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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Guardians and Sonic x Rockman

Previous Thread: >>129479180

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Tonight I have two very weird (and unfinished) comics for everyone. First up is a Sonic X comic that seems to be the start of something creepy and raises a lot of questions that it never really answers. Something about the stuff that happens just doesn’t sit right with me. This is Guardians.

1-2.jpg, 1548x990, 1 times posted
3.jpg, 1020x1200, 1 times posted
Sonic's not nearly as bothered by the rain as he should be. Maybe this comic is cursed.
4.jpg, 765x1052, 1 times posted
Oh Cosmo, my beautiful plant girlfriend.
5.jpg, 765x1009, 1 times posted
Tails is just circling that drain.
6.jpg, 765x1003, 1 times posted
>second last panel
>i'm so fucked up
Stop hotglueing the plant n\and maybe it'll grow you sick fuck
7.jpg, 765x1008, 1 times posted
Oh boy!
8.jpg, 765x1007, 1 times posted
Please be patient Rouge, Knuckles is retarded.
You know, that'd be a good way to get it to grow faster. That life giving essence only a lonely fox boy could deliver.
9.jpg, 765x1009, 1 times posted
Rouge should try spending time with Knuckles on the island and try not to steal the Master Emerald while she's there.
10.jpg, 765x1009, 1 times posted
Now who's that mysterious ghost? It could be anyone!
11.jpg, 765x992, 1 times posted
We cut away from our wonderful mobian characters to see what this filthy human is doing.
12.jpg, 765x988, 1 times posted
>the chaos emeralds will destroy us all
Next thing you'll tell me that each emerald will spawn some evil dragon that will terrorize the planet. Haha, nice one.
Sonic sneezing when danger's afoot. DEEPEST LORE.
Tails growing himself a waifu. I'm surprised he didn't just build one.
>Rouge should try spending time with Knuckles on the island and try not to steal the Master Emerald while she's there.
You'd think they'd go exploring the ruins together for dates, they are both treasure hunters.
13.jpg, 765x986, 1 times posted
We now go back to Tails. In bed. Not wearing any gloves. Likely not wearing shoes. Probably not wearing socks either. Oh shit, this is a blue board.
A1E8197D-70FB-44B2-B74C-FD6E8EB55E3C.jpg, 320x320, 6 times posted
Plant-mobian relations is immoral, degenerate and quite frankly should be illegal. Even fornicating with a dirty human is not so depraved
14.jpg, 765x986, 1 times posted
Waifu has respawned?
>You'd think they'd go exploring the ruins together for dates, they are both treasure hunters.
And the island is probably full of ruins to explore.
It's the Ghost of Alex Kidd!
15.jpg, 765x986, 1 times posted
I think I'm cursed. I not only notice feet but I also notice when they're oddly absent, such as cut off from panels or hidden behind speech balloons.
>hates humans/overlanders
>hates robots
>hates plants
Checks out.
I don't like where this is going.png, 703x360, 2 times posted
>Tails with practically toddler character
16.jpg, 765x991, 1 times posted
Nothing like a baby copy of your dead girlfriend to pop up unexpectedly while you're still mourning.
Seems there was a new Alex Kidd game that came out last year.
d5g0pf5-e74bad24-2bc1-47e0-9f9a-203444753b0a.png, 600x800, 9 times posted
Yet listening to your piss pool is just SO much better!
17.jpg, 765x1000, 1 times posted
Come on Vanilla, you could do better to help Tails. No, I wasn't suggesting THAT.
18.jpg, 765x986, 1 times posted
Hey, it's Shadow and he's not dead! Pissed but not dead.
The explorers are supposed to just stand in one spot and deliver dialogue. Not canon!
Looks like Tails has a green thumb after all.
>And the island is probably full of ruins to explore.
Exactly, it's perfect for date nights.
It's fine as long as there's no benches.
Hey! The Puddle of Destiny™ is a sacred Mobian relic that's totally done a good job of protecting the kingdom.
19.jpg, 765x990, 1 times posted
Still a brooding loner but nowhere near as edgy as he normally is.
20.jpg, 765x990, 1 times posted
>that second panel
I see we're back to psycho Amy.
>Exactly, it's perfect for date nights.
Knuckles is literally royalty and has a kingdom he rules over. How is Rouge not jumping on that... and him?
21.jpg, 765x990, 1 times posted
22.jpg, 765x987, 1 times posted
Ohhhhhh! It's Tikal! I couldn't tell before!
23.jpg, 765x989, 1 times posted
>tikal: isn't sonic great?
>shadow: yeah, a great pain in the ass!
>tikal and shadow: DOHOHOHOHOHO!
>in a public space with lots of kids
>talking to himself like a schizo
How long until the cops are called on him>
24.jpg, 765x1166, 1 times posted
Every fucking time. It's a shame that only Flashback Shadow was able to move on and that only took endangering the timeline.
25.jpg, 765x994, 1 times posted
Sonic loves running past women and getting to see up their skirts.
>shadow: don't shoot!
>Butterfly hunting
>Has multiple bear traps
Amy planning on reenacting Misery I see.
>Knuckles is literally royalty and has a kingdom he rules over. How is Rouge not jumping on that... and him?
She hints it pretty clearly, it's just that Knuckles is as dense as the Master Emerald. Honestly, Tikal should just tell Knuckles that Rouge is into him and has been attempting to flirt with him the entire time.
>I'm Tikal, and I just love seeing hedgehogs be hit with large metal objects.
Just summon your GUN truck already!
26.jpg, 765x1132, 1 times posted
I kind of want to see Sonic in Marvel's New York. Just running around and harassing all the heroes and villains. I wonder if he'd get along with Spider-Man or manage to out-annoy him.
Does this comic have benches ?
27.jpg, 765x1184, 1 times posted
>robotnik is his world's jjj slamming sonic on his own podcast
Wow. That's actually kind of sad.
28.jpg, 765x1176, 1 times posted
Oh no, it's THAT GUY!
>She hints it pretty clearly, it's just that Knuckles is as dense as the Master Emerald. Honestly, Tikal should just tell Knuckles that Rouge is into him and has been attempting to flirt with him the entire time.
It always seems like Knuckles knows but doesn't know how to really open up. Rouge just needs to stop prancing around and get to the point so he can nod and take it like a man.
>no Eggman podcast irl
Feels bad
29.jpg, 765x1175, 1 times posted
I'd like to make a withdrawal... one chaos emerald please.
No but this comic does have.... one more page after this.
Ryo_Saeba.jpg, 350x490, 12 times posted
>Sonic loves running past women and getting to see up their skirts.
Sonic sounds like my kind of guy! Superspeed sounds like a great power.
Sonic truly is evil
30.jpg, 765x1212, 1 times posted
So.... yeah, this comic is dead. Last page came out in 2014. RIP.

But I got one more thing to post before we go to break.
What a goddamn tease
30.jpg, 2050x2450, 1 times posted
Re_Boot Page 30
Too many metal siblings!

Time for our only 10 minute break and we're going to do probably one of the weirdest comics ever and yet I will beg you to be patient as it starts off... ROUGH.
>Sonic loves running past women and getting to see up their skirts.
He's not the knight of the wind for nothing!
That spoiler-free bit was pretty funny. Seems like something Boom!Eggman would do.
>Wow. That's actually kind of sad.
He just loves himself that much.
>It always seems like Knuckles knows but doesn't know how to really open up. Rouge just needs to stop prancing around and get to the point so he can nod and take it like a man.
Makes sense, being alone guarding a rock for most of his life hasn't provided him with many social skills. Rouge really should just be straightforward with him.
>I'd prefer to make a chilidog withdrawal.
Sonic, this is a bank!
>So.... yeah, this comic is dead. Last page came out in 2014. RIP.
Artists really should provide an outline of what happens next if they're going to abandon their comics.
Metal's upset he's getting a new baby brother.
1.jpg, 756x960, 1 times posted
So, I know this looks bad. Real bad. But here me out. It gets better and weird and funny. It's just... we gotta do these to get to that. So trust me on this. That being said, what happens when Sonic and Mega Man and Street Fighter inhabit the same world? You get Sonic x Rockman apparently.

2.jpg, 740x960, 1 times posted
Also, everyone seems to be a shithead of some kind.
3.jpg, 720x960, 1 times posted
Also, I keep getting Hangin Out vibes from this comic.
4.jpg, 735x960, 1 times posted
This Nicole is not very nice. Like I said, everyone's kind of an ass.
5.jpg, 840x960, 1 times posted
Can't read shit but it doesn't matter. None of this matters.
Stop scarfing donuts and do your jobs, Zone Cops!
6.jpg, 819x960, 1 times posted
That was... that was the prologue. Now let's get into the real story.
1.jpg, 822x960, 1 times posted
Bad news: Once again, no Omega. But hey, we got Shadow Man filling his roll.
>Knuckles is literally royalty
He’s not though. He and Tikal were never said to be related
2.jpg, 859x960, 1 times posted
So yeah, there seems to be Street Fighter characters in this world. There's even a major one on the last page of this series.
They don't want none of this.
Sonic the pout-hog
>Also, I keep getting Hangin Out vibes from this comic.
Yeah, there's something about the elongated designs and the comedic timing.
Rouge is supposed to be taller than Shadow, not canon!
3.jpg, 934x960, 1 times posted
Okay then.
Well not """literally""" royalty.
4.jpg, 732x960, 1 times posted
Shadowy figure appears!
And OOF indeed!
5.jpg, 725x960, 1 times posted
>teleports behind you
>Yeah, there's something about the elongated designs and the comedic timing.
It's going to really intensify as we keep going.
6.jpg, 960x735, 1 times posted
If you had the ability to transform into Rouge, would you?
7.jpg, 758x960, 1 times posted
Do I need new glasses?
As the guardian of the Master Emerald, he'd be in a position of power if there were still an Echidna society. He's a bit like Vegeta in that way. It's unclear if they're related, but only Tikal and Knuckles have been shown to control the Master Emerald's power. I doubt it's something just any echidna can do.
It's clearly Bubsy.
>It's going to really intensify as we keep going.
9.jpg, 600x802, 1 times posted
I seem to be missing a page but I don't really mind. I just need to get us to page 12 and things will get better after that point.
Raul-Julia-raul-julia-18322076-668-1000.jpg, 500x539, 6 times posted
Reminder that Mobius would thrive under the Pax Bisonica. Shadowloo offers much better treatment and benefits than the Egg Army. And I would face the likes of Mogul, Finitevus, Eggman or whomever on the field of combat.....and break their spine.
10.jpg, 745x960, 1 times posted
Shadow and Shadow Man have probably argued over who is edgier and "cooler".
11.jpg, 754x960, 1 times posted
That's a huge ass bomb!
I would love for someone to be a rival to Eggman in trying to take over the world. Not someone like Starline. Someone with an organization or empire of their own.
12.jpg, 1024x1409, 1 times posted
We now have color to signify Shadow Man getting his ass blown out.
13.jpg, 1024x1213, 1 times posted
Shadow Man takes failure pretty bad.
14.jpg, 1024x1410, 1 times posted
It's nice that she's giving him a pep talk. A wounded warrior and his shattered pride need to be molded to once again be effective.
Shadow just rubbing it in.
15.jpg, 697x960, 1 times posted
Quick Man was always a treat in the Archie MM comic and his rivalry with Sonic was fun while it lasted. Just a douchebag that liked being a douchebag.
16.jpg, 1024x1409, 1 times posted
This Nicole is just tired of everyone's shit.
They love getting on each others' nerves.
17.jpg, 1024x1409, 1 times posted
It's the royal siblings!
Do we get any Wily?
>Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
>I could really use a wish right now. wish right now. wish right now.
18.jpg, 960x885, 1 times posted
Those damn portals. If some old guy appears in one of them, claiming to be Mr. X then please shoot him on the spot. He's too based and dangerous to live.
19.jpg, 729x960, 1 times posted
What's that? Elias hiding something from Sally? Thanks for letting us know about this, Quick Man!
20.jpg, 726x960, 1 times posted
Elias, why are you poaching your sister's people?
21.jpg, 836x960, 3 times posted
One page, a dozen reaction images.
We need to send a crack team to stop these portals.....I've got it! Send those idiots from S.T.A.R.S!
22.jpg, 760x960, 1 times posted
Max and Elias being little shitbags, I see.
Fucking Quickman!
23.jpg, 767x960, 1 times posted
>quick man is loyal to only sally
What strange power does she have over speedsters?
I can see other worlds looking at what's going on with Mobius and choosing to stay out of it. STARS would have people posted up to shoot anyone that comes through a portal.
1644076803853.png, 375x472, 60 times posted
Fuck you, let's see you try and deal with a Mayor that likes to Piledrive people! Damn that, Mike Haggar!!
These are child drawings.
24.jpg, 737x960, 1 times posted
This Nicole is so weird. And is that supposed to be Jotaro's hat? The answer is yes.
25.jpg, 783x960, 1 times posted
Don't like your changes? Too bad!
I will pin all these pages to the fridge.
26.jpg, 755x960, 1 times posted
And here's the page I posted last thread. Silver is fucking done with everything as well.
27.jpg, 751x960, 1 times posted
Rock really shouldn't know about his future.
28.jpg, 764x960, 1 times posted
I don't know what that vision is about but that's a face that Silver is making. What a face!
>Wesker on Mobius finds Kurdzu Plant for a new B.O.W.
>Tessa from Warzard studies the Master Emerald to the chagrin of Knuckles and joy of Relic who finally finds someone to talk archeological stuff.
29.jpg, 713x960, 1 times posted
Stay away from Rouge? I don't know. I hear she gives the best hugs.
30.jpg, 762x960, 1 times posted
So we got one more page of this and this particular story will just... stop.
31.jpg, 742x960, 1 times posted
However, I have another story in this series that will be much better... and weirder...
0.jpg, 1280x1630, 1 times posted
It's time for Vanilla the Rabbit!
1.jpg, 720x960, 1 times posted
She's quite the hard worker. Wait... what's that in her ears?
2.jpg, 759x960, 1 times posted
I'm sorry... what?
Not much of an opportunity to twinkpost today, but Rockman's kinda cute-looking. Silver's always cute, no matter the artstyle.
Working out her ear muscles?
3.jpg, 835x960, 1 times posted
It's the blue boys!
4.jpg, 717x960, 1 times posted
And who lives in that house?
>Working out her ear muscles?
She's kind of a freak.
no_way_fag.png, 542x475, 1 times posted
5.jpg, 1280x1538, 1 times posted
Look at these stumpy little boys!
6.jpg, 1280x1698, 1 times posted
>doesn't drive
>goes on foot
>doesn't walk
>doesn't run
Then... how?
7.jpg, 1280x1650, 1 times posted
8.jpg, 1280x1590, 1 times posted
This is going to be interesting.
234122.png, 607x192, 1 times posted
9.jpg, 1280x1575, 1 times posted
I mean, she is a rabbit.
God I wish that was me.jpg, 474x492, 15 times posted
10.jpg, 1280x869, 1 times posted
>mega man's face in the middle panel
>(a) let go
He's a chunky boy.
>Weight training
>Jumping really high
Is Vanilla Goku?
11.jpg, 1280x1614, 1 times posted
>vanilla's ears are cupping rock's buttcheeks
I wouldn't survive the trip but I'm still jealous.
12.jpg, 1280x1560, 1 times posted
Oh, so you want to go faster, Rock?
She also lives in the middle of nowhere and farms. Checks out. She probably doesn't even need the chaos emeralds to go super.
I really like that the artist drew the background and then placed the panels loosely on top. Also, these utterly bizarre situations are really giving off Hanging Out vibes.
13.jpg, 1280x1606, 1 times posted
There she is!
14.jpg, 1280x1661, 1 times posted
Vanilla gets so lonely. If only there was a nice guy that could spend time with her at her home.
15.jpg, 1280x1665, 1 times posted
Now, the next page is the last page. So wouldn't it be pretty funny to just throw in a seemingly random character that raises more questions? Can you guess who it might be?
17.jpg, 1280x1632, 1 times posted
If you said Akuma then you win! And that's it for this series. But I'd like to post a couple more images from this artist.
>Hanging Out Versions of Capcom Characters
Sounds fun
Someone needs to show this comic to Joe.
halloween 2021 the lost berserk off panel by dan-habiki.png, 694x550, 1 times posted
Because I feel like we've seen the artist at their not-so-good, I want to point out that they have been putting out some really good art lately. Full of energy, lots of action, and they seem to like corruption/possession content.
So did Vanilla beat up the Egg Bosses with no rounds lost and at leat 4 Super Finishes?
tempest_for_comm_samples_by_dan_habiki_df1zn27-fullview.jpg, 1280x1693, 1 times posted
And that will be it for the night! Tomorrow we'll do more stuff.
Snively as Serpico?
>She also lives in the middle of nowhere and farms. Checks out. She probably doesn't even need the chaos emeralds to go super.
He's done it, with his latest creation Eggman's finally defeated Sonic and his friends. Then, just when all hope is lost.
>Vanilla: Cream, it's time for dinner!
In a single punch, Eggman's mech is utterly destroyed.
>Vanilla: Al right everyone, no more roughhousing today. You can play again tomorrow.
Pretty much every panel is golden in this comic.
>Vanilla gets so lonely. If only there was a nice guy that could spend time with her at her home.
We should send the Chaotix to investigate.
That's the strangest bus ride.
8.jpg, 687x960, 1 times posted
I finally got around to finding page 8.
>Artists really should provide an outline of what happens next
They probably never think they're actually abandoning things for good.
I think it would be interesting to know how many of these were intended to have/reach an ending and how many were being made up as the artist went along.
A righteous fate for digits.
sonic_and_megaman_advent__promo_art_no_bg_by_dan_habiki_dd5smhi-fullview.jpg, 1152x4411, 1 times posted
And I'll post this as well because why not?
best_dolphin.png, 2880x1588, 2 times posted
Worst dolphin
cross_x__page_5_by_dan_habiki_d7ntvet-fullview.jpg, 1024x649, 1 times posted
There's also some weird comic with Quick Man and Mina Mongoose. Not going to post it all but here's a page from it.
>I doubt it's something just any echidna can do
Randos in the Nocturnus clan can all do it in Chronicles. According to Iizuka all the Sonic-robots can do it aswell, which is how Mecha goes Super in 3
>Gill likes Mina's music
>"This songstress soothes thy DNA."
list.jpg, 1877x1034, 1 times posted
Here's the updated list and some good suggestions last thread.
Nice! Added!
Interesting. I'll add this as well!
1648004356683.jpg, 304x254, 1 times posted
>whoah, totally not poggers
Razor_the_Shark.png, 587x1062, 2 times posted
Yeah, I just hate how often they end in cliffhangers. Considering most of these are the artists' first attempt at a comic, I'm guessing a lot of these are just made up as they go along.
That's really cool.
At least we all know who best shark is.
Only Imperator Ix was shown to harness the power of the Master Emerald, and he was the leader Nocturnus Clan. You're right about Mecha Sonic, although he could only hold the energy for a limited time. I meant more along the lines of using the Master Emerald to calm and control the Chaos Emeralds.
You have no idea how many comics have a "Next page: Soon :3" and the last page came out like 5 years ago. Some of them end up doing non-Sonic comics, some of them of some other franchise.
Yeah, I remember being into this comic that had the next issue "Coming soon, in 2004". Needless to say, it did not come. I think a lot of this happens when the artist either starts or finishes college, and just doesn't have the time to work on it anymore, but doesn't want to admit to themselves that they're not going back to it.
>Razor the Shark
How come this guy has so little porn, even with all these Sonic fans that keep fetishing twinks ?
It's a real shame, but the comic got canceled too quickly. If we'd had more stories with him, I could see him being a fan favorite. Hopefully IDW will add their own shark twink. I don't think they've done any underwater stories yet. At least Rotor-anon should be happy to know that his husbando features in one of the lewd drawings.
D5kk6eMWwAAjimB.jpg, 1047x1080, 1 times posted
Metal Sonic Belle Transformation.png, 1239x875, 2 times posted
Fujo-Amy best Amy
Any fan comics ever tried using the aquatic mobians ?
Sonic The Hedgehog #49 Cover.jpg, 1100x1669, 1 times posted
I hope this isn't one of those covers that promises something interesting and it's nothing. Belle being some manipulator, badnik speaker, or corrupted is what I've wanted for the longest time.
The closest is probably Sonic Legacy (the one with Tempest), but it isn't really centred on the aquatic Mobians.
Yeah, that definitely happened a lot with Spaz's covers, especially the Knuckles issues. I've not been keeping up with IDW, but a creepy doll robot villain is something they could get a lot of mileage from.
>flashback shadow

Is that the one from the multiverse/crisis story? He seemed kind of tired of playing the JoJo role with Maria.
>ghost girl is finally used
>its in a 5 year old's crayola ff

0.jpg, 1000x1421, 4 times posted
The Flashback comic in which Shadow goes back in time. Hilarity ensues.
They will have you know its zonuts. And once you have one its hard to focus on anything else.
>cracks shit with her ears

No wonder Vector loses his shit around her.

Well hats off to this comic. Only time I ever gave a damn about Vanilla.
Poor Tails.
Tails stop, you'll go full Blue Prisoner at this rate.
Knuckles is more dense than your average anime protagonist.
I'm sure there's a Sonic GT comic out there somewhere.
Tails no
He's not nearly as much of a sane man as Hangin Out Sonic.
DzeOQd.png, 640x640, 1 times posted
I would love if this were true, but I can't see it happening. At worse, this cover probably implies that there might be some people afraid of her.

Also, I'm sorry, but Belle's such a waste of space. She's so boring and I don't care about her enough to feel much of anything when she slips into her melodrama. We barely knew Tinker and no amount of shots of her looking sad or crying is gonna sell any scenes for me.
you wouldn't get it.jpg, 640x353, 6 times posted
If you were a writer and had to give Belle an arc, what would it be? And you can't just kill her off.
>confronts eggman and begs him to let her be by his side
>he agrees and she leaves with him
>he never messes with her or forces her to help him in his schemes
>she becomes completely neutral, never helping or working against him
>all she does is cook for him and keep him company
>they genuinely enjoy each other's company and she's happier than she was with the resistance
>fast forward to him being defeated by sonic and the others and he's about to be captured
>belle breaks her neutral role and saves eggman
>everyone yells at her and asks why she's doing that
>she looks at the heroes, none of which have any parents they know of (cream isn't there)
>she says pic related and leaves with eggman
big scaly jaws by missplayer.png, 1000x4332, 1 times posted
That'd be pretty good, Eggman generally only ever has underlings so it'd be nice to have a different dynamic.
> Rouge: It was just heating up! You will not deny me my drama Sonic.
mockshot strong everywhere by mckimson.png, 1000x3011, 1 times posted
I'm sure Mighty can also do that... the other way.
Poor Mighty.
Good to see Ray's a bara appreciator. Twink x himbo is the patrician pairing after all.
C72DF3DF-0F12-4AB7-84E5-C2E3235A074E.png, 1200x960, 1 times posted
Favorite Sonic character. GO.
Jameson who is mysterious absent so Espio I guess
Silver or Mighty.
FDD8AA55-482F-4D2D-94F7-56F8B86DCE2D.jpg, 1596x1242, 1 times posted
shh anon I'm going undercover, that blue menace and his group of troublesome teenagers seem to be super accepting of any Tom, Dick, and Harry that shows up so I decided to do the same and get enough information to expose to the world that these "freedom fighters" are actually just fiendish felons
No offense to some of these artists, especially the ones that get significantly better afterwards, but I don't have that much faith in my art and I still think I could turn out something that looks better than some of what we've covered.
Akuma va. Hanging Out Tikal, who wins?
Does it matter?
The particularly bad ones that look drawn by children I find endearing.
As the conductor says, they are to be pinned on the fridge!
Goddamnit, Jonah.
sonic wide.jpg, 483x311, 17 times posted
>Page 24 coming soon
>Published: Nov 18, 2014
Is the artist still alive or at least has someone wearing their account like a skinmask?
Satisfying conclusion? What's that?
Account has been abandoned since 2015.