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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Scourge Eternal Blackout

Previous Thread: >>128346425

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Scourge Eternal Blackout is a fan comic going over what happened to our favorite antagonistic protagonist after he broke out of the zone cop jail. This series is ongoing (next page due out on January 22) but the chapters are short. So tonight we’ll be doing all five issues! And there’s a prologue that I’ll post after those issues.

scourge_eternal_blackout__issue_1_pg_1_by_5courgesbestbuddy_d7m8iv7.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
I'll be honest, this intro means very little for the story so far.
scourge_eternal_blackout__issue_1_pg_2_by_5courgesbestbuddy_d7m8oae.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
But hey, it's moody!
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What's this? An edgy villain to out edge Scourge?
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Hopefully you read the Sonic Universe story because this takes place right after that. Scourge got his mojo and his gang and his freedom back.
wait is that rob o hedge?
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Yeah, Scourge wasn't really interested in Finitevus trying to destroy the world.
Yes. His anti version
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Time for a job!
Maybe... there's a prologue to go over later.
Wait, I thought this was Sonic, not House of the Dead!
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Scourge wants revenge and he wants it now. Not so much what Fini wants him to do.
Looks like they've summoned Count Duckula
Happy conducting, Unofficial Conductor, but he's literally as non-character as he can get. I really don't think he deserves as big of a fanbase as he has.
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Must be important!
Definitely an interesting start to this series.
We need his character arc to be completed since ian left it incompleted
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This story started in 2014, I think that's post reboot for Archie but a couple years before the cancellation.
Something much worse!
I think he's fun in this comic.
Loving Fiona's sassy posing. Scourge could learn something from her.
Scourge is going to get anal from Fiona.
11.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
And this time, while he's in the dark, it's not a jail cell like in Retold.
>Could've left at least one light on
Finitevus knows how to set the scene for a dramatic entrance.
12.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
What's the problem, Scourge? Breaking and entering and stealing? Sounds like fun!
She's pretty good in this comic.
They do seem like the couple for that.
13.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
You can trust this doctor!
He probably waited in the dark for hours, going over how to introduce himself.
The Echidnas are a bunch of melodramatic cents, aren't they?
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Okay, so these issues are short, so we're doing two at a time before a break so this is one down and we're going right into issue 2.
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Issue 2, coming up!
Just the evil ones. Enerjak and Kragok had similar theatrical flairs to them as well.
>retrieve a valuable sample
Lol if it's that not-aids disease anti-Bunnie had.
>She's pretty good in this comic.
They're both pretty cute, ngl.
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Scourge is kind of missing some vital info it seems.
Ah, good old Kragok. Was there a bigger loser in all the comics? And I'm talking about both Archie AND STC.
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Luckily Fiona has got him covered. She's kind of got the Sally role for this group.
Yeah, I wanted more of their relationship in the comic. Just felt bare bones.
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Scourge is good at handing out tasks. I like that.
He was just a midboss filling the place for Enerjak. Then Enerjak arrives and later gets one shot by Mammoth Mogul. Shame, I would've loved to see them fight.
It's a shame we never got Eggman vs. Finitevus proper. You know Ivo would've wanted Fini's Warp Ring tech.
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Well Scourge, you get to... wait!
>He probably waited in the dark for hours, going over how to introduce himself.
Practicing his cape swishes in front of the mirror
Probably that dog one (Drago?) that was abusive to Hershey.
>Yeah, I wanted more of their relationship in the comic. Just felt bare bones.
They're pretty fun, and since they're evil no one minds that they're dysfunctional and snippy.
5.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
We missed out on a lot of villain interactions. I wonder how Eggman would feel about Finitevus overall. He only got a taste of it when EnerKnuckles leveled his city.
6.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
The good doctor has bad timing! Or is it good timing? Don't want him to get hurt!
Ah Drago, the punching bag for many writers.
7.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
8.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
What's taking that frog so long?
Ha, Scourge still doesn't realize Fiona's the leader!
Omiwa shindeiru!
9.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
Let's see!
Considering how petty Eggman is, he would've probably had the Datk Legion work him over since they(more so Lien-Da) had a beef with him. And would've tell him ruling a dead world is painfully boring.
>Lol if it's that not-aids disease anti-Bunnie had.
Does Finitevus want Buns' NIDS so he can put it in a collection of syringes and prick people with them through the streets of Mobius?
10.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
I wonder what would happen if he interacted with Bean. And how many would die as a result?
Hopefully it won’t take long for him to realize this
11.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
They seem to do well sharing leadership duties.
I'd like to think Finitevus would be hard to get a hold of. He'd put them through some shit if they came after him.
I forgot Lightning is from a goddamn Ninja Clan.
12.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
I'm imagining some hard rock version of a Sonic theme playing. Or some Green Hill Zone remix.
Oh yeah, I can see a fun chase as Fini gives Eggman the slip till he gets too cocky.
13.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
Buns is ready for tons of trouble!
Yes and he is in love with Conquering Storm but is too weak to beat her. She'll probably get pounded by Monkey Khan and then really pounded by him.
I really don't get how he's supposed to fly, it's not as ridiculous as Techno, but still.
Finitevus is the only villain more unhinged than Eggman, so there's no way Eggman could reason with him. He'd also have to send more than the Dark Egg Legion since they're jobbers.
He wants to end the world by becoming the ultimate gift-giver.
cute bf and gf
Scourge gets a version of "He's The Fastest Thing Alive!" but the lyrics reflect how much an asshole he is.
14.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
I like my villains at their A-game. Maybe Finitevus allows a chase so he can lure away the legion, use his magic/tech to remove their bombs, and takes leadership duties and launches a counterattack.
>I really don't get how he's supposed to fly, it's not as ridiculous as Techno, but still.
Don't worry about it. We don't question those things.
>Not his own version of "It Doesn't Matter".
>It's called "Only I Matter".
15.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
Green goop!
They make a cute, dysfunctional couple.
I imagine a lot of fuck's replacing the words.
16.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
I'm imagining a robotic southern accent. Weird.

Time for our first break! Be back in 10 minutes for issues 3-4.
>Don't worry about it. We don't question those things.
Never, Sonic is a scientifically grounded series! The artist make it work a bit by cheating the silhouette here >>128364484 at least. They should just have his feathers grow out when he's flying.
Lol, he'd sing it himself too.
>Fini and Eggman go at it, bringing out the scheming best of both.
>Mammoth Mogul watches from afar/gets updates because it might end with both dead and that's less competition.
>Rolling around at the speed of soud!
>I'm Kicking Ass and Taking Names!
>Beating Down that gets in way!
>All they do is feel the pain!
At least he has feathers on his exposed arms. Tekno wears a shirt.
>mammoth mogul allows betting for whoever wins
>leaves the set up and running of the bet to his second-in-command
W-what about Naugus ?
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Time for issue 3! Also, a new page of Sonic the Continuation from Okida just dropped! I'll post that at the end of all of this.
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Awwww, she really does care for him!
2.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
Gasp! How'd he figure it out?
Naugus got his own problems that he needs to sort out.
>Nagus has Geoffrey keep tabs on things
>He also keeps a closer look on Finitevus, maybe he can swipe something to fix his condition.
I’ve been waiting for this! The artist improves so much over the issues.
What accent would scourge have ?
3.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
Channeling some Omega there, Buns! Don't worry, he'd approve!
Poor Buns. She's basically Tony Stark when his nervous system was fucking him over.
4.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
Confirmed. Buns likes it soft and tender.
Yes, comic goes from 2014 to today so there's plenty of time for them to improve as they went along.
I'd imagine a raspier version of Sonic's voice.
5.png, 1354x2051, 2 times posted
Gotcha! Just needed room to get a running start!
Bunnie really has it bad no matter the world.
6.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
That's a pretty nifty attack!
7.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
8.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
They have a better relationship than Sonic's ever had.
Scourge striking a pose like OVA Sonic, nice!
Kintobor might actually be better at designing weapons against Sonic than Eggman. Eggman always goes for flashy and lethal, and never thinks of weapons like this.
wouldn't be surprised if they team up
>captcha: p0g jj
9.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
I think Scourge in this comic has the right amount of swearing. Nothing extreme or too much. Just pepper in some four letter words.
Finitevus really loves fucking with people.
10.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Buns is fucking pissed!
Kintobar having a more medical background could be a bigger hassle, for sure.
Well she ain't having none of that right now.
I really like the Anti-Rob 'O the Hedge in this comic.
Kintobor is so wholesome.
Fini gives me a Dr. Weil from Mega Man Zero vibe.
11.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Sonic would keep fighting and probably get his ass pounded. Scourge has the right idea. There's another thing about him that will be revealed later as to why he's having trouble against Buns.
He has fun trying to commit mass genocide.
12.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Really good coloring and shading.
We need a Council of Kintobars. Where they come up with cures for cancers and there's that one Doctor Doom-esque Kintobar. Not so much an Eggman/Robotnik but definitely not the nicest one.
13.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Oh? What's this? You can probably figure what's happening.
This is when the artstyle starts getting cutesy-looking and shit.
14.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Who could that be? No seriously, you should have a good idea by now.
>Kintobar having a more medical background could be a bigger hassle, for sure.
A villain with a medical background would be a great addition to the cast, especially since they could argue with Eggman over who's a legitimate doctor.
>I'm gonna kill you!!!
Scourge, prepare your neghole for a pozload.
15.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Say it with me... ENTER...
I really like the art at this point. Started good enough and just got better and more refined.
Scourge has woken the beast.
Its him
Hopefully it's anti-shadow, a fluffy bunny that is the ultimate at giving hugs.
Lightdow !!
16.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Between Eggman, an evil Kintobar (that's not an Eggman), and Finitevus, Sonic would hate doctors in general. And Doctor Quack would take offense to them besmirching the title.
My boy!
0.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
On to issue 4!
>That armor
Is Anti-Shadow going to a rave?
1.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
For once, Scourge's attempts at coming off cool is doing him a favor. He doesn't seem as much of a threat.
2.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Dusk? Night? Shade? No, that last one is taken.
he seems to be reasonable
This page really helps put it into perspective that Scourge is still a version of Sonic, underneath all of his apparent bravado.
Anti-shadow reminds me of those stickers with the little lights you could get for your phone that would blink when you got a call.
Here's the backstory of anti shadow if anyone want to check it out
3.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
I'm assuming hedgehogs are able to see in the dark? Anyway, nice trick there Anti-Shadow.
He's just being practical and fashionable.
Shit, Sonic was taken aback about how Mega Man loves Dr. Light.
Scourge doesn't seem all that grumpy and hostile in this comic.
He doesn't look like he recognizes Shadow ? I mean he did meet him before at Mobius.
4.png, 1400x2200, 2 times posted
Happy accident?
He got a reality check being in Zone jail
5.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Ooh Scourge, Fiona won't like you and your wandering eye. Or maybe she's fine with sharing.
There were so many hedgehogs during that fight, can you blame him for not remembering all of them?
>In GOTF Scourge didn't remember Silver.
>In Eternal Blackout Scourge doesn't remember Shadow.
He only has Sonic on the mind.
Loving the edginess here, it's coldsteel levels!
Glad to see anti-Shadow's a smug fuck too. And left handed, most artists forget that about Shadow.
6.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
This guy!
Sonic should at least recognize the love between son and father. He was kind of a dick in that crossover. More than usual.
7.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
That looks ominous enough for what Fini wanted.
I forgot that this fancomic has Anti-Shadow portrayed as rather fabulous in comparison to the Mobius Prime Shadow. I mean, you can kinda tell by his finesse and fruity armor.
>His last words were, ". . . I'll kill you, Maria. . . I'll kill all of you f***ing humans . . ."
>Scourge: That armor looks gay
8.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
That's some bad mojo!
9.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
This should be interesting.
yah i'm thinking anti-shadow is extremely based
Oh no, Scourge's been caught checking out anti-Shadow's booty.
Heh, nothing personnel kid!
10.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Scourge really failing to see the connection...
It's almost concerning how friendly Scourge is acting around Anti-Shadow.
>2 int
11.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Scourge sees an opportunity and takes it!
>Fights Prime Shadow two times,
>Later: "What the fuck is a Shadow?"
12.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Sonic was always too antagonistic against Shadow, even after SA2. Imagine if he tried being friendlier. Scourge showing us how it's done, courting an ultimate life form.
Anti-Mobians are just the most fragile butterflies
Yeah this is really being shoved under the rug in this comic. I guess the artist really wanted to do some sassy Scourge/Shadow moments and threw that aside.
13.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Are they called humans on Moebius? Makes sense that the humans are more rational and willing to work with moebians compared to the overlanders.
eh, sonic is an ass but shadow doesn't help matters either
Now that's the sinister Scourge I remember.
I want to see this shadow fight the mobius shadow
14.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Oh yeah, Buns. Those glowing eyes from a couple pages ago.
Shadow has always been very sensitive deep down.
Maybe it's so dark Scourge has trouble seeing Anti-Shadow looks exactly like Shadow. He probably just sees a very black hedgehog with quills pointing upwards and barely illuminated by glowing armor.
Scourge, like Sonic, is extremely easy to manipulate if you play to his ego.>>128365421
>Sonic was always too antagonistic against Shadow, even after SA2. Imagine if he tried being friendlier. Scourge showing us how it's done, courting an ultimate life form.
Sonic can't handle not being the center of attention. He really should've put it aside earlier, considering how much they have in common.
15.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Fight! After this final 10 minute break!
Sonic just needed to have an agenda to try harder to get him on his side.
He glows in the dark
Yeah, he kinda was & Tails did call him out on it. But at least by the end Sonic came out with a genuine respect for Rock.
>shadow, but with some glowy bits!
I don't think I like this design
It either that or the cancer patient one
file.jpg, 864x486, 1 times posted
Here's his take on anti-Silver, Steel the hedgehog:
>He pretty much is like Scourge, except he isnt a pervert.
>[In the Future]
>As he was floating around his destroyed homeland, a very irritated Iblis came out and picked a fight with the Anti Silver. Iblis was too strong, smacking him to a mirror-plated building. Before he could recover, a piece of mirror fell down to his head and left an "X"-shaped scar on his forehead. When he looked at his reflection, he became enraged and flew to his hideout. He changed his gloves & cuffs, and forced his bangs down.
>After beating himself up for losing, he changed his name to Steel, since its stronger than silver.
Isn't a pervert? Boo, delinquent Silver best Silver!
0.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Time for what's done of issue 5 (looks like it's almost finished) and then the prologue to get a better idea of what was going on at the start of the first issue.
1.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Two? These damn hedgehogs multiplying like rabbits! Wait.
Scourge doesn't need competition.
2.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Now you got to deal with two speedsters, Buns!
Oh no no no! Scourgebros, we just got verbally destroyed!
I dont get it
3.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Probably not the first time she had some Scourge in her hands.
I see Anti-Shadow loves to fuck with Scourge.
4.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Anti-Shadow was fine with just watching those two fight but if he has to get into it as well then so be it.
Scourge can't handle anti-Shadow's bants.
>There's a Mobius out there where Bunnie is a Ace mech pilot for G.U.N
5.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
This mech is very fast and resilient.
Scourge was talking about dating Buns and then Buns shows up but it's a giant mech so Anti-Shadow assumes they have to fuck in some way.
He’s calling scourge a sexual deviant
6.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
So yeah, Scourge isn't at 100% because of his shaved spines. Thanks to those pesky zone cops and that warden.
7.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Never mind that Scourge was hiding from Buns before he found Anti-Shadow.
fuck you Zonic
8.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Buns is on your buns!
9.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
If life gives you lemons, squeeze them into life's eyes and then run away before it gets you back!
Considering everything Buns is really putting in a good showing
10.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Hedgehogs really have trouble getting along.
11.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Aw shit, indeed.
She's got the speed, strength, durability, and weapons to put up a fight.
All right, I've been thinking, when life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager!
Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man whose gonna burn your house down - with the lemons!
12.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Buns isn't playing around anymore! Well, she wasn't playing around at the start either but she really isn't this time!
13.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Oh shit! What'll happen next? Find out... on the 22nd when the next page is due. Now, let's move on to that prologue!
Is that the Ark ? Buried underground ?
>Moebius' Ark is Underground
1.jpg, 1354x3349, 2 times posted
Seems like a good deal... if you get accepted.
2.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Someone looking they're not having a good day.
3.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
I really want Anti-Shadow to meet Captain Andrews for the banter.
That would be a really cool take
4.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
So... dead... and in the dark...
5.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
The further he goes, the less detail his body gets.
Anti-Andrews is a huge moebian lover. Married a nice moebian girl and has a lot of kids with her.
6.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Now THAT'S an evil dragon name!
holy based
Anti Rob bros we got too cocky...
7.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Damn! Called out!
8.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Oh, Anti-Rob has come prepared for this meeting!
Oh, I thought it was anti-Amy who offed him. But I suppose that murder was too calm in retrospect
9.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
Hazen? Hazen!
10.png, 1354x2050, 2 times posted
And that's how we end up with the intro to the first issue!
>oh cousin, you killed your brother? i don't care, now will you help me get my scourgey back OR WILL I HAVE TO SEND YOU TO SEE YOUR BROTHER?!
So does this dragon have a Mobius counterpart?
anti_rob_o__the_hedge___alive__by_5courgesbestbuddy_de6ai9g.png, 2354x2050, 3 times posted
Anti-Rob aka Hazen, potentially the major antagonist for this series. We'll see once this opening arc is concluded.
>Anti-Shadow has Andrews by the neck
>AS: Any last words, Captain?
>Andrews: Please don't kill me!
>AS: Groveling for your pathetic life, human?
>Andrews: No, I just don't want to die at the hands of such an ugly bastard!
>Scourge: HA!
The artist had some art of Hazen working with Finitevus and Rosy, I think.
list.jpg, 376x641, 1 times posted
That's it for the night! Tomorrow we'll do... The Murder of Me? That's going to be a while to go through which I think is fine. So come back tomorrow at the same time for that. It should be fun! And edgy!
Super Sanctum.jpg, 552x555, 1 times posted
His super form is hilarious
Dulcy obviously. It'd be cool if it was somehow the anti-Biolizard. Sonic and the Black Knight did made a loose connection between a dragon and the Biolizard.
>The Murder of Me
Oh boy...
Funny, I immediately thought that after posting.
So what comic will you read next after TMOM ?
ah_shit.png, 583x229, 4 times posted
Getting some good reaction images from these comics
Between his attitude and this color scheme, Sanctum is 100% gay and fabulous. He just needs a nice boy to settle down with.
Hey conductor , what about this ?
Cant be more gay than evan's shadow
I commend the attempt at making pink and cyan look menacing, but he just looks ready for roller-derby here.
That name is so evil it manages to stand out in a Scourge comic. Damn.
I wanted to do Sea3on but I want to watch SatAM first and also give others time to do that as well if they want to. I don't know how long that is. I'm also interested in doing B-T (Lost World) and Heroes Come Back (Archie Secret FF). Maybe a night of short/unfinished comics after TMoM.
s_t_c_issue_17_page_1_by_okida_deyhf2p.png, 689x1052, 2 times posted
Thanks for reminding me!
Even Anti-Rob has an evil title!
Evan's Shadow is bisexual and I'm assuming Sanctum is gay. So Sanctum should win that.
I dont blame you , that looks like a pretty forgettable page.
Sanctum is the stylish flavor of gay. GOTF!Shadow is the kind of gay who wears a Dracula costume. One is way more superior in the gay department than the other.
2.jpg, 1988x3056, 3 times posted
No.128366335 [Post deleted 22:31:17]
For all the focus this fan-comic has on Moebius, I'm particularly beyond bummed Suppression Squad makes no appearances, while not liking much Scourge myself. Man, talk about being let down.

But for what's worth, I really appreciate Buns' spotlight here.
ebony booty.jpg, 627x477, 5 times posted
I'm just waiting for that Dreamcast artist to come back.
Antoine.jpg, 640x480, 1 times posted
where are the tits and ass?
I'd expect them to make an appearance eventually. Maybe we'll see what Miles has planned.
Why was this deleted ?
sally filming.jpg, 337x229, 17 times posted
Tikal has them but he's not the T&A artist for that series.
Here's hoping the poster deleted it and it wasn't because a certain character was on the page which would be crazy to think.
Seriously, it took like 5 seconds to be deleted.
... did my post just vanished by its own on just seconds?

I didn't, lol. I swear I'm not doing anything on my own.

Beats me.

Oh, yeah, it's ongoing, so let's hope they will make an appearance. I hope all of them have their spotlights, not just Miles, of course. Speaking of, I wonder if the author will carry off something from that last panel of Miles mischievously smirking.
sonic wide.jpg, 483x311, 17 times posted
Just be sure to check if you can still post in a few hours.
Theres a mod in /co/ that has a thing against Archie Sonic sometimes.
I remember once when I saw a thread about Archie being deleted out of nowhere.
And when I tried complaining about it in the other Sonic thread that was still up, the mod kept deleting my comments.
Der verboten walrus…
876546518.png, 1245x685, 9 times posted
Yeah, that's just what I meant by "vanished" part on the previous post. I must have somehow triggered up the spam deleting machine shit or, worse, a buttblasted jannie by accident or some pathetic shit like that. Literally have no idea what could I have done or said wrong. God, it gets only harder and harder to talk about comics on a board about comics...

If I get banned somehow, then whatever, I will just turn off and on my router, no worries.

Yeah, pathetic shit like I said then. If that's what happened to you, then it's a miracle the 2021 Ride was permissible to go on at all. Anything you mention of mods or jannies, no matter what, is enough to send you to detention and be banished harshly, and that's just pure tyranny on their parts. And they wonder why do people call them tranny-jannies.
Spaz_RobO.gif, 455x653, 1 times posted
All the posts concerning a certain tusked character and tusked character appreciator were deleted from the previous thread.
What rate do you give to this fancomic ?
omega violence has escalated.jpg, 388x443, 21 times posted
7/10, decent and expecting it to be better. I think it's good and really captures the edgy Sonic angle. It's what I expect from a Scourge comic. A bit slow of a start and the issues are short but since it's being updated more consistently I've enjoyed it more as I've been going along.
so far i give it a 9 out 10
the art is nice (the rob'o story is ugly though), the tone feels the same as archie's even with the occasional swears and gay shadow is funny
Thoughtful.png, 209x271, 1 times posted
Ehhhh a high seven or maybe a low 8, it's too short to really give it a fair shake but the art is solid and the dialogue snappy
bruh.png, 1003x191, 1 times posted
No.128366791 [Post deleted 23:34:35]
I got banned just few hours ago for just asking Rotoranon and his opinion on comics. I lmao'd hard. There's a REALLY stalking buttmad jan-jan here looking for his blood.
1606417791361.png, 600x906, 62 times posted
based janny
Spaz_Julie-Su.gif, 498x754, 1 times posted
I saw that! It's retarded, he's always so polite too. It'd be fun to talk to him about his favorite character. I'd punish that janny by making them moderate sthg forever.
You got a girlfriend already, you fucking frog.
Do you guys like scourge as a rival for sonic or do you like him as a villan for sonic ?
the last thing sonic needs is another rival, scourge should be downright villainous
forever-evil.jpg, 1554x1200, 6 times posted
Scourge has been beaten down by Sonic and his friends enough times, he needs to be on his own, doing his own thing. He should be fighting more evil people.
>"You Can Do Anything" = "I Can Do Anything"
>"Open Your Heart" = "Tear Out Your Heart"
>"Live and Learn" = "Crash and Burn"
>"His World" = "My World"
>"Endless Possibility" = "Senseless Hostility"
He just doesn't know this Shadow. When he saw who it was here >>128365139 , he was surprised. Seeing as Scourge doesn't want to be recognized as literally another Sonic, I think it's natural that he'd at least ask this Shadow for his name.

Don't forget, Scourge was bragging when he broke out of prison that he fought Sonic and Shadow to a standstill at the same time.
I love how Vulture!Silver is steadily getting reaction images.
scourge-the-hedgehog-hd.jpg, 840x1293, 1 times posted
There is no escape
I'm running through this world
Looking to kick your ass (kick your ass)
'Cause I know where you live
So better lock your doors
Did you check out back?

But how will you know when I get there?
You'll just have to wait and see
We've all gotta die sometime
And it's right now for you
The hostilities are never ending

Apologies for the cringe and edge, but I felt it's something you need to lean into for Scourge. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad if sung in a punk style?
Agree a ton. It sucks fucking cocks, but it is what it is. Literally, fun is not allowed here.
014.jpg, 707x1000, 1 times posted
Still debating whether I should do Knuckles Boom or not. It's based off of a western show but it's mostly in Japanese and by Gashgashi.
do it, it's got good art and you can kinda grasp it overall
no_fun_allowed.png, 512x512, 2 times posted
It really does suck, I just want to shitpost in comfy Sonic threads
Keep at it.
thumbs_up.png, 206x206, 8 times posted
He's a pretty cool character
dexphjm-c94192df-ff45-4a36-b429-f3b2704d5113.png, 1056x594, 3 times posted
Mean Streak, Speeds By
Here Comes Scourge!
Too Fast for you all guys,
Here Comes Scourge!

Scourge, He Can Really Move!
Scourge, He's Got The Attitude!
Scourge, The Baddest Dude Alive!

Look Out, He'll Crush You
The King, Scourge!
Don't Doubt What He Can Do
The One & Only Scourge!

Scourge, He Can Really Move!
Scourge, He's Got The Attitude!
Scourge, The The Baddest Dude Alive!
The Baddest Dude Alive!
The Baddest Dude Alive!!
Glad I'm not the only one. I can see Finitevus being pushed to his absolute limit and just saying "Fuck it, EVERYONE DIES".
And then he fuses with Angel Island and tries to do a colony drop.
>Finitevus hijacks Space Colony Ark, or what's left of it
>Aims that bitch at Mobius, specifically Albion
>Cue Super Sonic and Super Shadow trying stop it while Hyper Knuckles takes on Finitevus hopped on some corrupted Chaos power.
>Shinen! Kono teido de wa shinen no da!
You can say that about Archie Sonic sure, but Game Sonic’s a hell of a lot more friendlier to Shadow. Kinda makes me wonder how the hell Archie Sonic even convinced Shadow to not destroy Mobius
Scourge seems a lil’ ooc in this one, but overall it’s solid!
comm__fragile_alliance_by_glitcher_dahfdcl-fullview.jpg, 600x850, 1 times posted
You know, Ian was actually commissioned to write a story where Finitevus did win. It's pretty good. https://www.deviantart.com/catbeecache/art/World-Peace-202110566
>Kinda makes me wonder how the hell Archie Sonic even convinced Shadow to not destroy Mobius
I believe Archie Shadow was shown a video of Maria's true wish by Rouge or something.
These are contrasts I like being displayed between Sonic and Scourge. This isn't even out of character since Scourge was shown in his Sonic Universe arc to swallow his pride in an effort to get what he wants (Like convincing the Destructix to be on his side). Being nice to Anti-Shadow and offering a partnership while knowing how much Anti-Shadow's power would help him would totally be something Scourge would do.
1513219975877.png, 1516x560, 1 times posted
I really like Ian's short stories, he's great when he has to stick to a word limit. That person commissioned another story here. It's pretty good too. https://www.deviantart.com/catbeecache/art/Shadow-From-An-Emerald-Star-197028357
Strangely enough, Scourge seems more willing to work with others than Sonic.
__triple_threat__feat__the_devil_in_headphones____by_5courgesbestbuddy_de97pkt.png, 1654x545, 1 times posted
Fabulous and edgy.
sonic_unbound_issue_5_page_01_by_evanstanley_d1aeoyn.jpg, 720x1080, 1 times posted
So I've been doing some digging, found an old comic that Evan was doing called Tails Away. She started it once, stopped after a dozen pages, started again and it was only a few pages before she stopped again. Then I found Sonic Unbound, but only issue 5 was on her DA page. Turns out it was a series that was started by... Okida. So there's a whole other series by those two. I suppose I'll add that to the list as well.
No.128372954 [Post deleted 10:44:10]
We need some 80s/90s techno
I read that before. Not too shaby.
And I guess that's the trait of an evil Sonic.
Yeah, Scourge would appear to be more friendly just to manipulate those to get what he wants.
No.128376186 [Post deleted 14:13:20]
That was dark.
_23__savages_by_5courgesbestbuddy_ddiwqe6.png, 1228x960, 1 times posted
I wonder when we're getting Anti-Silver.
media_FIeY76aX0AYB4ve.jpg, 1351x1279, 3 times posted
No.128378832 [Post deleted 20:13:31]
Occasionally? I think, at least based on my interpretation, Sally was adjusted to be as feminine like no other woman on the early issues, only that she inherited the trope of a pretty bossy yet deeply astute and putting her people above anything else. It looks to me she has only later inherited her tomboy aspects and secondary traits, earning bit by bit capability to be snark, wrangling right when necessary Sonic and generally well handled on kicking.

But oh, yeah, Sally touching bit far into her feminine side sounds good nonetheless, like for example having Bunnie around as good foil for lighting up her womanhood, what with "besties" and stuff, or sanding up as sister figure for Nicole. Tomboys can still be as cute and womanly as they desire, that's for sure. I always thought her most symbolic design, that is vest with boots, strikes just perfectly the balance on her tomboyness and femininity.

I know. He wasn't exactly the most memorable nor much of a character. Doesn't mean I won't stop loving him, so take that, you silly.
sally the witch.jpg, 623x586, 7 times posted
Sally was always the girl character that was surrounded by guys. Bunnie of course was there as well but from what I read of the early issues, they weren't like inseparable gal pals. I guess I'd say that Sally and Bunnie were always tough and physical girls, with Bunnie being more feminine.
What's their team name?
I believe the artist refers to them as Triple Threat.
Not a bad name and a more functional team then Archie Sonic, Shadow and Silver will ever be.
Team Fuckboy
pothead the porcupine looks way better with his "bangs" down
I'm now imagining the cheerful Sonic R soundtrack to be pure edge.
sonic yikes.gif, 480x480, 14 times posted
>scourge, sanctum, and anti-silver become a team while sonic, shadow, and silver rarely get along or work together
854278.png, 800x505, 2 times posted
I wanted to add Can You Feel The Sunshine but I couldn't think that wasn't too goofy or too edgy
tangle rape.jpg, 576x1185, 14 times posted
I'd say Julie-Su is more of a tomboy than Sally. I'd swap them. But I don't know if any should be in the stone butch area. Tangle might be there but she just acts like a teenage boy minus the horniness (unless you read her physicality with others as sexual).
Sonic's ego can't handle the presence of Shadow and Silver is irredeemable in his eyes because of all the traitor talk
Can You Feel the Pain
Scourge_Edit.png, 600x628, 1 times posted
>Sonic sees Shadow and Silver.
>Feels the need to iterate who the top dog is.

>Scourge sees Sanctum and Steel.
>"Yo, wanna team up and raise hell?"
>get in loser, we're going to fuck the world and not take responsibility
007.jpg, 1988x3056, 1 times posted
No.128380227 [Post deleted 20:13:31]
Right, she was the only girl, by purpose to fund her personality, so figured as much. Sally by the early issues, if her pink fur and black hair wasn't hitting, I feel was probably meant to be mostly feminine with a tad of mannish and brute characteristics, but that's for the sake of (kino) puns and such. It's only were we eating off serious stories, that Sally alleviated her temper off and turned into a tomboy per requirement (and was becoming moreso of a sex doll for teenage boys to chase after her by none other than Penders).

Although, still, she hoarded up some femininity for good measure as, of course, she's a woman. That's best visualized when she's seduced by Sonic, or when she spoke about what's her ideal boyfriend, or really in the years beyond 125# with her let go hair my favorite Sally design mind you.

>they weren't like inseparable gal pals.
Oh, when I spoke about them as "besties", this page was in my mind. I'm pretty firm I could spot on few and here tidbits of Sally and Bunnie being as intending best friends to each other.

>with Bunnie being more feminine.
Oh, yeah. Bunnie's not a tomboy in the slightest, or better said, she's the antonym of Sally: overly feminine and dreaming of being a house wife, more playful and exciting than Sally usually is. I'd regard that sort of fuels further their friendship between them. After all, a woman had to LEARN loving herself along her mechanized limbs.

Cool Spaz drawings. Where did you get them?
Glad to hear, I'm flattered of your kindness and love, hehe! I implore you not to worry at all, but it's nonetheless fantastic to know I have lent you a good discussion before. Thank you! I hope to talk with you for many more onces in the future.

Oh, thank you. This is a clever guiding map, though I would perhaps switch off between Sally's and Blaze's roles. I find the latter to be rather the most "manliest" of the girls.
This Silver looks kinda emo.
explicit_dashboard_by_5courgesbestbuddy_d7hsxgs-fullview.png, 900x1302, 1 times posted
It's the bangs. According to >>128365649 he's not really like that but I think it would be a better fit.
Sonic has an ego larger than a galaxy and literally cannot get along with anyone save Tails, Sally or Amy for very long periods of time.
sc_steel_the_hedgehog___by_5courgesbestbuddy_d4q2yie.png, 650x650, 1 times posted
Yeah, he's an edgy fuccboi.
>Nightmares of a Dissolution
>Reminder that Archie Amy is a Brit while STC Amy sounds like an actual Brit.
Archie Amy either lost her accent or hides it.
I don't really think Sally is a stone butch, at most she'd be a soft butch, at least IMO.

I'd probably also swap Bunny and Amy.
Mmmmm, I love me some blood and death!
1631437493.hunter-husky.jpg, 1601x1920, 2 times posted
No.128383357 [Post deleted 20:42:39]
Der sluttier than Sally walrus...
Very based. Jannies fear the bara walrus.