will improve the farther away he gets from modern Sonic Team. He did alright in the past.
The thing for me is that certain people seem to think that the characters remain static and don't move or do anything in between games.

Can one say with a 100% conviction that Tails and Amy absolutely don't interact in their daily life? Or that they absolutely don't get along?

And I'm not saying like meet up every day, but cross paths from time to time and even have a chat, or Amy asking for Tails to fix a clock or fridge.
No offence
I'm dying of cringe
Seriously no offence, you can enjoy your stuff
Don’t worry anon, like 90% of everyone died of cringe at that scene. It’s even worse because it’s ripped off from Alvin and the Chipmunks 3, same song same damce same everything. It wasn’t bad enough they had to be cringy, they had to power their cringe with fucking Alvin and the Chipmunks.
This wouldn't be a complaint if we were ever actually shown them doing that. Sonic Team fumbles "show, don't tell" so bad that we literally have to speculate outside of canon.
I think you (and that other anon besides) just have shit taste.

>And I'm not saying like meet up every day, but cross paths from time to time and even have a chat, or Amy asking for Tails to fix a clock or fridge.
Sorry, you're only allowed to have twitter Sonic sharing snacks with twitter Eggman.
If it wasn't for the comics you'd think they didn't know one another existed.
Crazy how many characters in Sonic have so little interaction with each other.
rouge's fault.png, 1058x745, 5 times posted
Speaking of shipping, who would Blaze's casual partner be? Who would take that hit for the team to keep her coming around to save the day at convenient junctures?
We all know no-one wants to move to her world and she can't stay on Mobius for longer than a one night stand.
Rouge, because she is made believe that the more breast milk she drinks directly from the sauce, the more her own breasts will grow
Isn’t it already Silver? Sonic media seems to regularly imply it, even in their themesongs in 06, though not yet hard-confirm.
doctor who would save us.jpg, 812x515, 1 times posted
Silver isn't always around and may one day not return if Sonic and his boomer generation stop literally destroying the world.
Finally someone who gets why the pair sucks. May as well pair Tails/Rouge and justify it around them being smart and crafty.
>Wave: Arch-Rivals…in 2008. Have never spoken or met since
Looks like someone havent played sonic riders at all because there is a scene where wave interacted with tails
Sonic_ThisGuyGetsIt!.jpg, 889x500, 8 times posted
Finally someone who gets that pairing Tails/Cream is just as stupid and nonsensical as Tails/Rouge
yeah but Tails and Rouge is hot.
Plus they have a complementary dynamic.
nobody likes tails.png, 631x2793, 9 times posted
yeah Tails and Rouge are fun because one's a nice sweet boy and the other's manipulative and mean
I don't really care about how much they actually meet in the games, but Tails and Cream just will never do it because it's nice and sweet kid with nice and sweet kid. Cream is just a genderbent Tails but without any interest in tech. Where's the clash? It's boring as fuck, there is no dynamic.
>"Most contrarians to a particular ship use it to no end, but then completely ignore it if it applies to a pairing they like."
>"Seems very dishonest."
No.132165339 [Post deleted 10:39:00]
the original argument was that Tails and Cream are boring and forced because neither of them ever interact and their personalities are the exact same. Where's the hypocrisy?
1658570110273937.gif, 636x624, 2 times posted
Yea. They're both retarded. With how Sega writes, it'd make more sense for Tails to just stick an onahole on Metal than either of them.

I admit it'd be more interesting to read than T/C fanfic even if it is a reach and reqauires ignoring R/K, R/S, or R/M.E.
"Tails/Cream is just as stupid and nonsensical as Tails/Rouge"
>"yeah but Tails and Rouge is hot."
The hypocrisy lies in trying to justify one over the other based solely on personal opinion and tastes.

People who like Tails and Cream may like them because they are just cute and wholesome together. Maybe those people don't like powerplay, just characters that get along (And even if that is bland, they are entitled to like their bland shit).

In the end, in order to work, both ships need an equal amount of distortion to the character personalities anyway.
>both ships need an equal amount of distortion to the character personalities anyway
They don't though. Rouge already likes to tease Tails in multiple games, and Tails seems to be attracted to her. They've fought and interacted a bunch of times.That's an actual basis for liking their dynamic.
Cream and Tails have literally barely even spoken to eachother, ever, across the entire series. They have no dynamic and have never done anything at all together.
>With how Sega writes, it'd make more sense for Tails to just stick an onahole on Metal than either of them.
So what you're saying is we need Rabbot to come back?
E_wpInFVEAM8DAl (1).png, 640x480, 5 times posted
I just think /ss/ is kino
son3s-19.png, 240x160, 4 times posted
>Rouge already likes to tease Tails in multiple games,
Sonic Battle, where else? (You can count the kiss on Sonic X, if you like)
>and Tails seems to be attracted to her.
Game, scene?
>They've fought and interacted a bunch of times
I remember their fight in Sonic Battle, are you counting the encounters in Heroes? After that, what else?

>They have no dynamic and have never done anything at all together.
Pic related, which you will probably dismiss because it goes against your headcanon.
>The hypocrisy lies in trying to justify one over the other based solely on personal tastes.
The irony is that the TailsRouge shippers are the first to laugh at other Sonicfags triggered by that ship.

Yet, here are a few seemingly very triggered over TailsCream... which, come on, isn't even a threat to them... or is it?

>I just think /ss/ is kino
If only they were as honest as you are.
Are you arguing for or against anon, or just factuality?
>Sonic Battle, where else?
Sonic Battle, X, Chronicles
>Game, scene?
Battle, Tails losing cutscene, X, tournament arc
>I remember their fight in Sonic Battle, are you counting the encounters in Heroes? After that, what else?
Sonic Battle, Riders, Chronicles, Rivals 2, IDW
>Pic related
wow, so standing next to eachother counts as a dynamic now? Color me astounded
I'm fucking fine with people liking Tails and Cream, none of this matters. I just think it's boring, me liking one thing and not a different thing is not an attack on you, stop acting like an eternal victim.
>I'm fucking fine with people liking Tails and Cream, none of this matters
Excellent, you could start acting like you claim.

>I just think it's boring, me liking one thing and not a different thing is not an attack on you, stop acting like an eternal victim.
Well, I'm not the one triggered because my ship was called stupid and nonsensical
Image-01.png, 735x634, 2 times posted
No.132165796 [Post deleted 21:17:34]
I want Rouge to wring Tails like a sponge between her complementary dynamics
>Rouge teases Tails in Chronicles
Do you have the scene?

>Battle, Tails losing cutscene, X, tournament arc
So, headcanon.

>Riders, Chronicles, Rivals 2, IDW
Very well, haven't played Rivals 2 and Free Riders (Because Rouge was just multiplayer in the other 2), so I'll take your word that they interact and fight.

>wow, so standing next to each other counts as a dynamic now?
I love how you delude yourself into thinking Tails seems to be attracted to Rouge, yet you can't use your active imagination to draw some conclusions as to what is happening in the stills of the Advance 3 Epilogue.

At this point, I suppose just factuality?
But truth to be told? I'm not even sure myself at this point. He lost me with the "Tails seems to be attracted to her".
>So, headcanon.
In case you need my take on those scenes:
Sonic Battle
>"Young boy gets flustered over mature lady teasing him"
Sonic X
>funny reaction to what is obviously intended as a gag.
>Tails is blushing and stammering madly at her kiss in Battle, has literal love hearts flying and his tongue turned into a heart shape in the X Battle adaptation, then passes out
>"n-no you're just delusional if you think Tails budding lovehearts at Rouge are meant to show attraction!"
kek, beat you by 5 seconds >>132165911
FXyJxdzUEAAmqRi.jpg, 1080x1170, 1 times posted
No.132165936 [Post deleted 21:17:34]
I have a felling that the fucker who keep posting tails and Rouge shit in /sthg/ is here on this thread
RougeCrush.png, 673x148, 1 times posted
Poor Tails... trapped in a loveless relationship. At least the sex must be nice (for him).

Ahora, fuera de broma... igual me pregunto ¿cómo diantres google llega a tal conclusión?
>Young boy gets flustered over mature lady teasing him
Aka attraction. You don't start flying lovehearts and passing out at someone you aren't attracted kissing you
I like this new outfit, the oversized clothes emphasizes her innocent little girl look.
Hope to see her in action soon.
>You don't start flying lovehearts and passing out at someone you aren't attracted kissing you
You don't see much anime or read much manga, do you?
The flying heart is to represent the kiss not Tails reaction to it, just watch the clip and see the timing and position of the heart when it shows up. Tails reaction is the face he does.

Now, you could say Tails twisting his tongue as a heart could count, but again, I'll disagree because the whole thing is supposed to be a gag, but not like I will manage to make you understand the difference, anyway.
What I love is that Tails interacts with Cream way more than he does with Rouge in Sonic X, and they seem to get along quite well there, almost to the point of being... friends?
>Tails and Cream friends in Sonic X
Non-sense! They can't be friends!!
The scene being funny doesn't discount the fact it existed. Whether for a comedic "gag" or otherwise the scene implies that Tails is flustered because he is attracted. It was even an adaptation of the same kiss from Battle, just recontextualised because X's battle arc happened inside an arena.
>What I love is that Tails interacts with Cream way more than he does with Rouge in Sonic X
as a third-party to your conversation, they probably didn't. Or if they did, it'd be neck and neck. The only thing I even remember them doing specifically with eachother was building a sandcastle in the background of one of the episodes because Amy forced everyone to go to a beach.
Not arguing anything, just that X was terrible. An entire anime series about the Sonic characters literally living in the same house and yet the cast spend all their screentime doing shit with OC Humans instead of eachother. Atrocious.
>The scene being funny doesn't discount the fact it existed.
I'm not saying it didn't exist, I'm saying it was intended as a joke.

>the scene implies that Tails is flustered because he is attracted.
No, the scene implies Tails is flustered because he was kissed and by someone considered a hot lady in universe (and out of universe too, of course), just like in Battle.

Kids have different reactions to something like that, some will jump and scream "icky", others will turn red like Tails did in Battle, but at the end, it's all the same reason: they are embarrassed, like a kid would. Sonic X decided to change it by making Tails pass out as part of a gag of how Rouge managed to defeat him.
someone told me to watch X in Japanese because it fixes everything and it was equally as terrible if not more. And they do the cringy anime thing where the ending song is some melodramatic sad romance song with Amy and Sonic standing in the mist staring at eachother for 3 straight minutes with absolutely no realtion to the lyrics, it's almost comically tonedeaf compared to Gotta go Fast. Almost like the problem is the dull shitty episodes instead of just the music/dialogue.
They have more scenes together, actually. Like Tails being the one who figures out Cream is depressed because she wants to see her mom (through a flashback of him going to see her pick up flowers). And they also played together in the water in that same beach episode, Tails was playfully splashing Cream with his Tails.

But, yes, I absolutely agree with you. Even though I liked X, I do agree it was terrible. Specially, a terrible waste... which is sad, cause I really enjoyed their adaptation of SA and SA2, even with Chris forced into the plot.
There's not going to be a case where Sonic and his generation aren't wrecking the world, no matter how much Silver convinces himself.
Just base factuality so contrarian shippers can be held accountable for their raw hypocrisy.
He and Cream do in fact spend significantly more time together than they do anywhere else, moreso than what time Tails and Rouge spend interacting. But overall, Sonic X is garbage that does every character dirty.
In fairness that's like saying 0.000000000000001 is above 1. This >>132160809 anon is entirely right, they really don't have a dynamic. But also this >>132162192 anon for the fact Tails doesn't have a dynamic with anyone
*is above 0, fuck.
Time for bed.
>what is happening in the stills of the Advance 3 Epilogue
Let's see:
>After finding Gmerl in the beach, Vanilla and Cream take it to Tails for repairs
>Seeing Tails expression, he happily agrees to the task
>Seeing Cream, she probably wanted to see how he did it, and asked Tails if that was OK, to which he probably said yes
>Cheese is seeing carrying a wrench, meaning he and Cream are probably assisting (or trying to assist) Tails by bringing him equipment he may need
>Cream seems eager and curious, which goes along with ther Sonic Channel profile that states and I quote: "She is a hard worker who works hard at everything she does, and has a thirst for knowledge and curiosity."
what did you do cream by chinchilla010.png, 625x415, 5 times posted
>this thread
happens every time someone mentions Rouge and Tails in the same sentence. nice digits, btw
Well, yeah. Like I said before, the only version of Tails who has any significant interactions with other characters is Movie Tails and that's currently limited to his family. Modern Tails doesn't have a functioning dynamic with anyone other than Sonic and that's only as "the sidekick" nowadays.

I guess if you really want to say there's a dynamic he has, it would be with Cosmo. But I wouldn't really call that "functioning" since he couldn't admit that he loved her before she had to die.

>and has a thirst for knowledge and curiosity.
>Tails is an inventor with a great wealth of knowledge and understanding, and has been on many adventures
So there's a chance.
Believe it or not, the ones to blame are those that said Cream and Tails this time
cream unamused.jpg, 163x163, 23 times posted
Actually I'm putting the blame on >>132160809 for blowing it up and the anons arguing over game canon in this thread of all places. We've even done comics that paired Tails with Cream although I don't remember if there was complaining about it then. If you're one of the anons arguing over this then do everyone a favor and just stop.
>So there's a chance.
If certain Sonicfags actually took the time to read the damn profiles in the official site of the franchise (even if one doesn't read Japanese, GoogleTranslate/DeepL do a fine job), they would understand the characters a little bit more than enough to make accurate conjecture regarding their relationships.
Well he might do. Sinse you can't say anything definitive about sonic characters because even if something seems solid it'll be contradicted next game, hense all the fan autism about what sonic "really is" or whatever the fuck
Procreate-Save(1).png, 2468x1975, 1 times posted
No.132166923 [Post deleted 21:17:34]
In my own expert opinion, Ian Flynn is to blame.
>it’s ripped off from Alvin and the Chipmunks 3
nigga the entire fucking movie series is. Didn't you notice?
FZKk1h3XEAIjoKm.jpg, 750x1147, 1 times posted
Preview pages for Sonic The Hedgehog Annual 2022
FZKk1h1WYAcer7A.jpg, 750x1138, 1 times posted
Marine...maybe confirmed?? But why is she offscreen? This smells like Iizuka
1610724002371.png, 250x385, 25 times posted
>Ian Flynn is to blame
>What if Sega authorizes Flynn to revive/retool Cosmo
What would Ian do?
What would Ian do if the fans get a hold of that information?
I see Rouge get those GUN approved Boobjobs
>Marine exists
>except they're mandated to not fucking show her, not even a whisp of fur
Holy fuck, what is wrong with Sega
1004045043910328431_IMG_0232-666x1024.jpg, 666x1024, 2 times posted
hahaha nah just kidding tharr she blows!
sally walks in.png, 400x310, 4 times posted
Hey Cream are you playing nicely with your babysitte- oh my god.
I'm going to have to take BOTH Cream AND Tails away from you all for 2 whole threads.
Really is that the only character listed on Sonic Channel that Ian and company are not allowed to use is Sticks, for... whatever reason.

Also, great to see Marine again!
Does ABT ever trace 3D models for his comics? Some of his stuff feels oddly CGI-like to me. But not all of it, just some pages here and there.
Bring in cosmo 2.0
Cosmo remembers none of the love of 1.0.
Is a complete bitch to tails and renounces his tech ways.
Does everything short of going full Fiona on him.
Fucks not tails because fuck you tails.
>Really is that the only character listed on Sonic Channel that Ian and company are not allowed to use is Sticks
Of course that doesn't mean they can just go and use whatever character whenever.

They probably need to propose a good story so Iizuka can greenlit an appearance by Tikal, Chaos, Gamma, Chip and other one-time characters.

Marine would be that case, the right story for her (In Iizuka's eyes, at least) was still not pitched to him until now.
Huh.png, 496x456, 1 times posted
>top scars
What did they mean by this?
BlazeEnvious.jpg, 700x525, 1 times posted
No.132167234 [Post deleted 21:18:05]
As long as he doesn't add big knockers to Blaze as he does to the other girls, I'm happy... flat cat needs to remain flat!

Captcha: 8H888H
Execution.gif, 256x192, 1 times posted
ffffffffffffffffffffffflaaat.png, 383x750, 9 times posted
FWRN5QiUYAAO0Tl.jpg, 720x700, 1 times posted
>Search this on google
>It's real
That pairing knows no borders kek

I imagine the porn must fuck with the algorithm, maybe the people that are not familiar with the franchise and see fanart legitimately ask google if they are a real thing.
>Marine is alive.
Holy shit
>It's real
The funny thing is, it only works in Spanish.
If you search who is her boyfriend/lover in English the result is Topaz (good for you, yurifags)
Or, at least, that's the result that shows up to me.

>I imagine the porn must fuck with the algorithm
I imagine the same thing, but again, the funny part is that it seems to only be present in Spanish... truly makes you think...
>Topaz. Topaz is Rouge's partner.
Now that's funny, I wonder where that came from.

>the funny part is that it seems to only be present in Spanish
Yeah that's curious, guess we now know where most of the fans of that ship come from.
Autism, that's what it is.
It's ok though, just another comic I can add to the 'never reading' pile for me.
Sonic Boom 002-011.jpg, 1212x1099, 1 times posted
Oooooooh shit, I didn't even notice. I guess that explains the bandage on the arm, too.
gsgs.jpg, 186x265, 1 times posted
What top scars?
The cut up ear?
>to be or not to be... flat, that is the question
I don't know why people project their mental illness on to fucking everything but It gives me cancer.
The scars on Sonics chest. Pectoral scars like that almost always imply too surgery was preformed, which means that the person is most likely trans.
tumblr_802d62438f8f67d761f05b8bc1fe457e_44b6b97f_2048.jpg, 1600x1600, 1 times posted
looks best with shoes
>Shadow is not just Vegeta, wanked or a retard
Why is it so rare ?
I think it's a shame that a series that is aimed almost exclusively at kids, rarely has characters that kids can actually relate to.

Like I get the whole power fantasy aspect of the big strong cool teenagers, but I think its a good opportunity for Tails to interact with the other kids and form some kind of connection. It's not fair his only relationship to people

Like seriously, when was the last time Tails actually acted like an 8 yr old? Not only would this good for the boy to get out of the lab & open up, but it'll help develop characters like Cream,Charmy & Marine. Or just give him OC kids to be his nakama - but Tails needs to spend less time with the grown ups. Who knows what corrupting influences he picked up from Sonic alone.

>. Movie Tails would be just as bland and without clear identity as the game continuity's version if they didn't take the time to give him and Knuckles all this little character moments.

It's almost like Tails was supposed the focus character according to all the marketting but then the studio got an A-List Celbrity to voice Captain K'Nuckles, so they switched up the focus on Sonic's first (non-metal) rival.
ezgif.com-gif-maker (11) (1).png, 2063x3131, 1 times posted
Also cover for the issue
>It's a little mangled, it's kind of jumbled, it's the 2022 Annual with Rough & Tangle and Rouge & Tumble! Writers Ian Flynn, Evan Stanley & Gigi Dutreix, Aaron Hammerstrom, Daniel Barnes, Ian Mutchler, and India Swift bring to readers six new heartwarming stories of unlikely pairs!
>story: Guardians
presumably Blaze and Cream
>story: Weapons
unknown, I'm guessing Whisper and Shadow cause noone else is particularly known for using weapons
>story: Hero Camp
unknown, probably Sonic and someone young, maybe Charmy
>story: Future Growth
Silver. And someone. Don't expect them to show the future world btw, that would be dishonorabu
>story: Another Grand Adventure for Jet the Hawk
Jet, and someone else.
>story: Rough Patch
Tangle and Blue Skunk mook vs Rouge and Grey Skunk mook, seems they're fighting over something. Alt covers seem to imply this is the biggest story
Noooooooo, how will I get my supply of foxboys now?!

I noticed, but I just didn't say anything. Didn't seem worth the effort.
Sonic Team is clearly focusing on Sonic and giving everyone else the barest of scraps. You're only going to get expanded upon characterization in cartoons and comics.
Tails doesn't need to spend less time with the teenagers, he just needs to spend less time with Sonic. The teenagers are the main characters and the most interesting ones, and Tails is the sole young main character, so just let him hang out with the other mains sometimes. Fuck, he had his own rival in Wave back in 2010, let him butt heads with her again instead of being Sonic's redundant yes man.
Sonic Team will never ever let anyone other than Sonic get characterization. You need the other media for that.

>Who knows what corrupting influences he picked up from Sonic alone.
Tails already knew how to make napalm by hand and has committed several counts of murder in the games alone. He was always a bit psycho.
Agreed. Sonic himself is the most boring, empty, obnoxious character in the series and the fact Tails must be handcuffed to him at all times is mind-numbing.
By 'characterization', I mean the bare minimum of whatever they pull out of their ass and smear onto the flat cardboard caricature that is post-Colors Sonic, which is more than the rest of the cast get. I know that he stopped having actual character years ago.
tumblr_orgm3eeXJh1sxudx7o1_1280.jpg, 940x718, 1 times posted
I er, I don't see the pec lines as that but then I don't look at artists who depict that soooo I'll sit tight and not say anything.
Tails did get shafted a bit in the movie compared to the other two. However there might be a bit of hope for him, so according to the site that reported the existence of the Knuckles show before any one else, they also said that their source talked about there being a high chance of a Tails solo movie to be made if the success of the live action series continues. I want to believe but I also see this as something of a long shot.
maybe frontiers will give us sonic's personality back.....
>maybe frontiers will give us sonic's personality back.....
I wouldn't count on that since ian isnt the head writer for the game
It's pretty weird seeing how people are interpreting stuff they hear about Frontiers. The whole ghost Amy thing and the memories from that "leak" and people are really hyped for the game. Come to think it I think that's mainly from Sonamy shippers.
>ian isnt the head writer
You say that like it's a good thing lol
I have a very very very limited view of romance that would work in this series and it really doesn't extends to cream or tails at all.
>You say that like it's a good thing lol
Anything is better than the writters of lost world, forces and colors
Got me there
It is. Unless you want another fucking Forces or Colors instead.
All we can do rigth now is pray that they dont pick such writters as Yasushi Otake or Harumasa Nakajima or Makoto Goya for sonic frontier
>Tails doesn't need to spend less time with the teenagers, he just needs to spend less time with Sonic.

But he only spends times with teenagers mostly because those teens want to spend time with Sonic. possibly. because they want to do disgusting, horny teenage things to him

While it's kinda funny for Tails to be Sonic's keeper, what's the harm in letting him have friends his own age?

>The teenagers are the main characters and the most interesting ones,
>Tails is the sole young main character, so just let him hang out with the other mains sometimes.

But outside of Sonic, the only other main teens are Amy & probably Knuckles. I trust that you are cognizant enough to realize that everyone else is just a glorified guest star.

Tails would only hang with Amy because she wants info on Sonic & Tails would only hang out with Knuckles if he has something to do in Angel Island.

Otherwise, the teens are about as interesting as Sonic - which is not much to harp

>Fuck, he had his own rival in Wave back in 2010, let him butt heads with her again instead of being Sonic's redundant yes man.

As much as I'd like the comeback of the Rogues, I would much prefer a rival that doesn;t have /ss/ overtones.

He needs a bully character to puts him down & motivates Tails to rise up & kick their shit. Why not bring back the Battle Birds & have Speedy be his rival instead?
classic only, dumb gaijin
co is a bad babysitter.jpg, 1000x800, 1 times posted
Fuck this Summer heat, I want to sleep, not sweat
>Sonic VS The hedgehog knuckles
Thank you, Sally.
Nice, the kids need a time out
We cost Unofficial Conducter a blowjob. Mission Accomplished.
v8 by cafe-star.jpg, 614x800, 1 times posted
Sonic doesn't need a V8, he needs an ambulance.
Classic-split anon. Also, even without said mandate against Classic characters tapering in the Modern era, Sega greatly discourages attempts to bring back defeated villains, even in spinoff media. There's no chance of the Battle Birds coming back ever outside of MAYBE an IDW mini.
I’m bringing this up because I think you haven’t heard of it yet
>Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special
> "Some of his oldest foes—including Witchcart and her minions—are back, and it'll be up to Tails to step up as the hero once again in this sure-to-be-classic adventure!"

>written by Ian Flynn
God help us all
I've heard of it, and I didn't bring it up because last I checked the Battle Birds weren't mentioned. It's also an IDW Sonic Classic special so not only does it not have any bearing on the main book whatsoever, but it doesn't impact Sega's stance on the game continuity in the slightest.

As far as the games are concerned, the Battle Birds and Wendy's Witchcarters are dead and never returning. But hey, at least IDW gives us SOMETHING.
Patrick-Staring-HD-Complete-Noise-Reduction.png, 1280x960, 2 times posted
>Witchcart's face when Tails pulls out the holy hand grenade and sends her back to hell
It's a classic special, hard to fuck it up so I have hope
1489858688639.jpg, 968x1000, 18 times posted
>we will get to see Tails murder Witchcart again
Knuckles just gave Sonic brain damage
Wouldn't be the first time. Remember that Archie issue when Knuckles, to stop Sonic being controlled by Eggman, just socks himself nobody's business.
n-no..what's the issue number?
I forgot which one but it was hilarious.
de87xcy-69a27b0b-5610-4a82-b585-80f6b0622678.png, 960x540, 4 times posted
A rival for Tails would be fun but yeah I doubt they'll do it any time soon.
64332082-8B42-4536-8DD5-059424152113.jpg, 262x450, 1 times posted
>what does ss mean
Well you see Tails in Japan back in the 50s there released a manga called Tetsujin 28-go starring fictional 10 year old boy detective Shōtarō (正太郎), who gained a cult following among those attracted to fictional boys aged 12 and under as he was the first manga protagonist to ever be a young and cute boy instead of a typical middle aged adult.

The unexpected audience appeal of this inspired many more Shōtarō type characters to be created over the next 4 decades, including Goku in the first 100 chapters of Dragon Ball and Rin Kobayashi in the massively influential Shojo manga Please Save my Earth.
This subculture eventually though not yet came to be known as “Shotacons”, an abbreviation of Shōtarō complex (正太郎コンプレックス, shōtarō kon-purekkusu)

Due to various factors Japan experienced a massive boom in Shotacon manga in the 1990s, the first ever anime adaptations of modern Shotacon series, and the founding of Shotaket - the first annual convention of Shotacon appreciators. (1)

1. Nagayama, Kaoru (2020). Erotic Comics in Japan: An Introduction to Eromanga. Translated by Galbraith, Patrick W.; Bauwens-Sugimoto, Jessica. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. pp.228–230
No wait, maybe Kit in IDW if he doesn't get redeemed
1AC41D4F-56A8-4368-BCDC-F97A84FCDCF8.jpg, 995x748, 1 times posted
Among these anime adaptations were several that playfully mocked their own Shotacon audience with main characters who were blatant pastiches of the women who enjoyed this genre, and their exaggeratedly shameless perversion around the topic of young males, including but not limited to LET’S Nupu Nupu and Haunted Junction.

The latter series, Haunted Junction, was of especial importance, as on the 27th of April 1996, and again later on the 2nd of April 1997, this series became the first ever published manga, and the first ever published anime, to use and even define the term “Shotacon” within its script - in reference to tritagonist Mutsuki Asahina - a violent and moralless highschool girl determined to collect a personal harem of young boys aged specifically 12 and under.

Now having been made official, defined and translated, the term Shotacon was free to spread to the Western demographic as english-speaking audiences were able to seperate these works into their own genre through reference to this term. In addition the West constructed a unique verbal seperation between Shotacon as seen in heterosexual works, and Shotacon as seen in Yaoi - the former category being rebaptised as ‘Straight Shotacon’.
0B00B20D-8F75-48C5-A172-F468685ED83D.jpg, 851x479, 2 times posted
As the Straight Shotacon genre was further built upon in the turn of the new millenium, a manga was published in 2006 titled Jormungand - wherein a dark-skinned 11 year old child soldier named Jonathan Mar is hired by an albino weapons salesman named Koko Hekmatyar to act as her bodyguard.

Though initially ambiguous as to the relationship these two characters shared, it gradually became clearer and clearer that this relationship was romantic in nature. By 2008, the sexual tension between the two characters garnered Jormungand favourable popularity on the Straight Shotacon board of 7chan (labelled as /ss/ on the board titlepage). Leading 7chan, in relation to this beloved but not yet consummated age-difference couple, to coin the phrase:

“Hey kid, wanna /ss/?”

The Archie Sonic comics were always bad, they were never good.
Well, you learn something new every day
Kit needs to get a reason to rival Tails first. As it stands he doesn’t have any goals beyond helping Surge beat Sonic.
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Funny chicken
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Sure there is a lot of Tails x Cream content
Wait ... Detective Conan didn't come first?
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My favorite kind of Tails x Cream content is where they both have happy lives and nothing ever goes wrong. Then the real suffering begins with no breaks
I see you too enjoy Happy Days.
Stupid sexy Robotnik
Guilty as charged
It's simple, I see Shadow, I arrive.
Sorry anon, show's over. Everybody left