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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Heroes Come Back #2

Previous Thread: >>128524589

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Welcome back to preboot Archie! Sadly our time here is coming to a close. Mecha Sally is in stasis, Naugus is still missing, Bunnie’s back, and Silver is meeting his master, Mammoth Mogul… while he’s still an enemy of the heroes. What’s the worst that could happen? Let’s find out in chapters 6 and 7. Maybe. Chapter 7 is incomplete. But after that we have some more comics by FinikArt!

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It's good to know that Silver is made aware of Mammoth's current contributions to society.
Getting "trunks meets vegeta in the past" vibes here. Mogul should've told him that he was a bit of a dick.
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The clues were all there!
>I’m sorry Silver, but you’re master is a criminal and convicted sex offender
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Did someone order some boys? Because I got some boys right here!
Mammoth Mogul probably didn't have the heart to tell him. That and he was probably afraid to.
>even elias was eavesdropping
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Might as well get this all out in the open.
Hey, those mind slaves totally consented!
>Ah, you mean he stole six chaos emeralds?
>SEX offender, Silver
>I don't know what that is
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I've noticed that corruption is pretty common in the Archie comics.
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Silver's not the brightest bulb but he tries.
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That's it, appeal to his ego and give him some assurance.
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That sex offender talk earlier making this page feel a little more ominous.
Why did you never wonder why your master was so repentant in the future, Silver?
I mean he's not wrong. The old and new freedom fighters are total fuckups. At least Mogul knows what he's doing.
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It's this asshole! And those assholes! And Chuck and Mina's mom!
The boys dropping in!
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I'm not like the way things are going! Can someone casually interrupt this before it gets worse?
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Careful Sonic, the last time you had a fight in front of the council, it led to Elias stepping down and Naugus being made king.
>I worked with letters a lot. I know one when I see one.
>May we see Ixis to verify that you have not simply killed him and stolen his property?
Didnt you hear him? His majesty is sick right now.
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Yes, paint an even larger target on Sally while you're attempting to perform a miracle on her. What's the worst that could happen?
Someone has to empty the chamber pot eventually. I guess St. John takes it upon himself.
>Silver, did i ever tell you about Miles "Tails" Prower? He was sonic's shota fox sidekick, a fine piece of jailbait from a more civilized age.
>He had the tigherst body and the perkiest little tails in the planet; barely legal in most zones.
>Why I had something of a rivalry with the boy, and I almost did him in when I became a nigh omnipotent being
>Ultimately he merged with his various multiversal counterparts to achieve his DESTINY and proceeded to anal vore me
>It was surreal.
>And he was a good friend.
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If Geoffrey didn't realize how much he fucked up, he's definitely feeling it now.
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Naugus, why are you mad at him, you betrayed him first!
The council is many things but thorough and careful isn't one of them.
mina's mom is a beauty
Their next head of government is currently a soulless murdermachine controlled by Eggman and they still prefer it over St. Geoffrey. Fucking lol
Groomer Mogul
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Can't say I feel bad for the bastard but he is trying to get rid of Naugus who's an even bigger bastard.
tails: yeah... sorry
Did Sonic drop the ball here running his mouth?
Thats messed up
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Yeah so, can't give you that information because it'll probably fuck with the future. And you're supposedly a dick right now. Sorry.
Oh yeah!
Shouldn't that mean Max's personality should have faded when he was possessd by Naugus?
Stripes being the voice of reason.
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On the one hand I can't blame him but in this case, it would've helped if he did listen.
Geoffrey fucked up everything in his life.
Maybe the piss pool gave him strength.
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>mammoth: let's see how great my future is... oh fuck...
I'd assume Max has enough natural and magical immunities to stave off any takeover.
Larry has shoes now.
we mindrape now
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Yeah, this is definitely not some kind of rape.
>All I see are Creamy Mami AMVs
>Look the future is all about escapism OK
Max had a very strong personality before his health declined.
>Tags: Mind_control, Ugly_bastard,
A shame we never see Shadow in the future since hes immortal too
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>mm: i am a genius!
>mm: oh no!
His extra nakedness has been fixed.
Uh, what's that upper left memory of naked shota Silver crying and begging someone to stop?
Im pretty sure shadow must have left the planet after all that mess
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Well at least the blood is coming off of that end of Silver.
>after zielo's visit
Silver's cherry status: Popped
Silver, this man has bad touch written all over him. Run away.
Nah he'd relish in the emo setting.
>after zielo's visit
Uh oh, looks like the universe is about to get vored.
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To be fair, Mammoth Mogul got what he wanted. He just didn't get Silver's consent.
He's never going to feel safe around his master.
It funny how sega never explained who trained silver on how to use his power or how he obtained them in the first place
Yes, stroke his ego more.

Or not. Noe he's back to being a creepy child-toucher.
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Silver, no! You're just going to make him want to mind probe you even more!

And we'll be back after 10 minutes to do... half of chapter 7 because that's all we got.
It's 2022 and we still don't know why Sonic is fast.
>never explained who trained silver
Self-taught, obviously.
No, go fuck yourself Not!Geoffrey.
Poor SIlver's got it rough in these fancomics. First he was Shinji, then a schizo, next a skeleton and now a sex-crime statistic.
>literally hisses like Naugus himself
Kill him, run him through Sonic.
>tfw made the first joke of pervy Mogul
I ah didn’t actually expect him to go full bad touch
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And we're back. And I'm going to be honest, it stops at the absolute worst time. Here's hoping they continue... soon... please...
Neither of these characters are wearing pants.
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Beautiful day, beautiful girl, nothing can make this any less perfect!
Elias looking fine as fuck
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Oh, right. But at least Sally's back to her pre-Eggman's bad touch robotic self.
Sonic you dumbass.
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It's not that bad Chuck, it's not the hands that are supposed to be lucky.
Bunnie you're half robot, why are you asking Tails?
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>bunnie's boot
Imagine the smell...
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Stripes is aware of the chili dog that he's owed as well as the need for a new gem for Shard.
She's just a little lost in thought.
>Green text with >implication arrow

Nicole get the fuck off 4chan and help us with Sally
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Metal's back!
7.jpg, 1024x1463, 1 times posted
Metal experiencing some freedom. Wonder what he's thinking about?
Reminds me of that image that Vaporotem did of Nicole trying to get past captcha that she posted in one of the last Ride threads.
>Slapping metal

That hurts you more than them
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Someone wants revenge!
9.jpg, 1024x1463, 2 times posted
Today... is the day...
Just like hitting a tv that's not working.
10.jpg, 900x1286, 1 times posted
Elias... bro... what are you doing?
Is this implying shard is in that body or I am seeing that wrong?
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This is a delicate operation. Tension is at an all time high. The last thing we need is...
Nicole so smug
>Just keep this frick far from Sally
>she moderates AcornChan
>she does it for free
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For this comic to abruptly end! But that's what happened! Dammit! This page came out on April 11, 2021. FinikArt is still active on their DA page but no idea if they'll go back to this comic.

But don't worry, I got other comics by them to post!
I think Metal is just remembering the fight and has more free will than usual so he's pissed.
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Here's a 4 page comic featuring Silver and Stripes!
>Wait a minute, that's not the start button, that's the "delete everything" button
2.jpg, 900x1264, 1 times posted
Snowflake got snowcaked!
>For this comic to abruptly end! But that's what happened! Dammit! This page came out on April 11, 2021. FinikArt is still active on their DA page but no idea if they'll go back to this comic.
From what iv head hes doing a Q/E with the OC characters maybe after hes done doing this he might comeback to the comic
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Come on Silver, that's cheating!
god damn it, cucked again from a fan comic continuing
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And that's the end of that! I'll do another little series of pages and then we'll head into the final break!

1.jpg, 1280x1816, 1 times posted
Sepia Cafe is a fun little series of Silver working in a cafe. Everyone makes an appearance, including a pesky raccoon boy!
What did you expect? Mogul likes 'em young
2.jpg, 1024x1440, 1 times posted
MM seems to be the owner of the cafe. Here's hoping it's not part of some villainous scheme!
3.jpg, 1024x1714, 1 times posted
I can dig a series of this!
>mm: haha anon, you're fapping to my underage apprentice
4.jpg, 1024x1439, 1 times posted
I wouldn't be surprised if Stripes purposely came by late so he can be alone with Silver.
Low fucking blow, Naugus.
5.jpg, 1280x1775, 1 times posted
>sonic trying to dine and dash again
Hershey will probably show up in this comic. Specially with this "no one is coming" thing he mentioned.
6.jpg, 1024x1462, 1 times posted
Everyone pitching in to help!
I'm definitely coming
1643507852010.jpg, 900x399, 1 times posted
>Messing with the bullied kid
The rapist is raping again. Who could have anticipated such a twist?
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Stripes really makes that uniform look good!

We'll take a final 10 minute break and come back to check out Stripes' prequel comic, seeing how his time in the Egg Legion was like! Also a Sonic Forces comic and some other mini comics!
>captcha: sa2v2
>leaving an intact universe behind
look at this menace threatening our future king, he should be arrested again
It will only get worse.
Goddamn, Silver and Stripes are definitely boyfriends.
84697601-EF7C-4AE2-9C8C-B2218282FA7E.png, 894x894, 2 times posted
has a fan comic ever tried to connect Shard with Metal Sonic 3.0?
230936.jpg, 1000x271, 1 times posted
He will continue it.
Shut up
I also give replies like this and then don't do shit for 11 months.
Stripes' face in that second panel is so good.
Well at least the comment is very recent, AND the artist still draws Sonic stuff.

Its much more than I can say compared to the other comic artists.
Nicole looking almost devilish there.
>Tails whipping him behind the head
Yes, Silver. You are by definition kids.
0.jpg, 900x1301, 2 times posted
Let's find out what it's like working for Eggman! This is the Stripes prequel comic (that ends at page 19 and hasn't been updated since 2019) but there's enough here to enjoy!
Stop that!
From the thumbnail I thought they were wearing schoolgirl uniforms
1.jpg, 900x1265, 1 times posted
Okay, so I heard there was a pretty good dental plan.
2.jpg, 900x1264, 1 times posted
Stripes makes a friend!
Probably be just as fitting.
>Shard next to Larry
3.jpg, 900x1260, 1 times posted
Oh you know, just a simple support facility. Nothing fancy.
4.jpg, 900x1264, 1 times posted
Oh look, it's the obligatory mean boy. To be honest, I wasn't 100% sure if that was a boy.
He's got to win in some story. Now how about an actual date with Nicole?
Its a boy ?
5.jpg, 900x1264, 1 times posted
Wow. Stripes was a lot more durable in the future.
Back to bed, Naugus.
6.jpg, 900x1265, 1 times posted
Looking pretty naked there, Gothi.
This artist just churning out twinks.
7.jpg, 1024x1439, 1 times posted
Stripes regretting things is a pretty common occurrence in this comic.
8.jpg, 1024x1438, 1 times posted
>hacking off a foot
I know some people are crying about this.
Working for Eggman is pretty shitty. The dental is the best thing there.
9.jpg, 900x1264, 1 times posted
Stripes is fucking tired
>Those boots

Did the artist copy the design from Clove's boots ?
10.jpg, 1024x1439, 1 times posted
So he's the Sasuke of the comic.
That's good because Cassia needs braces.
11.jpg, 1024x1438, 1 times posted
Just casually being a genius.
He better get used to it then!
>wearing girl boots
12.jpg, 1024x1438, 1 times posted
If I found this comic on sad panda (which I didn't), I'd think this "request" is when the comic takes a very naughty turn.
Everyone is getting naked now.
13.jpg, 1024x1438, 1 times posted
So to add to all his shit, he's looking for his parents. Even if he finds them, would it really be a happy reunion? Would it even be possible?
14.jpg, 800x1124, 1 times posted
Yeah, yeah, whatever Sasu-- I mean, Steam.
Oh that cheeky artist!
15.jpg, 900x1301, 1 times posted
Time passes...
Being Stripes is suffering.
16.jpg, 900x1301, 1 times posted
That sucks!
17.jpg, 900x1301, 1 times posted
Damn, sucks to be them!
Stripes needs to make better decisions in life.
18.jpg, 900x1301, 1 times posted
I can only imagine that he's asked himself that many times and will ask that same question many more times in his future.
19.jpg, 900x1301, 1 times posted
Seems like Stripes is going to do something but we'll probably never find out because this comic is over and hasn't had a new page since 2019! But we got one more thing! I decided to save the mini comics for another time.
So Beau doesnt show up anywhere in this legion ?
0.jpg, 900x1441, 1 times posted
A post-Sonic Forces comic! I never played the game so my knowledge is next to nothing. But let's dive in!
Oh look, its that weak villain.
Stripes showing these Egg Legion plebs how it's done.
1.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
>sonic doesn't really know buddy's name, he's just lucky to keep calling him that
Not that I know of.
It's the tallest of mountains, the roughest of waves, the toughest of terrors, and the darkest of days!
2.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Eggman's a loser! And so is anyone that was dumb enough to work with him!
Stripes collects socks?
3.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Damn, this guy getting punked like it's nothing!
4.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
So I'm assuming he deserves to have all this shit happen to him?
Your name wouldn't happen to rhyme with seven, would it?
Do it, make this villain look even more tryhard.
5.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
That wasn't very nice!
6.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Edge and brooding. Shadow would be impressed. In fact, he'd probably try to outedge and outbrood him.
He's an insane mercenary who thought he was hot shit, so yes.
Shadow humiliated him in DLC.
7.jpg, 1280x1811, 1 times posted
Yeah, well he scarred you again. So that's it for the night!

Tomorrow we'll do Sonic: Phantom Forces! What happens when Sonic goes evil? We'll find out tomorrow!
Now you've made him just like you!
And damn!
I really cant take Infinite seriously as a villain.
Neither can I. He's just a rampaging toddler, in all honesty.
his parents named him Zero he was born to job
list.jpg, 379x968, 1 times posted
Maybe I'll add another somewhat small comic to Phantom Forces tomorrow.
never played infinite's game and don't want to do so but i think he has a nice design

We are seeing a lot of preboot inspired comics.

Are there any fan comics that tried using the Reboot setting ? Or at least tried using its characters ?
He's an assblasted sore loser. Who would?
Didnt that encyclopedia confirm that he was canonically dead ?
>(Sonic Reborn) angelamyrose (Updating)

Oh boy.
I love that absolutely everyone in this continuity is don't notice that Geoffrey's eyes keep changing color.
Mina's mom has got it going on.
He can't control his powers yet.
We do, but they walked back on it. In SA2, Sonic was the original ultimate lifeform that grew up with Maria and was jettisoned down to Earth 50 years ago. His pod opened up sometime later and he has no conscious memory of any of this. Shadow's a replacement made by Gerald in the GUN facility Prison Island and has been implanted with false memories.
I miss evil Nicole
Naugus still forgetting to answer to Geoffrey
They make a cute couple
Ponytail Silver!
>Geoffrey sitting alone
As it should be
idw.png, 722x422, 2 times posted
oh boy IDW sure wont last long
Yes. He was absorbed by the Phantom Ruby which was then destroyed.
Aside from that Sonic Universe reconstruction issue for Antoine, not that I can find. I have a surprising number of Sonic Forces and Sonic Boom comics. I think reboot Archie was just too brief and reliant on the games to give people an incentive to continue it.
I only added it. I don't know if I'll ever storytime it.
It's fucking bizarre how Stripes and Archie Silver have so much chemistry with each other.

They are literally hitting rock bottom in real time.
>Sonic Reborn
Conductor, don't tell me you actually gave into the crap? Nobody wants to read that, unless you're putting it for last after everything else is done so everyone can just ignore it.
well at least he's loyal which is weird
Stripes is gay for Silver, isn't he? At least Bi.
I wont mind if you try storytiming it near the end , or maybe mix it with other comics. It has only 3 chapters so far I guess ?
>I think reboot Archie was just too brief and reliant on the games to give people an incentive to continue it.
It's just like IDW. Why give it fan-content when it's just the games with some OCs?
It's just there. I still have no interest in actually storytiming it. But it stops people from suggesting it.
well according to Encore Mode it's still intact and went back to the Classic Universe meaning Infinite is now a Classic Era character
Because it had some good OCs. It would be really easy to insert them into the preboot.
I have some fan comics taking place in IDW. I understand why. It's pretty blank and the most recent world so there's a lot that can be done that wouldn't go against the canon of the current comics.
Im talking about the Reboot OCs by the way. I havent read IDW fully to know if its OCs are good.
At least his theme was funky.
yeah i can imagine a fun scenario where you insert starline, surge or kit into per-boot archie.
personally i'd like to see a fan comic which replaces scourge and miles with surge and kit, maybe even a different pre-boot anti-mobius
I meant the reboot ones. Cassia, Clove, the fish people, Eclipse, etc
Cool I guess
As someone who read IDW, I got sick of them. Starline is good, but Tangle, Whisper and Belle can fuck off.
>They are literally hitting rock bottom in real time.
they only got TMNT and sonic so they are kinda fucked since the only reason people are even buying the TMNT comic is because of last ronning once that series is over the sale will go down as for sonic i have no idea why people are still buying this crap if it still bland and boring
>It's fucking bizarre how Stripes and Archie Silver have so much chemistry with each other.
It's fucking bizarre to see any kind of Silver have chemistry with other characters period.
When it comes to preboot Archie comics continuing where it stopped, I rank them like this:
>Heroes Come Back
>Archie Sonic Online
>Sonic Retold
I prefer comics that do their best to keep with the tone and writing of the series.
Someone mentioned this in another thread, but she literally is IDW's version of Tommy the Turtle

That boring character the author keeps forcing in the middle of the story, that we should care about for some reason.
I would actually put Retold above Online.
HaHaHa_Yes.png, 240x420, 29 times posted
>Stripes really makes that uniform look good!
The artist really knows how to make them fuggable.
>This artist just churning out twinks.
Pic related
Don't worry, it's not like Forces' writers were paying attention.
I'm loving the edge here!
>Shadow humiliated him in DLC.
No one gets to out edge our edgy hedgy!
Fucking hell, and almost all of the drop was prior to the pandemic too.
I thought that, but seeing all the different stories Evan and Gigi came up with made me appreciate how the cast be used for different settings.

Doesnt mean I dont want to see the preboot continued.

Also Glitcher still has to show what he plans to do in his story.
Belle will never be killed off , sadly
He's way too flirty not to be.
At least Evan writes in Belle under her own name. Tommy Turtle was the editors pet he kept inserting whenever he wrote for the comic under one of his several pen names. They're both really boring though.
I think Retold looks good and the writing's good but it's like a continuation of an edgier version of the preboot. It's hard to go from Ian's run to Glitcher where I can do that better with HCB and ASO, even if ASO's art and writing aren't the best.
I do like the drastically different stories that other writers have done. But a part of me will always want that spiritual successor to preboot Archie that still updates. I'm happy to see this >>128542726
I don't like Belle's nose. She is neither a clown nore Rudolf the Reindeer. Get the big red nose out of here.
fun fact: Belle was meant to just be a one-off story telling her backstory (with the potential of picking its plot back for later) in the 2021 Annual, but then the annual became Not A Thing because of the classic special, so Evan decided to make Belle the thing tying the post-Metal Virus arc together
1643111484183.jpg, 1000x1000, 16 times posted
I feel like the only person in these threads that doesn't mind Tangle and Whisper. Belle too to some degree, but I have no clue what they're planning for her. Tinker is forever gone, she ain't getting that resolved unless she learns to move on.
I don't have a problem with them aside from them not doing much.
He is so insanely gay for him that I'm 90% certain he's restraining himself from jumping him in any given scene.
she'll confront Eggman who then mindwipes her and turns her into an obedient minion
I like Tangle. I think Whisper's gimmick is outdated because it's something that's gonna be exclusive to one game. I don't hate Belle in particular, I just don't care for her.
1641696453786.jpg, 237x212, 6 times posted
>More fodder for Ian's hypno fetish
I was a fool for not thinking of this possibility
THE FUCK NOSE.png, 210x173, 1 times posted
I don't really have a problem with them either. Except for Belle's nose. I dislike it greatly.
A forced-betrayal plot sounds funky. Either she dies in a self-sacrifice or gets turned back though.
Its not that they bothers us. Its that we dont see the reason to care about these characters.

The majority of Tangle and Whisper fans seem to only care about the "platonic" lesbian relationship they have.

Belle doesnt even have that going for her.
they don't do anything, and they don't add much character relationship wise due to being glued to the hip, and them getting together felt more like it was due to the writers having no idea what to do with them and just deciding to put em together rather than any natural progression.
i feel like belle could be interesting but it feels like things take forever to progress with her and she it doesn't feel like shes actively working towards a goal.
They should just give Whisper another gimmick to make her the power type in a Heroes-style team consisting of her, Tangle and Jewel.
To be fair there's probably some internal reason as to why they're having the OCs interact more with eachother than try and make them have a deeper bond with the official characters.
Oh yeah Jewel. Whats her reason to be in the story ?
New head of the resistance after Amy left the position to go back to blue hedgehog husband hunting.
Ian’s already confirmed Jewel is never gonna take part in any of the fighting in the comic. She’s just a prominent NPC like Lanolin.
Just because amy found her along with Tangle ? Nice recruitment process
They got pushed into our faces as the next big thing and do jack shit. They’re already being replaced by surge and kit to be in the spotlight.
yeah true sega mandates and all that, there's probably a reason that Starline, Surge, and kit
the most detached from the rest of the cast are the most interesting OCs
but it sill doesn't make whisper, tangle, or the bug any more interesting to me
Here's one I don't think you've got, and I think it's complete.
Looks interesting and they started another Sonic Boom comic. I'm surprised how popular that series is in the fan comic community. Added and thanks!
Boom is pretty much entirely popular due to the show being as good as it was.
They are completely without shame.
Does it have the same kind of jokes as in the official comic ?
Doubt it.
banana.jpg, 544x483, 1 times posted
I had to try deciphering that writing.
Mild spoiler about the future of the comic, if the artist manages to continue the story some day.
Also, there's text in that same font here
It says back to future in chapter ten
The font made it look like the oc said 44 and 45 years old.
When I did some skimming, I noticed that there are meta and fourth wall breaking jokes.
>One of Mammoth Mogul's goals in his Immortal life is to make the perfect blend of coffee.
>yeah true sega mandates and all that, there's probably a reason that Starline, Surge, and kit
>the most detached from the rest of the cast are the most interesting OCs
Starline, Surge, and Kit were literally designed to be together. Along with Starline's character arc of creeping out of his Eggman obsession and his own self-isolation. Hence, Starline's look of guilt and conflictions when he watches Zavok fight to his very last breath against Eggman.

He, Surge, and Kit are just as reckless as the other and they need each other's support. Whether physically, mentally, or emotionally.
surge please i need to get up at 5am.webm, 1280x720, 2 times posted
I hope those three develop some weird bond and stick together. Give me that dysfunctional family.
I can see Starline taking the hit for Surge's and Kit's sake.
Having Surge and Kit going apeshit and escaping with Starline in the end would give them a purpose. Protecting their father and being a nuisance to the heroes and villains is probably their best future. Can't really think of anything better for them.
Imagine if they had to save him by sealing him into an artificial tube. Surge keeps the power on the facility while Kit works on his unconscious body.
>starline comes out disoriented and still sore
>suddenly he's hugged by surge and kit
>he enjoys it for a second before surge accidentally squeezes too hard and starline feels a rib break
>starline: put me back in
The solicits for 49 suggest they’re gonna take over the badniks from both Starline and Eggman, assuming Starline even survives Impostor Syndrome, and become “a foe mightier than Eggman”, in the exact words they used. Eggman’s still obvs gonna be the main villain but they seem to set up to be the most dangerous villains, like Reverse Flash or whatever. Ian’s confirmed they find out the dark truth about themselves in IS3, so IS4 is either them just leaving Starline or murdering the shit out of him for what he did to them
Well here's hoping that turns out better than what it sounds like.
It at least sounds better than the faggy shit the anons here are spouting. “One big gay family of pranksters” is totally what the idw series needs to waste their most interesting and powerful villains on.
CF557023-1844-4CA4-AF6F-95F5601293D5.jpg, 1988x3056, 5 times posted
Anons here are always critiquing IDW’s villains. Which is fair, Starline is gay, Mimic is weak and Zavok is Zavok.
So what are your ideas for a new IDW villain?

Mine: Namor the Sub-Mariner, but evil. No antihero bullshit, he wants to conquer and expand because Sealife Superior.
I want Finitevus back. Someone that dabbles in ancient shit and chaos magic and wants to kill everyone. Also gives Knuckles an antagonist again. I also miss Enerjak. I know Penders poisoned the well but my boy Knuckles is starving. STARVING!
I’d have preferred you come up with something new, anon...
Just slap a new face on them or something. I don't care. Finitevus covered something that's missing from IDW and he did it well. You have chaos emeralds and the master emerald and nothing's done with them. Chaos energy is a big thing in the Sonic franchise.
>Suggesting that Starline won't go unhinge at all in issues 49-50, when the person that influenced him the most is Zavok. You know, the literal destroyer of worlds that used Eggman's own technology to take away his entire empire and set the robots to coke for extra mayhem. Whom also advices Starline to let the dogs have their fun.
>Starline outright wanted to set Sonic's friends to die horrifically from a forest fire just an issue again.
>casually stolen one of Eggman's most important basis and remembering what Eggman intended to do on him.
>Tries to break into Tail's house and steal his shit in the middle of the day.
You underestimate Starline's lengths and pure insanity to break the sonic cycle.
>Starline is gay
If anything, Starline needs to lean into that, and be more like Jareth the Goblin King. More smug and flirty.
>I want Finitevus back.
Seconded, easily best villain after Eggman
I'd like to see a villain that either relies on magic or biology-based science. They wouldn't be looking to take over the world, instead just trying to make new creatures by experimenting on living subjects. Instead of being outright evil, they'd be amoral and see the benefits of their work (adapting subjects to survive in harsh environments, curing disease, etc) as an end justifies the means sort of thing.
Isn't Starline basically Finitevus before he becomes a truly mad motherfucker?
Their motives and powers are different. They come from the same glitch idea for Ian but I see more similarities between Starline and The Maw although Maw does have that OP mouth vortex power.
I hope he does become more like Finitevus. Starline's got nowhere that level of crazy or self-confidence yet. Their goals are also wildly different (one-up Eggman vs. destroy all sentient life on the planet).
That's an ass whoopin' right there.
>I hope he does become more like Finitevus. Starline's got nowhere that level of crazy or self-confidence yet. Their goals are also wildly different (one-up Eggman vs. destroy all sentient life on the planet).
I don't think Starline will ever wipe out all life on the planet, but I feel like he might destroy the entire world just in an attempt to end the sonic cycle.
Starline doesn't give enough of a shit about them to do that.
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when will IDW bring him in?
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you know how Riders Zero Gravity had she drone fuckers? they weren't destroyed at the end of the game and only the leader SCR-HD was destroyed, just bring these fuckers back and create a new leader for them
don't worry he's no echidna just an otter
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Oh okay that's fine.
Sega would never allow it.
>my boy Knuckles is starving. STARVING!
i want sega to make an elemental counterpart for him already (like blaze = fire sonic and, if you squint, marine = water tails)
i'd rather have the character be from a game than be relegated to comics hell though
There will never be a game actually focusing on any of Sonic's cast and supporting characters ever again.
Sounds about right.
God, I want to fuck Stripes.
He's literally only had his hand to work with for 14 years and Archie Blaze doesn't even know who he is. Let him have this.
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No.128557917 [Post deleted 19:36:59]
I'm really amazed at the very existence of a fan-comic who bothers with the red wolf, "Gadget" from Forces, and I couldn't anymore happy for the huge love given to him. Gadget is one of my most favorite Sonic characters and I shamelessly ship him a lot with Rotor.!

Granted, not sure if I really follow this fan-comic... is this really demonstrating Gadget's offer for pardon towards Infinite, despite for all the atrocity and mentioned scarred trauma and casualties? I don't think I really like this sort of character reflection on Gadget, him being all that really forgiving. Infinite's malefic-ism on his crimes are far too pronouncing. Infinite's not a simple troublesome villain.

And maybe am I missing some detail? Most likely. My problem with this, is the moral's cohesion here is highly imbalanced, just like Sonic always pardoning Eggman.
>Stripes flirts with Silver, sometimes overtly.
>EVERYONE sees this
>Silver, being Dude from Future Hellscape doesn't even know what's going on.
>not destroyed
>not classic
>not Chronicles
>Riders stuff is still allowed
yeah they're probably fine
He does with Eggman.
Phantom Forces is tonight and that'll have him as well. As for whether he knows Zero is Infinite or not, I think he does? Seems to be treating Infinite like a separate entity while knowing he's Zero. So "Infinite" is "dead." I think.
You need to accept that IDW isn't Archie and comparing it to Archie isn't going to let you actually enjoy it.
I can enjoy Fleetway and Archie for what they are but I can't really get into IDW. It's easy to separate it from the others but it's really the weakest comic series and there's just not much to it. Last time we talked about IDW and everyone said it was bland and that's really the problem. They solve that problem and they can be looked at favorably. I am more curious as to what you like about IDW. I don't think I've really seen people tell me what's good about the series.
>Stripes probably becomes progressively more frustrated when Silver fails to notice
>one day, just bites the bullet and forces him down to have his way with him
>Silver is surprisingly fine with it
It's really just parts of this site bashing it. Other sites seem to like the comic. Hell, the comic even sells better than Archie.

Personally, I just enjoy a comic that really matches continuity with the games. I feel like people here really have a problem with IDW because they always have Archie in their heads. I don't see the problem with Archie being someone's favorite Sonic comic, but if it's gonna spoil how you view another comic or another Sonic media by always making comparisons, then there is an issue here.
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No.128558524 [Post deleted 19:36:59]
Oh, Phantom Forces is a continuing comic?

>I think he does? Seems to be treating Infinite like a separate entity while knowing he's Zero. So "Infinite" is "dead." I think.
Precisely, yeah. My main takeaway with this, is Gadget seems to the differ Infinite, the possessed self from Zero, the real individual on its grey area, and perhaps since Zero is a power-hungry sort, he couldn't even bear himself enough to last for two seconds reflecting about the deal with Eggman, before would he succumb into the Ruby fetishism. Maybe Gadget knows all of that, which then leads his favoritism on helping and supporting Zero. That's better, and I could then feel at ease with as how the fan-comic wants to roll on.

But even so, it's all still a little scruffy to me. When Zero took the mask, surely enough, he did knew about the possible massive consequences and harming causalities...? Or I think he was rather forced on spot to accept the deal? You will have to pardon me, as I don't really recall back much about Forces' own "storytelling".

>I feel like people here really have a problem with IDW because they always have Archie in their heads.
This describes me on the flagrant. Most definitely, I have Archie on my head all the time, and I love it to death. Consequently, I would have some difficulty to like IDW for its own doings and thing. So, rather trying my best on remaining as bias-free as possible and elaborate further on till' death, I thought for myself it's best to just say "it's not for me". Sure, it goes without saying IDW is deserving of lots of criticism, although I'm not one who should make them.
>Personally, I just enjoy a comic that really matches continuity with the games
IDW stated this comic would be a game comic but they barely use anything of the games.
Buddy you're in a thread that storytimed Archie fan comics, this isn't an IDW thread. But I can criticize the comic on its own if that makes you feel better. I was just partially playing along with that other anon's prompt. IDW is just lacking in virtually everything. It's just there. It's more Sonic and new stuff if that's what you really want but that's it. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just there. I do think it needs better villains. Also the new characters aren't doing anything compelling. The world feels empty. The camping arc had potential but it's just not interesting to me and I'm not that interested in how Imposter Syndrome is progressing. I don't like it being stuck in post-Forces and having to wait for who knows how long after Frontiers comes out to hopefully and eventually take something from it. I don't like how they can't use classic characters. I don't like how Knuckles is barely in the comic and how he's been underutilized. I hated Metal Virus. The other arcs weren't as bad but they were mostly boring to me. I've seen what Evan and Ian have done in the past. I know they can do better so I'm confused even more when looking at the state of IDW. So there's frustration to go with the boredom. I like this franchise but I hate how it's being handled on all fronts right now. You might like what they have to offer but I want more and better. And I'm getting that from fan comics of all things.
>but they barely use anything of the games.
because mandate from Sega.
Then why the hell did IDW stated that the comic would be using the games as source material in the first place ?
>Oh, Phantom Forces is a continuing comic?
It hasn't updated since October. It might come back.
If you don't like IDW you can try just not reading it.
It takes place after Forces.

While it takes place in the game universe, Sega wants it to have its own unique locations instead of just revisiting places the gang has already been before with only a few exceptions.
Same reason why Zavok is mandated to always be mean the Zetis, despite his relationship between himself and his master or how he acted in the Starline comics.
Sega mandates are just stupidly retarded.
Not it's not, Penders. You gotta to sue it still! Just tell them you own, I dunno, the stories you made or cells or some irrelevant shit or, hell, their sexuality! Do it for your Ed'lin'shit waifu!
That was just Ian misunderstanding the character or trying to add more depth than what was necessary. Yes, the Deadly Six are a team, but there was no indication that they were friends.
That makes no god dam sense cause later in the comic we see tails house from sonic battles so what your saying is invalid
That wouldn't be fair to IDW. At least I can say I've read the comics when I criticize it. I've read plenty of comics that I'm not interested in but if someone asks what I think of it then I can be a part of the conversation and make my points and suggestions. And if you like IDW then you're free to give me more things you like about it. Tell me about your favorite characters, favorite arcs, what you're hoping for in the future.
Did you speedread at the end where I said "with only a few exceptions"?
> "with only a few exceptions"?
which they dont mention because the only way to even know if something is allowed or not is though Ian's mouth and even then it could be a lie or a truth
>actual characters do not need depth
No wonder you like IDW.
Are you guys hoping that ian finally release Tales of the Lost Headhog once IDW goes bankrupt ?
Not what I said at all. Ian just wanted to add more depth than needed.
I'm sure Penders certainly is.
>Not what I said at all. Ian just wanted to add more depth than needed.
he failed a task that others managed to do better than him like for example Drawloverlala that managed to use the deadly six in the correct way making them somewhat likeable
How were the Deadly Six in Lost World?
>he failed a task that others managed to do better than him like for example Drawloverlala that managed to use the deadly six in the correct way making them somewhat likeable
Ian clearly wanted to do that with the deadly six, but Sega is literally too retarded to allow him or Drawlover to actually fix the one-notes.
This is coming from someone that really isn't a big Ian fan in the slightest. With the glitched trio being the way they are, I am seriously questioning why they didn't show up earlier, we had to endure a stupidly long metal virus arc, all of the wasteful Belle bullshit, or why most of the most important shit is only shown off in the mini-series. Supposedly it's mainly because Belle is tied to the metal virus arc and that's why we wasted about 18 issues on her, but rogue Starline is right there staring at his robotic toy.
Penders is already a freak
>Ian clearly wanted to do that with the deadly six, but Sega is literally too retarded to allow him or Drawlover to actually fix the one-notes.
Ian wanted to create camaraderie between the Deadly Six, which Sega said that wasn't the case. Drawlover was able to write them without making them friends. They're just a team of misfits and assholes.
I would like a story about the members of the Deadly Six basically going fuck it and trying to stick it on their own.
>TFW no Starline vs. Finitevus vs. Nagus vs. Eggman vs. Zachary Villain war while Mogul watches and manipulates from the Sidelines.
Even in Brotherhood's Twist, they still displayed degrees of cooperation and loyalty. At bare minimum, that's what they need to work with each other.
>while Mogul watches and molests from the Sidelines.
>mogul will now be considered a sex offender and groomer
Like he wasn't one before?
He was best known for being raped by Tails. The circle of molestation really is a vicious cycle.
I won't FORCE you to read these but it'd be cool if you came and did anyway.