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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #40

Previous Thread: >>131883196

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

We’ve got a nice helping of comics to go through tonight! Let’s start with a webtoon comic about Sonic and Knuckles taking their rivalry to the next level. This is Sonic Vs. Knuckles: Gaia Complex!


Bonus Unofficial Sonic Thread

Sonic Future Thread

Also, last thread had an update for Tails Gets Trolled and Pandora AU. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.
I want to see the two weremobians kiss.
01.jpg, 800x1280, 1 times posted
It's them, officer! These two are to blame for this comic!
Rev up your scroll-wheels because we're about to get:


Who doesn't?
02.jpg, 800x5517, 1 times posted
Knuckles is doing away with some pesky panels.
It's not a full moon, they can't come out just yet.
Gay_werehog.jpg, 1024x575, 6 times posted
>It's not a full moon, they can't come out just yet.
03.jpg, 800x6003, 1 times posted
Just when you thought you could relax on your isolated floating island and have some privacy.
Thankfully not as bad as most webtoons.
04.jpg, 800x5120, 1 times posted
Sonic is the Shield Hero!
05.jpg, 800x5674, 1 times posted
Sonic wants to fight? Give him what he wants.
The hell are those, the Echidna version of GoW's Blades of Chaos?
06.jpg, 800x6360, 1 times posted
Tails looking like he's waiting for something to add to his cringe album.
If only Shadow would come out.
07.jpg, 800x4155, 1 times posted
>sonic: fight me!
>sonic the impulsive speedster: woah there!
Maybe. The shield already looks suspiciously familiar.
>Tails: I knew having a "Toyal Shitshow" mode for my camera was a good idea!
08.jpg, 800x5120, 1 times posted
>slacking off are we?
At least they weren't snooping around, as usual.
Shadow's probably down for whatever with anyone.
Since no one else is lewd enough to mention it, be sure to check out the butt outlines on Sonic and Knuckles
>Thankfully not as bad as most webtoons.
Fun fact, I tried to stitch them all together and cut them as a single image but it was too tall for the jpeg file format.
Never played it, but they're pretty cool looking
Someone didn't read the supplementary documentation!
09.jpg, 800x5850, 1 times posted
Why do the heroes never try to get at least one chaos emerald? Even the heroes in Dragon Ball usually have one around.
>eggman walks into his robots watching porn with the door open
10.jpg, 800x4186, 1 times posted
That doesn't sound like something that can warp reality so it can't be that bad.
I still don't get why the panels for webtoons are spaced out so much.
The chaos emeralds warp when not in use for a while I believe.
11.jpg, 800x5684, 1 times posted
Tails just caused an international incident.
12.jpg, 800x6502, 1 times posted
That last panel is very suggestive.
Something has to be done. Can't have Eggman collecting them over and over again.
1658193481463628.jpg, 800x843, 3 times posted
Locke.png, 288x283, 81 times posted
13.jpg, 800x6000, 1 times posted
Sonic didn't appreciate that lewd thing that happened between pages.
14.jpg, 800x5300, 1 times posted
Switching things up. Knuckles looking confident and having fun while Sonic is ready to throw down.
The ol' Monk Special!
the stash.png, 800x3520, 1 times posted
I had to.
I'm sorry.
15.jpg, 800x5780, 1 times posted
Okay, okay, stop talking about your cheeks.
16.jpg, 800x6022, 1 times posted
Eggman is about to piss all over them!
17.jpg, 800x7831, 1 times posted
Now kiss!
Oh no! I wasn't ready for Sonic to experience gay rape FOR A 5TH TIME!
18.jpg, 800x5698, 1 times posted
Oh no... he's turning into Boom Knuckles!
He needs to stop getting captured.
>I still don't get why the panels for webtoons are spaced out so much.
I think it's to build up anticipation for reveals?
I shudder to think what his fetishes may be
It looks like a giant tampon applicator
Eggman just hit them with his most devastating weapon yet, the fujo ray!
19.jpg, 800x6000, 1 times posted
Sonic likes to chuckle. And that's the end of the first chapter!
ok groomer
six months.png, 1151x179, 4 times posted
>He needs to stop getting captured.
Yeah, "captured"
Fluffy and violent, my favorite!
20.jpg, 799x2000, 1 times posted
If you like it then go show some support. Not sure when the next chapter comes out but I'm looking forward to it. But let's keep up the horror element with a short story.
Tumblr_l_1050579883416462.png, 400x398, 25 times posted
Dammit, that's not how you use Chaos Radiation on my son!!
This is Chuck's fault.
1.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
Oh no...

2.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
Not the heckin' mobirinos!
3.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
Something's not right with Sonic...
Well Tails, this is because you didn't SAVE SONIC.
4.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
Well, the title on the first page kind of gave the reveal away.
Tails first blood.jpg, 1035x768, 2 times posted
lmao. I wonder if the artist knows we blame him more than Max.
When will Tails' bloodlust be quenched?
5.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
I don't like this game. Not one bit.
Ah yes, I remember that bad end comic.
>I wonder if the artist knows we blame him more than Max.
Probably not, but it's best we don't share our threads with artists.
6.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
He said the thing and then said the other thing!
With so many bad end Tails', maybe something should be done about him?
7.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
RIP Tails and his heart out.
Yeah, probably for the best. I thought it was pretty well received in the last storytime though. I'm genuinely excited for their next comic
This is where I'd make Tails go full NIN!Tails and out edge exe.
>With so many bad end Tails', maybe something should be done about him?
Yeah, like make them canon!
Tru far!
Knowing how often Tails gets the creepypasta treatment, I feel like he’s not actually dead.
8.jpg, 1364x2048, 1 times posted
Looks like bad news for Knuckles if there's ever a continuation of this. Now for something else if only for a few pages.
1.jpg, 2480x3508, 1 times posted
So, there's only three pages of this that I can find and I don't know if there will ever be any more so I'll post them now. This is Sonic Underground: New Ride!

A602F0E0-1A26-4844-98AF-8EC7A93543D1.jpg, 300x300, 10 times posted
the blue menace has finally snapping and went from a villainous fiend to a bloodthirsty monster
2.jpg, 2480x3508, 1 times posted
I can't believe Manic started singing the theme song without us.
MegaMan.exe_and_Lan (1).jpg, 750x869, 4 times posted
Sorry but there's only room for one .EXE! Time to jack it, Mega Man!!
3.jpg, 2480x3508, 1 times posted
And that's it. We'll be taking our only 10 minute break for the night and do some more comics.
>jack it
quite gay if you ask me but I guess if you need to help a bro out
Eh, I don't see it so much about reception, as just we have no idea how some people will react. They might be uncomfortable that so many people are talking about something they made years ago (and in a few cases over a decade), or they might just not like it being posted without permission.

It's best for 4chan to stay on 4chan. Anything beyond that should just be people following and supporting these people without mention of the ride. I've already followed 2 or 3 people because of these threads.
Damn it, I meant Jack in.
>Time to jack it
More! I demand more Manic!
Only if the balls touch
While I do agree, I'm just glad that the reception was pretty good in case the author ever stumbles on the thread. I'd certainly never mention it to any of the artists we've storytimed (unless they were already aware of the threads). At least the few that did find out were happy about the reception.
Sure, sure!
This is why I like Starforce more.
Agreed, it's always nice to see a positive reaction to something.

When I FINALLY start the DA comic storytimes up again, I'm hoping that people well be as positive as the ride.
1649420412010.png, 1920x1080, 10 times posted
yeah instead of jacking your bro you get an alien blowjob instead
It's not a blowjob if he's your hand.
1.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Turns out a lot of artists we've covered are more active on tumblr and twitter than DA. Here's some stuff by Superemeralds, the person behind The Heart of a Monster. This 4 page comic is Belonging.

2.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
Shadow doesn't always brood. Sometimes he philosophizes and wonders about his existence.
Now this is the crack shipping I'm into!!!
3.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
When talking to a robot, you should try to be as literal as possible.
4.jpg, 1240x1754, 1 times posted
This would be a good time to crack open some beers and relax but I don't think either of them are much for drinking booze.

Also, I have a pdf for Sonadow fans. It's free and by Superemeralds but it's not in English.
baking cookies.jpg, 1227x6402, 1 times posted
So we've already established this artist is a huge Sonadow shipper but let's throw in Infinite. Kind of. He's just hanging out. And Sonic has taken Shadow's last name?
chao.png, 857x1920, 1 times posted
Sonic and Shadow are now fathers to a very cranky looking chao.
home.jpg, 675x3323, 1 times posted
There should just be a home for reformed villains. Throw in Surge and Kit and get them on the path to redemption.
infinite power.jpg, 500x1751, 1 times posted
Poor Infinite ;_;
sonic meets maria.jpg, 500x1060, 1 times posted
Last one for this artist! Sonic meets a ghost!
1.jpg, 1280x1809, 1 times posted
I know a lot of us have been waiting for a new page for Team Dark Supernova Odyssey (still nothing) but in the meantime, the artist has been active on tumblr so let's see what they've been doing. This is a short 4 page comic called Biology Buddies.

2.jpg, 1280x1809, 1 times posted
Giving Shadow hobbies and interests are what he needs. Can the nerds become buddies as the title of this comic implies?
3.jpg, 1280x1809, 1 times posted
He's hooked!
4.jpg, 1280x1809, 1 times posted
And that's it for this comic. Will there be more? Will we ever get a new page of TDSO? I hope so! But we still got more stuff from this artist.
sonic adventure 2 shadow reacting to gerald's video.jpg, 1839x2827, 1 times posted
The artist wanted to draw Shadow reacting to Gerald's video in Sonic Adventure 2.
sonic shadow race 1.jpg, 1839x2827, 1 times posted
Two page comic of a race gone wrong but it's not entirely a bad thing.
Now that I think about it, did he ever see it in the original game?
sonic shadow race 2.jpg, 1839x2827, 1 times posted
Nothing wrong with having a good laugh with a rival.
sonic shadow race 3.jpg, 1300x2108, 1 times posted
Oh and a sketchy followup.
Artist said you just see him afterwards but not see him watching it.
teams 1.jpg, 1988x3056, 1 times posted
Team Sonic and Team Rose (minus Big) discussing Team Dark.
They're from Black Knight
teams 2.jpg, 1988x3056, 1 times posted
Those are definitely some not-so-nice smiles.
teams 3.jpg, 1988x3056, 1 times posted
team dark doodles.jpg, 1716x1530, 1 times posted
Team Dark doodles.
team dark shades.jpg, 1631x1916, 1 times posted
Team Dark looking fabulous. Now let's move on to the last artist for the night.
Every time someone makes a comic like this about Team Dark, Iizuka resets Shadows character development.
1.jpg, 3072x4096, 1 times posted
Last artist is CaptainMolasses and there's some fun stuff from them. Let's start with a 3 page Knuckles and Rouge comic.

2.jpg, 3072x4096, 1 times posted
It's a deal!
Where were you when he was destroying everything?
3.jpg, 3072x4096, 1 times posted
She didn't want to steal the emerald. She wanted to steal Knuckles' heart.
FTe_IoWWQAA87XI.jpg, 1885x2804, 1 times posted
Normal Shadow and Boom Shadow.
FU6vc3jX0AENtqH.jpg, 1493x2235, 2 times posted
FoP reference.
Team Dark is a wholesome crew! They smile when:
>Sonic fucks up
>Eggman fucks up
>Spider Troupe fucks up
>The target blows up
>Nice jewels are found
>The target blows up
>Sonic fucks up
FUW2MFGWAAEKdkQ.jpg, 1311x2133, 1 times posted
Only Shadow can get hotter and buffer when he puts on clothes.
>She didn't want to steal the emerald. She wanted to steal Knuckles' heart
Why not both?
FW8pnM_WIAA-IF5.jpg, 2996x2387, 1 times posted
Some Shadow with a bit of Amy thrown in.
Me and the boys laughing at everyone else's misfortune.
FXG88HdXEAIh66q.jpg, 2998x2373, 1 times posted
We end the night with some more sketches but that's a damn good Omega. Tomorrow at 9pm EST we'll do more comics. And I'll probably post the list in a bit. Need to redo it.
Where was Blaze during the Metal Virus and Surge?
grumpy sure.jpg, 282x446, 1 times posted
>Someone didn't read the supplementary documentation!

>>Will my predictions about Sonadow become reality in this story?
>I cannot answer this :D we need to wait and see!
>>Will there be any Sonadow?
>BUT this is not a romance comic and you shouldn't expect anything romantic from it.
>"x3 cute gay spikey bbys snuggle" (thats fetishizing of gay people and im having none of it)
>>is it a sonadow comic?
>>are sonic and shadow queer?
>yes, yes they are.
>>is the intention of that development an emerging of romantic feelings or any other fantasy of them "getting together"?
>No. There's no romance, and no dating.
>>Be honest, is hard to have your otp in a comic that you fully intend to leave shipping out of? Like is it hard not to make them super gay with each other in every single panel? I know I had trouble while writing a story once that I intended to have no shipping in but still had my otp on it.
>Considering the fact that I generally don’t see sonic and shadow as people who would have any romantic interest (and being someone who does not have romantic interests) it’s fairly easy for me. But then again, it’s probably really just because im aromantic….
>>do you ship Sonic or Shadow with anyone else than each other?
>Sonic is just a big gay desaster who’s dynamic with a lot of ppl could potentially be extremely powerful. And if you want… maybe romantic.
>(as stated before i’m aromantic so the way i do shipping is probably a little different)

I think the Conductor or another anon did paraphrase this document when the February(?) storytime finished.
So yeah, still waiting to see if Shadow will come out the next time he spoons Sonic whilst this "aromantic" artist comes to grips with not actually being special.
Knuckles the (dense) Echidna
list.jpg, 3043x1060, 1 times posted
And there's the new list! A little bit of reorganizing. I may add a note that a lot of recently updating comics not in the bottom left are part of an alternate DA account that I use to watch the others. I'll refine it later.
>Rouge is dressed like a 20's Newsie and Uncle Chuck like an old man
>But she's drinking from a 90's+ Frappecino
My brain itches.
Yes_HaHaHa_Yes.png, 240x420, 34 times posted
Yeah, I hope so too. It's a lofty goal, but I'd love to seen a real turn away from irony-poisoned cringe-culture around here.
Just casually leaning on the panel border. Seriously though, their art's just fantastic, love the little detail of the second moon being exploded
I can see it! Imagine Sonic's jealousy
Love my teethy tube-eared grump-hog!
Pic related!
Damn, now that should've been in the game
I'd say it's modern day, Rouge is being trendy, and Chuck is forever an old man.
wide_metal.jpg, 390x172, 12 times posted
As if Shadow wouldn't be a doctor by now. After all, it does run in the family!
Truer words have never been said
>She wanted to steal Knuckles' heart.
She already has, he just doesn't know it yet
That's why they're the best team
Yeah, that was me (not the konductor). My reading is they both like dudes, but it's not brought up because everyone around them already knows or it's just not a big deal. I do think they'll get pretty close by the end, they just won't be being overtly mushy and romantic. They'll probably never post it, but you just know the artist's drawn a heap of lewd Sonadow stuff.
Finally, I can post - W I D E - M E T A L -
>Rouge is giving Knux, a blow job
>He thinks it's a plot to steal the Master Emerald
movie night by sharpedgedfool.jpg, 2048x1325, 1 times posted
This looks like a nice background. I'm sure some wouldn't use it because of Hope. But she seems to have a wonderful personality.
I fear what will happen if we get too wide.
1655863589930.jpg, 482x554, 1 times posted
>you just know
We'll never see the scene where
>Knuckles walks past Sonic's room, barely paying attention because Knuckles
>Werehog & Shadow are going at it, sun cresting the horizon
>Knuckles: "Wait hold on, Sonic are you..."
>Knuckles checks the room again
>Sonic & Shadow are still going at it, sun's up
>Knuckles: "Oh you're fine, guess it was my imagination"
The only people who don't like Hope just want another big titty waifu and not an on style fun character.
Fight me horny anons.

Also I liked that artist's style even if anons found it unorthodox.
>Knuckles holding Rouge’s hand in the hospital as she has their first kid
>”She still must be planning on stealing the Master Emerald with this whole baby scheme”
>I fear what will happen if we get too wide.
We get 10,000 pixels, so that's another 67 columns before we need to get

lmao, I'd love it if none of them ever work out he's the werehog but assumed Sonic and Shadow were an item since the start. Knuckles probably only wandered past because he heard the battle jazz.
It's genuinely cool and strangely comfy
>weresonic: shadow... shadow... i'm gonna... i'm about to...
I think i saw the comic in the ride and loved the art, i didn't hate Hope either, and don't take this like i think ugly fat women don't exist or don't count as women, but she looks exactly like a boy, i had to be told several times she was supposed to be a little girl and i don't believe im stupid for not getting it right
twitter_F-Sonic(@fsonic3)_20190710-192636_1149037221166669825_photo.jpg, 1000x833, 1 times posted
Very knaughty!
Eh, I wouldn't worry about it. Lots of tomboys get mistaken for actual boys.
I did a triple take to make sure that Hope was a female but the name and pronouns used when referring to her confirmed it. We'll just say it's a big departure from her look in the Archie comics.
1644203674629.jpg, 417x367, 1 times posted
>but assumed Sonic and Shadow were an item since the start.

>look chocorouge, I'm telling you, Sonic has a fat werehog hotdog
>amy, stop trying to recruit me to be your wing girl, shadow won, and "knot" because of some growth spurt that doesn't exist
>but I-
>get over it, I can hook you up with some real men with real big ones, it's not like sonic wears pants, we can all see he's not a real catch down there
>why won't anyone believe me and my photographic evidence! [amy stares at her nessie and bigfoot style polaroids]
A lot of artists seemed to have taken the Team Dark label and applied it to Shadow and Rouge quite a bit. It's a nice way of further differentiating Shadow from Sonic and chocolate Rouge is just fine.
20220719_140659.jpg, 1018x774, 1 times posted
>Grandpa Knuckles on his deathbed, surrounded by his family, including Grandma Rouge, their now adult children, their grandchildren, and, of course, the child that was chosen as heir as guardian
>"Before I leave you all, I must tell you something of grave importance regarding the sacred duty of guarding the ME... don't turn your back on the bat girl! She must be plotting something to steal it!"
sticks_conspiracy.jpg, 1024x768, 4 times posted
lmao, we need more Amy and chocoRouge gossiping. That said, Amy's been spending too much time with Sticks, werehog's aren't real!
I like the idea that she can just change her skintone and everyone's just too awkward to comment on it.
>He was right
>An elderly Rouge attempts to lift the emerald away, her eldest son just watching and shaking his head
>Later that week they find her dead on top of the emerald
>”Yknow, mom and dad both said that’s how she was gonna go out.”
hold my rings by storminormins.jpg, 1192x3210, 1 times posted
More Team Dark goodness.
Kek, nice
46fdcfb1fa1ade15757f2c3b427b24ef.jpg, 850x976, 2 times posted
sonic baby.jpg, 900x946, 1 times posted
This comic has 155 pages and I'm about 50% sure this isn't a fetish comic. The artist seems to be more interested in shipping.
shadow_s_last_fight__pg_32_by_shadowluver1242_d8o5l25-fullview.jpg, 1024x1409, 1 times posted
0215 by lenmeu.png, 600x828, 1 times posted
Not a bad look for Geoffrey. Some Korean flair.
I would love to see this be made into a comic (the blowjob part could be optional)...
I wonder if there any drawfag would be up to the task.
Issues 49-52 and Imposter Syndrome 4 all happen in a single night. Starline calls Badniks, Sonic Team comes, Surge and Kit job, Starline gets splattered and now Eggman unleashes his entire army on them.
omega violence has escalated.jpg, 388x443, 21 times posted
If Omega doesn't show up, blasting every badnik he comes across, I will be sorely disappointed. He'll be annoyed to get summoned, something he can easily ignore, but then he'll be overjoyed at a whole city of things to destroy.
We already know what happens, Sonic and team flee the city, Kit seemingly works with them, and then Surge goes livewire and starts wrecking everyone.
aUZql5k.png, 480x484, 7 times posted
>"Team Dark"
>no Omega
hqdefault.jpg, 480x360, 1 times posted
>50% sure
Here's a question, where are Sonic's tear ducts?
Does Sega not want him to show emotion because they don't want anyone to find out they're officially in a very weird place?
Sipping tea in her palace.
The Virus was a Silver problem.
Surge was no problem. In fact the entire point of killing off Starline and introducing the two rejects was to give the puppet a plot hook. Blaze can't help character to be relevant, she's already struggling herself.
excuse_us_sir__do_you_have_a_moment_to_talk____by_joeadok_df96icc-fullview.jpg, 1056x594, 1 times posted
>Hello, sir! Do you have a moment to talk about a Journey into Dreams?
>Gaiadammit, not again!
Are the human characters supposed to be someone in particular?
Just joe blow humans, I think.
>”Would you be interested in the worship of clown pussy?”
A13C9A0A-6A3C-4185-A5F6-8FA99CDFF0C5.gif, 720x720, 1 times posted
Look at him go!
And then she molests him
>Tails: When a gangsta disses your fly girl, give 'em one of these.
Even koreans know about archie ?
His fault for doing a Mating Dance where he meant to do a Fight Dance
That won't hold up in court, Rouge.
>Hyomaru, known in the nsfw Sonic community for his ss porn of Rouge and Tails, makes adorable parody of the "Sims cat break-dancing" meme
>Animation gets shared everywhere
>Many unsuspecting Sonicfags arrive at his twitter looking for more
>Discover not only he ships Tails with Rouge, he also ships them while Tails is 8 years old and makes porn of it
Kek, how do you guys think everyone reacted? How many were displeased? How many had a forbidden door opened for them?
It is such a pity when a great artstyle is wasted exclusively on a particular crackship...

And, don't get me wrong, while I don't like the pairing in question, what I refer to is when such artists only focus on the particular ship they like, ignoring any other pairings. Feels so wasted... I would love to see some Amy and Vanilla from him.
Take Krazyelf, for example, they have declared they ship Tails and Rouge, but has drawn Rouge and Tails with many other characters.
>please don't assassinate my prime minister again...
1220999788778.png, 600x828, 4 times posted
Koreans know about a lot of things, including schizonic
rouge yikes.png, 286x500, 10 times posted
That particular artist likes Archie characters. I've seen some Japanese and Korean artists favor Zonic and Scourge and >>131910266
cb94a59c762e04a51475072be3b2c8b5-1.png, 1150x1076, 1 times posted
No.131910471 [Post deleted 18:07:24]
Judging by the comments, a few of them are longtime fans who know the artist and are joking about the fact Tails and Rouge are boutta fuck, then others are average twitter troons who're confused and getting mad at them cause "wtf bro don't you know Tails is EIGHT???". Mostly they're all unaware the artist likes Tailouge cause Hyoumaru never posts any of their stuff on twitter.
Prolly none of them had that forbidden door opened for them tho, that only opens if you're exposed to it as a child. All it takes is one scene.

Which is why I'm rooting for Sonic Prime to open the floodgates again just like X did. All it takes is one scene, goddamnit.
Hyou draws a lot of different pairs, actually, just check their IB page. Their most recent drawing is Nicole/Shard, they just stick to the pairs they like instead of drawing them swinging with everyone, which I enjoy. Besides we /ss/bros gotta stick together, if we don't support our stuff noone else will.
let_s_eat_together__by_raseinn-d5t895z.png, 650x1000, 5 times posted
Do they have a local scanlation scene, or can they understand English well enough to read Western Sonic comics on their own?
>no Adventures of Geoffrey St John comic
>Mostly they're all unaware the artist likes Tailouge cause Hyoumaru never posts any of their stuff on twitter.
What a pity, I was hoping for a bigger twitter shitfire, alas...

>Which is why I'm rooting for Sonic Prime to open the floodgates again just like X did.
I wouldn't count on that. Tails being a horny little shit in X is just classic shota stuff from Japan.
You know, kids blushing or getting nosebleed from seeing a girl's panties or getting a peck on the cheek because Japan considers their kids to be horny little shits.
Shock and Awe is pretty Geoffrey-centric at the halfway point. Archie Sonic Online and A Sly Encounter features a bit of Geoffrey.
1658251684649283.jpg, 1200x675, 2 times posted
>Sonic the Hedgehog: Scrapnik Island is a four-issue miniseries by writer Daniel Barnes, artist Jack Lawrence, and colorist by Nathalie Fourdraine. Set for release in October, right on time for the spooky season, Scrapnik Island sees Sonic and Knuckles battling new foes and crossing paths with some old enemies, including Mecha Knuckles, as they fight to survive on a robot island designed to be their nightmare.
>Sonic The Hedgehog: Tails' 30th Anniversary Special will arrive in November 2022. The celebration includes a new 30-page story by fan-favorite Sonic the Hedgehog writer Ian Flynn, featuring art by Aaron Hammerstrom and colors by Reggie Graham inspired by the classic Sonic the Hedgehog video games (Tails having debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 1992).
>"While Tails has spent 30 years being the best buddy a hedgehog could ask for, this special's all about celebrating Tails," says Mariotte. "Some of his oldest foes—including Witchcart and her minions—are back, and it'll be up to Tails to step up as the hero once again in this sure-to-be-classic adventure!"
>IDW doing more Classic Sonic stuff
Please just make a Classic Sonic side series already.
3761692_Hyoumaru_tobikagepresentre.jpg, 1500x1175, 1 times posted
pic rel, Amy
If they did that it would sell even less.

But at least they are giving us sky patrol content.
3767612_Hyoumaru_lavender.jpg, 1443x1500, 2 times posted
And Shadow. Sally is there too but I don't care about her, Shadow is cute.
>just check their IB page
I almost never go in there, so that explains it. And there's not much variety of Sonic porn on his tag on Rule34, at least.

>they just stick to the pairs they like instead of drawing them swinging with everyone, which I enjoy.
I would agree if that was the case of sfw art... there I love consistency, but when it comes to nsfw, I rather have variety, so I have to disagree with you.
That's why I enjoy Michiyoshi, he may simp exclusively for Tails when it comes to males, but at least I know I will get to see the many other girls in action.
Also heres the extra text that couldnt fit in the post.

>"When coming up with Scrapnik Island, I took a lot of influence from horror movies and comics," says Barnes in a press release provided to ComicBook.com. "My goal was to tell a really creepy and atmospheric story with a vibe that Sonic fans aren't normally used to. There are some surprises in this one that I don't think readers are going to see coming!"
>"I jumped at the chance to work on Sonic again, but I didn't expect to be having this much fun!" Lawrence says. "I have a deep love of creepy stories, of dark corners and creaky floorboards, and Scrapnik Island has really given me the opportunity to scratch that itch. It's fun, fresh, exciting—basically everything I really enjoy in a Sonic story (and I think everyone else will, too!) I'm back with my blue buddy; I couldn't be happier!"

We are gonna have a "scary" writer this time.
>Mecha Knuckles is back
>Classic Tails vs Witchcart
im just hoping they also bring the battle birds since they are part of the sky patrol lore
Sounds fun, hope the streak of miniseries being better than main for me continues
SonicTired.jpg, 543x538, 4 times posted
Sigh... why must the best porn artists always have the shittiest tastes?
I hope you people who ship that stuff understand how lucky you actually are...
artworks-QXYhFM6kAjOFjsMW-Y6gy2g-t500x500.jpg, 412x500, 1 times posted
I can understand that. I agree, actually, it'd be annoying if someone with a really nice artstyle never drew the characters I like. I've felt that before too, especially with really high-effort art like pic rel cause those are only ever done with Sonic specifically and never the others.
Ok, you got me. I kneel.
witch-carters.png, 1228x902, 2 times posted
So we're getting our usual four issue mini and anniversary issue. I'm wondering if we'll ever get more than that next year after IDW loses Transformers and GI Joe. Also, Ian writing Tails? Oh boy. Can't wait for him to crush on Carrotia and for her to laugh in his face and slap him upside the head.
Probably a bit of both
wait a second...Mecha Knux is wearing the hat!
Idw broke their own rule they referenced the OVA
>GI Joe/Sonic Crossover
>COBRA/Egg Army Team Up
>MASS Device powered by the Chaos Emeralds
1658256056972845.png, 425x483, 2 times posted
Just for non-game tards, Mecha Knuckles is this dude from Sonic Advance. MeTAL Knuckles is Classic-Only
>but I don't care about her
>Michiyoshi, he may simp exclusively for Tails when it comes to males, but at least I know I will get to see the many other girls in action.
Actually, Michi seems to have a softspot for Tails and Vanilla... just compare their scenes together with any other girls in his many scenarios.

In other words, based Michi knows the real deal is "ss x milf", instead of "ss x bimbo".
That's why she has connections with GUN
>playing the long con
Sally Boy Friends (kor).jpg, 410x2350, 6 times posted
They knew and recognised the relationshit way before.
Which artist ?
I don't think they are. iirc the story was just Tails flew to a random island, a witch announced she was gonna turn everyone to crystal, then Tails resolved to stop her
潜入ルージュ2.jpg, 719x1000, 1 times posted
No.131912671 [Post deleted 18:07:54]
>your honor, if the boy were to have orgasmed during the act it is a clear statement, on their behalf and to my reasonable person, that they are enjoying the act and wish for it to continue. Orgasm is therefore a form of consent.
>Let the jury know that between last night and early this morning, I brought one Miles "Tails" Prower to Consent a sum total of 7 times.
comm__check_this_out_by_general_radix_df90h58.png, 998x604, 1 times posted
No.131912772 [Post deleted 18:07:54]
Tapping this here, just in case some more here missed it. Decided to conserve it in my MEGA Rotor folder, which you can find on the other board.

Hey, now. Take solace on you not being like me, who eats gay shit with pleasure, yet said shit is painfully lacking. There's plentiful Sonic homo ships I enjoy, yet they are scarce on art.
>GUN investigation into the Nightmarean Cult
>Rouge goes undercover and wears the the jester suit
>It's discovered that it's a scam by guy who plans to fleece people and relocate to Soleanna.
Weirdest ship the artist has is Big and Tangle. Most normal is Sonamy.
All the Amys
rouge what.jpg, 924x656, 25 times posted
>Big and Tangle
And it's NSFW.
has the heatwave killed all our uk sonic comic artists?
Edgy, violent fanworks are more attracted to Nice characters, such as Tails or Amy. There's no subversion to putting Surge or Kit through the wringer. They've been there, they've got the Tee Shirt.
Though, I'd read a comic about pre-brainwashing Surge getting kidnapped by Starline and Kit looking into her disappearance and getting snatched up himself.
But, I have an Equal Treatment/Couples in Distress fetish, so take that with a grain of salt.
London's burning
London's burning
Fetch the engines
Fetch the engines
And tell Blaze to stop setting fire to western Europe

I'm too hot to even draw Sonic melting as a joke
I can see it. Though it'd be better if he was with a short, grouchy character. A George to Big's Lennie.
If it makes you feel any better, it's about as hot out here in the American Midwest.
90°F in the shade, good God almighty.
I really liked this panelling
Poor Amy...
>There's no subversion to putting Surge or Kit through the wringer.
Yeah, but you basically never see any art of even the stuff they've already gone through, which is weird, because artists usually love those kinds of characters that just suffer all the fucking time so they can draw them crying.

Like, Starline basically servitorized two innocent kids, but most of the art of Surge and Kit is just them standing around.
Don't give me hope anon
>why must the best porn artists always have the shittiest tastes?
The real price to pay for good art